9th June 2017 – R

This section covers the release information for all Cavisson Products.

New and Enhanced Features in 4.1.8


  • Capturing full page loaded in browser.


  • A drop-down is created from where user can select the number of rows (such as 15, 30, 50, 100, 150) to be displayed to view the Agent and Machine Agent Status. By default, it is 15.

Synthetic Monitor

  • Enhancement in Capture Clips.
  • IP address is displayed under the General group in Header tab. IP addresses in the waterfall against each served request i.e. both main and inline makes the analysis easy and better.

Bug Fixes

Bug ID Product Summary
27411 NetCloud SM-Cloud | Getting core due to “start_req_rep_uploader” on generator side.
27862 NetCloud NetCloud Monitor Issue: – On adding new topology in the monitors the default should be Cavisson>>Controller, Instead of Cavisson>>NS Appliance.
28748 NetDiagnostics AER – Method Argument Type appears blank in Recorded Variable Popup.
28870 NetDiagnostics NodeJS|StateMachine|When The value of maxBTCount=20, There are Duplicity of other BT are coming after 19 BT ID.
28607 NetDiagnostics NodeJS|while running the test metadata records are not showing, when we restart our node on server side only then metadata record are coming for the same.
28556 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI |  In CPU time capturing mode i.e. “enable at method and flowpath BT” works only for method level and mode 3 should be needed in ND Config UI
28739 NetDiagnostics AER- Return type for last thread local variable is appearing “java.util.” which is incorrect.
28174 NetDiagnostics NDExceptions(AER)- Clicking on download icon first time for source code, it shows error message “HTTP Status 404 – /common/”
28980 NetDiagnostics Agent Info | Agent in “Inactive state” is not showing the complete information in application agent status window
25989 NetDiagnostics NDExceptions:-“Blank window is showing” while clicking on callout error option in flowpath report window.
28394 NetDiagnostics Exception not shown in Method Calling Tree.
28425 NetDiagnostics Getting unknown Package and class name in Tier Call outs
27552 NetDiagnostics BCIAgent|Rawdata is not coming in second test after restarting BCI .For the first test run data is coming as expected.
28286 NetDiagnostics NodeJS | Heap Dump file should not make under the thread dump directory, it should make Heap dump directory under the Server logs and should dump there.
28249 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | In Exception Report window, Reset button is not working and save button is disabled
28751 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | Edit option should be there in the Java method based custom data setting window under flowpath header capturing
28319 NetDiagnostics ND CONFIG UI | After Changing the topology in the application then showing “no record found” in topology details window and shows still in progress
28445 NetDiagnostics NodeJS | Tier Callout is not coming for MongoDB and Radis with netjsagent@0.3.20
28747 NetDiagnostics DDR – ED | “-‘>-” is coming in Query of Integration point in Hotspot thread details while traversing through Tier status > drill down > flowpath by response time > FP details > Hotspot thread details.
28321 NetDiagnostics NodeJS|Value Of Dynamic Threshold Keyword is not reading correct by NetJSAgent in nd_node_debug_cav-nsecom-01.log.
28540 NetDiagnostics NodeJS|Method calling tree is not showing by comparing selected flowpath.
28517 NetDiagnostics NodeJS | Observing error “”message”: “Cannot read property ‘toString’ of undefined”,”stack”:”TypeError: Cannot read property” in nd_node_debug.log.
24860 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent – MSIInstaller | After uninstalling the NDAgentInstaller.msi then DotNetAgent related Environment variables are not deleted
26667 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent -DDR | Transaction flow is not showing data correctly.
28014 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent -DDR | Method calling tree is not showing data properly in FP Details window
28433 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI |  In flowpath Header window, header limit value should not passed in negative integer for Capture HTTP Response Header field
28254 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI |  In flowpath Header window  “null” value should not be passed in Header type of Capture HTTP Response Header field
28419 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | keyword regarding HTTP Stats Monitor is not showing in the ndsettings.txt file when configure the HTTP  stats Monitor from the Config UI
28731 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI |  profile name is not showing in the Profile Detail window after refreshing it
28730 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | application is not added in the application detail window after saving the application
28609 NetDiagnostics NodeJS | Node is  crashing while hitting zookeeper url(“/nsecomm/zoo”)  with netjsagnet@0.3.21 .
27848 NetDiagnostics DDR – Webdashboard | while traversing through flowpath stats > overall > drill down >flowpath report > compare flowpath, blank window is coming for method calling tree in compare flowpath.
28185 NetDiagnostics DDR – Webdashboard | Method calling tree is showing blank in Aggregate sequence diagram for continuous monitoring test while traversing through Flowpath stats > total flowpath > drill down > flowpath by signature report.
28301 NetDiagnostics DDR – ED| Blank is showing in method calling tree in FP detail window while traversing through Tier status > drill down > flowpath by response time > FP detail.
28428 NetDiagnostics DDR – ED | DB request report is not opening while traversing through Tier status > drill down > flowpath by response time > DB request window.
28468 NetDiagnostics DDR – ED | “Exception:-” name is coming in method calling tree in FP detail window while traversing through Tier status > drill down > Top flowpath by callout counts > flowpath > FP detail.
28686 NetDiagnostics DDR – Webdashboard | Blank window is opening for exception window for particular BT(CustomH#Sub_Category@(AtG)!%) while traversing through BT > overall > request per sec > drill down > flowpath group by BT > FP detail > exception.
28740 NetDiagnostics AER – In stack trace, class name of the exception appears incorrect in the tooltip.
28597 NetDiagnostics Business transaction data is not coming in the graph properly
28397 NetDiagnostics Agent Info | Download option is not working in Machine Agent status  and Application Agent status window
28225 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | when we are creating the application from the ND Config UI then it is not coming with the execute permission, it should be needed.
28189 NetDiagnostics DDR – webdashboard | “No record found” is showing in IP health window while traversing through flowpath by signature report.
26876 NetDiagnostics DDR – Web dashboard | “No record found” is showing in flowpath instance window while clicking on flowpath count through flowpath group by BT.
28228 NetDiagnostics DDR – webdashboard | Data is showing for all BT while clicking on specific BT while traversing BT > overall > request per sec > drill down > group by custom data (storeis,terminalid, associateid).
28283 NetDiagnostics ND Exception: FQM for source code window is truncating from right side above source code window.
26203 NetDiagnostics ND Exception: – For filter keyword, entering only 1 pipe instead of 3 pipes, test run performs without error message.
25995 NetDiagnostics BCI Agent|  URLs are getting captured under ”Others” BT instead of the particular BT.
26100 NetDiagnostics No Tiers or Callouts displayed on ED Home page
28090 NetDiagnostics Issue on applying return and argument capturing for same method, only first method call shows argument and return value both, while other method calls have only method argument in method calling tree.
28129 NetDiagnostics Flowpath Analyzer | Empty Top Methods Panel and incomplete (NaN) values in pattern summary.
28131 NetDiagnostics Negative Average Response Time in Flowpath analyzer report.
25209 NetOcean Found core in HPD while running HTTP2 test
28840 NetStorm RBU- Ownership and Permission of chrome-sandbox is changed after upgrading latest build in case of chrome 60.
28941 NetStorm RBU- Issue regarding Browser setup for rbu in case of Ubuntu 16.
28998 NetStorm Test Metrics tree is not coming in Web Dashboard if configuration of controller is NS>NO
28981 NetStorm Scenarios GUI
26843 NetStorm runtime_changes.log file is removed from RTC dir if user/session RTC is applied
28654 NetStorm HIGH PRIORITY || Not finding prior UI metrics in ND
28841 NetStorm Dynamic Graph Changes Issue: Issue in showing indices in Report window, with select metrics after applying Run Time changes
28640 NetStorm Alert History Issue: In Alert there is no rule showing in Alert Rule drop down list.
28779 NetStorm Summary Reports: Unable to create summary report with applied time period as yesterday in NDE mode.
28871 NetStorm RunLogic AutoCalc Issue: – GUI is getting hang on enabling “Highlight Threshold” checkbox and apply button is not working.
28364 NetStorm Dynamic Graph Changes Issue: Added Derived Graph is not getting removed from widget and Custom Metrics ,while deleting all indices of the group which is used in the derived graph formula
28361 NetStorm Dynamic Graph Changes Issue: Issue in showing indices in Report window with select metrics, when all indices are deleted
28647 NetStorm Scenario Wizard | Path of scenario profile is not reflected in GUI.
27804 NetStorm RTC is not applied from the owner, If initially (i.e. first time) we try to apply RTC from the user who has not started the test.
28400 NetStorm Favorite Issue: – Widget is showing blank on loading favorite if Favorite is saved with Compared graphs and Load Compared favorite setting option is enabled in Config settings.
28727 NetStorm Transactions Were Not Getting Hit With Firefox
28766 NetStorm Derived Graph Issue: Added Derived graph is now showing in custom metrics ,while formula is created with Function
28281 NetStorm Scheduler Run Command Issue: While updating the schedule time of scheduled run command the output is not coming.
28220 NetStorm Compare Issue: Getting error “Error in applying compare in dashboard” while compare in web dashboard.
28125 NetStorm Compare Issue: Base line Test run start and end date in changing after changing view by in the dashboard.
27968 NetStorm Stats Report Issue: While Generating Stats report from widget, derived graph value is coming as zero.
27861 NetStorm Compare Issue: After applying custom time in baseline test run while applying compare getting error “Error in applying Compare in dashboard”.
28112 NetStorm Discontinue Graph Issue: Graph  tree is not working after applying time period by disabling show discontinue metrics
28310 NetStorm WebDashBoard|Summary Report: In detail transaction report of summary report success and failure data is not coming.
28309 NetStorm Web DashBoard|Summary Report: Transaction name is not coming in mailed summary Report after completion of Test Run.
28538 NetStorm Scenario Wizard | Scenario profile is not working in case of Scenario Wizard.
28012 NetStorm Scenario GUI | Scenario schedule: – Test is not started by the user who has scheduled it.
28436 NetStorm Run Command Scheduler Issue: While Scheduling a run command exception is coming in the “schError.log” and command is not executing at the schedule time.
28366 NetStorm RunLogic AutoCalc Issue: While Changing the block type Expected Iteration and Weight option is not coming.
28360 NetStorm RunLogic AutoCalc Issue: After opening the properties of “If” Conditional flow “Expected Iteration” is coming in place of “Weight”.
27935 NetStorm Number of entries are showing of Appliance in Ongoing Test Window when Show all Controllers checkbox is enabled.
28274 NetStorm Derived Graph Issue: Data is coming wrong with AVG function after applying Run time changes
28328 NetStorm Thread Dump Issue: Not able to analyze thread dump in NDE mode, Thread Dump GUI is showing blank
27571 NetStorm Dynamic Graph Changes Issue: Deleted Indices are not reflecting in the Advance selection window of derived graph while applying any Pattern like “ALL<ALL *<*”
28363 NetStorm Dynamic Graph Changes Issue: The Group is not deleting from the graph Tree while deleting all indices of the particular Group
28072 NetStorm Graph Data is not available for Compare graph of two different vectors/servers.
28498 NetStorm Scenario Wizard | Wrong value is reflected in scenario schedule settings of RampUp and Duration phase.
27269 NetStorm Unique Range parameter: Default value of field “Action on range exceed” set if trying to modify existing one.
28407 NetStorm RBU- Unable to open chromium browser from back end using command.
28479 NetStorm Alert Issue: False Alert is generating in case of Times/Tamest Graphs
28369 NetStorm Lower Pane Issue: “Tick” Option is not coming while merging more than 15 graphs and maximizing the lower pane.
28437 NetStorm Scenario Wizard | The value of second is not reflected in summary scenario report as well as in schedule settings.
26062 NetStorm An Error message should show when we are saving Sync Points time with blank space.
28420 NetStorm Parameters/Filters Issue: Not able to apply Parameters and Filters
27199 NetStorm Run Time Changes Issue: Not able to apply Pattern matching after applying Run time changes
27479 NetStorm Pattern Matching Issue: Not able to apply pattern matching using Select Graphs option, Message is coming as “No group name is matching “” were found”
28338 NetStorm RBU- Getting wrong no of requests in Aggregate har file is not opening when we click on “click to view waterfall” button in Aggregate Request detail GUI.
28165 NetStorm Scenario Wizard | The owner of scenario is not as per the user logged in.
28639 NetVision Core dumps are generating after enabling new monitor Event Stats By Page.
28448 NetVision In NV GUI, Getting 5XX exception while opening session details window.
28660 NetVision In NV Filter, Remember feature is not working for Attribute filter.
24786 NetVision Blank window is coming while giving apostrophe (‘) in Response Search Of Attribute Filters.
28109 NetVision Getting Exception 5XX while generating page aggregate data from Trend window.
28379 NetVision In Page Filters, unable to add same filter multiple times in custom data filter.
28292 NetVision In NV GUI, Getting 5XX exception while opening session details window.
28101 NetVision In NV GUI, page name is not same on session details window and replay window.
28580 Synthetic Monitor NS-Custom Alert | When we run a new TR then custom alerts are resetting but still counter value is reflecting Web Dashboard
28565 Synthetic Monitor RBU-UI | For a group, default value in Capture rendering metrics without saving video by taking clips should be 0 not 2
25203 Synthetic Monitor LowerPanelIssue |On selecting any particular panel and zooming it, all the lower pane get reflected which should not happen.
24783 Synthetic Monitor Scenario-UI RBU | 3rd argument is not passing when we disabled the “G_RBU_ADD_ND_FPI” keyword.
28587 TestSuite Jenkins | Getting Baseline TR column when passing the Enter TR number field empty through Jenkins GUI.
28208 TestSuite TestSuite: Not able to open Trend graph window from TestSuite HTML report.