20th January 2017 – R

New and Enhanced Features


  • Implementation of HTTP2: This release provides HTTP 2 support in NS.
  • SOAP WS Security: SOAP WS Security API is used to add the WS (Web Service) security header in SOAP xml. WS security header contains security certificate, signed Info token which have digest value of soap body part or full body and signature of signed Info token.
  • Remote Terminal Emulator


Config GUI

ND Config GUI introduced to configure ND settings. Following can be configured through Config GUI:

  1. ND Profiles
  2. ND Monitors
  3. Session Attributes
  4. NDMethodDataBusiness Transactions
BT based method return type

Business transactions can be configured on the basis of method return type

Capturing JMS callout

The Java Message Service (JMS) API provides a common way for Java programs to create, send, receive messages of enterprise messaging system.

Capturing Custom Data for Transactions

Custom data for grouping transactions has been provided from session attributes, HTTP request headers, and Java methods.

Web Dashboard

Enhancement in Pattern Matching

Save Matched Pattern Results: Now, matched pattern results are saved while deleting/editing the panels or panel(s) caption. Matched Pattern results can also be saved after editing the panel caption of the matched graphs.

Drill Down and Hotspot on Matched Graphs: Once pattern is matched, there is an option to open thread hotspot and drill-down for the matched graphs.

  • Drill-Down can be done only for some specific graphs, such as Business Transaction, FlowPath etc.
  • Thread Hotspot can be done only for specific graphs of Thread Hotspot Group.
Enhancement in Favourite

Save Open/Merge rules in format: User can save rule in favorite which was applied to do open/merge members from metrics tree. For example, if user has applied “All” or “Pattern” in any hierarchical component, then while applying load favorite with different test run, widget is loaded according to the open/merge rule sets.

Favorite Management: Favorite Management allows user to edit, delete, copy, and set user default favorite.

Compare save in favorite: Now, user can save compared results as favorite. If load favorite with compared option is enabled, then favorite is loaded with applied compare.

Enhancement in Derived Graph

Edit Derived Graph: User can edit derived graph as:

  • Group Name
  • Graph Name
  • Description
  • Formula of derived graph

Open/Merge Derived Graph: User can perform open/merge operation on derived graphs.

Colour Management

Colour Management permits the user to specify colour of the graphs using the hierarchical structure of the graphs.

Enhancement in Summary Report

Summary report can now be generated for Total Run, Specified phase, and Time period.

Download Transaction Detail Report

Transaction Detail Report can be downloaded in

  • Word format
  • HTML format
  • PDF format
Enhancement in fetching data through REST API
  • Percentile support in Rest API+
  • Group, Graph, and Vector based query in REST API

Monitoring Features and Enhancements

Auto Scaling in Windows

From this release onwards, new servers can be added at runtime.

New Monitors

Following new monitors have been added:

  • DB2 Monitor
  • Postgress Monitor
  • Instance and Port check Monitor

Features Not Supported / Discontinued

Following feature are discontinued and no longer available in

  • Classic Dashboard support

Bug Fixes

Below are the bug fixes done in release of Cavisson Product Suite:

Bug IDProductSummary
14277TestSuiteSLA value should be picked from selected Test Run.
21661TestSuiteNot getting previous test transaction data in Jenkin after upgrading build
22587TestSuiteDisplay name is not working as expected, getting vector with display name in all cases.
17942Synthetic MonitorObserving Zero Data in Overall Time (sec) – chrome core dumps are observed at the same time
18682Synthetic MonitorWe are not getting data in page detail report after drill down in NC machine
19505Synthetic MonitorWrong Host Name in Page Detail Report of Mobile Home page after drill down
17567Synthetic MonitorIn NVSM, Time period is not showing according to the applied time in Time Period window.
19654Synthetic MonitorObserving Spike but waterfall model is blank in specific sample
19911Synthetic MonitorNeed PageLoadWaitTime argument included in the recorded scripts.
21290Synthetic MonitorView by 1 hour option is  not saved for Dashboard  after applying update
21843Synthetic MonitorScheduler Report Issue
22326Synthetic MonitorNeed a download button in Aggregated HAR file.
22489Synthetic MonitorNot Able to Generate Report.
22465Synthetic MonitorOn selecting one drop down option from favorites list other drop down still visible in Web Dashboard
22467Synthetic MonitorOrganize Favorites not working
21514NetVisionPage Aggregate Report is not showing blank when we click on graph panel from Dashboard .
22025NetVisionException is coming when we open page aggregate report from time to load column in Session Window .
22052NetVisionException is coming when we login to Netvision GUI .
22405NetVision“Store Id = -1” is showing in Session Information window in Session detail window for Session of Dotcom .
22420NetVisionChoose selector option is not performing any action when we change the mode from RUM to Replay in Session Detail window .
22433NetVisionException is coming when we open Session detail window in new tab by clicking on navigation time from Session window .
22511NetVisionThere is no return option to return to previous window from select the task window in Task Scheduler in Production .
22581NetVision‘null’ version is showing for Safari Browser in Session Window .
22846NetVision“Open in new tab” option should be applicable when we open Page-Detail window of any page from Session-Detail Window .
22911NetVision‘null’ version is showing for Safari Browser in Session information window in Session Detail Window .
23264NetVisionWrong Page Aggregate Report is opened after drilldown from Dashboard as It is taking session id also which is opened on another tab of Browser .
23519NetVisionRange2 column is going out the box when we compare page load time between 2 pages in page aggregate report in Netvision GUI .
23525NetVision‘Unknown’ Platform is showing in session window when we drill down from Dashboard .
23626NetVision“Error 404 : file not found” is coming when we open page detail window from session detail window .
21977NetVisionIn NV Dashboard, Average value is exceeding the maximum value for sum type of graphs.
21979NetVisionIn NV Dashboard, Average value is exceeding the maximum value for sum type of graphs.
22398NetVisionPage Load time and Dom complete time filter is not connected with non-containing page filter in Filter section in GUI
22400NetVisionBusiness Process Name is not showing in Business Process Filter in GUI .
22696NetVisionFilter is not remembering Containing page when we apply with Page Load time in Session Detail Filter .
21454NetVisionIn New Replay, Tool tip is not showing for any element in Choose Selector pop up window.
21031NetVisionNeed to remove CouponNew Page in FirstByte Report in Summary Weekly tab in Find-More Report .
21062NetVisionBy default Pie-Chart shows home page data when we select any other page in page drop-down list in Browser Report .
21080NetVisionWrong baseline value is going in ResponseTimebyPage(Soft) and ResponseTimebyPage(Hard) tab in Mobile and Tablet Report template .
21160NetVisionHeadings is not highlighted in Drop-down list of Special Reports in Firefox Browser .
22134NetVisionChange the name of Checkout to Checkout&Payment in various reports of POSF in GUI and template .
22136NetVisionValues of AverageResponsetime(silversessions) and averageresponsetime(allsessions) column is respresenting a 0 value in OrderDetails of SilverSessions in Dotcom Report .
22139NetVisionDomain Report is not showing for Category page in Domain Report tab in Dotcom Report template .
22142NetVisionData hasn’t came in PageMetrics tab in Mobile Daily Report template .
22144NetVisionOrderConfirmation page is not showing in PageLaodtimebypage-silversession report in Mobile Report .
22162NetVisionHourly/Weekly filter is not showing for Responsetimebydate(findmore) Reports in Special Reports .
22164NetVisionAfter selection of Weekly in Weekly/Hourly filter and RUN the Report , It should remember the option which I select in the filter for the report .
22166NetVisionUpdate the page list of Browser Report for all the channels in GUI .
22167NetVisionData of all the pages is not showing of Tablet Browser Reports in GUI .
22168NetVisionUnwanted Row is coming in Responsetimebydate(Dotcom – FirstBytetime) in GUI .
22177NetVisionWrong baseline values are showing in Responsetimebypage(Tablet – time to dom complete) in Special Reports .
22345NetVision‘CheckoutReview’ page is not added in PageloadTimebypage(Tablet-Silversessions)Agg report in General Report .
22354NetVisionHeadings of Pageloadtimebypage(silversession) report is not proper in SilverReport tab in Mobile xls template .
22416NetVisionNot able to delete a new report that has been added recently from report section in GUI .
22586NetVisionCouponNew page is missing in Responsetimebydate (tablet -first byte) Report in Special Reports and it is missing in template also .
22613NetVisionHourly/Weekly filter is not showing for Responsetimebydate Reports of Mobile and Tablet in Special Reports .
22815NetVisionPercentage is not equal to 100 % in Responsetimebypage(time to dom complete) for Dotcom , Mobile and Tablet Channel in GUI and Template .
22835NetVisionResponsetime of OrderConfirmation Page has come 0 in Responsetimebypage (tablet-time to load – silver sessions) Report while we have Order Placed of Silver Session from Tablet device
23008NetVisionOrder Confirmation page is missing in Responsetimebydate(Findmore-firstbytetime) Report in Special Reports as It is coming in template .
23077NetVisionAverage value of SearchProductwithlot page is not correct in Responsetimebydate soft navigation (mobile – time to dom complete) report in Special Reports .
23206NetVisionIncorrect Heading name in POSF  total metrics(silver session) and total metrics (non silver session)
23222NetVisionUnwanted drop-down arrow is showing in timestamp – Complete option in Domain Report in Special Report section after execution the report .
23280NetVisionValues in TotalMetrics(silver sessions) in mobile is not only for mobile channel as Values in TotalMetrics is combination of mobile and tablet both in Special Reports .
23386NetVisionException is coming when we open Responsetime by page hard (Mobile -time to load – Browser ) Report in Special Reports .
23393NetVisionWrong data is showing in Responsetimebypage Hard (Tablet-time to dom complete ) Report in special Reports .
23425NetVisionLast 2 columns of Average Response time is coming in Order Details of Silver Sessions report in SilverReport tab of Dotcom , Mobile and Tablet in Weekly Reports template .
23561NetVisionName of the page in filter criteria is not showing in Page Aggregate Report while drill down from Dashboard .
23656NetVisionData of ReviewOrder and OrderConfirmation page is missing in the Excel sheet when we download Responsetimebypage dotcom (time to load – browser)Report from GUI .
17093NetStormTest is Stuck in scripts compile time due to gperf taking time for transactions
20748NetStormSOAP API support in NS
12776NetStormnsu_logging_reader hogging CPU 100% in Kohls PKY production NDE
14668NetStormEnhancement in NS for Elapse Time
19932NetStormNew Requirements for KohlsPay
21211NetStormNot getting data for net cache hits
22143NetStormCore dump found while starting of the test
22458NetStormHigh Load Average on NS Machine and Core dump due to memory Leak
23370NetStormUser getting down during duration Phase and Observing Core dump
20227NetStormrun time changes not reflecting in dashboard
20776NetStormDashboard is not updating NetCloud Machine
20920NetStormTaking too much time to Open/ADD/Update any Alert Rules
21259NetStormNot able to generate report of any time on IBM ( machine after shipping IP
21391NetStormNot able to get data on dashboard for TR8711 in IP).
22117NetStormBlank panels (Dashoboard) in Hotspot
22227NetStormspace issue while version committing the scripts,scenarios etc.
22582NetStormNeed one enhancement i.e., no any alerts will generate whose threshold value is zero.
19738NetStormUnable to start multiple debug test while starting test using GUI.
17663NetStormUsers Stuck In Ramp Down Phase
9622NetStormNeed Few Graphs to monitor DB2 database
14371NetStormOne configuration file of all monitor profiles
21297NetStormConvert all run every time monitor into runonce (cm_uptime, cm_free)
21449NetStormATG Order Stats Monitor Query Optimization
21785NetStormUsing my tkid and password in weblogic monitor  for fetching data
22018NetStormIssue with access log data of 48s instance of nlg03967 server
23242NetStormIssue related to mpstat : No test is running still mpstat files are created
21369NetStormIssue with USE_ONCE mode for file parameter
8741NetStormKOHLS CST : Need Enhancement Generating report for Trackers (Its Hard to collect data manually)
14294NetStormFirefox RBU: When we are trying to run the test for 10u25sess, we are getting “CORE DUMP”.
15805NetStormClick and Script- Edit value of cookie in middle of the flow
16028NetStormDownloaded Report is not in the sorted Format.
17086NetStormGetting Time Outs in RBU test
19017NetStormMouseOver event is not handled in RBU
21289NetStormNeed Enhancement for CST report
23320NetStormNeed enhancement to remove cookie in RBU testing
21032NetStormUnable to record a script using proxy
21619NetStormSynchronize user’s script Button enable all projects for user having limit access to few projects (script manager)
21738NetStormWhen we create a directory in the Script manager, the directory is created by root user in place of logged in user.
22210NetStormPOST Body of Json Type Request is not captured correctly
16469NetStormCenshare – NetStorm Issues blocking Test runs – One issue still pending
20094NetStormNeed to set profile in scenario for different user agent
9108NetStormLower pane in Dashboard should not reset when sample are updating in GUI
21982NetStormUnexecuted transaction window is not stable when we are scrolling the transaction with cursor
22076NetStormWeb dashboard testing performance issues related to opening Web Dashboard to swing UI component.
23111NetStormLower Maximize pane is not working properly with Maximize widget Panel
23161NetStormPredefined value like time and view by are getting reset.
23163NetStormview by option abnormal behavior  in compare report
23545NetStormNo download option for show graph data
23853NetStormThere should be a progress bar after clicking on total tests (as it takes 30 – 40 sec to populate test details
20797NetOceanNeed support for Global Variable declaration in NO
20969NetOceanAction can be taken on the basis of method coming in request.
20986NetOceanSystem parameters like hostname of hpd should go in response
21637NetOceanTemplate name added in access logs
20493NetOceanThere should be alert message while we do some changes which require Activate Changes
20972NetOceanRequest text editor problem while selecting data in IE 11.0 at client side
21546NetOceanNeed JSON req/resp support for NO/NF
16058NetDiagnosticsNeed an entry point for IBM MQ
16723NetDiagnostics[Enhancement] RUNTIME CHANGE for Instrumentation Profile
22181NetDiagnosticsCan you please check it priority & fix it.  Its coming on Stress3 REST & SAL logs & Env not working.
22267NetDiagnosticsStress2 & Stress3 || Not getting integration Stats in ED
22471NetDiagnosticsGetting some false alert for behavioral alert type
23795NetDiagnosticsTesting Of BUILD 4.1.7 #19
17261NetDiagnosticsEnhancement: New Tier discovers in all flowmaps, it should discovers in default flowmap
20910NetDiagnosticsData mismatch between ND executive Dashboard and ND REST API.
22285NetDiagnosticsDb query should also provide some way to trace transaction which are calling those db queries.
22289NetDiagnosticsRequirement of Product documentation
22295NetDiagnosticsNeed to find complete flow path for all transactions( like REST->SAL).
22309NetDiagnosticsFilter data in ND according to Instance Name
17049NetDiagnostics[Enhancement] Because of duplicate entries in topology, NDC not received data from any servers
20022NetDiagnosticsWhile send runtime argument to BCI, NDC got core dump
21460NetDiagnosticsControl connection close event continously coming in ndc_trace.log
21337NetDiagnosticsIssue related to Node JS.
21189NetDiagnosticsDDR | Exception Message & Exception Cause column showing be diasble in Exception Report Window.
22281NetDiagnosticsRequired Way to merge max/min value of the times graph. Currently we only merge avg values.
22286NetDiagnosticsRight click on graph to do “run command”
23916NetDiagnosticsGetting wrong data for derived graph in IBM Environment
13907NetCloudRTC- If any script get issue during test then remove that script at run time
19982NetCloudIdentifying Running tests and killing them from controller