30th August 2017 – R

New and Enhanced Features in 4.1.8


  • Implementation of dynamic transactions. Transactions are now based on variables (NS variables or C-variables).


  • Execution of Data and Count query independently for DB Report.
  • Execution of Data and Count query independently for FP Report.
  • Execution of Data and Count query independently from FP to DB Report.
  • Flowpath Query Optimization: Some design changes are made to run Data Query (query with limit and offset) and Count Query INDEPENDENTLY.
  • Transactions filtering w.r.t response time and methods count in flowpath report. An Apply Filter option is provided in Flowpath Report which can filter flowpath data based on Flowpath Response Time and Method Count.
Web Dashboard
  • Percentage (%) value for Responses 2xx and Responses 4xx in Spring Boot Metrics.
Config UI
  • Implementation of Auto-scaling and Auto-scale CleanUp features.
  • Enhancement for capturing maximum cached queries.


  • An API is created to use search variable value of one service in another service.

Features Discontinued


  • Discontinued support for older version of Chrome and Firefox. Now supporting only Chrome 60 and Firefox 43

Bug Fixes

Bug ID Product Summary
27569 NetCloud Getting core dump while running a NC test
32163 NetCloud Performance DashBoard Issue: Same appliance are coming multiple times in ongoing test window after clicking on Show all controllers.
32877 NetCloud DynTx: Memory corruption on generator while starting test with Static Tx in NC Mode.
32066 NetCloud Getting core dump while running NC_Test
32591 NetCloud DynTx|Getting core dump we are running the NC Test with 2U 2S with enable/disable debug mode.
32848 NetCloud Getting “NormIdNameNotFound” graph for static transaction in dashboard for NC test
32702 NetCloud DynTx:Not getting any data for “Detail Transaction Report ” in progress report for static transaction
27651 NetDiagnostics (NodeJS)DDR|null is passing for appid in query wrapper while doing drill down form Instance level in ED. Hence flowpath report is not opening.
29704 NetDiagnostics DDR – Dashboard | “URL Summary Report” is showing blank window while traverse from the Req Sent/Sec graph
29995 NetDiagnostics DDR – ED | Incorrect exception data is coming while downloading the exception report while traversing through Tier status >Drill down >Exception.
31522 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent|’Undefined’ and ‘NaN’ is passing in Percentage and Flowpath Count column in FP analyser window.
32811 NetDiagnostics DDR – ED | FP Analyzer window is not opening while traversing through Tier status >BT Trend >FP Analyzer.
32294 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent|Method Monitors are not working accordingly After supporting of separate Method Monitor File.
32489 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent|BT category is passing as “-99” while doing drill down through ED.
31954 NetDiagnostics NodeJS | Node is crashing while enabling nodeAsyncEventMonitor .
32291 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | Comparison Value field should not be mandatory in case of selecting the operator type i.e. “present” and “!present” under HTTP Stats Condition Window
32551 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | When user is giving the “java.lang.ArithmeticException” as Exception Name then it is showing validation message
30795 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent | ND is making less number of flowpath in rawdata as compare to transactions of progress report.
32484 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent|”BCITraceMaxSize” keyword is not working Accordingly as a result Agent logs size are exceeded continually.
29663 NetDiagnostics AutoCleanUp |  * Error in `bin/netstorm’: realloc(): invalid next size: 0x0000000007cb39e0 * ( Core dump reallocing msgbuffer at process_gdf_wrapper)
30150 NetDiagnostics Netstorm|Netstorm parent process is taking aprox 100% of CPU and message like “epoll_wait(193, {{EPOLLOUT, {u32=85460896, u64=85460896}}}, 1024, 458896) = 1” is coming continuously while checking using strace.
28113 NetDiagnostics ND ConfigUI | Machine Info window is showing unknow entries for which connection is not made
30444 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | Delete option is not present in backend details  of Integration Point Detection window
32123 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | While applying the exception filter, “enableSourceCodeFilters=true” is getting added instead of showing filepath
32312 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | When user unchecked the “Capture request parameters” option then keyword is getting removed from the ndsettings.txt file under Endpoint URL Capturing window
30802 NetDiagnostics DDR – ED | Flowpath count is appering “undefined” and Percentage flowpath is appearing “NaN” in Pattern Summery, while traversing through Tier Status> BT Trend > FPAnalyzer > FlowPath.
29948 NetDiagnostics Node Agent | Agent is not sending hotspot and Event loop monitor data according to the PROGRESS_MSECS. .
30660 NetDiagnostics AER | Exception Class table is appearing empty when traversing through Drill Down > Exception(s).
28076 NetDiagnostics DDR (NodeJS) – ED | URL is coming “-” in calls stats of HTTP callout while traversing through Tier status > flowpath > Transaction flow.
31231 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | While opening the Flowpath Header window then red line of loading is continuously showing
31237 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | User is not able to configure the two features i.e. Flowpath Header and Custom Data from UI as Save option is not working in Flowpath Header Settings window
31653 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | When user enable/disable in Service Entry Point Window then nothing is reflected in NDEntryPointsFile.txt file
31657 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | When user switch from the other window to Service Entry Point window after enabling the Entry Point then it is showing disabled and its vice versa
31666 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | When user deleted the Custom service entry point then it is still present in NDEntryPointsFile.txt file
31669 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | When user enable/disable the Integration Point then nothing is reflected in NDEntryPointsFile.txt file
30548 NetDiagnostics Too many cassandra query causing NDP to hang
31401 NetDiagnostics BCI Agent | Playframeworks calls are not getting captured
31753 NetDiagnostics Error in reading ndsettings file
32233 NetDiagnostics Not getting alerts when we are generating report from Alerts History on PKY (
29444 NetDiagnostics TSI Limit – No records is appearing in ndc_trace.log, if Instance is exceeding the provided limit in MAX_ID_IN_TOPOLOGY 1 1 1.
29604 NetDiagnostics Enhancement to show AUTOSCALE_LOGS in csv file
30124 NetDiagnostics Unnecessary response from NDC for all  Instances
30491 NetDiagnostics Postgres Running status check is not working for Ubuntu16
30812 NetDiagnostics DDR – ED | Line No and Stack trace appears blank, while traversing from Tier Status > Flowpath By Response Time > Check Out Business Transaction > Sequence Diagram > Click on Exception Icon.
30283 NetDiagnostics BCI Agent | “Exception” : NullPointerException in logs Rollover
29222 NetDiagnostics Error in opening file (DBUploadTable.log) was coming when we are running test
30612 NetDiagnostics Business transaction info is showing wrong in dialog
29028 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent -DDR | “-” is coming in BT Column in Flowpath Report window.
31467 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI|RTC for file based keywords
25349 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent -DDR | client’s Related method is coming on Stock Trader Application in Method timing report.
32642 NetStorm DynTx | Getting wrong data in HTTP TCP connection (Total- Close is much greater than open).
32514 NetStorm DynTx:Individual transaction sample count is missing in Dashboard and Transaction detail Report.
32538 NetStorm DynTx|Vector List Issue:”NormIdNameNotFound” is coming in vector list of Transaction stats while using Dynamic Transactions
32519 NetStorm Getting coredump in ns_runtime_changes_monitor.c
32668 NetStorm DynTx | Getting Issue with the ns_end_transaction_as() API – static to dynamic case.
30514 NetStorm Open/Merge Issue:Default applied Open/Merge settings are not showing in Advance open Merge settings while favorite is loading after refreshing the Web Dashboard GUI
32179 NetStorm WebDashboard|Transaction Details Issue: Sorting is not working in completed and success column in Transaction details.
32566 NetStorm DynTx: Transaction Name starting with “#” is missing from progress report and webdashboard.
32571 NetStorm DynTx: Data is coming 0 for some Transaction (>CavissonAngularFirst, CavissonAngularMid>Mid, Noida, welcome India) in WebDashboard because rtgMessage is showing zero count whereas data is present in Progress Report and Drill Down.
32577 NetStorm DynTx: Drill down report is showing only for transaction name having special characters (. / : [ ] ? { ). For others special characters, drill down is not showing data.
32603 NetStorm DynTx|Transaction Details Issue: In case of Dynamic Transaction if one transaction is completed then Min, max, avg value should be same but min value is showing different
32626 NetStorm DynTx: Transaction Response time is very high when Page Think Time Keyword is enabled(End Transaction is used before Page Think Time in Script)
32731 NetStorm DynTx|Special Characters: Transaction name with single character ` % ^ * _ \ ‘ ” < > ~ are missing in Progress report, Drill Down and Dashboard.
32743 NetStorm DynTx|Drill Down: Drill down report is showing garbage Script Count.
32746 NetStorm DynTx: Transaction name with zero length is not showing in progress report but Total Transaction is showing when variable used with zero length from search parameter.
32832 NetStorm DynTx: Drill Down is coming blank when we run a script with no pages and Dashboard is showing zero sample count.
32834 NetStorm DynTx: When page think time is between start and end transaction in case of No Hit Script then Transaction Response time should be Page think Time.
32482 NetStorm Corrupt jar file is coming with cmon build
32751 NetStorm DynTx:Webdashboard|Drill Down: Drill down report is showing garbage Script Count in case of Transaction name Pipe( |, |PipeStart, PipeEnd|, Pipe|Mid ).
32612 NetStorm DynTx|Core Issue: Core Dump is coming in NS Mode if script having Static and Dynamic Transactions both – Came only once
32742 NetStorm DynTx|Transaction Details Issue: Transaction details and dashboard is always showing zero values in case of static transaction but progress report and drill down are showing non-zero values.
32339 NetStorm CavWMON | ASPNETStats64V4030319 | The values of Cache Hits/sec, Cache Misses/sec, Cache Trims/sec are not relevant to the metric.
30887 NetStorm While running any scenario, getting epoll_timeout in DURATION phase
32513 NetStorm DynTx:Slab Count graph issue: After changing the graph type to “Slab Count Graph”, the lower pane is showing graph name as value.
32617 NetStorm DynTx|Percentile Graph: The data of the transaction time graph is not coming on converting normal line graph to the percentile graph.
32677 NetStorm DynTx|Slab count graph issue: Slab count graph having sequential difference of more than 1 like (0-10,10-20,..) are showing data only in 1st slab of lower panel and other slabs are NaN.
32715 NetStorm DynTx/Lower Pane Issue: NaN values are coming in the lower pane of the derived graph on converting chart type to slab count from line graph.
32869 NetStorm Transaction Details Issue: The percentile data is coming zero values when time period is “Whole Scenario” but when time period is “Specified Phase”, then percentile values are coming non-zero.
30402 NetStorm NS_TRACE| ns_trace.log file is continuously appending information for filldata() for out bound case in nstrace level 1.
32093 NetStorm Duplicate bread crumb is coming while swapping server name  between two servers
32127 NetStorm Run time  Changes Issue: Core dump is coming while delete and add monitor
32180 NetStorm Gdf for monitor Process Stats DVM Ex V2 is missing.in sys directory
32448 NetStorm Outbound|All monitors are failing except [Accesslog monitor] because ‘Server’ variable is not present in cmon.env
32666 NetStorm Run time Changes Issue: Core Dump is coming while Add/Delete monitor at run time in NS mode
32597 NetStorm DynTx : Constant PDF Size (32064) is coming in all testrun.pdf files in case of Dynamic Transaction.
32507 NetStorm DynTx: Getting continuously core dump by nsu_logging_reader in Continuously Monitoring Test.
31021 NetStorm WebSocket : Sever hosting is not working.
32553 NetStorm DynTx|Transaction details drill down issue: Download report as (PDF, Word, Excel) option is coming in between the session response data.
31414 NetStorm Compare Report Issue: The Derived graph data is not coming when we generate compare report from widget in the word format.
32103 NetStorm Scheduler Report Issue: Zero values are coming in generated Excel report, while generating report from report scheduler but values are coming while generating report from report gui
32107 NetStorm Scheduler Report Issue: Time is coming wrong in generated HTML and word scheduler report
32758 NetStorm Web Dashboard|Angular4|Reporting: The data of the stats html is not coming correct, when we generate stats html report on applying the specified time period.
32737 NetStorm DynTx|Transaction: Transaction name with “TabEnd” is coming two times in Transaction Detail.
30210 NetStorm Script Manager | Need Enhancement in Script manager to add one keyword “RBU_BROWSER_COM_SETTINGS” with enable mode.
30179 NetStorm Compare Report Issue: Data is coming zero in compare report while any of the compared testrun having custom time period as running.
30614 NetStorm Reporting Issue: Data is not coming on generating the word report from the widget.
30867 NetStorm Stats Report Issue: While Generating Report for custom time period data in slabcount and percentile graphs are not coming.
32087 NetStorm Reporting Issue: The derived graph which is having percentile chart type is not coming in generated Html Compare report
32563 NetStorm DynTx | Unable to pass value of NS_variable in “G_SEND_NS_TX_HTTP_HEADER “
32598 NetStorm DynTx | Transaction report for 999 dynamic transactions are not coming in progress report and trans_detail.dat file
30698 NetStorm Websocket: Test is not running due to G_VUSER_TRACE keyword.
30699 NetStorm WebSocket | Test is running successfully with different ID for ns_web_websocket_connect and ns_web_websocket_send.
30945 NetStorm Websocket: Getting core dump when we are running both ws and wss script together.
30990 NetStorm Websocket: Getting core dump when we are running two script for ws together.
30991 NetStorm Websocket: Getting core dump when we are running two script for wss together.
32512 NetStorm DynTx | Getting core dump with 999 dynamic transactions with 500 users
26957 NetStorm CavMonAgent – MSSql | Data for “Log Bytes Flushed/sec” is not coming correct in webdashboard.
26964 NetStorm CavMonAgent – MSSql | Data for “cache hit ratio” is not coming correct in webdashboard.
31305 NetStorm Not getting data for DNS Expiry days left.
32301 NetStorm Not getting data for hadoop ambari monitor
32277 NetStorm RBU- Vnc is not closing when we are running test with autoparam keyword in case of firefox 43.
32537 NetStorm RBU- Not able to delete existing test directory for chrome or firefox after upgrading latest build.
32540 NetStorm RBU- Not able to show profile by using nsu_auto_gen command in case of chrome.
30330 NetVision In funnel comparison, custom time for segment based filter is picking from Custom Time Filter of time based comparison.
32678 NetVision hpd is generating cores in case gets store id data which is not present in db.
32704 NetVision Max value of Perceived render time and load event time are coming very high for page stats data.
30733 NetVision In NV Web Dashboard, Pages option are not coming in Drill down option for DOM interactive time graph.
31421 NetVision In NV GUI, no sessions are coming on session window while doing DDR from dashboard for sessions stats by operating system group.
32185 NetVision Order total and conversion rate are showing blank while hitting rest api url.
32356 NetVision In NV Replay, A pop-up is showing “select a user segment” while generating any Map.
30174 NetVision In NV Web Dashboard, timing window is coming different in filter criteria on NV session window while doing DDR at session level.
32200 NetVision In NV WebDashboard, All Page Dashboard option is getting disappeared from panel setting after applying zoom out on Overview Favorite panel.
32243 NetVision In NV Web-Dashboard, Selected page is not coming while doing single page dashboard DDR from All_Page_Performance Dashboard.
32433 NetVision Getting Error in TestRunOutput.log file, While running continuous monitoring test on NV Machine.
25099 NetVision In Funnel Comparison, Pages (Entry and Exit) and Events Counts DDR is redirecting to NV login GUI.
30746 NetVision DDR from Event Aggregate report should be page specific when we generate event aggregate report from funnel.
30451 NetVision In NV GUI, specified time filter is working while selecting last time filter in compare and trend pop up.
32857 Synthetic Monitor nsu_rm_har | When passing argument of partition id only then details of csv file does not exist of some other partition should not be reflected on console.
31892 Synthetic Monitor SM-ND | Data of cookiescavnv is not getting dumped into db.
32005 Synthetic Monitor SM-ND | Cookiescavnv data is not getting dumped into csv, even sessions are instrumented.
32871 Synthetic Monitor nsu_rm_har | Blank aggregate waterfall should not be opened, if all har files have been removed for a page.
32873 Synthetic Monitor nsu_rm_har | If all har files have been removed for a page, download har file option should not be worked in page average report.
32373 Synthetic Monitor SM-Page Status Graph | We are getting the data in page status 2xx, even though page have misc err in progress report.
32701 TestSuite Jenkins | Not able to make a ND connection through Jenkins Gui.
32714 TestSuite Jenkins | Build Failure in NetStorm Test due to getting “java.lang.NullPointerException” at the end of execution.