5th Jan, 2019 – Release Notes 4.1.13

Acronym List

Below is the list of acronyms used in the document.

SR#AcronymExpanded Form
7VusersVirtual Users
8JMSJava Messaging Service
9TPSTransactions Per Second
10JDBCJava Database Connectivity
11DDRDrill Down Report
12NDCNetDiagnostics Collector
13CLICommand Line Interface
14RTCRun Time Changes
15ACLAccess Control List
16LDAPLightweight Directory Access Protocol
File Size Specifications
SR#ComponentFile Size (in MB)
7RPM (combined 5 components)1380.01

New and Enhanced Features in 4.1.13


VUsers Management

Using this feature, a user can manipulate Virtual Users (VUsers) and can perform ‘pause’ and ‘resume’ on them.

  • The user can select VUsers and apply ‘pause’ to all the VUsers of a group or to a particular VUser in the group.
  • Once the user applies ‘pause’, the UI state is updated accordingly (paused, stopped, exiting, gradual exiting, running).
  • For a VUser already in paused / stopped state, UI does not display the option of pausing the VUser.
  • A user can see the summary or list of users in different states.
  • Encrypt User Credentials in File Parameter:A feature is added to encrypt sensitive personal information, such as passwords in a file parameter.
  • Split Flow File: A user can split a flow file into two flow files by right-clicking a page. The preceding pages are added in a new flow file.
  • Request and Response details in Script Manager: A user can see Page Detail information of recorded script, such as URL, Headers, Request and Response, Cookies, etc. Page Details option can be accessed by ‘View’ menu of the Script Manager UI.
  • Debugging Tools Support to see URL request / response in Script Recording using NetStorm Browser.
  • Scripts Debugger: Script debugging feature allows a user to debug the script by adding breakpoint so that the user can analyze or verify the data or flow by printing the value of any variable / step execution to verify the condition.
  • Script Compilation Enhancement
    • Improvement in Compilation Error messages.
    • Detection of undefined API calls.
  • Transaction name length is now supported to 1024 characters.
Test Metrics Enhancements
  • HTTP Request Group
    • Started / Sec graphs
    • HTTP response time component details:
    • DNS time
    • Connect Time
    • SSL Time
    • First Byte Time
    • Download Time
  • All Failure graphs is changed from ‘sample’ to ‘sum’. Using this graph, a user can find the count of failures.
  • Success and Failed Response time graph is implemented in Transaction, Page, Session and HTTP Request.
  • Think-Time graphs are implemented in ‘Transactions’ and ‘Transaction Stats’ group. Think-Time column is added in Transaction Detail so that the user can see the added page think time in transaction.
  • HTTP Response Code:
    • Added two new graphs for status code ‘422’ and ‘Others’.
    • If a status code is encountered that is not known, ‘Other’ graphs are plotted.
    • Response code is now file-driven.
Real Browser User (RBU)
  • JavaScript Parsing Time is provided in resource timing of Waterfall. This can be enabled in Scenario settings.
  • Data URI Representation is provided in Waterfall. This can be enabled in Scenario settings.
  • All downloaded files can now be viewed from UI.
  • An API is provided to execute JS on browser at runtime.
  • LightHouse reporting is supported with RBU (for Chrome version 68 or later).
  • Socket Bind Failure:
    • Configuration for Bind Failure is added. A user can retry session with status code ‘BindFail’ or can abort test as per requirement.
    • ‘Socket Bind Failure’ graph is added under ‘VUser info’ group of Test Metrics.


  • A user can add / update / delete generators in Scenario.
  • A user can stop generators in a running test. This is very useful in case one generator does not work properly.
  • Debug User trace now displays the combined view of all generators.
  • NetCloud test continues to run even if some generators do not work.
  • An alert is displayed on UI if some generators behave abnormally (Progress report delay / not hitting the load / stuck).


  • Chunk Encoding Header Support (Content Length Indicator): This allows a user to transfer data into a series of overlapping chunks. The response is sent in chunks based on some configurations.
  • Current date header is appended in the response.
  • Content Encoding Header Support (Gzip and Deflate): Response is sent in zipped form. This supports all parameters.
  • Multiple certificates support in UI for making SSL connections.
  • Custom Headers support in Tibco JMS.
  • Continuous Monitoring test runs by default on NetOcean server restart.


Java Agent
  • NetDiagnostics Enterprise (NDE) Purge from UI: This feature is used for cleaning up and backing up of files and database, which are no longer needed. Deleting older file / data from a disk can clear up a significant amount of storage space. In NDE, sometimes it is too difficult to manage the data in disk for a long time. In production, NDE stores GBs of data per day, so managing the data for a long time is tough. This can be controlled from the UI.
  • Support for Java Interface as Entry Point: It provides support for detecting transaction and call outs using Java interface method only without requiring actual concrete class implementing the interfaces. It automatically  instruments all classes implementing Java interfaces configured. List of third party framework monitored using interfaces are Logger, JDBC and JMS.
  • Support for monitoring Spring Boot batch jobs: It collects metrics, such as TPS and response time for batch jobs running in spring boot.
  • Support for NetVision (NV) Agent Injection via Net Diagnostics (ND) Agent: For Real User Monitoring, NV agent needs to be injected into web pages of client application fetched from web server. In some environment, it is not possible to inject NV agent manually. Therefore, this support is introduced so that the ND agent running with the client application automatically injects the NV agent in web pages. This is done by identifying all the required pages where NV agent needs to be injected based on the configuration. It is also supported in ND Config.
  • New framework supported – Apache Camel, Java Stream API
  • Performance improvements in Auto Sensor feature: It improves performance by monitoring limited threads only involved in the execution of client transactions.
Node JS Agent
  • NetDiagnostics (ND) – NetForest (NF) Integration for Node JS: NF is used to capture server logs (access log, error log). ND-NF Integration is introduced to drill down from logs captured by NF to corresponding transactions details captured by ND.
  • Node JS 10.x version support
  • Auto Discovery of Node JS modules: Provides support for discovering modules loaded by Node JS application and allows to create or modify instrumentation profile using auto discovered information.
  • Runtime change supports for entry point and instrumentation profile: Provides support for runtime modification of entry point file and instrumentation profile used by Node JS agent.
  • Capture Node JS process core dump file for heap memory analysis: It captures process core dump file of client application without re starting Node JS process and allows it to download for analysis of heap memory taken using third party tools.
.NET Agent
  • Exception Capturing Support: It provides support for capturing and monitoring exceptions in .NET application. It captures exception message, cause, class, and method in which exception is thrown and complete stack trace of the exception.
  • Dynamic Diagnostics Support: It is a light weight solution of finding problems in business transactions. Dynamic Diagnostics instrumentation is triggered only on specific Business transaction, and stack dump is considered only for those threads, which are executing that transaction.
ND Config
  • Enhancements in Agent Info window: This feature is used to view or update the machine agent settings and restart the machine agent server from the UI.
  • Business Transaction (BT) Pattern Window – Global Threshold Value Support in Java Profile: A user can apply threshold value globally in all BT patterns at once, which minimizes the extra efforts of the user to apply a certain threshold value in multiple BTs.
  • Multi DC Support for Web DDR: A user can now drill-down across all connected remote data centers data via Web DDR.
  • Support for Multiple Correlation IDs in FlowPath: A user can also search related FlowPaths via targeting multiple correlation IDs for a tier.
  • Scheduled Thread Dump Enhancements: Earlier, users used to take thread dump for a specific tier / server / instance at a time, and meanwhile they could not use other UI / functionalities. This feature is supported now and the user can set a specific range of time in which thread dump is taken. In case if load is generated at a specific time, the user can set that time to take thread dump of running processes.

Implemented Changes:

  • ‘Start Time’ and ‘End Time’ options to schedule Thread Dump.
  • Write Scheduled Thread Dump in a file. It takes Thread Dump at the scheduled time.
  • After scheduling, Scheduled Thread Dump table can be located just above to Total thread dump table, which is by default collapsed.
  • After Scheduling, the user can perform schedule / reschedule / cancel / resume / stop.


  • Support for ‘Donut’ and ‘Line Stacked Bar’ Chart types in Report Management.
  • Multiple Duration Support in Summary Report.
  • Support for Minimum and Maximum Value and Max sample timestamp in Compare Report.
  • Support for Favorites in Scheduler Report based on selected favorite.
  • Custom PDF Reports Support:
    • Compare and Hierarchical type report
    • Vector Based in Tabular type widget
  • Support for more than three levels of hierarchy in ServiceNow incidents.
  • Alert Action and Policy in Angular.
  • Alert Generation Time and Alert Message in Run Script for Multi-condition alert.
  • Support for Trend Compare in NDE Dashboard.
  • Alert Count Graphs on Tier and Server basis.
  • Lower Panel Color based on Severity in System Health Widget. Red – Critical, Orange – Major, Green – Normal
  • Mobile View Enhancements


  • ND-Prometheus Integration: This is an enhanced view of getting data from Prometheus using HTTP calls and creating monitors (Node Metrics). We have created a monitor that helps to monitor Kubernetes node stats metrics. Prometheus is provided with a URL. This URL gives a response JSON. From this JSON, we monitor Prometheus node stats metrics.
  • Sequence Vector ID with Vector|Data: We have optimized metric packet size on network from agent to NS / NDE. Now on new vector, first time vector and vector metrics values are sent and on next sample for respective metric, vector id and metrics values are sent to NS / NDE.
  • RTG Packet Size Optimization Support in NetStorm: This enhancement reduces the data transmitted over the network and RTG packet size. Monitors send the data after multiplying it by the factor for the data type.
  • MySQL Monitor for DB Channels Stat: Now there are two connection URLs – one for MySQL DB and another for Oracle DB. Queries are separated for both DBs in the configuration file and are used based on the DB.
  • Navigation Protocol in Machine Agent to NetDiagnostics Collector (NDC): In Negotiation Protocol, machine agent negotiates with NDC supported protocols. Priority is given to NDC protocol.
  • Implementation of Postgres Monitor in Cavisson Windows Monitoring: Postgres stores data securely and allows retrieval at the request of other software applications. It can handle workloads, ranging from small single-machine applications to large Internet-facing applications. We have implemented performance metrics for Postgres to capture DB health.
  • Infinispan Cache Stats on Application Server: Infinispan is a distributed in-memory key / value data store with optional schema. It can be used as a cache or a data grid. We are capturing metrics related to transactions, events, querying, distributed processing, off-heap, and geographical failover. The user can monitor and manage it through JMX, CLI, and a web-based console.
  • Automatic Discovery of Tibco Queue: Earlier, queue name was provided in JSON manually whenever any new queue was added. Now any new queue is automatically discovered and added. Tibco monitor can detect Queue and Topic automatically and the user does not need to provide specific Queue and Topic to be monitored.
  • Metric Priority at Tier / Server Level from Monitor UI: Support for setting metric priority at tier / server level is provided through Monitor UI. A user can use this feature by clicking the ‘Settings’ button.


  • NV Session Export
    • Whole Session as Interactive Excel File: Now a user can download a particular NetVision (NV) session in an interactive excel file format. This excel file contains all the data, such as the list of pages, event, HTTP Request, JS Error, Custom Metrics etc. This file also includes Pagedump of each page (optional). It can be helpful for the users to share the complete NV session over email.
    • Replay as Video Format: Session Replay can be downloaded in MP4 video format. A user can share the replay to other users who do not have NetVision access. In case of any UI issue, a replay video can be attached with the bug details, which can help a developer to easily understand the issue.
  • Support for NetVision (NV) JS Agent in Electron Application:Now NV JS agent also works with any electron application. It captures the metrics that are captured in any web page.
  • NV Cluster Mode Enhancement
    • Run Time Change (RTC) in Cluster Mode: RTC can be made in configuration in the cluster mode, which was not possible earlier.
    • More Parameters for Slave Weigh Calculation for performance optimization.
  • NetVision SDK for .Net Applications: Now NV can monitor .Net (C#) desktop applications too. It captures the following:
    • User activities – Replay
    • Performance data
    • HTTP Calls – response time, failure, and others
    • Custom metrics
    • Event
    • Crash
  • JS Error – Aggregate View Enhancements: JS errors can be visualized on different two-dimensions, such as Browser and Version, Page, OS and Version. It helps in quickly identifying the impact of a particular error.
Synthetic Monitoring
  • Access Control List (ACL) support for NVSM


  • Sparkline: Sparklines are inline charts that appear within the table cells in the search results, and are designed to display time-based trends. Sparklines depict the variation of a specific field with respect to the time. By providing the time filter, a user can view the variations within a particular time range. This feature is added in Visualization.
  • Reporting: With reporting, a user can generate different types of reports based on various visualization charts. A report generation feature schedules the time for generating report from time to time and sends it to the user. The user can get the report using the ‘Schedule Report’ method where the user can schedule the time on which report is generated. Three types of task scheduler are available for generating reports – Hourly, Weekly, and Monthly. Further, a report history template allows the user to see the list of scheduled tasks. With ‘View Report’, the user can see the list of generated reports, and can download reports from this template. The user can delete the generated reports from this template.

Generated report name example: name_provided_by_user><Date><Time>

  • Query Enhancements:
    • More Splunk Constructs Support: Constructs like Input Lookup, Where, Stats (docs, stream, and others), Nomv, makemv, mvcombine, and others, which are used in Splunk queries frequently, are now added.
      • Lookup: Lookup enriches the document data by adding field-value combinations from lookup tables. NetForest uses lookup to match field-value combinations in document data with field-value combinations in external resources. If it finds those field-value combinations in the resources, it appends the corresponding field-value combinations from the resources to document data in the search result. The user can use it along with REX and EVAL queries.
Syntax: lookup <lookup-filename> <field-name> output <destfield-name>
Required Arguments:

Syntax: <string>​
Description: Refers to the lookup file name.
Syntax:​ <string>
Description: Refers to a field in the index to match against the events.

Syntax: ​<string>
Description: Refers to a field in the lookup file to be copied into the events.
Example: * | lookup file pid output pname
  • Where: This command is used to filter search results by comparing two different fields and values and use logical expression (AND / OR / NOT) for multi-fields operation.
Syntax: where <expression>
  • Stats: This command is used to calculate statistics of the field, such as sum, count, avg, min, and max. It can be grouped by another field.
Syntax: stats <fieldname>
Example: stats resptime
Output: This generates all the possible statistics of the field, such as count, max, min, avg, and sum.
  • Docstats: This command is used to calculate statistics based on aggregation function and grouping of data, which is based on another field. Based on the group by field, it appends the generated field (key: value) in the document source.
Syntax: docstats <aggregate_function> (<fieldname1>) BY <fieldname2>
Example: docstats max(resptime) AS maxresptime by server


This generates statistics of field based on aggregation function for example, count / max / min / avg / sum and are grouped based on the <fieldname2>.

The resultant field is based on <aliasname>. The resultant field value (key: value pair) is appended in the source based on the <fieldname2>.

Here, <fieldname> is the field name for which the aggregated data is required.

<aggregate_function> is the aggregate function to be applied. Currently count, max, min, avg and sum functions are applicable.

  • Streamstats: This command is used to calculate the cumulative sum of the field based on the timestamp. Currently, default timestamp interval is 5 seconds.
Syntax: streamstats <numeric fieldname>
Here, <numeric fieldname> is the numeric field name.
Example: streamstats resptime
Output: This generates the cumulative sum of the resptime that is calculated based on timestamp.
  • Eval: This command is used to evaluate the expression of a field and save the same value into another field.
Syntax: eval <evaluated field name> = exec(“<script query>”)
<evaluated field name>: To store the data after evaluation of a script query.
<script query>: It is a painless query. In this case, whatever the query is written, it is added same as inline query.
Example: NFUI Query:  * | eval nf = exec("return 'NetForest'")
Output: This generates a field with the variable name and value is assigned within that variable.
  • Timeout in Backend: Whenever any request is sent from NetForest UI to NetForest DB, a timeout is also sent in the request. Setting a timeout when a request is sent allows a user to get the data / statistics for the set period only.
  • Range Query in Visualization: A user can use range query in Visualization. Earlier, this functionality was only limited to ‘Search’ tab. Range query is a visualization aggregation, which when applied to data table in charts gives the information regarding that specific field in the form of ‘start ranges’ and ‘end ranges’ specified in the aggregation.
Note: It works only if the input to the range query is a numeric value (for example, httpstatuscode, pid, totalrequest, resptime, hits), else it displays the metric value as zero in the ranges
  • Auto Suggestion: Auto Suggestion suggests how a user can use the query, and gives the alternate options to select a query while adding the query. This enables the user to select the query from the provided options, and displays the command history, thus saving the time of the user to type the whole query.
  • Enhanced Alert Framework: Alert framework is now enhanced and supports alerts such as ‘any’, ‘blacklist’, ‘whitelist’, ‘change’, ‘frequency’, ‘spike’, and ‘others’.
  • Storage of Query Result in Cache: When a user hits a query, its result is stored in cache. If the user hits the same request within a minute, the response is provided by cache only, not by the server.

Bug Fixes

The following issues are fixed in 4.1.13

Bug IDProductSummary
51612Build & AutomationBuild Creation | Error occurred while making CavWMON MSI build
50874Build & AutomationGetting core dump while running regression automation suite
46053NetCloudGUI | Not getting proper error message when CMON is not running on generators while running the test from GUI
49227NetCloudJMeter Core | Getting extra transaction hit count in progress report in case of JMeter AsIs test
59406NetCloudUnable to set alert policy
57932NetCloudNetCloud Test not running with use once file parameter
55886NetCloudNot able to start test on VMs with CHECK_GENERATOR_HEALTH keyword because of virtio_net driver setting
53263NetCloudNetCloud | Transaction Details Issue: Percentile data is coming zero on running a scenario with dynamic transaction on NS/NC mode
57813NetCloudnsi_build_upgrade_tool | Getting wrong message while triggering nsi_build_upgrade_tool
53068NetCloudURGENT || || Not able to login from GUI
56449NetCloudGenerator issue when applied RTC
56462NetCloudResume is happening after discarding the generators while apply RTC
52085NetCloudComments field on generator conf is not coming using tool nc_admin -o show
53997NetCloudHigh response time on generator
54002NetCloudns_trace.log roll over very fast due to irrelevant messages
51310NetCloudnsi_build_upgrade_tool not showing PASS/FAIL message
46044NetCloudGUI| Not getting build compatibility error while running the test from GUI
54922NetCloudGetting High Response time on Generators||
53126NetCloudP2HR||24th Aug||UI of “OpenAPI_Release” controller of machine is not opening
56458NetCloudFormat of create and received timestamp is different in ns_trace.log
58322NetDiagnosticsND slowness||MOSAIC||
54604NetDiagnosticsTx_DotnetAgent | Getting incorrect details for Tier Out Call in the BOSS_Receiving_Lookup Call (Thread.sleep Instr crash)
41901NetDiagnosticsNot getting ND Flow path instance | ATG
53039NetDiagnosticsTx_DotnetAgent_J | Not able to justify break down for AdSetInquiry_KSMSA_GetSignsByUpcs
55466NetDiagnosticsDotNetAgent | After complete exit of Finishpipeline request a new method entered in method calling tree
53504NetDiagnosticsDDR- In transaction flowmap, percentage is coming ‘undefined’
58370NetDiagnosticsSupport of checking empty string (“”) and “NA” in Exception Message record
55358NetDiagnosticsNot able to drilldown for 1 min time duration
56454NetDiagnosticsTime unit showing wrong in Hotspot Summary downloaded Report |
53008NetDiagnosticsIn Method calling tree, method coming in report are less than the method count
57933NetDiagnosticsNDP| NDP stuck in previous partition, due to .ndp_process_done_v2.txt file was not created in stuck partition
59067NetDiagnosticsHigh load average on POC prod ND appliance
56617NetDiagnosticsTransaction score card not listing all transactions(
51499NetDiagnosticsNC_MON| NDC Connection is going in close_wait
58990NetDiagnosticsGetting NDC cores while applying runtime changes through ND Config UI
53426NetDiagnosticsObserved cavisson.ndutils related threads for cprod-blue-cncservice-prod-32k3 ( VM
56304NetDiagnosticsPOC || ISS || Response time is incorrect
56205NetDiagnosticsTx_DotnetAgent | Method calling Tree is not justified for Transaction – KOFSA_OCF_T02_SPP_Search
56215NetDiagnosticsTx_DotnetAgent_J | Method Calling Tree is not justified for Transaction – KOFSA_OCF_T17_01_SearchwithContainerID
53442NetDiagnosticsEmpty file is received after performing auto instrumentation
55047NetDiagnosticsNot able to capture hotspots
56870NetDiagnosticsMultiDC | Download report of flowpath report is not working while traversing through web dashboard
58114NetDiagnosticsDDR | MultiDC | Data is not coming in Compared Method Timing report and Compared DB Queries Report after selecting “All” in DC option in ED
58272NetDiagnosticsDDR | MultiDC | Data is not coming in Thread Stack Trace section in Hotspot Report in case of “All” DC through ED
50494NetDiagnosticsMosaic NodeJS | 4 record is not dumping because of agent not able to get end transaction completion point and busy in dumping only 3 records
56201NetDiagnosticsExtra dots are coming in URL name of integration point call
56723NetDiagnosticsMulti DC | Not getting data center drop down option in hotspot thread details window after selecting child DC in drop down list
58002NetDiagnosticsDDR-ED | MultiDC | Wrong DC name is passing in filter criteria for flowpath report while traversing through Normal/Slow/Very Slow/Error transaction count of slave DC tier
58058NetDiagnosticsDDR-ED | MultiDC | DC and Tier name is not passing in BT IP Summary through ED
58129NetDiagnosticsDDR | MultiDC | Method calls tree report is not opening through Transaction flowmap in case of “All” DC in ED
58238NetDiagnosticsDDR | MultiDC | No data is showing in sequence diagram traversing through Normal/Slow/Very Slow/Error Transaction in case of “All” DC option through ED
58377NetDiagnosticsDDR | MultiDC | Error message is coming after applying “last 1 hr” in flowpath UI filter in case of “All” DC through ED
58066NetDiagnosticsDDR | MultiDC | Data is not coming in DB Group By BT report again changing same DC in DC menu, data is present in DB Group By BT report after select “All” in DC option
58119NetDiagnosticsDDR | MultiDC | IP stats report is not opening through Hotspot report in case of “All” DC in ED
55004NetDiagnosticsThrowing error if trying to take JFR on any VM more than one time
53771NetDiagnosticsDotNetAgent|Method calling tree is not justified for FactTags_KSMSA_GetProduct
55799NetDiagnosticsDotNetAgent | Unable to Take HeapDump from GUI
58263NetDiagnosticsDDR | MultiDC | Data is not coming in DB Queries report through Total counts>DB icon in case of “All” DC from ED
58394NetDiagnosticsDDR | MultiDC | Flowpath report is getting hanged while coming back from Flowpath group By BT >Flowpath after using common UI filter through breadcrumb through ED
53329NetDiagnosticsNot able to drill down to transaction flow in MOSAIC (
53940NetDiagnosticsImage is not loaded
53167NetDiagnosticsDotNetAgent | Unjustified MCT for SigningDiscrepancy_GetDiscrepancies
55517NetDiagnosticsDotNetAgent| ProxyServer | Raw_Data(2, 3, 4 Records) is not coming while enabling ND_ENABLE_PROXY_SERVER
55807NetDiagnosticsDotNetAgent – DDR | HTTP callouts (async) are having <<171ms>> Elapse Time
56335NetDiagnosticsNo Data Available for Network Delay (ms)
56732NetDiagnosticsNDP and NDC Core generated in Appliance
53937NetDiagnosticsIn Store View we can see total bad store count is 3 but when we click on 3 it shows more than 3 store
57913NetDiagnosticsDDR|MultiDC| Not able to see Integration calls from Tier status after changing any DC except master DC in ED
58059NetDiagnosticsDDR | MultiDC | Wrong data is coming in DB Queries report as compared to Tiername in filter criteria while right click on Tierstatus after select “All” in DC option
56917NetDiagnosticsBCIAgent | Agent is sending wrong data in rawdata file
52634NetDiagnosticsPOC | Instore | Prod | P1 | Not able to drill down on appliance
52993NetDiagnosticsDDR-ED | Scrollbar is not coming in pop-up window of method call tree -> Unable to see complete call tree of child flowpaths
58102NetDiagnosticsDDR | MultiDC | Data is not showing in BT Callouts details table for any callout but data is present in BT Callout summary table for BT IP Summary report after selecting “All” in DC option
58118NetDiagnosticsDDR | MultiDC | Methods are not coming in Repeated method details format in Method Calling tree after selecting “All” in DC option in ED
51799NetDiagnosticsNDEStaticScaling | DotNetAgent-DDR | In Master NDE, Total Count is appearing in negative in Transaction Scorecard
55026NetDiagnosticsDotNetAgent | BT is not getting created after applying the complete URI from Global BT screen
55155NetDiagnosticsDotNetAgent | When we are applying split by response header BT with UI, agent not reflecting the changes
58235NetDiagnosticsDDR | MultiDC | Full flowmap data is not coming in Transaction flowmap through Normal/Slow/Very Slow/Error Transaction in case of “All” DC option through ED
57134NetDiagnosticsPOC | Prod | CORP | Tibco call is not captured for pl003354 server
54050NetDiagnosticsNDC | Files in /proc/<pid>/fd created with root user, therefore denying NDP to close the inherited file descriptors
53939NetDiagnosticsDotNetAgent | Hotspot records are getting 0 for XSRFAppPool
57335NetDiagnosticsDotNetAgent | Log files are not getting created if we install in default path i.e: C:ï¼¼Program Filesï¼¼msi_filesï¼¼
56367NetDiagnosticsSome field is passing wrong to NETCOOL in CMON down trap
58191NetDiagnosticsMultiDC | Wrong Tier Data is coming after refreshing flowpath report for “All” DC through webDashboard
58539NetDiagnosticsThread dump cases with dc name including “-” , normal case of summary dataObj passed into tomcat wasn’t correct, // included in IPs for thread dump analyze, which is not working if machine is https supported
50932NetDiagnosticsNodeJS | Configurations applied using runtime changes persist even on starting new test
52290NetDiagnosticsNDE static scaling route protocol changes support
56795NetDiagnosticsMulti DC | Transaction scorecard | Data is not coming in flowpath report after changes DC from one to another more than 1 time
58092NetDiagnosticsMultiDC-WebDashboard | Flowpath of slave DC opening blank
58110NetDiagnosticsDDR | MultiDC | “DC Menu” is removed from compared Hotspot report after selecting another DC option in case of “All” DC in ED
58142NetDiagnosticsDDR | MultiDC | DC Name is not getting changed after coming back from Method Timing report to BT Trends report in case of “All” DC in ED
58200NetDiagnosticsDDR | MultiDC | Method Calling tree is not opening through Normal count in case of “All” DC in ED
58211NetDiagnosticsND-ED | MultiDC | Download report for flowpath report, method timing and method call tree not working
56625NetDiagnosticsNot getting data for TVS
56109NetDiagnosticsFacing issues in applying time period
52777NetDiagnosticsTx_DotnetAgent | getting error in the flowpath mapping of MLS_MGMT_GetCartonItemLocations
57012NetDiagnosticsNot Getting ND stats of BT
51830NetDiagnosticsMulti DC Filter is not coming on Drill down window
53342NetDiagnosticsItr #12: MLS_MGMT_GetCartonItemLocations
53865NetDiagnosticsED is showing wrong count |
54843NetDiagnosticsUnable to get the flowpath report ||
56064NetDiagnosticsFilter is not working correctly in ED |
58120NetDiagnosticsMultiDC | DC name should pass in filter criteria of flowpath report.
58284NetDiagnosticsDDR – Transaction flowmap | Download is not working in case of thread merge flowmap
55560NetDiagnosticsError at the time of drill down in ISS POC PROD
53163NetDiagnosticsDDR-ED | Sometimes DB Queries is showing blank data “-” via traversing back to home icon in bread crumb
56727NetDiagnosticsMulti DC | Tier name in filter criteria is coming wrong in case of all DB related reports
52151NetDiagnosticsFlowpath query is taking time
52786NetDiagnosticsNot able to open flowpaths due to version file error
52460NetDiagnosticsED || POC | Instore | Prod | P1 | Not able to open ED
54842NetDiagnosticsCustom filter is not working ||
56996NetDiagnosticsUnable to get flowpath report ||
57635NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | Not able to apply RTC in Custom Configuration Screen
51708NetDiagnosticsDotNetAgent|Error” Connection already Closed for cm_nd_thread_hot_spot_data Monitor” is facing in NDC trace log
53154NetDiagnosticsTx_DotnetAgent_J | unjustified method calling tree for MOS_T03_KMHSA_AddMOSItem
55480NetDiagnosticsTx_DotnetAgent_J | Method calling tree is not justified for AdSetInquiry_KSMSA_PrintBatch
55508NetDiagnosticsTx_DotnetAgent_J | MCT is not justified for FactTags_KSMSA_GetPrintBatch
55510NetDiagnosticsTx_DotnetAgent_J | Method Calling tree is not justified for BT FactTags_KSMSA_GetProduct
52271NetDiagnosticsGot junk data for a vector of a monitor in which some of the graphs were excluded. This issue occurred after partition switch
57294NetDiagnosticsData is not coming for some metrics under HAProxy Backend Stats monitor
55629NetDiagnosticsWe observed load average was going high on
57361NetDiagnosticsGaps are coming for Public Proxy
51803NetDiagnosticsNDP: nd.conf sample file update for NDP, NDC and DBU keywords
54622NetDiagnosticsNDP: NDP dumping unnecessary log in ndptrace.log
57007NetDiagnosticsNot getting all tier and servers for Access log stats extend V2 ||
53417NetDiagnosticsAll methods are not coming for Very slow flow transaction
54328NetDiagnosticsUnable to open Flow paths || Multi DC ||
53667NetDiagnosticsShow tier info is not showing specific server instances
56306NetDiagnosticsPOC || ISS || When going to alert window and come again to store view its take only one machine
52342NetDiagnosticsdp_create_at_job_id_files Shell is not working in another controller
55368NetDiagnosticsUnable to open ED for store 418 ||
57866NetDiagnosticsNDP and MCT | Handling of async task id
58091NetDiagnosticsGetting high Load Average in 1 of Prod MKT Appliance due to NDP Main Thread Process got stuck
50656NetDiagnosticsND Config UI – Tier Grouping | At tier group level while doing RTC, “No Runtime Changes Applied” message is coming. (In case if Tier Group is added at run time)
51060NetDiagnosticsNDC| Cavisson Metrices show Control connection throughput graph (Control data received from Agents)
57951NetDiagnosticsNDC|Due to MBean Monitor is enabled, so much logs are generating in ndc_trace.log and Agent log
58088NetDiagnosticsPOC | Prod |Flow path is not opening for store#0783 because NDC is unable to read meta data csv files in case of NS Test is started between CM Test
58568NetDiagnosticsData is present in dashboard while restarting application
54357NetDiagnostics10.206.96.6 || CPU graph comes to 0 for 1 vm
58141NetDiagnosticsMultiDC|ED is not opening by clicking on ED icon from flowpath report through web dashboard
54075NetDiagnosticsNDEPurge tool unable to cleanup partitions newer than checkpoint file
56321NetDiagnosticsNot able to see whole data from GUI
51698NetDiagnosticsNodeJS | Getting wrong ServerIP in NodeServer Monitor metrics in web dashboard
57070NetDiagnosticsNodeJS Agent | Flowpath instance coming as F in raw data
53680NetDiagnosticsShowing CPU value 0 for all tier in ED(
56885NetDiagnosticsStores count mismatch in store view |
28974NetDiagnosticsDotNetAgent -DDR | Flowpath Window showing “No Records found” while traversing from HotSpot Window While there are flowpaths for that hotspot duration
54025NetDiagnosticsDDR-ED | Wrong flowpath data is coming after downloading DB report then open flowpath report
55001NetDiagnosticsDotNetAgent | Application gets crashed after applying RTC from Business Transaction screen
53743NetDiagnosticsCollapsing BT stats does not expand the BT trend summary
54360NetDiagnosticsNot getting queries details while clicking Callouts In Prod ND For Acc Services
54180NetDiagnosticsGetting Sample with incorrect response time in ND
56191NetDiagnosticsTx_DotnetAgent | Method Calling Tree is not correct for TX: ItemInquiry_KIDS_GetStoreInventoryBySku
56202NetDiagnosticsTx_DotnetAgent | Method Calling Tree is not correct for TX: SR_MLS_FullfillmentGetNextReplenishmentLocation
57459NetDiagnosticsTx_DotnetAgent | Method Calling Tree is not correct for TX: SR_MLS_FullfillReplenishmentRequest
57476NetDiagnosticsTx_DotNetAgent | Getting wrong MCT representation for Tx: ItemInquiry_GetProductDetailsBySKU
55496NetDiagnosticsND-ED[Store View] | All applications are not showing in application settings window after editing Master DC application name
57071NetDiagnosticsND-ED[Store View] | Clicking on good store, total count appears 0 in store window
51494NetDiagnosticsDotNetAgent|Agent logs are not appending with 4.1.11(41) agent
52753NetDiagnosticsBCIAgent | Correlation ID is not showing while enabling option from filter
56512NetDiagnosticsGetting nodejs core on
54277NetForestQuery should work in case of if and case statement
58042NetForestThe result of any Export of search not given proper data
55907NetForestNfagent integrated with secure CMON
51743NetForestAlert details is not showing
53629NetForestData index is not creating for logs coming from openshift environment
50594NetForestSupporting template order other than 0 and 1
51392NetForestRel 4.1.13: Response body must be different for the respective size
51950NetForestTemporary index which is created by pipetempindex is not getting deleted after query is executed
54139NetForestAddition/subtraction operation in EVAL should work
53777NetForestNF Query Responding very slow and Timing Out
50441NetForestIf we put mouse on the graph in search menu and run any wrong query the value of count and timestamp is still visible in the next page
51704NetForestDisplaying blank field in permission
51814NetForestMessage field should display properly in nfalerts index
52291NetForestRollback get server IP where nfagent is running
53129NetForestRel 4.1.12: Alert (spike type) functionality is having issue with “ALERT ON NEW DATA” field
53188NetForestReport is not download in sorted format
53745NetForestAlert functionality should support all types queries including rex/EVAL
52061NetForestQueries after dedup are not functioning properly
56177NetOceanTemplate based headers are not coming correct
57348NetOceanCavbin | Template level Service time delay is not working properly
50980NetOceanNetOcean: Lower panel buttons are not showing on service level headers UI if we are adding more headers from UI
48150NetOceanNetOcean | CM test should be running by default, shouldn’t require to configure the changes
52702NetOceanNetOcean: Getting core dump when we enable Content_Length_Indicator in case of Zero size response
55605NetOceanNetOcean: Getting core dump while running load test with http mode 0
54994NetOceanGUI | Comma is not acceptable in select conditional operator IN with Numeric type condition in template
50973NetOceanNetOcean: Wrong headers are getting saved in back end if we enable for template level
55590NetOceanGUI | Every time new request & response file is getting added in backend when edit template name of any service
57864NetOceanNetOcean: HPD is going to stopped if we are adding call back function in RTC mode
50031NetOceanCancel symbol of all help window is not visible in case of blue and black theme
50324NetOceanGUI | Getting message “Template Already Exist” when editing any template and click on save button after that press Enter button
50348NetOceanNetOcean: Parameter description is missing in all parameter help section
51828NetOceanNetOcean (NIIT) | Import service UI is opening in the old format with the heading “NetFunction Import Service”
54958NetOceanï¼¼ is getting disappear from callback function while making copy of any service in which ï¼¼ is used before “
51896NetOceanNetOcean: TIBCO | Lower Panel option is not showing in Manage JMS Configuration window
51493NetOceanNetOcean: Fetch parameter from header Button is not working from UI in case of data set and index data set parameter
56736NetOceanNetOcean | GUI | Getting some extra characters in text box while using custom option in Date & Time Parameter
50710NetOceanNetOcean: Not able to set prefix and suffix in case of large URL for search parameter
54120NetStormUnable to record web script in PPE Submit project in NS Tool
57677NetStormNot Getting proper data for 1xx,2xx,3xx,4xx,5xx vector in AccessLogStatusStats monitor
56445NetStormMON UI | Updation through Log Data monitor UI is not working properly
53582NetStormUnable see full screen of Test script pop up window in script manager through VDI
53732NetStormNetStorm-Merch Appliance – Not able to categorize the business flow into transactions in NetStorm
58535NetStormGetting Core dump while applying RTC through JSON
58208NetStormUnable not able to record CST script from GUI
58353NetStormRBU Access Log || No data is coming in “rbu_access_log”
58209NetStormGetting difference between Ingress Combine TPS and Ingress total Channel wise TPS (MCOM/TCOM/Native APP(Android & IOS )/EA) From ALV6 monitor
53087NetStormNot able to get kubernetes stats for central region in client environment
53270NetStormGraph Description for data Threshold is well explained in Monitor Stats group
57596NetStormNDEMain Optimization
57700NetStormNeed to Change the sequence of Tiers in KPI
53297NetStormHierarchy is coming wrong when giving “-X” value through Monitor UI in Prometheus Monitor
51985NetStormWeb Dashboard| DBUpload Scandir Time|Sample is showing Zero while we are zooming the graph but lowerpane has data
58830NetStormMSSQL| Custom time is not applied when opening execution stats from some other screen when aggregation is on
55932NetStormRe: Suspect Monitor missed one sample of data in Dashboard
57188NetStormGetting No data available corresponding to Azkaban servers job
58541NetStormCapture the logs related to post the data from source to destination on debug level 0 in nde.cavisson.com
55786NetStormGetting exception in Oracle ATG Extended stats
59334NetStormGetting session close ERROR while clicking any metrics
57622NetStormMRP || P1 Issue || Report Template is not Working
57249NetStormServer Names are not passing correctly in SNMP Traps while passing NODE=$INSTANCE_NAME with “Consolidated Notification for a rule” option
55157NetStormWe are seeing 0 for the NAN values in the dashboard
55450NetStormNot getting data of CNC Central in nde.cavisson.com
55451NetStormData will not reflect on blue zone for all the components
57631NetStormND graphs not showing correctly
55550NetStormOIC||Not able to curl URLs resulting in Zero data for Accessible Metrics
57621NetStormIssue In Accesslog V6 Monitor
53706NetStormNot able to copy large data files at once into a parameter file in NetStorm
56993NetStormReplace all is not working in the script
52842NetStormNot getting server details in Application Metrics>Windows Process Stats
57993NetStormAlerts are not generating in POC CORP ||
58157NetStormNeed to implement APIGEE: in nde.cavisson.com
56041NetStormMultiDc: Number of panels and panel arrays are coming different while loading and updating favorite
57916NetStormFavorites are not shown on dashboard
56952NetStormForce server mapping is not working on 4.1.12 build
52577NetStormRTG index for dynamic objects will be same after partition switch
53017NetStormCritical || ND Machine Slowness (
54700NetStormNot able to Apply the Custom Date because first partition was deleted. Product should handle this case
58096NetStormData is not showing in favorite ||
58349NetStormAggregate data is not created properly
53583NetStormIP mapping is not available for LPS port and NDC LPS port
54747NetStormNot able to see alert description while clicking on home icon on dashboard
54024NetStormUnable to create Favorite due to slowness || || Multi DC Ip
57327NetStormKPI value is not correct(
54115NetStormUnable to generate HTML reports ||
56487NetStormUnable to generate report ||
54701NetStormJFR Recording is not showing in GUI
57513NetStormGetting Existing graph along with Updated graph after updating Graph Panel ||
54463NetStormConsul || Getting Error while testing configured Log Pattern Monitor from Monitor UI
53414NetStormScript recording not getting stopped on
55376NetStormNot able to add Alert Rule in MOSAIC(
54707NetStormGetting no Data in the dashboard while opening Favorite || Multi DC ND
55884NetStormGap in Graph after applying open merge in favorite(
58028NetStormAlerts not triggering
57699NetStormMismatch between sample time and machine time in KPI
57701NetStormNeed to Change the PVS with TPS in KPI
57703NetStormEnhancement Need monitor for Akamai & Apigee
58823NetStormAbsolute time filter showing year 2000 instead of 2018 in pagedump
53674NetStormNo data received for ‘IO by file’ from agent and exception mentioning invalid column ‘io_stall_queued_read_ms’ is found in agent logs.
57492NetStormSame alert is present in alertHistory.csv while as in database it is not dumped
53586NetStormSSD link get removed after build upgradation
55062NetStormHTTP2 | Basic Authentication mechanism is not working with HTTP/2.0 protocol.
56713NetStormNo Data in the HA_PROXY
58422NetStormWhile running ‘nsi_collect_logs’ shell, it is asking for password of cavisson user while executing jmap command.
57738NetStormNC_MON | CSHM | system_health_monitor.conf file should come with the build if it is not present.
58298NetStormPrediction Alert Issue: Prediction Alert is not being generated and is stuck in loop.
57119NetStormMultiDC | Modify Layout Issue: After applying open metrics when we apply modify layout then widget is getting blank.
53800NetStormGetting Idle Timeout or session closed error in dashboard
46329NetStormNetHavoc | Unable to update the added Fault Injection Configuration row.
49938NetStormNetHavoc | ‘Apply’ option is disabled when we are going to apply multiple Faults for the first time after the test has started.
50967NetStormNetHavoc | Addition of fault appears afterwards the confirmation message.
57142NetStormNetHavoc | Fault Type instructions are refilled in the respective fields by clicking onto its check box.
50677NetStormLook and Feel issue: while changing theme of WebDashboard look and feel issue is coming.
56504NetStormMulti DC | Excel Report issue:- Error message is coming while generating Excel Report.
57401NetStormMultiDC | Reporting issue:- Slave DC Report is not generating when switching tab from one DC to another in reporting GUI.
57520NetStormCnC Mosaic machine not opening
50851NetStormNetHavoc | Unable to apply Application Termination type Fault type.
51840NetStormMON_UI | Log Data monitor is not working when applied through Monitor UI.
52005NetStormMultiDC:Issues related to Open/Merge and Compare Group Members in MultiDC.
52821NetStormMulti DC|Favorite Issue: Graph time settings are loading according to the time period saved in favorite, while Load Graph time settings form favorite option is disable in Settings > Configuration
57533NetStormMulti DC|Parameters Issue: All DC’s data is not coming while applying Parameters by selecting All option for Level0
51216NetStormNS/NC test should not continue in multiple group-based scenario, if there is name mismatch of flow file from runlogic.c in one of the group.
49270NetStormGetting wrong data in transaction graph.
57185NetStormINCORRECT reports are generating on nde.cavisson.com
57564NetStormGraphical KPI Issue: After a sample update, graphs are not coming correctly.
57853NetStormKpi Issue:- Today column name in order and revenue table should be change according to when applying time period for custom time period, Yesterday, event day and Last week Same Day.
48293NetStormRel4.1.13 (4.1.12) New Browser Open Tab Issue :- All the windows are opening with the home icon , when we open any window using new browser open tab feature.
47993NetStormGraph Data Issue: Junk values are showing for the graph ,but NAN values are showing in rtgMessage.dat file
56505NetStormTime Period Issue: Data is showing blank while applying Time Period Yesterday with View by 2mins
58223NetStormNC_MON|Time Period Issue:Data for 1st hour is not showing while applying time period Yesterday with view by 1 hr
49698NetStormPerformance Dashboard issue:- GUI is not responding if performing 3-4 operation on Environment window.
50333NetStormRel4.1.13: RTG packet size optimization – Implementing High/Medium/Low in GDF Metrics (also needed in – Phase 0
52182NetStormURGENT ||junk data is coming in rtg || POC
53702NetStormIssue on Favorite Pagination
55447NetStormSCS_kpi_data.fav file on MOSAIC machine automatically changed
56035NetStormNot getting data of Order/Revenue in nde.cavisson.com
55055NetStormReporting Issue: Blank auto generate NetCloud Compare Report is generating after completion of test in NC Mode
57562NetStormNC_MON|LPS is showing running but LPS is not running exactly.
56682NetStormMSSQL | Wrong data is coming in Blocking session drill down report.
56619NetStormMultiDC|Open/Merge|Zoom Issue: Change of graph names in lower panel and change of number of graphs on applying zoom/undo zoom on panel having open/merge applied
57122NetStormMultiDC:After Applying advance setting if we Merge graph of another DC on that panel then it works as select graph.
57590NetStormLayout Issue: Performance issue in Searching all layouts with Layout ID in case of Loading Favorite.
52036NetStormMulti DC|Derived Graph Issue: Not able to add derived graph
56179NetStormDerived Graph Issue: Not able to add derived graph with pattern ,while “^” is used in formula
56409NetStormMulti DC|Derived Graph Issue:Data is showing with blank line in lower panel while loading favorite in which derived graph is saved with indices which have NAN Values
57237NetStormMulti DC|Derived Graph Issue:Sample count is not coming correct according to applied time period
57268NetStormMulti DC|Derived Graph Issue:Error is coming as “Error in getting default favorite data from server” ,while User default favorite contains Derived graph
57333NetStormMulti DC|Derived Graph Issue:Lower panel is getting changed after coming new sample ,while favorite is saved with derived graph which is added by arithmetic operation by using slave DC
52808NetStormScenario GUI|Reflecting wrong keyword at backend after disabling the sync point
54383NetStormMultiDC:Show graph for all widgets is showing blank panels with widget type System health.
54502NetStormMultiDC: GUI is getting hang after loading favorite if favorite having system health widget type.
57121NetStormBaseline Comparison Issue: – The applied compare is getting removed on applying Time Period on the Web Dashboard.
57290NetStormPageDump issue: When we are selecting Show only failed sessions in 2nd dropdown list and click on apply then GUI got unresponsive/hanged.
53898NetStormWebdashboard|Monochromatic Color Issue:Monochromatic color is getting applied on other panels when merge is applied on one panel.
54532NetStormGetting blank widgets on reloading the favorite || MultiDC
57886NetStormFavorite Issue:Favorite is not getting updated when favorite is updated with panel having merge graphs on blank panel with new layout.(Build#136)
57964NetStormClassical Dashboard not Updating ||
58006NetStormMerge Graphs Issue:Not able to navigate to next pagination on merging graphs with merge with selected panel or with advance merge after applying open/merge.
47571NetStormNetHavoc | Able to apply multiple Fault types on the same sever at given start date/time to end date/time
50048NetStormNetHavoc | Able to apply Fault types even after completion of the test.
50968NetStormNetHavoc || Fault should not be applied once Start time has crossed.
50987NetStormNetHavoc | ‘Stop’ icon is enabled for the Running Faults.
51859NetStormPage Dump GUI issue:While applying filters for first time in case of selecting page by selecting a particular script from multiple script, page list is coming wrong.
55088NetStormGCP MySQL Backup Stats monitor is getting failed for wrong argument i.e. ‘GCP project name’.
52828NetStormRel4.1.13: Alert Migration Issue: Alert Rule having Default Baseline is not coming selected in New Alert GUI as Default Baseline is not available in Multi Condition Alert UI.
57340NetStormAlert MultiCondition|Import/Export:While importing Multiple Rules in We are getting errors like:”Error: RuleName is invalid in one of the rule. Please rectify rule name.”
55649NetStormIncorrect subject of mail from cshm
56274NetStormProcess name in cshm mail is incorrect
56541NetStormData type not recognised by nsu_get_packet_size
56775NetStormNot getting 5XX/sec in egproxy and Ingress
57608NetStormNC_MON|while stopping monitor for specific instance in AccesslogV6 monitor got stopped for all instance on the same server.
57643NetStormLPS got stopped and core generated in Mosaic_SNB
52840NetStormNeed To Configure Log Pattern Monitor
57724NetStormAlert Multi Condition | Prediction Alert Issue: Prediction Alert is being generated for graph having NAN Value.
57440NetStormMultiDc | Advanced open merge | ViewBy issue – When we are applying Advanced Open merge two times simultaneously then view by is showing -1 sec in dashboard.
55845NetStormMultiDC | Issue with the  limitation of sequence of DC IPs in template and config.ini
57537NetStormMultiDc | Reporting Issue – Delete Action is not working in reporting window.
51381NetStormWhen applying AccessLogV5 monitor then invalid error are coming in lps error.log.
56884NetStormneed to add index in ns_db_schema.conf
57580NetStormSystem Health Widget Issue: System Health Widget color for normal condition is coming in Blue color in case of derived Graph.
56403NetStormRename Graph ‘CPU Utilization (Pct)’ to ‘Bandwidth Utilization (Pct)’ in System Metrics -> Device Stats group
51273NetStormPageDump query is taking time
56545NetStormAlert issue: Enhancement to support SNMP Trap for both MIB files that is on rule level as well as normal.
57084NetStormMON_UI | In monitor UI for JavaGCJMX monitor host and port field should be mandatory
57408NetStormMON_UI|In AccessLog monitor “Generate Overall metrics for name”(-A)& “Request field is in HTTP request line format”(-o)  options are getting unchecked when going for editing  through Mon UI.
53810NetStormObserving “Verification and service not available error(503)”
51616NetStormRTE Core | NS_RTE_CONNECT() API is not working when passing username and password.
54006NetStormUnable to login other ND machine with multi-DC
52720NetStormNetStorm process consuming more CPU
54927NetStormAlert Issue |
58526NetStormCore is getting generated when VUser is in Ramp down
57233NetStormNeed updated keyword of server mapping in the new release of 4.1.12 while creating scenario in Replay Access Logs
54960NetStormOpen in Browser Tab | Alert Show Graph Issue : When we click on “Show Graph” for generated alert, then the graph is opening in a new tab but error is coming as “Open Alert graph is not applicable for derived graph(s), or ended alert(s).”.
55493NetStormAlert Multicondition:Show graph for alert is opening with default view by of 1 min where as sample interval is 2min hence resulting in blank graph.
55142NetStormNot able to open GUI ||
55788NetStormReporting Issue: Not able to generate report with custom time period if we open Reporting GUI and generating report after 5-10 mins with custom time period of 1 Hour with current end time.
58034NetStormReporting Issue|Summary Report Issue: While we are downloading generated summary report in word, excel or pdf format then the presets are not coming sequentially in the downloaded report.
51873NetStormMultiDc Issue: system.json should not remove after build upgradation.
53545NetStormMemory Mapped Keyword should be enable by default.
53969NetStormGap in Web dashboard in MultiDC Environment (
57001NetStormGUI is not opening properly ||
57008NetStormNot getting dada in web dashboard
57624NetStormNC_MON | Sample Time is not showing correctly in Show Graph Data while applying Time Period: Last 7 Days with View By: 1 Day.
57829NetStormCritical || ND dashboard Slowness || Dashboard not updating Properly
53122NetStormApply NS Auto Monitors with the help of PID file rather than JMX port
53135NetStormMBEAN monitor runtime issue
53136NetStormMSSQL Monitor: Core dump generated in case less number of data fields are sent from CMON than expected
53548NetStormCore dump in NS for rtg optimisation
53734NetStormOUTBOUND|Core generated in Netstorm
53999NetStormMySQL | Wrong entry in “cm_mysql_resource_usage_stats_V2.gdf”
54109NetStormMSSQL: Duplicate error was coming while uploading data in csv files
54272NetStormgraphs are showing flat line for tcp stats rate monitor for all server after a certain time
55273NetStormRel4.1.13: On data overflow for new data types (times_4B_1000 and etc.) progress report showing negative value instead of –nan
55695NetStormSerious Bug founds during HML implementation, which need to be fixed.
55868NetStormNot getting Data in MySQL and Hikari Monitors
56138NetStormUnknown store name is coming for custom monitor.
57876NetStormRevert back cm_nd_backend_call_stats.gdf
53324NetStormACL:Password of user is showing in redirection link while opening Script Manager.
53330NetStormNot getting Nginx data for KioskApp in Mosaic(
55143NetStormDT Header| Getting coredump and junk data is getting saved in urc.csv if X-dynaTrace header size exceeds 16K
55866NetStormUnable to run Jmeter 5.0 as a test through NS
52723NetStormMON_UI | There should be a valid pop up when unhide monitors in ‘Monitor UI.
57797NetStormHealth Widget| Advance filter Issue: After converting System Widget when we again open widget settings then Advance filter option is coming in widget setting window.
52755NetStormOpenshift || Prod || Metrics Configuration
51982NetStormMON_UI | Without giving the arguments the monitors are adding in Process And Thread monitors.
53690NetStormMON_UI | Separator field in ‘AccessLog monitor’ is not working properly.
54010NetStormMON_UI | AccessLog monitor is getting failed due to “double quotes” provided in separator (Others).
55498NetStormMSSQL Monitoring | Some columns field data is wrong in mssql query report table.
53594NetStormNot able to delete disabled alert in MOSAIC_C(
53772NetStormGetting false alert in MOSAIC_C
54077NetStormAlert maintenance window is not working on MOSAIC_Slave
52267NetStormAdvance settings option is not working
53842NetStormGenerating false alerts
57095NetStormMulti DC | Derived Graph Issue : Pattern is not working in derived graph while we are applying pattern to DC name field.
57929NetStormOpen Members|Derived Graph Issue:Panel is getting corrupted after applying open members of derived graph on blank panel.
58616NetStormDerived Graph Specified Indices Issue :Previously selected vectors also get added in “Selected Indices” list.
51227NetStormRAL| Error message is not coming when we are not passing any log file in scenario
51551NetStormNetstorm | Previous changes in rampdown settings not reflected in GUI
52292NetStormCavWMON| Monitor data is intermittent displayed during the test run
52329NetStormWrong stats type for Postgress IO Activity in standardMonitor.dat
54469NetStormData not updating in Webdashboard
52346NetStormOpen/Merge Members Issue:Issues related to change of result on applying open/merge with advance filter.
53830NetStormMultiDc issue: Widget is getting blank after 2-3 sample update.
54290NetStormAdvance Settings Open/Merge Issue:Unable to apply Advance Open/Merge from widget settings.
55156NetStormMulti DC | Panel Caption Issue : After changing the panel caption of a Widget when we perform merge operation in another panel, then the previous panel caption is changing to previous in case of Slave DC graphs.
50988NetStormNetHavoc || Stop button should be applied when fault is in Scheduled state, currently it is reflecting as disabled.
51613NetStormNot getting data while opening dashboard
52965NetStormNot getting “NUMBER OF BLOCK THREADS” alert in alert history
53343NetStormGetting ZERO value in Web-dashboard ||
56305NetStormRel4.1.13: POC || ISS|| While click from bad stores on store view alert windows is coming blank
57776NetStormMultiDC Issue:Widget is getting blank after clicking on tier on different levels of groups.
57553NetStormGetting data as 0 for the DynamicInstanceHealth monitor
52250NetStormSpringBoot Actuator Extended GDF format is not correct
53698NetStormOUTBOUND | Data connection is going to TIME_WAIT state if host name consists of (.)
54438NetStormScaling Issue: Scale factor is coming wrong in lower panel after applying parameters.
57697NetStormNeed to Rename the Tier name in KPI
57702NetStormEnhancement related to Introduce new Tier Taxware in KPI
53435NetStormCheckpoint GUI| search for text by start and end of string is not retaining its value
55939NetStormGetting Wrong Pop Up while using encryption functionality through script Manager
50484NetStormAlert Multi Condition: Machine get hanged if we open show graph data with selecting more than 100 graphs and machine gets logout in case of Okta users.
51407NetStormWebdashboard Angualar4 | Alert Issue: Configure Baseline GUI and baseline data viewer GUI is not opening.
53211NetStormAlert Multi condition: With “Load Index Based Baseline” for Rule having indices of multiple Tier is not showing baseline data properly.
54174NetStormFacing issue while configuring Alert.
53406NetStormRBU || Test is giving misc error as extension is failing, Script Parsing is taking time.
57987NetStormMulti DC|Derived Graph:Sample count is showing “0” while adding derived graph by using Slave DC
53344NetStorm10.206.96.65 || Need to reconfigured scheduler and send mail
56518NetStormUnable to Compare the report when the Traffic is in different Zones(Green & Blue)
52259NetStormTo Integrate OKTA with Cavisson Product
53174NetStormAuthentication Token:Rest API for checking server data is also showing data when authentication token is blank or with any random string.
56472NetStormWebDashboard Issue : On dragging single graph on the Graph widget, on  favorite reload multiple graphs are coming
52788NetStormRel4.1.13: MultiDC|Alert issue:Graph are not opening from Active alerts or Alert history with DC All.
57150NetStormRel4.1.13: Alert MultiCondition:import/export:While importing rule gui should auto refresh for showing imported rules.
57555NetStormRel4.1.13: Alert Multicondition|Import/Export:While Importing Alert Settings ,it should only be imported but should not be applied.
54364NetStormMySQL Metrics data is not coming for tvs-cnc-perf-mysql-tvs tier
53433NetVisionIn NV Replay, Pagedump is not plotting properly.
53310NetVisionPage dump is not coming for some sessions due to cross domain error.
55400NetVisionCluster Support|HAProxy is not getting started.
58848NetVisionIn NV, HPD was throwing core continuously in case of xhr data.
57842NetVisionReplay issue with long duration sessions
53534NetVisionHTTP data is not showing in the page details window on clicking on action icon while HTTP Data is present in the HTTP Data Filter GUI.
53541NetVisionIn HTTP Filter, Domain name is showing on the Aggregate HttpRequest window.
56200NetVisionIn special report, No data is showing for Domain Tag Report
57516NetVisionNV Scheduler  is not Working
57359NetVisionIn Store control | Pop-up window to disable store is not coming properly.
55507NetVisionIn NV core| While making sessions core dump is coming for xhr request.
52463NetVisionNative app|App Crash , location info and device info fields are not showing on session detail window.
52464NetVisionNative app|Blank page is opening on clicking “View session containing app crash” and “view page detail” from crash report.
54039NetVisionRCA GUI| Resource Trend and Domain trend graph is not taking the same time span which was applied in the global filter
54665NetVisionSimilar Search|Wrong sessions are being filtered while including http failures for adding complete session to filter bag.
55833NetVisionIn Similar Search, Request is getting failed in case of adding large entries to filter bag.
58038NetVisionNeed Event in Shoppingbag page in absence of VisitorBagTotal cookie
58161NetVisionDisk CPU Utilization is very high only for one sample in NV
51415NetVisionCluster Support|Master is redirecting the traffic to the slave which has load avg more than the critical threshold value.
57140NetVisionCluster Support|In case of master as a slave mode,Partition table is not getting created with slave id.
57299NetVisionCluster Support| RTC is not working with AUTOGEN configuration.
55081NetVisionMultiple issues in special reports in build 4.1.12 #42.
53495NetVisionHPD is dumping core in case if field names of form is large
54348NetVisionNV doesn’t have a filter to capture specific header for Ajax Request
55125NetVisionIn NV Web Dashboard , Garbage value is coming for order total-overall
58075NetVisionIn cluster support, lot of sessions are generating with single page for the same user.
57284NetVisionGetting HTTP Status 500 Error ||
58037NetVisionVisitor bag total need to be captured
58384NetVisionCluster Support|Page dump is not coming in GUI after enabling cluster.
54051NetVisionHttp request data is not coming in NV GUI while drill-down for all the hierarchy options of xhr group.
50559NetVisionNo data is showing in xls report, while clicking on session export icon of session window.
51213NetVisionIn Page-dump Caching, nv session replay is not working as wrong partition id is fetching in nvAjaxController.jsp call in console panel.
53995NetVisionSometime “Failed to apply changes” error is showing while applying rtc .
57845NetVisionOCX Filter|Some request from index db are not getting executed in edge browser.
54045NetVisionGetting error 404: File not found, while drill-down for “Transaction Stats” group from web-dashboard
57180NetVisionIn Web Dashboard | Data is not coming in bandwidth graph in pagestats by store metrics
52227NetVisionND drilldown: getting fatal PSQL error
52960NetVisionResource parser related cores are generated in hpd after enabling auto pattern functionality.
53921NetVisionNV Page performance parser is parsing data multiple times on hpd restart or rtc.
57663TestSuiteAutomation option is not present in ND GUI to create and modify check profiles
57788TestSuiteTestSuite: Report is not generating if we are running NS pipe-ling.
58187TestSuiteTestsuite Core | Not able to download any file through Download Action in PreTest and PostTest.
51569TestSuiteTest suite | creating a new test suite while editing
55101TestSuiteTest Suit | NC | unable to run test suite from GUI ,getting error report as 404

Security Vulnerability Fixes

Below are the security vulnerability fixes done in 4.1.13.

Bug IDProductSecurity Vulnerability FixesDescription
58752NetDiagnosticsSecurity Vulnerability: When we click on ND Config then for authentication URL its showing password in the URLPassword was showing in the browser developer tool when we are clicking on ND Config. Now Password is not showing in the developer tool.
58323NetDiagnosticsND | Security Vulnerability: we are successfully able to inject OS command for ND DDR urls, which should not happen.ED icon is disable in case of securityEnableMode=1
58454NetStormSecurity Vulnerability: We are able to open JSP page from widget setting drill down Report, Events and Mission Control.
35075NetStormACL| Security Vulnerability: Weak Password PolicyThe Password Policy in ACL is working fine while creating a new user for ACL and Changing Password. However, it is not applicable for existing users. Existing users are still able to login with old credentials without Password Policy and there is no password expiry time present in ACL.
58794NetStormSecurity Vulnerability: Error is coming while uploading supported extension file from “Download File” option in View menu.(Build : 4.1.12 #193)Due to some changes, the supported files are not being uploaded which is fixed in this Bug ID. Now we are able to upload the supported files using ‘Download File’ option.
59132NetStormSecurity Vulnerability: Server side validations to prevent malicious file upload from “Download File” option in View menu.
58565NetStormSecurity Vulnerability with jsp pages.All the links to open the JSP Pages are removed from GUI after using the keyword securityEnableMode=1.
58556NetStormSecurity Vulnerability : Broken access vulnerability because able to access admin page as guest user.This issue was coming when we are copying the URL of the admin pages after logging in with admin user and then using the same URL to open the admin pages with user having Read Only permission.
58562NetStormSecurity Vulnerability : Server side validations to prevent malicious file upload.Server side validation to prevent malicious file upload. Now files having suspicious extensions are validated in Server Side.
58306NetStormSecurity Vulnerability: While we are entering value in place of captcha and then Refreshing captcha Then previously entered input is showing in place of Result.Previously enter Capcha value was not getting removed while refreshing Capcha. This issue is fixed in this bug. Now if we enter some value in Capcha and then refresh the Capcha, then the Capcha field is getting blank.
58378NetStormSecurity Vulnerability| ACL: When login to machine with invalid id/pass then after clicking on Login then Captcha is not refreshing AutomaticallyWhile trying to login using invalid Username and Password, then Capcha should be refreshed. After the bug fix, Capcha is getting refreshed every time we try to login using invalid login credentials.
58359NetStormSecurity Vulnerability: We are able to open JSP page from widget setting for logs report (drill down report) after enabling keyword “securityEnableMode = 1” in config.ini.This bug is fixed for being able to access JSP page when we click on Drill Down option from Widget Settings.
58261NetStormSecurity Vulnerability: We are able to open JSP page from Transaction detail drill down after enabling keyword “securityEnableMode = 1” in config.ini .This bug is fixed for being able to access JSP page when we click on Drill Down option from Transaction Details.
57482NetStormACL| Security Vulnerability: Autofill feature should be disabled on login screen user name field.Bug is logged as Autofill is coming while entering username in the Login Page. Now autofill username is not coming in the Login Page.
58153NetStormSecurity Vulnerability| ACL: When login to machine with same user which is already login, then after confirmation of forcefully logout other session and login is not workingThis bug is fixed as forcefully logout is not working for different browsers. In addition, Refresh Capcha option is coming after fixing this bug.
58152NetStormSecurity Vulnerability: We are able to open JSP page for scheduler and drill down from Reporting GUI after enabling keyword “securityEnableMode = 1” in config.ini .After the bug fix, Drill Down and Scheduler from Reporting UI is not accessible as it is disabled if we are using security keyword in config.ini file.
57496NetStormSecurity Vulnerability: OS Command Injection
57726NetStormSecurity Vulnerability: Malicious File UploadMalicious file upload is restricted while performing file upload from scenario gui,access-log,custom report and config-nd. This bug is fixed for Client Side validation.
58072NetStormSecurity Vulnerability: JSP – Broken Access Control, Cross Site Scripting (XSS) and Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF)After the bug fix, all the JSP pages is hidden from the Product UI except ED.
58080NetStormSecurity Vulnerability: No Lockout and Captcha PolicyCapcha is implemented in this bug id.
57509NetStormSecurity Vulnerability: Pass the Hash AttackNow token is generated for authenticateUser method in the developer tool while login which will only be valid for 5 mins.
53031NetStormCavbin Issue | A lot of Security Vulnerability Found on Cav4.1.12#36.Several bug are fixed related to Security Vulnerability for Nessus Scan Report.
39397NetStorm[TBD-INSTALLER_CHANGE]CavMonAgent64.exe has an unquoted service path (security vulnerability)Now service will coming under double quotes for cavmonagent service.
“C:\Program Files (x86)\opt\cavisson\monitors\sys\CavMonAgent64.exe”