1st May 2017 – R

This section covers the release information for all Cavisson Products.

New and Enhanced Features in 4.1.7


  • Implementation of Capture Clips
  • Implementation of an API to get host name of recorded URL of script.
  • Implementation of an API for specifying time interval within one page between two different request.
  • Implementation of an API to ignore all the comma separated given domains.

Web Dashboard

  • Implementation of Memory leak in Java using Java API.
  • Implementation of Show Description feature for groups/graphs.
  • Implementation of dynamic web dashboard option for dynamic graph changes.


  • Support for overriding BT name if Business transaction name can be derived directly from some Request Header.
  • Feature to enable agent logs dumping on output and error streams.
  • Implementation of feature to capture exceptions from logger API.
  • New DB exit point for all type of db callouts in IBM Environment.
  • Changes in exception capturing method to allow capturing of handled and unhandled exception.
  • Auto scaling changes for agent startup process.


  • Support for Global Variable declaration in NO/NF: Support provided for global parameter declaration that can be used across all the services. This will help the user by declaration of multiple parameters repeatedly in all services.
  • Template level configuration (trace/debug)


  • Addition of new standard reports
  • Implementation of Content security policy feature
  • UI HTTP Support
  • Scroll Heatmap
  • Support to Capture Perceived Render Time

Synthetic Monitoring

  • Implementation of Capture Clips: With this feature, system starts capturing the screenshots only after some specified threshold value of OnLoad time is crossed. Single snapshot is generated for the case when page is not loaded under the default load time. 
  • Enhancement in Request Detail Page: Two custom filters (Request Served after DomContent/OnLoad) are added in the Request Detail page to know what number/type of requests are serving after specified threshold value.
  • Enabling CDN offload for additional domain: Using this feature, user can add additional domains where CDN needs to be enabled.


New Monitor added:

  • MongoDB Replication Info

Bug Fixes

Bug IDProductSummary
26387NetCloudWebdashboard|Issue related to improper alignment of “Add favorite” in webdashboard.
26813NetCloudPause Resume Issue : Samples are not updating on applying pause.
25763NetCloudifenslave package must come with the Cavbin.
26518NetCloudWeb.xml file is updating with XML content for HTTPS redirection after Installing CavBin and Upgrade the Build.
26835NetCloudGetting license is not present
9085NetCloudNeeds independent tool to display world map from given list of cities
27120NetDiagnosticsBCI|Business Transaction monitor data is coming in debug.log.
27122NetDiagnosticsDDR[ED] | “No record found” is showing while clicking on any BT link except counts  in ED Window.
26714NetDiagnosticsDDR| BT Name is showing in encoding format in Flowpath report while Request Header BT is set respective of “VALUE”.
26729NetDiagnosticsDDR[ED] | “HotSpot window” is opening in place of Exception window while clicking on Error count  inside Call stats in Transaction Flow window.
26949NetDiagnosticsBCIAgent|Exception records are not captured by BCI while applying LogEvent class as Entry point.
27105NetDiagnosticsThread dump analyzer window is not working in case user system time is different than the machine time
26771NetDiagnosticsDDR[ED] | “Hotspot window” is opening while clicking on Exception through Transaction Flow.
25042NetDiagnosticsDDR – Group By Custom Data[ED] | Search Option is not Working Properly in Tabular View of “Group By Custom Data.”
26537NetDiagnosticsDDR | Query is showing as 1 in “DB Report” of “Compare Flow Report” window.
26929NetOceanGetting core when more than one template is enable with conditions and no template is enable with default condition.
26689NetOceanNeed template level configuration (trace/debug) in NO.
26807NetOceanTemplate level trace/debug level keyword are not deleting from service.conf file when deleting template from GUI.
26953NetOceanTemplate level keyword is not deleting from service.conf file, when deleting template from Netocean GUI.
24637NetOceanDebug mode is not working when we are applying Debug mode from Netocean GUI.
26202NetOceanGetting 4xx when hitting FindFlight3 page of HPD Tours in HTTP2
26694NetOceanHpd is running in Debug mode even if Debug is disabled in all services as well as  hpd.conf.
26739NetOceanHTTP2: Getting core dump with login and findflight page with HTTP_MODE 0
27334NetOceanReplay : Error message should be user friendly if any service is already exit with same url name in Reactive Replay.
26639NetOceanReplay : RR_Services are not created for new processed data with different urls
26787NetOceanUnable to apply Trace/Debug in multiple template at a time in a service.
26988NetOceanNO: Not able to apply service time for particular template if both the services are active and we apply service time in default template.
26989NetOceanNO: Not able to apply Debugging and logging for particular template if both the services are active and we apply Debugging and logging default template.
27259NetOceanAdditional Header is not coming in response when we are adding additional header for static url.
21818NetStormAbnormal value in Actual Revenue graph in Graphical KPI
21798NetStormGetting Error during applying custom time under Excel Report generation
26555NetStormGetting zero in avg transaction response time
21485NetStormWhen trying to change the background color of web dashboard cavisson logo is also changing irrespective of its behavior.
26415NetStormGetting “Thread dump file format is not valid” exception while analyzing thread dump.
9793NetStormNot able to upgrade old build after upgrading new one
16786NetStormGetting “WriteFail” error when manual redirection is done to the different host with GET_NO_INLINED_OBJ ALL 1 keyword.
23874NetStormObserving memory leak in Basic Authentication for protocol HTTP/2.
21517NetStormScheduler Report Issue
22914NetStormReport Scheduler Issue:Blank Reports are generating from Report Scheduler .
26347NetStormTime Period Issue: On applying View By as 1 Hour while Test Run Duration is 1 hour 20 Minutes, Garbage Value is coming.
26670NetStormFilter value applied in Advance option of Open/Merge should be saved in Favorite.
26715NetStormTime Period Issue: Time Period is coming in milliseconds after applying compare on Web DashBoard.
26742NetStormTransaction Details Issue: Error message “Transaction Data is not available .It may be test run is just started .Please wait for a while and open it again .” is coming while applying specific time period.
26911NetStormTransaction Details Issue: After Selecting “Time period” as “Custom” default start and end date time is not coming like “Last 4 Hrs”.
27036NetStormTransaction details pie chart issue: Transaction Failure name is coming truncated in Transaction Failure Pie Chart.
27064NetStormRun Time Changes Issue:Applied Time Period is getting disabled from top panel of web dashboard after applying Run Time Changes
27074NetStormDynamic Graph changes Issue:When we delete all graphs of widget then it is not reflecting,Widget having multiple graphs.
27076NetStormDynamic Graph changes Issue::Lower pane is not working fine.When we disable graph from Lower pane then after coming new sample lower pane is getting enabled but panel is not showing disabled graphs
27078NetStormDynamic Graph changes Issue:Widgets are not getting refreshed after applying Run time changes ,if Favorite is created with global rule
27215NetStormDynamic Dasshboard Issue with Merge graph:If we apply Merge graph with Multiple graphs selections then only one graph is showing after coming new sample.
27252NetStormEdit Panel Caption Issue:Not able to edit panel caption after applying zoom on compared graph widget.
21726NetStormTotal webstore revenue graph showing wrong data
27119NetStormDrop Down List and ns_edit_field is not working during CST tesing
27156NetStormRBU-Core | Error of T.O. is coming in FF browser when we add keyword a “G_RBU_SETTINGS ALL 100” in scenario file
26165NetStormNS- Unable to open tomcat on http port in local machine.
21552NetStormShow Legend Issue:Show Legend is not showing proper on widget.
21746NetStormDial Derived Issue: Dial chart is not showing properly after applying a graph or a derived graph on it.
27142NetStormRun Time Changes Issue:Not able to apply Pattern matching after applying Run time changes
21638NetStormTCP Dump Issue : TCPDump GUI is not coming properly. The scroll bar is showing the end of the TCPDump GUI Box.
26782NetStormLower Pane Issue:Graphs getting disabled in Lower Pane after sample updation.
26793NetStormLower Pane Download Issue: While downloading the lower pane, data of lower pane is coming wrong.
27083NetStormChart Type Issue: For Chart Type: Bar Chart, Dual Axis Bar Chart, Stacked Bar Chart, Line Stacked Chart Y axis is not coming.
26812NetStormWeb DashBoard Issue : Graphs are getting disrupted if Web DashBoard is left intact for few minutes.
27232NetStormDynamic Dashboard Issue: After applying RTC value of graph is coming wrong in widget.
21499NetStormGetting Core dump in lps while Applying runtime changes after upgrading 4.1.6 #43
21737NetStormOracleStats AWR monitor is not giving correct data
21832NetStormAWR reports are not coming in correct partition after partition switch.
12568NetStormVulnerability “CVE-1999-0526” has been seen on port 6001 used by RBU module
16405NetStormulimit is not set for new shipped NDE boxes (PKY & SCS)
16418NetStormLD_LIB_PATH is not working on New PKY Machine (
16498NetStormCavbin issues with postgreSQL and pg_bulkload
27031NetStormScenario GUI | Edit option is disabled while applying running scenario RTC in schedule setting.
27089NetStormMemory Leakage Issue:Heap Usage Comparison graph is coming blank after clicking on compare selected sample.
21593NetStormWidget Report Issue : Blank Report is Generating from Widget With All Widget Option when we apply compare on widget panel.
26707NetStormReporting Issue:Blank report is generating from widget,while graph Vector contains “/”
26757NetStormReports from Widget: Graphs are not coming in Report after zoom-in the graph.
21442NetStormMin Max graph: Single graph is showing in widget after applying zoom on min max graph
21487NetStormOpen/Merge Members: Lower panel is not refreshing if applying open/merge members on zoomed widget
21510NetStormMin Max graph: Getting wrong data on applying Min Max on a graph
21601NetStormZoom: Lower panel is showing wrong data while applying zoom after applying time period and showing correct data after new sample is coming
21628NetStormMerge Graph Issue : On Applying Zoom after merging the custom Metric with selected graph, data for the custom metric is getting 0 in lower pane.
21640NetStormMin Max: Hide Min Max option is not coming on applying  min max graph on a widget
27028NetStormDebug Trace Issue: No record is coming in Debug Trace window in case of HTTPS.
21423NetStormOpen/Merge : Not able to drag graph on blank widget after applying open members then load layout
21477NetStormOpen-Merge Member Issue : Lower panel is not reflecting until the new sample is not updated.
21680NetStormDownload Issue: Downloaded file of the graph dosen’t showing value on X-axis & Y-Axis.
26761NetStormTransaction Detail Issue: String values are coming in “Completed” and “Success” fields of Transaction Details.
26789NetStormTabular layout or widget Issue:String value is coming in samples while we open the tabular layout or convert the widget type into tabular.
21876NetStormCustom Metrics: Issue in adding zoomed graph in custom metrics
26777NetStormParameters Issue : Meta data info is not coming in drop down list,its showing only ALL & Any in drop down list.
27019NetStormParameters Issue:Not able to apply Parameters while applying Open All Derived Members
27218NetStormCompare Issue: Time period of graph is coming wrong after while changing view by in Baseline compare.
27247NetStormIssue:CPU Utilization graph is showing zero samples in lower pane after applying open/Merge member operation with Count Value from Advanced Settings.
21703NetStormMerge Graph Issue : When Graph of Custom Metrics is merged with “Data Type Widget”, Graph type is not getting changed.
26558NetStormTime Period Issue : Error in Getting Time period data from server when Time period ‘Whole Scenario’ and View By ‘Sample Interval'(10 seconds) is applied.
27096NetStormRun Time Changes Issue:Added Derived Graph is getting removed ,after applying run time changes
26790NetStormDownload Issue in Excel:In Downloaded Show Graph data and Lower Pane in Excel Format,”host statistics” is coming in Excel data.
27066NetStormShow Description Issue : Group Information are overlapping with Metric Table after expanding the Group information.
27251NetStormAdvance Open/Merge from Widget Issue:If widget having multiple graphs of different level like Level2 and Level3, then Advance open merge settings are showing according to Level3 but level2 graph is selected
27274NetStormOpen-Merge Issue :Error message is showing as metrics is not found but operation is applied on widget while we apply open/merge settings from panel setting.
25916NetStormAlert Based Thread Dump and Heap Dump is not working properly if both actions are used in a single Policy.
26545NetStormWeb DashBoard Issue: Time Period is not showing in Top Panel if we open Active alert graphs after applying Baseline comparison.
27272NetStormAlert History Issue:No Records coming in Alert History,Validation message “From Time should be less than To Time” while applying time period.
18022NetStormNeed Enhancement in RBU to have Transaction time in the cases when Onload is not fired.
25772NetStormRBU API’s execution is not showing in the debug trace log.
21851NetStormKPI Graph Issue : The data in dial graph is coming below the projected data
21555NetStormLast sample is not updating in Dashboard GUI in NDE mode
26817NetStormSave Rule in Favorite Issue:Data is not showing according to the filters applied,while the filter rule is saved in favorite
26972NetStormSave Rule In Favorite Issue:If Indices are not matching according to the filters applied then widget should show blank,currently it is showing graphs of all indices
27088NetStormSave Rule in Favorite Issue:Data is not showing according to the filter applied after coming new samples in ONLINE Test Run for saved favorite
26349NetStormBaseline Comparison Issue: graphs in widget gets in disorder after 30 min left ideal.
26735NetStormBaseline Comparison Issue:Validation message is coming “Favorite containing compare information is not valid for compare.” after disabling Baseline Comparison.
26923NetStormCompare Issue: While Changing the view by to auto graphs are getting disordered on the widget.
27081NetStormBaseline Comparison Issue:Sample is not updating after applying Baseline Comparison in webdashboard.
27093NetStormBaseline Comparison Issue:Lower Panel is coming blank after applying baseline comparison on widget.
21677NetStormOpen-Merge Member Issue:Not able to enable/disable option for New Layout when open/merge with existing layout second time.
26544NetStormLast Sample time is not updating when we apply time period as Specified Time in Online Test Run.
26713NetStormTabular Widget Type Issue:Not able apply Graph stats Based Table type after applying Vector based table type with tabular widget type
26983NetStormTCP Dump issue:File size is coming zero while taking TCP DUMP in webdashboard.
27170NetStormTCP DUMP Issue:Default option is coming in Tier field of TCP Dump Window in webdashboard.
27022NetStormReporting Issue:Blank Report is generating after applying Parameters
20475NetStormTCP Total Connections Open(NA) and TCP Total Connections Close(NA) value both are not reflecting in summary_gdf.data
27117NetStorm“nsi_build_upgrade” command is not executing when we are giving relative/absolute path of a file.
21840NetStormAdd To Custom metrics Issue:Not Able to Remove Node from Custom Metrics in Webdashboard.
21767NetStormKPI enhancement – DB Tier data to be picked from “Oracle DB Activity Stats” group
21867NetStormKPI Day’s Max per Instance data issue…
26356NetStormProduct UI Issue: Product UI is not coming proper after clearing browser cache and reloading.
27198NetStormProvision for Advance Open Merge Option From Widgets.
26932NetStormRBU- Video is not showing in NetStorm – Test Result GUI for any harfile when we upgrade or downgrade build on controller.
18234NetStormRBU-Thirdparty is still coming in the waterfall of any page
25683NetStormRBU | Getting Wrong interval of time(ms) in Capture Clips
26645NetStormRBU | Getting Response body, as we are using Disable mode of Keyword G_RBU_HAR_SETTING All 0 0 0 1
22807NetStormGeo Map should show the location data of specific locations only when multiple locations’ graphs are merged
21626NetStormCore dump is coming in netstorm when applying multiple runtime changes.
21760NetStormCore dump is coming when applying rtc
21853NetStormCore dump in lps
22612NetStormtest not getting started with access log monitor after build upgradation
26915NetStormRBU- Getting wrong value of visual complete in case of chrome browser.
17608NetStormNeed log for installed packages in cavbin
18087NetStormNeed log for installed packages in cavbin
26430NetStormRBU GUI | RBU_ORIGIN_DOMAIN keyword is supported as a pipe(|) separated not a comma seperated
27257NetStormRBU- Not able to start test from scenario GUI.
21678NetStormMin-Max Issue :Min-Max is not working properly,When apply Min-Max on zoomed graph then Lower pane is not proper working.
21615NetStormOpen-Merge Member Issue :Graph is not dragging on widget but data is showing on lower pane after some time.
21556NetStormWidget Issue :Graphs are not coming proper when open graph tree after applying delete then Add Widget.
21614NetStormNext Prev Issue: When applying next prev after applying zoom on compared graph then widget is showing blank.
21765NetStormIssue in converting chart type to Dual bar line graph.
24535NetStormNS RBU Enhancement
21747NetStormWindow CLR GC monitor is not working for data
27127NetStormScenario-Gui : Getting command error on Ip Management Gui when we click on Ip Management in case https port.
18306NetStormnsu_assign_ip is throwing invalid netbits errors
21708NetStormInline include domain pattern is not working when domain of main URL and domain of include url are same.
17837NetStormRBU- New Test Run is created when we are parsing non existing Test Run in nsu_rbu_migrate_tr tool.
17867NetStormRBU- CSV is not generated for others har file if one har file is corrupted.
26459NetStormRBU | Test is not executed Successfully when we apply G_RBU_USER_AGENT with mode 2 .
25785NetStormG_RBU_PAGE_LOADED_TIMEOUT support from script
26294NetStormRBU- Getting timeout when we are hitting real time website using Firefox.
26622NetStormData gets corrupt in webdashboard when we apply view by 1 hour
21716NetStormFavorite Issue : Not able to add Favorite,Error is coming like ‘Error in saving Favorite layout’.
21838NetStormFavorite setting Issue|NDE Mode :Favorite is not loading properly while loading with enabling the Load Graph Time Setting from favorite
26719NetStormOrganize Favorite Issue : Alignment of fields is not proper while copying a favorite using Organize favorite.
22005NetVisionIn NV Dashboard, Tabular graph is not converted into Meter Graph.
26907NetVisionREG,Date,Time and Associate are showing same for every session in the playback window .
22138NetVisionBaseline value is not correct of order confirmation page in Responsetimebypage (time to dom complete) report in ResponseTime(Overall) tab in Mobile and Tablet template .
22589NetVisionPercentage values of baseline for Add to bag is not same in Responsetimebypage(tablet – timetoload) and Responsetimebypage soft navigation (tablet – time to load) Report in GUI .
26885NetVisionDifference in values in Daily and Weekly Mobile RUM Reports.
27056NetVisionIn NV Special Reports , % value in Response time by page (Dotcom – time to load ) is not equal to 100% in GUI .
27275NetVisionGoal and Trend Value of Response time by Date(Perceived Render Time) Report is same as Response time by date (FirstByte time ) Report in Special Report
27279NetVisionNot able to download Total Metrics and Perceived Render Time Report in Special Report Section .
27023NetVisionValues in POSF->LTO Report is wrong in POSF Reports section in GUI .
21666NetVisionGetting ArrayIndexOutOfBounds Exception while clicking on generate report in NV GUI.
21714NetVisionNV Android Replay, Unnecessary contents are shown in pagedump while navigating 1 page to another in Session details window.
26487NetVisionWrong format of Platform is showing for Mac OS and Chromium OS in Session Window .
26767NetVisionSession window is not coming properly because Server time is not showing when we execute HTTP Filters.
21588NetVisionIn HTTP Request Filters, Application Name and Application Version is coming same in filter criteria window.
24259NetVisionSession having High Page Response event are not showing when we drill down from Event Aggregate Report window.
26486NetVisionTime Filter is also showing in Filter Criteria of Session window when we filter any Session Id .
26550NetVision5XX Exception is coming in Session window when we select various options in the Business Process Filter
27044NetVisionIn NV GUI, Number Format Exception is coming while clicking on Flow path instance icon through HTTP Filters.
27084NetVisionIn NV GUI, Null Pointer exception is coming while running HTTP filters for any specific time.
27134NetVisionFilters are not opening properly in case of HTTPS GUI port.
27222NetVisionIn NV GUI, Feedback Attribute Filters are not being selected while clicking on attribute options.
27367NetVisionIn NV Funnel Comparison GUI, Time is coming same for both window(1 hour and 4 hour) while doing drill-down for any events.
26710NetVisionStandard Reports are not showing when we select General in the Reports.
24648NetVisionResource name is missing in resource timing on page detail window.
24710NetVisionIn Resource Timing, Waterfall Filter Textbox is getting hanged for some time(approx. 4-7 sec) while adding/deleting values from it.
25004NetVisionIn NV GUI, Getting exception 5XX while copying user segment from one channel to other.
27219NetVisionIn Funnel Comparison,funnel comparison window is not opening while clicking on compare funnel icon.
26193NetVisionIn Page Filters, Order Total is showing for other Pages like Search Result, Department,etc in Pages window.
27108NetVisionValue for Time to Dom and Time to load are coming 0 on the page details window while navigating from page filters.
21524NetVisionIn NV Android Integration , User agent is showing null on session window.
21725NetVisionIn NV Android Sessions, Ajax call and resource timing are coming instead of HTTP Request in session detail window.
23715NetVisionShow Heatmap is not painting anything in current pagedump in session details window while performing click action on it.
25166NetVisionIn Navigation map, Expand/Collapse icon is not at proper place.
26868NetVisionOn applying http filter, all the available filters gets disappeared
27303NetVisionLoading Spinner is coming in NV GUI instead of data while running funnel for any time.
19507NetVision“Show Netvision Cookies” link is displaying after showing all netvision cookies.
21692NetVisionStore id ,Associate id and Terminal id value is coming as -1 in NV Page Filter.
23954NetVisionIn Production Box, Platform Linux filter are not working in Session Data Filter.
27173NetVisionIn NV GUI, not able to switch tabs in resource timing on page detail window.
27212NetVisionIn NV Filters, Unable to switch tabs in transaction filter.
27227NetVisionIn Page Filters, Data is not coming in Pages GUI as File Not Found Exception is coming in nvDebug.log file.
27333NetVisionMenu drill down from session are not working properly.
20347NetVisionProper Report is not showing in Result table in General Reports .
26447NetVisionIn NV GUI, Drop down lists are not reflecting for some filter options.
26515Synthetic MonitorRBU-Core | Video creation time should be same as the time taking for page load time.
26519Synthetic MonitorRBU-Core | visually complete time and start render time is not showing in page detail report for ns_link API.
27068Synthetic MonitorRBU-Core | Item is not getting selected form a drop down list for Personalized-Jewelry domain.
27216Synthetic MonitorSession is repeating itself (one time) in Page Average/Detail report.
25557TestSuiteParameter is not picking correct value in test suite