29th Apr, 2019 – Release Notes

Safe Harbor Statement

It is intended for information purposes only, and may not be incorporated into any contract. It is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for Cavisson Systems’ products remains at the sole discretion of Cavisson Systems.

Acronym List

Below is the list of acronyms used in this document.

SR# Acronym Expanded Form
1 NS NetStorm
2 NO NetOcean
3 NC NetCloud
4 ND NetDiagnostics
5 NV NetVision
6 NF NetForest
7 ANSI American National Standards Institute
8 API Application Programming Interface
9 BT Business Transaction
10 DB Database
11 DC Datacenter
12 DNS Domain Name System
13 GCP Google Cloud Platform
14 JMX Java Management Extensions
15 JSON JavaScript Object Notation
16 JSP Java Server Pages
17 MSSQL Microsoft Structured Query Language
18 NoSQL Not Only SQL
19 OCF Open Connectivity Foundation
20 Pct Percentage
21 REST Representational State Transfer
22 SA Service Account
23 SNMP Simple Network Management Protocol
24 TR Test Run

File Size Specifications

Below is the list of file sizes for each component required for installation in this release.

SR# Component File Size (in MB)
1 Build 1062
2 CMON 49.6
3 CMON_ND MSI 55.23
7 RPM (combined 5 components) 1380.01
8 RBU 621.31

New and Enhanced Features in


Support for Protocol Buffer

NetStorm supports Protocol buffers, which are Google’s language-neutral, platform-neutral, extensible mechanism for serializing structured data. It consists of two C-APIs:

  1. First API encodes the proto file and provides result in protobuf encoded format (binary).
  2. Second API decodes the response in normal text format.

In addition, protobuf (which provides some third party libraries to support Protocol buffers in NetStorm) is upgraded to version 3.0.0.


Display of Failed TestRun Numbers on Controller

Whenever a generator fails due to any reason, the generator name along with the Test Run (TR) number is displayed in the error dialog box of controller on the ‘Test Initialization Status’ window.

Change in Default Value for Disk Space

The default value for disk space in ‘Check Generator Health’ settings is changed to 50 GB.

Display of Generator’s Progress

The ‘Generator’ tab on the ‘Test Initialization Status’ window displays the details of all the stages (which run in background before navigating to web dashboard) for all the generators.


Percentile Metric for Business Transaction (BT) Response Time

Percentile metric for BT and IP response time lets user configure and analyze response times (based on the percentile values). For example, the user can analyze 80th Percentile of response time for ‘AddToBag’ Business Transaction. User may configure alerts on these metrics such as ‘Generate alert when 99th percentile for a BT is above threshold of 10 seconds for last 15 minutes’.

Integration Points with Message Type

Support for Advanced custom callout is provided where ‘AdvCustomCallout’ is the custom callout, which is used to generate a dynamic back-end name. Generation of this name is  based on the Method argument values provided or its return type.

Support for Latest Mongo Database (DB) Library Version

Support for Mongo DB library version 3.7.x and later is provided for some Integration Point Stats.


Enhancement: Self-Health Monitoring Automated Report

It enables a user to save system related information, such as Disk info, CPU info, Heap memory stats in NFDB.

Implementation of Time Span in Stats

It enables a user to calculate the statistics as per the specified time duration mentioned in the query.

Individual Request for Each Panel of Dashboard

With this feature, panel-wise (chart) request is sent to NFDB. It means each chart sends individual request to NFDB. It is configurable from the UI from Settings > Advanced Settings > panelSearch > Select value single / multiple.

Grouping in Pie Chart

A user can group the same type of data in pie chart if aggregation is applied.


*|VIS count() by splitchart(<fieldname>[parameters like: size,orderby etc]),<fieldname>[parameters like: size,orderby etc]


*|VIS count() by splitchart(log_message.reqLen[size=7]),log_message.reqPath[size=5]


Pattern Match Triggered as Alert Action

This is the subset of chart configuration, which is displayed in Advance section of alert mail. A user can specify a catalogue, which contains the graphs information on which the user can apply the pattern match. To apply pattern match, the user needs one baseline with which the user can compare all the graphs available in catalogue. To get the baseline graph (for which alert is generated), the user needs some criteria and it should have the minimum or maximum value across all the indices of one condition for which the alert is generated. Once the baseline is selected, the user can compare each sample of both the graphs (baseline as well as the catalogue graphs) and filter all the graphs, which satisfy the threshold value given in the action. After that, the user can send all the resultant graphs in mail body along with all the alert information.

Source Appliance IP in SNMP Trap Field

Now, in SNMPTrap, IDCName field holds the following:

  1. IDCName_SourceIP(Appliance IP) if IDCname is already configured.
  2. Source_IP if IDCname is not configured.
Enhancement: Active Alert Values

The ‘Alert Value’ field displays ‘Alert Value’, ‘Baseline Value’ or ‘Previous Window Value’ and ‘Load Metric Value’ if present for a generated alert.

Enhancement: Alert History Table

Whenever a new alert is generated, Alert ID is displayed in the Alert History table and Active Alert UI.

Enhancements: Multi-DC
  • A user can apply the ‘tree filter’ option to adjust the visibility of the groups. Using this option in NodeJS server, the user can view only Application (WebLogic, Tomcat servers) metrics, System metrics, and Business Transactions data.
  • Capability name assigned to logged-in user is displayed in dashboard of Multi-DC in the Logged-in user’s button tooltip. If logged-in user is having multiple capabilities, it is displayed in comma-separated format.
Enhancements: OKTA
  1. Only a single session is created for OKTA user upon login with multiple tabs in same browser.
  2. When a user, who is not part of any group, tries to login the product into default system view, it is redirected to an error page.
Enhancement: Drill-Down Report

Earlier, when a user opens Drill Down reports within the Reports Management window, a JSP file was opening. With this enhancement, angular version of System Defined Queries is displayed.

Integration of Cavisson tool in Jarvis

This feature enables a user to get the metrics data using REST API by defining required parameters, such as date, time, Derived formula, GroupID, GraphID, Vector name, and so on.


Enhancement: MSSQL | DB Server Stats for Cavisson Machine Agent

MSSQL monitoring now also covers the following:

  1. Stats graph for server memory utilization [RTG Monitor].
  2. Stats table related to MSSQL server configuration setting [Real Time only].
  3. Stats related to connection established per database based on database name [RTG Monitor].
  4. Detailed information about the connection established per database.
Implementation of Generic REST Monitor

So many monitors are based on REST URL. Monitor reads data from URL response. Therefore, if URL response changes, monitor needs to be enhanced accordingly. To avoid making changes in monitors time to time, Generic REST based monitors are created. The user can customize monitor configuration based on the URL response changes.

Fusion Server, Fusion Intelligence, and Machine Learning Features for Fusion Server

Fusion monitoring is used to monitor fusion server applications. Fusion Server is a highly scalable search engine and NoSQL data-store that provides instant access to data.

Monitors for Google Spanner DB Stats

Cloud Spanner is a fully managed, mission-critical, relational database service that offers transactional consistency at global scale, schemas, SQL (ANSI 2011 with extensions), and automatic, synchronous replication for high availability.

A user can capture the following metrics that are supported by stack driver:

  1. Spanner API Request Count
  2. Spanner Uncompressed Request Bytes Received
  3. Spanner Uncompressed Response Bytes Sent
  4. Spanner CPU Utilization (PCT)
  5. Spanner Node Count
  6. Spanner 5’th Percentile Request Latency
  7. Spanner 50’th Percentile Request Latency
  8. Spanner 95’th Percentile Request Latency
  9. Spanner 99’th Percentile Request Latency
  10. Spanner Used Session
  11. Spanner Storage Used (Bytes)
Active Logged in Users Graph in Cavisson Metrics

This enables a user to view the graphs for number of active users and active sessions for current time.

Database Monitor to Read MongoDB at a Specified Period

A Database Monitor is provided to read MongoDB at a specified period. The user can configure MongoDB monitors through Generic NoSQL DB monitor.

Android Device Monitor

The following monitors are provided to get the stats of the android device battery, CPU, and memory:

  1. Android battery stats
  2. Android mem stats
  3. Android cpu stats
Monitor for Hive

Hive monitor is a JMX MBean monitor which used by Cavisson machine agent. This is responsible for capturing and sending attributes of JMX MBeans as per configuration of monitor. Hive is an open source data warehouse system built on top of Hadoop Haused for querying and analysing large datasets stored in Hadoop files.

Support for Pattern in JMXMBeanMonitor

A user can provide pattern (regular expression) in tier name for JMXMbean based monitors.

Capture Kafka Lag to Support New OCF Design

A monitor is created named as ‘Kafka Lag Monitor’ to capture Kafka Lag for supporting new OCF design.  Cavisson machine agent makes connection with Kafka server and zookeeper server and captures the offset values from kafka and zookeeper.

Support for Service Account (SA) Token File Path Option

Service Account is a GCP project token file by which a user can access all the instances running on that project. The user can use that project in which the clusters are running. GCP SA is used for Kubernetes monitoring instead of kube-token. The user can generate a token from JSON file in the UI.

Monitor for Windows Task Scheduler

Microsoft Windows operating systems has a feature called Windows Task Scheduler. This component allows users to schedule tasks, such as launching a program or a script at times specified by the users. A monitor is provided to capture status (such as completed, failed, started, and stopped) of different tasks scheduled based on the ‘Event IDs’ and ‘Task Category’ in ‘History’ tab.

Additional Graphs in MongoDB Replica Stats

Following are the additional graphs in MongoDB Replica Stats:

  • MongoDB Inserts/Sec
  • MongoDB Queries/Sec
  • MongoDB Updates/Sec
  • MongoDB Deletes/Sec
  • MongoDB Commands/Sec


Enhancement: Page Speed Report

WebCoach is a tool used to get Page Scores and recommendations based on HAR file input. The coach helps you find performance problems on your web page and provides recommendations on how to do your page better. You will also get a score between 0-100. If you get 100, the page is great. If you get 0, you can do much better.

Chrome Browser Version for JSProfiler Usage

To use JSProfiler in RBU, version of chrome browser should be v68 or later. On clicking the “Enable JS Profiler” check box, a pop-up message is displayed if the selected browser version is less than Chrome 68.


More Accurate High CPU Fault

Now, the high CPU faults are more accurate. Only the specified CPU consumption is considered as fault injection in spite of the additional CPU consumption by other processes (if any). For example, if we inject fault to increase CPU consumption up to 80% and some other processes get started during the fault duration, the total accumulated value should not increase and remain ~80.

More Accurate Fill up Disk Fault

Now, the fill up disk faults are more accurate. Only the specified fill up disk is considered as fault injection in spite of the additional disk space consumption by other processes (if any). For example, if we inject fault to increase disk space consumption up to 80% and some other processes get started during the fault duration, the total accumulated value should not increase and remain ~80.

Network Fault ‘DNS’ to Block Access to DNS Servers

In this fault, the user cannot access the DNS Server. It is blocked after applying fault.

‘User’ Column in Fault Injection Summary Table

A column named as ‘User’ is added in the ‘Fault Injection Summary’ table to display who has applied the fault(s).

Bug Fixes

The following issues are fixed in

Bug ID Product Summary
66388 NetCloud Init Screen | Donut chart of Generators is updating after also the test got stopped.
66653 NetCloud Init Screen | Error message is not showing properly in Generators Tab of Init Screen.
66654 NetCloud Init Screen | Duration is not showing correctly in case of specified Generators.
63888 NetCloud NC_UAT_4_1_14:core dump on generators in netstorm process in free_runprof_page_reload_idx when running the test with 20 groups
66207 NetCloud Init Screen | Donut Chart Showing incorrect Percentage.
66235 NetCloud Init Screen | Generator tab is not opening for the past TRs where test got failed in the “Upload Generators Data phase”.
66379 NetCloud Init Screen | Alignment Issue in Init Screen.
64066 NetCloud One NVM got killed and core is formed on generator
64939 NetCloud Getting Vuser manager Busy error on controller while running any RTC command from Vuser GUI.
65877 NetCloud NetCloud | Scenario is not getting saved from Scenario UI and getting blanked after saving 2-3 times.
54447 NetCloud DEBUG_TRACE| Not getting any data in Request/Response files while opening same from debug trace logs in Netcloud test
66387 NetCloud Init Screen | Popup is coming repeatedly, when switching the generator tab to controller tab multiple times, in case of cancelling the test.
56869 NetCloud Getting  core on generators as generators are getting ignored while applying File Parameter RTC for multiple scripts (Intermittent)
64535 NetCloud Test got started on one generator even when all generators got skipped from controller
65973 NetCloud Test Initialization status|Generator error should be seen on generator screen on generator tab
66177 NetCloud Init Screen | Phase of Generator is still in running mode when it is already converted in to Dashboard.
66181 NetCloud Init Screen | Cancel Test Button is coming in Generators Init Screen.
66695 NetDiagnostics NC_MON | netstorm core dump is coming in  add_json_monitors () method after build upgrade
66137 NetDiagnostics Angular – Tier Status | Instance Recycle History window is not opening while click on Instance Recycle History option at Tier level.
66151 NetDiagnostics Angular Tier Status | Data is not coming in any reports after further drilldown from Tier Status screen.
66260 NetDiagnostics Percentile | WebDashboard | Getting wrong value of 95th percentile in KPI.
65677 NetDiagnostics Percentile | NDC | Percentile value is coming wrong for BT percentiles.
66613 NetDiagnostics Percentile | NDC | Aggregation of percentile need to be supported.
62808 NetDiagnostics Flowpath Stats Monitor | Mismatch in ‘overall – instance’ level data in flowpath stats graph(s).
47095 NetDiagnostics NDCollector | ndc_trace is appending into previous test run and no ndc_trace.log is created in first partition of current test run.
66193 NetDiagnostics Core | getting core in WebSocket (WS) Mode  for  process_auto_sensor_data (id=0) at ndc_auto_sensor_connection.c
65755 NetDiagnostics Integration point is missing from CNC UI to CNC Service tier
60891 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent | In method Calling Tree, Representation of DB Callout is not appearing correctly
63127 NetDiagnostics Monitors|Unable to fetch CPU Utilization for register
65918 NetDiagnostics Percentile|Tool for reading tdigest data from aggregate file and calculate used passed percentile
65919 NetDiagnostics Percentile|Dump tdigest debug information in aggregate data itself
65709 NetDiagnostics Percentile | Purge the files and directories after given time period
63565 NetDiagnostics Widget Settings window is not draggable
62570 NetDiagnostics||Core generated in MRP Eastern in __GI_raise (sig=sig@entry=6)
65933 NetDiagnostics Incorrect Time in Uptime monitor
64478 NetDiagnostics while applying future time in custom time period  it should  showing Error in Dashboard
63645 NetDiagnostics We are getting incomplete transaction flowmap
65362 NetDiagnostics NC_MON | CSHM | LPS cores are not getting removed automatically while threshold value is set 3 in CSHM configure file.
65980 NetDiagnostics NCMON_Agent||NDE Main process core dumping in handling message for percentile from NDC
64400 NetDiagnostics ND-ED|After clicking on Transaction Scorecard “ProductUI” screen is opening.
65049 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent | Application is getting crashed while applying AI, with Agent build 4.1.14 b29
65055 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent | AI | Agent is unable to send modify message to ndc as string i.e.  “ndautoInstrumentationCollObj object is NULL” is appending continuously in agent log file
65409 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent | Application is get crashed with build 4.1.14(#29)
65366 NetDiagnostics Core is generating at partition switch
66087 NetDiagnostics Angular Tier Status | Functionality of Action icons present in right side corner of Tier Status screen is not clear.
66676 NetDiagnostics Angular Tier Status|”No record found” is coming while opening BT trends from Tier status in Single DC.
66089 NetDiagnostics Angular-Tier Status | Option for “Tier Status” is not coming from WebDashboard.
66117 NetDiagnostics Angular Tier Status | Test Run number is not appearing in Tier Status Screen.
66133 NetDiagnostics Angular – Tier Status | Blank screen is coming in Grid View of Flowmap.
66554 NetDiagnostics Angular Tier Status | Grid View table is not appropriate.
65739 NetDiagnostics Percentile | ConfigUI | NDC_BT_PERCENTILES Keyword is coming wrong as it should be NDC_PERCENTILES
62531 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent – CommonMSI | Unexpected logs are continuously appending in Agent log file
65576 NetDiagnostics Percentile | WebDashboard | 0 data is showing in percentile graph if applying view by time more than aggregation interval.
66129 NetDiagnostics Percentile | WebDashboard | Wrong graph data-info is appearing if ‘view by’ interval is 10 min in web-dashboard.
62392 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent | In raw_data file, 38 record is not coming correctly
65577 NetDiagnostics Percentile | Monitor | Getting wrong hierarchy in IP percentile graph for overall case.
66394 NetDiagnostics Netstorm | HTTP Request payload is not getting passed in request if it is parameterized.
65862 NetDiagnostics NDP | Core was getting generated at stdlib/strtol_l.c
65014 NetDiagnostics NDC | ndc logs of Testrun are updating at $NS_WDIR/ndc/logs after ndc restart
65744 NetDiagnostics Percentile | NDC | Keyword “NDC_BT_PERCENTILE_TIERS INCLUDE” is not working while giving tier All from config ui.
66178 NetDiagnostics Percentile | NDC | Exclude Tier is not working for both BT/IP percentile
63456 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent | In rawdata 5 record is coming with URL
64309 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent | RTC of HTTP Request Method(GET/POST/PUT) based Global BT is not working
62287 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent – CommonMSI  | Application is getting crash while doing AI
62353 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent | In 2 record, url field is not coming correctly
65399 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent- MethodCallingTree | User is not able to detect for which method exception belongs to as Method name is not appearing in UI
66084 NetDiagnostics Angular-TierStatus | Text of action button is visible while click on action icon in the right most corner of Tier Status screen.
66100 NetDiagnostics Angular-Tier Status | “Default Flowmap” option is not coming in Edit Flowmap icon.
62369 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent | Unexpected error message is appearing in Agent log file while doing Auto Discover
62418 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent | In Agent log file, Unexpected message i.e. “Starting Dynamic Diagnostic” is coming while DDAI is not running
65686 NetDiagnostics Reporting Issue : Filter option of Show all columns of measurement not working properly in generated compare report.
65859 NetDiagnostics MultiDC | Reporting Issue: Incomplete graphs and no DC name is coming in generated report of donut & Pie chart type.
66161 NetDiagnostics DDR|paginator is not collapsing with accordions in flowpath.
64676 NetDiagnostics NewTierStatus: End to end flow is not showing and Icon is not displaying correctly.
65843 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | Percentile | Applied Percentile keywords are appearing in Custom Configuration List
66175 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | PERCENTILE | After Disabling BT & IP Percentile, NDC_PERCENTILES keyword still appearing in NDKeywords.conf file
64677 NetDiagnostics Multi DC | Report issue: Select Pattern text box should come in “Select DC” dropdown from specified Indices window.
62074 NetDiagnostics Servers are not displaying in BT because “received invalid vector” is coming in monitor.log file.
65915 NetDiagnostics Percentile|Multidisk Support for percentile directory
65920 NetDiagnostics Percentile|Cavisson Metrices if there is some issue from NDAgent for percentile data
61205 NetDiagnostics DDR | Supporting PHP logo for PHP Agent in Transaction Flowmap.
63893 NetDiagnostics Hotspot data not coming because ndu_db_upload was stuck in previous partition as process_done file was removed by NDPurge tool.
65831 NetDiagnostics DDR | Time unit(ms) for column name Total Duration, Avg Duration, Max Duration and Min Duration should appear under BT Callout Details table
66163 NetDiagnostics DDR Reports| Content Download taking time when network is slow or having huge amount of data.
65490 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent | Getting 0 btid for different btName while applying global rule
65731 NetForest Charts are not getting loaded in dashboard for the first attempt, after 3-4 attempted it get fully loaded.
61424 NetForest alert logs information is not coming in mail for (cardinality , flatline,aggregation ) rule type
66369 NetForest When using pipe in query “_index” value is getting changed.
64616 NetForest Getting response as “no result found” as aggregation is not coming in nfdb response.
64746 NetForest Exec query giving results in array format when used without stats query.
65000 NetForest makemv is not working after stats evaluation.
62627 NetForest logs information should be displayed in nfalerts index.
62645 NetForest Error in spike alert mail
63868 NetForest Error in whitelist and cardinality rule file in alert
65061 NetForest On single sign-on while moving from ND-NF we are not getting any response.
65500 NetForest Netforest | NF-ND single sign on | we are not able to go to any other feature other than search
65668 NetForest Not getting read/write permissions while travelling from ND gui to NF home page.
65945 NetForest Unable to give custom label for @timestamp in VIS query.
56226 NetForest Netforest | nfdb | Not able untar nfdb logs
65288 NetForest Span with mutiple duration is not working.
65316 NetForest Use of any array type field in “multiple stats by” construct, changes its type from array(DS) to normal string.
54748 NetForest NFDB| Akamai | Too much logging happening in nfdb
47363 NetForest Create mapping templates for (nfalerts) and (nfalert_status) indices.
64660 NetOcean Getting core dump while applying SearchIn Parameter in the output of XML parameter with DEBUG HPD mode and default number of HPD process..
62970 NetOcean GUI|Checkbox of select all service is missing in manage service UI.
65853 NetOcean URL names are coming out of boundary and overlapping with request,response & template name in request & response list window.
63755 NetOcean Not able to disable multiple dataset and index dataset parameter.
66673 NetStorm Web DDR Issue:Not able to open Web DDR,No records found is showing
66710 NetStorm MultiDC | Excel Report: Data for Slave DC is coming Zero in generated Report in Case DC-ALL.
66525 NetStorm MongoDB Generic Monitor | Incorrect Data is coming for all “key:values” in a document except for first “key:value”.
64778 NetStorm issue after configure Log Data Monitor and Get Log File monitor through monitor GUI
66634 NetStorm NC_MON | Test is not getting started automatically via nsu_check_cont_test shell after core dump.
66417 NetStorm Drilldown Issue:While we are doing drilldown from Summary by status report for any reports(session/URL) for which some data are succes and some are failed, getting wrong results.
65582 NetStorm Kafka Group lag replication monitor
65656 NetStorm Kubernetes | AccessLog | Not getting data for Accesslog Monitors when file path is in encoded form.
66740 NetStorm DB Monitoring | Incorrect data in Real time mode for graph of Connection Stats in Server stats Screen
66547 NetStorm Data is coming wrong in MBeanHiveStats monitor when changing attribute name in HiveMonitors.xml file.
66680 NetStorm System Health widget Issue | When we zoom in a widget after applying “show graph for affected indices” from widget settings then all graphs getting visible in the panel
62435 NetStorm Okta Integration|When we logout okta gui then it also gets logout from different browser tab.
66434 NetStorm Okta:Audit log active user count and active ACL user are not equal in case of Okta user.
65438 NetStorm Getting Error in Dashboard
65428 NetStorm Need check in netstorm build while upgrading cmon build if there is nf cmon build is already present.
65562 NetStorm Event Viewer monitor not dumping data for specific server
64877 NetStorm Not getting  server health metrics on Dashbaord as data is stucked in SendQ, because when the topology file is modified, all previous threads were stuck in waiting state and new threads are created for all the servers
65808 NetStorm HTTP Authentication | Getting core dump if applying search parameter on authenticated page.
65748 NetStorm MultiDC | Pattern Matching: After applying pattern matching when we apply Time period, switch tab, zoom & Undo zoom, and in case of loading favorite then graphs of ALL DCs are showing in widgets.
65830 NetStorm Multi DC issue:- Multi DC is not opening.node is not starting properly and getting exception.
64425 NetStorm Multi DC | Report issue: Charts are not coming correct in generated report.
66023 NetStorm NOSQLGenericDB | Instance Name and Database name should be mandatory in the hierarchy of MongoDB NOSQLGenericDB monitor.
66184 NetStorm NC_MON | netstorm core dump in add_cm_vector_info_node() method for custom monitor.
65710 NetStorm Netcloude Mode:While we are running any scenario Dashboard is not opening automatically as init screen is oepning blank and while we are trying to open dashboard by clcking on testrun,then also dashboard is not opening.
65839 NetStorm NetStorm Mode : While we are running any scenario Dashboard is not opening automatically as init screen is opening blank and while we are trying to open dashboard by clicking on testrun,then also dashboard is not opening.
65856 NetStorm Webdashboard | Transaction Details Issue : All transactions are not coming in transaction table for TRs having more number of transactions.
66173 NetStorm Elastic search Monitor is not working.
64985 NetStorm GIT Operation Issue : Session is getting logged out after performing GIT Pull operation in Scenarios with different users.
65600 NetStorm Alerts EMail | Alerts Emails are not generating when “show charts in Email” is enabled in Alerts Actions
65873 NetStorm Alerts EMail | Charts in Email configuration getting disabled when we Enable/Disable Diagnostics option in Alerts Actions
66126 NetStorm Alert Enhancement | Advanced Email Setting Issue : Line charts is coming in mail while we have selected Area chart type in advanced E mail setting.
66232 NetStorm Consul Monitoring | If configuring more than one consul  monitor in Json than only one is working and another consul monitor is failing.
63159 NetStorm Performance Dashboard Angular7 Issue:- Data and graph is not updating correct in Environment graph
64899 NetStorm Performance Dashboard issue:Data for NS mode controllers is showing incorrect in generated Manual report
65547 NetStorm Performance Dashboard Issue:Time Zone details are not showing according machine time zone in selected environment
66280 NetStorm Performance Dashboard issue:Duplicate data is showing in Auto Generated report
65837 NetStorm Drilldown Issue:while we are opening any Failure report(URL,session,Page,Instance) and from that failure Report do further drilldown for  any particular Failure type and come back again and open another failure type, then getting previously opened report
66336 NetStorm Transaction Details|Drilldown Issue:While we are doing drill down for particular generators then getting data for Overall.
66595 NetStorm Getting error in creating URLBased script
63627 NetStorm MultiDC | Hierarchical Report: DC list should not come in Metadata of Hierarchical Report it should come as DC.
65536 NetStorm Session is getting logged out while clicking on Refresh option of ProductUI widgets.
66191 NetStorm Multi-DC | Login Issue : Unable to login multi-dc.
66113 NetStorm RBU-SpeedReport || Against every Page Score factor, Recommendations are same. Also Performance category is only reflecting, when checked manually on browser other categories are reflecting.
63309 NetStorm MultiDC | System Health Issue: Drill down for affected Indices and for All indices is not working for System Health Widget in MultiDC.
66523 NetStorm KafkaBurrow | During test in between  Monitor is giving zero data if kafka Group consists of more than one topic.
66251 NetStorm Alert Charts in Email : Wrong percentage value and output is coming for pattern matched graphs in Email.
65865 NetStorm Usage error is throwing while running GCP Spanner DB monitors.
66014 NetStorm Wrong hierarchy is showing for GCP Spanner Method Stats monitors.
46146 NetStorm Rel4.1.14: GIT Versioning:”.git” files should not be shown in Scenario and Script Gui.
66508 NetStorm|Performance Dashboard| shell do not provide the start time of online test
65176 NetStorm Need For Android Device monitor (process stats)
65703 NetStorm Mission control | Angular |- Apply Button is not working Properly observed Multiple Duplicate requests in Network panel
65426 NetStorm Capability view issue:Tool tip of capabilities is not showing for ldap users.
65651 NetStorm MultiDC | Pattern Matching: DC name is not coming with Metrics when we open Matched graph from Pattern matching history table.
65922 NetStorm Catalogue Management: Catalogues are not getting deleted after applying sorting.
65998 NetStorm MultiDC Report Issue: Report is coming blank When we generate report form WebDashboard after applying Pattern Matching.
66002 NetStorm MultiDc | Pattern Matching:  Incorrect history is saving when we apply pattern matching only with slave DCs graph then master DC graphs are saving in history.
62302 NetStorm Drill Down Issue:While are opening URL Summary By status Report for HTTP Failures/Sec Graph for any particular failure type,then in the report it is showing for ALL but it should show data for selected failure type
62673 NetStorm Postgres_Monitoring | Vertical Scroll bar must be present in the Execution Plan panel.
62677 NetStorm MSSQL Monitoring | Default Sorting is not enabled on any column field in DB Query Stats screen for Report stats monitor.
62859 NetStorm DB Monitoring | By default mssqlMemory.json fav should present  in mssqlfavriotes directory
65249 NetStorm MSSQL | Query is  visible in MSSQL Blocking screen .
59430 NetStorm Excel Report issue:- Data is not coming for other machine when selecting preset as total Run.
66289 NetStorm Multi DC| Custom Report Issue : Graphs of slave DC are not coming in generated pdf report from tabular type of widget
66543 NetStorm Template issue: User not able to save template in edit mode.
66011 NetStorm MultiDC|Caption of widget is getting changed after disabling check box .
65425 NetStorm Monitor UI | In Prometheus monitor, old filter options are coming in created json through which error is coming.
65512 NetStorm CMON is making connection with WSS instead of WS after protocol negotiation with Child NDC server.
65963 NetStorm Alerts E Mail | While configuring charts in Email then Threshold limit for pattern matching should be between 0-100 in Advanced Email Settings of Alerts Action
66107 NetStorm Alert Issue : In alert mail, alerts are coming for Major and Minor but Subject is showing for Minor Severity and hierarchy of severity in mail should be proper.
65193 NetStorm Facing error while applying runtime changes at tier level for DB2 Monitor
65670 NetStorm CavWMON | NDEStaticScaling | Protocol Negotiation|  CavWMON is making connection with WSS instead of WS after protocol negotiation with Child NDC server.
63807 NetStorm RBU | Filter option is case-sensitive and is not smart-search in LightHouse Report UI.
65960 NetStorm Drilldown in Angular from Transaction Details|If we are opening drilldown report of completed or success after opening drilldown report of all/any failure type from the link of failure(%) for ALL Transaction/Individual Transaction, then getting wrong data
64070 NetStorm Vusers Management | Checkbox is not coming for selecting all vusers in list and groups in RTC
66593 NetStorm Pagename is getting added to the URL when scriptname exceeds 32 characters
66596 NetStorm Error in Scriptname panel in Schedule Settings when Pagename and Scriptname are same
65695 NetStorm REST API | We are getting wrong data while fetching Graphs data using Rest API for complete Tier with derFormula=NORAVG
65740 NetStorm Rest API| isAggr=true is not working properly in case of single vector when we fetch graphs data using REST API.
64147 NetStorm Agentless Monitoring | “No data has been produced so far by the producer”  this error is coming in cmon logs.
66241 NetStorm Drill Down Issue:Session detail report and Page Component details are showing blank while tab switching from Page Component details
64415 NetStorm Script Version Diff Issue : While performing CVS Diff operation for 2 or more versions in Script Manager using then “File Not Present……” is coming.
57580 NetStorm System Health Widget Issue: System Health Widget color for normal  condition is coming in Blue color in case of derived Graph.
63679 NetStorm NC_Mon | Baseline Comparison Issue | Compare is not getting applied on the Web Dashboard on applying Baseline Comparison with 3 measurements.
65085 NetStorm Multi DC| Custom Report Issue :Selected file not get imported to Tabular from file type widget on first time.
65844 NetStorm Tabular widget is getting blank after applying modify layout.
66290 NetStorm Multi DC| Custom Report Issue : Uploaded image on image widgets get removed on favorite reload from custom Design Tool.
66338 NetStorm System Health widget Issue | When we change Time period or view-by from widget settings after applying “show graph for affected indices” from widget settings then all graphs getting visible in the panel
65671 NetStorm Webdashboard | Test Run UI/Session Issue : Sorting in not working in Test Run UI/Session UI in NS and NDE mode.
65096 NetStorm URLParameterization | Getting coredump if parameterized URL is belong to HTTP Authentication.
65122 NetStorm URL based script| Page table have different entries for same group.
66327 NetStorm URLBasedScript || Wrong Tx name is getting dumped.
65510 NetStorm Drilldown Issue:While we are opening Summary Report and doing further drilldown to open failure report after opening Tried or Success,then While clicking on count of Failure type then getting data of Tried or success respectively.
63676 NetStorm Webdashboard | ACL Issue : Refresh cache button in ACL is not working in Mozilla Firefox browser and Chrome browser both.
65135 NetStorm Transaction Error Issue:While we are opening drill down for any error and then switching tab to another tab and again coming back to that previously opened drilldown report,then getting wrong data.
62389 NetStorm Drill Down Issue:There is no option for drilldown in Failure(%) Graph for Page Session and Transaction in Web Dashboard but It is coming in Classical Dashboard.
48488 NetVision Rel4.1.12:Transaction Missing on Session Expiry/Idle Timeout
66200 NetVision Dot Thick Net | Unable to generate sessions from windows app with latest winforms dll.
66244 NetVision NV Core | Parsers are not running in latest build of 4.1.14 #105.
65040 NetVision Cores are generating after enabling NV_ENABLE_STATS_APP_CRASH keyword in KeywordDefinition.dat file.
55005 NetVision NVSPA GUI is taking a lot of time to load
62487 NetVision nds-pmd in Form data for Nudata
60358 NetVision In AB testing, add click goal option is not working in variation gui.
66519 NetVision NV Core | No information is showing after running get_parser_info tool.
66522 NetVision NV Core | Aggregation table is not creating for any level without adding MULTILEVEL_AGGREGATION_TIME keyword.
63556 NetVision Native App|Android SDK is not able to capture resource related stats.
65520 NetVision In NV Overview GUI | Sorting is not applied for all widgets.
65652 NetVision In Native app| Wifi Signal stength is not showing in wifi performance widget  in device performance tab.
65779 NetVision In NVRCA| In Bucket size drop down menu is blank.
66420 NetVision In NV Web Dashboard | Pages are not showing while drill-down for DOM Load Time hierarchy.
56935 NetVision Transaction id are not showing in custom metrics for active sessions.
65836 NetVision In NVSPA | Session trend is not plotting for starting date while applying specific time filters.
61616 Synthetic Monitor SM-Lighthouse || Mismatch in hostindex and pageindex of rbulighthouserecordtable, hosttable and pagetable which leads to data corrupt in Lighthouse Average/Detail report.
65908 Synthetic Monitor SM-UI || Changes are not reflected in scenario file while editing (add/remove) generators in SM group.
66015 TestSuite Issue in test report while running netcloud test using Check profile.