13th October 2017 – R

New and Enhanced Features in 4.1.8


  1. Auto Instrumentation: Agent will detect loaded classes and intelligently instrument them. This is very useful for any new environment for exploring new Integration Point calls, threadcalls, and making specific instrumentation profile for any environment.
  2. Auto Discover: Creates and manage instrumentation profile using Auto Instrumentation feature. It helps user to create instrumentation profile through Config UI. Initially, user had to create it manually.
  3. Filtering of Auto Scaled Tier: Allow: Allow only configured Tier to be auto scale.

    Block: Block configured Tier not to be auto scale.


  1. IBM MQ V2: Some internal changes done in working of this monitor. Till now it worked as custom monitor and now it will run as Dynamic Vector Monitor (DVM). All arguments are same as it worked before.
  1. Cassandra related changes: Version compatibility has been provided in Cassandra and some more stats are getting added in column family stats and compaction stats monitor. Following are the stats which are getting added in monitors:

New stats added in Cassandra column family:

  • Cassandra Mean Read Latency(microsec)
  • Cassandra Min Read Latency(microsec)
  • Cassandra Max Read Latency(microsec)
  • Cassandra 50thPercentile Read Latency(microsec)
  • Cassandra 95thPercentile Read Latency(microsec)
  • Cassandra 99thPercentile Read Latency(microsec)
  • Cassandra One Minute Read Request Rate
  • Cassandra Five Minute Read Request Rate
  • Cassandra Fifteen Minute Read Request Rate
  • Cassandra Mean Write Latency(microsec)
  • Cassandra Min Write Latency(microsec)
  • Cassandra Max Write Latency(microsec)
  • Cassandra 50thPercentile Write Latency(microsec)
  • Cassandra 95thPercentile Write Latency(micro sec)
  • Cassandra 99thPercentile Write Latency(micro sec)
  • Cassandra One Minute Write Request Rate
  • Cassandra Five Minute Write Request Rate
  • Cassandra Fifteen Minute Write Request Rate

New stats added in compaction stats:

  • Cassandra Compaction Task Completed/Sec
  • Cassandra Bytes Compacted/Sec
  1. AccessLogExV6: This is a new version came in access log extended monitor. In all newly Access log monitors, some new stats related to previous metrics are getting added. In this version percentage graphs are getting added for all type status code. Like for “AL 2xx/sec” there is a new graph added as “AL 2xx (%)” Similarly for other status code metrics also graphs are added.

Following are the newly added graphs:

  • AL 1xx (%)
  • AL 2xx (%)
  • AL 3xx (%)
  • AL 4xx (%)
  • AL 5xx (%)
  • AL Others Request (%)
  1. Kubernetes container Image Process Stats: Kubernetes deployment failure case is a general problem which might be monitor for causes of deployment failure. Most common causes of deployment fails due to wrong container image or trying to use private image without providing registry credentials. This monitor is used to capture the reason (Event) of deployment failure, Event can be any of the following Pulling, Pulled, Failed, InspectFailed, ErrImageNeverPull, BackOff.
  2. Java Home and java classpath support in JSON: Added two json object to pass java home and java class path with the monitor at app level. User can now use object java-home and java-classpath at app level to pass specific java home and classpath for particular monitor. Both of them are optional arguments. User can use java-classpath alone but not java-home as if java-classpath is not present java-home will be ignored. And if java-home is absent but java-classpath is given, then NS will take java-home from Server.conf for that particular server.

Bug Fixes

Bug IDProductSummary
32838NetCloudDynTx:Percentile value of transaction time graph is coming zero in dashboard with Static transaction in case of NetCloud.
33330NetCloudDynTx | Transaction count for the page came on controller is greater than the transaction count on generator
33266NetCloudCorrect error message should come while stop the generators.
35427NetCloudNC | Getting core dump when number of NVM’s are less than number of generators
35379NetCloudScenario GUI | Not able to add the generator’s from GUI.
33090NetCloudDashboard stuck & Transaction table option not appears during load test.
34397NetDiagnosticsND Config UI |Popup message of “Applied Run Time Changes” is not showing in UI while changes are reflecting in raw_data file
35449NetDiagnosticsAuto Scale Cleanup | Core dump in merge_cm_table_into_rtgRewrt_cm_table
34272NetDiagnosticsNot able to open flowpath report details on instance level on MOSAIC(
30392NetDiagnosticsNetstorm|Core was generated for netstorm in receive_data_from_NDC at at ns_ndc_outbound.c.
31403NetDiagnosticsAfter partition change test got restart due to core
34191NetDiagnosticsNodeJS |”Every time agent gets start_instr message ,agent requests to NDC for every fileBasedKeyword without checking LMD/size” regarding code is not commieted in cav_netjsagent@0.3.41.
34302NetDiagnosticsNodeJS | Agent is crashing while sending ndi_send_msg_ex to Agent for disableInstance.
34407NetDiagnosticsNodeJS  |After disabling  instance through reroute message and When Agent is  restarting, Agent is not making data/autosensor connection and data is not coming on running Test but when Test is restarting data is coming .
35482NetDiagnosticsBCI | Content of entry point file is sending in instrumentaion_profile on some bci servers of Batch (, having 4.1.8#69 build.
33776NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | Whole pie chart is not coming in Aggregate Method Timing report while traversing through Tier status >Top flowpath by callout errors >Aggregate Method Timing report.
35090NetDiagnosticsWeb dashboard is taking time to load data
32803NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | “NaN%” is coming in Percentage column in Method calling Tree.
32804NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | Garbage value is coming in Syn Time(ms) in method calling tree.
32806NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | “Java” is coming in Wait Time(ms) in Method calling tree.
32808NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | “Wall Time(ms)” and “Syn Time(ms)” is coming blank in Method Summary.
33047NetDiagnosticsDDR-Nodejs | NaN property is showing in percentage column in method calling tree .
33049NetDiagnosticsDDR-Nodejs | Instance Type(NodeJS) is showing in WaitTime column in method calling tree .
33477NetDiagnosticsDDR | Instance type is not coming in method calling tree while traversing through Tier Status>>Drill Down>>Flowpaths by response time>>Flowpath Details.
33766NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | “Error” message is coming in Exception window while traversing through Tier status >Top flowpath by callout errors >BT(others) >Sequence diagram >Exception icon.
35652NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | In FP Analyzer Report, Link is not coming in Flowpath count to view Flowpath report.
35318NetDiagnosticsDDR – Web Dashboard | In Flowpath report, “No record found” is showing while traversing through Flowpath stats >Tier >Server >Instance >drill down >flowpath by signature report >DB report >Flowpath report.
35732NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | In compare flowpath report, Pop-up error message is coming while clicking on Method calling tree.
29470NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | “NA” is showing in status code in HTTP report while traversing through Tier status >Total scorecard >resp time(/crs/browse) >overall >business transaction >HTTP report.
30092NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | Mismatch is showing for JDBC calls in method calling tree and sequence diagram in FP detail window while traversing through  Tier status(TierAtg29) >drill down >slow DB calls Response time >flowpath >Business Trans(StoreusCheckout) .
30573NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | JDBC callout is not showing in method calling tree in FP detail window but there is JDBC callout in sequence diagram while traversing through Tier status >Drill down >flowpath by response time >BT(ATGStoreusCheckout).
32833NetDiagnosticsDDR -ED | No record is showing in DB Report while DB Callouts is appearing in raw data and DB Callout count is also appearing in flowpath report.
34817NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | Download options are not working in FlowPath report window while traversing through Tier Status>>DrillDown>>Flowpath By Response Time.
28019NetDiagnosticsDotNetAgent – DDR | Normal count and error count in the Business Transaction window is not matching with the flowpath report
32876NetDiagnosticsDotNetAgent|NS generated Request are different from ND generated request.
33206NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | Mismatch in methods count in Flowpath Report and total methods in Summary of Methods in Method Timing Report.
34309NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | Blank is showing in Method summary while traversing through Tier status >drill down >flowpath by response time >Transaction flow >FP detail.
35233NetDiagnosticsDotNetAgent | TierCallOut’s Sequence number is not coming correct.
29087NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | Validation is not working in NDMethod Monitor window
30337NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | Validation is not working in Method BT window for FQM field
33054NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | Logging file i.e. guiDebug.log is not showing the appropriate logs for the Config UI
35125NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | For Session Attribute, when user adding the configuration regarding “Specific” attribute type  then previous removed configuration is also getting reflected in backend file
31202NetDiagnosticsDotNetAgent – Web Dashboard |Flowpath stats are not appearing for some instance while traversing from webdashboard.
34310NetDiagnosticsBCIAgent| Logs like “Mon Sep 11 12:02:47 IST 2017 | TR2673 | ThreadID: 12 | BCIAgent <- NDCollector | NDSys” are appending in BCI debug log file .
32730NetDiagnosticsNS core at free_vector_names
32734NetDiagnosticsNS core generated at close_msg_com_con_and_exit () function
33449NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | User is not able to upload and import the file as ” No Record Found” is showing in File Manager window under HTTP Business Transaction Configuration
27266NetDiagnosticsNDC|NDC is not started automatically after upgrading build 4.1.8#11 and also taking time aprox 60 sec to restart.
33437NetDiagnosticsDR|NDC|Default value “ND_DR_RETRY_POLICY” of this keyword is coming 10 sec instead of 60 sec,
33756NetDiagnosticsNDC|Test is getting stuck as NDC is creating instances in instrprofile while there are more then 15000 instances present.
33757NetDiagnosticsNDP|NDP is by default creating directories for tier, server and instances which causes problem when there are more 15000 instances present.
35795NetDiagnosticsAUTO_SCALE_ALLOWED_TIER|Instance is SCALE UP for non allowed tier also
32312NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | When user unchecked the “Capture request parameters” option then keyword is getting removed from the ndsettings.txt file under Endpoint URL Capturing window
34081NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | When user saves the ND session cookie name i.e. CavNV then in ndsettings.txt file it is not appearing correctly
35467NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | “Max character limit in URL”  field under the Endpoint URL Capturing is not taking its default value
35476NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | Red line is appearing in Instrumentation Profiler Maker
35711NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | MethodBreakDown feature should be removed from the UI as it is not supported by the Agent in 4.1.8 build
28330NetDiagnosticsNDC|Getting Core dump in ND Collector
30087NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | When user running the test after configuring from the UI then ndc_trace.log file is not creating and for this user has to restart the ndc for creating the ndc_trace.log
31444NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | Run Time Changes is not working while applying the configuration from UI
34639NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | “TYPE” is coming in  instance type column in method calling tree while traversing through Tier Status>>DrillDown>>Flowpath By Response Time>>Flowpath Details.
35721NetDiagnosticsndu_collector is hogging 100% cpu in entire  duration of test.
29378NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | Blank is showing in method calling tree in compare flowpath while traversing through Tier status >drill down >flowpath by response time >select two flowpath >method calling tree.
30093NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | Mouse over to JMS calls method in method calling tree in compare flowpath,”-” is showing in method name while traversing through Tier status(TierAtg29) >drill down >flowpath by response time >compare two flowpath.
30289NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | “undefined” is coming in flowpath count in FP analyzer window while traversing through Tier status >Transaction scorecard >FP analyzer(ATGShippingCart).
30412NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | Whole data is not showing in HTTP report while traversing through Tier status >drill down >flowpath by response time >url.
30550NetDiagnosticsDDR[ED] |”Transaction flow window” is not opening while traversing through compare Flowpath Report window.
32647NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | Methods is not showing in Method Timing Report, traversing through Tier status >BT trends >Method Timing.
33728NetDiagnosticsUAT | 4.1.8($65) | “No record were found” is showing in FP Analyzer Report window while traversing through Tier Status>>Total Score Card>>FP Analyzer for SNBPing BT.
30046NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED[NodeJs] | Mismatch in sequence diagram response time and flowpath response time in compare report while traversing through Tier status(SnbUI) >drill down >flowpath by response time >compare two flowpath.
34521NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | When user opening the ND Config UI window from the product UI then it is taking more than 5 sec. to open
34642NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | When user configure the Java Method Based Custom Data for Argument type settings then Index field is not reflecting in ndsettings.txt file
29924NetDiagnosticsSQL Record | Session not getting cleared after filtering query by execution time, getting same output for each filter.
32092NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | Sequence Diagram is not opening in FP detail window, traversing through Tier48 >Drill down >Top flowpaths by callout errors >BT(StoreusCheckout).
32613NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | Percentage is coming wrong in Summary of Methods in Method Timing Report.
32624NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | Previous window is not refreshed while opening fresh window of flowpath report.
32628NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | Compare flowpath table is not showing data of flowpath in Compare flowpath window.
32629NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | Mismatch in flowpath count and Total flowpath in Flowpath Report window.
32641NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | Loading action is not coming in initial window for any Flowpath Report window.
32846NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | Total Flowpath count is different from Total CallOut Errors count in Top flowpath by CallOut Errors window.
33430NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | Wrong selection of filters is appearing in Method Calling Tree > Apply Filter window. If user selects 2nd Item, it shows first item in the field.
34003NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | Total methods are not coming in Method Summary in FP detail window, traversing Tier status >Drill down >Flowpath by response time >BT.
34271NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | In case a link is clicked on flowpath report page before pagination has loaded properly, then coming back to flowpath breadcrumb, complete flowpaths fail to load rather only default (50) flowpaths are loadable.
30090NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | Methods are showing wrong in sequence diagram for JMS and JDBC calls while traversing through Tier status(TierAtg29) >drill down >slow DB calls Response time >flowpath >FP details(StoreusCheckout) >sequence diagram.
30479NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | Sequence diagram crashes (not loading), When we navigate through Exception report page–>Exception Class–>FP Details->Business Transaction–>Sequence Diagram.
35334NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED| Error is coming while clicking on DB icons of sequence diagram in compare flowpath report.
30108NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED[FP Analyzer] | No methods are showing in method calling tree, method summary and sequence diagram in FP detail window while traversing through Tier status(TierAtg29) >Transaction scorecard >Browser(BT) >FP analyzer >BT.
30325NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | Sometimes “404 error” is coming while downloading method calling tree report in Fp detail while traversing through Tier status >drill down >flowpath by response time >Business Transaction.
33035NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | “Error” is coming in Exception window for compare flowpath report.
30735NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | Hotspot report is opening for the same flowpath while checking for Http report>Hostpot report  but the same case is not happening while opening hotspot report directly.
35213NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | Session is not getting cleared on applying filters in flowpath report.
34362NetDiagnosticsDDR – Web Dashboard | “No record found” is showing in Service Method Timing while traversing through Flowpath stats >Tier >Server >Instance >Total flowpath >flowpath by signature report >Aggregate Sequence Diagram.
35329NetDiagnosticsDDR – Webdashboard | In compare flowpath report, “undefined” is coming while click on Tier node in Transaction flow while traversing through BT >overall >overall >All Transaction >Request per sec >drill down >Flowpath Group by BT.
35331NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | Icons are not working in transaction flow window while traversing through Tier Status>>DrillDown>>Flowpath By Response Time>>Transaction Flow.
35632NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | Not able to open Transaction flow while traversing through Tier status >Drill down >flowpath by response time >CallOuts.
28750NetDiagnosticsAs per the present design,global database is shared for all controller for which application, profile and topology made in one controller also reflected in the other controller
33586NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | Selected Details is not showing in Edit BT Pattern window under Transaction Configuration
33753NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | Under Method BT Configuration, In Add Argument Type Settings window, Drilldown option is not working for operation field
34016NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | When user creates the xml file at package level then popup message of successfully saved is showing but file is not reflecting under .whitelist directory
34399NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | Blue line is continuously appearing after applying the Run Time Changes from the UI
35083NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | New created Topologies are not showing in the dropdown list of Import Topology Window until user click on the home screen icon
35086NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | Red line is appearing in topology Details window
35403NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | Traverse to custom configuration window after creating new profile,  Keyword’s i.e. ASDataBufferMinCount, AgentTraceLevel and maxResourceDetailMapSize are appearing in custom configuration list
34796NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | “No record found” is showing in service method timing report while traversing through Tier Status>>DrillDown>>Flowpath by response time>>Flowpath Details>>Service Method Timing Report.
31435NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | Dialog box is not showing properly if User again open the dialog box after selecting “ALL” the instrumentation profile
33729NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | In view Audit Activity Log, description text is not appearing correct for instrument monitors
33819NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | Multiple times action is coming for same timestamp in Audit log window while doing a single action.
34356NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | Instrumented List should gets cleared or traverse back to the Home Screen after saving the instrumentation profile from the Autodiscover window
34604NetDiagnosticsND Config UI |In Audit Log Window, description for the Creation of Instrumentation Profile from the Auto Discover Feature is not appearing
30814NetDiagnosticsDDR[ED] | ” No Record Found”  is showing on Flowpath Report window while traverse from the BT Trend
33769NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | “No results from query” message is showing in flowpath report while traversing through Tier status >Top flowpath by callout errors >Callout errors >Exception class.
33772NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | “undefined” is coming in Session Number and also error message is showing in DB report, traversing through Tier Status >Top flowpath by callout errors >Callouts >DB report.
33514NetDiagnosticsCMT got stopped due to NS core on MOSAIC prod appliance
32216NetDiagnosticsHost name is not captured for cassandra callouts if version is > 3.0
32969NetDiagnosticsjava.lang.NoSuchMethodError: com.cavisson.ndutils.NDSys.handleHttpTransportBackendCall(Ljava/net/URL;J)V
33925NetDiagnosticsBCI logging threads are throwing exceptions in application console
36096NetDiagnosticsWeb-dashboard showing discontinuous graphs.
34789NetDiagnosticsDDR – WebDashboard | Integration Point Section is not appearing in Thread Hotspot window.
33691NetDiagnosticsCMT got stopped due to NDP core on mosaic(
28952NetDiagnosticsDotNetAgent | Less ND Data start to come if we continuously start the Test without restarting the server .
29715NetDiagnosticsCapturing Custom Data From Req. Parameter | For rule “HTTP_REQ_PARAMETER|productid|1|PROD_ID:0:Je:1”, parameter captured in the raw data is not appearing in Http Report correctly.
33670NetDiagnosticsND_CON structure is increasing and not any field to differniate ND and CMON instance
34725NetDiagnosticsExit status is coming wrong on forcerestart of ND Collector.
29306NetDiagnosticsDotNetAgent | (Ubuntu16) DotNetAgent is not able to make control connection with NDC if we restart the Server While test is running.
34451NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | When user selects instrumentation profiles “All At Once” from dropdown list, changes are not reflecting in ndsetting.txt file.
32399NetDiagnosticsDotNetAgent -DDR | Package name is coming blank in method summery report for “MoveNext” methods.
30613NetDiagnosticsAER – Stack trace is appearing blank for exception Class -> “IOException”, while traversing through Drill Down > Exception(s).
29573NetDiagnosticsAER – Exception is appearing blank in method calling tree while traversing from Exception Report.
31204NetDiagnosticsDotNetAgent – DDR | Package Names, Class Names & Method Names are not appearing in dropdown menu of Method Calling Filters, while traversing through Flowpath Report > Business Transaction.
33725NetDiagnosticsDDR – WebDashboard | No records are appearing in Hotspot Thread Details, while in backend query is coming for same.
29039NetDiagnosticsDotNetAgent | Wrong Flowpath header records ( 2 records ) is coming in raw data.
33763NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | Integer Type value is not appearing in rule applied for capture custom from session attribute “SESS_ATTR|SESSIONEX|1|SessionEx:A:B;” When adding specific attribute from capture custom data window from  Flowpath Header > Session Attribute.
36031NetDiagnosticsStress-HLE CMT || Process-Stats Group || Data Unavailability
34288NetStormAccessLogStatsExtended monitor is not working in 4.1.8 #67 build.
33622NetStormSome jar files are missing in classpath for Windows CavMonAgent
34058NetStormHeap Dump : Handling of error to show in UI
33602NetStormIssues regarding Compare Report
28004NetStormMonitors were failing to apply through JSON for Auto scaled Servers
28370NetStormOutbound Monitor Issue : After stopping the test having ENABLE_AUTO_SERVER_SIGNATURE 1 keyword, Connection is going into CLOSE-WAIT with some data is Recv-Q.
30610NetStormScript Management: Compilation error is coming while adding File parameter by first clicking on “Save” button and then on “OK” button
33331NetStormWeb Dashboard Angular4(Derived Graph) Issue: Last sample of derived graph is getting zero while using “()”.
35617NetStormNot able to Open Transaction Detail Report for this Box
35885NetStormNot able to login ProductUI through Netstorm User
33981NetStormCore dump generated in nsu_logging_reader
34036NetStormPage Dump Issue: In CV Fail cases the message is not showing correct as present in the event.log.(Message is not showing as it is provided in script)
34602NetStormNot Getting data in page dump record.
35341NetStormWebSocket Stats : We are getting wrong data in “WebSocket Send Throughput(Kbps)” and graph “WebSocket Receive Throughput(Kbps)”.
35342NetStormWebSocket Stats : Getting graph name “WebSocket Bytes send/sec” instead of “WebSocket Bytes Sent/sec”. (It should be “sent” not “send”)
35343NetStormWebSocket Stats : We are getting wrong data in graph “websocket message receive/sec”.
35344NetStormWebSocket Stats : We are getting zero data in graph “websocket connections initiate/sec”.
35394NetStormWebSocket Stats : We are getting data in graph “websocket Connections Close/Sec” while getting 100% ConFail (zero connection is opened).
35422NetStormWebsocket : Getting total closed WS TCP Connection greater than total open in case of ConFail.
35615NetStormGetting issue while executing the test.
35672NetStormCall is not working fine from NC machine.
33761NetStormFavorite Issue:  Current loaded favorite should not be deleted if user perform delete favorite from Organize favorite.
35784NetStormJava Type Script|Java type Script is not working.
28452NetStormNS got killed with gdf error.
28503NetStormOutbound | Data is constantly stuck in the Recv-Q when the test is stopped with Ctrl^c and connection moves into Close-Wait Phase..
32544NetStormCore Dump is coming in NS.
34357NetStormCavMonAgent|All java based monitors are failing due to invalid JAVA_HOME path
34395NetStormCore dump Issue:Getting core dump and test getting stopped if Monitors used in scenario.
34476NetStormPCT graphs are missing in Access Log Stats V5
34735NetStormAccessLogStatsExtendedV6:- avg value in “AL xxx (%)” graph is showing integer value instead of float value.
34793NetStormIBMMQV2 monitor is not running as STANDARD_MONITOR
34882NetStormWrong values are coming for Message for Dequeue count/sec and Enqueue count/sec
35135NetStormOCF | Core is generated in netstorm.
35821NetStormCore dump is coming in free dynamic vector in stress HLE env.
35822NetStormCore dump is coming in parsing of server information in stress HLE.
31758NetStormGetting Unexpected Tier Name
28313NetStormGetting error in creating thread while running the test in thread context.
34350NetStormWeb Dashboard|Angular4|Reporting :- Data of the compare report is not coming on generating compare word report from “All Widgets”.
34382NetStormAll executed transaction is not showing in the auto generated summary report.
34480NetStormSummary Report Issue :- The name of the transactions should come in the sorted order on generating summary report from the report management UI.
34827NetStormCompare word report Issue: In compare report the x-axis value is coming as junk.
35858NetStormReporting Issue :- No data is coming on generating report from favorites , using  report management UI.
28450NetStormOutbound Connection Issue : When trying to restart ndc , it is giving error ndc port busy 7894.
34232NetStormType and Region values are not coming correct in GKE event viewer.
34361NetStormSplit Page functionality is not working for User Click when we uncheck options in the “Split Page Options”.
31455NetStormCavWMon | Get Log monitor for Event Viewer | CavWMON clears the logs in event viewer on fetching unhandled exception.
35513NetStormLogs related to journald command are coming continuously in CavMonAgentDebug.log file.
33450NetStormCore | Test exists without uploading data to DB.
34931NetStormAlert Conditions Issue:Wrong alert is generating in case of Threshold type-Fixed window Average and alert condition-Percentage Increase with Prev time Range
32852NetStormData is not updating in dashboard after running a test,After restarting Tomcat samples are updating.
33735NetStormUAT|4.1.8#B65-Web Dashboard GUI Issue:Samples not updating in dashboard in case of NS mode
33818NetStormTransaction Details:Total transaction completed count is coming different for whole scenario and custom time(applied time of total test run).
35246NetStormExcel Report Issue: “Error in generating report” is coming while generating excel report with show discontinue enable.
34004NetStormMysql jar files are missing in lib directory
33329NetStormCompare Report Issue :- The compare report data is coming zero , On generating compare report from the widget having derived graph.
30700NetStormWebsocket: Getting error on console if we are using return function in script.
30712NetStormWebsocket: Getting core dump if we are using session pacing in scenario.
27914NetStormInbound|Core Dump is coming when the test is stopped with Ctrl c.
28372NetStormOutbound | Data is coming after 80 seconds in case of Json type Mprof.
31105NetStormGetting Core dumped issue in the OCF Controller
33364NetStormCore | different column delimeter is passing in backened in case of file parameter.
33789NetStormGetting core dump when enabling G_VUSER_TRACE
30348NetStormUnable to record a session in dynatrace using “G_ENABLE_DT” keyword.
33678NetStormDiscontinue feature is not working
34669NetStormRAL | Transactions are not getting added
34674NetStormRAL | “PAGE_AS_TRANSACTION” keyword should get saved in scenario by default
34691NetStormRAL | Wrong value for “INLINE_OBJECT_MODE” keyword is parsed in replay_settings.dat file
35682NetStormNot getting  tier Cluster_cbpRedis_Prod_USC1  and  Cluster_cbpRedis_Prod_USE1
34966NetStormWebsocket: Enhancement regarding websocket graph in dashboard.
35301NetStormWebsocket: Enhancement regarding adding more graphs in Websocket like HTTP
32534NetStormNetstorm | Unable to run a test for URL type.
28210NetStormSome data geting stuck in NDC for OUTBOND enable test
28513NetStormOutbound |  core is found while running test with Mprof in ND
30692NetStormCore is forming ||
33315NetStormCore dump is coming in continuous monitoring if delete vector is coming from ps_data_dvm_ex_v2 monitor
33616NetStormCMT stopped due to NS core on MRP prod appliance.
33617NetStormCMT stopped due to NS core on MRP prod appliance
33626NetStormCMT Got stopped due to NS core on MOSAIC Prod Appliance
32187NetStormObserving Core Dump in Netstorm in OCF Controller in KFS Box
31704NetStormActive users value is in -ve in dashboard
28434NetStormOutbound|Monitor data is not comming on more than one NS-test running using same NDC on same controller
34061NetStormEvent Viewer Issue
35365NetStormUnable to resume the paused test without refreshing the webdashboard
33258NetStormA number of cores are generated  from continuous monitoring test.
33946NetStormContent served by browser cache although disabled in scenario
33159NetVisionReplay stuck while replaying the sessions and starts throwing error.
31585NetVisionSometimes send beacon URLs getting cancelled within the page.
32858NetVisionNo resource timing is showing for the pages having response time more than 10 sec in session detail window for Chrome browser .
32886NetVisionAll xhr request is getting failed and no data has been captured in the sessions of Chrome Browser – version 60 .
33419NetVisionGetting failed to get Blob URL error on search page of client using worker.
33646NetVisionAfter the new pagedump support, pagedump request is sending only for chrome and safari, not for IE and firefox
33793NetVisionIn NV ND Integration, while doing ddr from User Activity on session detail window, wrong flow-path id value is passing in ddr url.
30323NetVisionSome Graphs(Conversion Rate, Order Total and Order Count) are not showing appropriate data for min, max and avg values of Session Stats group in NV Web-Dashboard.
33960NetVisionSilverSessions event is not captured for LargeAppliances in case of Dotcom
31994NetVisionIn NV GUI, getting exception 5xx “java.lang.NumberFormatException” while adding a new user segment.
32592NetVisionData is not coming in funnel while doing DDR for any business process related group from web-dashboard.
32616NetVisionGetting exception 5XX while downloading report for contype field from export option.
34334NetVisionIn NV GUI, Report is not getting downloaded from export option while selecting all the fields.
33110NetVisionIn NV Web Dashboard, Panels are getting blank while applying filters on derived graph.
30630NetVisionGetting 5xx Exception while clicking on Filter icon after running abandoned BP filter.
31390NetVisionIn NV Web Dashboard, Getting exception 5XX while doing drill down on page level.
33690NetVisionIn NV GUI, not able to filter out the resource from the HTTP filters even though it is present in many sessions.
33815NetVisionIn page filter, Pages are not coming on Pages window while data is showing in total rows in filter criteria while applying any event .
34757NetVisionThreshold is showing large value in comparison of alert value column for CumToPM type of graphs in active alerts.
30393NetVisionIn NV Continuous Monitoring Test, Location related data(SessionStats/PageStats By Location groups) is not getting dump in RTG file while applying RTC from GUI.
30449NetVision“Transaction Stats by store” group data is not getting written in testrun.gdf file as “Vector list length reached over the maximum limit” error is coming in monitor.log file.
31649NetVisionIn NV Web-Dashboard, Data is not coming for the graphs of “Session stats by screen size” group while it is coming in NV GUI.
32414NetVisionOn Page Aggregate Compare Details window, only few resources data are plotted for  client’s rewards page in Resource Timings – Waterfall Comparison tab.
32469NetVisionOn decreasing the exit count of users in funnel edit mode, revenue is also getting decreasing.
31255NetVisionIn Firefox browser, Getting Exception 5XX while refreshing the window after deleting any checkpoint.
34215Synthetic MonitorNVSM-Webdashboard |NVSM-Webdashboard | Favourite manager pop up showing some portion transparent on selecting favourite directory.
29970Synthetic MonitorRBU-Core | Flow of executing click events in a particular API i.e. first ID, class and xpath is not supported in FF v42 and v43.
33636TestSuiteTest Suite : Unable to update the Display Name in check Rule window.
34454TestSuiteTest Suite | All the check profile Rule is not reflected to test suite report.
33746TestSuiteTest Suite | Unable to save Test Run Numbers in Trend window.
33800TestSuiteTestSuite: Not getting data in Schedule setting GUI if we are opening scenario using Testsuite by clicking on Edit Scenario In GUI link.