25th Jan, 2019 – Release Notes

Acronym List

Below is the list of acronyms used in the document.

SR# Acronym Expanded Form
1 NS NetStorm
2 NO NetOcean
3 NC NetCloud
4 ND NetDiagnostics
5 NV NetVision
6 NF NetForest
7 RBU Real Browser User
8 NVSPA NetVision Single Page Application
9 CSP Content Security Policy

File Size Specifications

SR# Component File Size (in MB) Size (MB)[After Installation]
1 Build 1062 1057 (ControllerMigration, thirdparty, netstorm)
2 CMON 49.6 52 [Path :- /home/cavisson/monitors]
3 CMON_ND MSI 55.23 63.5
4 COMMON MSI 2.64 3.11
5 CAVWMON MSI 1.57 6.33
6 DOT_NET MSI 1.8 2.69
7 RPM (combined 5 components) 1380.01 1383
8 RBU 621.31 621.31

New and Enhanced Features in


  • Content Security Policy Header in Tomcat HTTP Response: The Content-Security-Policy (CSP) HTTP response header helps to reduce XSS risks on modern browsers by declaring which dynamic resources are allowed to load. CSP is implemented in tomcat by adding filter, which adds CSP header in tomcat response.
  • Provided GUI support of Lighthouse for ease of user in RBU.
  • Enhancement in Search Parameter: A user can apply parameterization in Left Boundary and Right Boundary of Search parameter.
  • New Report format for Jenkins HTML Report / Netstorm Performance Report: Jenkins and Test Suite Report format has been enhanced to support a separate transaction wise data, vector group wise data and other scalar data with two new benchmark options (Production and Stress benchmark values) which can be configured from Check profile window.
  • Alert Counters based on Business / Infra / Rule level: Until now, a user is able to see the Alert counters based on Business / Infra / Rule level using Rest API. From now onwards, it is available using monitors also. Using this feature, the user can configure Alerts based on Rule level (Tier basis, Tier > Server basis, and so on) and Business/Infra Level alert counters.
  • Memory and CPU performance improvements in processing data for discontinued mode: Currently while applying time for a long duration (12/16/24 hours or more) with discontinued flag on; it takes a lot of memory as well as CPU processing. The logic has been optimized to save both memory and CPU cycles, and we were able to process the data of same time duration in approximately 1/3 time.
  • Transpose data generation performance improvements: Transpose data generation got broken while doing the changes for new compact data types. This issue is resolved in this release. In addition, generation of whole day transpose data used to take a lot of time (more than 30 minutes and sometimes more depending on the RTG data size). We did an optimization, which now allows the data creation in approximately 2-3 minutes based on the RTG data size. Transpose data is useful in fetching the historical data (before current day) quickly as compared to RTG file structure.


  • Support for latest driver of postgres DB.


  • Access log implementation for NetOcean services in forward mode: A new field is added in access log in the last as “Service-Mode”. This helps a user to capture ‘Service Stats’ and ‘Service HTTP Status Code’. When a user test any service in forward mode, its request time, response time, protocol, and status code is stored in the accesslog directory (hpd/logs/accesslog).


  • Enhancements in Gauge Chart: The count automatically increases / decreases as the size of the gauge-chart increases / decreases.
  • Enhancement in NF Alert Event Count: Now, exact number of counts are provided whenever any alert event occurs. For example – “15 events occurred between 2018-12-12 01:18 CST and 2018-12-12 01:23 CST”.
  • Support of Multiple Aggregate Function for Stats: Multivalue support is provided in NetForest via following constructs:
    • Nomv Construct: This construct can be used to convert multivalue field into single value field. A multivalue field of an nfdb index document can have multiple comma-separated values stored in array.
    • Makemv Construct: This construct can be used to convert single value field into multivalue field. This construct splits single value field based on the delimiter provided in query. Default value of the delimiter is comma.

Bug Fixes

The following issues are fixed in

Bug ID Product Summary
60009 NetCloud Vuser_Mgmt | Test is continuously running on controller and one generator even if all the phases of scenarios are done
60015 NetCloud Vuser Management|Vuser summary and list is not loading when one generator is discarded due to delay
60368 NetCloud Generator being killed and core is generated on applying RTC in weighted random.
60022 NetCloud NC_UAT | Core was formed regarding alert and test got stopped on controller only.
60049 NetCloud NC_UAT | Test is still running on generators while stopped on controller.
60005 NetCloud JMeter_CORE|Not able to run JMeter test in NetCloud.
60027 NetCloud Vuser_Mgmt | Users get paused more than specified quantity in a group
60266 NetCloud Users getting paused more than the quantity while pausing users in multiple groups
60121 NetCloud VUser Management | User state is not changing after the Test completion.
60118 NetCloud Vuser_Mgmt | Getting “Vuser Manager is busy” error continuously on Controller while running any Vuser RTC command
60116 NetCloud Req_rep uploader and test should get stop at generator if test stopped forcefully from controller
60961 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent – DDAI | Need some modification in DDAI regarding logs
60915 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent | Config-UI | Not able to add FQM in Method monitor window without ()
60244 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent | DDR| DB Queries is appearing under Method argument column in Repeated Callout Detail screen
60996 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent |Unable to take ThreadDump from GUI (with ND option)
60657 NetDiagnostics Response time values are incorrect on ND
60040 NetDiagnostics NC_MON | Shared_buffer value is getting set as 1GB in postgresql.conf file while upgrading the build
61069 NetDiagnostics POC | Prod | MultiDC | Store view showing no data
60269 NetDiagnostics Not able to open ED from ND Home Page
60738 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent | Application is getting crashed with build 4.1.13(#36)
59989 NetDiagnostics DDR | MultiDC | Data is not coming in DB Group By BT report again changing same DC in DC menu, data is present in DB Group By BT report after select “All” in DC option.
60865 NetDiagnostics DDR-ED | MultiDC | DB Callout pop-up window is not opening while double click on DB Callout in Transaction Flowmap.
48935 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent|Error:Download file does not exist or does not have enough permission; is coming while clicking on download icon in case of heap dump.
59315 NetDiagnostics BCI data format is not correct for MBEAN monitor when mbeans are not present on server.
59788 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | RTC is not getting applied after taking DDAI for Sequential BT
58399 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent | In 38 record, wrong backend id is passing
60655 NetDiagnostics Mismatched data is coming for ND monitor in overall case and particular Instance case.
60925 NetDiagnostics Monitor | Program name is coming blank in cm_init_monitor request when NS is reconnecting again if anyhow connection was killed.
58658 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | ND-NVAgentInject | Not able to apply RTC from NV-ND Auto Inject screen.
59059 NetDiagnostics Agent Info | CMON Configuration | Contents provided to configure CMON Settings should be handled correctly from UI
59152 NetDiagnostics Agent Info | CMON Configuration | Configurations applied in update configuration settings are not getting updated in cmon.env file
60473 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | Not able to apply RTC from Config UI due to wrong credentials for postgresql
60367 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent | DDR | For Flagged flowpath, DB queries window is getting blank where as we have DB queries in transaction flowmap window
58264 NetDiagnostics DDR | MultiDC | Data is not coming in Flowpath Analyzer report through Total counts in case of “All” DC from ED.
60783 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent – DDAI | Instrumentation file extension is passing in .xml format incase user is selecting the mode i.e. Download and apply
60730 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent | Message i.e. process notification value:0 is continuously appending in Agent log file
60785 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent – DDAI | Default value of DDAI configuration need to be changed
51852 NetDiagnostics DDR-ED | Merged StackTrace | Merged StackTrace behaves differently after applying merged StackTrace,Frame number is showing more than the maximum stack depth of the particular Thread ID in Thread StackTrace.
57197 NetDiagnostics DDR-ED | Compared Method calling tree is not opening while traversing through Top DB Calls By Count.
55587 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | While Uploading a zip file it is being extracted automatically in the specified location.
60628 NetDiagnostics Agent Info | CMON Configurations | Update Configuration screen is appearing blank after applying configurations
60407 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent | config-UI | In Custom configuration screen, enableExceptionInSeqBlob Keyword should support from configUI
60067 NetDiagnostics Due to ERROR:  extra data after last expected column in db_upload_error.log  alert is generated for DBUpload2-DBUpload Current Partition Start Constraint Missing
60648 NetDiagnostics NDP | Getting error “failed to upload to db” for ndcustomdata in ndu_db_upload.trace because of invalid input syntax for integer: “4611797091669150578F”.
60576 NetDiagnostics DDR-ED |MultiDC| Sometimes Data is not coming in BT Trend report and “ERROR TypeError: Cannot read property ‘bt’ of undefined” is coming on console after selecting “All” DC in ED.
60616 NetDiagnostics ND-ED[Store view]| Top 10 Transaction list is appearing blank in Business health column.
59885 NetDiagnostics NC_MON|| NDC is going for Metadata Recovery for 32,33,34,35 records.
60069 NetDiagnostics Flowpath to hotspot mapping is not working.
60811 NetDiagnostics DDR-ED | Hotspot thread details is showing “no record found” while traversing through transaction flowmap split view.
58706 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent| DotNetAgent should send meta data again if appName got changed
60410 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent| To enable and disable 19 record for Processnotificationphase
58380 NetForest Increase Performance of TempQueryIndex
54539 NetForest During execution of query Load average increased on Akamai.
60663 NetForest simple search is not working without “” & *  for some field
61051 NetForest NetCat create issues while downloading of msi build
60981 NetForest Unable to extract anything from message.keyword using rex.
53689 NetForest Rel4.1.13:Facing issue on charts section.(MIG 5.0.1 to 6.2.4)
59918 NetForest sparkline is giving error.
60805 NetForest Add reload for linux platform and creating systemd service U16
60964 NetForest NetForest|MultipleStats|Rel4.1.13|Grouping of multiple stats fuctionality.
58386 NetForest NetForest | NFUI | Opening any saved chart on another machine is not working
60591 NetForest Admin user unable to delete index pattern created by other group users.
60448 NetForest Alert rule file is not working properly.(blacklist,whitelist,change,flatline,cardinality)
60682 NetForest stats function does not work properly with by
59090 NetForest Netforest | NFDB |Rex Query| REX query is not giving error or exception after a user is giving wrong syntax
59978 NetForest Concat is not working with two extracted fields.
54393 NetForest alert is  giving error above 10000 hits
59785 NetForest User information shows in URL (send info in GET http req.)
60215 NetForest NetForest | NFUI | Cache/VIS constrict | VIS function is automatically getting added in the query
60784 NetForest Rex query is not working.
59816 NetForest (Repeating alert) option is not working properly in alert.
59832 NetForest NetForest|Charts|Rel4.1.13|Show logs option is appearing at the wrong place.
59846 NetForest NetForest|Index Pattern|Rel4.1.13|NFDB mapping is demonstrated incorrectly in advanced setting (index pattern section).
59889 NetForest NetForest|Stats|Rel4.1.13|Stats functions along with AS and BY are giving only 10 results.
60043 NetForest Concat is not working for numeric field.
59633 NetForest vis query doesnot support order.
59837 NetForest Columns are added randomly while adding more than two metrics.
59843 NetForest NetForest|Sparkline|Rel4.1.13|Extra blank column is being added on selecting sparkline option.
59845 NetForest Error in Sparkline
59849 NetForest Max / min functionality is not working with Sparkline option.
59890 NetForest Query field should be displayed in mail in alert.
60190 NetForest Report Scheduling Option is not being closed when we schedule report.
60218 NetForest A scrollbar should be present in the rule file.
60271 NetForest Error in  (showtotal) options in charts.
60736 NetForest Run(Apply changes) button  is getting disabled in sparkline
59460 NetForest Netforest|NFDB|NFLookup|Rel4.1.13: Lookup query is not working with asterisk(*) index pattern.
59463 NetForest Netforest|NFDB|NFLookup|Rel4.1.13: Lookup query with invalid <jsonfile_name> give hits with no results found as message.
59477 NetForest Netforest|NFDB|NFLookup|Rel4.1.13: Lookup query giving permission issues if nfdb is installed as a daemon process.
59461 NetForest Netforest|NFDB|NFLookup|Rel4.1.13: No. of hits while using lookup query is more than the no. of data (doc).
60033 NetStorm PageDump issue: When we are selecting Show only failed sessions in 2nd dropdown list and click on apply then GUI got unresponsive/hanged
60430 NetStorm VUser Management | Getting core when running test with pause/resume User for XMPP Protocol.
60503 NetStorm Core dump came in Netstorm in 4.1.13 B35 .
60732 NetStorm DVM monitors | Matrices are not coming in tree for DVM type monitors in case when first “testrun.gdf” is blank.
60528 NetStorm Jboss7 AS monitor are not working
60757 NetStorm Cavwmon-msi | Wrong version of cavwmon msi is showing after installing and other changes missed due to CavWMON Code Hierarchy Change.
60794 NetStorm Script_Management | Page Details – Reset button is not wortking properly and for inline URLs search is not working properly.
49836 NetStorm Rel4.1.13 Add support to fetch proccess id in JMX Monitors at windows  server in CMON
52415 NetStorm Observing high CPU Utilization on the servers where enhanced Kafka Topic Replication Monitor has been configured
59836 NetStorm Trend Compare Report Issue :- All the vectors are not coming in the Trend Compare Report , on running the test in Net Cloud mode.
59940 NetStorm NC_MON|Copy Link :- The specified favorite is not opening using Copy Link feature having compare applied on it .
60626 NetStorm Not getting required Transaction in transaction detail window
60822 NetStorm Rel4.1.14: MSSQL | Creating Multiple Connections for DB Server List
59969 NetStorm Unable to take asterisk(*) in derived graph in template
60360 NetStorm Mssql| MS SQL Monitoring option should come only if enableMsSQLMonitor keyword is eanbled.
60073 NetStorm MSSQL| Need to properly close database resource after data is parsed from Sql Data Reader.
60451 NetStorm NC_MON | Shared_buffer value is getting set as 1GB in postgresql.conf file while upgrading the build
60112 NetStorm UAT | Not showing total no of users in Pause-Resume Scenario
49364 NetStorm Change in end transaction name while merging two requests
60516 NetStorm Searched string is highlighted in all below pages of page detail window
60347 NetStorm Thread Dump Issue : Error is coming while taking Thread Dump in Alert as “CAV_MON_HOME is not set”.
60668 NetStorm version.dat file is not getting updated when upgrading the build 4.1.13 over 4.1.11 build.
60082 NetStorm Script Manager | Tab Switch Issue : While switching the tab from another tab to flow tab then subproject is getting highlighted instead of flow file in tree.
60191 NetStorm Script Manager | Debug Trace Issue : Debug Trace is not opening while running the test in normal mode and debug mode.
60193 NetStorm Script_Management | Auto Correlate issue : Auto Correlate window is not opening.It is showing regular progress bar.
60198 NetStorm Search Parameter GUI|Not getting all the parameter_name in the drop box while selecting param_list from GUI in Search Parameter in case of file parameter.
60382 NetStorm Script Manager:Getting session logout error while clicking on view report in debug trace log window.
60621 NetStorm Pattern Matching issue: Specified indices is not working for select graph category, if we select indices and click on OK button Select Graphs option is getting hidden.
54236 NetStorm NetHavoc | Sorting option of the ‘Status’ of the Fault Injection Summary Table is not working.
59857 NetStorm RBU || Vuser Management || Sync Point vusers are coming in negative when we are running test having syncpints vusers.
60480 NetStorm VUser Management | VUser Management is not working with the Fixed Concurrent Session (FCS) based Sceanrio.
59833 NetStorm While configuring postgres stats monitors through monitor UI extra argument is coming in back end in json file.
59953 NetStorm Core Dump issue | Script : When we run java type script then core dump is coming.
59965 NetStorm NC Test not running when use once file parameter is used with ABORT USER.
60442 NetStorm Test got exited with in seconds in case of Replay Access Logs scenario
60547 NetStorm Getting core dump while running smoke automation suite
60097 NetStorm Lighthouse || While lighthouse mode is enabled, then rest RBU key features should get disable.
60149 NetStorm Lighthouse || Data/Column is missing from Lighthouse Detail Report. Out of 11 records, 6 metrics are reflecting.
60331 NetStorm LightHouse | Able to save scenario with Firefox Browser for the Group LightHouse Enabled.
60335 NetStorm LightHouse | Look and field issues while column adjustment in LightHouse Detail Report.
60611 NetStorm Script Manager | Breakpoints Issue : Wrong parameter value is printing in lower pane when we are printing variable’s data by using view variable data.
60385 NetStorm Test is not running in 4.1.13 build due to ns_printf and ns_fprintf macro
60863 NetStorm Android Monitoring | Android application “CavMonitor” is not getting stopped by force stop option.
60461 NetStorm Alert MultiCondition Issue : Alert is not getting removed and new alert is getting generated for the same vector and same Alert Rule.
60114 NetStorm Android Monitoring | Performance issue in opening cavmonitor application on android device.
60309 NetStorm Android Monitoring | When you run android application “Cavmonitor” it show message “Store name empty”
60337 NetStorm RBU || Page Detail Report is not reflecting under Ready Report if we are running RBU based scenario only, getting exception in catalina.out file.
60254 NetStorm Vuser Management | Timeout field for getting VUser Summary and List is not working as expected
59835 NetStorm Import Access Log:Not able to upload any file in File manager settings of Import Access Log
60070 NetStorm ACL | Change Password Issue : Changed Password is showing in the Developer Tool when we change password from ACL UI.
60316 NetStorm Vuser Management | Project/Sub-Project of script is showing wrong in Vuser Summary as compared to Scenario.
60622 NetStorm Alert Rest Stats Monitor : When a new alert is generated for a particular vector, then count of the “Number of Alerts” is increasing by 1 for all the vectors.
60684 NetStorm Alert Rest Stats Monitor : The tool tip for “Overall” should come as “Aggregation of Severities : Overall” and first letter of severity names and overall should be in upper case.
60135 NetStorm Script Manager | Breakpoints Issue : Only lower pane width’s size data is printing in lower pane when we are printing variable’s data by using show variable data.
60594 NetStorm Android Monitoring| Android application “Cavmonitor” is opening up again and again after stopping the test
60747 NetStorm Android Monitoring | After installing android application “Cavmonitor” unable to start test
58877 NetStorm Script Manager | Duplicate Flow Issue:While we are recording  one flow and then changing flow name and then recording another flow to the same script then two flow are coming for the previous recorded flow.
60107 NetStorm Script Manager | Page Detail Issue : Previous pages are not getting highlighted in tree if text is present in previous pages in case of auto correlation type search in tree view mode of page detail.
60110 NetStorm Script Manager | Page Detail Issue : Scroll bar is not coming in tree of tree view mode if flow having more number of pages.
60791 NetStorm Script Management|Page Detail Issue:While we are searching any text and after search if we are clicking on the occurences of search and then refreshing page Detail UI,Then it is showing no record found in the table and UI is getting blank.
60207 NetStorm ACL Issue : Unable to add ACL User as Error is coming as “Could not connect to postgres server :connection refused”.
60243 NetStorm ACL Issue : Error is coming while adding user in ACL as “Could not connect to postgres server :connection refused” when we are using “Open in Browser Tab”.
60046 NetStorm Ldap|nsu_authenticate_user shell is not working properly core dump is getting formed.
60389 NetStorm Ldap|nsu_authenticate_user is not working properly.Incorrect user id and password is showing even when it is correct.
60844 NetStorm NetStorm: Need to commit proxy certificate for native app recording through NeStorm Browser.
59868 NetStorm JMeter GUI:Getting undefined script name while browsing script from GUI.
60062 NetStorm Unable to record CST script from GUI
60197 NetStorm NetStorm : Search Parameter: Getting default parameter value in Parameter Drop down list in case of search parameter.
60200 NetStorm NetStorm : Search Parameter: Getting default parameter value in Parameter Drop down list in case of search parameter.
60213 NetStorm Debug Trace Log| Not able to scroll Page navigation window(Snapshots) in debug Trace Log
60858 NetStorm Script Management| Performance Issue: Script Manger is taking too much time on launching.
59763 NetStorm Widget Type Issue: Header of widget is getting hidden after changing Widget type to Data, System Health, or label if change again widget type to graph in 2nd page.
58454 NetStorm Security Vulnerability:  We are able to open JSP page from widget setting drill down Report, Events and Mission Control.
60752 NetStorm Getting core in file_parameter_RTC while file is getting applied from relative path(in both the cases-append & replace)
59828 NetStorm Lighthouse || Filter option in Lighthouse Average/Detail report should not be default.
59831 NetStorm Lighthouse || Option of Download report in Excel/Word/Pdf should be available in Lighthouse Average/Detail Report and Enhancement in Filter option.
59842 NetStorm Lighthouse || Data in Lighthouse detail report should be reflected upto 3 decimal places as in Average Report.
60088 NetStorm Lighthouse || Data in Lighthouse detail report should be reflected upto 3 decimal places as in Average Report.
60092 NetStorm Lighthouse || Error message should have come in GUI, when a user select chrome v60 from default window in a Lighthouse enabled scenario.
60096 NetStorm Lighthouse || In NetCloud, column of Location name is not reflecting in Lighthouse Page Detail report.
60152 NetStorm Lighthouse || Need to modify Data reflecting in Average and Detail report in GUI if data in csv is zero(0) or less then zero(-1).
60346 NetStorm Multi DC| Favorite issue:- Conformation message is not coming when saving favorite with same name when favorite is already present.
60106 NetStorm Unable to get summary report in mail via sentmail on running NS test.
60526 NetStorm Need to support json for android monitor
60672 NetStorm SM-Waterfall Comparison || Look and feel issue.
59493 NetStorm MON_UI | RTC is not applied on any MySQL monitors in outbound mode through Monitor UI .
59764 NetStorm Label Widget Issue: Error is coming”Caption should not be blank. Please enter caption name” while converting blank widget to label widget if caption is not present.
60502 NetStorm Crashing in non sim slotted phone(Zebra Device)
55944 NetStorm Not able to give new file name in output file inside “file encryption window” through script manager
59778 NetStorm Script Manager | Page Detail Issue : Html Tags like contents are not found by using search button in tree view mode
60099 NetStorm Script Manager | Script Page Detail Issue: Tool-Tip for Response Tab is coming wrong.
60105 NetStorm Script Manager | Page Detail Issue : Error Message is not coming in proper format when searched text is not found in tree view mode.
60180 NetStorm Script Management|Script Page Detail Issue:Unable to switch to grid view from tree view after unchecking View response check box in tree view.
60488 NetStorm Page_Detail issue : Highlighted text got unhighlighted when we uncheck the view response and then check view response check box.
60544 NetStorm Page Detail issue| After Autocorrelation search in tree view in page details Raw data is not switching while switching page from left pane tree
60771 NetStorm Page Detail issue| After Autocorrelation search in tree view in page details URLs are not showing
60793 NetStorm Script Manager | Page Detail Issue : While searching any text and in the highlighted response tab if unchecking view response check box and again checking the check box and clicking on next of occurrences for searched string then page is getting refreshed
60954 NetStorm Page Detail issue| After Autocorrelation search in tree view in page details, Page is highlighted in left pane to show the autocorrelation but searched string is not available/highlighted in Raw Data.
60734 NetStorm ProductUI| Theme background images disappeared
59993 NetStorm Label Widget Issue: Option of widget setting is not showing in correct place for label widget if we right click on label widget of last row.
60077 NetStorm Webdashboard | TestRun GUI issue : Test run gui is not responding when we clicked on “Show All” Button when we try to open Test run Gui  through debug trace.
60512 NetStorm Alert History|Prediction Alert: Ended Alert is not showing in history for prediction Alert.
60877 NetVision In NVSPA, unable to filter out sessions based on some operating systems.
60498 NetVision In NVSPA GUI | Some fields are missing in every exported sessions.
58895 NetVision In Session export | Replay is not getting downloaded while clicking on record video icon.
60034 NetVision Update variation api is getting failed in network panel while saving few changes through nvExt.
60081 NetVision Uncaught Type Error is coming in nv agent after enabling a/b testing in config.js.
60874 NetVision Due to error in hpd logs, variation vectors are not coming in web-dashboard.
60293 NetVision In NV Page filter, 5xx exception is coming while clicking on download button for page data.
47840 NetVision Issues related to CAVNV on production for IE Browser.
57424 NetVision Issues with NVSPA  ||
59874 NetVision In NVSPA | global filters are not working in variations gui.
60025 NetVision In NVSPA GUI | previously made  breadcrumb is not getting removed after clicking on goals icon.
60524 NetVision In NVSPA GUI | Sorting is not working for column name created at in variation.
60583 NetVision Variation status is not updating after saving js/css rules through nvExt tool.
60428 NetVision Geo Map is not showing data for UK location in webdashboard.
60446 NetVision All stores are not showing in geo-map
59935 NetVision Complete variation name is not showing in variation stats.
60175 NetVision Dot thick net, crash report data is not dumping in csv for any crashed session.
60414 NetVision Dot thick net, useraction data is not showing for sessions generated through desktop application.
60292 NetVision NV Session Export|Getting 5XX exception while exporting more than 15 sessions.
60674 Synthetic Monitor SM-Waterfall || Instead of NetVision SM, NetStorm is reflecting in Waterfall comparison window.