12th April 2017 – R

This section covers the release information for all Cavisson Products.

New and Enhanced Features in


  • Automatic generation of RBU metrics report: An automated comparative excel report is generated for 90th percentile data for current running test suite with respect to a predefined Base Line Test suite.
  • Enhancement in File parameter for Weighted Random mode.
  • An API is created to store file data into declare parameter.
  • An API is created to compress data in zip format.
  • An API is created to decompress the compressed data.
  • An API is created to save binary data into declare parameter.
  • An API is created to split data by using predefined delimeter.
  • New mode added in settings to retain the parameter value for next session.
  • New mode is added in page think time settings to make it more customized.
  • Conversion of some settings from global to group based.

Web Dashboard

  • Top 5 Spiked Graphs: Now, we can get the top 5 graphs containing spikes.
  • Advance filter in alert history: Now classical history window can be accessed from Advance alert option in new alert history window.
  • Categories graph
  • Deployment marker
  • Tabular Data-Vector Based
  • Favorite Parametrization
  • View by option in Top Panel


Business Transactions

Now complete flow path for slow/very slow business transactions can be captured.

Method Calling Tree

Filter option in Method calling tree is introduced to filter out those methods whose wall time is very less or wall time is less than 1 millisecond. Filtering methods is easy to find methods whose wall time is high or culprit methods.


Enhancements done in Transactions section

Transaction: A transaction is a sequence of ajax calls and related work (as dom changes) for any specific operation. Example, Scan Transaction. In a Store App when associate scan the bar code then some kind of ajax calls happen and that returns the detail of Product associate to that Bar Code. So from scan to the point when product detail is populated to dom will be considered as a transaction.

Transaction Stats

For each transaction defined in system we can have following metrics:

  1. Transaction Rate
  2. Transaction Duration
  3. Failure Transaction Count

Transaction Dashboard

We have following graphs available for Transaction:

  1. Transaction Started/min
  2. Transaction Completed/min
  3. Transaction Failure/min
  4. Transaction Response

Transaction DDR

For each Graph related to transaction, we can have following DDR:

  1. All Transaction
  2. Failed Transaction
  3. Transaction with Duration

0ms to 500ms

500ms to 1sec

Store and Terminal level Stats

All these Stats can be on store and terminal Level.

Transaction Filter

We have separate filter window for transaction. We can filter the transaction on following attributes.

Time Filter

Transaction Attribute Filter

  • Failed Transaction
  • Transaction Name
  • Transaction Duration

Session Attribute Filter

  • Channel
  • Page
  • Browser
  • Device
  • Location
  • Platform

Store Filter

  • Store Id
  • Terminal Id
  • Associate Id

Synthetic Monitoring

  • Hyperlinked Report Name: In available report section, reports name are now hyperlinked to get into the details.
  • Custom policy for custom generated alerts: On creating a custom policy for all rules, now actions is performed only for custom generated alerts.


  • Addition of System Parameter in GUI.
  • Addition of Activate Changes method for activation of changes.
  • Template level configuration (trace/debug).

Bug Fixes

Bug ID Product Summary
22913 NetStorm Report Scheduler Issue : In NS Mode, Preset options are not coming properly in Schedule Report Generation.
22916 NetStorm Report Scheduler Issue : While Selecting any presets we are not able to change “View by”.
24343 NetStorm Scheduler Report Issue: While editing a schedule task “Task Type” is automatically changed from “Html Report” to “Word Report”.
24494 NetStorm Alert Issue: Count is coming wrong after force clear Alert.
25566 NetStorm Alert SNMP Issue : Not able to send trap in case of SNMP V2
24325 NetStorm Panel caption Issue :Line stacked bar graph  is changed after removing the end comma in panel caption.
24606 NetStorm Transaction Details Pie Chart Issue: negative integer and special character is acceptable in “Top N” option of chart option.
25650 NetStorm Web Dashboard Issue: Transactions details are not coming in proper format after opening the update data file from Actions button and then opening the transactions from View button.
24311 NetStorm Schedule Setting Issue :- When Scenario is open in read only mode from test run GUI then all the groups and phases are not visible.
24449 NetStorm Scenario GUI Issue|Schedule Settings: In case of Advance>>Group>>Auto mode the number of users/sessions are not updating for only selected group, While updating selected group other groups are also updating
24468 NetStorm Scenario GUI Issue|Schedule Settings:Not asking for conformation when schedule type is  changing from simple to advance in schedule settings window of scenario GUI
24593 NetStorm Scenario GUI | We are getting invalid value in scenario when we are giving time with subtraction symbol.
24983 NetStorm Scenario GUI | After creating any goal based scenario and save it, If we open same file again then the information related to that scenario are not displayed.
24545 NetStorm Issue: widgets are showing compared graph when applying Open- Merge member after disabling Baseline Comparison.
25155 NetStorm Compare Issue :Baseline data is showing Zero after applying Time period on compared graphs.
24019 NetStorm Product UI Issue: Not able to Export Test from Product UI.
24572 NetStorm Alert Product UI Issue : All Alerts are not showing properly in Product UI.
24950 NetStorm Testrun GUI Issue: Not able to search test run for first time after opening the GUI.
24988 NetStorm Product UI Issue:Installation date is coming empty due to Bulid upgradation is started when test is Running in Netstorm release Widget
25017 NetStorm Product UI Issue :- On Locking the test run from the Test Assets Summary widget no records message has been displayed.
14294 NetStorm Firefox RBU: When we are trying to run the test for 10u25sess, we are getting “CORE DUMP”.
24517 NetStorm Scenario GUI Issue:Test Run: Wrong message displayed when an error comes while starting a Scenario
24418 NetStorm Scenario GUI:Scenario GUI is not working,Right pane of Scenario GUI is coming Blank.
24452 NetStorm Scenario GUI Issue: Global Settings(Logs and Reports):When  Debug Trace log is  enabled,then only DEBUG_TRACE 1 Keyword should come but EXCLUDE_FAILED_AGGREGATES 0 and REPORT_SET_GEN 0 and NETCLOUD_COMPARE_REPORT 0 is also coming but they are disabled
24455 NetStorm Scenario GUI Issue|Group Based Settings:Session Pacing Option should be disabled in case of Fix Session Rate (FSR) Scenario Type
24505 NetStorm Scenario GUI Issue :- After adding groups in SMTP settings the option for choosing group should not be shown.
24530 NetStorm Scenario GUI Issue:|Group Based Settings:In SSL in place of Selected SSL Ciphers,it should come as Available SSL Ciphers and In Place of Selected,It should come as Selected SSL Ciphers
24553 NetStorm Scenario GUI Issue|Group Based Settings:DNS lookup file connection type should be in proper alignment
24568 NetStorm Scenario GUI Issue|User Profile:Percentage with negative values is saving successfully in User Profile default screen size settings of User Profile
24600 NetStorm Scenario GUI Setting: SMTP Setting:When we save SMTP parameters in any of the group then the value is saved in the other group selected in the panel.
24646 NetStorm Scenario GUI|Percentile Issue:Keyword for Percentile is not adding correct.
25067 NetStorm Scenario GUI Issue: Scenario UI hangs when we click on Java Settings.
24415 NetStorm Not able to open Web DashBoard or any UI which are opening in New Tab from Product UI: Error is coming as Request has been blocked,the content must be served over HTTPS
25305 NetStorm SalesForce:Not able to record in case of new tab in case of click and Script.
24251 NetStorm Product UI Issue :- No Records Found message has been shown on unlocking the test run.
24458 NetStorm Scenario GUI Issue|Group Based Settings:Master check box issue in Group Based Settings of Scenario GUI
24459 NetStorm Scenario GUI Issue: Group Based Settings: Not able to apply Auto Fetch when we delete and then add it with All Pages.
24469 NetStorm Scenario GUI Issue: Group Based Settings: Auto fetch – “All Pages” record coming when we add group
24470 NetStorm Scenario GUI Issue: Group Based Settings: Multiple Page Think Time keyword is adding when updating from one option to another in Override
24473 NetStorm Scenario GUI Issue: Group Based Settings:In Tracing other arguments should not add in scenario even if it is disable.
24475 NetStorm Scenario GUI Issue:No option for going to Product UI Page,We have to click on Cavisson logo image
24486 NetStorm Scenario GUI Issue|Global Settings:Arguments missing  in case of Exclude failed
24519 NetStorm Scenario GUI Issue|Group Based Settings:Not able to see all groups  in Add Group drop down list,in case of multiple groups(More then 20 groups) are added.Scroll bar should come
24529 NetStorm Scenario GUI Issue: Group Based Settings: Drop down list is not showing all the pages when switched from Group Name to Add Group
24542 NetStorm Scenario GUI Issue|Group Based Settings:No message is coming when click on delete.message should come as “do you want to deleted selected records”
24560 NetStorm Scenario GUI Issue|Group Based Settings:Trace session limit validation messages are not proper in Tracing of logs and reports
24574 NetStorm Scenario GUI Issue: Group Based Settings: In Inline Delay we are unable to delete records.
24794 NetStorm Scenario GUI Issue|Global Based Settings:Scenario is getting saved with null value in case of Network Simulation.
24917 NetStorm Scenario GUI Issue|Group Based Settings:Unable to add Inline Delay with Uniform Random.
24984 NetStorm Scenario GUI Issue|Schedule Settings:No Message is coming while moving from Schedule settings to Available Scenario/Product UI without saving scenario.
24382 NetStorm Reporting Issue:Report is not generating automatically as the “REPORT_SET_GEN” keyword is enabled in Scenario
24658 NetStorm Reports from Widget : Blank Reports are generating if we generate report from widget having derived graph merged with another graph.
24668 NetStorm Compare Report Issue: While generating compare tabular report for chart type “Stacked Bar” and “Pie” we are getting it in “Multi” chart type.
24924 NetStorm Alert Stats Report Issue :Graphs is not coming right after applying alert stats report.
25029 NetStorm Compare Report Issue : “Select Metrics” option is not coming properly after selecting “Edit Compare Report with ‘Select Metrics’ “
23526 NetStorm Open/Merge Member Issues: Issues related to Open/merge Members.
24368 NetStorm Formula-Type Issue on Zoomed Compared Graph:Formula-Type is not working on Zoomed Compared Graph in webdashboard.
25401 NetStorm Show Graph Tree in Derived Graph :Show Graph tree is not working in derived graph.
25336 NetStorm Derived Graph Issue :Data is not coming correct while we add the derived graph with count function.
25432 NetStorm Scenario GUI |Default value is adding on scenario .conf file while we visited the scenario options.
25295 NetStorm Script Management:Taking approx 30 sec to change page name (3 Pages in script of ATG Application) and no progress bar is coming when click on change page name.
24204 NetStorm Lower Pane color Issue :Different graphs having same color while we add the derived graph with arithmetic operation.
24271 NetStorm Favorite Issue :  Color of the pie chart is not updating while adding a new favorite.
24380 NetStorm Issue : Chart Type and color of graphs is getting change after loading the added Favorite in case of applying the open/merge metrics and change the color from lower pane and save in favorite.
24896 NetStorm Show Graph data : Blank Report is generated after downloaded the show graph data.
25066 NetStorm Web Dashboard issue:Show graph data window is showing data of different graph when apply Open/Merge is applied with Multiple graph selection or open Active alert graphs and click on Next Pagination
25121 NetStorm Compare Data Type widget Issue :When we change the graph color from lower pane in case of compare then data type widget is not change their color but lower pane is getting change.
23897 NetStorm Tomcat Performance Issue:Taking approx 90 secs to deploy configUI on restarting tomcat.
24499 NetStorm Alert Issue: Issue in downloading Alert in case of NDE Mode.
17093 NetStorm Test is Stuck in scripts compile time due to gperf taking time for transactions
24564 NetStorm RTG Transpose Issue: Number of packets are not coming correct in transposed RTG Data after day changes.
24628 NetStorm Issue in generating Excel Report if keyword related to “datacentername” is not used in config.ini.
24916 NetStorm Scenario GUI Issue: Group Based Settings: In case of page error when we add group and click on “add’ button wrong keyword is added without selecting Page Name
24973 NetStorm Scenario GUI Issue|Group Based Settings:Not able to see all groups  in Add Group drop down list,in case of multiple groups(More then 20 groups) are added.Scroll Bar is coming for only think time not for all tabs
24982 NetStorm Scenario GUI Issue|Group Based Settings: Unable to delete records in Click Away using master check box.
25138 NetStorm Scenario GUI Issue:Not able to add more than nine server in Server Mapping.
20576 NetStorm Transaction Details Issue:Transaction details is not showing correct data
24355 NetStorm Check Profile Issue: Check Profile Option should come in Action Menu in Swing Based UI so that User can open Check Profile.
24302 NetStorm Min-Max undo zoom issue :Widget is getting blank,after applying undo zoom on Min-Max graph.
24897 NetStorm Zoom Issue : Zoom is not working in NDE mode.
25386 NetStorm Y axis value Issue :Graph is not plotting correct due to Y axis Value is showing Improper.
24487 NetStorm Scenario GUI Issue :- No message is coming on deleting the scenario .
24533 NetStorm Scenario GUI Issue|Global Settings:Report option is coming in case of NDE mode.
24561 NetStorm Scenario Gui Issue :-Not able to move other settings like Global settings ,group based settings etc. once monitor tab  got selected
24569 NetStorm [Scenario GUI | GoalBased] An error message should show when we are giving minute and second field greater than 59.
24594 NetStorm [Sceanrio GUI | Goal Based ] Default Keywords are not added in scenario when we save the scenario.
24913 NetStorm Scenario GUI Issue:When click on scenario link then no progress bar is coming and Schedule setting GUI is opening after approx 2 secs
25278 NetStorm Scenario GUI Issue| Global Based Settings:Wrong value is coming for percentile data(Default is coming as 5000).
25281 NetStorm Scenario GUI Issue: Ciphers are showing in both side in Available SSL Ciphers and Selected SSL ciphers.
24365 NetStorm Reports from Web Dashboard : Caption Name with Angular Braces is not getting reflected in the generated report.
24511 NetStorm Reports Issue : While generating reports with correlated normal graph in “Select Metrics/Template” graphs are not coming in generated report.
24707 NetStorm Report Issue : Graphs are not coming while generating Compare Report with All Metrics.
24910 NetStorm Report Issue : Not able to Generate report using Favorite.
25045 NetStorm Report Issue :Blank word report is generated in case of using Favorite.
25208 NetStorm Trend Report Issue: Test Run Detail Info in Tabular data is not coming correct in Compare Trend Report.
21241 NetStorm nsi_build_upgrade shell not upgrading build to any machine unless we give controller to it
24927 NetStorm [Scenario GUI | Goal based] when we change the scenario type from FCU or FSR to any goal based scenario the keywords are getting added to scenario file with syntactical errors.
25588 NetStorm Scenario GUI|Dashboard| Test run is not getting stop when we click on stop button.
20503 NetStorm RBU- Getting wrong value for Overall time or Page load time in both Dashboard and Page Average Report GUI.
25007 NetStorm RBU | Unable to run click and script in RBU.
24581 NetStorm Scenario GUI | Group Based Settings| Virtual User | Free Stack after session enable/disable mode is not reflecting in backend when Run Script Mode is Thread Per User.
24627 NetStorm Scenario GUI | Global Setting | Advanced | Advanced Setting | accepting more initial number of thread than max number of thread.
25041 NetStorm Scenario GUI | Java Settings | JVM Virtual User Thread Pool | Error message is showing with the default values and unable to navigate to other options.
25363 NetStorm Update function is not working for IP settings ip adress list.
25413 NetStorm While creating a scenario from scenario profile UI and opening it to edit, the scenario is opened in read only mode(user is not able to edit the scenario).
25430 NetStorm Scenario GUI | Issue with group based proxy settings , when a new group is added to group based settings for proxy server then by default it is not having “no proxy settings ” mode(some values are by default added).
20342 NetStorm Getting “Phase ‘<87>HôÑ^?'” in output when run-time changes applied before start of the test.
24466 NetStorm Scenario GUI Issue: Group Based Settings: Debug logging options are not visible properly.scrolling should  come.
24471 NetStorm Scenario GUI Issue: Group Based Settings: Page Think Time: Validation Issue
25241 NetStorm ( Build 417#3401 |Debug Trace)Session counts in debug trace GUI is not same as number of sessions in debug_trace.log file.
21014 NetStorm Unable to apply Index File Parameter if file is taken from absolute path (GUI hangs up)
25233 NetStorm (Build 417#3401 | New Debug trace GUI )When we run a test form script manager GUI then some wrong output for session count in debug trace window.
24457 NetStorm Scenario GUI Issue|Schedule Settings:Scripts drop down list are not visible properly in add group window.
24599 NetStorm [Scenario GUI | GoalBased ] An error message should popup showing “Total user percentage should be 100” when we save any scenario having no groups .
24602 NetStorm [Scenario GUI | Goal Based]The option for number of successful attempts in number of tries the Netstorm box is taking invalid inputs
25086 NetStorm [ Scenario GUI | Goal Based Scenario ] It is showing only default values in schedule after opening the file.
25311 NetStorm Not able to schdule the scenario
25019 NetStorm Report Issue: Percentile Graph is not coming on full screen in Compare Tabular Report.
20815 NetDiagnostics DDR | Same window is opening for “DB Request Report” and “DB Request Report group by BT”. Group By BT function is not correct from Dashboard GUI.
23513 NetDiagnostics DDR[ED] | Sequence Diagram is not showing any method in sequence diagram window at first and after clicking on show all in Apply Filter option then it’s showing all the methods.
23671 NetDiagnostics DDR|Response time for DB or any call out should not show 0 it should show <1 ms instead.
23761 NetDiagnostics DotNet|DDR|Flowpath DB request report is not opening while query wrapper is giving data from backend.
24283 NetDiagnostics DDR[ED] | “only apply and close” option is coming while clicking on “custom data” after closing the custom data window without apply at first time.
24336 NetDiagnostics DDR[ED] | “Method count” is showing for all methods after applying the value on Method counts on Flowpath Report window.
24398 NetDiagnostics DDR[Web Dashboard] | “No record found” is showing on Flowpath Report window whose signature is “1” after clicking on  Flowpath count while traversing from Flowpath Stats>Total Flowpath>Flowpath By Signature Report.
25271 NetDiagnostics DDR[ED] | “Download options”  are not working for DB Call By BT Window.
25317 NetDiagnostics DDR| Transaction flow is showing JMSP(JMS Producer) calls are going away form Queue.
24836 NetDiagnostics Time Period Issue :Wrong time is applied with Preset Yesterday.
25050 NetDiagnostics Nodejs| Database query is not opening from sequence diagram while clicking on DBcallout  as well as the method flow execution in sequence diagram is not showing complete as shown in  sequence blob in case of mongodb.
25108 NetDiagnostics DDR[ED] | “No Record Found” is showing on  Integration Point Health window while traversing from BT Trend>Group By Custom Data>BT Count.
24356 NetDiagnostics Product UI | “Executive Dashboard” option is not coming in Product UI when open Product UI from Test Run GUI.
24330 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent|DDR|There is mismatched in total flowpath count while traversing through dashboard and total flowpath present in database
24315 NetDiagnostics DDR[NDP]|Status Code and BTCategory is showing “-” in flowpath report as NDP is not processing the rawdata correctly.
24605 NetDiagnostics “No data were found” is coming in sequence diagram window while traversing it from slow DBCalls By Response time
23494 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI |By clicking on Add button in Add Session Attribute window,value name,left bound and right bound fields are showing added values in flowPath header capturing.
23914 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | By clicking on Add icon in Add Rules in ADD BT Method window,value field,operation field and BT Name are showing added values in Method BT Configuration.
24175 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI |Edit and Delete buttons should be present in return and argument value options of method based custom data under flowpath header capturing.
24203 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | Edit and delete buttons should be there in method based capture custom data table under flowpath header capturing window.
24237 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI |Operation list is showing blank for Argument value option of method based custom data in flowpath header capturing window under general tab.
24270 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI |By clicking on add icon of return value option in method based capture custom data window,header name,type,operation and operation value fields are showing added values.
24272 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI |There should be an option in method based capture custom data table to view and edit the complete information of method based custom data under flowpath header capturing window..
13810 NetDiagnostics NDC stops for 12 hours in PKY
14009 NetDiagnostics NDC is generating core in read_response_msg_from_bci()
23808 NetDiagnostics DDR[ED] |Number of methods are coming more in excel report as compare to the data showing in method timing table .
24347 NetDiagnostics DDR[ED] | “Rows count” is showing wrong in Flowpath Report window  while traversing from Slow DB Call By Response Time.
24369 NetDiagnostics DDR[ED] | “No Record Found” is showing on  Integration Point Health window while traversing from Slow DB Call By Response Time>Flowpath Report.
24507 NetDiagnostics Custom Data| Window is showing blank while not selecting any check bok in group by custom data
24680 NetDiagnostics Custom Data | Remove Session Attribute (-) button not working in Search By window.
23964 NetDiagnostics NodeJS | Observing error in nd_node_debug.log and nd_node_error.log  continuously regarding exception.
24134 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI |Delete and Edit buttons should be there in Session Attribute window in Flowpath Header Capturing under General tab.
24162 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI |Delete and edit buttons should be there in Attribute Values window in session attribute under flowpath header capturing.
23745 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | Instrumentation profiles are not updating at the backend while the user is selecting and submitting them through GUI.
23943 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI |Edit button should be there in the dialogue box of Add Rules in Method BT Configuration.
23986 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | Entry points are not getting enabled at the back end in NDEntryPointsFile.txt file when the user is disabling them and then enabling the entry points from Service Entry Points Detail window.
24373 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | Delete and edit buttons should be there in http request header table in Capture Custom Data option under Flowpath Header capturing.
23726 NetDiagnostics DDR[ED] | ALL Response Headers are coming multiple times in HTTP Report window for same BT(NsecomAddToBag)
23751 NetDiagnostics DDR[ED] | “No Records found ” is coming in Hotspot report but the row count is showing 3 while opening it from flowpath report window.
25111 NetDiagnostics DDR[Webdashboard] | “No Method Found” is showing after clicking on  Method Calling Tree on Aggregate Sequence Diagram Window while traversing from Flowpath Stats>Total Flowpath>Flowpath By Signature Report.
23424 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI |While running the test by using profile made through GUI,data is not coming.
24548 NetDiagnostics No records for “Others” business transaction displayed in Flowpath report while records are present in database.
24306 NetDiagnostics Group By Custom Data| Issue in applying custom data filters in Search By window.
24625 NetDiagnostics NDC taking time while starting test
25039 NetDiagnostics DDR – Group By Custom Data[ED] | Response Time is graph is showing “0%” even there is count regarding “Normal BT Category”.
25525 NetDiagnostics Need to change in format of IP and Port options in NetDiagnostics Settings in Scenario GUI.
24485 NetDiagnostics Custom Data| Pagination should be there for group by custom data report
23981 NetVision Encoded value is showing in Useractions column in Pagedetail window of Payment page .
24042 NetVision ‘Copy’ option is enabled for usersegment having shared channel .
24212 NetVision Curser is pointing to old location when current element is not present/visible .
24413 NetVision In some cases resource timing waterfall is showing “undefined” in the waterfall frame.
11568 NetVision Issues related to ND sequence diagram in kohls Environment.
20322 NetVision Download Report is having multiple issues while doing DDR from NV Dashboard
24267 NetVision “Error 404: File not found” is coming while navigating from breadcrumb to Event Aggregate Report window.
24971 NetVision Getting exception 5XX while clicking on filters in NV GUI.
20544 NetVision In NV GUI, Last Custom Time is not working properly in Compare and Trend window.
24185 NetVision In NV RUM Frame, User Activity Timeline is overlapped on Resource Timing Tab in Session details window.
24317 NetVision Value and Position(-1,0) data of User Activity are not coming correct for Review Order page(having events).
24371 NetVision In the Resource Timing Filter of Session Detail Window, the Timing Pop-up is coming out of window.
24140 NetVision In NV Page Filters, the firstbyte time filter is not giving appropriate values.
24618 NetVision In NV Reports, a pop-up should come when we click on run button without selecting any report in special reports window.
25314 NetVision In Page Filters, All Sessions are getting filtered out instead of session having stores data while applying store name filter.
24403 NetVision Domwatcher messages are not showing while we doing replay of sessions due to multiple files in case of partition switch.
23949 NetVision In NV WebDashboard, “NaN” value is showing for Time to load and Time to DOM complete while DDR from WebDashboard for page level.
24274 NetVision In NV Webdashboard, Internal Error is coming while doing DDR for BP Exit groups.
24695 NetVision In Funnel Visualization, 5xx exception is coming while clicking on the run button ,when all the fields are blank (In Business Process Filter).
24825 NetVision Not able to generate DDR for selected Graph after zoom.
24022 NetVision In NV Session Filters, Run button is not working for custom data filter.
24261 NetVision Total rows count is showing zero (0) while we have rows on Event aggregate report window.
24290 NetVision In HTTP Request Filters, resources drop down list is not coming for different type of domains.
24337 NetVision In Http Request Filters, Run Button is not working for browser filter.
24346 NetVision In HTTP request filter, GUI is getting blank while applying some special characters in application for mobile app filter.
25123 NetVision In HTTP request filter, Getting exception 5XX while giving hash(#) value in domain.
25226 NetVision Added/Deleted custom data is reflecting multiple times in filter criteria of sessions window.
21095 NetVision On Page Aggregate Detail window, compare trend icon is not working.
24289 NetVision In NV Web Dashboard, Vector(Events/Min) is attached in legends data of Pie Chart Graph while having others value in it.
24395 NetVision In NV Web-Dashboard, First graph should be converted to bar and second to be line in dual axis bar chart.
24436 NetVision In NV Webdashboard,Widget is getting blank in favorites while applying regex in merge graphs.
24516 NetCloud Getting Core Dump while running nsi_build_upgrade_tool when cmon is not running on the generator
24657 NetCloud When we run the test using a new topology it shows Topology path does not exist error.
24739 NetCloud Test terminates on application of RTC when we have different generators in different groups in the scenario.
25136 NetCloud Not getting proper error information if the test stopped due to nameserver entries in /etc/resolv.conf.
25445 NetCloud Error messages in RTC are not clear.
24611 NetCloud ScenarioGUIIssues|All selected options are not visible on tool tip.
24613 NetCloud After selecting “all generators check box option” then, the resolution of pop up windows increase due to which we are not able to select “OK” button.
24737 NetCloud ScenarioGUIIssues|After refreshing page of scenario GUI, all the groups are getting added with existing groups.
25059 NetCloud ScenarioGUI|Values are getting saved with negative value in Monitors of Scenario GUI.
24329 NetCloud All “RTC” options in webdashboard should be disable after completion of test.
24550 NetCloud Pause Resume Issue: Not able to apply Pause Resume with same user if Test is started with other than netstorm user.
24665 NetCloud After updating “Report” of derived graph, it is getting updated but the previous Report should be removed.
24990 NetCloud Webdashboard|In Transaction window, there should be information of Test Run At any side of Window.
25101 NetCloud error message on failure of netcloud test is not clear.
25270 NetCloud when we have only one phase list and global.dat has only one phase with name RampUp and has no end time,then we are not able to select Specfied phase as rampUp
25198 NetCloud pages are not loaded properly
25063 NetCloud not getting spinner for time2 in custom page think time mode
18174 NetCloud We are not getting the generator data in compare window of the transaction detail report
24404 NetOcean Reactive Replay option is not visible in Netfunction GUI when we are clicking in configuration or SSL Management button.
24419 NetOcean Popup message should show when we are selecting Debug mode 4 & module specified from GUI and click on save button.
20998 NetOcean Replay: Default big buffer size should be the minimum value i.e. 1048576
24812 Synthetic Monitor Behavioral-Alert | Alert message is coming as null in behavior alert mail.
24520 Synthetic Monitor Scenario UI-RBU | When we start the test then popup of failure/success of test should not just reflects for 2-3 sec
21290 Synthetic Monitor View by 1 hour option is  not saved for Dashboard  after applying update
23592 Synthetic Monitor NVSM-Report | Unable to check the checkbox for “Show Last week’s data day-wise” when we schedule a report for Last 1/2/4 weeks.
23643 Synthetic Monitor NVSM-Report | When we download a template from NVSM gui, then the count of that template get increased.
24515 Synthetic Monitor Scenario UI-RBU | In har setting keyword, when we enable mode for response capturing then in scenario file mode for request is getting enabled.
24518 Synthetic Monitor Scenario UI-RBU | All modes should be passed for RBU_SETTINGS, RBU_BROWSER_COM_SETTINGS keywords, otherwise leads to failure in test.
24522 Synthetic Monitor Scenario UI-RBU | If we have unchecked G_RBU keyword then other rbu related keywords should not be reflect as a checked, they must have got disabled.
24524 Synthetic Monitor Scenario UI-RBU | Icons of Group and Global are overlapping.
24991 Synthetic Monitor Scenario UI | After selecting chrome 51, when we again went to the RBU window, chrome 40 version is reflecting instead of chrome 51.
24914 Synthetic Monitor Scenario UI-RBU | Proper arguments are not passing for keyword “Clear cookies on session start”.
24497 TestSuite When we click upon the dashboard link in Test Result it should be open with Web-dashboard.
25054 TestSuite In TestCycle Window status link is showing disable while we run TestSuite with transaction rules.
25057 TestSuite We are not able to add vector graph with specified indices & Java console is showing exception
25070 TestSuite When we click upon the dashboard link in Test Result it open with swing dashboard.
24782 TestSuite Hide .orig extension files