25th May 2017 – R

This section covers the release information for all Cavisson Products.

New and Enhanced Features in 4.1.8


  • Runtime RunLogic AutoCalc: This feature enables automatic calculation of PVS based on number of users / session rate and vice versa.
  • Scenario Commit: It creates the backup file of currently selected scenario file with latest version.
  • Scenario Version: In this feature, user either can update any version of committed scenario file with new changes or can delete the committed file.
  • Scheduler Management: The tasks are executed automatically based on the preconditions, inputs, and the scheduled time.
  • Alert History: This feature is developed in Angular 2. Now, user can capture the alert history based on specified time with more enhanced approach.
  • An API is created for Unique Number Range Parameter: This is used for getting the unique number per Vuser for each session according to the provided per user block size.
  • HTTPs Support

Web Dashboard

  • Discontinued Graphs
    • Time Period
    • Searching on Discontinued Graphs
  • Success, Failure, NetCache Hit and Miss Response time graph is added in Transaction Stats Group
  • Implementation of dynamic web dashboard option for dynamic graph changes.
  • Parameterization of Favourite
  • Global Filters in Alerts History
  • Improved GEO Map quality
  • Alert Baseline – Run time changes in baseline numdays
  • Multi-Data source
  • Open/Merge from Widget
  • Feature to show MS SQL query details
  • Compare changes for Auto Scaling: If indices are not available in measurements then it will map to other indices.
  • Show Grid lines and cross hair mouse cursor on graph
  • Support of Aggregation of Data by N Hours like 1, 2, 6, and so on.
  • Support new Dual Axis Area Line Chart.
  • Option for Page Dashboard in Drill Down for NVSM: An option is added in Advanced Option in Widget Setting showing Widget Drill Down. It allows the user to select the Favorite and then save it.


  • Method Calling Tree: Enhance feature of Method Calling Tree by introducing new feature like argument column, Thread column, display Exception in method calling tree and merging of more than one flow path.
  • Advance Exception Report (AER): This feature enables the user to have a detailed view of the constraints causing issue.
  • FP Analyzer: This feature is implemented to analyse the flow path method.
  • ‘Copy’ option in Exception report window is provided instead of ‘Download’
ND Config UI
  • More enhancement with the conversion of ND Config GUI in Angular 2.
Executive Dashboard
  • Enhancements in GUI for the representation of threshold values.


  • Running RunLogic Progress
  • Added five following new graphs in Transaction Stats:
    • Transaction Failures (%)
    • Successful Transaction Time (Sec)
    • Failure Transaction Time (Sec)
    • Transaction NetCache Hit Response Time
    • Transaction NetCache Miss Response Time
  • Utility shell for NetCloud
  • Utility to migrate TR from Old format to New Format


  • HTTP2 protocol support
  • Simulation of PinPad calls through NO GUI


  • Capture Connection Type. For example, DSL, wireless, etc.
    • Session/Page Stats (Dashboard) by connection type.
    • Session/Page Reports by connection type.
  • Transactions
    • Transaction APIs
    • Transaction Stats (Dashboard)
  • Event Stats by Store
  • HeatMap
    • Click Map
    • Scroll Map
  • Form Analytics
  • Enhancement in Report Builder
  • Store-wise Stats on GeoMap
  • Iframe support in NV replay: This feature is used to capture the DOM change/user action inside an Iframe. Now, user can see the ads of webpage in NV replay.
  • Dom Interactive: This is a graph added in Web Dashboard and a new attribute in navigation timing. This timing is captured after domLoading and before domContentLoaded
  • Bounce Rate And Average Page Per Session: These 2 new graphs are added in Session Stats group in Web Dashboard. Bounce Rate graph calculates single page session statistics and Average Page Per Session graph evaluates total pages across session divide by session completed.
  • CSP (include report): CSP defines the Content-Security-Policy HTTP header that allows a user to create a whitelist of sources of trusted content, and instructs the browser to only execute or render resources from those sources, instead of blindly trusting everything that a server delivers.

Synthetic Monitoring

  • Implementation of Capture Clips: With this feature, system starts capturing the screenshots only after some specified threshold value of OnLoad time is crossed. Single snapshot is generated for the case when page is not loaded under the default load time.
  • Enhancement in Request Detail Page: Two custom filters (Request Served after -DomContent/OnLoad) are added in the Request Detail page to know what number/type of requests are serving after specified threshold value.


New Monitor added:

  • MS SQL Server DB Monitors
  • Spring Boot Monitors
  • Nginx Monitors

Bug Fixes

Bug ID Product Summary
25538 NetCloud Error messages in RTC are not clear.
28295 NetCloud Performance DashBoard Issue:Disk Usage is coming blank in Performance DashBoard.
25667 NetCloud ScenarioGUI|Negative values are getting saved in Advanced setting of “group based setting”.
26313 NetCloud Drill down data from the transaction time graph is coming same for controller and generator.
27638 NetCloud NetCloudReport Issue :- On downloading the summary report in the pdf and word format no data is being shown.
27673 NetCloud Netcloud Pattern Matching Report Issue: When we are getting result for pattern matching greater than 40 than the stats report for that result is coming blank.
27684 NetCloud NetCloud Hierarchical Report Issue: Hierarchical Report report is generated with wrong metrics if template contains “Transaction Time(Sec)” graph.
27869 NetCloud NetCloud Hierarchical Report Issue: Hierarchical Report report is generated with wrong data of template.
25513 NetCloud Not able to use do_not_upgrade file in nsi_build_upgrade_tool when any of machine having the do_not_upgrade value “1”
25269 NetCloud when we have only one phase list and global.dat has only one phase with name RampUp and has no end time,then we are not able to select Specfied phase as rampUp
25465 NetCloud Error message that Test is already running on Generator is inappropriate.
25339 NetCloud Data coming in .used file is not correct in case of File parameter with USE_ONCE mode.
27630 NetCloud NetCloudReporting Issue :- On generating compare report with the select metrics no data is being shown.
26203 NetDiagnostics NDException:- For filter keyword, entering only 1 pipe instead of 3 pipes, test run performs without error message.
27676 NetDiagnostics Advance Exception Reporting :- Following “Unable to parse method content.” message appear in source code window while clicking on method pass in stack trace for the first time.
26808 NetDiagnostics NDExceptionSourcecode :-Exception “java.lang.InstantiationException” is coming in BCI_error.logs in Build 4.1.8(#8)
28075 NetDiagnostics DBU – In Auto scalling,  db upload did not receive any message from NDC after if NDC send message after epoll_time out
26582 NetDiagnostics Data variation between graph and transaction details table
27519 NetDiagnostics DDR – WebdashBoard | “Transaction flow” window is not opening while traversing through the WebDashBoard.
25921 NetDiagnostics (ND – EXCEPTION SOURCE CODE CAPTURING) | Source code is showing “OK” in Exceptions report while click on the method link in the Stack Trace.
26399 NetDiagnostics “java.lang.VerifyError” message are coming in Application logs while doing testing of feature mongoDB capturing
26422 NetDiagnostics BCIAgent – Response Header based BT Capture | BT name is not capturing according to Response Header Value while multiple condition is given in single rule
26424 NetDiagnostics BCIAgent – Response Header based BT Capture |Two times other bt is capturing  while multiple condition is given in single rule with pattern based BT
27426 NetDiagnostics DDR – WebDashBoard | Data is not coming in Method calling tree while traversing through BT > request per sec > flowpath report.
27524 NetDiagnostics DDR – WebdashBoard | While traversing through BT > request per sec > drill down > DB request report > flowpath, blank screen is coming, after sometime the previous window is coming.
27526 NetDiagnostics DDR – WebDashBoard | While traversing through BT > request per sec > drill down > DB request report > flowpath report > categories, blank window is opening in Hotspot report window and also Method timing window..
27589 NetDiagnostics NetStorm | “Aggregator” Feature is not working due to change in Custom Data Record in raw data.
27846 NetDiagnostics DDR – Webdashboard | “Null” error is coming in flowpath report while traversing through flowpath stats > overall > total flowpaths > Drill down > flowpath report.
26311 NetDiagnostics WebDashBoard – DDR | “No data found” is showing in sequence diagram while traversing through transaction flow window.
26351 NetDiagnostics (ND – EXCEPTION SOURCE CODE CAPTURING) | Exception Report is not showing any data after going through drill down -> exceptions.
26358 NetDiagnostics (ND – EXCEPTION SOURCE CODE CAPTURING) | Popup window after clicking on any icons on stack trace source code window is not working properly.
26393 NetDiagnostics (ND – EXCEPTION SOURCE CODE CAPTURING) | Unable to decompile source code, it shows “Taking time to decrypting source code. Please try again after some time” in Build 4.1.8(#7)
26427 NetDiagnostics (ND – EXCEPTION SOURCE CODE CAPTURING) | Going through CallOutError no exception data is showing.
26442 NetDiagnostics (ND – EXCEPTION SOURCE CODE CAPTURING) | No local variable, method argument details are showing, for the keyword:  enableExceptionsWithSourceAndVars=2
26319 NetDiagnostics Aggregator – Config | When we start a new test, it should not be mandatory to restart the tomcat.
26423 NetDiagnostics Aggregator| In continuous monitoring test, Netstorm is spawning multiple aggregator processes.
27570 NetDiagnostics Getting category id: 15 in CavNV cookie and X-CavNV header in NDNVIntegration tests
26283 NetDiagnostics webDashBoard – Drilldown| Exception error is coming while opening any drilldown option using webdashboard.
26113 NetDiagnostics (ND – EXCEPTION SOURCE CODE CAPTURING) | Not able to resize coloumn in exception table in Exception reports.
26114 NetDiagnostics (NDException Sourcecode):- Source code for related stack trace is not appearing
26127 NetDiagnostics (ND – EXCEPTION SOURCE CODE CAPTURING) | Source code for any exception is not showing after removing the keyword “enableSourceCodeFilters​= /tmp/myExceptionConfigFile.​ecf “.
26443 NetDiagnostics (ND – EXCEPTION SOURCE CODE CAPTURING) | For operation value 4 for the pattern – “com.cavisson.nsecom”, source code is  appearing, which is incorrect.
26445 NetDiagnostics (ND – EXCEPTION SOURCE CODE CAPTURING) | Source code for the pattern – “com.exp.ovs”  is appearing with local variable details but it is listed in the stack trace – when type value is “-ve”.
26927 NetDiagnostics NDExceptions: For keyword “enableExceptionsWithSourceAndVars=5”, related exception is appearing in stack trace with Thread Local variables
26112 NetDiagnostics Exception :- When we change stack trace, related source code does not appear accordingly.
28031 NetDiagnostics Unable to see Method Arguments in Method Calling Tree.
26162 NetDiagnostics (ND – EXCEPTION SOURCE CODE CAPTURING) | After removing JAR dir from “~/<Cont.>/.netdiagnostic” dir, JAR transfer in next TR is not working.
26383 NetDiagnostics NDExceptionsourcecode :-Provide download stack trace option in Exception report window, currently this is not appearing
26961 NetDiagnostics AdvanceExceptionCapturing :- Additional exception details are appearing on pie chart along with related exception.
25255 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent -DDR | Unknown method name is showing in summary of methods.
25870 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent – MSIInstaller |Agent  logs are not created in logs file while installing DotNetAgent through msi.
25874 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent – MSIInstaller | Continuous crashes have made during running test while installing the DotNetAgent through NetNDInstaller_4.1.8.6..
26234 NetDiagnostics DoNetAgent  | DotNetAgent uninstallation not working properly.
27430 NetDiagnostics DDR – WebDashBoard | “Flowpath group by BT” window is showing blank while traversing from BT>request per sec>Flowpath Group by BT.
26768 NetDiagnostics BCIAgent |  “BCILoggingMode” keyword is not supported in ndsettings.conf file but this keyword is supporting in javaagent argument.
26775 NetDiagnostics BCIAgent |  OUTPUT_STREAM mode for “BCILoggingMode” keyword is not working as per requirement,logs are appending in both log files and consoles.Log should only append in console in this mode.
26901 NetDiagnostics BCIAgent | “BCILoggingMode” keyword is automatically removed from  ndsettings file when test started.
26081 NetDiagnostics ND DDR | Flowpath URL hyperlink is not working after disabling it from enable a filter criteria
27432 NetDiagnostics DDR – WebDashBoard | “HTTP Status 500” error is coming while opening flowpath compare report window while traversing through webDashBoard.
27514 NetDiagnostics DDR[ED] | “Compare  Report” window is opening blank on Flowpath Report window.
24851 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent – MSIInstaller | JavaAgent related folders are also coming in ndhome when installing DotNetAgent.
24853 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent-MSIInstaller | Extra executable files(exe) are coming in ndhome while installing the DotNetAgent through msi.
26566 NetDiagnostics DDR – WebDashBoard | BT category is showing “-” after downloading the pdf but in Flowpath Report window BT category is showing.
27620 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent | Method monitor data is not coming in agg. raw data.
26317 NetDiagnostics Aggregator – Config | Sometimes the “Group name” option is not showing in widget setting window in webdashboard.
28087 NetDiagnostics Missing method argument for some method calls in method calling tree.
27540 NetDiagnostics NDExceptions: Exceptions report window appears blank when we navigate using right click tier–> exception
26826 NetDiagnostics NDExceptions: Hit area for “View Recorded Variable” is not correct. The circle for hand cursor is not placed correctly.
28003 NetDiagnostics NDExceptions(AER)- Clicking on download icon for source code when stack trace and source code is empty, it shows error message “HTTP Status 404 – /common/”
26457 NetDiagnostics DDR[WebDashboard] |   In BT splitting window “error:null” is coming after applying more than default rows while traversing back,it is also showing error.
26968 NetDiagnostics NDExceptions: At Flowpath report page, URL hyperlink is not working after disabling it from filter criteria
27429 NetDiagnostics DDR – webDashboard | Not able to click all these action links ie:”URL”, “category”, “Resptime” while traversing through WebDashBoard.
25349 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent -DDR | A client’s Related method is coming on Stock Trader Application in Method timing report.
28147 NetOcean LB-MATCH is not working with special character in URL search parameter for Netocean Services.
28179 NetOcean Getting core with “url search parameter” when pipeline is enable.
27357 NetOcean Template level keyword is not deleting from service.conf file, when deleting template from Netocean GUI.
28142 NetOcean GUI | Need search parameter on the basis of URL for netocean services.
27091 NetOcean Getting “partialHdr” in https type request with 1 user multiple sessions test.
27111 NetOcean Replay : Error message should be user friendly if any service is already exit with same url name in Reactive Replay.
26029 NetOcean Getting Partial Hdr with request parameter using mode “G_HTTP_MODE ALL 2”.
26470 NetOcean Additional Header is not coming in response when we are adding additional header for static url.
26815 NetStorm DB2_Replay: Sometimes default group is not being added in the schedule settings and also replay profile is blank.
26642 NetStorm Favorite Issue: Exception is coming if user.property file for favorite is not present in the server.
27428 NetStorm Email Summary Report Issue: Summary Report is generating with zero size and Format of Test Run Details is not coming correct.
27199 NetStorm Run Time Changes Issue:Not able to apply Pattern matching after applying Run time changes
28244 NetStorm WebDashBoard|Alert History: Unable to apply filter with Rule Name having single quote (‘).
27934 NetStorm Not able to quick launch of Product UI corresponding controllers from PD.
26303 NetStorm Report is not generating with report type=compare and template along with presets.
26628 NetStorm Getting zero in avg transaction response time
27936 NetStorm Tool Tip is not showing properly in Ongoing Test Window.
25613 NetStorm PageLoadWaitTime support from Scenario.
27264 NetStorm Core dump is coming in every test of smoke automation..
25919 NetStorm Getting TimeOut in progress report but in pagedump all Page status is showing success.
26873 NetStorm Transaction Details Issue: After Selecting “Time period” as “Custom” default start and end date time is not coming like “Last 4 Hrs”.
27318 NetStorm Edit Panel Caption Issue:Not able to edit panel caption after applying zoom on compared graph widget.
27391 NetStorm Transaction Detail Pie Chart Issue: Transaction Failure name is not coming properly.
27392 NetStorm Dynamic Graph changes Issue:Widgets are getting blank up to new sample came,after opening Transaction Details
27498 NetStorm Transaction Details Pie Chart Issue: Filters in transaction details pie chart is getting applied after closing and opening the pie chart.
27562 NetStorm Transaction Details Issue:Not able to apply Time Period in case of Transaction details
27877 NetStorm Compare Transaction Detail Issue: After applying compare in Transaction Details and swapping the tab than baseline test run data is coming blank.
28085 NetStorm Transaction Detail Issue: Failure% is coming wrong in transaction details.
27823 NetStorm Scenario GUI | Whenever we add any data anywhere from GUI , it is not getting reflected unless and until we click on it again.
26287 NetStorm Test Run GUI Issue:Two links are coming in Test Run and Scenario Name of Test Run GUI.
26839 NetStorm Web Dashboard Issue:Angular Web Dashboard is open after clicking on Session number of Session.
26909 NetStorm Script Management Issue:Script Manager Menu is missing in Product UI
26912 NetStorm Product UI Issue:No Records Founds are showing in Test Run GUI after clicking on ND Config Button and then clicking on Test Runs button and navigating from one T1 to another.
27287 NetStorm Performance Dashboard Issue:Inventory data is not updating/adding and close button is not working properly.
27288 NetStorm Performance Dashboard Issue:Problem in loading Performance Dashboard as “Load unsafe scripts” is coming in case of HTTPs.
27358 NetStorm Product UI Issue:Progress Bar should come while operations applied like Reset or Show all in Test runs GUI
27573 NetStorm Scenario GUI | Unable to find admin function option for admin user.
27897 NetStorm Test Run UI Issue :- Sorting is not working in the Test Run Gui.
28008 NetStorm Scenario GUI | Product UI window is not opening after logout and login again.
28034 NetStorm Performance DashBoard Issue:Automatic Refresh of Ongoing Tests is not working.
28221 NetStorm Product UI Issue: “Sessions” Icon is not coming in Product UI of NDE mode.
26581 NetStorm Time Period Issue:While applying time period Yesterday with view by 1 Hr ,23 samples are coming instead of 24 samples.
26846 NetStorm Parameters Issue : Meta data info is not coming in drop down list,its showing only ALL & Any in drop down list.
26853 NetStorm Save Rule in Favorite Issue:Data is not showing according to the filters applied,while the filter rule is saved in favorite
27177 NetStorm Save Rule in Favorite Issue:Data is not showing according to the filter applied after coming new samples in ONLINE Test Run for saved favorite
27194 NetStorm Run Time Changes Issue:Added Derived Graph is getting removed ,after applying run time changes
27241 NetStorm Dynamic Graph changes Issue::Lower pane is not working fine.When we disable graph from Lower pane then after coming new sample lower pane is getting enabled but panel is not showing disabled graphs
27242 NetStorm Dynamic Graph changes Issue:When we delete all graphs of widget then it is not reflecting,Widget having multiple graphs.
27292 NetStorm Dynamic Dashboard Issue: After applying RTC value of graph is coming wrong in widget.
27966 NetStorm Open/Merge Issue:Open/Merge result is getting wrong after coming new samples , while applying with multiple graphs using filter
25623 NetStorm RBU-Core | Error of T.O. is coming in FF browser when we add keyword a “G_RBU_SETTINGS ALL 100” in scenario file
25645 NetStorm RBU-Core | G_RBU_CACHE_SETTING is not working properly in 418 release.
27412 NetStorm Graph Data Issue:Junk values are showing of Minimum value in case of Transaction NetCache Miss/Hit Response time graph.
24757 NetStorm Scenario GUI Issue :- On clicking on the Scenario Icon on the top , All the Groups and phases are removed.
25157 NetStorm Issue:Widget is showing Graph After disabling graphs from lower Pane.
27510 NetStorm Graphs are not coming correct after applying  Run Time Changes if Panel having derived graph or Merge Graph.
27985 NetStorm RunLogic AutoCalc Validation Issue: If use “-ve” value in “VUsers” field than other field is impacting after clicking “Calculate Pvs”.
27604 NetStorm Product UI Issue:Two T1 are coming and data for NDConfig is not coming after clicking on ND Config Button and then clicking on Sessions button and navigating from one T1 to another.
24879 NetStorm Scenario UI-RBU | In har setting keyword, when we enable mode for response capturing then in scenario file mode for request is getting enabled.
24997 NetStorm Scenario UI | After selecting chrome 51, when we again went to the RBU window, chrome 40 version is reflecting instead of chrome 51.
26818 NetStorm Not getting any notification if we apply update running scenario RTC from gui in
26893 NetStorm Scenario GUI | Sync Point GUI | Group name,Type,Name and Active options are showing blank in sync point GUI.
27624 NetStorm Scenario GUI | Scenario Schedule :- Value saved to scenario schedule for expiry date is not same as value entered .
27270 NetStorm Unique Range Parameter: Getting garbage value in request header in case of range exceed.
27390 NetStorm Unique Range Parameter: Sometime test is not getting stopped while we have selected ActionOnRangeExceed=”STOP_TEST” .
24820 NetStorm Compare Report Issue: While generating compare tabular report for chart type “Stacked Bar” and “Pie” we are getting it in “Multi” chart type.
27520 NetStorm Scheduler Report Issue:Not able to generate scheduler report
27656 NetStorm Pattern Matching Issue: Wrong Stats Report is generating while updating previous pattern matching result and generating report from current one.
27955 NetStorm Reporting Issue :- 2016 copyright of the cavisson system is coming in Compare/Compare Trend Report window.
27849 NetStorm AutoScaling|Core Dump is coming in NDC, while running the test using Auto scaling
25277 NetStorm Web Dashboard Issue:Wrong message is coming as “Test Run 500050 is opened in Offline mode”,but the Test Run is in Online Mode
26296 NetStorm Tabular Widget Issue:Not Able to Add Average field in Tabular type widget after adding rest all the fields.
27382 NetStorm Top Pane Issue: Top pane alignment is not coming proper after applying compare and then opening graphs from alert history.
26501 NetStorm Parameter Filter Issue: Drop Down list is not showing all Tiers/Servers which are present in Favorite.
27829 NetStorm Parameters Issue:Drop Down List for Hierarchy Level is not showing according to graphs present in widget,Only ANY and ALL options are showing
27854 NetStorm Discontinue Graph Issue:Tree and graph data is coming wrong after applying Time Period.
27917 NetStorm Discontinue Graph Issue:Not able to apply graph tree operation after applying discontinued graph tree operation from Graph Tree
28123 NetStorm Discontinue Graph Issue:Widgets are getting blank ,while applying show discontinue metrics with time period settings after applying open/Merge
26908 NetStorm Issue : Panel caption name is not coming while we apply merge with selected panel from derived graph (custom metrics).
26878 NetStorm RBU | Unable to save the click and script using script manager.
26919 NetStorm Run Logic Issue:Issues in Refresh the Run Logic GUI
26920 NetStorm Runlogic Progress Issue: While opening RunLogic then data is coming after approx 2 secs.It should show progress bar if data is fetching.
27162 NetStorm Run logic Issue: Exception is coming while updating and saving the runlogic.
27164 NetStorm Web Dashboard Issue:Problem in loading Runlogic RunProgress window in case of HTTPS.
27169 NetStorm WebDashboard Issue: RunTimeProgress option is not coming in drop down list of Run time progress.
27246 NetStorm RunLogic Run Time Progress: Count is coming Wrong in RunLogic Run Time Progress Window
27381 NetStorm RunLogic Issue:Not able analyze RunLogic Run Time progress because RunLogic tree  is not showing
27697 NetStorm RunLogic Progress Issue: RunLogic Progress is show wrong data.
27852 NetStorm RunLogic Progress Issue: RunLogic Progress is not showing All pages for all groups.
27979 NetStorm Runlogic AutoCalc Issue: Pages are coming disordered after calculating the PVS.
26806 NetStorm DB2_Replay: Same Queries are coming twice for the single log file
26814 NetStorm DB2_Replay: Query window is not getting open while clicking on Process Data button
26836 NetStorm DB2_Replay: Scenario created at backend with some binary data as @^@^@^@^@.
27825 NetStorm DB_Replay:Whenever we add any Query data file from GUI , it is not getting reflected.
26918 NetStorm Show Graph Data Issue:Time Period is not showing in show graph data window,while zoom is applied on Compared Graph
27828 NetStorm Show Data Issue on Derived Graph:Show graph data is coming blank on Derived Percentile Area Graph.
27050 NetStorm Alert Issue:Alert data is coming wrong after updating the alert rule.
27878 NetStorm Alert Issue:Alert Value and Threshold value is coming negative in case of Equal to no data available alert condition
28219 NetStorm Alert Issue: Alert window is not opening when click on Alerts =>Capacity/Behavior in Alert Menu.
26858 NetStorm Getting core dump while running smoke test of cookie and test stuck for 8 hours before stopping the test.
26877 NetStorm DB2_Replay: Parameterization is not working where the value of the parameter is “null”
27286 NetStorm Unique Range Parameter: Getting core dump if range is getting exceeded in case of Update value on USE.
27291 NetStorm Unique range parameter: User is not picking value as per expectation if enabling new user on each session.
27652 NetStorm Script-Manager: Not able to run test from script manager.
28203 NetStorm Scenario-Gui: Unable to create scenario from Scenario-UI when we select use profile.
27486 NetStorm Drill Down Report Issue:Number of Failures are coming in negative value in case of Transaction Failure Report
27495 NetStorm Dynamic Graph Changes Issue:Run Time changes are not reflecting in widget and  lower panel
27511 NetStorm Discontinue Graph Issue:Widget is not reflecting graphs according to applied Time Period but tree is reflecting based on latest gdf of applied Time Period.
27471 NetStorm Compare Issue:Not able to apply chart type on Compared graph
25598 NetStorm Time Period Issue:Elapsed Time is showing in negative value on the top panel after applying Compare in ONLINE mode
26872 NetStorm Zoom Issue: Previously applied zoom is not coming after changing the chart type.
26201 NetStorm Unable to traverse any type of Scenario once clicked on Fix mean users or any type of Goal Based Scenario.
26448 NetStorm Unable to traverse any type of Scenario once clicked on Fix mean users or any type of Goal Based Scenario.
26595 NetStorm Unable to traverse any type of Scenario once clicked on Fix mean users or any type of Goal Based Scenario in build 4.1.8 #7
26336 NetStorm Template update Issue: Issue in adding/updating template having Derived graph with arithmetic operation  on scalar graphs.
26701 NetStorm Reports From Widget : Data is not matching with Web Dashboard on Generating Compare Report with Time period applied as ‘Yesterday’ and ‘Last 7 Days’.
26921 NetStorm Compare Report Issue:graph is not coming in report after generating compare report from widget.
27168 NetStorm Reporting Issue:Blank Report is generating after applying Parameters
27403 NetStorm Reporting Issue:Compare Report is not coming with graph while widget having derived graph which is created with arithmetic operations
27468 NetStorm Reporting Issue:Blank report is generating in case of Stats word report and Data is not coming correct in case of Percentile report of Stats HTML report
27720 NetStorm Reporting Issue|Stats Report:After generating the report as Stats->tabular->All Metrics and downloading it as excel,complete data is not coming.
26656 NetStorm Enchantment in shell to get tomcat port of every instance of a machine
27874 NetStorm Group details is not showing in schedule setting GUI when we are adding any group in scenario.
24711 NetStorm Product UI Issue:Options in Product UI is not proper Visible.
26870 NetStorm Not getting launch script manager icon on Product UI
27611 NetStorm Pattern Matching is not working with All Graphs, Error is coming as No Graphs Matched.
27774 NetStorm Product UI RBU | Wrong Spelling of word  “Pecentile” in  NetStorm – Aggregate Pecentile Report.
28115 NetStorm Not able to open GUI of Machine
27065 NetStorm RBU- Video is not showing in NetStorm – Test Result GUI for any harfile when we upgrade or downgrade build on controller.
27768 NetStorm RBU | Not getting any data in Excel sheet when we click download button in Aggregate Percentile Report.
27769 NetStorm RBU | Not getting any data in Excel sheet when we click download button in Aggregate Percentile Report.
27546 NetStorm RBU- Extension bin is coping in .rel directory if we don’t have browser setup on machine.
26756 NetStorm Replay : RR_Services are not created for new processed data with different urls
27158 NetStorm RBU| Filter option is not working properly in Page Details Reports.
28107 NetStorm RBU- Video button is showing for those har file that doesn’t have clips when we are imported in page detail report GUI.
28184 NetStorm nsu_server is not working on IBM and SCS after Upgrade 4.1.8B18
26577 NetStorm Input data in ns_save_binary_val() API should not be in double quotes.
27577 NetStorm Script Manager | Unable to execute test using Test Script in Script manager GUI in case of ClickAndScript type script.
27836 NetStorm By default  Save HTTP response body required for Content verification
26866 NetStorm Replay:Reactive replay services are created/updated by the root user even we are login with netstorm user
27258 NetStorm RBU- Not able to start test from scenario GUI.
27331 NetStorm Option of Health Monitor should be visible properly in scenario GUI.
27872 NetStorm In scenario GUI notification message is not displaying more than once while making any change to scenario.
27873 NetStorm Scenario GUI | A pop up message is showing only once for saving scenarios successfully and not for any further.
27450 NetStorm RBU- Getting Exception on console when we are running test suite.
26047 NetStorm Missing of pause/Resume button from WebDashBoard.
26432 NetStorm RBU | Page Details Report button is not coming in the Debug Trace log when we are running test using script manager.
27870 NetStorm Scenario GUI | Scenario Schedule :- Wrong popup message is coming when  a schedule is enabled  using Scheduler MAnagement GUI.
27305 NetStorm DB2_Replay:Permissions of owner and group in registration.spec should be of the owner of specified group from which script has been created.
26647 NetStorm Show Graph Data Issue :- The whole scenario data is coming on applying the specified time period , while doing the show graph data .
26930 NetStorm DB2_Replay:Facing multiple issue when the format is date.
26675 NetStorm Cookie is unable to send with HTTP request in Firefox by using keyword G_RBU_ADD_HEADER with mode 1
27563 NetStorm If file parameter RTC is applied for multiple scripts, at a time then all groups are gotten data lines from last script’s  data file only.
25390 NetStorm Tree Name is incorrect for RBU Metrics in dashboard
25786 NetStorm G_RBU_PAGE_LOADED_TIMEOUT support from script
26624 NetStorm Data gets corrupt in webdashboard when we apply view by 1 hour
25652 NetStorm Scenario-GUI: Getting different behaviour of build in different types of supported browser with same build.
28144 NetStorm In scenario wizard | Scenario summary report in duration space is not present between no. of session and session
28146 NetStorm In scenario wizard | Duration phase, run for hh:mm:ss is giving error “Duration cannot be empty” while field is not empty.
28160 NetStorm In scenario wizard | scenario profile, while clicking on “select project” or “select subproject” or “scenario profile name” no option is coming and look of dropdown is also improper.
28176 NetStorm Scenario Wizard |An error message is shown, when navigate to next phase from duration phase even after giving values..
25391 NetStorm Not able to schdule the scenario
25628 NetStorm Scenario GUI | Server Mapping | Advanced Mapping | With multiple rows we are unable to update one row.
26435 NetStorm An Error message should shown when we are giving participating VUsers % more than 100%.
27143 NetVision Page list is not showing on the session detail window.
26503 NetVision In NV GUI, HTTP Filters is giving an exception as output(HTTP Status 500 – Unable to compile class for JSP).
24834 NetVision Getting exception 5xx when clicking on custom reports icon  in general reports.
24842 NetVision In NV Web Dashboard, Strings(Avg top 10 and Last Top 5) are attached in name of graph while performing last and avg data for multiple times.
24848 NetVision In Firefox, Compare button is not working in funnel comparison window.
25154 NetVision We are able to select  Multiple event names in checkpoint window, While updating an event.
26608 NetVision In NV GUI, Replay icon is not working on session window.
27451 NetVision Pagedump is opening blank even though it is available on the hpd server .
24838 NetVision “/run/nv-mdata” path is not created automatically while running hpd with pagedump caching.
24852 NetVision Getting error in creating file(.complete_file) in timestamp directory after enabling page dump caching.
24895 NetVision On Restarting HPD Server, Two nv_move_pagedump processes are running in page dump caching.
27868 NetVision Page Dashboard in Drill Down is not getting saved in Favorite
26951 NetVision In IE browser version 11, Location filter is not working in session data filter for page filters.
24865 NetVision In NV Web Dashboard, Merged GeoMap graphs having data for some locations(USA based states) but same are not showing in Lower Panel.
24697 NetVision In NV GUI, Getting exception 5XX while opening session detail window.
26505 NetVision In Active Sessions, Event Aggregate window is showing “No Data Found” on clicking of any event from sessions window.
26565 NetVision Heat map icon should be removed from session detail window if it is not in use.
26596 NetVision In IE browser, fields are not getting selected in export option.
26597 NetVision In IE browser, fields are not getting selected in export option.
27484 NetVision Null value is showing in transaction id on session detail window.
27572 NetVision In NV GUI, Getting exception 5XX on session detail window.
27645 NetVision Getting exception 5XX while downloading report from export option.
27655 NetVision Loading spinner is  coming in funnel Visualization instead of data while running funnel for any time.
24826 NetVision Not able to generate DDR for selected Graph after zoom.
24791 NetVision Wrong query(Timestamp) is executed in DB for Last custom time filters in Page and HTTP filters.
25388 NetVision In Feedback Filters, ArrayIndexOutOfBounds Exception is coming on clicking on run button without providing any input value in HH:MM:SS field of time filter.
26992 NetVision In HTTP filters, Title of last column is coming blank on HTTP session window.
27674 NetVision In HTTP filters,Sorting is not applied properly to response time column while increasing the rows.
25341 NetVision In Page Aggregate Data, Done button is not working for Trend and Compare Window in IE Browser.
26924 NetVision In IE browser, Run button is not working for general reports.
24790 NetVision In NV Web Dashboard, DDR Options are not coming for screen size groups(PageStats and SessionStats by Screen Size).
25150 Synthetic Monitor Report Issue | Sample value is mismatch in between web dashboard and downloaded Report from Web Dashboard .
25161 Synthetic Monitor RBU | har file is not generating when we run the test with “ndeadmin” user.
25788 Synthetic Monitor NVSM-Cloud | Error in uploading data on controller side when we enabled capture clips in RBU for group based.
25383 Synthetic Monitor Report Issue |On unchecking the trend compare option in the report management window, it display the hidder view by option just below it.
27454 TestSuite ND-Testsuite: Not able to make testsuite using GUI in case of ND GUI.