16th August 2017 – R

New and Enhanced Features in 4.1.8


  • Implementation of WebSockets Connection: WebSockets provide a persistent connection between a client and server. Both parties can use to start sending data at any time. The client establishes a WebSocket connection through a process known as the WebSocket handshake.
  • Option for Proxy and JVM arguments in Test Script of Script Manager UI.
Web Dashboard
  • Alert Rule: Support of some conditions (such as Not Equal, Absolute Increase, % Increase, Absolute Decrease, % Decrease, Absolute Change, and % Change) in case of Moving Average (for Capacity Alerts).
  • Allowing “Normal” severity alerts in Alert REST API.
  • Allowing to pass “ruleName” attribute in Alert REST API.
  • Rest API Based Alert Actions – Alert Mail and SNMP.
  • For DNS, a new mode is added which is cache for time (TTL) that takes duration in <time_field> and keeps hostname to IP resolution in cache for that resolution. If request is going to that same host within this cache duration then host is resolved from cache only. It saves the DNS look up time.
  • New graphs added to RBU/NVSM Metrics for tracking status of page. To drill down for reason of failure, a log file is created.


  • Exception Monitor component is now present in instrument monitors.
Config UI
  • Some header names have been added in config UI for HTTP Stats Monitor.
  • “present” and “!present” option are added in the operator type field for value type “string” and “Numeric” in the HTTP stats condition window.
  • Some enhancements for Advance Exception Filter.
  • Some enhancements for URL Capturing.
  • Some enhancements for BT HTTP Headers.


  • In NV replay, while adding a User segment, an option is added for selecting the channel name.
  • A user action tab is added where user can perform certain actions.
  • Data can be viewed as JSON format for custom metrics on page detail window.
  • Few filters are added, such as ordercount, ordertotal, dominteractive, events, and perceived render time.
  • DDR from Event Aggregate report is page specific when we generate event aggregate report from funnel.
  • Single thread based progress report.
  • Addition of onload stats.


  • Event capturing in Kubernetes monitors.
  • Various new graphs added in numerous monitors.
  • Some changes in Radis monitor.
New Monitors/Stats added
  • ProcessDataDVMV2
  • FileStats
  • ProcessDataExV2
  • NginxResourceStatsV2
  • KubernetesServicesStats
  • KubernetesServiceStatus
  • gcpAutoScaler
  • OverallServerHealthStats
  • ServerHealthStats
  • ServerCount
  • CertExpiry
  • DNSExpiry
  • AccessLogExtendedV3
  • AccessLogExtendedV4

Bug Fixes

Bug IDProductSummary
28035NetCloudPerformance DashBoard Issue:INotes of online test run number are not updating.
27636NetCloudNetCloud Reporting Issue:- On generating Compare report with select metrics derived graph the graph name has not been shown.
32025NetCloudReporting Issue:Blank report is generating in case of Auto Stats and Compare Report for NC mode
27330NetCloudAlignment of start test option should be proper in Health Monitor Gui.
27641NetCloudNetCloud Reporting Issue|Stats Report:Graph name is not coming in Word format after generating the report as Stats->Tabular->Using template.
30338NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | “Failed to load pdf” is showing while downloading hotspot report while traversing Tier status >drill down >flowpath by response time >Hotspot thread details >download.
30794NetDiagnosticsDotNetAgent | All Transaction is getting 5xx while running ND enable test with MSI build 4.1.8#218.
27438NetDiagnosticsDDR – WebDashBoard | Link option is not coming in “Methods” through BT>request per sec>drilldowm>flowpath while traversing through webDashBoard.
26580NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | “No Record is found” for Group by custom-data(StoreId) for particular BT while traversing through ED.
27494NetDiagnosticsBCIAgent | In Autoscale mode BCI logs are not getting created with java unique key.It is only created with nd_bci_ProcessID_debug.log.
28181NetDiagnosticsBCIAgent | In AutoscalingMode,BCI is taking more than 1 min to create debug.log.
28522NetDiagnosticsDDR – Webdashboard | Action icon(View Aggregate sequence Diagram Report) is missing in flowpath signature report while traversing through flowpath stats > overall > total flowpaths > drill down > flowpath by signature report.
29999NetDiagnosticsDDR-WebDashBoard | “No Record found” is showing in Flowpath Report while query count is showing in “DB Request” window
30505NetDiagnosticsMOSAIC : Flowpath Drill Down is not Working
29394NetDiagnosticsDDR – Dashboard| In filter criteria, bt url is passing instead of BT name in Flowpath Details window
29713NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | “HTTP Status 404” error is showing in “Flowpath DB Requests” after refreshing the page and click on excel download report option
29803NetDiagnosticsSQL Record | SQL Report by Query Execution Time does not apply ‘<‘ operation.
26333NetDiagnosticsAggregator – CustomData | While traversing through drill down for All Transaction in BT groupby with custom data “store id” it is showing only “OTHERS” BT.
28271NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | “-” is showing in integration point in exception window while traversing through Tier status > drill down > flowpath by response time > FP detail > exception.
28423NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | “NA” is coming in Discovered IP Name for DB in Hotspot thread detail window while traversing through Tier status > drill down > flowpath by response time > Hotspot thread detail window.
28469NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | “No record found” is showing in flowpath report while traversing through Tier status > drill down > Hotspot > flowpath.
28472NetDiagnosticsDDR – Webdashboard | Mismatch in response time of sequence diagram and response time in filter criteria while traversing through Flowpath stats > overall > total flowpaths > flowpath by signature > flowpath Instance > FP detail.
28985NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | “No data found” is showing in sequence diagram while traversing through Tier status > drill down > flowpath by callout error > FP details.
28258NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | Value of Keyword ‘enableExceptionInSeqBlob” should be numeric instead of boolean
31245NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | Validation is not working under URI with Query Parameter window for Query Parameter and HTTP header field in dynamic Request Type
31599NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | When user uploading the empty file then in place of Error message it is giving the “Successfully Imported” message
28444NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | “No record found” is showing in aggregate method timing window while traversing through Tier status > Normal count > flowpath > Aggregate method timing window.
28518NetDiagnosticsDDR – Webdashboard | “No record found” is showing in method timing window while traversing through flowpath stats > overall > total flowpaths > drill down > method timing.
30242NetDiagnosticsAuto Scale CleanUp | Core dump in Netstorm for free_cm_tbl_row (cm_info=0x888d068, table_type=-1) at ns_custom_monitor.c
30602NetDiagnosticsAutoCleanUp | Monitor data is not showing in webdashbord for scaled up instance while raw_data and monitor data for the same instance is coming in backend .
27513NetDiagnosticsDDR – WebDashBoard | Error is showing while opening “Flowpath by signature report” through WebdashBoard.
28357NetDiagnosticsDDR[ED] “Download options” are showing error  in Hotspot Thread Details window.
28525NetDiagnosticsDDR – Webdashboard | Flowpath DB request is not opening while traversing through flowpath stats > overall > total flowpaths > drill down > flowpath by signature > Db request > flowpath > FP detail > flowpath by DB request.
28248NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | Adding the NDprofile for the application, showing differently at tier/instance level from global level
31427NetDiagnosticsND Config UI |In flowpath settings window, Default mode of cpu time capturing mode should be “enable at method and flowpath BT” instead of disabled mode
28637NetDiagnosticsDDR – webdashboard | “No methods were found for this flowpathInstance” is showing in Method calling Tree in Aggregate Sequence diagram while traversing through webdashboard
29300NetDiagnosticsDDR – Webdashboard | Blank window is showing in method calling tree while traversing through flowpath stats >overall >total flowpaths >drill down >flowpath by signature report >flowpath counts >flowpath details.
28401NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | Wrong value in percentage is coming in method calling tree while traversing through Tier status > Flowpath > FP details.
28938NetDiagnosticsDDR – Ed | No record found for DB calls in flowpath window while traversing through ED but there is data for DB calls in flowpath through webdashboard.
30403NetDiagnosticsDDR – Webdashboard | “No record found” is showing in Hotspot thread window while traversing through Thread hotspot details >overall >overall >Number of threads >Thread hotspot.
30839NetDiagnosticsDotNetAgent | Mismatch Number of Header record [2, 4] in Raw_data.
31033NetDiagnosticsDotNetAgent|Raw data file appending no record while aggregate records are coming properly while running the test.
31261NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | When user has given less then 10 fields in .btr file then Error message is showing for pattern bt during uploading from the absolute path
28430NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | There is no callout error for flowpath but Tier is coming in red color in Transaction flow window while traversing through Tier status > drill down > flowpath by response time > callout error.
31526NetDiagnosticsAgain getting blank Dashboard,(Need to select time range to avoid this issue)
31528NetDiagnosticsAlerts are not showing up after up-gradation.Even though after deletion of pods.
32056NetDiagnosticsNot getting data for Spring Boot Metrics
28895NetDiagnosticsDotNetAgent | Core is coming for “ndi_db_get_fp_data”
29061NetDiagnosticsDotNetAgent -DDR | Methods by response time window showing “no records found”
29972NetDiagnosticsHAProxy monitors are not getting discovered in OCF-Prod
29226NetDiagnosticsCore dump is being generated in NDC
29981NetDiagnosticsmin & max value is not matching in Rest API url’s
31314NetDiagnosticsDeadlock occurs in NDC
31857NetDiagnosticsCore dump in NDC
29938NetDiagnosticsGetting error while running ‘cmon show’ using nsu_server_admin
30810NetDiagnosticsNot able to select widget option on open/merge settings
31565NetDiagnosticsIn case of Derived Graph panel gets blank with default Data view defined in config.ini
32033NetDiagnosticsDDR – Web Dashboard | Error is coming while downloading the Hotspot in compare flowpath report.
28149NetStormBehavior Alert Issue: Behavior Alert Data is wrong for Daily Trend.
28623NetStormWebDashBoard|Behavior Alert: False Alert is showing in Active alert window as data is not present in rtgMessage.dat file at the time of alert generation.
29148NetStormAlert Issue:The previously added rules regarding “Check every data point” threshold type are not updating with the new options “Moving All and Moving advanced ” according to the Condition for which rule was added
28534NetStormCompare Transaction Detail Issue: While Changing the custom start time in transaction detail popup message is coming.
28901NetStormTransaction Detail Issue: Completed is coming wrong in transaction details.
29798NetStormTransaction Details Issue: Unexecuted Transaction is coming in Transaction details.
29831NetStormDynamic Graph Changes Issue:Runtime changes are not reflecting in widget after adding/deleting indices but runtime changes are reflecting after restarting tomcat.
30083NetStormView By Issue : Webdashboard GUI is opening with Time period – Last 4 Hours but defaultDataView is last 1 Hour is used in config file.
30340NetStormView By Issue: After applying view by as – 1Hr junk value is coming in the graph.
27622NetStormOpen/Merge Issue:Widgets are getting blank after disable the compare,if Open/Merge is applied with Non Zero Members
29741NetStormTime Period Issue : Error message is coming while applying Last 10 mins
31783NetStormRBU- Not able to run rbu test from script manager in case of ubuntu 16.
29834NetStormContinuous Monitoring Test : Getting timediff 27 secs in test_trace.log file while used progress interval of 2 minutes in case of restarting test after exceeded rtg update time.
28453NetStormMonitor Issue : CONTINUE_ON_MONITOR_ERROR 1 1 1 must be passed as a default keyword.
28839NetStormNot getting alerts for Instance Health Check monito
29080NetStormMOSAIC Test got stopped
29483NetStormCore is coming in NS in profiling env.
29781NetStormCmon is getting started when giving cmon tar file which has wrong cmon directory structure.
30261NetStormGetting incorrect gdf in the build for cm_access_log_stats_ex_v3.gdf
31060NetStormIssues related to ServerCount Monitor – No Data is coming.
29037NetStormCore dump is not forming with ndeadmin user.
31366NetStormServer hosting : NetStorm is picking wrong host that is not provided in server host keyword.
28150NetStormScheduler Report Issue: Scheduler Report is not generating after adding in the Scheduler management GUI.
28458NetStormReporting Issue :-  TCP Receive throughput (Mbps) Graphs are not coming ,on generating the compare report from widget.
28546NetStormReporting Issue :- Graphs are not coming on generating reports with select metrics.
29017NetStormCompare Report Issue:Measurement is not adding on first attempt when presets selected as “Today”.
29533NetStormCompare Report Issue: In Compare Report We are able to change date and time in “Today” Preset.
30607NetStormCorrelated Graph Issue : If we add 3 or more graphs, and change the chart type to line/bar then all the graphs should be converted to line/bar.
31583NetStormReport issue: Report is coming blank in NDE mode test run.
27163NetStormDebug Trace Issue: No record is coming in Debug Trace window in case of HTTPS.
27639NetStormTabular Type Widget Issue:In tabular type widget , only Sample and Average field is coming after sample updation.
28045NetStormAdvanced Open Merge Issue: While applying open/merge with generator as “Overall” and select “Exclude Overall Metrics” than getting overall metrics graphs.
29814NetStormShow Discontinue Graph Issue:”Discontinued Graph” option is not showing in graph tree while favorite is saved with Show Discontinued metrics option enabled
29860NetStormDynamic Graph Changes Issue:Deleted/Added indices are not reflecting in widget when favorite is filtered by certain indices after applying runtime changes but reflecting in graph tree.
27635NetStormDiscontinue Graph Issue:Indices are not reflecting in added derived graph according to applied time period Graph tree,they are reflecting according to the latest GDF
27971NetStormWeb Dashboard Issue:Widgets become blank after coming new sample when loading a favorite having derived graphs in all panels.
29952NetStormDerived Graph Issue: Data in derived graph is coming zero while using arithmetic operation under avg function.
27161NetStormRun Logic Issue:Run Logic Progress should not come if Keyword   G_SHOW_RUNTIME_RUNLOGIC_PROGRESS ALL 1 is not used in scenario
30068NetStormRunLogic AutoCalc Issue :- Garbage value is coming in the PVS on using multiple blocks.
27876NetStormAlert Issue:Alert Value is coming wrong in case of Check every Data point
28536NetStormWebDashBoard|Behavior Alert:Baseline window is showing wrong data in case of Daily  weekly trend when new rule is added after creating new Baseline.
30688NetStormAlert Issue|Weekly Trend : Threshold value is showing wrong,it is showing baseline of the previous day in Active Alert window.
29445NetStormPerformance : CPS is getting down.
29861NetStormIssue in generating Excel report in case of getting report data from other data centre with HTTPS.
31440NetStormCompare HTML Report Issue: Only one sample is coming while Generating HTML compare Report with specific custom time.
31864NetStormCompare Report Issue :- The Derived graph data is not coming , when we generate compare html report from widget in case of slab count graph.
31963NetStormWeb Dashboard Angular4(Report Scheduler) Issue: View By is not coming in Report Scheduler GUI.
29857NetStormTime Period issue:Data is not showing with time period Last 30Mins but data is showing with Last 10Mins with view by equal to sample interval
28825NetStormCompare Issue : Graph data is getting wrong after new sample update for NDE mode.
30397NetStormBaseline Comparision Issue :- On applying baseline comparision with custom time no data is coming on the webdashboard.
31428NetStormBaseline compare Issue : Graph graph is not coming properly while applying baseline compare with two custom time preset.
28204NetStormShow Discontinue Graph Issue:Graph is still showing in Graph Tree,Lower Pane and Widget ,while the graph is not Discontinued or Started in applied time period
28240NetStormShow Discontinue Graph Issue:Added Derived Graph is not showing on Widget according to the custom metric while applying with show discontinued metrics is enabled
29078NetStormTrend Compare Report Issue :- Graphs are not coming in the Trend Compare Report.
29115NetStormTemplate Issue: After deleting Template we are able to view it.
30592NetStormReport Issue: After adding Report name in “Select Metrics” when we change report type and add Report name,it is adding previous report name with current.
26959NetStormCavMonAgent – MSSql | graph defination for “By-reference Lob Use/Sec” is not correct in cm_mssql_server_stats.gdf file.
26967NetStormCavMonAgent – MSSql | Graph defination for “Version Store unit truncation” is not correct in cm_mssql_server_stats.gdf file.
28868NetStormTier name is getting printed on cmon start/stop/restart/show
28874NetStormGetting error while running test with Custom monitors
30064NetStormCmonAutoUpgrade feature is not working with > and < Upgradable field, when NS box linux version is 16.04 type.
31547NetStormdns_expiry monitor not showing any data
31198NetStormGeneration of RBU Page Metric report on the basis of keyword configuration
26564NetVision5XX Exception is coming when we select Page Filters.
30821NetVisionIn NV GUI, Special report option is not coming in the drop down list of Reports in 4.1.8 while it is showing in 4.1.9.
30315NetVisionIn NV Filter, 5XX exception is coming while running the Business process Attribute filter in the session filter.
26638NetVisionDrop down list is not showing for the Domain and Resource in the HTTP Filters.
30171NetVisionResource Timings- Waterfall is not showing and Bottlenecks is coming as blank on page detail window while we have resource timing on session detail window.
30456NetVisionIn NV GUI, Channel name is coming “Dotcom” on the session details window while in the backend (DB) it is showing “Mobile”.
30709NetVisionGetting error on ND GUI while ddr from page navigator of NV Replay window because TR number is passing as ‘-1’ in ddr url.
31012NetVisionOnly 22 row counts are coming while applying page filter for any specified page and time.
30865NetVisionIn NV Web-Dashboard, Update Option is not showing on the top panel after doing Page Dashboard DDR.
24837NetVisionAll the added user segments are not showing while adding a new BP in Business Process GUI.
30200NetVisionIn NV WebDashboard, Same favorite is opening while doing DDR for All Page Dashboard after applying zoom on Page Performance graph in overview favorite.
30201NetVisionIn NV WebDashboard, All Page Dashboard DDR option is not showing for some panels, while doing DDR from Overview Favorite.
30300NetVisionIn NV Web-Dashboard, Page Dashboard option is getting disappeared from panel setting,after applying zoom in Overview Favorite panel.
27462NetVisionIn Page Filters, Data is not coming in pages GUI while data is showing in pagination section.
29877NetVisionGetting 5XX Exception in NV GUI while clicking on Special Reports hierarchy.
30231NetVisionIn Pages filter, no data is coming on pages window after applying client IP filter while the data is present in db.
30252NetVisionIn Page filters, No pages are coming on pages window on applying browser filter as safari, while the data is present in db for it.
30665NetVisionIn reports, Alabama,USA is getting selected by selecting any other location in page performance report.
30803NetVisionIn NV Reports, page performance report window is coming distorted while upgrading latest build 4.1.8(#46).
30211NetVisionIn HTTP filter, no data is coming on HTTP request window while applying pattern in domain and resource attributes.
30620NetVisionIn Session filter, Applied URL is getting changed in filter criteria while navigating to different windows (session/page detail window).
31322NetVisionIn NV GUI, unnecessary data is showing on session window after collapsing field columns.
29395NetVisionIn NV GUI, Login id and custom data is not showing in proper format in more session information pop up on session detail window.
29555NetVisionIn Navigation Timing Data, DOM Time field is displayed twice on page details window.
29738NetVisionIn Event Aggregate Report window, Event Data URLs are not decoded properly for specific events.
30166NetVisionResource Distribution is coming blank in resource timing tab on page detail window.
30598NetVisionStore related data of session information pop-up is not configurable on enabling/disabling nv.enablestore.mode keyword in config.ini file.
30860NetVisionPerceived render time value is not showing in page level timing while opening page detail window from replay window.
31667NetVisionSession level DDR of “User Segment PageStats By Page” group is not showing correct result in NV GUI.
30157NetVisionIn NV WebDashboard, Drill down option is not coming for single page dashboard while doing drill down from All Page Dashboard.
25599NetVisionStruggling user icon is not coming in session window while applying filters for struggling user sessions.
30717NetVisionSometimes while drilling down from event aggregate window, no sessions are showing in session window even though session count is showing in “Row Count”.
31016NetVisionIn NV GUI, Getting 5XX Exception  while clicking on replay icon on Session detail window.
31163NetVisionIn a client’s POC Box, Store id and Terminal id data are not displayed on page details window while navigating through HTTP Request Details window.
31918NetVisionIn NV Web Dashboard,Data is not coming in panel for decimal value up to two place or more for correlated graph type.
30769NetVisionIn a client’s environment, Not able to edit specified time in compare and trend pop up in firefox browser.
30229Synthetic MonitorNVSM-Report | Getting exception “Cannot get a numeric value from a text cell” while generating Excel report from Report management GUI.
29968Synthetic MonitorRBU-Core | Multiple xpath and iframe is not supported in FF v42 and v43.