30th November 2017 – R

New and Enhanced Features in 4.1.9#36


  • Advance Hotspot option in Drill down report through Tier status.
  • Apply Filter” option in Method calling tree through Web Dashboard.


  • NVapp New GUI: Objective of this feature is to make debugging of page performance easy and without too many navigation. In this feature, we will have detailed information for the particular page and we can gradually navigate to the session details from the graphical overview.


Incorporation of Network Stats Graphs

  • DomainLookup(Sec): Time taken by ‘DNS’ in HAR
  • TCP(Sec): This will be negation of connect time and SSL handshaking time (connect – SSL)
  • SSL(Sec): Time taken for ‘SSL’ handshake in HAR
  • ConnectionTime(Sec): This time will be ‘connect’ time of HAR
  • WaitTime(Sec): This will be ‘wait’ time of HAR
  • DownloadTime(Sec): Time shown as ‘Receive’ in HAR will be same
  • BlockTime(Sec): Time shown as ‘Blocked’ in HAR will be same
  • Responsetime(Sec): Time shown as ‘time’ in HAR will be same.

Bug Fixes

Bug IDProductSummary
37284NetDiagnosticsMosaic – Stress | Sorting is not working in DB Query  Report while traversing through Tier status(stressproj-blue-cncservice) >Drill down >Ad DB Calls by Count.
37224NetDiagnosticsAngular – DDR | Overall flowpath is opening while we are selecting higher pagination in Flowpath report group by business transaction.
35064NetDiagnosticsWhile opening monitor graph metrics it is  taking time
35554NetDiagnosticsAngular – DDR | In Exception Report, Filter Criteria is not coming while traversing through Flowpath stats >Tier >Server >Instance >Total flowpaths >drill down >Flowpath report >DB CallOuts >Error Count.
37288NetDiagnosticsMosaic – Stress | Flowpath Report is not opening while traversing through Tier status(stressproj-blue-accservice) >Drill down >Adv Db calls by BT >Query count >Category >Click on Hotspot duration.
37311NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | Method calling tree is appearing blank while traversing through Tier status >Drill down >Adv Flowpath by Response Time >CallOuts >FP Details.
37538NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | In Exception report, “No record found” is coming in Aggregate Exception section but exception present in Exception section while traversing through Tier status >To DB calls by Count > Flowpath >Callouts >Exception.
37506NetDiagnosticsAngular – DDR | In Thread Hotspot Report, “No record found” is coming while traversing through Thread Hotspot stats >Tier >Server >Instance >Number of all hotspot threads >Thread hotspot >Custom Depth = 5 >Thread Count.
37553NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | “Response Time” filter is not working in Flowpath Report through Advance option while traversing through Tier status >Drill down >Adv slow DB calls by Response time >Query count.
37316NetDiagnosticsAngular – DDR | “Custom Depth” option is not working properly in Thread Hotspot Detail window while traversing through Thread Hotspot >Tier >Server >Instance >Number of All Hotspot >Thread Hotspot >Group By >Compare Depth.
37640NetDiagnosticsAngular – DDR | Some records of Flowpath data is coming wrong after applying “Last 10 min” time filter in flowpath report while traversing through BT >Tier >overall >overall >All transaction >Request per sec >drill down >Flowpath report >Apply Time filter
38009NetDiagnosticsCRITICAL || MOSAIC || Prod || Central || Fixed Correlation Header but still not getting Correlation IDs
36366NetDiagnosticsAngular – DDR | Error is coming for download options(excel and PDF) in Thread Hotspot Report from webdashboard.
37131NetDiagnosticsAngular – DDR | Traversing from Drill down > Flowpath Report by Business Transaction > Tier> Server> Instance > Flowpath Group By BT gives list of Flowpath report data instead of Business transaction data when clicking on next page.
37542NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | Adv Hotspot report download report is not working while traversing through Tier status >Drill down >Adv Hotspot report.
35539NetDiagnosticsAngular – Web Dashboard | Text is not visible in pop-up output box while right click on any ND graph of Application Metrics.
36702NetDiagnosticsAngular – DDR | DB Request Group By BT Report is not opening while traversing through BT >Tier >Server >Instance >All Transaction >Request per sec >Drill down >DB Request Group By BT.
37115NetDiagnosticsAngular – DDR – DB | Data are not coming while applying “Total Test Run” in Standard time filter while traversing through BT >Tier >Overall >Overall >All Transaction >Request per sec >DB Callouts.
37306NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | Adv DB calls By BT report is not opening while traversing through Tier status >Drill down >Adv DB calls By BT.
37550NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | “Method Count” filter is not working in Flowpath Report while traversing through Advance option through Tier status >Drill down >Adv slow DB calls by Response time>Query count.
37678NetDiagnosticsNetDiagnostics | Method Tree View does not show data properly
37279NetDiagnosticsIn exception Report, “No Record found” is showing in aggregate exception but data present in exception section while traversing through Tier status(stressproj-blue-cncservice) >drill down >Exception.
37541NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | Start Time and End Time are not coming in filter criteria of Adv Hotspot report while traversing through Tier status >Drill down >Adv Hotspot.
37762NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | “Exception report” option is not coming while right click on instance node while traversing through Tier status >drill down >Adv Top DB calls by Count >Query count >Callouts(FPInstance=31435718613531) >right click on node.
37392NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | Test is not getting started with ‘NDC_CONFIG_UI_MODE 1’ and give NETDIAGNOSTICS ERROR: result=Error: Error in Rest Service
37664NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | Less data is showing in flowpath report as compare to pagination while traversing through Tier status >drill down >Adv flowpath by Callout Errors.
37846NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | Download option is not working in Adv Slow DB calls by Response time while traversing through Tier status >drill down >Adv Slow DB calls by Response time.
38104NetDiagnosticsSnB Services || Tier not getting discoverd ||
35171NetDiagnosticsIn method calling tree layout is not correct in SCS
37455NetDiagnosticsGetting garbage value in SNBcatalog page for prod-blue-snbservice in MOSAIC
37783NetDiagnosticsIssue in AccessLogStatsExtendedV6
37802NetDiagnosticsNo Graphs for My SQL Metrics on IBM.
37324NetDiagnosticsGetting Unexpected Behaviour of Graph
36798NetDiagnosticsBT data are not coming for two BT’s of storefront
36945NetDiagnosticsGetting nested thread call in PKY due to which NDP get stuck.
37153NetDiagnosticsDuplicated data enter into these tables – ndtier , ndappserver , ndappinstance
37253NetDiagnosticsNDP | NDP is appending meta data every time when we run NDP manually.
36584NetDiagnosticsServer Blacklisting | Server blacklisting time should start from the last disconnected time rather than first disconnected time.
36974NetDiagnosticsNDC| NDC should send NDCIP and NDC PORT based on keyword
37670NetDiagnosticsFlowmap Issue at INSTORE and CORP Prod Machine
37812NetDiagnosticsNot able to go server level for all Tier in ED on PKY DC.
37824NetDiagnosticsNot able to see flow path data on particular time duration
37836NetDiagnosticsIssues/Concerns with Flowpath Report on Production ND
37837NetDiagnosticsIssue/Concern with Flowpath Report on Production ND
36894NetDiagnosticsAngular4| Loading takes time andpage become unresponsive for some time while we apply time filter on method timing report.
36014NetOceanGUI |Getting an Alert message “Service Name is already there.Please assign other name” when add new service but no service is present from earlier with the same name.
37270NetOceanGUI | Unable to click on save button in GIT Settings window.
36685NetOceanGUI | The default path for the Log Directory and Shared Memory Path is not same.
37646NetOceanStopping HPD when applying GIT Settings keywords from GIT Settings UI.
36615NetOceanGUI | Getting request of the template also with the response after testing the service.
37084NetOceanGUI | Unable to update TIBCO Configuration row.
37086NetOceanGUI | Need to remove Mode ‘0’ from the JMS Configurations.
37582NetOceanGUI | Added field options gets changed after selecting added Dataset Parameter for the updation.
37589NetOceanGUI | The service gets added with the same service name and URL as already added in the Data Processor UI.
37590NetOceanGUI | The header gets added with the same header and URL as already added in the Data Processor UI.
37604NetOceanGUI | Unable to update the Service Time CGI row.
37422NetStormAlert :False alert is generating
36704NetStormsample is not updating in nde.cavisson.com
37232NetStormGetting wrong data while generating reports
36760NetStormPassword Change is not working with admin user
29289NetStormTransactions Issue: In Transaction Details when we apply Time period “Custom 04/01/2017 to 04/30/2017” data is not available in transaction details but graph is showing.
37304NetStormWeb dashboard Angular4|Dynamic Graph Changes Issue:Run Time changes are not reflecting on widgets
37367NetStormWebdashboard Angular 4|Widget Wise Time Period:Widget wise time period window is not getting removed after apply widget wise time period on any particular widget.
37546NetStormWeb Dashboard|Angular4|Time Period :- Error in applying time period message is coming , when we apply widget wise time period “yesterday” .
36846NetStormWebdashboard Angular 4|Pattern matching :After applying pattern matching,preset options are not coming in Time period through widgets.
37685NetStormWebDashboard Angular4 | Favorite Issue : When we uncheck some graphs from lower panel for a widget and save the favorite, then when we load the favorite again the widget is having all the graphs checked.
37407NetStormReport From Widget Issue: Not able to generate compare report for web dashboard for all widget using fav: Report_336_Server_Comparison.
37556NetStormSummary Report Issue: Data of page and transaction is coming wrong in summary report while selecting Last n hours or days Preset.
36475NetStormWebdashboard Angular 4|Baseline Comparison Issue:Horizontal axis time stamp of graph is coming zero after applying baseline comparison on compare group member on changing graph into percentile then back to normal graph.
34488NetStormACL|Login Issue: After upgrading 4.1.8 to 4.1.9 not able to login machine due to postgres, postgres is getting Killed.
34887NetStormBuild upgrade issue|Not able upgrade Build:Before upgrading Build postgresql was running but failed to upgrade.After restarting postgresql able to upgrade.
36075NetStormACL|User Issue:For SNMP version3 need to add user from back end at SNMP Manager but not able to add user from back end
36472NetStormACL|Capability Issue:Not getting proper information about default favorite while user having business capability
36777NetStormGraph Tree Issue:Issue in parsing graph details when Transaction name contains special character (%) “,Error is coming as “Error in getting response from server”
37077NetStormAdvance Open Merge: By default Open with new layout should be selected if open advance open merge window open after selecting Group.
37147NetStormGraph Tree Issue:If custom time is applied then tree should not be getting refreshed on GDF changes
36347NetStormWeb Dashboard Angular4|Open/Merge Issue:Open/Merge settings are not showing according to previously applied settings ,while settings are opened for second time in same session
37157NetStormOpen/Merge Issue: Advance Open/Merge is not working properly when pattern is used in Tier.
37211NetStormWebdashboard Angular 4|Open/merge Issue:Color Management settings are getting applying according to previously applied open/merge settings while applying open/merge metrics.
37231NetStormWebdashboard Angular 4|After merging all graphs to widget of graph type percentile and applying zoom,show graph data is getting blank.
37326NetStormGraph Value Issue: Graphs are not coming proepr after sample update.
36630NetStormWeb Dashboard Angular4|Color Management Issue:Color management result is not reflecting on web dashboard,widgets showing single sample after applying color management
37207NetStormWeb Dashboard Angular4|Color Management Issue:Rule is not adding automatically in color management GUI after applying Open/Merge with Auto Suggest Metric Color
35933NetStormWebdashboard Angular 4|Color of widget options and filter options of alert history in default theme is very dark.
36803NetStormGraph sample Issue: While applying last 10 min continuous three sample value showing same in the graphs.
36958NetStormGUI is not responding if we enable Transpose Keyword,NetstormListener is getting blocked by TransposeToolThread.
37255NetStormWebdashboard Angular 4|Widget Wise Time period Issue:Graph are getting disordered after coming of new sample on applying widget wise time period .
37445NetStormRun Command: Filter Option ‘Show Bottom’ is not working and header is not coming after applying filter.
37467NetStormWebDashboard Angular4|Run Command Issue: When we open Add Command for the first time and click on increment button of Max Inline Arguments the value is getting changed from 4 to 41 and when we click to decrement button, the value gets changed to 41-1.
31689NetStormWebDashboard Angular 4|Tree navigation panel issue: After applying time period Tree is getting collapse.
36898NetStormACL | Report Capability Issue: Report option is coming in Menu Bar While “No Permission” capability is selected for Report.
36929NetStormACL| Favorite Issue: Favorite list is coming blank while user is not assigned any capability for tiers and favorite.
37082NetStormACL | Capability Issue: While user having readonly capability for “Configuration” than user should be able to change configuration setting for that login session.
37138NetStormGraph Tree Issue: Tree should not refresh after applying Custom time period.
37299NetStormACL|Capability Issue:User having business capability able to add Template
37355NetStormACL| Capability Issue: Run command and Download As Options are coming while user is assigned with “No Permission” Capability.
37711NetStormNot able to login controller GUI
37732NetStormAlert history not working
37840NetStorm10.202.16.73 || Unable to get graph data for graphs in PKY ND Machine
36839NetStormTest Stopped due to core || Stress Release |
37857NetStormCP Test not running at Prod Corp Machine ( – P1
30830NetStormFile Explorer | Issue related to browse button in IP Settings
37409NetStormGraph value is not visible on x-Axis properly. it seems like its going to negative value on chart.
38098NetStormNeed to include mpstats for GCP mosaic
37975NetStormNot Getting Hotspot data
37108NetStormDrill Down: Drill Down option should come on right click if panel has only one graph.
37191NetStormMRP || PROD || Not able to generate Report.
37256NetStormWebdashboard Angular 4|Derived Graph Issue:Merge derived members graphs are not coming properly after applying widget wise time period on desired widget.
37160NetStormOpen/Merge Issue: Open with new layout option is disable when we perform same operation for 2nd time(Note: For 1st time open with new layout option was not enabled)
37479NetStormExecutive Dashboard | Value for VM in Certified Capacity is not showing in MOSIAC Env
37958NetStormNot getting data for GC and Hotspot || StressProj || TVSECOMAPI
37649NetVisionIn Rum performance GUI, 5XX exception is coming while clicking on replay icon for any session.
37595NetVisionIn Rum performance GUI, Performance detail graph is not plotted when bucket size is selected as Auto.
37630NetVisionError 404 is showing while refreshing rum performance GUI
37683NetVisionIn IE Browser, NVSPA GUI is showing blank and getting error in the console.
37750NetVisionIn NVRCA GUI, Session opening after drill down is not lying in the time range in scatter graph.
37843NetVisionIn NVRCA GUI, Default metrics(onLoad) is showing on scatter map after changing the bucket size.
37845NetVisionIn NVRCA GUI, Blank Page Scatter Map window is opening while doing DDR from page performance window.
37960NetVisionIn NVRCA GUI, Performance metrics chart is not getting plotted in firefox browser.
36933NetVisionIn NV alerts, severity of mail subject is showing critical but in alert message it is major.
36830NetVisionIn NV Web-dashboard, sub chart type of tabular graph is not getting remembered.
37120NetVisionIn NV GUI, Ajax call with url is showing http://1 in user activity tab of waterfall window.
37850NetVisionIn NVRCA GUI, Pie Chart is not plotting for the “host & Page load” or “host & Request” on the Resource timing window.
37930NetVisionIn NVRCA GUI, resource performance widget is coming without selecting any page.
37990NetVisionIn NVRCA GUI, Counts and duration axis are coming wrong in resource trend pop up.
37686NetVisionFor the Safari Browser, In NV Page Performance GUI, Date and time column is showing blank in the Page Performance trend metrics.
37687NetVisionIn Safari Browser,Spinner is loading continuously and Page Scatter Map is not opening while click on the Page View Scattered chart button from the performance details tab.
37983NetVisionIn Page Performance Overview,Exclude filter is not working while applying both device and OS Filter together in general filter.
30390NetVisionIn HPD server, nv_trace.log file is not getting created on basis of different rum partitions.
32002NetVisionEnhancement on Page report By Browser with version report
37162NetVisionGarbage values are coming in max and avg data of some graphs of form analytics group.
35551NetVisionIn NVSPA GUI, Validation is not proper for session duration filter in General filters.
37633NetVisionStore filter option is not present in advanced filter of NVSPA GUI.
37647NetVisionIn NV Page Performance GUI,Done button is not working while deselecting the channel after navigating back from page performance window.
37841NetVisionIn NVRCA GUI,Page performance window is not opening properly while clicking on done button after applying any filter.
37972NetVisionIn NVRCA GUI, Same criteria should not be applied in general filters and advanced filters.
36918NetVisionIn NV Web dashboard, Getting error in console while clicking on save button for tabular graph type.
37112NetVisionIn NV GUI, no data is showing in event aggregate report window while doing DDR from Web Dashboard.
37448NetVisionIn Pages filter, manually entered store id is not accepted by store id filter.
37853NetVisionIn NVRCA GUI,Page Performance metrics is not getting plotted while applying channel type filter.
36797NetVisionIn NV WebDashboard,View By drop down list is showing wrong while applying custom time filter.
37259NetVisionIn NV Web Dashboard, Favorite name and layout is getting changed while doing parameterization after doing drill down from GeoMap.
36776NetVisionMax value of response time is showing garbage data for some domains in web-dashboard.
36268NetVisionIn NVSPA GUI , Entry page name is showing wrong in Completed sessions .
37245NetVisionIn latest build, active sessions are not showing in NVSPA GUI while they are coming in old netvision gui.
37613NetVisionIn NV Rumperformance GUI,Page performance data are not getting identified due to this user is not able to identify for which pages data is showing.
37645NetVisionIn NV Page Performance GUI, Wrong Timing is coming in page performance trend table.
37759NetVisionIn NVRCA GUI,Page Views are not showing in performance detail graph for some duration even though onLoad and other timings are showing.
37688NetVisionIn case of multi-disk, nr_db_upload process is not dumping data as per assigned partition.
37692NetVisionIn Rum performance GUI, waterfall icon is not working properly in resource timing window.
37612NetVisionIn NV Rum performance GUI, There should be a label to identify bucket size filter for user readability.