8th July, 2019 – Release Notes

Acronym List

Below is the list of acronyms used in this document.

SR#AcronymExpanded Form
7VusersVirtual Users
8DDRDrill Down Report
9NDCNetDiagnostics Collector
10RTCRun Time Changes
11APIApplication Programming Interface
12NVSMNetVision Synthetic Monitoring
13RBUReal Browser Unit
14FQMFully Qualified Method
15SAService Account
16DCData Center
17MQMessaging Queue
18RESTRepresentational State Transfer
19SNMPSimple Network Management Protocol
20JMSJava Message Service
21WSDLWeb Service Definition Language
22NVSPANetVision Single Page Application
23SSOSingle Sign On
24NFDBNetForest Database

File Size Specifications

Below is the list of file sizes for each component required for installation in this release.

SR#ComponentFile Size (in MB)
7RPM (combined 5 components)1380.01

New and Enhanced Features in 4.1.15

Common Implementation

Unified Dashboard / Single UI Dashboard

Cavisson has provided end-to-end capability within a single Dashboard where the performance users can navigate issues faced on the browser and can navigate to method level issues and corresponding logs.  This enhancement takes care of integrated UI for various Cavisson Products, such as NetDiagnostics, NetVision, and NetForest. All the menu options are restructured and seamless integration of multiple products have been done.

Re-engineered NetHavoc

The NetHavoc feature has undergone multiple changes. Most importantly, the look and feel of the UI is changed. Other changes include the following:

  1. The feature gets its own separate window and has a Report section in which a user can view usage, types, and summary of the havocs at one place.
  2. The multiple menu items are more comprehensive and include detailed and organized options.
  3. A user can now view the historical triggered injections that include details, such as how many time commands are triggered, how many failed, how many passed, how many are in waiting state, and so on.
  4. An option is provided to stop the running faults on the Server.
  5. The fill up disk fault is more accurate now and does not include the space consumed by background processes. Suppose, if the user has injected fault to increase disk space up to 80% and some other processes get started while the fault duration, then the total accumulated value is ‘80’ without adding the disk space consumed by the background processes.
  6. An option is provided where the user can see the fault values along with added fault type.



Stopping a Test with Un-Executed Breakpoints: If a user applies multiple breakpoints in a script and stops the debug trace by clicking the ‘Stop Debug Test’ button before execution of all the breakpoints, the test is stopped immediately and further breakpoints are not executed. The same is reflected in debug trace logs.

Search Option While Adding a C API: While adding a C API, a user can search the API name in the dropdown list by typing instead of manually searching for the same.

ProtoBuf: Response Body in XML Format: Protobuf Response body is now decoded in xml format, which earlier was printed in plain format.

ProtoBuf: Encode and Decode APIs: ProtoBuf APIs to encode and decode data is provided that helps a user to:

  • Encode data into protobuf format
  • Decode data from protobuf encoded data

Java Message Service (JMS) API (IBMMQ, Kafka, and Tibco): Java Message Service (JMS) is an API that provides the facility to create, send, and read messages from one application to other. Cavisson supports JMS APIs (IBMMQ, Kafka, and Tibco) producer and consumer scripts through NetStorm Script Manager. The configuration set via JMS API window is reflected in the flow file of the script.

The user can add IBMMQ, Kafka, and Tibco APIs by selecting the same from JMS type drop-down list. Each JMS type is further categorized into Producer and Consumer type script. Producer / Consumers are the virtual users, which produces or consumes the messages by using a queue.


Display of Message after Pausing a Test: Now, in ‘Schedule By’ scenario, if any user is in ramp-up or ramp-down phase and wants to pause the test, then a message is displayed as:
Pausing test run for ‘<time>/<indefinite_time>’ at <time> …
“Please wait for some time as some users are in initializing stage and it will take time to pause”
In addition, if no user is in ramp-up or ramp-down phase, then a message is displayed as:
Pausing test run for ‘<time>/<indefinite_time>’ at <time> …
Any additional message is not displayed if these is no user(s) in ramp-up or ramp-down phase.

‘Add Recorded Host’ Feature: Support for ‘Add Recorded Host’ setting is provided from Scenario UI in Server Mapping within Advanced Setting. The user can enter a Recorded Host in a text box and select Scheme type from drop-down list. Then, those entries are reflected in a table.

GIT Versioning: Option in GIT Settings to Disable GIT Configurations: A check box is provided in Git Setting window from where the user can enable / disable Git configurations.

When Git configuration is enabled, then Version Control, Git Pull, Git Commit, and Git Refresh is displayed in GUI else, Version commit and Version log is displayed.

‘Mark and Measure’ Feature: Support for ‘Mark and Measure’ feature is provided in NVSM (within the ‘Advanced’ tab in ‘Global Settings’ window) and in Scenario (within the ‘Advanced Settings’ in ‘RBU’ Settings). This feature enables a user to decide which parts of scripts are to optimize, and instrument those parts of scripts with the User Timing API. From there, the user can access the results from JavaScript using the API, or view them on Chrome DevTools Timeline Recordings.

User Defined Access: A user can now edit or update a user-defined access. Along with this, the user can now edit or delete Upload BW (kbps), Download BW (kbps), V.42 Compression and Access Name from Access in User Profile.

‘Default’ option in Script Parameter of Group Based Settings: The ‘default’ option in Script Parameter of Group Based Settings is provided. In default option, attributes of all the groups are present. The value provided to attributes in default option are applied to all groups, which are added after providing the value in Default option.

UI Improvement in Correlation ID Window: Few enhancements are implemented in Correlation ID window (Scenario > APM Integration > General Settings). A tooltip of all the labels are provided, which helps a user to understand the feature and input values accordingly.

Status of the File in Version Log for Scenario and Script after Revert: An option ‘Modified Files’ is provided in drop-down of version control window. On selecting this, the user can see which files are in modified and conflicted state.

Conversion of IP Management in Angular 7: For better look and feel, IP management window is now converted to Angular 7.

Test Initialization

Display of Logs when Test is killed: Whenever any error occurs on any stage of either controller or any generator, the test is killed and a pop-up message is displayed “Test is not initialized successfully” and the screen is not directed further to dashboard.


Include Discontinued Metrics: An option to include discontinued metrics is provided in Check Profile rule. The user can now fetch the list of vectors according to the specified time duration rather than from the current partition.

New Rule in Check Profile: A new rule is added in check profile to define the Unexecuted and transaction failure percentage for test status in test report. By using this option, the user can define the rule or percentage for transaction, which is used in check profile through which test status is displayed as ‘Pass’ or ‘Fail’.

Option in Jenkins to Pass the Check Profiles and SLA of Metrics to NetStorm: The user can now upload JSON file in case of NetStorm too. The user can define the rules in form of JSON file and the report are generated according to these rules.

Real Browser User (RBU)

Page Speed Report: A new tool is embedded to get Page Scores and recommendations based on har file input. It provides recommendations in more categories and at much precision level.


  1. Now, on clicking the ‘Enable JS Profiler’ checkbox, a popup message is displayed if the selected browser version is less than Chrome 68 and prompts the user if still wants to use JS profiler with the older version.
  2. An option ‘Capture Trace till Network become Idle’ is added within JS Profiler Settings to capture Performance Trace until page load time.

Bandwidth Simulation in Lighthouse: Earlier, the user was not able to simulate bandwidth in lighthouse. The user can now get exact stats from RBU and recommended network bandwidth simulation from lighthouse. This helps the user to simulate lighthouse to the same bandwidth as RBU.

Real Device Testing (RDT)

Display of Debug Trace Log when RDT Test is in Execution: When debug trace is enabled, then instead of dashboard, debug trace is displayed in a new window as a pop-up. However, if browser blocks the pop-up, the user needs to allow / enable that pop-up. In addition, alert is generated as, “Pop-up may be blocked by browser. Please enable pop-up to open Debug Trace Window.

Implementation of Click and Script type Scripts: Click and Script type script is implemented in RDT (Browser-based as well as NativeApp).


‘Active Logged in Users’ Graphs in Cavisson Metrics: Now, the ‘Active Session’ graph is displayed in Cavisson Metrics. This helps a user to correlated active user with other metrics, such as CPU utilization, Memory utilization, and so on.

Alert for Peripheral Device: A new feature is introduced in Windows Device Health Stats monitor. Now, the monitor can hold the vector for configured count, as default is five. The user can configure it by providing /maxVecPersistCount argument in monitor configuration. For example: /maxVecPersistCount:3

Using Service Account (SA) Instead of Kube Token for GKE Monitoring: A user can use Service Account instead of Kube Token to access Kubernetes / API data. Project based SA is provided which is having access to all the clusters inside the Project. The SA is bound with all required roles / permissions. Using that SA, the user can fetch data of all the clusters.

Key Benefits:

  1. The user is directly having the token.
  2. The user can get a token from the file.
  3. The user can generate the token with the Service Account file (JSON file).
  4. Supported version (-v) in Monitor UI.

Test Option for ‘Health Check’ Monitor: A user can now test a health check monitor to check if the monitor will work as expected or not (after monitor configuration) by using the ‘Test’ button in ‘Health Check Monitor’ window.

Monitoring Metrics for Spanner DB: Following Spanner monitors have been added in the GCP group of monitors:

  1. SpannerMethodStats
  2. SpannerNodeStats
  3. SpannerSystemStats

% Availability vs Planned Downtime vs Unplanned Downtime in Case of Agentless Monitoring: Earlier, for a server, there were only two states for monitor, such as ‘available’ and ‘unavailable’. Now, all the unavailable servers are further categorized in two states, such as server, which are in ‘maintenance’ and ‘unavailable’.

In the Health Check Monitor UI, an option is provided in Health Check Settings tab for maintenance settings where the user can provide maintenance URL. By default, host and port argument are added in the ‘options’ in health check monitor JSON for maintenance.

Monitor Metrics on Fusion Server: Following stats are supported for Fusion Monitor:

  1. FusionClientConnectionStats
  2. FusionMemoryStats
  3. FusionClientRequestStats
  4. FusionBufferPoolStats
  5. FusionGCStats
  6. FusionThreadStats

SA Token File Path Option: Support for SA token file path option (-A) is provided from monitors UI for Kubernetes monitors.

Key Benefits:

  1. The user can have a token.
  2. The user can get a token from the file.
  3. The user can generate a token from JSON file.

New Message Queue (MQ) Graphs in Cavisson Dashboard: Two new ‘Sum’ type graphs are added in the queue stats of IBM MQ monitor.

  1. Total Message Dequeues
  2. Total Message Enqueues

Special Character (-) in Tier Name: Support for special character (-) is provided in tier name if using pattern on tier level. A user can now create a tier with ‘-‘ in Server Health Monitor window. For example, Cavisson-QA*.

Additional Graphs in MongoDB Replica Stats: Following metrics are added in MongoDB Replica Stats:

  1. MongoDB Replica Insert/Sec
  2. MongoDB Replica Queries/Sec
  3. MongoDB Replica Updates/Sec
  4. MongoDB Replica Deletes/Sec
  5. MongoDB Replica Commands/Sec

Monitor for Redis DB Size: To get Redis DB size means currently how much database exists and in that database how much keys are there. A new monitor ‘RedisDatabaseStatsV1’ is added to capture the Redis DB Size.

MSSQL: Server Configuration, Memory Utilization, Connection User per DB Monitor: Four new monitors are implemented in MSSQL to capture the following stats:

  1. Server memory utilization [RTG Monitor]
  2. MSSQL server configuration setting [Real Time only]
  3. Connection established per database based on database name & login name [RTG Monitor].
  4. Detailed information about the connection established per database [Data is stored in CSV]

Option to View Alias Queue and Only Non-Zero Enqueue Count Queues: Earlier, while passing JAR path in UI, monitor was not working. To support this, alternate options are also available by providing classpath and JAVA_HOME from UI.

AWS Lambda Application Monitoring: A new monitor (Amazon Cloudwatch) is added for monitoring of a new stack application having Serverless (lambda) environment. The stats are as follows:

  • ACEC2Stats
  • ACLambdaStats

Amazon CloudWatch monitors Amazon Web Services (AWS) resources and the applications run on AWS in real time. CloudWatch used to collect and track metrics, which are variables that can measure for resources and applications.

Database Monitor to Read MongoDB at a Specified Period: A generic NoSQL monitor is provided read MongoDB at a specified period and trigger the alert when the value changes.

Android Device Monitor: Android device monitors are added to capture the following stats:

  • Android Battery Stats
  • Android Memory Stats
  • Android CPU Stats

NiFi Metrics for NetDiagnostics: Following stats are provided to capture the NiFi Metrics for NetDiagnostics:

  • Mbean NiFi System Stats
  • Mbean NiFi Counters Stats
  • Mbean NiFi Processor Stats

Monitoring of ‘Data Power Extensions’: Following monitors are added:

  • IBM Data Power File
  • IBM Data Power System
  • IBM Data Power Network

New API for NginxPlus: Support for below statstype of nginxPlus monitors through generic JSON monitor is provided:

  1. cache
  2. serverzone
  3. upstream

Kafka Lag Capturing to Support New OCF Design: Kafka is a distributed, partitioned, replicated log service. It provides the functionality of a messaging system, but with a unique design. It was created to provide a unified platform for handling all the real-time data feeds.

Fetching SecA Metrics from OpenTSDB: A user can now fetch SecA metrics from OpenTSDB. OpenTSDB is a time series database. A time series is a series of numeric data points of some particular metric over time. Each time series consists of a metric plus one or more tags associated with this metric.

Integration Point Stats Ex Monitor: Integration endpoint URL is passed as an option in monitor (to avoid dependency of .txt file, as environment is dynamic). This monitor takes all the inputs from file as well as through JSON UI.

LPS Health Metrics: LPS health metrics are implemented with the following details:

  • Number of owner thread
  • Number of worker threads
  • Data Throughput received
  • CMON connection failures
  • NS Connection close
  • Number of accesslog monitors
  • Number of log monitors
  • Number of getlogfile monitors

LPS Related Logs in Individual TestRun Partition-Wise: LPS related logs are now present in individual Test-Run partition wise. Now, the Test-Run is found in the following directory:
TR > partition id > nd > logs > lps_trace_logs

Dataflow Metrics in ND: For Dataflow monitor, below metrics are supported:

  • Billable Shuffle Data Processed
  • Total Memory Usage Time
  • Total PD Usage Time
  • Total Shuffle Data Processed
  • Total Streaming Data processed

Monitor Logs per TestRun Number: With this enhancement, agent creates logs per Testrun. In addition, logs are enabled only if debugLevel setting is provided in monitor configuration (mprof/json).

SAP Support: Following new monitors are provided in support of this:

  1. HANA Users
  2. HANA Networks
  3. Hana Schema Memory
  4. Hana Memory Allocation
  5. Hana Component Memory
  6. Hana Resident Memory
  7. Hana Peak Memory
  8. Hana Save Points
  9. Hana Backup



Group ID and Graph ID Using REST API Service: Group ID and Graph ID are always numeric. Graphs are belong to a specific group. The user must know the group name to obtain Group ID and Graph ID. A graph ID is the exact name of a graph, which is already mapped in generic REST service.
To obtain Group ID and Graph ID, the user needs to make an ND REST call. For example:
The output of above REST call is 10108,18 where Group ID is 10108 and Graph ID is 18 (these are separated by a comma in the output).

Sample URL covering Group ID and Graph ID*&mode=2&isPattern=true&derFormula=AVG&isAggr=true&token=H4IlsSDuZJdc1bBnAaGVvq5zpMm0lLm0O1NKUS3

Selected (by default) ‘Show Discontinued Metrics’ Check box: The default status of ‘Show Discontinued Metrics’ check box is enabled/selected in Excel report. This enables a user to get the data of discontinued metrics too (by default) while generating an Excel report.

Disabled Graph Sample Filter Option: When a user selects graph type other than ‘Normal’ graph type, the ‘Graph Sample Filter’ option is disabled.

Graph Sample Filter Configuration: A user can now edit filter configuration of a graph sample by using the ‘Edit’ option in the ‘Action’ column. In addition, a confirmation message is displayed while deleting any configuration.

Capability Tooltip in Multi-DC: Now, the list of capabilities is displayed in Multi-DC environment in the tooltip of the logged in user button.

Derived Graph Chart Type Conversion: A user can now convert a derived graph widget into a ‘Data’ type widget and can change panel caption from ‘Edit’ option in ‘Widget Settings’ window.

Global ‘View By’: A user can now apply Global ‘View By’ in case of derived graph in Multi DC.

Template to Provide Graph Data: A user can now generate sample-wise stats report.

Scaling Threshold Value: With this new feature, the user can select the scaling threshold value in terms of 2X, 5X, and so on when scaling is enabled in Web Dashboard. It helps the user to calculate the Scale Factor based on the scaling threshold value.

‘Success’ and ‘Fail’ Columns in Transaction Details: Whenever a user performs drill-down by applying ‘Success’ filter, only the ‘Success’ column is displayed and ‘Fail’ or ‘Fail %’ columns are not displayed. In addition, whenever the user performs drill-down by applying ‘Failure’ filter, only the ‘Fail’ and ‘Fail %’ columns are displayed and ‘Success’ column is not displayed.


Instance Name in ‘Service Now’ Alert: The instance name is added in node field of SNMP trap. User can now get instance name for alert generated for graphs with ‘Data Not Available’ status.

Option to Select Prediction Alert in Alert Policy: An option ‘Applicable Only for Predictive Alert’ in Alert Policy window is provided. On enabling this option, the policy works for only prediction alert.

Source Appliance IP in SNMP Trap Field: Now in SNMPTrap, IDCName field holds the following:

  1. IDCName_SourceIP (Appliance IP) if IDCName already configured.
  2. Source_IP if IDCName is not configured.

Addition of ‘Alert ID’ Field in ‘Alert History’ Table: A new field ‘Alert ID’ is added in the ‘Alert History’ table as the first field. The user can apply filters on this field too likewise other fields in the table. By default, this column is not visible.

Active Alert Values: Earlier, only the alert value that contains the value responsible to generate the alert is displayed. Now, the baseline value / previous window value and load metric value (if present) is also displayed.

Charts in Alert Mail: Now, the support has been added for showing charts for the metrics on which alert has been generated, as well as user can also see the metrics, which are matching the same pattern as the alert metric, to find out some clue about the root cause. A user can now provide a maximum of 150 charts in alert email and graph duration can be added up to 1440 minutes. If user tries to provide inputs beyond the specified limits, an alert message is displayed on saving and do not allow to save the values.

Advanced Email Setting of Alert Policy: When a user applies pattern matching, the Alert Mail, which is generated contains the following information:

  • Pattern Matching Threshold
  • Catalogue Used
  • Maximum number of Graphs

Indices Column in Alert History: On clicking, the value of Indices in the Indices column is displayed in a pop-up with ‘Alert Value’ column.

Alert Mail: Display of ‘Baseline Value’ Column and ‘Severity’ Column based on Certain Conditions: In tier-wise alert rule, for relational operators, such as >=, <=, >, <, = or != then ‘Baseline Value’ column is not displayed in Alert Mail and ‘Severity’ column is not displayed for Tier Wise Alert.

Alert based on the Deviation for Baseline: This is the subset of chart configuration that is displayed in advance section of alert mail. A user can specify a catalogue, which contains the graphs information to apply pattern match. The user needs one baseline to compare all the graphs available in catalogue. To get the baseline graph (this is the graphs for which alert is generated), the user needs some criteria, which should have the minimum or maximum value across all the indices of one condition for which alert is generated. Once the baseline is selected, the user can compare every samples of both the graphs (baseline as well as the catalogue graphs) and can filter all the graphs, which satisfies the threshold value provided in the action.  After that, all the resultant graphs are sent in the email body along with all the alert information.

Alert Action History Section to Show Details of Alert Action: An ‘Alert Action History’ tab is provided that contains details of action taken by alerts, such as SNMP Trap Sent / Email Sent / Cisco Spark Chat sent and so on.

Display of Dashboard Corresponding to Generated Alert: Now, the Product Dashboard URL is sent with preselected time frame in alert message. Therefore, when a user hits a URL that is sent via alert email, SNMP trap, and alert extension, only those graphs are displayed for which the alert is generated. Earlier, this used to open the default favorite and the user was required to plot the graphs (where the alert is generated) manually. This feature saves the user’s time and enables to view the relevant graphs automatically.

Multi DC: Display of Alerts for Data Centers with Different Test Runs: Alert feature is now implemented for different test runs for Multi DC. The user can now view active alert bell counter and the corresponding records in Active alerts.

Multi DC: Alert Settings Window: This enhancement is implemented to save same configurations across all the DCs in case a user tries to save Alert Settings for ‘All’ or individual DC. If any individual DC is selected, saving the Alert Settings impact only on the selected DC and also get the configuration from the selected DC that is reflected in UI. If DC is selected as All, all the changes done by user is saved on all the configured DCs. However, the configuration that is being displayed in the UI is of Master DC.

Slack integration with ND-Alerts: A new option for Slack is available in Alert Extensions under Alert Action. By using that, the user can send Alert Incident in Slack Application.


Common Query Manager: UI Filter in Transaction Summary Report: In the Transaction Stats group, if a user opens the Transaction Summary Report from any graph of a transaction, and then applies UI filter, the results are displayed only for that transaction instead of all transactions.

Display of ‘Data’ Value and ‘Percentage’ Value: Now, data value and percentage value is displayed with legend in case of ‘Pie’ and ‘Donut’ chart.

Excel Report Generation with ‘Last’ Value: The excel report can now be generated with Last value of the graph. The user can generate this by selecting ‘LastValue’ in ‘Type’ column of excel template.

Report Access Permission: If a user is assigned with ‘No Permission’ in capabilities section to access ‘Report’ feature, then on accessing the Reports feature from TestRun / Session UI / Dashboard, the session logs out with a message “You are accessing unauthenticated links hence closing this session”. In addition, the user cannot access the Reports menu in Widgets settings. On having Read-only permissions for Reports, the user can only view the generated reports or template, but cannot create a new one from Report Management UI.

‘Last’ Option in Report Management Window: Now ‘Last’ option is displayed in the drop down list of Formula Type for Pie and Donut chart type while creating Template from Template UI and from Report Management UI using Select Metrics.

More Filters in Reports: Few more presets, such as ‘Hours Back’, ‘Days Back’, ‘Weeks Back’, ‘Months Back’, ‘Last Week Same Day’ and ‘Last Month Same Date’ are provided in Reports. The above said presets are displayed when a user use ‘Compare’ feature.

Trend Report for Data of 95th Percentile: After implementation of this enhancement, now the trend compare report is generated with 95th Percentile value in case of Avg, Min, and Max data values. Table in the generated report displays all the selected percentile values but chart is formed based on 95th value. Earlier, chart of only normal graphs was coming, and now in case of percentile graphs, data values that displays in graph is of 95th percentile.

Performance Dashboard

Inventory Configuration: A user can now add, remove, and update the inventory details.


Slow Queries Based on CPU and IO Feature: The user can now see slow queries based on CPU and I/O in DB Query Stats window by default. To see all results without any basis like previously, the user can select ‘ALL’ from the query basis dropdown. When CPU is selected as the basis, the data is sorted based on the “Worker Time” field. When I/O is selected, then data is sorted based on sum of Logical Reads and Logical Writes.

DrillDown to Session from Wait Stats Window: A user can now drill-down from Waitstats window to Session window. If the user clicks on any category, which are listed in Graph Panel of Wait Stats, it redirects to Wait Stats table in which only selected category and corresponding waittype are displayed in Wait Statics table panel. By clicking the waittype (present in wait stats table), the user can navigate to Session window and see SessionId for corresponding waittype.

Threshold Value for Different Indexes in the Action FlowMap in the Report Stats Monitor: A user can now set a threshold value for different indexes shown in the ‘Execution Plan’ in the Report Stats monitor. The user needs to open the ‘Configurations & Logs’ window and click the ‘Settings’ button on top-right corner. Then, in the window that opens up, the user can set the values.


Applying RTC on removing more than Existing Users

  1. While trying to remove more virtual users than existing, the user can remove available users from that group only. For example: If there is a scenario with three groups – G1, G2, and G3 having 10, 100, and 500 users, on removing  50 virtual users 50 from G1, the user is allowed to remove only 10 virtual users from G1.
  2. On adding 50 virtual users after applying RTC in G1 and trying to remove 100 virtual users from that group, the user can remove only 60 virtual users from G1.

Tool-Tip for Generator Name in Transaction Details: A user can now view the full name of the generator by hovering on the generator tab name in transaction details window.

Support for TCP Dump Feature: Support for TCP dump feature is provided in UI.


Display of Mode (Normal / RTC) in Header Label: Earlier, in both modes (Normal & RTC), same header label was displayed. Due to which, it was difficult to differentiate which one is for normal mode and which one is for RTC mode. Now, the corresponding mode is displayed in the header label, which helps a user to identify which header belongs to which mode.

Configuration Deletion Confirmation in JMS Window: A confirmation popup message is displayed while deleting any configuration of JMS. For example, “TIBCO configuration row(s) deleted successfully”.

Restriction to Save a WSDL Service with Same Name: A user cannot save a WSDL service with the same name, which already exists. While doing so, an error message is displayed.

Restriction to Save a Blank file in Dataset Parameter: A user cannot save a blank file in data-set parameter and indexed data-set parameter. While doing so, an error message is displayed.

Configuration Deletion from File while Deleting from UI: When a user deletes all the configuration settings from UI (for IBM MQ and TIBCO), the same gets deleted from the configuration file.

Scroll bar to See Whole Condition without Opening the Template: The user can now adjust width of table columns. If the table width is exceeded with the screen width, a horizontal scroll bar is displayed at the bottom. In addition, a master check box has been added according to the previous design.

Disabled Access Log (by Default) in New Machines: The Access Log settings for new machines is disabled by default. To capture access log, the user needs to enable it manually.

Adding IBM MQ and TIBCO Simultaneously: A user can now add IBM MQ and TIBCO configurations simultaneously, which earlier was limited to add configuration for either TIBCO or IBM MQ at a time.

Host Name and IP both in Source and Destination Server of JMS Configuration: Support for Host Name has been added in source and destination server of JMS configuration. Now, the user can enter server IP or server host name in “Server” field. In addition, placeholders have been added to changed fields to let the user know about the two possible values (IP/host name) which can be used.

HTTP2 Configuration: A user can now configure the following HTTP2 settings from UI:

  • Server Push
  • Max Concurrent Streams
  • Initial Window Size
  • Max Frame Size
  • Header Table Size

File Extension .crt in ‘Browse’ Option: While browsing for a file, the user can now select a file with .crt extension.

Using Unused Ports: Earlier, if a connection time-out job is scheduled for the second time, an alert message is displayed stating not to use the port, which has already used. With this enhancement, that ‘used’ port is removed instead of displaying an alert message and only unused ports are displayed in the ports list.

Compression Type Setting of Service Level at Template Level: Service-level Compression type (selected) is now supported at Template-level. One more option ‘Select Type’ is added in the list of ‘Content-Encoding’ Compression-Type options at both service-level and template level. In addition, one more option on template-level is provided in case if user has already saved Compression-Type (ex: gzip) at service-level.

Support for AJB: Support for AJB calls is provided same as PinPad settings. The user can filter AJB services from service type drop down list. The user can create AJB request response pair and parameterize AJB response.

Configuration UI for Correlation Directory Settings: Configuration UI is provided in Global Settings, which displays the list of directories in correlation directory. In addition, the currently active correlation directory is displayed in “Manage Services” window.

File Extension Restriction in ‘Browse’ Option: A user can upload only those files whose extension has been configured in the property file of NetOcean configuration.

Addition of ‘Stopped’ Status in Connection Timeout Settings: Earlier in Connection Timeout Settings, if a user tried to stop any job, the status of that job used to get displayed as ‘Completed’. Now, if the user stops any job which is at ‘Scheduled’ or ‘Running’ status, the status of that job is displayed as ‘Stopped’.

Support for TLS1.3 Version: Support for TLS1.3 Version is provided, which earlier was limited to TLS1.2.

RTC Mode in Header Label in All Windows: Earlier, in both the modes (Normal & RTC), same header label is displayed, due to which it was tough to identify whether the header is for normal or RTC mode. Now, the corresponding mode (Normal or RTC) is displayed along with the header in all the windows.



Pagination in Thread StackTrace in Hotspots Report: In Hotspots report, pagination is now supported in Thread StackTrace where a user can also select the number of records that can be viewed at once.

Flowpath Data from ND to NV: While opening flowpath report from NV, the user now gets flowpath data as per changing in rest call parameter, start time, and end time for ndsession Id.

Getting ‘Overall’ under Tier while Traversing through Flowpath Stats: Now, ‘Overall’ is coming under all Tiers in flowpath stats and Overall > Overall > Overall is removed from flowpath stats.

Drill-Down through Integration Point in Multi DC: This is a Multi-DC enhancement, which is handled in all the cases where Drill-Down through integration point is supported, such as Executive Dashboard, Web Dashboard. It is also handled while traversing from IP-Health Report.

Query Timeout for DDR Queries with JDBC: A user can set the query timeout (in seconds) from Dashboard via Configuration > Configuration Settings > Dashboard Settings > DB Settings.

Multiple Async DB Callout in Transaction FlowMap: ultiple DB Callouts are supported from Flowpath with the following cases:

  1. Single Flowpath
  2. Merged Flowpaths
Config UI

Entry Point for Advance Custom Profile: A new entry point ‘advancecustom’ is added for Advance custom profile from UI.

‘Help’ Icon in NDE Cluster Configuration Window: A ‘Help’ icon is provided in NDE Cluster Configuration window that displays the description of the labels used in the window.

Backend Naming Rules for Spanner DB from UI: A user can now configure Backend Naming Rules from Config UI for Spanner DB by selecting appropriate Integration Point Naming Rule(s) such as ProjectId, InstanceId, and DatabaseId.

Entry Points for Spanner DB from UI: New entry points are added for Spanner DB from UI. Below are some examples:

  • google.cloud.spanner.SessionPool$AutoClosingReadContext.readRow(Ljava/lang/String;Lcom/google/cloud/spanner/Key;Ljava/lang/Iterable;)Lcom/google/cloud/spanner/Struct;
  • google.cloud.spanner.SessionPool$AutoClosingReadContext.readRowUsingIndex(Ljava/lang/String;Ljava/lang/String;Lcom/google/cloud/spanner/Key;Ljava/lang/Iterable;)Lcom/google/cloud/spanner/Struct;
  • google.cloud.spanner.SessionPool$AutoClosingReadContext.readUsingIndex(Ljava/lang/String;Ljava/lang/String;Lcom/google/cloud/spanner/KeySet;Ljava/lang/Iterable;[Lcom/google/cloud/spanner/Options$ReadOption;)Lcom/google/cloud/spanner/ResultSet;
  • google.cloud.spanner.SessionPool$AutoClosingReadContext.executeQuery(Lcom/google/cloud/spanner/Statement;[Lcom/google/cloud/spanner/Options$QueryOption;)Lcom/google/cloud/spanner/ResultSet;
  • google.cloud.spanner.SessionPool$AutoClosingReadContext.read(Ljava/lang/String;Lcom/google/cloud/spanner/KeySet;Ljava/lang/Iterable;[Lcom/google/cloud/spanner/Options$ReadOption;)Lcom/google/cloud/spanner/ResultSet;
  • google.cloud.spanner.SpannerImpl$TransactionContextImpl.executeUpdate(Lcom/google/cloud/spanner/Statement;)J
  • google.cloud.spanner.DatabaseClientImpl.writeAtLeastOnce(Ljava/lang/Iterable;)Lcom/google/cloud/Timestamp;
  • google.cloud.spanner.DatabaseClientImpl.write(Ljava/lang/Iterable;)Lcom/google/cloud/Timestamp;
  • google.cloud.spanner.SpannerImpl$SessionImpl.write(Ljava/lang/Iterable;)Lcom/google/cloud/Timestamp;
  • google.cloud.spanner.SpannerImpl$SessionImpl.writeAtLeastOnce(Ljava/lang/Iterable;)Lcom/google/cloud/Timestamp;
  • google.cloud.spanner.SessionPool$PooledSession.write(Ljava/lang/Iterable;)Lcom/google/cloud/Timestamp;
  • google.cloud.spanner.SessionPool$PooledSession.writeAtLeastOnce(Ljava/lang/Iterable;)Lcom/google/cloud/Timestamp;

Change in Duration of Inactivity for an Instance: In ND Collector Settings, the duration of inactivity after which an instance is marked inactive is changed to 10 minutes.

Custom Configuration Name in DotNet Profile: In DotNet Profile, a new custom configuration name ‘enableProcessNotificationPhase’ is added.

Custom Configuration Name in ND Collector Settings: In ND Collector Settings, a new custom configuration name ‘NDC_T_DIGEST_DEBUG_INFO_DUMP’ is added.

New Columns in Download Agent Logs Window: In the ‘Download Agent Logs’ window, a user can view the file size and its modification time.

Saving Changes when Instances are Down (TierGroup Feature): By using the TierGroup feature, the user can add regex pattern, which enables those upcoming Tiers that comes under it and satisfies the regex pattern. In addition, the profile applied at TierGroup level automatically attached with upcoming tiers. A profile can also be attached with Tiers, which do not have any servers/instances under it. Moreover, whenever any server/instance comes up then, the profile attached at tier level is attached with them.

Capturing Weblogic Saaj Soap Service Callout: Support of following entry point is provided: weblogic.wsee.saaj.SOAPConnectionImpl.call(Ljavax/xml/soap/SOAPMessage;Ljava/lang/Object;)Ljavax/xml/soap/SOAPMessage;|HttpCallout|0

Custom Configuration Name in Java Profile: In Java Profile, a new custom configuration name ‘enableOptimizedInstrumentation’ is added.

Entry Points for HTTP: New entry points are added for HTTP from UI, which are as follows:

  • connect(SocketAddress;)V
  • connect(SocketAddress;I)V

Entry Point for Thread: The following entry point is added for Thread:

Entry Point for AsyncHttpService: The following entry points are added for AsyncHttpService:reactor.ipc.netty.http.server.HttpServerOperations.onHandlerStart()V|AsyncHttpService|0

ND-NF Log Transfer: ND-NF Integration is enhanced by adding Topology and Flowpath information in access and application logs. Previously, only TOPO and FP are added at the end of the message. Now, in addition to that, the logs are getting cached and bulk log information is sent after each interval (configurable).

Apply Method based BT Rule based on URL: Business Transaction window has been re-designed and all the tabs for ‘Split by Method Execution’, ‘Split by Request Headers’, ‘Split by Response Headers’, and ‘Split By HTTP Body’ are moved inside Pattern Configuration. Two new fields – Rule ID and Parent Rule ID are also added in each type of BT.

ND Agent

Integration Points with Message Type: A new callout type (advCustomCallout) is introduced to handle configuration of advance custom callout.

Below are some examples of message types:

  • TokenRequestMessage
  • EligibilityRequestMessage (For Health Check)
  • GetAuthPathRequestMessage
  • GetAuthUrlRequestMessage
  • SendSmsRequestMessage
  • VerifyRequestMessage

This setting contains the following parameters:

  • Fully Qualified Method Name (FQM)
  • Type of the callout, (for example, advCustomCallout)
  • User defined default backend name, for the callout
  • Operation
    • RT: Return based advance callout
    • ARG: Argument based advance callout
    • ALL: Both Return and Argument type
    • DEFAULT: Same as customcallout

Addition of MongoDB IP in few Integration Point Stats: The user can now capture Mongo DB calls with higher version of Mongo i.e. MongoDB shell version v4.0.1.

Maximum Limit to set for Response Time: The maximum limit for response time is set to 86400000ms (1 day) for ‘Response Time’ search box in Search By Response Time window navigated through Integration Point > DDR > Flowpath By IP Response Time.

Automatic Detection of Callout using Socket API: This feature is helpful for detecting integration point callouts automatically, when environment is new. A client program creates a socket on its end of the communication and attempts to connect that socket to a server. When the connection is made, the server creates a socket object on its end of the communication. The client and the server can now communicate by writing to and reading from the socket.
java.net.Socket are using as client Socket.
Now, the Agent will have two new entry points (by default these will be disabled), for which backend name will be based on Host and Port only.

ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor Thread Callout Detection: This feature is useful for detecting ThreadCallouts generated by ScheduledThreadpoolExecutor API in an environment. The agent will have one entry point (by default it is enabled).


New Integration Exit Point (SoapConnectionImpl.Call): Supported Exit point:

React Netty 0.7 and 0.8 Applications: Support has been provided for React Netty 0.7 and 0.8 Applications. New entry point supported are:

For Reactor Netty (0.7 Series)
For Reactor Netty (0.8 Series)

New End Point for DB2: DB2 support is provided in Java agent by new feature of capturing DB calls using JDBC interface API.

Executive Dashboard (ED)

Call Details of Any Third Party Integration Call: A user can download, sort, and filter the Calls Details by right clicking on Integration point  > DDR > Call Details.

Sequence Diagram Filter Criteria: After applying any filter option in Sequence Diagram filter settings window, the configured filter criteria is displayed in sequence diagram filter criteria, which earlier was displayed as default.

Display of Non-ND Tiers: Now, non-ND tiers, such as ‘Ingress’ and ‘Egproxy’ of Mobile Environment are displayed in ED.

End to End Monitoring: Currently in ED, ND tiers and only Access Log based Non ND tiers are displayed. In addition, the integration points of only ND tiers are displayed. There was no provision to display non Access Log based Non ND tiers and their integration points. However, with this new enhancement, multiple new Non ND tiers (non access log based) can also be displayed. All the Non ND nodes (new as well as existing) are displayed via JSON configuration. In current JSON, NON ND nodes of following groups are supported:

  • HTTP Test Traffic Stats
  • Akamai Connection Provider Stats
  • NGINX Resource Stats V2
  • Apigee Service Stats By API
  • Access Log Stats Extended V6
  • Access Log Stats Extended V5
  • Access Log Stats Extended


Display of Data in New Tab: Whenever a user clicks ‘Count’ link in ‘Event Aggregate Report’, the data is displayed in a new tab rather than in the existing one.

NVSPA: Filter out HTTP Data Based on Page Name: In smart search of HTTP filter, an option to filter the records based on page name is available to filter out HTTP requests for any page.

Event Configuration: A new event is configured for the error message ‘Request header field too large’ in ‘Reset Your Password’ section on ‘Login’ page.

Integration of Test Data Mapping Profile for NetTest: Profiles are created that contain selector mapping (mapping of new selector with old selector), data mapping (data associated with a session like store name, number of items in cart), form Mapping (mapping of form data). This profile data must be parsed and mapped to selector and form fields at runtime (when script is executing). So that script failure rate can be minimized.

Extension of Chrome Local Storage Limit: Chrome local storage limit is exceeded when running test case with profile. Test Data mapping Profile content length should be less than 5242880 bytes.

NVSPA: Filters: In NVSPA UI, once a user clears all the filters and does not apply any new filter for some time, then the complete data is fetched automatically and displayed on the UI.

Connection Type Filter Column in Session Table: A new column ‘Connection Type’ is provided in ‘Session’ window. The details of connection type is displayed in ‘Session Details’ window.

Angular 7 Migration: From this release, NVSPA is displayed in the ProductUI tab itself, instead of displaying in a new tab.

NVApp Compare Trend: NVAPP Compare trend provides an interface to compare page performance data, revenue, and traffic of two different time durations in NV UI.

Multi Level Aggregation: Through multi-level aggregation, same raw data is aggregated on multiple levels of aggregation for optimizing the queries to fetch data in less time.

Replaying User’s Action Performed on Multi Tab: In case, a user is visiting a website in multiple tabs (may be for comparing two products, or keeping a product in one bag and availing offer in other bag), all the actions performed by the user are useful to track the user behavior. NetVision can now exactly capture and replicate the behavior of the user and display all the user’s actions performed on multiple tabs.

Synthetic Monitoring (SM)

Capturing Performance Trace: Support to capture ‘Performance Trace’ is provided on UI within Global Configuration > Miscellaneous tab.

Tooltip for User Inputs: A tooltip is provided within Global Configuration > Miscellaneous > JS Processing Time and Data URI that helps a user to know about the corresponding inputs for disabling JS Processing Time and Data URI, capturing JS Processing time, capturing Data URI in block waterfall, and capturing both, which are 0, 1, 2, and 3 respectively.

URL Based Script: In NVSM UI and Scenario UI, while adding or editing a group, the URL type script will have ‘Script Name’ field also, where the user can provide script name along with page name and URL.

Lighthouse Report: Lighthouse Reports in SM are now created using Logging-reader and writer. So, dynamic data is updated.


Grouping in Pie Chart:A user can now split Pie chart using a query. Earlier, the user can only split slices in Pie chart. The split chart query should be written before all buckets query:

Syntax: *|VIS count() by splitchart(<fieldname>[parameters like: size,orderby etc]),<fieldname>[parameters like: size,orderby etc]

Example: *|VIS count() by splitchart(log_message.reqLen[size=7]),log_message.reqPath[size=5]

Custom Label via VIS Query

It is used to provide custom label in VIS query. Therefore, that user can change/modify the label of columns and rows as per requirement. It is applicable for charts.

For count/countrate: *|VIS count(customLabel=query_count) by server[size=5 order=Descending orderBy=1 customLabel=server]

For others: *|VIS Average(resp_time customLabel=query_count) by server[size=5 order=Descending orderBy=1 customLabel=server]

NOTE: ‘customLabel’ does not support space in label name.

NF-ND Single Sign On (SSO)

Any user can access a product UI (NF/NV/ND) from other product UI once login into a product UI.

Example: If a user is logged-in to NetDiagnostics with some credentials and wants to go to NetVision or NetForest, user can directly move to that product without login to that product.

Individual Request for Each Panel of Dashboard

A user can now configure how many request(s) to send to capture data on dashboard panels via ‘Advance Settings’ section. The request could be either ‘single’ or ‘multiple’.

Single: To send one request for whole dashboard

Multiple: To send individual request for each panel of dashboard

Loading/Display of Charts

Now, only those charts are loaded, which are visible in Dashboard for the first time without scrolling down.


If any dashboard contains 20 charts and for the first time, when a user loads that dashboard, only four charts are visible without scrolling down. Then, request for only those four charts are sent to NFDB. Rest of the charts get loaded after those four charts are loaded successfully.

Importing Visualizations / Dashboard / Searches with Same Name

When a user imports more than one visualizations / dashboards / searches with the same name that already exists, it prompts to overwrite the data. It contains various options, such as ‘Overwrite all’ / ‘Overwrite selected’ / ‘Skip’.

‘By’ Clause with ‘Earliest’ and ‘Latest’ Functions: This provides the result with the ‘latest’ and ‘first’ occurrence of the field specified in ‘BY’ clause.

Earliest: *|stats earliest(@timestamp) BY server, type
Latest: *|stats latest(@timestamp) BY server, type

Filter Indices: On opening indices, all available indices are displayed on the page and the user can select indices for close / open operations. The user can filter out indices based on environment, tier, and date. In addition, the user can filter all the closed and open indices and can change indices’ status one by one.

Merge Rows based on Single Value for Creating Charts: This feature merges other fields based on one or more field name.


*|merge <[VALUE|value]=[String|number]> <fieldNames>
<fieldNames>: multiple field name will be separated by comma(,)

*|merge value=”NA” field_name
*|merge  value=0 field_name
This construct should be use when there is high level of redundancy in data. That is, when majority fields’ values are something like “NA” or null.

‘int’ Datatype in Query for Eval Construct: ‘int’ datatype is now supported in query for ‘Eval’ and ‘Rex’ constructs.

Display of Build Version: A user can now view the Build version of NFUI along with the build version of NFDB and NFAlert.

‘Help’ Option to Show Sample Queries and Product Help: A ‘Help’ option is provided at the top-right corner of the window where the user can view product help and some sample queries with examples for better understanding.

Creation of New Fields:The newly created fields (by rex/eval) are displayed on top in document, initially it was displaying at last line or middle of document. Therefore, it was difficult for the user to find it.

Working of Now() Function Individually Without any Other Function: This function takes no arguments and returns the time that the search was started. The now() function is often used with other data and time functions. The time returned by the now() function is represented in UNIX time, or in seconds since Epoch time. When used in a search, this function returns the UNIX time when the search is run. If the user wants to return the UNIX time when each result is returned, use the time() function instead. The user can use this function with the eval, fieldformat, and where commands, and as part of eval expressions.

Min/Max in Stats/Docstats Queries

  • Stats():Calculates aggregate statistics, such as average, count, and sum, over the results set. The user can use statistical and charting functions with the stats command
  • Docstats(): Generates summary statistics of all existing fields in the search results and saves those statistics in to new fields. The user can use statistical and charting functions with the docstats command. Each time, on invoking the docstats command, the user can use one or more functions


The min/max in stats/docstats returns the minimum and maximum value of the field X respectively. If the values of X are non-numeric (such as Version, String), the maximum value is found using lexicographical ordering.

NOTE: Currently, the min/max aggregation is only supported for numeric field.

Bug Fixes

The following issues are fixed in 4.1.15.

Bug IDProductSummary
61146NetCloudUsers are not getting ramp down when step up mode of ramp down is used in Group based Advance scenario.
61482NetCloudWhole generator got discarded when one NVM of that generator send END_TEST_RUN message to parent (intermittent)
63050NetCloudGetting error messages in TestRunOutput.log file of generators while pausing whole users of test
63766NetCloudNetcloud_utils| When generators are killed using netcloud utils test is still running on controllers
63839NetCloud“Target completion” is not coming correct in progress report in case of Group based scheduling
63959NetCloudVuser Management | Not able to fetch Vuser list group wise if one generator got discarded initially
64076NetCloudJmeter|Confail and 4xx are not coming in progress report.
64407NetCloudAction buttons are not coming in proper colour in Generator Management UI.
64416NetCloudInit Screen | Not getting error in Init screen in case gawk package is missing on machine
64460NetCloudInit Screen | Not getting any logs in Init screen if test got failed due to core dump
64467NetCloudInit Screen | Not getting any logs in Init Screen if test got stopped by “nsu_stop_test” command
64479NetCloudInit Screen | Not getting exact logs of script parsing error in Init Screen
64626NetCloudNetcloud | Check Box is not coming to select all generators in the “Add Generator(s)” UI.
64976NetCloudTest got started on one generator even when all generators got skipped from controller
65343NetCloudRTC | Unique and Random Fileparameter RTC are getting failed on Generators(Intermitent)
65495NetCloudShowing wrong script name in case of less data lines present in USE_ONCE file parameter.
65974NetCloudTest Initialization status|Generator error should be seen on generator screen on generator tab
66222NetCloudNC_UAT_4.1.14.1 | Header and it’s value is not in sync for Generator Information Window.
66262NetCloudInit Screen | Cancel Test Button is coming in Generators Init Screen.
66316NetCloudNC_UAT_4_1_14:core dump on generators in netstorm process in free_runprof_page_reload_idx when running the test with 20 groups
66421NetCloudInit Screen | Generator tab is not opening for the past TRs where test got failed in the “Upload Generators Data phase”.
66422NetCloudInit Screen | Phase of Generator is still in running mode when it is already converted in to Dashboard.
66475NetCloudInit Screen | Alignment Issue in Init Screen.
66486NetCloudInit Screen | Popup is coming repeatedly,when switching the generator tab to controller tab multiple times,in case of cancelling the test.
66504NetCloudInit Screen | Donut Chart Showing incorrect Percentage.
66567NetCloudTest is still running on controller because of nia_file_aggregator got stuck on it (intermittent)
66667NetCloudUsers getting dropped from all generators due to memory leak in NMVs and kernel killing NVM due to OOM
66684NetCloudInit Screen | Duration is not showing correctly in case of specified Generators.
66863NetCloudInit Screen |Donut chart is not coming if test is not started in any generator.
67201NetCloudLogging reader still writing data of 16k in dlog file
67382NetCloudNC_UAT_4.1.14.1 | Error message should be more clear while using PERCENTILE_REPORT 1 1 keyword in advance scenario.
67539NetCloudNC_UAT_4.1.14| Not able to start the netcloud test from GUI.
67733NetCloudGUI | Pop error message for validating script is not showing properly while starting the test from UI
67876NetCloudVUser Management | Garbage data are coming in runtime_changes.log of generators.
67890NetCloudNetCloud | Controller got stuck in epoll wait in case one generator got killed while sending FINISH_REPORT
68015NetCloudVUser Management | Logs are getting overlapped in VUser Management UI.
68016NetCloudRTC | Unable to see logs of all the groups in RTC Message Box.
68893NetCloudWallet | Perf | Test is getting stuck in RAMPUP phase due to controller did not receive progress report on time from VP-E-GR-Atlanta-RDP-10.
69430NetCloudGenerators are misbehaving in wallet load test.
60507NetDiagnosticsPhp Agent | Captured duplicate flowpath.
62139NetDiagnosticsDip is coming for overall graph due to mismatch in graph data of overall with particular instance.
62253NetDiagnosticsDotNetAgent | Record i.e. 12 and 13 is not coming after applying the keyword i.e. captureHTTPReqFullFp=3%20ALL%200 and captureHTTPRespFullFp=2%20ALL%200 in RTC
62392NetDiagnosticsDotNetAgent | In raw_data file, 38 record is not coming correctly
62797NetDiagnosticsNeed support of new keyword for nodejs agent for the feature “asyncId for tracking async method and its corresponding call back(Bug 58355)”
63334NetDiagnosticsDotnetAgent | for System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection.Open method exit is not coming in rawdata
63531NetDiagnosticsPhpAgent |HTTPCall | There is no flowpath chaining in request serving from one app to another app,  as result  Request is treated as individual  on each server. Need implementation of  flowpath chaining so that easily identify the complete request serve f
63559NetDiagnosticsLower Pane should not automatically come up on widget selection
63658NetDiagnosticsND-ED| Async call exit are missing in MCT .
63758NetDiagnosticsDotNetAgent |  RTC of Pattern BT is not working in DotNetAgent
63901NetDiagnosticsBCI AGENT | Getting exception “java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException” in bci_error log
63946NetDiagnosticsDDR | Tier, Start Time and End Time is not passing in Flowpath Filter criteria through BT Trends >BT IP Summary icon >View Flowpath By IP Res. Time.
63962NetDiagnosticsND-ED| Parentflowpathinstance column is always showing 0 value although it’s present in raw data.
64083NetDiagnosticsAggregate Transaction Flowmap|Callouts are not coming in AGG Transaction Flow Map UI with new format SQB
64111NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | UI Support for Non Prepared mySql Entry point
64168NetDiagnosticsDDR-ED | Download icons are not coming for method calling details after selecting higher pagination and higher callouts.
64233NetDiagnosticsED is loading too slow –
64541NetDiagnosticsHeap Dump | Scroll bar is not appearing in heap dump list.
64556NetDiagnosticsND-ED | Thread callouts are not showing in sequence diagram .
64659NetDiagnosticsAggregate Transaction flowmap|Tier Merge view window is not opening in MultiDC
64681NetDiagnosticsDDR-ED | Equals to value is coming in IP Res. Time column after applying “Ip Res. Time >0” in Search By Response Time window through Integration Point >DDR.
64832NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | Not able to apply offline configurations while session is running.
64946NetDiagnosticsDDR |Asyn Call| Information enclosed in parenthesis in arrow is invisible, while mouse over on information then data is showing in Transaction Flowmap.
64966NetDiagnosticsFlowpath Reqport | Spanner DB queries (except UPDATE, SELECT) are not updating in UI.
64979NetDiagnosticsTransaction Flowmap | Spanner DB | Duplicate tier calls are appearing in transaction flowmap.
64992NetDiagnosticsDotNetAgent | DB callouts are not coming even after disabling the System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection.Open method from ConfigUI
65044NetDiagnosticsND-ED | “IP Name = NA” is passing in filter criteria of Flowpath report after applying FlowpathInstance filter in UI filter.
65051NetDiagnosticsAggregate Transaction Flowmap|Vertical Scroll Bar is not coming in Aggregate View.
65070NetDiagnosticsMission control | Angular |- In memory leak Analyzer We are not able to sort the tables as per need
65083NetDiagnosticsAggregate Transaction Flowmap|Aggregate Transaction View icon should not be visible at Tier Merge View.
65084NetDiagnosticsIn ED when we click on Integration Point, page only buffer not loading.
65208NetDiagnosticsMultiDC|StoreID ,TerminalID and orderID option is not coming in GroupBy custom data
65246NetDiagnosticsDDR ED | ” – ” is coming in place of arguments in method calling tree
65322NetDiagnosticsAlert Baseline | When any catalogue that’s used in Alert Baseline is deleted from manage catalogue then its not reflecting in respective Alert Baseline
65342NetDiagnosticsDrilldown Issue:While we are opening Instance Report by clicking on Success for URL/Session/Transaction summary report ,then getting data for Tried.
65346NetDiagnosticsAggregate Transaction flowmap|Negative value is coming for Response time in Tier merge View.
65354NetDiagnosticsAggregate Transaction Flowmap|Call count is not coming in between tier in Aggregate View.
65357NetDiagnosticsND-ED|Getting wrong Transaction flow .
65368NetDiagnosticsAggregate Transaction flowmap|”Undefined” is coming for Entry node to node information in Aggregate View .
65412NetDiagnosticsND – Monitors | Mismatch in sample count
65415NetDiagnosticsMission control | Angular |- Apply Button is not working for sample Interval, & Data updating with default sample interval(1 Min)
65442NetDiagnosticsDDR|MultiDC | ED is not opening while click on ED icon in split view report through WebDashboard.
65480NetDiagnosticsDDR-ED | Thread CallOut is showing in Transaction Flowmap instead of Tier CallOut in NodeJS Tier(Zookeeper, Memcache)
65528NetDiagnosticsND-ED | No. of redis call are showing more in transaction flowmap.
65530NetDiagnosticsDDR-ED|DB Queries report is not opening while click on “D” icon in sequence diagram.
65534NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | Profile RTC | Not able to apply RTC through profile from Config UI.
65592NetDiagnosticsDDR-ED| Data is not coming in exception report when coming back from sequence diagram but data is present in exception report
65675NetDiagnosticsBT IP Summary| Support extra columns as having previous GUI
65691NetDiagnosticsNDP | Core was getting generated at stdlib/strtol_l.c
65782NetDiagnosticsDDR | BT IP Summary | Data is not coming in Duration column in case of HTTP callout.
65863NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | Issues appearing while applying the option i.e BT Rule based on Method Invocation
65886NetDiagnosticsRelease Information Not available ||
66001NetDiagnosticsDDR | BT IP Summary | Data is not coming in Count column in Integration Points Individual Info window in case of HTTP/ManyTier BT.
66005NetDiagnosticsAngular Tier Status | In Tier Status screen, Flowmap is getting refreshed after certain time automatically.
66048NetDiagnosticsAngular-Tier Status | Wrong Tier data is coming in Show Dashboard in Tier status screen.
66096NetDiagnosticsAngular Tier Status | Tooltip for selected node is not appearing.
66101NetDiagnosticsAngular Tier Status | Flowmap is not getting saved.
66112NetDiagnosticsAngular Tier Status | Search By option is not working in Tier Status screen.
66115NetDiagnosticsAngular-Tier Status | Tier Status is coming blank after applying any right click option on Instance at Instance level.
66127NetDiagnosticsAngular Tier Status | Top 10 TPS and Response popup screen is not opening properly.
66132NetDiagnosticsAngular – Tier Status | Instance Recycle History window is not opening while click on Instance Recycle History option at Tier level.
66134NetDiagnosticsAngular Tier Status | Not able to ungroup grouped tiers.
66137NetDiagnosticsAngular – Tier Status | “Hide Tier Integration” is coming instead of “Show Tier Integration” option after applying Hide Tier Integration at Tier level.
66141NetDiagnosticsAngular Tier Status | Data is not coming in any reports after further drilldown from Tier Status screen.
66143NetDiagnosticsDDR Reports| Content Download taking time when network is slow or having huge amount of data.
66151NetDiagnosticsDrillDown Issue|Custom Query Isue:If we are Clicking Drilldown from Reports Gui after opening any of the report from WebDashboard/Web-DDR System Query then Heirarchy of System Query  is showing after That previously opened Report.
66167NetDiagnosticsMission control | Angular |- Apply Button is not working Properly observed Multiple Duplicate requests in Network panel
66171NetDiagnosticsDrilldown Issue:While we are opening Summary Report and doing further drilldown to open failure report after opening Tried or Success,then While clicking on count of Failure type then getting data of Tried or success respectively.
66219NetDiagnosticsDDR | Paginator is not freezed while scrolling up the data in Flowpath report.
66259NetDiagnosticsThread Hotspot Report|Thread stack trace table header is not freeze in Thread Hotspot Report
66305NetDiagnosticsDDR | “-” is coming in Min count and Max count column in BT Callouts Details section.
66308NetDiagnosticsDDR|paginator is not collapsing with accordions in flowpath.
66331NetDiagnosticsAngular Tier Status | Nodes of last applied custom time is appearing after traversing back to TierStatus screen from web dashboard.
66353NetDiagnosticsMultiDC|Not able to DDR from Tier Status in MultiDC
66374NetDiagnosticsAngular Tier Status | Hide Integration Point option is not working.
66389NetDiagnosticsDDR | Time unit(ms) for column name Total Duration, Avg Duration, Max Duration and Min Duration should appear under BT Callout Details table
66405NetDiagnosticsDotNetAgent | Unexpexted Error message is coming in Agent logs while doing AI
66419NetDiagnosticsDotNetAgent | Excluded Pattern BTs are appearing in aggregate file (Without iis_reset)
66457NetDiagnosticsNCMON_Agent||NDE Main process core dumping in handling message for percentile from NDC
66495NetDiagnosticsAngular Tier Status | Screen freezes after opening Apply Time Period popup window.
66550NetDiagnosticsAngular Tier Status | “Data is not available” error message is coming after selecting another DC from Tier status in MultiDC
66569NetDiagnosticsIssue regarding the drill down from Integration Point Stats monitor.
66574NetDiagnosticsAngular Tier Status | ED should open in Angular7 from Flowpath Report, Split view ED icon.
66608NetDiagnosticsAngular Tier Status | Blank ED is opening from WebDashboard after changing Time Period
66614NetDiagnosticsAngular Tier Status | Duplicate Nodes are coming in Grid View table after traversing back from FlowMap View.
66636NetDiagnosticsAngular Tier Status | Tier Status screen is opening of Default TR instead of selected TR from WebDashboard.
66678NetDiagnosticsAngular Tier Status | In Grouped node, Blank Tier Info popup screen is coming.
66739NetDiagnosticsDotNetAgent | In Sequence diagram, Callout exception is appearing instead of method exception
66755NetDiagnosticsNC Mode|Custom Query|Filter Issue:URL’s are not showing while going to apply filter by URL in URL Summary Report
66833NetDiagnosticsAlert Enhancement | Advanced Email Setting Issue : If pattern is not matched for two baselines then Message is coming only for first baseline.
66930NetDiagnosticsDotNet Agent| In raw data the backend type of DB callout is appearing wrong after RTC of EntryPoint
66945NetDiagnosticsUnable to open Flow path from particular BT ||
67003NetDiagnosticsNot able to do look up from ED for a particular flowpath with id
67214NetDiagnosticsND-ED|MultiDC| ED is not opening while click on ED icon in split view
67230NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | Instrumentation Profile Maker | Blank Edit XML screen is coming after deleting class under package.
67374NetDiagnosticsDotNetAgent | Wrong Backend Id is coming in 4 record
67612NetDiagnosticsNeed to Get compress data from Rest for Aggregate Transaction FlowMap.
67618NetDiagnosticsNCMON|Dip in online mode in NCMON
67674NetDiagnosticsShowing incorrect time for Exception graph in ED || SOLR ||
67708NetDiagnosticsFlowpath is not working for WCS GT / Colo
67926NetDiagnosticsNDP | Getting core dump in handle_callout at ndp_process_data.c.
68335NetDiagnosticsOIC||||Getting core 4.1.14 #121 in  fill_cm_data ()
68460NetDiagnosticsNot able to see Flowpath because offset file was not created for some tier so  ndp was not processed data for the same.|| MOSAIC || PROD ||
68500NetDiagnosticsDotNetAgent 2.0| Message i.e. “Going to dump 5 record at RTC” is coming after applying the Method Monitor file in RTC
68743NetDiagnosticsNot able to restart the continuous monitoring test after build up-gradation
68754NetDiagnosticsPhpAgent| DDR-ED | “0” is coming in class column of method summary table in method timing report.
68835NetDiagnosticsData is not available in dashboard
68866NetDiagnosticsTestTrafficStats | Log should be correct in monitor.log file if test is not running on NC machine
68886NetForestScroll bar should move upside-down while using arrow keys/mouse cursor.
69160NetForestmvcombine and mvexpand  is not working for fileds containing “key” : {“key1″:”value1”, “key2″:”value2”} type in JSON.
69630NetForestMismatch in no. of hits while using dedup for evaluated field.
61920NetForestappend functionality did not provide expected no of hits.
62733NetForestExec after stats is giving result in exponential form.
62767NetForestunable to create chart as response sends from db contain more than 500 log response size.
63027NetForestgetting wrong field name(1st field) when using rex plugin in nfdb.
63482NetForestGetting error message as “Discover: No mapping found for [@timestamp] in order to sort on”.
63796NetForestNetforest | NFUI | By default value of pipetempindex should be true
63857NetForestUsing SPAN along with BY for field that is unavailable in the document must give no result found.
64226NetForestGetting parse_exception(mismatched input) while doing simple search.
64234NetForestPerf_request index is not getting created.
64339NetForestwhere clause is not giving expected output when used after stats latest().
64384NetForestGetting response as “no result found” when latest is used on @timestamp field.
64438NetForestNetforest| nfdb | stats with latest is not giving the expected output if we are not giving correct field
64529NetForestNomv & Makemv is not working
64530NetForestexpected hits are not coming after running queries.
64547NetForestMultiple by’s in stats not giving expected output.
64744NetForestOn single sign-on while moving from ND-NF we are not getting any response.
64749NetForestNetforest | NF-ND single sign on | we are not able to go to any other feature other than search
64849NetForestError in spike alert mail
65544NetForestNot getting read/write permissions while travelling from ND gui to NF home page.
65549NetForestError in whitelist and cardinality rule file in alert
65622NetForestGetting response as “no result found” as aggregation is not coming in nfdb response.
65689NetForestpanelSearch:single is not working properly, it send multiple request for one dashboard.
65692NetForestUnable to give custom label for @timestamp in VIS query.
65702NetForestPerf_request index is not getting created when we send data using nf-forwarder and nf parse .
65989NetForestNetForest node stats are not showing properly in NetForest health monitoring UI
66028NetForestPercentage funtionality in NetForest UI not working properly
66992NetForestNot able to use $<user_defined_field>$ syntax after stats query.
67185NetForestGetting error in latest build of NFUI (4.1.15#5)
67540NetForestWhile grouping in pie chart only value should be displayed.
67551NetForestany variable instead of dedup is giving results of dedup.
67581NetForestWrong results of stats evaluation function(sum).
67734NetForestMismatch in output of the mentioned query with actual result.
67917NetForestResult of field server is varying with rex, exists and dedup
67922NetForestQuery is giving wrong result
67929NetForestData Table is not getting displayed when we select two options[i.e Show metrics for every bucket/level & Show partial rows]
67944NetForestMismatch in output while searching and creating charts for same query.
67994NetForestlatest on any field which is not present in the document is also giving results
67996NetForeststreamstats decreases performance of nfdb.
68099NetForestslow response of nfdb due to _temp dangling index creation.
68131NetForestexpected hits are not coming after running docstats queries.
68157NetForestdocstats count() function is not working as expected.
68210NetForestunable to restart nf-forwader (msi) if we provide different name in CONFIG_YML_INDEX=
68265NetForestChange in datatype when aggergation “UniqueCount” is used for string field.
68285NetForesttimestamp changed to epoch format when we use that field in VIS query.
68467NetOceanLarge file should  upload in the dataset and index dataset parameter.
68555NetOceanDefault value is getting disappear in case of index dataset parameter.
68798NetOceanNetOcean: Need to save 0 value if we active any template on the basis of constant type.
63760NetOceanManage Controller | Add Controller Issue : Default value is not updated automatically in remaining fields of Add Controllers window, while selecting Appliance name from drop down in Add Controllers window.
64160NetOceanGUI|Checkbox of select all service is missing in manage service UI.
64272NetOceanNot able to disable multiple dataset and index dataset parameter.
64368NetOceanGUI|Checkbox of select all request and response list is missing in recording window.
64730NetOceanSelect all checkbox is missing in multiple areas of NetOcean GUI.
65294NetStormCorrelationID | HPS performance degraded with Coorelation ID Header (Including Inline also).
65392NetStormJSProfiler | JSProfiler UI of the page is not opening but JSON is getting created for the same.
65518NetStormAdding warning of scenario keyword parsing into session warning file before starting test.
62660NetStormDocker monitor producing wrong output
62905NetStormAngular7 | Template issue : Formula type in edit mode of template Automated_Template180316124910 not working properly.
63772NetStormMulti DC|Derived Graph Issue:Chart Type of derived graph is not converting  to Dual Axis Bar chart type,while derived graph is added with Arithmetic operator
63955NetStormMulti DC|Derived Graph Scaling Issue:Scaling factor is showing NAN after applying Time period on Derived graph
63973NetStormMulti DC|Derived Graph Scaling Issue:Scaling factor is not showing correct while derived graph is added with Arithmetic operator
63981NetStormNCMon: Transaction Detail popup is not opening (keeps on waiting for the data and never comes out)
63982NetStormMultiDc Drill Down Report Issue:If widget having same Graphs of different DC and we are opening drilldown for slave dc graphs after opening drilldown of master dc’s graph then also master dc’s graph is showing in drilldown Report.
63983NetStormMulti DC|Open/Merge Issue:Data of All DC’s are showing while applying Pattern for single DC in Advance Open/Merge settings
63987NetStormTransaction Detail Issue:Allignment of Top Pane is not coming proper in Transaction Details window.
63988NetStormCM | Continuous monitoring test failed with config/product NS.
63991NetStormREST API | We are getting wrong data while fetching instance/level wise data using Rest API for level=3
63992NetStormTransaction Details | Transaction Error issue : Blank report is generated in downloaded report for WORD , Excel and PDF files while we have enabled Transaction error checkbox.
63993NetStormGIT Operation Issue : Error is coming while performing GIT Clone in Scenarios.
63994NetStormThreadPool | Unable to save scenario when opening and trying to edit existing scenario having threadpool settings.
63996NetStormMulti DC| Angular 7| Report : All chart and DC name not coming once a compare report is generated in case of trend compare.
63998NetStormTransaction Details| Transaction Error Issue :- Drill Down report link is not coming in the Transaction Error window on opening Transaction Error from Transaction Details UI
64001NetStormAngular 7|Scaling option should not come with widget type Data,Tabular and System Health as after changing scaling data widget is getting blank.
64004NetStormWebDashboard | Look & Feel Issue : Look & Feel issues are coming in drop down option in various feature(Logs,Percentile,Transaction Details,Favorite Settings) of Configuration Settings of dashboard in normal dc as well as multi-dc.
64015NetStormCompare Report issue:- Check box is not coming in measurement box in compare report GUI.
64016NetStormNetHavoc | Error Message comes as we check the check-box of added fault on the Server where CMON is not running.
64017NetStormNetHavoc | Unable to add another Fault when one fault is in ‘Running’ state as GUI is getting refreshed.
64018NetStormInit Screen | Extra Space and Scrollbar is coming in the Error Dialogue Box.
64019NetStormInit Screen | Scroll Bar of both TestInitialization Status table and the stages inside it are coming overlapping.
64021NetStormNC_UAT_4_1_14:While applying RTC in GUI it doesn’t shows any message regarding RTC done successfully
64022NetStormGIT Operation Issue : While performing GIT Revert, Success window is coming with Text Box which is editable and success window should have OK button.
64023NetStormInit Screen | cav.conf file should be controller specific in Initialization tab.
64024NetStormUAT4.1.14: Getting insufficient scenario parsing error while executing test from scenario GUI
64025NetStormNC_UAT:Not able to start the test with MULTIDISK_PATH nslogs /pgdata1 as it was unable to create hard link
64026NetStormUAT: Getting Script compilation error in 4.1.14 whereas same script compiled successfully in 4.1.13
64028NetStormVar Value | Core Getting generating when running Test from Scenario UI.
64032NetStormCore| Getting core dump with stack size of 8KB.
64033NetStormGetting guess entry warning in case of fix concurrent user.
64034NetStormGUI|Need to allow semicolon equal to for prefix and suffix in Correlation-ID header
64035NetStormCMON | RPM | Getting warning message while installing cmon.
64049NetStormMultiDC| Compare Report: Vector mapping is not working in MultiDC – Compare Report.
64080NetStormNetHavoc | Unable to add fault on multiple Servers at a time.
64082NetStormMulti DC| Reporting issue : On Excel template upload template is still coming selected after validation pop-up, Validation for success is not coming properly.
64089NetStormWrong API is parsed while selecting “Regular Expression” and parameter type for LB and RB respectively
64104NetStormScript_Management | Message Issue : Message should come correctly in case of connection error.
64107NetStormScript Manager|Parameter List:If we have opened parameter list of a script and then opening another scripts registration.spec file and again going to parameter window and doing any add/update operation then all changes is reflecting in the second script.
64126NetStormAlert Baseline | While copying a default baseline then a new baseline is also creating with default baseline
64127NetStormMultiDC | Reporting Issue: Charts are not coming with threshold enabled while no value is being passed.
64128NetStormNetHavoc | Fault remains in the ‘Running’ state when CMON gets stopped on the Server in the duration period of the fault.
64135NetStormMultiDC | Hierarchical Report: Complete instance name is not coming in generated hierarchical report column when Meta Data is used for Instance level.
64142NetStormMultiDC | Reporting Issue: Wrong vector name coming in metrics name of generated compare trend reports.
64167NetStormCID || Suffix can also be started with symbols like ‘-;=’. Allow special characters to be entered first in Suffix before any Alphabet.
64191NetStormTransaction Details Issue :- All Transaction Errors are getting overlapped on the Pie chart/Donut chart in the Transaction Details UI .
64192NetStormTransaction Error|Drilldown Issue:While we are clicking on Drilldown link in Transaction Error window then Drilldown is opening under the Transaction Details Tab,but it should open in DDR window .
64199NetStormGenerator list got invisible After Clicking on Generator tab in Transaction UI and transaction detail UI got blank for generator overall when we revert from generator specified Also Same issue is coming while we are enabling Transaction error checkbox
64203NetStormUnable to start test in Thread Mode.
64204NetStormNC_UAT_4_1_14:Not getting error message of all generators for failed NC test in splash screen on Upload Generator Data stage.
64205NetStormMultiDC | Reporting Issue: Report is not getting generated with Select metrics and Template having Derived Graph.
64206NetStormMultiDC | Reporting Issue: Not able to generate report from WebDashboard UI if panel having Derived graph.
64212NetStormVuser management | Vuser summary pause/resume and settings options are not working
64213NetStormSystem Health widget Issue | Back is not working properly if system health widget has 0 affected graphs and we do “show graphs for affected indices”
64222NetStormMulti DC Angular4 | Lower pane Issue: Lower pane is not coming correct on expending from increase Size(+)option.
64224NetStormAngular 7|When we select color from lower pane then color selection window is coming too large and going too below and Lower pane also not expanding
64241NetStormDB Monitoring|DB Connection Pooling not working on Postgresql
64249NetStormSplash Screen | Tools are overlapping in the top panel of TestInit Screen.
64250NetStormNS_UAT_4_1_14||While Applying RTC through Vuser management, no status message is displaying also RTC is not getting applied
64258NetStormTransaction Error |Drilldown Issue:There is no link to open drilldown Report in case of ALL Transaction in Transaction Error table.
64261NetStormWebdasahboard | Transaction Error issue : While we are selecting any particular error type of any transaction then all errors are showing in the window.
64263NetStormInit Screen | Error message is not coming on the Init Screen while test is getting killed from console.
64273NetStormInit Screen | Stage logs got blanked whenever GUI refreshes automatically
64275NetStormMultiDC | Report issue: On Switching Webdashboard with Work_DC Report GUI is opening with DC_NDE.
64278NetStormMultiDC | Reporting Issue: Legends not coming in generated report of donut and pie chart type.
64279NetStormMultiDC | Reporting Issue: Multiple issues in chart of generated compare trend report .
64307NetStormMulti DC | Report issue: Chart are not coming corrects with graphs type “Slab Count” and chart type Frequency Distribution.
64311NetStormGraph sample filter issue : If we are enabled graph sample filter in one widget then Graph sample filter checkbox got enabled for all widgets.
64314NetStormREST API | We are not getting any data while fetching instance/level wise data using Rest API for level=3
64323NetStormAngular7| theme5| icons color is not visible on dashboard side navigation panel
64325NetStormInit screen | Test Init screen is not getting updated while opening this from “Reports”.
64336NetStormAngular 7 | Alert Issue : Cancel button is not working in Advanced option in Select Indices while adding Alert Rule.
64343NetStormReplacing exit with NS_EXIT
64349NetStormMultiDC | Reporting Issue:  Not able to generate report from webdashbaord having graphs from both DC’s
64351NetStormUAT || 4.1.14#23 || DropDown button is not User Friendly in TestRun Window
64356NetStormCompare Report Issue: On selecting vectors from check box sorting is not working properly.
64361NetStormNeed to add class path option in JavaKafkaTopicReplication monitor UI
64362NetStormStack smashing detected while running RBU test
64392NetStormInit Screen | Init Screen is not opening while triggering test with -S gui from backend.
64397NetStormGraph sample filter : While we are giving negative value (-ve) and clicking on add button then filter got added.
64401NetStormMultiDC | Derived Graph issue:- Graph is not coming correct when creating derived graph using Sumcount formula.
64419NetStormURLParameterization | Query string is not getting encode while encoding is on in search parameter.
64427NetStormReporting Issue: Checkbox of derived option in stat reports not working properly.
64431NetStormMultiDC | Reporting Issue: Compare report not generating by using template and select metrics.
64432NetStormMulti DC | Report issue: Select Pattern should come in “Select DC” dropdown.
64433NetStormGetting No Data Available in Summary Tab (on first time)under MS SQL Monitoring in Webdashboard
64443NetStormMulti DC| Hierarchical Report : Data is not coming correct based on specified meta Data, and coming based selected in metrics options.
64453NetStormMSSQL| Need to encode the output data after executing query in CavWMON
64455NetStormMSSQL| Need to encode the output data after executing query in CavMonAggent
64503NetStormDrill Down Issue:URL Component details are showing incorrect while opening from Transaction summary after opening it from URL Summary
64505NetStormMSSQL| Need to encode the output data in Custom Query
64507NetStormTIBCO || NS is taking around 30 mins in Post processing in test duration of 1 min.
64513NetStormMulti DC| Reporting issue : Stat report not generating while adding favorites.
64514NetStormInit Screen | Init Screen is not coming in presentable format when cav.conf file is not present in the controller.
64516NetStormMulti DC|Derived Graph Issue:Data is showing incorrect while converting derived graph in Percentile and Slab Count graph type
64517NetStormMultiDC | Reporting Issue: Vector name in downloaded chart of word type and excel not in proper form.
64531NetStormScenario Scheduler | Not able to schedule Scenario Scheduler.
64555NetStormAngular 7 | Lower Panel: Filter is not working in Lower Panel.
64557NetStormAngular 7|Custom Time Period: While changing custom time View by Settings option should collapse and Refresh to provide best View by.
64558NetStormMulti DC|Derived Graph Scaling Issue:Scaling factor is showing NAN ,if derived graph includes NAN samples for applied time
64565NetStormStale warning are coming in NC_MON test instead of fresh warning
64571NetStormMulti DC | Derived Graph issue:- Issue is coming when using arithmetic operator (-) then data is always coming in negative.
64573NetStormScript Management | Recording Issue : We are unable to record script While we are trying to record script Through MAC OS.
64576NetStormGIT Operation in Script Manager : Unable to perform GIT Commit or History in case of product type NDE or NC in Script Manager.
64580NetStormKafka || Getting core in “ns_kakfa_close_connection” API.
64581NetStormKafka | Test is getting stuck and getting console error message as “Waiting for librdkafka to decommission”  (intermiitent).
64582NetStormKafka | Test gets stuck as after closing connection also it is reaching to Put_msg API.
64633NetStormMultiDC|WidgetWiseTimePeriod :- Graphs are not showing properly on applying widget wise Time Period , after applying Open Merge in case of Multi DC.
64634NetStormAlerts| After build upgrade Alert Baseline and Alert rules are not showing when Test is not started after upgrade
64645NetStormRunscript Mode is showing wrong in Thread Mode.
64650NetStormAlert Maintenance|MultiDC: Test indices button is not working
64655NetStormTransaction Details|Transaction Error |Drilldown Issue:While we are doing drilldown from ALL TRansaction of a particular Error Type then getting wrong results.
64669NetStormGIT Operation Issue : Progress Bar is not coming while performing any GIT operation in Scenario.
64672NetStormThread Stack Size is decreasing than the default value.
64674NetStormWebdashboard | Transaction Error issue : Dates and Months are not changing without using Calendar.
64684NetStormAngular 7 | Transaction Details issue:- Not able to Apply time period in transaction Details after applying compare in web dashboard.
64704NetStormUAT4.1.14: Users redirected to Test dashboard though it was not started due to scenario parsing error
64706NetStormInit Screen | Summary columns are coming blank in the TestInit Screen(Intermitent)
64712NetStormMulti-Dc | Favorite Issue :Percentile Graphs are reflecting back to Normal Graph type and percentile data are also not showing in lower pane after loading favorite having merged graphs and widget is getting blank after sample update.
64717NetStormAngular 7| Filter issue:- Filter is not working properly in lower panel.
64718NetStormThread dump/Heap dump option  is not showing in Dashboard |NC_MON
64722NetStormSearch Parameter(Core) | value is not getting parametrized in next request in case of ORD=ALL.
64726NetStormScript Manager|Script Compilation Issue:While we are compiling any script(script having no error also) then Script manager is throwing compilation Error
64729NetStormInit Screen | Logs are getting overlapped in “Upload Generator Data” Phase when error is coming for multiple generators.
64739NetStormScript Version Diff Issue : While performing CVS Diff operation for 2 or more versions in Script Manager using then “File Not Present……” is coming.
64748NetStormMulti DC | Report issue: Charts not coming in generated report from webdashboard with view type Word.
64755NetStormNetHavoc || ‘Download report as’ ‘Word’, ‘Excel’ and ‘Pdf’ options are not working.
64766NetStormunable to apply the Fault as the apply option is disabled.
64767NetStormMulti DC | Report issue:  Hierarchical report not generating with tomcat tomcat-7.0.59.
64796NetStormMulti DC | Report issue: Report is not coming correct while generating with metrics having percentile chart with select percentile enabled with view type word.
64831NetStormGIT Operation Issue : Error is coming as “Your index file is unmerged.” while performing Revert operation.
64842NetStormAlert Load Index Baseline: Baseline data structure created wrong for “All” indices in rule
64854NetStormMulti DC | Report issue: Hierarchical report not generating while opening from link of generated report list(tomcat version 91).
64856NetStormNC_MON | CSHM | Getting alerts for different controller while configuration file is for different controller.
64859NetStormCustom Report issue: Data from custom Tabular widgets, get removed on favorite reload.
64861NetStormHttps Protocol | CMON connection is getting closed while trying to make connection with BackHost using wss/ws/tcp protocol
64868NetStormNot able to replay logs because of missing of field name and numbers in GUI
64890NetStormMulti DC | Report issue: Select Pattern text box should come in “Select DC” dropdown from specified Indices window.
64910NetStormKafka || After completion of test duration, connection from Kafka server didn’t break and test kept running.
64927NetStormDB Monitoring| Custom time is not passing correct for SQLQueryExecuterService
64961NetStormMulti-DC | Widget Settings Issue : Running checkbox is getting enabled after disabling from change time period in multi-dc.
64975NetStormTIBCO | Messages produced by NS on Server is getting “expired” so unable to consume those messages from NS itself.
64995NetStormMulti DC | Report issue: Charts are not coming correct in generated report.
64997NetStormWebsocket || Message is getting trimmed in case of non debug test.
65008NetStormWebsocket || Getting extra garbage/encoded message in response file at the starting of message.
65011NetStormMultiDC | Compare Report Issue : Vector name is coming incorrect in generated compare reports.
65023NetStormReporting Issue: Default TR coming incorrect in measurement block of compare report in NS mode..
65026NetStormMultiDC | Hierarchical Report: DC list should not come in Metadata of Hierarchical Report it should come as DC.
65043NetStormAngular 7 | Lower Panel: Master Checkbox option is not working properly and filter is not working in Lower Panel for cloud machine.
65062NetStormAngular 7 Issue:Master Checkbox is not present to select all testruns/scenario in TestRun UI and Scenario UI.
65078NetStormVusers Management | Checkbox is not coming for selecting all vusers in list and groups in RTC
65081NetStormMulti DC |  Report Issue:Pattern applied from specified indices not working properly.
65090NetStormURL based script| Page table have different entries for same group.
65091NetStormJMS | NS is unable to establish connection with MQ Server.
65095NetStormGIT Operation Issue : While performing GIT Revert operation, even if the changes are getting reverted but error is coming and exception is coming in guiError.log
65101NetStormGetting Vuser manager Busy error on controller while running any RTC command from Vuser GUI.
65106NetStormMultiDC | Compare Report Issue: Compare report not generating using templates/Select Metrics with both DCs.
65108NetStormGIT Operation Issue : Error is coming when we are entering password having special characters in GIT Settings.
65123NetStormFacing error while applying runtime changes at tier level for DB2 Monitor
65125NetStormMulti DC| Derived Graph issue:- After applying Derived graph containing vectors of only slave DC, Presets are not working properly.
65132NetStormMulti DC|Derived Graph Issue:Derived graph is adding with Line chart type ,while widget having different chart type
65148NetStormPercentile Data Issue: testrun.pdf is not creating while running test
65151NetStormIn ConsulServiceHealthStats monitor,wrong tool-tip is coming in dashboard when providing instance name.
65163NetStormRBU-RTC || Getting core while applying RTC in ClickAndScript and test getting stucked.
65197NetStormReporting Issue: While enabling show server signature checkbox in generated compare report (TR2171)in NS Mode, m2 and m2 change block not working properly.
65216NetStormCompare Report Issue: Percentile charts are not coming correct in compare reports with view type word.
65218NetStormGIT Operation Issue : Session is getting logged out after performing GIT Pull operation in Scenarios with different users.
65226NetStormMultiDC | Report Issue: Reporting UI is getting Hang when we select specified without selecting any graph.
65255NetStormGIT Operation Permission Issue : Unable to perform GIT Clone operation using ReadWriteAll permission.
65257NetStormMulti DC | Report issue: Report is not coming correct with metrics having percentile values other than default with view type word on first time.
65264NetStormMultiDC | Compare Trend Report Issue : Selected DC names are not coming in the generated trend compare report.
65268NetStormProduct UI got blanked when we are moving from Net-havoc UI tab to Product UI tab
65285NetStormAngular 7:Cancel option are not working in “Add to Custom Metrics”.
65287NetStormMultiDC | System Health Issue: Drill down for affected Indices and for All indices is not working for System Health Widget in MultiDC.
65306NetStormMulti DC|Derived Graph Issue:Derived graph is not adding correct while panel having chart type like Percentile,Slab Count,Dual Axis,Meter,Dial
65310NetStormTransaction Error Issue:While we are applying any time period in Transaction Error of Transaction Details and doing drilldown then getting data for whole scenario.
65325NetStormwhile applying future time in custom time period  it should  showing Error in Dashboard
65334NetStormMulti DC| Custom Report Issue : Custom widgets from design tool are not coming in pdf report.
65350NetStormExcel Report issue:- Data is not coming for other machine when selecting preset as total Run.
65351NetStormTransaction Error | Time Period issue : Unable to apply specific time period for transaction error.Exception is coming in console
65365NetStormLog Data Monitor is not working with Get Log File Monitor even it is working properly with other monitors.
65373NetStormCompare Report |Test Run UI Issue : Start Time is not coming correct in Start Date/Time column and ende time is coming with null keyword in generated compare report from TestRUn UI.
65376NetStormRBU-Scenario UI || JS Profiler should not be supported for browser Firefox.
65384NetStormReporting Issue: Legends not coming in proper form in  generated report of donut & Pie chart type.
65387NetStormMSSQL | Encypted Data is coming in “Waiting Resource” field of MSSQL Blocking Session Table.
65581NetStormScenario UI | Improper alignment in added group of schedule settings.
65584NetStormIssue in Network usage monitor.
65636NetStormMulti DC | Report issue: Report is not coming correct with metrics having percentile chart with selections other than default in different report sets.
65660NetStormLabel widget issue:- font size is not changing in label widget text.
65673NetStormAngular 7:Boost mode is not working properly.
65681NetStormPerformance Dashboard Issue:Time Zone details are not showing according machine time zone in selected environment
65694NetStormPerformance Dashboard issue:Data for NS mode controllers is showing incorrect in generated Manual report
65706NetStormMulti DC| Custom Report Issue : Custom widgets from design tool are not coming properly in pdf type report
65727NetStormMON_UI | RTC is not applied successfully on MBeanActiveLoggedInUsersStats Monitor.
65769NetStormGIT Operation Issue : If a user gives wrong credentials in GIT Settings and try to perform GIT Operation, then continuous progress bar is running.
65772NetStormRel4.1.15: Need to support kafka burrow monitor.
65777NetStormTransaction Error Issue:Compare Settings option should not come in case of Transaction Error Tab in NC mode for overall as For generators Transaction Error is not supported yet so there is nothing to compare in generator mode in case of Transaction Error
65798NetStormCatalogue Management: Catalogues are not getting deleted after applying sorting.
65821NetStormWebdashboard | Transaction Details Issue : All transactions are not coming in transaction table for TRs having more number of transactions.
65849NetStormInit Screen| Test Init Screen is getting blanked when switching it from any other tab.
65855NetStormMultiDC | Pattern Matching: Resultant graphs are not coming only baseline graph is showing If selected graph to match pattern is with All and Advance indices
65860NetStormNetHavoc | Fault is exceeding the given duration period until the test is not stop.(Intermittent)
65872NetStormMultiDC Report Issue: Report is coming blank When we generate report form WebDashboard after applying Pattern Matching.
65957NetStormRel4.1.14: GIT Versioning:”.git” files should not be shown in Scenario and Script Gui.
65962NetStormTabular widget is getting blank after applying modify layout.
65964NetStormMultiDc | Pattern Matching:  Incorrect history is saving when we apply pattern matching only with slave DCs graph then master DC graphs are saving in history.
65970NetStormMultiDC | Reporting Issue: Incomplete graphs and no DC name is coming in generated report of donut & Pie chart type.
66016NetStormRBU-SpeedReport || Against every Page Score factor, Recommendations are same. Also Performance category is only reflecting, when checked manually on browser other categories are reflecting.
66039NetStormNetCloud | Scenario is not getting saved from Scenario UI and getting blanked after saving 2-3 times.
66068NetStormNetHavoc | Need to make High CPU Fault more accurate.
66110NetStormMulti DC| Custom Report Issue :Selected file not get imported to Tabular from file type widget on first time.
66119NetStormNetcloude Mode:While we are running any scenario Dashboard is not opening automatically as init screen is oepning blank and while we are trying to open dashboard by clcking on testrun,then also dashboard is not opening.
66138NetStormTransaction Error Issue:While we are opening drill down for any error and then switching tab to another tab and again coming back to that previously opened drilldown report,then getting wrong data.
66168NetStormReporting Issue : Filter option of Show all columns of measurement not working properly in generated compare report.
66199NetStormMultiDC | tree option Filter :- SkipGroupinfo.json file should be come by default when on build upgrade when it is not present.
66223NetStormMultiDC | Reporing Issue: All graph name not coming in the legends of generated report.
66228NetStormScript is failing due to json content in Body like “BODY={“email”:”{EmailID}@sg.com”,”password”:”Cc@12345″}”,.
66248NetStormMulti DC| Custom Report Issue : Uploaded image on image widgets get removed on favorite reload from custom Design Tool.
66264NetStormMulti DC| Custom Report Issue : Graphs of slave DC are not coming in generated pdf report from tabular type of widget
66286NetStorm4.1.15|Performance Dashboard| shell do not provide the start time of online test
66342NetStormMultiDC | Pattern Matching: After applying pattern matching when we apply Time period, switch tab, zoom & Undo zoom, and in case of loading favorite then graphs of ALL DCs are showing in widgets.
66350NetStormSystem Health widget Issue | When we change Time period or view-by from widget settings after applying “show graph for affected indices” from widget settings then all graphs getting visible in the panel
66378NetStormIf Scriptname is blanked, then GUI should not show Pagename as Scriptname. Provide one note in GUI.
66478NetStormData is coming wrong in MBeanHiveStats monitor when changing attribute name in HiveMonitors.xml file.
66490NetStormKafkaBurrow | During test in between  Monitor is giving zero data if kafka Group consists of more than one topic.
66507NetStormNC_Mon | Baseline Comparison Issue | Compare is not getting applied on the Web Dashboard on applying Baseline Comparison with 3 measurements.
66509NetStormConsul Monitoring | If configuring more than one consul  monitor in Json than only one is working and another consul monitor is failing.
66537NetStormTemplate issue: User not able to save template in edit mode.
66538NetStormPagename is getting added to the URL when scriptname exceeds 32 characters
66549NetStormError in Scriptname panel in Schedule Settings when Pagename and Scriptname are same
66584NetStormGetting error in creating URLBased script
66588NetStormNC_MON | Test is not getting started automatically via nsu_check_cont_test shell after core dump.
66594NetStormMultiDC | Pattern Matching: If we load resultant graph again from history table and then when we apply Time period, switch tab, zoom & Undo zoom, and in case of loading favorite then graphs of ALL DCs are showing in widgets.
66604NetStormSystem Health widget Issue | When we zoom in a widget after applying “show graph for affected indices” from widget settings then all graphs getting visible in the panel
66616NetStormMultiDC | Excel Report: Data for Slave DC is coming Zero in generated Report in Case DC-ALL.
66626NetStormDB Monitoring | Incorrect data in Real time mode for graph of Connection Stats in Server stats Screen
66640NetStormInit Screen | Error message is not showing properly in Generators Tab of Init Screen.
66641NetStormInit Screen | Donut chart of Generators is updating after also the test got stopped.
66642NetStormWidget Settings window is not draggable
66645NetStormScenario GUI | Scriptname and Pagename gets appended with the URL when host contains port
66702NetStormRBU-SpeedReport || Overall Score in Page Speed Report is mismatching with Pagespeed Metrics in Web-dashboard under RBU Metrics.
66734NetStormMultiDC | Hierarchical Report: If Template having multiple graphs is single report set then data is coming for only one vector in generated report.
66735NetStormDrilldown Issue:While are opening summary Report from Graphs of HTTP/Session/Page Failures and doing drilldon by clicking on Fail,then getting wrong data.
66742NetStormMultiDC | Reporting Issue: Hierarchical report not generating on the basis of Tier only..
66758NetStormWebdashboard | Custom Time Period : While changing custom date, View by Settings option should collapse and Refresh to provide best View by.
66759NetStormCustom Query|Filter Issue:While we are Applying Url of longer length in URL filter of script filter then getting no Records found.
66760NetStormGIT Operation Issue : User with Read All permission is able to perform GIT Clone operation in Script Manager.
66771NetStormMultiDC | Compare Trend Report Issue : Trend report should get generated without any excepltion with template having all chart types in.
66780NetStormRBU-Core || Different forms of ‘cssPaths’ are not supported by ns_js_checkpoint api.
66787NetStormMulti DC | Open New Browser Tab | Okta issue:- Open in new Browser tab with Okta is redirect to Login page of Okta.
66810NetStormMulti DC| Template Issue: Previously selected graph get added along with alert pop up, using chart type as “Correlated”.
66835NetStormGUI is not opening without adding ProductUI in IP if cmon is of earlier build specifically for controllers other than work
66839NetStormissue in getting the page name in the report
66845NetStormPerformance dashboard Issue:Auto report is not generated on day change
66856NetStormDB Monitoring | SQL Plan under Session Tab taking to much time to load
66861NetStormWebdashboard | Sorting issue in Session UI : Sorting is not working properly in Session UI of Product UI in single dc as well as multi-dc of dashboard.
66913NetStormMulti DC | Hierarchical Report Issue: Hierarchical report not getting generated using template having derived graphs with selected meta info from dropdown.
66922NetStormGetting core dump on running debug test in input_static_values
66923NetStormGIT Operation Issue : User having ReadWriteAll permission is not able to perform GIT Clone in Script Manager.
66929NetStormACL:When Group name is same as of Capability name then Capabilities are not showing in capability list of attachment.
66946NetStormDB Monitoring|DrillDown from Locks to Sessions tab should show selected session Id on top of the table.
66951NetStormMulti DC| Custom Report Issue : Charts from  slave DC are not coming in generated pdf report from tabular type of widget.
66957NetStormMulti DC|Report Issue : Data from slave DC are not coming with template having threshold values in decimals.
66958NetStormMulti DC Report Issue : DC info are not coming for test metrics graphs and get repeated, using in report generation.
67008NetStormProtobuf | Request Message should not be sent if not provided any request proto file
67015NetStormAlert schedule Issue | When alerts are generated for No Data then Rules in Active Alert window keeps showing “Schedule Effective” even out of the schedule time
67027NetStormDrilldown Issue:While we are opening drilldown for URL Session Summary from URL Summary Report from web DDR then URL Session Summary is opening  in that tab ,but it should open in another tab.
67029NetStormDrilldown|Custom Query issue:While we are applying group by and order by in URL and Page summary report and doing further drilldown to open instance Report,then instance Report is opening blank.
67032NetStormDrill Down Issue:Transaction Failure report is showing blank while switching from Transaction Timing Details
67049NetStormProtobuf| Content of Rep_body is not getting decoded if only “HEADER=Content-Type:application/x-protobuf” is passing from the server side only in case of static URL.
67067NetStormMultiDC | Reporting Issue: Unable to generate report while using event day in preset option and by applying favorite.
67139NetStormMulti DC | Report issue : Wrong alert message popping up in case of applying year in event day preset  of compare report.
67151NetStormNot getting values in proper format in data widget in dashboard
67153NetStormGetting incorrect value in report for Minimum value of a vector
67156NetStormIBM-MQ | After completion of test duration, connection from MQ server didn’t break and test kept running.
67196NetStormIBM-MQ | Wrong error message comes while unable to ‘put’ message in the Queue.
67228NetStormIBM-MQ | Wrong status code when Queue Name is wrong.
67234NetStormMultiDC | Compare Trend Report Issue :Charts are not coming, Using  template having Normal/Derived graphs  in same report set.
67287NetStormDB Monitoring|Incorrect aggregated data in DB Query Stats screen
67290NetStormNetHavoc | Fill Up Disk Fault is taking time more than specified in duration period
67295NetStormAudit log:- Heading is not coming for all Headers when selecting all 6 column in Audit log table.
67308NetStormPerformance Dashboard Issue:Favorite list is showing blank,while adding Environment ,if Controller display name is defined in cav.conf file
67330NetStormProtobuf| Rep_body file is not getting decoded while running the test with HTTP/2.0.
67343NetStormDrilldown Issue:While we are opening URL Filter for Page instance Report from Page Failure Report or Page Session Summary ,Then extra filter(Common Filter) option is coming in UI Filter option,which should not come.
67356NetStormDrill Down|Custom Query Issue:URL/Session/Page instance report Data is showing incorrect after applying script filters for selected URL/Script/Page Name in URL/Session/Page summary by status report which have multiple occurrence
67359NetStormCheckpoint | Getting core dump if applying checkpoint for all page in case of debug enabled.
67366NetStormDrilldown Issue:While we are Opening URL Session summary from URL summary by status Report,then for Some URL data is showing wrong and if once data is showing wrong then for all URL’s data of URL Session Summary is showing wrong.
67372NetStormDrill Down Issue:Data should show for selected status for the particular URL(Having multiple status) while clicking on Script count of URL summary by status report
67390NetStormSearch Parameter | Getting incorrect value while applying search in header for specified RedirectionDepth.
67446NetStormns_url_get_body_size() | Getting incorrect size in case of plain(uncompressed) response.
67449NetStormReport issue: Selected Based on option with chart type Donut/Pie get changed to default in edit mode and report coming blank.
67454NetStormScenario GUI| In Mixed Mode Scenario Session Mode option is coming in FSR.
67479NetStormDrill Down |Transaction Details Issue:While opening transaction detail report from transaction details AVG ,after opening transaction detail report from transaction  Response time graph,it is always showing the result of previous transaction
67490NetStormcustom Query|Drilldown Issue:Filters are not getting removed from transaction summary Report once filter is applied .
67491NetStormAdvance Open Merge setting is not working properly.
67497NetStormDrill Down Issue:Data is showing incorrect while coming back to Transaction Failures from Transaction Timing details or page dump ,while opened DDR through Transaction details
67498NetStormDrilldown Issue:If we are opening instance report from particular transaction and then we are opening failure all/any transaction except this then getting blank failure report.
67499NetStormNot able to see the exception in GUI if run the test from ScenarioGUI
67506NetStormDuplicate entries of TempDB in MSSQL Gui ||
67533NetStormMultiDC | Compare Trend Report Issue : Single chart is coming, having merged graphs from both DC’s in generated Trend Compare report.
67545NetStormNetHavoc | Change in Nethavoc Design.
67573NetStormReport Issue :Charts are not coming on taking chart type Donut and Graph type Slab Count with view type HTML.
67575NetStormRBU-UI || Data in ‘Content Type and Domain Statistics’ is coming after blank page.
67589NetStormASM jar exception is throwing at runtime in nosql generic monitor.
67598NetStormJTS not running when script.libs have multiple jar
67615NetStormMultiDC | Compare Report Issue : Compare report Coming blank with metrics having graphs from both DC.
67621NetStormtransaction error is taking more time to load
67625NetStormMSSQL | Data is not coming in Tables of Temp DB of MSSQL GUI at Realtime mode.
67638NetStormCumbersome process while generating reports using template
67648NetStormIndex File Parameter | Getting core dump when applying index file parameter in script.
67655NetStormAlert | Migration | nsi_migrate_alert_history_table shell is not working while migrating in 4.1.13 or later builds as it checks for 4.1.12 only
67656NetStormWebdashboard | Compare Setting Issue : View By is not working properly while changing preset of measurements in compare settings of dashboard.
67671NetStormDerived graph got disappeared from Cavisson dashboard.
67701NetStormObserving High CPU and Load Avg . in Netstorm Appliance (
67709NetStormWhile applying RTC it showing “Quantity RTC is already in progress. please retry after some time”
67731NetStormKFS || Lines are getting repeated unnecessarily in debug trace log in Netstorm UI
67741NetStormDrilldown issue:While we are doing drilldown by clciking on Failure(%) of ALL Transaction and clicking on any particular failure type and again clicking on another failure type,then also instance report is opening for previously opened failure type.
67742NetStormCustom Query|drill down Issue:While we are doing drilldown to open instance report by clicking on tried from page Summary report after applying Request filter except all ,then getting result of all.
67794NetStormRDT| No data is present in page detail report while runnig RDT url based Test
67813NetStormfacing issue in pagination
67861NetStormDrilldown Issue:While are opening summary Report from Graphs of Session/Page Failures and doing drilldon by clicking on Fail,then getting wrong data for Page Report and getting blank Report for Session.
67904NetStormDrilldown Issue:While we are doing drilldown from transaction details to open Transaction failure report for particular transaction and from Transaction Failure opening any failure type’s instance report and changing Pagination then data is changing
67912NetStormMultiple issues got found regarding hanging of GUI while opening transaction errors
67936NetStormNot able to see user count in test run GUI
67961NetStormWith Dual axis area line ,Tool tip is showing alert value and severity as undefined.
67964NetStormMultiDC | Reporting Issue: Charts for slave Dc are not coming while generating Trend compare report.
68011NetStormToken Based Authorization in Jarvis tool.
68121NetStormND Appliance UI freezes after okta sign in
68135NetStormNot getting data for In server stats||
68143NetStormLogging Reader | Reader is not writing into csv files on 10 seconds even if data is present.
68177NetStormNC_UAT_4.1.14.1 | Not able to start the test from GUI when DISABLE_SCRIPT_VALIDATION keyword is disabled
68223NetStormNot able to parametrize the websocket type url in Netstorm
68301NetStormPayments | Prod | Not getting data for all servers.
68325NetVisionQueries for applying similar session filter are taking lot of time.
68326NetVisionSometime vectors name are showing as garbage value in dashboard(NV Tree).
68461NetVisionDot thick net, data is not showing on crash aggregate report window for crashed sessions.
68465NetVisionIN NVSPA|Data is not coming for applied time filter even if data is present in DB.
68503NetVisionSession trend is not plotting in nv spa gui while navigating from performance overview gui.
68506NetVisionPage level ddr option is not navigating to page performance overview gui.
68584NetVisionIn NVRCA GUI | Some time Performance page is not responding in case of selecting  bucket size 5 and 15 minutes.
69369NetVisionUnable to drop empty tables while executing the “nv_drop_empty_tables” shell
69431NetVisionIn Native app | getting 500 exception while clicking on aggregate icon in app crash.
69716NetVisionIn NVSPA GUI | Replay Session is not working after clicking on replay button in session detail window
70243NetVisionIn NVRCA| In Bucket size drop down menu is blank.
62829NetVisionIn NV Overview GUI | Sorting is not applied for all widgets.
63289NetVisionIn Native app| Wifi Signal stength is not showing in wifi performance widget  in device performance tab.
63845NetVisionIn Page performance detail GUI, scatter map is not plotting in latest build of 4.1.14
64342NetVisionIn NV Session Filters|some special character are not supporting in Referrer URL and Page URL in Session Filters
64552NetVisionIn Cluster mode|Active sessions are not showing on master in case slave’s tomcat is not running.
64761NetVisionIn Crash Filter | Entityid is getting passed instead of name for page and channel name .
65730NetVisionIn Crash Filter | Data is not coming  while searching with crashed message.
65738NetVisionIn NVSPA | Others pages are not coming while applying ‘others as page’ filter in smart search.
66124NetVisionIN NVSPA GUI|Event is not coming while searching in general session filter.
66246NetVisionIn NV Replay | Page detail window is not opening while clicking on JsError icon from Page Navigator.
66326NetVisionIn Webview Integration | Replay is not working in case of hybrid app
66337NetVisionMulti level aggregation, Cores are generating after removing lpt file of any aggregator.
66348NetVisionIn NV Web Dashboard | Pages are not showing while drill-down for DOM Load Time hierarchy.
66497NetVisionIn NVSPA | HttpData filter’s Response time data are not coming correctly in Exported files
66869NetVisionIn Web-dashboard, session stats and other stats are not coming if only 1 variation is configured.
66911NetVisionIn A/B Testing, Uncaught type error is coming in console while clicking on preview of nvExt tool.
67188NetVisionDot thik net | In some sessions,form name and page load time are not coming for some pages.
67276NetVisionDot thik net | Useractions for clicking on tabs(in PhotoApp) are not capturing.
67318NetVisionDot thik net | Sometimes Page load time is not coming for pages splitting through api.
67341NetVisionDot thik net | Pagedump is not coming properly for some tab window.
67413NetVisionIn NVSPA GUI | Unable to search Transaction ID from Smart Search feature in Active Sessions.
67423NetVisionStore filter is not working on active session ||
67536NetVisionIn NV GUI | No Session are showing on session window after Clicking on event Count in event window
67586Synthetic MonitorSM-UI || Changes are not reflected in scenario file while editing (add/remove) generators in SM group.
67646TestSuiteIssue in test report while running netcloud test using Check profile.
68274TestSuiteGraph value is not correct while running NC test from Jenkins.
68277TestSuiteTestSuite: Getting wrong data in dashboard for all applied metrics in check profile.
68644TestSuiteTestSuite: Y- axis is going to disappear if we are selecting only 2nd metrics from lower panel metrics
68659TestSuiteIn case of multiple group Test data is coming wrong in HTML Report.