Release Notes 4.6.2

Release 4.6.2 introduces several new features and enhancements in NetStorm. This document provides information about the build versions, enhancements, and performance improvements in NetStorm.

Version History

Build VersionRelease Date
75Yet to release


Support for Interstellar and App Termination Havocs in Windows

Release 4.6.2 supports the Abort Application and Interstellar havoc on the Windows platform. Using the Abort application option, you can terminate a process running on the Windows server. Using the Interstellar Havoc, you can block/drop all the upcoming egress/ingress traffic on a server using different modes.

Support for New Havoc Monitors in IBMCloudVM

The following new monitors are supported on the IBM Cloud CF platform:

  • IBMCloudCFCPUStats
  • IBMCloudCFDiskStats
  • IBMCloudCFIOStats
  • IBMCloudCFMemoryStats

Files are Saved without Additional Extensions 

From this release onwards, files are saved with the standard file extensions provided by the user. Netstorm will not append any additional file extensions. 

Account Summary Report Enhancements

Select Reports > Ready > Ready Application>Account Summary Report to access the Account Summary Report window. The following enhancements are done in this window:

Ability to Customize the Report Duration

You can customize the duration for displaying a report. For example, you can select Last 4 hour, Last 2 hour, or Last week as the duration of your report in the  Account Summary Report window:

Ability to View the Initial VUH

Added the InitalVUH column in the Account Summary Report window. Before running a load test, you can see how many VUH is currently available in your account by referring to the InitalVUH column:

Added the kVUH Unit

The default VUH units are now updated to display the kVUH unit, as shown highlighted in the following figure:

Ability to View the “Total Top Up” Details

In the Account Summary Report, you can view the total top-up details. This will help you to analyze the total top-up available and recharge it accordingly. For example, if the total top-up amount is zero, then you can recharge it from the Central repository using the Top Up option present in the Account window.

NTLM Authentication Support in RBU

The Script Recorder now captures the NTLM authentication credentials during the recording process in the RBU script. Thus, users do not need to add the authentication credentials manually in a script, as these details are captured at the time of recording.

Multi-user Workspace in the Script Manager

Provided an option in the Script Manager to change the user profile. Now, users can switch profiles from the given drop-down profile list in the Script Manager.

Note: Profile switch inside Script Manager will remain valid for script manager application only.

Support for DEBUG_TEST_SETTINGS in Scenario GUI

Users can now set the DEBUG_TEST_SETTINGS keyword from the Scenario window to define the criteria for a test to qualify as a debug test. The default value of the keyword is as follows:

DEBUG_TEST_SETTINGS <vuser> <session_rate> <duration> <session> (10 100 300 100).

Define Individual Generator Server Settings for a Scenario

Added a new option Generator Server Settings in the Advanced Global settings of a scenario. Instead of configuring global generator server settings for all the scenarios, you can now use this option to create a separate profile for each scenario. You can easily set up virtual users per generator, sessions/min per generator, or the required throughput according to the environment.

Disabled Git operations for Non-admin Users

Git options, such as pull, clone, commit, and history, are now disabled for non-admin users.

Single Test for Desktop/Mobile/Google Lighthouse/JS Profiling

From this release onwards, instead of running multiple tests, you can run a single test for Desktop/Mobile/Google Lighthouse/JS Profiling, etc. There is an integration of all the features in a single test. Users can now record a single script with both RBU and Lighthouse instead of creating separate scripts and making multiple groups to execute tests.

Renamed the JS Profiler Tool as Performance Tool in RBU

Renamed JS Profiler to “Performance Metrics” in RBU.

Performance Improvements

113191NetStormDisabled the whitelist keyword by default.
112290NetCloudUsers can now run tests on a NetCloud machine with generators.
112109NetStormAble to save the mail configuration while clearing the cache.
113030NetStormUsers can now view or execute the same script from the Script Manager and scenario.
112407NetStormEnhanced the Check profile color coding.
112452NetStormTests stop successfully when the CPU exceeds the threshold value.
112611NetStormThe Retention Policy is now running successfully.
112294NetStormLogout count matches with the login count in transaction details.


Release Deliverables

You can send a request to the Cavisson support team for upgrading any of the following release deliverables:

  • Jenkins Plugin
  • RBU installer
  • Script Manager for Java 11 support
  • AMI ( for AWS)
  • Cavbin (For fresh install or Vulnerability fixes for local)
  • NS All & Third-party build for product build upgrade