12th September 2017 – R

New and Enhanced Features in 4.1.8

Global Feature(s)

  • Implementation of Help functionality in Product UI.


  • Supporting new Flowpath Shell from Flowpath report.
  • Execution of data and count query independently and Pagination option in exception report.
  • Fetch and use Instance type from database.
  • Merge method calling tree optimization.
  • Change in design of Exception Report.
  • Changes regarding URL name in filter criteria.
  • Method Calling Tree (MCT) changes regarding .Net.
  • MCT comparison based on flowpath id.
  • Hotspot Report – Based on different graphs.


  • In NV-Web Dashboard, device stats groups are added for Page and Session level.
  • Cross Origin Session Capturing: This feature combines Page view of different domains in a single session. For example: Suppose, abc.com and www.xyz.com are the two different domains, but user can browser both the sites simultaneously. If Cross Origin is not enabled in that case, there will be two sessions in NV. After enabling this feature, page view of both the domains will be part of single session.


  • The disaster recover or high availability feature is introduced to eliminate the single point of failure with hot standby backup for ND appliance. The feature requires high availability support with one active and standby ND appliance.
  • Enhancements in some monitors.


  • A feature is implemented to check the Ethernet speed of generators.

Bug Fixes

Bug ID Product Summary
33788 NetCloud Controller is not able to overwrite the script on generator while running a test
32506 NetCloud DynTx | Getting core dump with Dynamic transaction in NC test
33162 NetCloud DynTx  | Getting core dump while running NC_Test with 1000 Dynamic Transactions in a flow with 1000 users.
32923 NetCloud DashBoard is  not updating
33725 NetDiagnostics DDR – WebDashboard | No records are appearing in Hotspot Thread Details, while in backend query is coming for same.
31760 NetDiagnostics NodeJS | nodeAsyncEventMonitor is not  working with “node version 4.8.2”
31691 NetDiagnostics NDDBUpload|End constraint is applied on Hotspot thread tables while there is no partition switch and data is currently coming for it.
32605 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | Script is not getting updated at the time of build upgrade for which UI is not working properly
33487 NetDiagnostics DDR | Showing StoreId and TerminalId column in Flowpath Report window when there is no data regarding it.
33556 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | When user doing any configuration from the General settings then Keyword ie: “enableExceptionInSeqBlob=false;” is adding in ndsetting.txt file and user is not able to run the test.
33714 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | When user is discovering the data by the Autodiscover feature then it should not show cavisson regarding packages
33542 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | Xml hierarchy is not coming as per our expection as class and method is coming in package tag in instrumentation profile
33262 NetDiagnostics Zero data from Server Count Monitor
30182 NetDiagnostics NodeJS | Average Event Execution Time(ms) is always showing Average value one in NodeJS Event Loop States found in Local QA environment as well as client’s one
30427 NetDiagnostics NodeJS | ND_NV Integration |  Value is not Passing Correct  with set-cookie in Response Header while traversing through HTTP Report.
33412 NetDiagnostics DR |Java Agent|BCI is not making control connection with NDC and BCI error/debug logs are not appending while upgrading BCI build 4.1.8(#63)
33528 NetDiagnostics DR|Java Agent|If NDSettings file does not contains ndcPort and NS has multiple Controller having test runing/test not running in it ,then it causes issues mentioned below.
33743 NetDiagnostics NodeJS | Error is coming in nd_node_debug/error logs regarding createStateMachineTable.
32546 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent-DDR|Method calling Tree is not opening while traversing from Flowpath by response time.
33023 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent – DDR | DB Call is not showing in method calling tree of flowpath details window but it is showing in sequence diagram of flowpath details window.
33024 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent – DDR | DotNet is showing in WaitTime of method calling tree in Flowpath Details window.
33025 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent – DDR | “No records were found” is showing in HotSpot Thread Details Window while traversing through Tier Status>>DrillDown>>Flowpath by response time>>HotSpot Thread Details.
30664 NetDiagnostics Method Calling Tree | Wall time is appearing greater than response time in method calling tree.
32038 NetDiagnostics DDR – Web dashboard | JDBC callout is not coming in Sequence diagram in compare flowpath report.
33737 NetDiagnostics UAT | 4.1.8($65) | “No data found” is showing in sequence diagram while traversing through Tier Status>>Drill Down>>Flowpath By Response Time>>Flowpath Details.
32815 NetDiagnostics DDR – Web dashboard | Error is coming in Flowpath by signature Report.
30416 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | While creating the new profile then execute permission is not showing to ndsettings.txt file
31431 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | User is not able to unselect “ALL” the instrumentation profile at once if user open the dialog box again as checkbox for select/Unselect “ALL AT ONCE” is not showing
32148 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI |  Mode of CPU time capturing is  showing 3 i.e. “Enable at method and flowpath level” but in backend it is passing as “enableCpuTime=0”
32812 NetDiagnostics DDR – Web Dashboard | “-” is coming in Status code in Flowpath Report.
32332 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent|In case of “ASEnableHotspotRecord=2”,Thread HS report showing blank data while traversing from the same graph in which data is present .
32821 NetDiagnostics DDR – ED | No methods is showing in Method Timing report window while traversing through Tier status >BT Trends >Flowpath >Method Timing.
28489 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | There should be an option to create instrumentation profiles in Instrumentation Profile window.
31418 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | User is not able to see the Apply changes switch without refreshing or clicking on Home icon
33366 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | When user is giving the space in the class name field then “popup message of Data Discovered” is showing and a blank file is creating instead of Error message
33369 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI |ND Config UI | When user discovered the data by enable the “Discover All” Mode then file is created but data is not showing in UI when user is opening the “Auto Discovered data” window
33452 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI |User is not able to upload and import the file as ” No Record Found” is showing in File Manager window in Method Monitor window
33482 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | “Save” button is not working in Hotspot Detection Setting window.
30411 NetDiagnostics Nd Config UI | While editing the application name then in backend, application is overriding but nd.conf is not present.
31444 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | Run Time Changes is not working while applying the configuration from UI
32536 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | Added Application is showing in the backend after only generating the nd.conf file from the UI
32627 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | When user creating the profile then Service Entry Point for HttpServletService,EntryForWebLogicJSP,ApacheJsperService is showing disable instead of enable
32688 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | When user deleting the Application from the UI then Application is removed from the Application List but Topology folder is still present in the Backend
32757 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | Keyword regarding Exception Monitor is not showing in the ndsettings.txt file when configure the Exception Monitor from the Config UI
33343 NetDiagnostics In instrumentation Profile window, User is not able to make the instrumentation profile when file is uploading from the desktop
33395 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | In Instrumentation Profiler Maker window, User is not able to browse the file from any path as “No Record Found” message is showing
33410 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | When user disable the field “Capture exception from not instrumented session” then in ndsetting.txt file 3rd field of the keyword is changed to 0 while it is enable from the UI.
33519 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | When user open the upload file popup window under Method monitor then Cancel button is not working
33129 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent-DDR|Download option is not working for flowpath report window while traversing through Flowpath by response time.
28852 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | header name is not getting reset while  Applying the toggling between header type of Request and Response
32763 NetDiagnostics Core is getting generated in`/home/netstorm/work/bin`|core.14251(ndi_get_entity_time.c)
33337 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | When Test is running with NDC_CONFIG_UI_MODE 1 then Test is not getting started and Error message is coming that Rest service is Failed
30808 NetDiagnostics DDR-WebDashboard | Link is not showing for column i.e. BT, URL, CATEGORY,DB Callouts while traverse from the FlowPath>>HTTP Report>>Flowpath Details>>Flowpath DB Requests>>Method Timing>>HotSpot Thread Details>>FlowPath
28756 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | Test is not getting started and showing error related to “instrProfile” while configured the custom data capturing  from ND Config UI
32599 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | When user is adding the profile from the UI then it is showing in Profile List but not added in backend
33510 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI |  If we need to see the result on GUI side from the new script then user has to drop the schema and execute the script
33733 NetDiagnostics UAT | 4.1.8($65) | Mongo DB Call is not showing in method calling tree while traversing through Tier Status>>Flowpath By Response Time>>Flowpath Details.
29426 NetDiagnostics DDR – Webdashboard | Nothing is showing in flowpath report window while traversing through BT >overall >all transaction >request per sec >flowpath group by BT >overall >overall >all transaction.
33458 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent|Hotspot related data are coming even we applied “ASEnableHotspotRecord=0” in nd.conf.
33575 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent|Flowpath Records are not coming while running the test in DotNetAgent Build(4.1.9(#14).
33356 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | When user is doing any configuration in the Flowpath Header window then a red line is continuously coming with the popup Error message
33384 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | When user is giving FQM in Add BT Method window then window get hanged and user is not able to click on any button.
33439 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | When user opening the configuration window then Red line of Error is continuously showing with the Popup message of Error
33474 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | By default “Flowpath” option is showing disable in General Setting window.
33533 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | when user select any xml file from $NS_WDIR/ndprof/instrprof/standard and click on selection box then selected xml file is not showing.
33534 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | when user select any xml file from $NS_WDIR/instrprof/.whitelist and click on xml file then selected xml file is not showing.
33352 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | In create Instrumentation Profile window, Delete package, class and method option is not working
33541 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | Duplicate entry of Package, Class, Methods should not allowed in Instrumentation Profile Maker.
30331 NetDiagnostics DDR – ED |  “No record were found” is showing in flowpath report for any BT through BT Trends while traversing through Tier status >Transaction scorecard >Total count.
26052 NetDiagnostics DDR | Compare Flowpaths by Method Calling Tree is not working properly while traversing through Tier Status>>FlowPath>>Compare Flowpaths.
33365 NetDiagnostics Heart beat messages should be printed only on bciTraceLevel 2
33389 NetDiagnostics DR | JAVA AGENT | For Primary NDC server there should be a default value.
33607 NetDiagnostics DR – NodeJS | Instance name is  changing while switching  the test.
33088 NetDiagnostics AER | In flowpath comparison report, exception comparison tab is showing “error”, for error flowpaths. Flowpath ID –  “29582099058439” & “311057219403615”).
33694 NetDiagnostics DDR ED | “ArithmeticException” is not appearing in group by exception graph, but it’s present in Aggregate exceptions table.
31216 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent – DDR | Transaction Flow is not appearing in compare flowpath report, while traversing from Flowpath Report > Compare Flowpath Report.
33323 NetDiagnostics DDR – ED | Error is coming in flowpath report, traversing through Tier Status > Flowpath by response time > Hotspot > Hotspot Duration.
33500 NetDiagnostics DDR – WebDashboard | Error is coming in flowpath report when traversing from Drill Down > Flowpath Group By Business Transaction.
33199 NetDiagnostics Getting error while opening  flowpath report
33388 NetDiagnostics neu_check_process is not working
33380 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | When user is importing the file in Method monitor window under Instrument Monitors setting then it is taking time.
32689 NetDiagnostics AER –  ndc is dumping wrong jar file name for .war and .ear
29620 NetDiagnostics When traversing from Sequence diagram and clicking on Tier Callout, argument is appearing as NA in Method Calling Tree.
30807 NetDiagnostics DDR – ED | Callouts links are not appearing in Flowpath Report while traversing from Transaction Flow > Hotspot Thread Details > Flowpath Report.
33508 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | When user upgraded the build then to see the exact view of UI, user has to drop the schema and then execute the shell
28843 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent -DDR | “ERROR:  missing FROM-clause entry for table “urlrecord_1676″” is coming while doing DDR on “HTTP Failure/sec” graph for 5xx.
28897 NetDiagnostics AER – No data is showing related to highlighted exception in exception report.
33479 NetDiagnostics DDR – ED | Transaction Flow is not appearing in compare flowpath report, while traversing from Flowpath Report > Compare Flowpath Report.
27500 NetDiagnostics Method Calling Tree | Method parameters are incorrect
32488 NetDiagnostics Not getting Correct Flowpath
28974 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent -DDR | Flowpath Window showing “No Records found” while traversing from HotSpot Window While there are flowpaths for that hotspot duration.
33742 NetDiagnostics DDR – WebDashboard | Links of icons are not working in Transaction Flow report. When traversing from Drill Down > Flowpath Report > CallOuts > Transaction Flow Report.
33408 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | When user is opening the Audit log window then “Audit Log” window is showing “Red line of Error” and “No records Found” is showing
28503 NetStorm Outbound | Data is constantly stuck in the Recv-Q when the test is stopped with Ctrl^c and connection moves into Close-Wait Phase..
32852 NetStorm Data is not updating in dashboard after running a test,After restarting Tomcat samples are updating.
32774 NetStorm Core Dump Issue:Core dump is coming while starting test
33271 NetStorm Derived Graph is showing zero value if any server which are part of derived graph is added/deleted in run time.
32769 NetStorm DynTx|Transaction Details :- Total no. of completed transactions are coming less than success and negative values are coming in the failure %age in the transaction details window of the web dashboard.
32788 NetStorm DynTx: Static Transaction sample count is missing in dill down reports due to overlapped partition in NS mode.(After using keyword NDE_DB_PARTITION_OVERLAP_MINS 30 in scenario,no data missing in Data base and DDR).
33513 NetStorm DR| CavWMON | Retry interval is not as per retry policy on finding the NDC not responding.
33543 NetStorm DR| CavWMON | In case retry policy is updated, the agent does not retry as per new retry count and interval.
32447 NetStorm CavWMON | ‘DEBUG_LEVEL’ once set to 1-4 in cmon.env will persist in case DEBUG_LEVEL keyword is removed from the file.
32561 NetStorm DynTx: Transaction name with single angular bracket “>” is missing in Webdashboard but present in Progress Report and Drill Down.
30724 NetStorm Getting core on PKY DC machine.
33409 NetStorm DR|NDC|NDC is generating coredump
33522 NetStorm Active duration is not working as expected in Access Log Stats Ex V5
33566 NetStorm DR| CavWMON | Agent keeps retrying with primary and backup NDC very frequently (as much as many hundreds times) on finding both NDC in backup mode.
33324 NetStorm DynTx:Percentile value of transaction time graph is coming zero in dashboard with Static transaction in case of NS mode.
32547 NetStorm DynTx : testrun.pdf file is not getting created for FTP protocol.
32787 NetStorm DynTx: Getting core dump when we run test with both static and dynamic transaction(Mixed) in NC Mode.
29104 NetStorm Stats Report Issue:Lower pane data  and generated stats report data of widget  are not coming same after converting the widget into dual axis chart type.
29518 NetStorm Reporting Issue: Issue in Generating Report if Hierarchy of Meta data in Vector is not same with Hierarchy of Group.
29721 NetStorm Report Issue: In generated report Start Date and End Time is not getting correct in compare report.
30574 NetStorm Compare Report Issue :- Data is not coming correct , on generating compare report from the widget.
33348 NetStorm Report Scheduler Issue: Not able to add scheduler task in report scheduler.
28596 NetStorm Outbound | Getting ndc core dump in Mosaic_Profiling
33031 NetStorm Percentile graph issue:After applying zoom to the percentile graph,show graph data is not showing percentile data according to the applied zoom.
33363 NetStorm Product UI Issue:Login page is coming ,while clicking on help button
33414 NetStorm DR|CavMonAgent|cavmonagent is making control connection continuously without any sleep when ND_DR_STATE is zero and no backup is configured
32798 NetStorm DynTx|Drill Down Report: We are not able to go back from Transaction Session Summary to Transaction Summary.
32786 NetStorm DynTx | We are not getting expected transaction completed count data after 974th static transaction.
33301 NetStorm Issue while fetching data from test run having timestamp in GDF file.
28442 NetStorm Outbound| ndc is getting killed & giving core dump
33198 NetStorm Issue with instance_pattern_check monitor
33222 NetStorm No error message is coming when invalid data are given in ServerCount monitor.
33127 NetStorm Websocket | Getting core when run a test without any scheme.
32697 NetStorm DynTx | Getting core while running NS test with percentile ON and only Dynamic transaction in script
33531 NetStorm RBU | Click event is failing while running RBU script.
32249 NetVision In NV GUI, garbage values are coming for some resources on Aggregate Compare details window.
28674 NetVision In NV GUI, common feature is not working in store filter for all filters.
32101 NetVision In NV Core, cav_nv_log_customMetrics api is not working for Json Data type.
33515 NetVision In NV WebDashboard, “Error in getting test run data server” is showing while opening NV WebDashboard.
33648 NetVision In NV Replay , “No page dump found for current page” is showing in replay window while pagedump for the same page is coming on session detail window.
32681 NetVision In Task Scheduler GUI, Not able to schedule report using custom and template drop-down option.
32667 NetVision Remove page and session level unused stats of user segment based groups from web-dashboard.
33326 NetVision In IE Browser, getting error in console while applying session data attribute filter in page filter.
33217 NetVision HPD child is getting killed due to divide by zero error
28199 NetVision On mouse hovering ,the tool tip of scroll position does not get removed after navigating to other option .
27475 NetVision Some Special characters are not supported in page URL in Session Filters.
27911 NetVision In NV GUI, unable to download report from session window.
28095 NetVision In HTTP Request filter, Correlation id is showing undefined on HTTP summary page.
29677 NetVision On Session detail window, Session information pop-up is not getting closed after clicking on cancel icon for some sessions.
32321 TestSuite Jenkins | Not able to open Trend Graph through NetDiagnostics Performance Report.
33641 TestSuite Testsuite: Percentage sign is missing for panel A in  NetStorm Performance Report on Jenkins side.
28806 TestSuite Jenkins | GUI Issue
28643 Ubuntu16 RBU- Getting core dump when we are running test for chrome 51 in Ubuntu 16.