Release Notes 4.5.1

This page covers release information for Cavisson Product Suite version 4.5.1. It provides high-level changes from the last release to this release. For the latest support and advisory on new features, enhancements, and bug fixes please subscribe to the product-specific announcements and newsletters from

New and Enhanced Features in 4.5.1


Dev Portal

Added a new Performance tool that enables you to:

  • Analyze the tests executed in the last 7 days.
  • View Summary Report, Performance Report, and Status (Pass/Fail) Report for each test executed.
  • View Transaction data for specified executed tests.
  • Display the list of scenarios available to execute.
  • Add new YAML scenarios by clicking the Add New button.
  • Start the test directly just by providing the API details without creating Script and Scenario.
  • Do parameterization assertion from this UI only.
  • Run the Test by writing all APIs manually / by importing a postman collection / by selecting a script.
  • You can create scenarios in Editor (need to write all configuration manually) and Wizard (Simplified UI) mode.

Other Enhancements

  • NetOcean: Single GIT repository for NS test-assets and NO correlation for NS+NO type machine.
  • TestSuite (Jenkins Plugin): Netstorm can now set the final Build status as good, unstable or failed, based on the Test Report.
  • TestSuite (Jenkins Plugin): An option to Pull test suites/scenarios from GIT.
  • TestSuite (Jenkins Plugin): Few Usability FIXES implemented.

Bug Fixes


  • Status:Resolved, Built, Verified, Closed
  • Target Milestone:5.1
  • Severity:Blocker, Critical, Major
  • Priority:All
  • Resolution:Fixed
  • Business Unit:Client / Presales

List of Bug Fixes

ID Product Description
102002 NetStorm Dev Portal: While running Debug Test by selecting project Subproject  Other than default ,then getting error in starting Test.
102003 NetStorm Dev Portal| While running test from expert mode, Host header is not passed in request but when we run debug Test from wizard, it is being passed.
102160 NetStorm Getting “Phase Default_RampDown is invalid” in case of Advanced FSR scenario with percentage distribution mode
102263 NetStorm Dev Portal:-While switching tab from UI to raw then host header goes down, accept-encoding header comes up, and it shows disabled.
102287 NetStorm Security Concern | on making changes in jnlp username and urlcodebase to other non-authorized appliance user is able to access.