26th July 2017 – R

New and Enhanced Features in 4.1.8


  • Proxy settings
  • JVM arguments in case of Java Type Script
Web Dashboard
  • Alert Issue: Providing Server IP in place of Server Name in SNMP trap.
  • Generation of Correlated Multi-Series chart is implemented.
  • Jenkins: NetDiagnostics Test can also be implemented.


  • In case of continuous monitoring, system restarts the test automatically if the test is stopped.


Web Dashboard
  • DDR option is implemented for newly added group (Event Stats by Page).
  • Alert based order total (revenue) tracking is implemented in HPD and Dashboard Server.
  • Updated Browser and Operating System List (Added android 7 and 8, IE Edge Latest version )
Synthetic Monitor
  • Script Failure – Enhancements in alert messaging.


  • ND Agent – Duration of callouts till 3 decimal place
  • Merge method calling tree optimization
  • Enhancements in design of Exception Report
  • Huge data issue for transaction FlowMap
  • Handling to avoid lambda class re-transformation errors
  • Cassandra Integration Point enhancements to capture all type of queries
  • TibcoWS Monitoring support
  • Database Integration point support for JBOSS container
ND Config UI
  • Instrumentation Profile maker: It is used to convert raw data (fully qualified method names) into XML file.
  • Creation of BTs through HTTP Headers
  • Custom configurations which are not supported via GUI
  • Exception monitors for capturing exceptions
  • Exception filters to provide filtering of exceptions
  • Provision for browsing Instrumentation Profile
  • Provision for browsing BT Pattern Screen
  • URL Capturing
  • Error Log Capturing
  • Addition of Integration points for Redis, Mongo, and Cassandra DB
  • Addition of Integration points for Custom log and custom Error log


  • Flag based routing data to different shard, in case node is down.

Bug Fixes

Bug IDProductSummary
30694NetCloudGetting Incorrect data in Web Dashboard Transaction detail report
29974NetCloudRTC is not getting applied  while increasing session in time mode in user/session RTC.
30336NetCloudRTC is not getting applied while decreasing session rate in time mode in user/session RTC
30423NetCloudNet_Cloud| Not getting any data in pagedump.csv file  in FSR scenario
29867NetDiagnosticsNetstorm[Monitor] |Core is generated in netstorm for dvm_free_partial_buf() at ns_runtime_changes_monitor.
28931NetDiagnosticsNDP|Core is generated in profiling mosaic env. in build 4.1.8#29
29958NetDiagnosticsND DB Upload|DB upload is taking 100% of cpu time and logs like “Control connection close by DBU” is appending in ndc_trace.log file.
29671NetDiagnosticsAuto Scale CleanUp | Core dump in Netstorm on downscaling many instances (create_table_entry (row_num=0x7fff2b276d60, total=0x1058e28, max=0x1058e2c, ptr=0x1058e20, size=56,      name=0xbbbbda “Graph Data”) at ns_custom_monitor.)
29711NetDiagnosticsAuto Scale CleanUp | Core Dump in nd_process_data.bin [bcig_dump_flowpath (jvmid=0, i=0) at netdiagnostics/core/nd_process_data.c:1775] – Build NetStorm:Version 4.1.8 (build# 951)
29703NetDiagnosticsAuto Scale CleanUp | Core dump in netstorm on scaling up instances in merge_old_and_new_dyn_cm() at ns_runtime_changes_monitor.c:1045 [ Lacal Build: NetStorm:Version 4.1.8 (build# 951)].
27517NetDiagnosticsNodeJS| Method parameter is showing with dotted format as well as in thread name the null value is passing in Method Calling Tree.
29944NetDiagnosticsNDP|core is occur in processdata.bin for incomplete_flowpath
30342NetDiagnosticsTOPO and FLowpath info are getting append continuously in access.log after stopping the test.
30651NetDiagnostics[Urgent] Abnormal Behavior after upgrading 4.1.8#45 on MOSAIC Prod
28491NetDiagnosticsNDPRecovery|NDP is not able to recover http header meta data from BCI and showing error log like “Error :<Wrong Timestamp : RecordField- 6_14:107504859. Paased timeStamp- 107504859 ,Should be more than last sent metadata timestamp 107504854063>”
29191NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | For edit option in BT pattern window then validation is not working for dynamic part of request
27559NetDiagnosticsBCIAgent|Custom method argument regarding data is not coming for all applied method.
28811NetDiagnosticsBCIAgent| BCI is not able to detect hazel cast regarding integration call outs.
29765NetDiagnosticsNetstorm|Server is mapped with worng tiername and due to this error is coming while adding standard monitors.
29865NetDiagnosticsNetstorm[Monitor] |Core is generated for mysql monitor stats .
30023NetDiagnosticsNDC|raw_data directory is not created in partition and while checking gdb for ndc process found that ndc threads are is in locked or in epoll wait state.
28848NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | Exception capturing should be Enable while Enable the exception capturing from configuration window
30044NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | Tooltip is showing wrong information for configure option in application and profile list
29764NetDiagnosticsNDC| NDC is not sending start instrumentation to agents while control connection is present in between them.
29808NetDiagnosticsNDC|NDC is sending inactive status to all instances including CMON after recovery which are still in active state and raw_data is coming for all of them.
30343NetDiagnosticsND CONFIG UI | In Add and Edit bt window, save option is not showing any validation message if user not providing any return type settings
30339NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | While doing the configuration for the “Method BT” then configuration are reflected in btPatter.btr file but in ndsettings.txt file btGlobal.btr file is showing
30459NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | Without selecting any type In Java Based Custom Data window it saves instead of showing ERROR popup message
30557NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | while switching from the other window to flowpath header window capture HTTP response header gets disabled and selected header value is not showing
30655NetDiagnosticsND Config UI |While Switching from the other window to session attribute window inside  custom data under flowpath header then selected option is showing disabled
30689NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | Validation is not working for Header Name in Add session attribute window under Flowpath Header
30691NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | Save option is not showing any validation message if user not providing the details of attribute type “Specific” in Add Http Request Header Window
30750NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | Validation is not working in Add Custom Settings window under HTTP Request Header
30757NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | Save option is not showing any validation message if user not providing the Return Type Settings under Java Method Based Custom Data Window
30847NetDiagnosticsNot able to see complete sub method details
26003NetDiagnosticsMethod Based BT was not working for Exception Operation for Integer and Boolean based Argument
29062NetDiagnosticsMongo Exit point not committed in NDEntryPointsfile
29117NetDiagnosticsDB Query Meta data Recovery issues
30074NetDiagnosticsExit point “weblogic.servlet.internal.RequestDispatcherImpl.forward” is not commited in NDEntryPointFile.txt
29833NetDiagnosticsIn Auto scale Server.conf last connected time also modified with other instance in same server
29312NetOceanNew test is not started when changed TR No from config.ini file when one test is already running in machine.
30593NetStormFields of Search parameter are coming blank  in Parameter list window
30520NetStormTest Run Gui Issue :- The positions of buttons of the test run gui are not coming proper.
30125NetStormUnable to launch application after downloading JNLP file
25147NetStormLPS is generating core dump while appending more than 50 request for AccessLog Transaction based monitors.
30835NetStormScript Management|Test Script Options: Host name like proxy.abc.com should be excepted in proxy.
25274NetStormLPS is generating core dump while using ResponseSize filed as optional for AccessLog Transaction based monitors.
30406NetStormReport Management: Compare Report is generating with single graph if we load saved favorite with compared graph and generate compare report from Widget.
30588NetStormCorrelated Graph Issue : Issue in deselecting the checkbox in Left or Right Position when there are 3 or more graphs in one widget and we change the baseline graph in widget settings.
30590NetStormCorrelated Graph Issue : The widget is showing “Data Not Available” after the sample is updating while applying time period as “Last n hours/minutes”, we are not able to do any operation on that widget.
30608NetStormCorrelated Graph Issue : Delete, Cancel and Save button is hiding when we open Widget Settings and select graph type as “Correlative Graph”
30616NetStormCorrelated graph issue : Value showing in correlated graph for  bucket value =9 is not matching with the graph data.
30633NetStormCorrelated graph issue : Legend are getting blank after sample update in correlated graph.
30643NetStormCorrelated graph issue :After sample update graphs are showing even if they are unchecked from lower panel.
30663NetStormCorrelated Graph Issue : Open/Merge metrics option is not opening when we click on the option from the panel settings.
30669NetStormCorrelated Graph Issue : The widget is getting blank when we apply correlated graph after applying percentile graph on the same widget.
30701NetStormCorrelated Graph Issue : Formula Type option is not coming in widget settings when we apply graph type as “Correlative Graph”
29633NetStormStop Test Issue when multiple tests are started from GUI : While applying stop test(Stop Immediately /Abort test ) from web dashboard GUI ,no argument is passing it “stopped gracefully”.
30207NetStormAlert Issue:Baseline data is showing incorrect in case of Weekly Trend
30718NetStormAlert Issue|Load Based Index: Baseline data is getting changed when we change the rule from drop down in Baseline window.
30820NetStormScript Manager Issue: When we execute a script from test script the selected script is not executed.
30164NetStormReporting Issue :- On generating the report from derived graph , the data of the derived graph is not coming in case of sum graphs having zero samples.
30666NetStormExcel Report Issue: While Generating Excel Report for Group: “Node JS GC Stats” data is coming zero.
30817NetStormCorrelated Graph Issue : The value of the first bucket is coming wrong in case of Correlative Graph
30466NetStormFavorite Issue : Favorite and Graph tree is showing wrong data when favorite is saved with previous day time and load favorite after applying Time Period like Last 1 Hours/4 Hours.
28329NetStormWebDashBoard|Alert:Alert generation time is mismatching in Swing based alert window and HTML based alert window.
29855NetStormReporting Issue:Data is not showing for discontinued graphs in generated report ,while data is showing for the discontinued graphs in dashboard
30555NetStormIssue : Active Alerts counts is not showing in Top pane of Product UI/Webdashbaord.
30471NetStormAPM Integration :- Test is getting started with “continue_on_DT_recording_failure=0” when recording in not started on dynatrace server .
30518NetStormAPM Integration :- Not able to find label names for recorded sessions on dynatarce server when labels are passed through netstorm .
30532NetStormAPM Integration :-Request for stop recording should not go if start recording gets fail and “Continue test if failed to start recording” is enabled.
30119NetStormGetting issue to load the data
30347NetStormNeed Enhancement on nginx monitor
30413NetStormScenario GUI | dynaTrace | unable to delete the added group.
30417NetStormScenario GUI | dynaTrace | all the fields are automatically selected when switch in between groups and Default tab.
30469NetStormScenario GUI | dynaTrace | Wrong keyword is reflected in back-end if SI field is empty in case of “Enable dynaTrace Integration”..
30480NetStormScenario GUI | dynaTrace | if no presentable name is given, then it should take the profile name as presentable name.
30353NetStormAlert Issue: Behavior alert is not working due to change in “nsi_show_config” shell.
30554NetStormIssue :Error is coming as Error in applying compare in webdashboard when we apply the compare in NDE mode.
29475NetVisionIn NV Web-Dashboard, Wrong DDR hierarchy is coming in some graphs for page stats by store group.
30193NetVisionIn NV GUI, Crash details is not showing in the Report/crash detail window while it is present in the nvnativeappcrashtable and rumsessiontablemobileapp table in the DB.
29113NetVisionIn Safari browser,For all filters RUN button is not working while selecting all attributes in Session Attribute filter.
24803NetVisionReport not changing when we change report type on task scheduler window “First step”
30156NetVisionIn NV Web-Dashboard, Graph Data is not plotted for Geo-Map Extended chart type having 1200 store of transaction stats by store group.
29892NetVisionData is not coming for jsError having event data while doing DDR from event aggregate report.
30096NetVisionOn HTTP summary window, Correlation Id for any request is coming blank while it is present in db.
30172NetVisionOn HTTP summary window, blank page and error in console is coming while clicking on page detail icon while going through HTTP filter.
29279NetVisionIn NV Web-Dashboard, DDR is not working for funnel visualization hierarchy for all bp stats groups.
30198NetVisionIn client’s POC, Store id and terminal id field are not coming on page detail window while navigating from replay window.
30256NetVisionGetting “java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: Array index out of range: 1” on entering nv url( in any browser.
30357NetVisionIn NV Replay, due to null value in URL Pattern, getting exception while clicking on start button on session detail window.
30431NetVisionIn NV GUI, Download Report icon is not working on Pages window while doing DDR from Dashboard at Page Level.
30730NetVisionIn NV WebDashboard, Layout is getting copied while doing DDR from Overview to All Page Performance graph.
30107NetVisionOn session detail window, session start time for any session is coming same as the start time of the applied time filter while applying HTTP filter.
30460NetVisionND icon is not showing on page detail window while going through HTTP filters.
30160NetVisionIn NV WebDashboard, Merged Graph panel is converting to a single line graph while saving some favorite in widget drill down.
30169NetVisionIn NV WebDashboard, Merged Graph panel is converting to a single line graph while applying zoom.
28716NetVisionIn Transaction Filter, Getting 5XX Exception while entering value greater than 10 digits in store ID.
30043NetVisionHeader and timing data are aligned together in HTTP request while navigating first time to page detail window/session detail window.
30084NetVisionIn RUM mode, sometimes session user timing tab is coming while navigating from page detail window to session detail window.
30638Synthetic MonitorNVSM-Core | Getting core when we apply G_RBU_ALERT_SETTING and RBU_ALERT_POLICY keywords in scenario.
30071Synthetic MonitorNVSM-Report | When we schedule a report then added task in not reflecting in the GUI and so in its corresponding table “schedulertask”.
22343Synthetic MonitorNVSM | Partitions are not getting deleted from Database when we execute shell “nsu_rm_trun”
30143Synthetic MonitorTimeZone Issue |Different time showing on the test design window and its dashboard.
30285TestSuiteJenkins | Not able to generated NetDiagnostics  Performance Report .
30442TestSuiteJenkins | NetStorm:IP label is not showing in Jenkins GUI Report.
30714TestSuiteTestsuite | Completed and Success Transaction Stats value is showing zero in the HTML Report when we running rbu Test.
9214TestSuiteJenkins|Enhancement : Test connection was returning Error in Net diagnostic HPI