2nd December 2016 – R

New and Enhanced Features


File Parameter Run Time Changes (RTC)

This feature provides ability to provide test data at run time. User can add/replace test data as needed during the running test.

There are following modes available:

  • Append Mode: Append mode is used to add data lines in given Test Data file.
  • Replace Mode: Replace mode is used to replace all data lines in a file with new data lines.
IPv6 Script Support

IPv6 support is now made available in 4.1.6 because of which users can now use IPv6 IPs for load generation.

Scenario Group Based Test Metrics

This release provides feature to enable scenario group based test metrics. If enabled, all the Test Metrics except Transaction stats and Transaction cumulative graphs can be seen group-wise.

File Distributions among NVMs using extension

In this release, the file extension concept has been added to validate the mode used in file parameters in order to avoid common mistakes of using incorrect mode. For example, if mode is unique, then file extension of “.unq” will enforce that unique mode is used.

Following extensions are to be used for different modes:

  • For UNIQUE mode the file extension should be .unq.
  • For SEQUENTIAL mode the file extension should be .seq.
  • For RANDOM mode the file extension should be .ran.
  • For WEIGHTED RANDOM mode the file extension should be .wtr.
  • For USE ONCE mode the file extension should be .use.
Group based Ramp Down Method

Ramp down method scenario settings have been enhanced to control at scenario group level.

Inline Include Domain Pattern

This release provides feature that allows user to “Auto fetch” only the provided domain URLs and ignore the rest.


This release provides feature that whatever domain/pattern is provided is displayed under my domain list and the rest of the domain / patterns are displayed under third party.


Node.js Agent

Cavisson Node.js is a JavaScript based agent for instrumenting Node.js application. Going forward users can monitor performance metrics from Node.js application to the operating system in real time, including response time, CPU utilization, disk I/O, slow web service calls, slow SQL calls, memory etc. Besides this, users also get visibility into backend services by auto instrumenting and gathering performance metrics for HTTP calls and metrics for supported back-ends like Redis, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, etc.

Java Agent Features & Enhancements
  • Exception/Error capturing in Integration Point calls

Business Transitions fail due to Error or Exception generated in Application while processing these transactions. Enhancements have been done in Java Agent with respect to capturing exceptions occurred in third-party applications while processing business transactions.

  • HTTP Cookie based Condition Monitor

Now HTTP cookie can be used in the condition monitor. Prior to rel 4.1.6, user could capture counter of HTTP headers only, but from this release onwards, user can capture flow path of specified HTTP header.

  • HTTP Header based Business Transactions Naming Rule

The user can configure business transaction names based on HTTP headers as well as URL query parameter name.

DDR Feature & Enhancements
  • In Hotspot screen, user can see integration point calls and integration points detected for specific hotspot.
  • NetDiagnostics compare report for Method timing and SQL queries.
  • Performance enhancement in Method Timing report results in accelerated output.

Web Dashboard

Cavisson Web Dashboard offers extremely powerful analytics and visual representation of the testing as well as production monitoring data. Web Dashboard is an HTML5 based application which can run on all modern browsers, platforms and devices (like laptops, tablet, and mobile) as a responsive light-weight web client for numerous Cavisson products such as NetStorm, NetDiagnostics as well as NetCloud. Web Dashboard supports all features of the existing dashboard (classical).

New features introduced:

  • Widget based UI
  • Different types of Widgets
  • Layouts
  • Colour Themes
Load Based Alert

Load index based alerts or adaptive alerts is a mechanism to get rid of false alarms and configure meaningful alerts. For example, if load (PVS or request/sec) increases, normally the metrics like CPU and Response time also increase, and hence the baseline for CPU/Response time should be created as per the load value to avoid false alerts.

Load indexed based baseline learns the system behavior for all loads

  • All System parameters – System/Network/Application parameters learned for different various Page View Per Second Load
  • Average values over last 90 days
TCP Dump

TCP Dump is a most powerful and widely used command-line packets sniffer or package analyzer tool which is used to capture or filter TCP/IP packets that received or transferred over a network on a specific interface.

This release provides feature for taking TCP dump on demand using Web Dashboard for any of the servers in the topology, which will help in diagnosing network related problems.

Import Access Logs

An access log is a file or a combination of files that contains a list of all user interactions or accesses made to the server. Access log files are stored on a server with structure specific to a server type. For example, access log for WebLogic may have different structure than access log for Tomcat or any other application server. During load testing, access log data can be imported and merged in test-run data. This data can then be analyzed for numerous metrics and visually represented to gather meaningful decision-making information for diagnostics purposes.

Reports Enhancement
  • Hierarchical Report: This report is based on the meta data component. There will be multiple drop-downs up to maximum level of hierarchy in test run.
  • Stats Report: This report is used to view metrics data in tabular format.
  • Additional Chart Types like Pie/Dial/Area etc. have been included.
  • Reuse of measurements of generated reports to generate another report.
  • Report Generation from Dashboard: Reports can be generated directly from the visible graphs or the graph data from the lower panel.
  • HTML/Word options are now available in compare report.

Monitoring Features & Enhancements

Add new server at Runtime

From this release onwards, new server can be added at runtime.

New Monitors

Following new monitors have been added:

  • Apache nifi
  • MySQL
  • Oracle database
  • RabbitMQ
  • Kafka Stats
  • Tomcat Stats
  • Cloudant
  • Apigee Stats

Features Not Supported / Discontinued with 4.1.6

Following feature are discontinued and no longer available in 4.1.6

  • Legacy type script
  • Non Topology Based Test Scenario
  • Manual Redirection

Bug Fixes

Below are the bug fixes done in release 4.1.6 of Cavisson Product Suite:

Bug ID Product Summary
18127 NetCache Test Defect
14316 NetCloud High Load average on machine with tracing ‘on’
14322 NetCloud Group wise graph data for all Test Metrics
15613 NetCloud Requirement to add new Test data file during Run Time.
17020 NetCloud Generator should be restricted to be used by only authorized netcloud controllers
17206 NetCloud controller and generator compatibility must be online checked
17615 NetCloud Getting core dump on the generator box (
17913 NetCloud Netchache hit was not  coming for  CCHuston1OP and CCPhoenix3PN
18885 NetCloud Required generators to run signoff Test
18940 NetCloud Getting high Response Time for CCFremont66HE and CCHouston1OP
19207 NetCloud Percentile data is coming wrong at controller as well as on generator, due to packet missing at few time stamp on controller as well as on generators.
19215 NetCloud Transaction Data for whole scenario is incorrect
19815 NetCloud In correct data shown in transaction detail report
19916 NetCloud Data file distribution records should be according to the NVM on Controller for both Sequential and Unique mode
19926 NetCloud File extensions for Unique and sequential mode should be .uniq and .seq
21060 NetCloud Enhancement to move error message to event.log “Url index 11000 is greater than total entries 11000 in nvm table” with specified debug level
21509 NetCloud Getting Core dump if the  File parameter usage is Refresh on USE & UNIQUE mode
21545 NetCloud Test was not stopped on the generator
17464 NetCloud Generators required for the 2DC production test
17908 NetCloud |Requirement of 12 Generators for Production Test
17995 NetCloud Urgent || Make generators available
19060 NetCloud Need generators to run Akamai test on Stress1-PKY
19093 NetCloud Need generators ASAP for to run Akamai test in Stress1-PKY
19538 NetCloud Please provide 4 Generators for client’s Test
19818 NetCloud Required 5 generators for today’s NativeApp test
21534 NetCloud Generator issue
21535 NetCloud Generator issue
21536 NetCloud Generator issue
21537 NetCloud Generator issue
21554 NetCloud Need generators for 2DC Production Load Test
21559 NetCloud Need generators for 2DC load test on STRESS Environment
21965 NetCloud Need generators for 2DC Production load test
11079 NetCloud Issues Encountered while applying Runtime Changes.
16802 NetCloud In correct data shown in transaction detail report
18922 NetDiagnostics ASM library is dumping transformation exceptions in out file. create custom asm library to log ND transformation exceptions, only in BCI logs.
21303 NetDiagnostics Some time BCI sends invalid response of meta data recovery message.
21849 NetDiagnostics Getting Very High Response Time by enabling ND on application
17229 NetDiagnostics Query Parameter Check (other than End to End Query Parameter) in Url in Business TX
19153 NetDiagnostics Decimal Value Should Present only in Tool tip in Alert History if it is greater than 10.
22120 NetDiagnostics Not able to find reason for high response time through ND dashboard
18250 NetDiagnostics Constraints are not applied on some partition table.
18252 NetDiagnostics DB upload is getting slow for method timing in PKY.
19206 NetDiagnostics After implemented Weblogic transaction monitors successfully showing dips in the graph
19110 NetDiagnostics CLONE: NDC | Core is getting generated for ndc at SCS
21606 NetDiagnostics Getting improper data in downloaded file for DB query
14343 NetDiagnostics Enhancement in Transaction flowmap(ED)
19243 NetDiagnostics OpenAPI || ED is showing improper data
18251 NetDiagnostics Overlap feature is not working in SCS.
12231 NetDiagnostics Not able to select multiple TIER/SERVER/INSTANCE in add custom query
17096 NetDiagnostics Incomplete flowpath data is present in database
17334 NetDiagnostics CLONE: Remove Cumulative CPU Time Column as in case of recursive calls, it shows wrong information
17410 NetDiagnostics Remove Cumulative CPU Time Column as in case of recursive calls, it shows wrong information
18253 NetDiagnostics Method Timing Query is using both Start Time and End Time, should use only End Time.
18274 NetDiagnostics Clone:Method Timing Query is using both Start Time and End Time, should use only End Time.
18873 NetDiagnostics Issue with Log Pattern monitor
20592 NetOcean Index data set not working — giving active key in place of parameters
20496 NetOcean Encrypted and decrypted file for KPI Request and Response with timestamps of each request
19443 NetOcean IMP | NetOcean service for socket connect call
20498 NetOcean Not able to create new template in NO
17866 NetOcean Request/Response of Netocean Capturing in NS test run – When Debug mode is OFF at NO
17685 NetStorm Core dump issue in
15332 NetStorm Getting Exception(To many files) in Cavmon Agent Error log
17192 NetStorm Coherence Cache Monitor capturing cache stats from coherence server in more than specified interval
21771 NetStorm After restart CavmonAgent on dbnode 4 system metrics got flat
8813 NetStorm SERVER_HOST keyword recognizes IPv6 address only if port is provided with it
8814 NetStorm IPv6 addresses cannot be used directly in scripts
8816 NetStorm Enhancement to change Data file during running test
17161 NetStorm Not getting the Correct referer while ran test form Netstorm
17629 NetStorm SSL certificates expired on MCOM Perf1/Perf2 NS
17896 NetStorm Not able to achieve target session rate
18248 NetStorm Test is not stopping itself at 16.9/CSC machine
18287 NetStorm Not able to start test in PKY-OLD machine
8678 NetStorm Mantis Bug ID:381-System Under Test status page using server signature monitor
11301 NetStorm We have to disable All rule except Order API
17031 NetStorm All the graphs are grouped by Tier, we need that transactions graphs should also be grouped by tiers.
17476 NetStorm swp/tar file is visible in favorite list
17905 NetStorm Compare report generation shows error.
17928 NetStorm [Clone of 17897 for 416]Issue observed while applying last 10 minutes Time Period
17985 NetStorm Issue in Generating Report:Arithmetic Operation is not applicable With Derived Function.
18006 NetStorm Enhancement to Import access log file.Currently we are getting TR time in DashBoard. But we want accesslog absolute time in DashBoard.
18216 NetStorm Facing an issue with elapsed time on dashboard
18320 NetStorm Facing an issue with auto refresh of the lower panel on PD
18631 NetStorm [Clone of 18479] Error in generating excel report format(GoldenMetrics) through template.
18883 NetStorm Alerts: Threshold value should not be changed when a alert ended
19158 NetStorm Add new filter in Alert History
19159 NetStorm Key option is not available for Alert rule
20193 NetStorm DATA is not coming in KPI for Particular Time Frame
20405 NetStorm Dashboard for Was Not Updating During MCOM Test.
21450 NetStorm Unable to open page dump
21604 NetStorm Performance Dashboard Not Working
18568 NetStorm Facing issue during build upgradation
19256 NetStorm NetCache Data is coming as zero
19693 NetStorm Not able to do runtime change due to implement some change in topology
16571 NetStorm Sometime OID has changed automatically so we are not getting any data in F5 monitors.
17167 NetStorm Design of IOstat monitor needs to be changed
17281 NetStorm To configure Monitors for Elastic Search
17333 NetStorm CLONE: Not able to archive the Test run
17471 NetStorm Disk Stats are not coming on Perf1 WSSG Servers
17604 NetStorm Pattern monitor for some specific cookies from Request Header
17611 NetStorm Require a monitor that sends a mail when the test run completes
17857 NetStorm Make netty_access_log_stats monitor as a Standard monitor
18070 NetStorm Load Average increasing due to CavMon threads stuck in Debug Mode ON.
19182 NetStorm Request  of wallet wltprod02_wltdl>walletProdSrv01 server  is not showing on dashboard
19248 NetStorm New Monitor required as HTTP Service Request Queues Windows monitor
19356 NetStorm cm_free monitor should show its data in MB. And also add the remaining data of the command ‘free’ into the monitor
19391 NetStorm Group Id of cm_win_mssql_db_accessmethods.gdf and ns_ip_data.gdf are same.
19495 NetStorm Need to Configure Dashboard-log Monitor
19598 NetStorm Monitor Kafka broker topic stats
20074 NetStorm Getting “Dynamic Vector Monitor failed” error for windows server
20131 NetStorm cm_df monitor not working on log servers
20190 NetStorm IBMMQStats monitors getting failure
20522 NetStorm Need to setup PCI monitoring from SAL Servers.
20767 NetStorm Unable to Run Test due to core
20955 NetStorm Performance Dashboard test is stopped
20965 NetStorm LPS is taking much memory on all the NS boxes and due to this NS gui gets crashed
21125 NetStorm Not Getting the data while using all monitors in same mprof
21192 NetStorm We are facing issue for GC monitor for tomcat server.
21426 NetStorm getting blank graph for GC and network delay monitors for some servers
19541 NetStorm Instance name of server is not getting displayed in Monitor GUI.
19708 NetStorm Topology GUI-not showing server and instance details after refreshing
19717 NetStorm Monitor GUI showing wrong instance name for a particular server
8562 NetStorm Mantis Bug ID:702- NETDIAGNOSTICS: Not able to modify BCI arguments at run time in continuous monitoring test.
8668 NetStorm Mantis Bug ID:59-Found Incomplete Flowpath error comes in nd_error.log
19308 NetStorm NS API “ns_eval_string” is not working for date parameter.
16016 NetStorm Need to capture mouse hover in RBU
16027 NetStorm [Requirement] Mismatch in number of request seen in GUI and in waterfall.
16138 NetStorm We need Enhancement for CST Report Format
17548 NetStorm TimeOUt:Har File is not Generating while running the test with average 100 sessions. Profiles Copy is not working perfectly.
17906 NetStorm Getting wrong data while selecting Har files and calculating the Average Data.
18217 NetStorm SEGMENT Cookie is not able to set for RBU test.
18402 NetStorm Need upgraded version i.e 51 of chrome in NS for RBU Testing.
18894 NetStorm Need to set-up Latest Firefox and Chrome browser for WAN testing V34 and V40 for RBU in our NS BOX.
19259 NetStorm Getting Incomplete har Files
19509 NetStorm Page Not Loading in VNC
20330 NetStorm Speed Index value are not accurate in Page Detail Report
17538 NetStorm Graphs are not available for compare report template
17703 NetStorm Not getting “view by 2 mins” option while generating report through template
8478 NetStorm Issue in creating UserProfile using Co-Located users with specific browser
22337 NetStorm Getting “ERROR unable to allocate shm for big buffer size”
16405 NetStorm ulimit is not set for new shipped NDE boxes (PKY & SCS)
16418 NetStorm LD_LIB_PATH is not working on New PKY Machine (
21959 NetVision Garbage value is coming in firstbyte time in Session Window for AddtoBag Page .
20341 NetVision Encountering issues in Dashboard GUI
21978 NetVision In NV Dashboard, Average value is exceeding the maximum value for sum type of graphs.
13248 NetVision Card Number is not visible in replay , for payement details page
21364 NetVision On Clicking on start replay button from Session Detail Window, NV GUI is throwing Exception.
19323 NetVision Need to Add 1 New Page in Responsetime , Summary Weekly  in Daily / Weekly Dotcom Report
21039 NetVision Report is not showing data as wrong timestamp is going in Query when we run Report in General Section in Production for all the channels .
17860 Synthetic Monitor IN NVSM, Value of Compresssion size in har file is showing negative value .
17529 Synthetic Monitor Zero data for scheduler report.
17530 Synthetic Monitor Negative values for DNS in waterfall model statics (pie chart)
18223 Synthetic Monitor DomContentLoaded and OnLoad stats coming from California Generator whereas null from other Generators for the same Page.
18549 Synthetic Monitor Test getting stopped on Generators.
17557 Synthetic Monitor We want to Delete unnecessary Templates from machine but we are not getting Delete button option in GUI. Please provide Delete option in GUI for Templates.
17958 Synthetic Monitor Not getting any URL having 39.63 sec in Waterfall Model and Page Detail Report according to dashboard
17988 Synthetic Monitor No data in Page Detail Report
18546 Synthetic Monitor Not able to get page detail report after drill down.
19440 Synthetic Monitor Having Average 100% in dashboard but in Template 93.70%
18840 TestSuite We need to have a Transaction Report column in the Jenkins/testsuite report for Baseline test
21565 TestSuite Not getting previous test transaction data in Jenkin after upgrading build