19th June 2017 – R

This section covers the release information for all Cavisson Products.

New and Enhanced Features in 4.1.8


  • Default Stack Size increased to 1024 KB: On running script from Test Script option in Script Manager UI, now the Default Stack Size is 1024 KB.
  • RBU Metrics report is generated automatically.
  • Setup binary of U12 for supporting chrome browser 60 with WAN.
  • Setup binary of U16 for supporting chrome browser 60 and Firefox 31,32,42,43 with WAN.
  • Implementation of Aggregate Request button in Page detail report.
  • An API to save command output.
  • An API that reads data from a given file, which is passed with variable name, and save file data in a declare parameter.
  • An API to compress data in ZIP format and save the compressed data in a parameter.
  • An API used to decompress the compressed data.
  • An API to save binary data in declare variable.
  • Enhancement in a feature to retain the parameters for the next session or not.
  • An API to get host name of the recorded URL of script.
Continuous Monitoring
  • A feature is implemented to enable continuous monitoring in test run.
  • A feature is introduced to search a particular value or variable from the URL with the use of Search Parameter.

Web Dashboard

  • Check Data Point Alerting: Enhancement in alerting mechanism on the basis of consecutive samples. For this, there is a threshold type, which generates alerts on a number of samples. Here, every data point is checked before generating an alert.
  • Handling NaN sample in Alert: This feature allows handling NaN samples in moving/fixed window average and baseline.
  • Alert value and threshold value “NaN” is replaced by “No Data” if capacity alert generated for “No Data Available” condition.
Graph Types
  • Failure Count and Failure percentage is displayed in the tool tip of GEO map.


  • Hazelcast tier callout capturing without custom callout
  • Redesign of URL capturing for Http tier callout
  • Default NDEntrypoints file instead of NA if user have not provided in configuration file
  • Feature in configuration file to remove suffix
  • Some changes related to socket handling
  • Forkjoin callout
  • Exception capturing using logger API
  • MySQL Entry point passed in EntrypointFile
  • Agent Info screen
  • Feature in configuration file for Tier/Server/Instance limit
  • Edit of Session Attribute rules: This feature enables editing of Session Attribute rules and Drop down validation for HTTP Stats monitor.
  • Additional integration point in integration point detection window.
NetDiagnostics Implementation in Jenkins
  • For calculating ND stats, NetDiagnostics Performance Report are configured by adding this in Post-build action for ND Test.
  • Provided Current time duration Period, Baseline time duration, Initial time duration, and include previous time period check box in ND Test.
  • Provided Enter CheckProfile name for CheckProfile Rule in NetDiagnostics Performance Publisher.
  • In NetDiagnostics implementation, HTML Report is generated.
  • Provided Hyperlink over each transaction for trend graph in Jenkins Plugin.


  • NV-NF and NF-NV Integration
  • Bots Filtering in NV Agent
  • Transaction Related changes

Synthetic Monitor

  • Enhancement in Request Detail Page:  More options are provided in drop-down list, such as After DomContent, After OnLoad, and Custom Time.


  • NFAgent now take configuration for parsing from NFDB. This was required for CloudEnv where our config changes were getting overwritten by the base image. In case NFDB is unreachable or config index not present, it fallback to reading configuration from files. And environment variables are stored in only one file. This allows a user to add/change parsers for logs without changing the build.
  • LogApi integration: A new API is created to send serialized events from NFAgent to NFDB for better performance.
  • Many new parsers are implemented for client’s environment.
  • In case of any issues in NFAgent, prevent CMON from crashing.
  • Exception names should be separate field for stacktrace to create graph etc. for specific exceptions.


  • Simulate new call from NO UI: This is used to simulate new PinPad call through UI. Also, user can see all the simulated call on UI.
  • Parameterization of the response call same as others services.
  • Feature to send the sync id which is generated by OMS to send the PinPad (NO).


  • Redis DB stats monitor: This monitor is for redis database stats it will show the information regarding total keys, keyspace pending expirations, average time to live.
  • Zookeeper Node stats: Zookeeper Node Stats provides metrics for latency, network throughput etc.
  • Access Log with journalctl: This is an enhanced feature to capture access log metrics with the help of journalctl command. This command output contains all message information occurred in the application.
  • JSON extension: Till now user was able to apply set of monitor on one of the tier. Now user will be able to apply same set of monitor on multiple tier at same time. Same user can apply for multiple servers and instances. Following features are implemented:
    • Multiple tiers support
    • Multiple servers support
    • Exclude one or multiple tiers and servers
    • Instance support for instance level monitors

Bug Fixes

Bug ID Product Summary
28297 NetCloud Performance DashBoard Issue:Header is getting hide after scrolling in Ongoing Test Window.
28294 NetCloud Performance DashBoard Issue:Disk Usage is coming blank in Performance DashBoard.
28906 NetCloud RTC running Scenario|Unable to apply RTC for Duration phase in Advance_scenario_FSR.
27504 NetDiagnostics DDR[ED] | “Getting 404 error” while downloading the HTML Report on Sequence Diagram Window.
26375 NetDiagnostics WebDashBoard – DDR | While traversing through drilldown after clicking on call out error, it’s showing “NO record is found” in exception window.
28959 NetDiagnostics Not able to start GKE Continuous monitoring test
28282 NetDiagnostics NDException: A blank popup window appears when we click on hyperlinked object inside thread local variable giving enableExceptionsWithSourceAndVars=6 in nd.conf
28688 NetDiagnostics NodeJS|Zookeeper_Localhost is showing as the Integration Point Name for zookeeper callout.
28917 NetDiagnostics NodeJS|Method summary showing null value while data is present in method calling tree and Sequence Diagram.
29208 NetDiagnostics NodeJs | Run time change does  not support for BT category file.
29322 NetDiagnostics AER: Exception Report page appears blank when we navigate using Drilldown–>Right Click Exception.
28289 NetDiagnostics NodeJS | File should dump with extension  “.cpuprofile” while taking cpuprofiling in NodeJS.
26880 NetDiagnostics Unable to get Exception Stack trace in Raw_data in Build 4.1.8(#9)
29267 NetDiagnostics AER – Stack trace is appearing as blank when we navigate to Method calling tree from exception report page and then clicking on related Exception navigate back to exception report page.
29328 NetDiagnostics NodeJS|RTC is not working properly on the file whose size is large.
29124 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI |  Keyword regarding the jvm thread cpu monitor is not reflected in ndsettings.txt file
29179 NetDiagnostics Agent Info |  “Host name” column is not coming in download report of Machine agent status window
29180 NetDiagnostics Agent Info | “Installation dir” column is not coming in machine agent status window
28976 NetDiagnostics DDR – ED | Blank window is showing in transaction flow for compare flowpath while traversing through Tier status > BT Trends > total count(CustomH#Sub_Category@(AtG)!%) > flowpath > compare flowpath.
28971 NetDiagnostics DDR – ED | Blank window is coming in method timing window while traversing through Tier status > BT trends > total counts(CustomH#Sub_Category@(AtG)!%) > transaction flow > method timing.
28307 NetDiagnostics DDR – ED| “No Record found” is showing in method summary in FP detail window while traversing through Tier stauts > drill down > flowpath by response time > FP detail.
25879 NetDiagnostics BCI|BCI logs files are not getting rollover after JVM restart,While logs are appending in same file
28568 NetDiagnostics NodeJS|Mismatch in StartTime while traversing the Method in Sequence Diagram .
29265 NetDiagnostics NodeJS|v8-profiler cant able to install agent on latest node version(v7.0.0) & when we start node it also showing error.
29288 NetDiagnostics In Compare Flowpath Report, Hyperlinks in Exception Stack Trace is not working.
29042 NetDiagnostics AER – No exception is appearing in case of “5XX Errors”.
27053 NetDiagnostics NDExceptions: Jar name is appearing incorrect on NDC side whereas correct for BCI side
28514 NetDiagnostics NDExceptions: Source code is not appearing when we provide operation value as 2 in “myExceptionConfigFile.ecf” file.
28256 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | Default value for capture http req/resp are 2 and 1 respectively,so both keyword should be enabled by default.
28830 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI |  default value for any keyword is not coming in ndsettings.txt file
28388 NetDiagnostics DDR – ED | Data is showing for all instances in exception report window while traversing for particular instance from Tier status > flowpath by response time > flowpath details > Exception.
28624 NetDiagnostics DDR – ED | “Undefined” is showing in stack trace filter in hotspot thread details  while traversing through Tier status > drill down > flowpath by response time > FP details > Hotspaot thread detail.
29009 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | Application is added without giving the topology name
29139 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | Validation is not working at pattern level in HTTP BT Configuration window
28578 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | Reset button is not working in flowpath settings window
28852 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | header name is not reset while  Applying the toggling between header type of Request and Response
28258 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | Value of Keyword ‘enableExceptionInSeqBlob” should be numeric instead of Boolean
28412 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI |  while configuring the method monitor from Config GUI, error message is coming when we apply the save option
28849 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | Validation is not there, while saving the application without  topology during editing the application
28720 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | when we edit in the application then a new application is created instead of overriding.
29147 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI |  status code field is showing “0” in raw_data file when configuration done from the ND Config UI
29035 NetDiagnostics BCIAgent|”NoSuchMethodError” Exception is coming in application log file for “HttpMethodDirector” exit point.
26615 NetOcean HTTP2 :- Getting unknown data in response file with “cav_cur_date” parameter.
28913 NetOcean Continuous Monitoring test should stop when we disable keyword “ENABLE_NO_CM 1” from hpd.conf and restart HPD.
28885 NetOcean Scenario should create with ndeadmin user not from root user in continuous monitoring test.
28979 NetOcean We are getting an error message after enable debug level and restart HPD from GUI as well as Backened.
27714 NetOcean Not getting correct response when multiple template is active on the basis of Random Number parameter.
29510 NetStorm G_PROXY_SERVER : Proxy is not working for redirected request.
28966 NetStorm RBU- Test is going to stuck in post processing when we are applying keyword capture clips for all the supported browser chrome or firefox.
29272 NetStorm RunLogic AutoCalc Issue :- On changing the block type from while to condition iteration is coming.
29154 NetStorm Compare Report Issue: Not able to generate Compare Report after coming validation message.
28481 NetStorm Alert Issue:In place “Page” ,it is showing as “Method” in Selected Vector Name window of Alert rule
28415 NetStorm RBU- Getting different behavior for Aggregate Request button in page detail report.
29015 NetStorm Compare Issue:Widgets are getting blank after applying compare between two test runs in which some indices are common and some are different
28296 NetStorm Compare Issue:Graph is not showing properly after coming new sample,while compared graph is converting to percentile graph type
29278 NetStorm Alert Rule Issue: Alert Rule Window is coming blank.
29353 NetStorm Product UI Issue:GUI is not opening after upgrading machine with Ubuntu16  4.1.8 B35 and error “HTTP Status 404 ” is coming.
28071 NetStorm WebDashboard Compare Report Issue : Graph is mismatching after downloading from lower pane.
29228 NetStorm RunLogic_Auto_Calc Issue: “Expected iteration” is coming in place of “Weight”, In  the properties window of “else” block.
29259 NetStorm RunLogic_Auto_Calc Issue:Expected session pacing time is coming wrong “While and Do While” block is under “Weight” block.
29290 NetStorm Scenario Wizard | Wrong mode is reflected in RampDown Phase in FSR scenario.
29134 NetStorm Show Discontinue Graph Issue:Error is coming as “Panel Graphs not available in Test run” while applying Time Period with show discontinue metrics on data widget which is having derived graph
28268 NetStorm DashBoard Issue: In Transactions When we apply Time period Last Month, It shows incorrect Data in transaction details.
29007 NetStorm Test metrics Tree is not showing in the dashboard
29156 NetStorm Not able to edit pct type block in runlogic
29052 NetStorm Show Discontinue Graph Issue:Widgets are getting blank after coming of new sample, while applying open/merge on discontinued graphs.
29013 NetStorm Scenario Wizard | unable to select a script while adding a group.
28493 NetStorm Product UI Issue: Test run GUI not coming correctly (No Records Found ) while opening “web dashboard” second time.
29034 NetStorm Scheduler Management :- Scheduler is not running even after starting and restarting the scheduler from backend.
28542 NetStorm Excel Report Issue: Excel Report is not generating properly after selecting aggregated by as “Min”.
29172 NetStorm RunLogic Auto Calc Issue: While updating the weight of “Switch” Block from the properties window “Save Runlogic” icon is not enabling.
29181 NetStorm RunLogic Auto Calc Issue: While calculating PVS for script “RunLogic_AutoCalc_Any” PVS values are coming wrong.
29190 NetStorm RunLogic AutoCalc Issue: In Place of “iteration”, “weight” is coming in while block.
28661 NetStorm Scenario Wizard | Wrong value of RampUp phase is reflected in scenario summary report as well as schedule settings.
28552 NetStorm Scenario Issue: In starting Test with Ubuntu16 OS,Warning message “/home/netstorm/work/.tmp/netstorm/ns-inst0/event_id_hash_fun_write.c: In function ‘event_id_hash_fun’:” coming when we start test.
29051 NetStorm Show Discontinue Graph Issue:Indices are not showing in drop down list of Graph name while whole group is deleted at run time but the group is showing in graph tree while time period is applied with show discontinue metrics option
28653 NetStorm Reports Issue: After deleting any report from “All Reports”, When we open any Reports it will show other report data.
28752 NetStorm Lower Pane Issue:Infinite values are coming in max column of lower pane data after converting graph as formula type “Min”.
29152 NetStorm Debug Trace Log Issue : Unable to get report when clicked on View Reports option
29160 NetStorm RunLogic AutoCalc Issue :-  In case of while and do while block weight is coming in place of iterations.
28775 NetStorm Compare Report Issue :- Data is not coming on generating the compare report from widget.
29094 NetStorm RBU: Getting Misc error after running test in case of chrome 60 in ubuntu 16.
28984 NetStorm Scenarios GUI | User Profile :- Syntactical error with keyword , while applying “Location With Shared Access” in scenario from User Profile Management GUI.
29102 NetStorm RBU- Getting irrespective behavior of chrome 60 after upgrading every latest build in Ubuntu 12.
26890 NetStorm DB2_Replay:Incorrect file is getting added in the “File Path” when we add file through the browse button
28316 NetStorm Show Discontinue Graph Issue:Widgets are not reflecting according to the Graph Tree after apply time period with Show Discontinue Metrics option enabled
26898 NetStorm DB2_Replay:upload button is not working when we browse any Log file using Browse button.
27567 NetStorm DB_Replay:Getting core while running the test without REPLAY_FILE 11.
26895 NetStorm DB2_Replay:Two checkbox simultaneously checked when we click on only one check box when browsing the file.
28358 NetStorm Web DashBoard|Alert: Alert History is not showing record is Alert message is length of 256 Characters.
28943 NetStorm Web Dashboard Issue:Test is still showing in Online mode in Web Dashboard,but already the test is stopped by gracefully
28152 NetStorm Scheduler Issue : While editing the schedule report and changing time period then we are getting popup message “Please Enter The Start Time in HH:MM:SS format”.
28232 NetStorm Derived Graph Issue:Widget is getting blank while Derived Graph is converting to Percentile or slab Count Graph type
28261 NetStorm DashBoard Issue: When we apply Time period  of last 7 days, last 30 days  with view by 1 hr junked value is coming in Samples, Max, Avg.
28786 NetStorm WebDashboard Summary Report Issue : Unable to download summary report
29108 NetVision Some Special characters are not supported in page URL and referrer URL in Session Filters.
29093 NetVision In NV GUI, DOM interactive time is showing Nan value on page detail window while navigating through HTTP filters.
28914 NetVision In NV GUI, Session manual replay is not working after clicking on replay buttons in session detail window.
29018 NetVision In NV GUI, not able to select any page while continuously clicking on next button on session details window.
28173 NetVision In NV Replay, click map is not working after clicking on ClickMap icon.
28486 NetVision In NV GUI,Getting exception 5XX while DDR to session detail window through event aggregate window.
28764 NetVision In NV GUI, Replay window is not showing properly in latest build 4.1.8 #27.
24843 NetVision Modal window of funnel comparison is not showing the last row of time filter properly.
28826 NetVision In NV Replay, Heat Map is not working.
28322 NetVision In NV GUI, click operation on the Iframe src is not disabled in pagedump in replay window.
28449 NetVision In NV GUI, Auto refresh option disappears after navigate back to session window from session detail window.
25150 Synthetic Monitor Report Issue | Sample value is mismatch in between web dashboard and downloaded Report from Web Dashboard .
29420 Ubuntu16 Scheduler Management :- Test is not started at scheduled time when scheduled using scenario scheduler .
28645 Ubuntu16 RBU-Core | Getting Error when we are running test with chrome-40 in Ubuntu 16.