28th October 2017 – R

New and Enhanced Features in 4.1.9


  • Test Metrics now include web socket failure stats
  • SQL parameter design enhancement

Web Dashboard

  • CISCO Spark integration for alert notifications (REST API)


  • Enhancements to ND Configuration UI
  • Auto instrumentation of Java classes/methods
  • Heap dump/JFR recording capturing using application agent


  • Multidisc Support – alerting/handling on disk usages reach to critical.
  • Multi-level Partition
  • Session Stats – avg onload
  • Avoid Overlap Time

Bug Fixes

Bug IDProductSummary
35156NetStormNVSM-GUI | Issues while login to SM GUI with valid credentials
36116NetOceanScript Manager test start issues
35629NetDiagnosticsGUI unresponsiveness after performing few operations and applying time period
35696NetDiagnosticsGUI | Maximum / minimum in random number parameter
36127NetStormDerived Graph Issue: Unable to create derived graph in Reports and Template
36027NetStormDDR – ED | Session is not getting cleared on applying filters in flow path report
36135NetStormAngular – DDR | scroll bar issue
34143NetStormWeb Dashboard|Angular4|Report Scheduler – Issues in Excel report generation from report scheduler
34410NetDiagnosticsAlert Derived Issue: Baseline computation issue (baseline with value 0)
35562NetStormFCS | “-ve” value of Blocked users in RampDown phase
36112NetDiagnosticsRBU | IE browser | Not able to Open NetStorm – Request detail report gui.
34781NetStormWebDashboard Angular4 | Performance issue in Mosaic environment
35577NetStormWebdashboard Angular 4|Multiple undo zoom options in the widget
35915NetStormACL|Access Control GUI Issue: Unresponsive ACL GUI while load average of machine is high and exception is coming in catalina.out
36121NetStormWeb Dashboard Angular4|Layout Issue: Multiple widgets getting selected while, creating new layout with custom rows and columns
36123NetStormAngular – Thread Dump | Not able to Scroll down in Thread Dump Analyzer window because of scroll bar display issue
36125NetOceanWebdashboard Angular 4| Sample Issue: Graph value are coming straight in widget for some consecutive samples but Show graph data is different on zoom & undo zoom, samples are correct as per show graph data
32947NetDiagnosticsWeb Dashboard|Angular4|Time Period :- Samples are not getting updated on the web dashboard on applying widget wise time period , Widget having pie chart and sub chart is Last All
33333NetStormWebdashboard angular 4|Widget wise time period Issue: Unresponsive UI after applying widget wise time period on merging certain members of a group
34138NetStormAngular – DDR | In DB Queries Report, “-” is coming while mouse over on Pie chart while traversing through Flowpath stats >Tier >overall >overall >Total flowpath >drill down >flowpath by signature report >DB Queries
35541NetDiagnosticsACL| While Updating the group issues with sorting applied to the group
35783NetStormACL|Script UI Issue: Options like(Record script, Copy script, delete script, Edit run Logic GUI) should be disable for user having read all capability
36066NetDiagnosticsReport Issue |Data is not coming on generating Word Report.
35543NetStormWeb Dashboard|Angular4|Reporting:- The compare word report not getting generated, from the widget after applying zoom.
36077NetStormWebdashboard Angular 4|Widget wise time period Issue: Widget wise time period options like preset, start date/time and view by are not coming after opening the time period of widget having widget time period as “Today”.
34644NetStormND Config UI | When user opens the file in UI to see the Auto Discovered data by agent then vertical scrollbar is not appearing correctly
36080NetStormAlert issue: Not able to get Alert notification using cisco spark integration, as some soft links are not present in Dashboard Server/WEB-INF/lib
35576NetStormThe data of the compare word report is not coming while generating word report from widgets after receiving 2-3 samples
36122NetVisionACL| Capability UI Issue: While switching capability in capability management GUI multiple times the capability management GUI is getting in-responsive exception is coming in the console of Web Browser
36142NetOceanImport Access Log Issue: Access Log file description table is shown while user has removed the file from the table
36181NetOceanWebDashboard Angular4|Pattern matching: All pattern matched results are not showing up in downloaded file
35596NetVisionNVSM-Core | Need handling of “Restored Pages” issue in chrome 60
36189NetVisionWeb Dashboard|Angular4|Reporting – The charts of the stats report are not coming up properly on generating report from report management UI with time period Last week
35978NetVisionWebdashboard Angular 4 |Baseline Comparison Issue: Wrong hour back baseline is getting added after adding baseline by update compare
36124NetVisionIn New Session Filter GUI, single event should be shown on session window in case we have same event multiple times in that particular session
32377NetDiagnosticsWebDashboard Angular4|Widget Issue: When we click on the “Stop Session” button and click the cancel option, then while deleting a widget an error message is coming for Stop Session
36018NetOceanDDR – ED | In Method calling Tree, “Click to get FlowpathInstance” feature is not giving output of Flowpath Instance
36232NetOceanWebdashboard angular 4|Widget wise time period Issue: Graphs are getting added in pie chart widget after new samples are receive and merged with certain members of group
35510NetVisionGUI | Inability to delete Dataset Parameter from NetOcean GUI
35823NetVisionND Config UI | Upload button is not working when user selects a file using search option and displaying a popup message of Error under Pattern BT Configuration
35547NetVisionACL| Custom capability issue: While Selecting Transaction as feature in a custom capability, no “Permission” is coming up in the permission list
35831NetVisionBehavior Alert: Count for Date 28/08/2017 is incorrect
36180NetOceanAngular – DDR | Download option is not working in DB Queries Report while traversing through Flowpath stats >Tier >Server >Instance >Total flowpath >drill down >Flowpath by Signature Report >DB Report
36259Synthetic MonitorACL| Access Control Settings Issue: Auto searching is not working in Available Users List
36327NetStormAlert Issue: Baseline is coming wrong when a rule copied
29870NetStormWebDashboard Angular4|Widget Issue: After applying parameter not able to perform any operation in blank widget.
36128NetStormRBU | IE browser | Getting Blank Page when we are going to click Onload link through NetStorm – Page Average Reports Gui
35710TestSuiteAngular – DDR | In Method Calling Tree, Mouse over text is also visible in Method column for JDBC calls
36243NetStormACL|Capability Management Issue: Business and ReadAll capability are same, but according to description of Business capability it should work different
36152NetStormAngular – DDR | In Flowpath Report, Link is not coming in CallOut Errors to view the Exception Report
36097NetStormWebDashboard Angular4 | Error Message Issue: Error message is not showing in the top panel
36286NetStormAngular – DDR | In Method Summary, Sorting is not working properly for AvgCPUSelfTime column while traversing through Flowpath stats >Tier >Server >Instance >Total flowpath >drill down >Flowpath by Signature Report >Flowpath >BT
35890Synthetic MonitorDerived Graph Issue: Derived graph is not getting created in Web Dashboard
36114NetStormWebdashboard Angular 4|Baseline comparison Issue: Same baseline of “today” are getting added in the baseline comparison window.
36184NetStormWebDashboard Angular4 | Transaction Details Issue: In TPS NAN value is showing when we are applying filter in transaction details window after downloading file
36333NetDiagnosticsWebdashboard Angular 4 |Performance Issue: Performance issue while applying time period with different view by in 4.1.9 latest build 16
36390NetStormACL|Script manager is not opening with newly created native/ldap users, message “no project available for ‘user’ “
35185NetStormWebDashboard Angular4| Pattern Matching: After Applying Pattern matching not able to apply Baseline compare with current session
36188NetStormAngular – DDR | “<1” is coming in Callouts and DB Callouts column in flowpath report window
30335Synthetic MonitorWebDashboard Angular4|Performance issue: While changing pagination to go on next page, maximizing the widget and restore widget it is taking time (approx 5-6 Secs)
31723NetStormImport Access Log Issue: Some Look and feel Issue in Import Access Log GUI
36196NetStormACL|Scenario UI-View Script Issue: User having Read Only Permission able to Edit Run Logic GUI and save the changes, while script manager gui is opened through View  Script from Scenario GUI
35404NetVisionAlert Issue: Graph of generated alert is showing with offline tier,while active alerts are opened through offline Test run
35693NetDiagnosticsGUI | Unable to restart HPD from the gui and getting an error message as “You must run this command through root.”
36015NetStormResource-Domain header is not coming as per configured progress interval while hitting sessions of different domains
36223NetStormxhr data request related core is coming on hpd path while hitting sessions
35706NetDiagnosticsGUI | Getting extra request/response file after updating the service with the Content Type as ‘None’
36032NetStormGetting error while running continuous monitoring test on NV Machine
35737NetStormGUI | Alignment is not correct on the Conditional Logic Parameter window
36056NetDiagnosticsIn NVSPA GUI, Links are active in the page dump on page detail window
34351NetStormIn NV SPA GUI, some navigation timing values are coming wrong on page detail window
36175NetStormIn Form analytics, data is not coming in the fields having hyphen(-) in field name
36179NetStormIn NVSPA GUI, Done button is not working after deselecting any general filter
36273NetDiagnosticsMachine Agent Status is not showing any active agent
34708NetStormIn form analytics, Vectors are not plotted for form fields having space in field name
34714NetStorm“Resource-Domain by page” monitor stats is showing wrong vector values while hitting some sessions
36255NetOceanNull pointer exception is coming in drill-down gui while doing session level ddr for events group from web-dashboard
36396NetVisionIn NVSPA GUI, Smart search is not working for multiple events
36264NetVisionIn NVSPA GUI, User segment is coming as others on session detail window
35891NetVisionData is coming 0 if graph do not exist in GDF
35929NetDiagnosticsIn NVSPA GUI, Custom metric data is showing encrypted on Page detail window
36400NetVisionIn NVSPA GUI, NaN value is showing in specified time filter
35383NetVisionSometimes domain-stats header data is not coming in case top_resource_domain.csv file is getting empty
35653NetVisionAngularDDR: In thread hotspot, same thread id with same hotspot entry time, same thread state and  same depth are appearing
35938NetVisionIn new session filter GUI, “Error 404 :File not found” is coming for page dump on page detail window
32063NetStormIn Form analytics, submit counts are not coming if user fills complete form
35656NetVisionFor large data, navigation tab is showing large number of navigation link on the session window
35407NetVisionsome extra services are showing in RTC window even that service is not present in Manage window
36220NetVisionEvent is showing instead of user segment in filter criteria, while applying user segment filter in New session filter GUI
35409NetVisionGUI | No confirmation message appears after the deletion of the TIBCO Configuration row
35506NetVisionIn new NVSPA GUI, Custom Filters are not working in advance option
35832NetVisionIn NV Replay, Previous tab is not working after End of a session replay
36106NetVisionIn NVSPA GUI, Containing page filter is getting remembered in filter criteria even after deselecting it from advance session filter
35255NetStormIn NVSPA, wrong end time is passing on DDR from NVSPA to ND
36198NetStormIn NV SPA GUI, page/referrer url filter is not working in advanced filter
35521NetStormIn NVSPA GUI, User activity is getting remembered while changing pages from page detail window
35863NetStormGUI | Name of Service and URL is not coming in the top of the System Data Source window and System Defined Parameter window