18th July 2017 – R

New and Enhanced Features in 4.1.8


Web Dashboard
  • Viewing data values in Pie chart: A checkbox ‘Show Pie Data Values’ is introduced in Advance Settings of Widget Settings options from where user can show/hide data values in pie chart.
  • Generating Compression report of Continues ND test: User can generate the compare report (based on different durations) for NetDiagnostics too.
NS Core
  • Implementation of Transport Layer Security (TLS) and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocols: TLS and SSL protocols provide data encryption and authentication between applications and servers in scenarios where that data is being sent across an insecure network, such as checking your email.
  • Enabling/disabling alert policy in RBU.


  • Downloading Details for Resource Timings – Waterfall: User can download the details in excel format from page detail window in case of Resource Timings – Waterfall option is selected.
  • Dashboard – Store Based Event Stats
  • Funnel Visualization – Quantify Revenue Opportunities
Synthetic Monitor
  • On adding a group from SM GUI, chromium browser v60 is passed as default.


  • Capturing NullPointerException exception, which occurs while executing logs rollover.
  • SQL Query Report By Query Execution Time
  • Angular Diagnostics Tool : Thread Dump Analyser
  • HTTPS Support
    • Sequence diagram and Call tree
    • FPReport
    • Method timing
    • DBQueries
    • Service Method timing
    • Hotspot report
    • Transaction flow-map
  • Configurable change for Method call tree as merged one
  • Design change for AjaxCallTimeOut for Multi DC case
  • Access Log updation for ND, NF, NV integration
  • Auto Scale Clean Up


Linux based Monitors added:
  • Zookeeper, constituting stats such as Zookeeper Node Stats
  • Async Server, constituting stats such as Async Server Message Stats, Async Server Service Stats
  • Spark Server, constituting stats such as Spark Server Message Stats, Spark Server Service Stats.
  • Camel Server, constituting stats such as Camel Server Message Stats, Camel Server Service Stats.
Windows based monitors added*:
  • Windows based HTTP Service, constituting stats such as HTTP Service Request Queue Stats Monitor, HTTP Service URL Groups Stats Monitor, IP HTTPS Global Stats Monitor.
  • .Net CLR Monitors, constituting stats such as .Net CLR Exceptions Stats Monitor, .Net CLR Interrop Stats Monitor, .Net CLR Jit Stats Monitor, .Net CLR Class Loading Stats Monitor, .Net CLR Locks and Threads Stats Monitor.
  • Windows based MS SQL DB Monitors, constituting stats such as Microsoft SQL DB Access Methods Stats Monitor, Microsoft SQL DB Buffer Manager Stats Monitor, Microsoft SQL DB General Statistics Stats Monitor.
  • Windows based SQL Server, constituting stats such as SQL Server Access Methods Stats Monitor, SQL Server Buffer Manager Stats Monitor, SQL Server CLR Stats Monitor, SQL Server Databases Stats Monitor, SQL Server Executions Stats Monitor, SQL Server General Statistics Stats Monitor.
  • Windows based System Monitors, constituting stats such as Processor Stats Monitor, Window System Stats Monitor, Processor Information Stats Monitor, Logical Disk Stats Monitor, File System Cache Stats Monitor, Physical Disk Stats Monitor, Memory Stats Monitor.
  • Windows based Access Logs, constituting stats such as Access Log Stats Monitor, Access Log Extended Stats Monitor, Access Log Extended v2 Stats Monitor

*Support for Check monitors and Server signature is provided in Windows based monitors too.

*These monitors are not dependent upon Java environment.

*For detailed view of monitors added, please refer the Cavisson Product suite – Datasheet. 

Bug Fixes

Bug ID Product Summary
29872 NetCloud Issue with the “/etc/sudoers” file regarding ndc while making new controller.
29778 NetCloud Getting core dump while running the NC test in 4.1.8 B38
29777 NetCloud Unable to run the NC test
29608 NetCloud User/Session RTC got applied again while applying update running scenario RTC
28399 NetCloud Performance Dashboard Issue: Inventory data is not adding in Inventory Sheet.
30089 NetDiagnostics Not getting DB Request on prod stf server h*2158 in SCS DC
29998 NetDiagnostics DDR – ED | Pattern summary section is not showing in download report for FP analyzer while traversing through Tier status >Transaction scorecard >Fp analyzer (ATGAddToCart).
29963 NetDiagnostics Agent Info | In download Report of Application Agent status window,status column for inactive state is showing “-“
29787 NetDiagnostics SQL Record | No entries present in ndsqlrecord table when entries are present in NDSQLRecord.csv
29707 NetDiagnostics NDP_ENABLE_SQL_RECORD | NDSQLRecord.csv not generated.
29699 NetDiagnostics DDR – ED | Blank is showing in method calling tree and method summary section while back traversing through breadcrumb in FP detail window from Hotspot thread detail to FP detail for BT(StoreusCart)..
29697 NetDiagnostics Instance Type | Instance Type field is present only for CMON but not for ND instance in csv resulting into absence of all ND instances from ndappinstance table.
29479 NetDiagnostics Copy command was taking too much time in recovery if multiple invalid records are present in large file
29407 NetDiagnostics If there are more than 100 methods in method monitor list file, then method monitor is not working
29374 NetDiagnostics DDR – ED | Blank window is coming in transaction flow while traversing through Tier status >Drill down >flowpath by response time >callouts.
29281 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | Edit option is not there in Method BT Configuration window
29195 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | Clear the field of  reqparam and req Header key value in edit bt pattern window then in backend  “=” is showing with value
29194 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | “btpattern.btr” file is not updating at the backend when user disable the dynamic part of request from the edit BT pattern window
29193 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI |  “Req Param key value” and “Req Header key value” are not showing in GUI when we are saving from edit BT pattern window
29168 NetDiagnostics ND CONFIG UI |bciInstrSessionPct keyword’s default value is showing 5% in GUI instead of 0%
29114 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI |  Validation is not working for HTTP stats monitor
28877 NetDiagnostics NodeJS|Parsing Error message is coming in nodejs debug log file while using regex(*) expression in url pattern.
28404 NetDiagnostics DDR – Webdashboard | “No record found” is coming in sequence diagram in FP detail window while in filter criteria response time is showing while traversing through BT > all transaction > request per sec > drill down > flowpath > FP details.
29790 NetOcean Getting error of Pkill while stopping HPD
29788 NetOcean Data is not getting appended in the rtgMessage.dat file at the correct time for the Continuous Monitoring test.
29443 NetOcean An error message should show when we are giving wrong mode of continuous monitoring keyword i.e. “ENABLE_NO_CM 2” in hpd.conf file.
28963 NetOcean Getting Test Run “TR No” is not a valid test run number when changing “nde.testRunNum” in “webapps/sys/config.ini” file and Restart HPD.
30154 NetStorm Baseline Compare Issue: Not able to generate report after generating the report once after applying zoom.
30100 NetStorm Excel Report Issue: Data of Excel Report is mismatching with dashboard derived Graph.
30060 NetStorm RunLogic AutoCalc :-  On applying change type to while block in the runlogic while block is coming in place of do while block.
30058 NetStorm RunLogic AutoCalc Issue :- The change type option is not working in the percentage block.
29983 NetStorm Issue:: Constant graph in ATG stat Monitor
29967 NetStorm Derived Graph Issue: Vector list is not coming is case of discontinued graphs.
29964 NetStorm Issue in generating Excel Report with Column view,Continue progress bar is coming.
29949 NetStorm Transaction Details Issue : Completed transaction value is coming wrong when we apply time period as “Whole Transaction” after applying “Specified Phase”.
29919 NetStorm Continuous Monitoring Test : Tool nsu_check_cont_test is not killed if user is stopping the test either immediately or gracefully.
29912 NetStorm RunLogic AutoCalc Issue :- Popup message should come on giving page think time and average response time zero.
29911 NetStorm RunLogic AutoCalc Issue :- Popup message is not coming on giving negative value in the Avg Page Failure Rate .
29869 NetStorm Save Rule Favorite Issue:Indices are not showing according to the rule saved in Favorite,while Favorite is saved with global rule.
29868 NetStorm Continuous Monitoring Test : Getting high time diff when file “test_trace.log” is rolling to “test_trace.log.prev”
29859 NetStorm Excel Report Issue :- Percentile Data is not coming on generating Excel Report.
29844 NetStorm Continuous Monitoring Test : Validating test is running or not using “nsu_show_netstorm” command.
29842 NetStorm Continuous Monitoring Test : Getting message “core dump not found” while generating core dump second time.
29804 NetStorm Show Discontinue Graph Issue:Discontinued indices are not showing in Graph tree while applying Time Period with show discontinue metrics enable
29802 NetStorm Thread Dump Issue:Not able to Take thread dump
29797 NetStorm Test Run GUI Issue:Header is getting hide after scrolling when clicking on Show All button.
29795 NetStorm Test Run GUI Issue:Alignment of buttons are not coming proper in test run UI,download option is coming on right Top of screen.
29794 NetStorm Continuous Monitoring Test : Core dump file is moving to directory “core_files”.
29784 NetStorm Continuous Monitoring Test : Getting wrong usage in TestRunoutput.log file while missing any argument.
29766 NetStorm Continuous Monitoring Test : Getting wrong message in test_trace.log file.
29761 NetStorm Continuous Monitoring (nsu_check_cont_test) : Trying to restart the test regularly after given limit exceeded.
29729 NetStorm Show discontinue Graph Issue:Pagination is not working while applying Time Period with show discontinued Metrics option enable
29712 NetStorm Product UI Issue:Link is not coming in test run number,scenario name or session number in case of NS and NDE mode.
29706 NetStorm Derived Issue:Unable to create derived graph in Reports and Template.
29687 NetStorm Diagnostics Issue:Not able to “take thread dump,Heap dump,Mission control and TCP dump”
29685 NetStorm Continuous Monitoring (nsu_check_cont_test) : Test is not restarting after forming core dump.
29674 NetStorm Monitor is failing when passing monitor arguments in “option” object in JSON .
29624 NetStorm Favorite Issue: Save favorite with hide graph is not working properly in case of derived merge graph
29603 NetStorm Stats Report Issue: Output of count function is not coming right in stat report.
29453 NetStorm RunLogic_AutoCalc_Issue: While Adding While block as a child block of conditional block getting “Exception in java console”.
29438 NetStorm Script Manager: Upload project button is not working.
29364 NetStorm Scenario GUI | Performance Issue | unable to load Test Runs for the second time.
29340 NetStorm RunLogic_Auto_Calc Issue: PVS of percentage block is coming incorrect while it is a child node of “While,Do-While or Count Block”.
29317 NetStorm Product UI Issue: While switching from “Test run” GUI to “Product UI” and again switching to “Test run” GUI then “No Record Found” is coming in “Test run” GUI.
29310 NetStorm RBU- Wan Simulation is not working for all supported firefox version in ubutnu 12/16.
29192 NetStorm Show Discontinue Graph Issue:Indices are not showing in graph tree after applying Custom Time Period with show discontinue metrics enable, but indices are present in applied time period
29188 NetStorm Widget Settings Issue : Unable to save the changes until widget type is changed after we apply another graph in the same panel
29123 NetStorm Thread Dump Issue:Not able to analyze thread dump,Error is coming as “No Data ” while clicking on any selected thread dump for analyze from available thread dump list
29063 NetStorm Scenario GUI | unable to open RampUp and RampDown phase, if open existing scenario for specific modes.
29001 NetStorm Dynamic Graph Changes Issue:Graph is not getting removed from the widget after applying undo zoom ,as the widgets which are having zoomed graphs they are deleted at run time
28872 NetStorm Compare Report Issue: Generated report is showing zero data after applying zoom on widget.
28789 NetStorm Alert Issue:Deleted/added indices are not reflecting in metric group after applying runtime changes.
28634 NetStorm Sample updating Issue:Sample updating Issue in webdashboard in case of NDE Mode.
28526 NetStorm RBU- Getting core when we are running click & Script.
28480 NetStorm AutoScaling:-Topology is not getting updated when different IP is coming with same hostname which is already present in Server.conf.
28308 NetStorm DashBoard Issue: Active Alert Window is still showing even the graph is deleted.
28216 NetStorm Test Run Ui Issue :- On clicking on the running test from Test Assests summary widget the progress bar keep on moving.
27361 NetStorm Unable to select the log type for Replay Access Log.
30257 NetVision In NV Replay, User segment names are not showing in drop-down list, while generating any map.
30056 NetVision In NV Web Dashboard, Group hierarchy is not coming properly for pagestats by store group.
30011 NetVision In NV GUI, Resource timing is not coming on the page details window while it is coming on the session details window.
30004 NetVision In NV GUI, 5XX Exception is coming while clicking on the Cluster in the Config.
29683 NetVision In page Filters, No sessions are coming on pages window while applying cookie name and cookie value simultaneously while data is present in db.
29576 NetVision Getting 5XX exception while clicking on ND icon for any Ajax request on session detail window.
29490 NetVision Invalid Response is coming on hitting Https URL on a client’s production box.
29415 NetVision Getting some error while hitting the rest URL.
29404 NetVision In HTTP filters, previously searched session id is getting remembered in filter criteria while opening session details window from http request details window.
29184 NetVision Getting  5xx Exception, when drill down from web dashboard.
29166 NetVision In Session Filters, Data for channel,screen resolution and browser is coming wrong while downloading report from export option.
29108 NetVision Some Special characters are not supported in page URL and referrer URL in Session Filters.
28950 NetVision Getting 5xx Exception, While giving random inputs in NV session ID.
28616 NetVision DOM interactive time is not coming on page detail window while navigating through page filters.
28201 NetVision In Transaction filters, Loading spinner is coming while entering apostrophe character in transaction name and duration fields.
28137 NetVision In NV replay, The “Featured product” section which appears on client’s home page was missing in the page dump.
24702 NetVision Session id is not coming in filter criteria on session window while applying channel filter with NV session ID filter.
30173 Synthetic Monitor Wrong pagename and host name showing in page details report.
30153 Synthetic Monitor NVSM-GUI |Web-Dashboard is not opening as it is loading with HTTP protocol instead of HTTPS except work controller.
29993 Synthetic Monitor ScriptFailure-Alert | Alert mail is not generating on script failure as in alert mail request, TR number is passing as null.
29819 Synthetic Monitor ScriptFailure-Alert | Getting alert mails on all the mail-id configured instead of sending on the particular mail-id.
29776 Synthetic Monitor SM continuous test is not starting in 418B38.
29742 Synthetic Monitor Continuous Monitoring (nsu_check_cont_test) : In SM, Test is not restarting after killing with signal “9” and “11”
28911 Synthetic Monitor WebDashboard-DDR | Wrong data is reflecting in Page Detailed/Average Report when we did DDR from merge graph panel.
27530 Synthetic Monitor NVSM-GUI | Script loading problem while converting machine to https protocol in Ubuntu 16.
29845 TestSuite Testsuite | Not able to getting Data in Trend Graph in the TestSuite Report HTML.
29748 TestSuite TestSuite|Even if we run the testsuite successfully we got status as “NetstormFail” and TR# as “NA” in the cycle_summary.report.
29457 TestSuite TestSuite: Not able to get Test Run Report from netstorm GUI.
28657 TestSuite Testsuite | Getting java.lang.NullPointerException at the end of testsuite execution when adding  CheckProfile in the Testsuite.
27457 TestSuite TestSuite: Getting Exception “java.io.FileNotFoundException:” at the end of testsuite execution in case of non rbu test.