Release Notes 4.6.1

Release 4.6.1 includes several new features and enhancements in NetStorm including support for multiple work profiles for a user, a scalable NetStorm portal, and enhanced GIT integration features.


Support for Multiple Work Profiles

NetStorm now supports multiple work profiles for each user that can be used for saving data. For example, you can create a new work profile file for saving your scenarios, test suites, test cases, or check profiles in a separate profile.  Each work profile of the user will have its own Git configuration including Git Repository URL, Display name, Email ID, UserName, Password, and other details. Users will have their own workspace, which can have multiple profiles and each profile will have its own set of test assets.

For more information, see Configuring GIT Settings in NetStorm – Google Docs.

Data Directory Enhancements

In the Script Parameter settings, a Data Directory section is added for data file management. If you override the data directory, the data files of all file parameters are taken from the specified directory. If no file is found, it will be taken from the data directory specified in the file parameter and then from the script directory.

GIT Configuration

The GIT Configuration window is enhanced to facilitate GIT settings in NetStrom. For GIT configuration in NetStorm, you now need to first select the required work profile and enable GIT settings options. Then, provide your server configuration details, branch information, and author info for connecting remotely to the GIT repository.

Note: GIT version 2.7.4 is supported. GIT version 2.2 is installed by default with Cavbin install or upgrade on Cavisson Server. Cavbin upgrade is required for this feature to work, if the current version of Cavbin is less than 4.6.1.

For more information, see Configuring GIT Settings in NetStorm – Google Docs.

Java Support in RBU Script

Now, you can record Java-type scripts using the Script Recorder.

Support for SSL in LDAP

This release supports SSL in the LDAP protocol in NetStorm.

Support for TextToHex in Search Parameter

In the Script Manager, select Search Parameter Window > Convert > TextToHex to convert Text to Hex.

Added the Save All option in the Script Manager

You can now save all the opened files in the Script Manager by using the Save All option.

Support for SSH Console

This release supports the logged-in users to access the SSH Console, a sandboxed view of the Linux terminal, from the  NetStorm, NetCloud, and NetOcean browser. You can launch it by selecting Actions > Launch SSH Console, which opens a terminal window to access your workspace where your test assets are present. You can update the test assets, like scripts, using the VI editor and then commit your changes to your GIT repository.

Note: Cavbin upgrade is required to enable the SSH feature, if the current version of Cavbin is less than 4.6.1.

Enhanced the Run JMeter Script UI

Using the improved Run JMeter Script window, you can run one or more JMeter scripts in a single test and generate a holistic view of test stats together with server-side monitoring. Select View > Scripts > Run JMeter Scripts to open the enhanced window:

Added the PDF Reports Link

Now, the report link and pdf path is displayed in the output of ts_start_test shell.

Ability to Download any Script

Now, users are able to download the script of a testun from the script manager. You can download any script from the previous Test Run and upload that script in the Script Manager.

RBU Enhancements

The following enhancements are done in RBU:

Added Web Vital Metrics in RBU

The following Web vitals are added in the RBU metrics graph tree:

  • Total Blocking time(Sec)
  • Largest Contentful Paint (Sec)
  • Cumulative Layout Shift

Java Support in RBU Script

Now, you can record Java type scripts using the Script Recorder.

Adding a Header While Recording an RBU Script

Using the Modify Headers window, you can update the headers at the time of recording. You can either apply headers before recording or make changes at the time of recording. While recording an RBU script, you can remove or apply headers. When you add a new header, it will override the headers in the network and perform its operations.

Support for Scrolling Event in RBU Scripts

The scrolling function is now supported in the RBU scripts. After recording a script, you can add the scrolling function in the script before that particular page where scrolling is being done. Using the Scrolling function, you can define the X and Y coordinates to scroll to that particular object in the page.

  • Using the Flow.c file: You can add the scroll function in the flow.c file and specify the required coordinates. Add the following scrolling function.
  • Using the DevTool window: You can add the scrolling function in the NetStorm browser using the DevTool window.

Adding a Header Manually

Using the Modify Headers window, you can update the headers at the time of recording. You can either apply headers before recording or make changes at the time of recording.

Provide the following information:

  • URL Pattern : Specify a pattern that must meet the URL requirements.
  • Header Key: Header Name that needs to be changed.
  • Header Value: Modified Header Value that you want to apply.


Added Header Modification Build Parameter in Jenkins

The option for adding custom script headers in all or specific pages in scripts is now supported in scenario UI and Jenkins UI.

  • In the Scenario window, Select Group Based Settings > HTTP. The ‘HTTP Headers’ accordion consists of a Custom header option.
  • In the Jenkins window, open the Job Configuration window, under Build step (Execute Netstorm/Netcloud Test), select Advanced settings for custom script headers.


Changes in SSL Settings and Configurations

The ‘TLS Security’ and ‘Cipher-Suite’ settings are also supported along with existing configurations provided on the SSL configurations window.


ACL | Support for Multiple User based Workspace

A new ‘Workspace’ field is added in the hierarchy to support multiple user based workspace. When you delete a user from access control, the workspace is also deleted.

Earlier Hierarchy: User Name|Project|Subproject
New Hierarchy:  User Name|Workspace|Project|Subproject

ACL | Confirmation Message on User Deletion

The confirmation message, which is displayed on deleting a user in ACL has been updated. When you delete a user in ACL, the following message is displayed:

Are you sure you want to delete the user ‘<user name>’?

All test assets, such as scripts, scenarios in the user workspace will also be removed from the system.

Note: The second statement is displayed based on product type (for NS/NC only).

Bug Fixes

109128 NetCloud Getting error in executing job from Gitlab-CICD
109135 NetCloud Getting SSL Write Failure while using AWS signature.
109495 NetCloud Not able to open script manager after build upgrade on the machine,jersey-bundle-1.19.jar should  get auto removed after build upgrade in tomcat 9.X in netcloud.
110112 NetCloud Getting issue  in the rtgCmdDebug.log file after git cloning with new work profile
108397 NetOcean Active mode FTP not working in NetOcean
106225 NetStorm Script compatibility Issue
107910 NetStorm Not able to Compile the Java Script due invalid path defined in registration.spec.
108156 NetStorm Getting copy error while injecting havoc
108706 NetStorm CMON is not getting stopped as it is not same as actual cmon pid ( file)
108712 NetStorm Removing Shoot Up & Tumble options in Duration For PCF Havoc Injection
109030 NetStorm Private SSH key is being saved without a “newline” on the last line. This causes a problem during branch fetch.
109112 NetStorm Test running on U20 with scenario based server mapping enabled gives SSLHandshake error due to tomcat does not support tls 1.3
109546 NetStorm Getting Error Message while doing git clone in case of any new profile
109594 NetStorm Not able to fetch the branch of the GIT repository.
109839 NetStorm Unable to use the Import feature in Page Detail Report as it is coming blank and no data is reflected on the Import TR window
109511 TestSuite Running the nsi_check_tr_using_profile is failing as well as looking at ALL test runs.Giving error from command line and yml script
109760 TestSuite Test started with ts_start_test command  is not picking the correct work profile from mentioned user
112109 TestSuite Test case configuration
112207 NetStorm Unable to execute tests for more than 2 users through scenarios.


Release Deliverables

Select the release deliverables that you want to upgrade from the following list and send your request to the Cavisson support team:

  • Jenkins Plugin
  • RBU installer
  • Script Manager for Java 11 support
  • AMI ( for AWS)
  • Cavbin ( For fresh install or Vulnerability fixes for local)
  • NS All & Third-party build for product build upgrade