24th August 2018 – R 4.1.12

New and Enhanced Features in 4.1.12


  • Support for Parameters in Checkpoints: NetStorm checkpoints have been enhanced to support parameters. User can now specify the evaluated value of a parameter (as the value to look for) as the checkpoint.
  • Advanced Encryption Support: Advanced encryption support is now available in NetStorm. Several popular encryption algorithms are supported and user can choose from these to encode the request body.
  • Remote Terminal Emulation (RTE) Support: Support has been added in NetStorm for the load testing of mainframe applications. NetStorm is now capable of invoking a mainframe application and issuing commands to it.
  • Support for Specifying SSL Certificates Per Group: Different SSL settings can now be specified for different groups. These settings can also be enabled through the Cavisson script.
  • Support for Running JMeter Based Scripts in NetStorm: NetStorm now supports running of JMeter scripts. There are two modes in which a JMeter script can be run in NetStorm:
    • Run the JMeter Script as is
    • Convert the JMeter script into a Cavisson script and then run it 
  • NetHavoc – Support for Resilience Testing: A new feature has been added to NetStorm, which allows users to test the resilience of the applications. NetHavoc can be used to inject various kinds of faults into the application infrastructure during a load test. The after effects of the fault injection can be monitored through NetStorm’s powerful monitoring capabilities. 
  • Group based Sessions: NetStorm has been enhanced to support different number of sessions for different groups. This feature is supported in the Fixed Concurrent Users (FCU) mode for Simple Schedule Type. 


  • Enhancements in Page Dump: Page dump is a now a part of Web DDR as a separate module with better look and feel as compared to previous one.
  • Enhancements in Sequence Diagram: With few enhancements in representation, Sequence diagram is now a part of Web DDR and can be opened directly from flowpath using flowpath Instance or from Split view.
  • Enhancements in Common Query Manager:
    • Switching to Another Report from Side Bar Filter (Report Type): User can change the report type and can apply other filters to open another report.
    • Common Query UI in BT IP Summary Report: User can now apply filters in BT IP Summary report based on requirements. Some common filters are based on Tier, Server, Instance, BT, and FlowPath Instance.
  • Enhancements in DB Reports: From this release onwards, specific chart will be shown as per the table data i.e. if data comes by ordering on counts, then chart of Top DB queries by count will be shown. In addition, if data comes by ordering on Response time, then chart of Top DB queries by response time will be shown. Now, ordering of top DB queries data will be same as shown in chart data.
  • Audit Logs Support for Debugging Tools: Audit logger for Thread Dump, Heap Dump, and Java Flight Recorder is now supported from this release onwards.
  • Show Related Graph: It is the graphical representation of data captured by different monitors, such as CPU Utilization, Thread HotSpots, and Process CPU stats as per the user requirements. In this release, JSP report of Show Related Graphs is converted to Angular 4.
  • NetStorm User Migration with Config User: We have provided a new setting in ‘config.ini’ to define user (cavisson / netstorm) to configure by which username it will be used for drilldown screens and respective queries. The default user is ‘cavisson’ and this is done to support user migration feature.
  • Network Delay in Request and Response: In Web DDR, method calling tree and transaction flow will now onwards able to show these metrics.
  • Handling Incomplete and Erroneous Flowpaths Messages: If ND agent identifies that a flowpath is incomplete due to some reasons (such as JIT compilation error or test stopped), flowpath is represented with grey color in that case. Upon clicking the ‘Status’ field, it shows respective error messages.
  • Enhancements in Transaction Flow: Enhancements is provided in transaction flow to view actual FlowMap and current FlowMap.
NetDiagnostics Processor
  • SQL Metadata Optimization for Non-prepared SQL Statements: Enhancements in design to take care of following tables getting over sized:
    • The in-memory normalization table for non-prepared SQL strings – rebuilding regularly
    • The in-memory local to normalized mapping table – by regular cleaning
    • The NDSQL_nonprepared.csv file – by rotating file
    • The NDSQL database table – by regular cleaning old records
Dot Net Agent
  • ND – NF Integration: This feature provides integration between NetDiagnostics and NetForest product along with any third party centralized logs monitoring products, such as Splunk based on some common HTTP header (for example – Correlation ID) used by application.
NodeJS Agent
  • Capture Heap Dump Performance Issues: it fixes performance issue of very high time taken in transferring heap dump file from server machine to ND server by forking new child Node JS process for transferring file. This approach helps to reduce overhead of parent process by offloading file transfer to child process.
  • ECMAScript (Java script) Version 6/7/8/9 new Syntaxes Support: Node JS agent supports instrumentation of all new syntaxes and features introduced in ECMAScript version 6/7/8/9.
  • Capture Network Delay in HTTP Callout: ND agent already captures time taken by container (application server) and application to process HTTP request. This feature captures time taken by request and response message to travel on Network called network delay.
Java Agent
  • Java Interface Instrumentation: This feature allows to specify java interfaces and its methods in instrumentation profile. It will instrument all loaded classes that implements interfaces configured in instrumentation profiles. So, using this feature, classes can be instrumented by giving their Interface Implementation. No need to provide each class name explicitly.
  • Capture Method Calls from Stack Trace: This feature will enable to capture un-instrumented methods from thread stack trace in transaction. Stack trace is captured when some condition, which is configurable, is triggered for example response time of some instrumented method exceed from threshold value. Captured un-instrumented methods might help in analyzing response time of the method and transaction.
  • Java GC and Heap Monitor: This feature supports capturing java garbage collection and heap metrics from JMX beans available in JVM from Java agent. It supports Sun JDK versions 1.7 and 1.8.
  • Generic JMX Mbean Monitors: This feature allows to configure new Mbean monitors based on JMX beans and attributes available in JVM and captures them from Java agent or Machine agent. Currently, only pre-configured Mbean monitors bundled with release are supported. In next phase, new monitor creation from UI will also be supported.
  • Capture Asynchronous Integration Points callouts: This feature allows to capture asynchronous calls with or without callbacks (both pull and push mechanism) and corresponding metrics like response time etc.
Executive Dashboard
  • Store-wise Tier Status: User can now view the Tier status for each store application-wise or for all applications.

Key Features:

  • Display GeoMap of Stores
  • Display Business Health and Infrastructure Health of Stores
  • Display Stores as per its states (Critical, Major, or Normal) by applying filters
  • Search Store by its name
  • Search Store by application name
  • Display aggregate KPI (TPS/TPM, Response, and Error) for all applications of all stores
  • Display Stores as per selected applications
  • User can create application by grouping Tiers
  • User can Edit/Delete application
  • Display all applications of each store
  • Display Business Health and Infrastructure Health of application
  • Display KPI parameters for individual application
  • User can see Tier Status of every application individualized
ND Config
  • BT HTTP Body for Dot Net Agent: User can configure Business Transactions from the BT HTTP Body for the Dot Net agent. This feature is used to capture the HTTP Body content for the specified BTs.
  • Applying Method Monitor from Automatic Discovery (AD) and Auto Instrumentation (AI) Screen: User can configure the method monitor from the AD and AI screen. Method monitor is directly saved within the profile.
  • Download Support for File Based Screens: From this release onwards, download support is provided for file based configuration screens. User can download configuration details in Word, Excel, and PDF formats.
  • Reset to Current Saved Value of Configuration: User now has an option to reset to current saved settings. This feature is provided for each screen.
  • Tier Group Handing in Application Tree: Support for grouping of Tiers within specified Tier Group is provided. Some configuration changes regarding Tier group is also implemented in this release. User can now apply RTC at Tier Group level. User can apply Regex patterns to include the Tiers within any Tier group. Only admin user is authorized to add/edit and delete Tier groups. ND Config UI and Monitor UI uses tier groups.
  • UI Support for Following Modules:
    • Capture method call flow data from thread stack trace
    • Java interface in instrumentation profile
    • BT Rule based on Method Invocation under BT Method Screen
    • UI Support for BT Request and Response Headers for DotNet agent
    • UI Support for Custom Entry in Integration Points screen for DotNet agent.
    • New Entry points (Log, Exception, XATransaction, JDBC Connection and Neo4j DB Callout)


  • New AccessLog Monitors with Response Times in Milliseconds: Existing access log monitor shows response time in seconds. New access log monitors are implemented which shows response time data in milliseconds.
  • Vault Monitoring Support: Vault application collects run-time metrics and aggregate data for 10 seconds. This telemetry information can be streamed to stat-site server, which aggregates the data for configured time. Cavisson Vault monitors will collect data from stat-site and show it in NDE dashboard.
  • Starting Continuous Monitoring Session on Machine Reboot: When machine is running continuous monitoring session and machine is restarted / reboot, session will be started again when the machine boots up.
  • Tier Group Support in JSON Monitor Configuration: With this feature, user can configure monitors on Tier Groups.
  • Cavisson Health Monitoring Enhancements: Added auto monitors for Tomcat and machine agent.
  • Monitor JSON Runtime Support for Outbound: JSON Monitor Run-time changes can be applied when monitoring session is running in outbound.
  • Enhancement in LPS Monitors: Added an option (-g) to dump pattern matching lines in log pattern monitor.
  • Vector Initialization File for Reducing Runtime GDF Changes: In monitor JSON, a new tag is added to specify vector initialization file. Using this option, vector list is created at start of monitor.

Web Dashboard

  • Enhancement for Tree Path: Dashboard will now remember expanded state of the tree, which were present while doing a tab switch or on a GDF change notification. Earlier, the tree was getting collapsed on GDF change notification and tab switch.
  • Dynamic Favorite by Tier: Support for bundling a customized favorite with metrics related to a single Tier. User can then switch to any Tier and see the metrics for the selected Tier. It reduces the efforts to create multiple favorites for different tiers.
  • Enhancements for Multi DC Environment:
    • Parameterization and Filters on Favorite is supported for Multi DC environment.
    • Lower Panel operations, such as show/hide metrics are supported for Multi DC environment.
  • Security Token based REST calls: This feature allows only an authorized user to access external REST API URLs. To access URLs, user needs to generate a security token, and use it in REST calls for authentication and authorization purpose. There is an expiration time associated with every security token, which is taken as input while generation of the token. Once token is expired, user will not be able to access the URL with this token. User needs to get/generate a new token for further use. 
  • Multi Condition Support in Alerts: Many major enhancements are taken in alert rule configuration.
    • User can now create an alert on Tier level also, based upon the “Number of Indices” or “% of Indices” affected. In case user selects multiple tier, then one alert per tier will be generated.
    • User can now create a moving window using additional parameters, such as “Maximum Value”, “Minimum Value”, “Sample Count”, “Sum of Values”, and “Indices Count”.
    • Access Control has been implemented in rule configuration window, allowing only few users to edit the configuration and rest of the users to view it in “Read-only” mode.
    • User can now apply multiple conditions in a single rule and these conditions are evaluated based on the operator (AND / OR) applied between the conditions. If the specified criteria is satisfied then only the alert will be triggered. 
  • Enhancements in Alerts: Alert baseline data viewer is transformed in Angular 4. 
  • Single sign on (SSO) support through OKTA: With SSO, a user logs in once and gains access to different applications, without the need to re-enter login credentials at each application. There are set of configurations, which need to be done one time in the OKTA and NDE server and after that user needs to login through OKTA. Once the user has been authenticated successfully through OKTA, then he is not asked to login again until the user session expires. Both Service Provider Initiated and Identity Provider Initiated modes are supported.
  • MS SQL Monitoring: Support for MS SQL monitoring has been provided from this release onwards. User can monitor DB Activities that are performed on MS SQL. User can analyze the issues, which are related to DB.

MS SQL Analyzing and Monitor Area:

  • Provides all information on blocked / blocking queries. [Query/CPU/IO/Wait Time/Wait Type etc.]
  • Provides all types of Wait Stats [CPU/IO/LOCK/LOG/Memory/Network etc.]
  • Provides Query Execution Statistics and query Plan [Query/Execution plan/read / writes/response time/query execution count etc.]
  • Provide status for MSSQL services [Inactive/Active etc.]
  • Ability to view data file growth and log growth for databases [data used, data free, log used, log free, log growth % etc.]
  • Custom Report: Users can now have customized reports based on their needs.

Key Features:

  • Graph Widgets: User can include any graph of any metrics in the Report.
  • Data Widget: User can include data widget in the report.
  • Tabular Widget: User can include stats in tabular format.
  • File Widget: User can upload the file and all file data will be included in report as Tabular.
  • Text Widget: User can include the text widget that is useful for Header and comments section.
  • Image Widget: User can include any images if required in the report, regarding other components like, KPI and so on.
Monitors (Java)
  • Enhancements for BT Store Monitoring: New parameters are provided for BT Store Monitoring (TPS, Response Time). 
  • Prometheus Monitoring
    • Metric configuration using file
    • Two metrics added in Prometheus stats monitor – CPU Utilization %, Memory Utilization %
    • Filter Prometheus hierarchy nodes at different level according to the needs 
  • Two-way SSL Support for JMX Data: Two-way SSL support has been added in JMX Monitors. Machine agent certificates are bundled with build. 
  • Embedded machine agent for BlueBird device is provided in this release. 
  • GCP Cloud Monitoring
    • GCP Cloud SQL Monitoring: This monitor will fetch metrics regarding GCP Cloud SQL component. It provides metrics like Reserved Cores, Reserved CPU Utilization (Pct), Disk Quota (GB), Bytes Used, Read Operations/Sec, Write Operations/Sec etc.
    • GCP Cloud Engine Monitoring: This monitor will fetch metrics regarding GCP Cloud Engine component. It provides metrics like Dropped Bytes/Sec, Dropped Packets/Sec, Average CPU Utilization, Disk Read Bytes/Sec, Throttled Read Bytes/Sec etc.
    • GCP Data Flow Monitoring: This monitor will fetch metrics regarding GCP Data flow component. It provides metrics like Current Active vCPUs, Job Data Watermark Age (Sec), Job Elapsed Time (Min), Job Estimated Element Size (KB), Job System Lag (Sec) etc.
    • GCP Data Store Monitoring: This monitor will fetch metrics regarding GCP Data flow component. It provides metrics like API Request/sec, Index Writes/sec, 5th, 50th, 95th and 99th Percentile Read/Write Size Entities (Bytes) etc.
  • Monitor for Flume: Following component monitoring has been added in machine agent:
    • Channel Stats
    • Source Stats
    • Sink Stats 
  • Generic DB Monitor Enhancement: Enhanced generic DB monitor parameters, which are replaced at run time, like $CURR_TIME, $PREV_TIME, $CURR_TIMESTAMP, $PREV_TIMESTAMP, $TEST_RUN.
  • Kubernetes Container Monitoring via Prometheus: Metrics are configurable and as per requirement, user can add or remove metrics. Following metrics are added: CPU Utilization %, Memory Utilization % in Container metrics. In monitor, an option has been added to filter vectors.
  • Server Health Stats Monitor UI: User can now configure Server Health Monitor from Monitor UI. Even user can also view hierarchy as per requirement For example: User can define Tier>Server> and so on.
  • ATG Order & Revenue Monitor: Driver Information and query are configured from JSON Configuration file. 
  • IBM MQ Monitoring: Following component monitoring has been added in machine agent:
    • Queue Stats
    • Channel Stats
    • Listener Stats
    • Manager Stats
Monitors (Dot Net)
  • Bluebird C# SDK Connection Application: The C# Application Agent SDK enables a user to monitor the performance of C# applications with NetDiagnostics. The SDK provides end-to-end transaction flow for C# application. It also provides visibility on application load and response times, custom metrics, and system resource utilization, including CPU, memory, and disk I/O resources. User can achieve this by adding few API calls to the source code.
  • Windows Peripheral Device Monitor: In Cavisson machine agent for windows server, we have supported monitors for peripheral devices to get the status.
  • Net Monitors: Windows ASP.Net Monitors are supported in Cavisson machine agent for windows server.
Monitors UI
  • Windows Monitor UI: User can now configure Windows Monitor using Monitor UI. In Classic Monitor UI, there was no option to configure the monitor from front end. Even, user was not able to apply run time changes. Earlier, whenever new monitor introduced, developer was needed to make changes in code accordingly. From this release onwards, user can configure any new monitor using the monitor UI and can apply run time changes from there. In new UI, user needs to define JSON file in the standard monitor file.


  • Similar Session Search:
    • Added support for HTTP Request, Cookies, Navigation Timing, JS error etc.
    • Complete session match: User can add complete session as similar session search filter.
  • Transaction Filter in NVApp: This feature is provided in NVApp with better look and feel and some enhancements like aggregated view. 
  • JS Error Filter in NVApp: JS Error filter has been added to find the JS error based on error message, filename, and other session related attributes. It has both aggregated view and detailed view. 
  • Special Report
    • Special Report Generation from Template: From this release onwards, we have provided the GUI interface for configuring special report template and save as setup specific special report.
    • Special Report Execution GUI in NVApp: This feature has been moved from old UI and is provided in NVApp. 
  • BOT Detection: Bot Detection module has been added in NetVision, which can help in identifying bot users / sessions. Bot users can further be categorized into good bots (for example, Web crawler) and bad bots. Dashboard visualization and reports has also been added. 
    • Behavior based Bot Detection: NetVision will analyze the behavior of user for example, gap between page navigation, gap between user clicks, page repeat count etc. NetVision has certain list of rules, which it will apply on data collected by NV agent and will assign a bot score. 
  • Secure Client Authentication: It can help in identifying machine user by verifying the client environment. 
  • Configuration UI in NVApp: Configuration related view has been moved from old GUI to NVApp. 
  • NV Appliance Monitoring: A new monitor for ‘nv_aggregate_reporter’ is provided. 
  • Multi-level Aggregation: Support for Multi-level data aggregation is provided from this release onwards. It will allow to aggregate the data on different granularity, such as 5 mins, 1 hour, 1 day etc. It helps in storing much historic data with less disk space. 
  • Others
    • Progress Report (Shared memory mode): It has been done for performance optimization
    • Session Filter (Trend Graph): Added session trend graph for session filter. It will help in understanding the trend of any event, JS error, or HTTP failure etc.
    • Location detection for IPV6: Now IPV6 address also can be mapped to location.


  • Session Retry: This features retries the session in case of failure. Retry is configurable by user. In case of some network issues, if page is not loaded and it generates Time-out error, then user needs to retry manually for success. 
  • Domain Stats Graphs: On each new request, domain is checked. On each new domain, resource-timing data is collected from HAR for each domain. The resource timing of domain is displayed in Web Dashboard cumulatively. 
  • JS Checkpoint: In DOM content validation, elements of web page are validated at run-time while running NetStorm test with RBU/NVSM configuration. User can validate Element attributes and CSS properties of an element. 
  • Marks and Measures: This feature enables a user to decide which parts of scripts to optimize, and instrument those parts of scripts with the User Timing API. From there, user can access the results from JavaScript using the API, or view them on Chrome DevTools Timeline Recordings.


  • NF DB Frontend Parser Plugin: A plugin is provided that enables log parsing at NF DB using a parsing config, which can be supplied per tier-server combination. It enables the user to shift the parsing workload from App server to NFDB cluster.
  • Query Enhancements (Support for AND/OR Operator and Nested Case Statements): Comparison can be done between two different field values in queries using combination of logical operators (AND, OR). Nested case statements can be used in queries with conditional operators, such as ‘AND’ and ‘OR’ in ‘Eval’ – case statement.
NF Agent
  • Exposing NF Agent Metrics through JMX: User can now monitor NetForest agent’s pipeline information, node information, plugins information, hot threads information using JMX.
  • Data Compression from NF Agent to NFDB: User can send events in compressed GZIP format instead of JSON using Bulk API to increase indexing speed over the network and reduce I/O wait time.
  • Filter, Input, and Output configuration is available to users (with appropriate roles) through NetForest UI.
  • Health Dashboard: Health Summary dashboard (a tabular representation) provides different health stats, such as CPU, RAM, Applist, dependencies of the Instore Servers. Other instore health properties files can also be stored and searched using NetForest UI.
  • Help link: A ‘Help’ link is added in NF UI from where user can refer the syntax and examples to write NF queries.

Bug Fixes

The following issues are fixed in 4.1.12.

Bug ID Product Summary
51296 NetCloud Create ND controller “MobilityApp_Testing” on machine with Build version 4.1.11 B206
50588 NetCloud nsi_build_upgrade_tool not working
50958 NetCloud Not able to Login ||
45031 NetCloud IP MGMT || Getting core dump in “/home/cavisson/work/sys/ns_ip_data.gdf”  when we run NetCloud test with Source IP enabled.
50003 NetCloud Need more Generators for Peak Load Test
50955 NetCloud Required 2 dedicated generators for Amazon Returns Project
50897 NetCloud Not able to open GUI |
47434 NetCloud Getting invalid error messages while giving multiple decimal values in HTTP timeout from GUI.
47435 NetCloud Getting invalid error messages while giving negative values in HTTP timeout from GUI.
50666 NetCloud Not able to start test due to Generator issue
47627 NetCloud Not Able To Open the GUI ||
49934 NetCloud || Need generator for Mobile_Support controller
50608 NetCloud Unable to see test data on machine
49797 NetCloud || Getting issues with favorites
49856 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent|| Observing No records found for InvCount_T01_KISA_GetCount on
50761 NetDiagnostics Issues with ndi_get_entity_time_ex – process is consuming very high CPU and memory
49717 NetDiagnostics Unable to run Continuous Monitoring test on Machine
50104 NetDiagnostics Missmatch in Response times || TVS ||
51074 NetDiagnostics | Wrong Tier name
49803 NetDiagnostics Not Able to Send the Automated Report ||
52530 NetDiagnostics Exception and Stacktrace is not showing in UI.
49692 NetDiagnostics || GUI Not Opening
50969 NetDiagnostics Issue with BT in ND mosaic
50237 NetDiagnostics BT is not coming properly ||
49665 NetDiagnostics Not able to add run time json on Mosaic Prod
50198 NetDiagnostics NDC throughput value is not correct
51021 NetDiagnostics No metrics is displaying when we click on “show graphs in tree”.
48651 NetDiagnostics Rel4.1.12: NC_MON| NodeJS profile is getting replaced by Java Profile at Tier level.
50777 NetDiagnostics Getting issue while downloading instrumentation file
47798 NetDiagnostics ND | 4.1.11#39 | ‘null>null>null’ vector get discovered under Flowpath Stats monitor
50724 NetDiagnostics Not able to access ND Machine
48841 NetDiagnostics Getting no records found for flowpaths
50555 NetDiagnostics Getting error while configuring  NetJSAgent in GKE Env
48913 NetDiagnostics Memory Leak in NDP
50462 NetDiagnostics 2 records for super parent flowpaths are not captured in raw_data.
50095 NetDiagnostics Core dump occurred on GKE Machine
50195 NetDiagnostics Flowpaths are not coming for CNCService on StressProj
50292 NetDiagnostics NDP was putting an extra underscore in the processed sequenc blob at the end.
50580 NetDiagnostics Not able to drill down due to  Flowpath stuck in old partition.
51476 NetDiagnostics Two ndp process are running for same test run.
47982 NetDiagnostics NDC was not stopped awhile upgrading BUILD 4.1.11#51
50326 NetDiagnostics Observed No Details in Transaction FlowMap on enabling App Pool specific ND. Instance limit in ndc exceeded to to frequent restart of CavWmon
48769 NetDiagnostics Not getting hotspot  data
50123 NetDiagnostics Callouts percentage & Child flowpath missing warning
50981 NetDiagnostics Not getting transaction flow data in ED ||
48466 NetDiagnostics Not able to open GUI when upgrading the build for U16
50066 NetDiagnostics Number of flowpaths change when opening FPAnalyzer for same BT for same time
45590 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | AI Screen Routing icon is not working
45888 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | Existing Data [i.e. files created through UI] is getting lost after upgrading the build
46838 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI |  Session does not close forcefully incase user logs in with same credentials.
47528 NetDiagnostics NC_MON_UAT|Getting “Invaild partition d-Q” continuously in ndc.log file
48543 NetDiagnostics NDP Core Dump | Core is generated in create_sqb_and_append_fp_signature at ndp_process_data.c
48714 NetDiagnostics DDAI | After DDAI sessions the newly generated instrumentation profile regarding data is not coming for the business transaction.
49089 NetDiagnostics NC_MON|ndp core dump formed   in method nslb_get_ns_port()
49173 NetDiagnostics NC_MON |NDP continuously consuming 100% CPU.
43854 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | Facing issue under profile directory that all files are not showing
48546 NetDiagnostics NC_MON | In web-dashboard, Some group name is like Java7, JBoss7 etc which indicate machine running with Java7 but in actually we are using Java 8 on machine.
48710 NetDiagnostics NC_MON | NDP data is not coming in ProcessDataExV2 monitor in  Application metrics.
50652 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent || Unable to get data for KRSA on Executive dashboard whereas data is being observed in Raw Data
50805 NetDiagnostics While Drill down Giving error “Query in taking more 60000 ms to give response”
39976 NetDiagnostics Rel4.1.12: (Rel4.1.11:) Cleanup/Backup and Restore feature
46544 NetDiagnostics WebSocket | Core is generated in ndc_worker_thread.c for ndc_worker_thread.
50141 NetDiagnostics Rel4.1.11.2: NC_MON | “No runtime changes applied” is showing in ND ConfigUI on applying run time changes.
50294 NetDiagnostics DDR[StoreView] | All Tierlists are not coming in drop-down box in Application settings window after selecting both DC’s.
50698 NetDiagnostics Upgrade build on NC machine ||
50719 NetDiagnostics Need to install node on VM
50812 NetDiagnostics While opening ED getting HTTP Status 500 error in Multi-DC (
50253 NetDiagnostics DotnetAgent-ConfigUI| Getting Wrong formatted ndEntryPoint file while creating from ConfigUI.
50384 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent-DDR|No record found is showing while clicking on flowpath count of  “LOGOUT”BT  from BT Trend window.
45347 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI – AI | User is not able to view the summary as error message is appearing after clicking on it
45824 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | In Edit bt pattern window, checkbox for ‘dynamic request type’ is showing unchecked after importing the bt pattern file with child rule
45830 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | Parent Child Rule should not be created incase  Dynamic HTTP Request Properties is passing differently
45841 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | Data should not get imported incase user has given the mandatory field only but parent id is not passing
45889 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | Content of BT Pattern file is not appearing in UI while data is present in backend file
45939 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | In online mode, when instance is coming then Profile should get attached on the basis of Instance Type incase no other profile is attached at topology, tier or server level
45943 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | In Online mode, Default Profile is appearing instead of Applied profile incase same instance is getting up
48684 NetDiagnostics Rel4.1.12: ND Config UI | Parent Rule id is not passing correctly in btPattern.btr file while edit the BT rule detail
48722 NetDiagnostics Rel4.1.12: ND Config UI[DDAI]| Keyword for instrumentation profile does not have proper format while passing the Runtime changes after completing the DDAI process.
50726 NetDiagnostics Default displayed geo maps should be ticked in check box of multi-DC (
47876 NetDiagnostics NC_MON | Not able to see existing topology on topology GUI for U12 build.
48398 NetDiagnostics ND slowness issues :
50935 NetDiagnostics Monitor data not coming for Windows Process Stats & .Net CLR Locks & Threads Stats
51223 NetDiagnostics Not able to open MOSAIC Multi DC Machine
47897 NetDiagnostics NC_MON | In compare method timing report,”Query taking more time than 60000 ms to give response” error is coming within 10 sec at instance level while traversing through default > transaction scorecard > total count.
51671 NetDiagnostics Getting Average Service Time as Zero in Access Log V6 monitors
51084 NetDiagnostics Vm’s is not detect in CMT Test ||
51228 NetDiagnostics Getting Error after login in Multi-DC WebDashboard
47714 NetDiagnostics NC_MON | In DBQueries report,Window is getting hanged after coming back to home from split view while traversing from Top DB calls By count > Query count > flowpath > split view.
48578 NetDiagnostics Flow path coming for wrong Tier |
50201 NetDiagnostics Not getting ND Alert on Corp ||
45758 NetDiagnostics NC_MON | In Compare Method Calling Tree, Method Details pop-up window is not appearing via Tier(Default) >DDR >Flowpath By Resp Time >select 2 Flowpath >Click on Compare >Method Calling Tree >right click on method >click on Methods Details.
45923 NetDiagnostics DDR – ED | In DB Queries report, Data and Header is removed after traversing through Tier status(AtgTier) >DDR >Flowpath By Resp Time >DB callout >Download DB Report >come back report >Click on HTTP >come back to DB Queries from tab.
46040 NetDiagnostics DDR – ED | In Exception Report, Error message is coming after applying last 1 hr in UI filter while traversing through Tier54 >DDR >Exception.
48097 NetDiagnostics DDR-ED | Data is not coming in DB Report after again applying Tier=AtgTier in DB UI filter but previously data is present for AtgTier in DB Report.
51032 NetDiagnostics New servers for GR and AR
49786 NetDiagnostics Not able to get third party integration call name in Transaction flow map
50312 NetDiagnostics Entry Point File for DotNet Profile cannot be changed using GUI
50002 NetDiagnostics Getting CPU junk value ||
50995 NetDiagnostics VM’s are visible in ND , even VM got down scale
48117 NetDiagnostics Complete data is not uploaded in database
48480 NetDiagnostics NC_MON | NDP core is getting formed on NCMON
48481 NetDiagnostics Complete data is not uploaded in database
49891 NetDiagnostics NDC| NDC core in 4.1.11#213 in cavisson metrics (
49975 NetDiagnostics Load Avg Increased In ND Box ||
50077 NetDiagnostics Getting error while opening flowpath & Hotspot on MOSAIC (
48709 NetDiagnostics Rel4.1.12: ND Config UI | When importing profile, that was exported before some configurations showing changed in Config UI.
48855 NetDiagnostics Core dump was generated by ndp at nslb_mem_pool.c
45274 NetDiagnostics DDR – ED | Aggregate Method Timing report is not opening back traversing through Service Method Timing >Aggregate Method Timing while traversing through Tier status>DDR>FlowpathByResp Time >select multiple flowpath >click on Aggregate Method timing icon.
45276 NetDiagnostics DDR – ED | In BT stats pop-up window, “=” option is not working in Response Time filter while traversing through Tier status >Total scorecard >click on Filter option.
45277 NetDiagnostics DDR – ED | In BT Stats pop-up window, “TPS” filter is not working while traversing through Tier status >Total scorecard >click on Filter option.
45278 NetDiagnostics DDR – ED | In BT Stats pop-up window, “Error/Sec” filter option is not working while traversing through Tier status(AtgTier) >Transaction scorecard >Filter.
45647 NetDiagnostics NC_MON_UAT | “undefined” is showing instead of username in flow path report window while doing DDR from ED.
49588 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent || Unable to download details of method timing through spreadsheet
44812 NetDiagnostics NDC| Message like “Error occure in Writing message of ND_EV_BT_MON” for all monitor is coming in ndc_trace.log file.
47229 NetDiagnostics NC_MON_UAT|NDC has not started automatically after upgarding build 4.1.11#50
47874 NetDiagnostics NC_MON|Empty Top Methods Panel and NaN is appearing in Percentage Flowpath in Pattern Summary
46513 NetDiagnostics NC_MON | Exception report is not opening while traversing through Tier status(Default) >DDR >Flowpath By CallOuts Error >DB Callout >Error count.
47058 NetDiagnostics NC_MON_UAT|There is no impact on BT Stats – ACLCapability after applying specified time range in compare option in BT trend window
49362 NetDiagnostics Not able to drill Down flow path for Single Instance in ED
49675 NetDiagnostics cStressmob3||Flowpath not opening
50416 NetDiagnostics ND-ED[StoreView] |Unable to get 2 DCs data from store view.
50676 NetDiagnostics ED taking long time to open.
48471 NetDiagnostics DotNet | Start time and End time is not coming in proper format in GUI
48656 NetDiagnostics DotNet | Not getting flowpath for particular transaction through web-dashboard
48681 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent-DDR |For some of the BT “NO record found ” is coming in Flowpath detail window while traversing from BT trend.
49835 NetDiagnostics DotNet Agent | Keywords related to Data and AS buffer size are not configurable.
45825 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | Error message is not appearing incase user is providing same existing BTName and URL
45834 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | Topology is showing under Topology list incase Tier/server/instance.conf is not present in backend
46809 NetDiagnostics Rel4.1.12: ND Config UI | In Audit log screen, Agent Type is showing null while stopping the Auto Instrumentation process
40077 NetForest Rel4.1.12: (Rel4.1.11:) NFDB Frontend parser plugin.
33190 NetForest Index movement from SSD to HDD is getting fail
47941 NetForest if we comment the output port in nf.env then it shows error.
46515 NetForest We face blocker with 4.1.11#45 build.when we select akamai index from index list.
47093 NetForest Bulk api is not working when akamai plugin is present.
50053 NetForest Not able to create NF alert on Akamai Env.
40082 NetForest Rel4.1.12: (Rel4.1.11:) NFAgent metrics expose through JMX
49767 NetForest On Akamai Environment combination of REX,EVAl & VIS query is not working.
50142 NetForest Not getting NF logs
50200 NetForest Not getting NF logs
47710 NetForest Multiple index mapping(like nfagentconfig,netforest_ui) are displaying in nfdb template.
50011 NetForest Getting High CPU on Account & CNC UI Vm’s
43202 NetForest Akamai data integration with NF
44455 NetForest Dedup query not working properly. Its shows only 10 counts in output
48153 NetOcean NetOcean: Service Home icon should be changed.
48154 NetOcean GUI | Theme of header in recording window is dark.
48160 NetOcean GUI | Icon of all the parameters should be different.
48165 NetOcean GUI | Look & field issue in service time delay window in service setting window.
48169 NetOcean GUI | Bydefault LB Match should be closest in search parameter.
48172 NetOcean GUI | URL should be in capital letter in search parameter window.
48174 NetOcean NetOcean: Need to change content in help for search parameter.
48306 NetOcean NetOcean: Getting look and feel issue on NetOcean Manage Services GUI.
48311 NetOcean NetOcean : Lower panel button is not showing in case of json parameter.
48460 NetOcean NetOcean: Need a revised screen for search parameter with new look and feel.
47650 NetOcean NetOcean: Getting look and feel issue for cvs log if we calculate diff if two cvs logs.
48444 NetOcean NetOcean: Getting message as “Please select text from response” in case of repeat block.
48569 NetOcean NetOcean: Old Product GUI is opening when we are making controller from NetOcean UI.
48699 NetOcean Getting two active templates after creation of service through recording.
46245 NetOcean NetStorm: HTTP2| Test is getting stuck in case of autofetch with service time add at hpd side.
47863 NetOcean HPD is not getting start when no file/directory is present inside $HPD_ROOT/users/default/cavisson directory.
38942 NetOcean GUI | Multiple services doesn’t gets deleted from the Manage UI.
46731 NetOcean GUI | Default value should already present in scratch & scratch array parameter and it should be in editable mode.
48043 NetOcean NetOcean: Start Recording and Stop recording button should be disable after click on one time.
48148 NetOcean NetOcean : Tool tip should not come as HPD word.
48647 NetOcean NetOcean | The Service of each URL doesn’t gets created when we record multiple URLs at a time.
48763 NetOcean NetOcean-Getting look and feel issue in case of a large url.
49178 NetOcean GUI | Service name is not getting filled automatically after recording of any page where service name is already defined earlier in case of same url.
48470 NetOcean NetOcean: Product UI is not opening while upgrading latest build 4.1.11.
48161 NetOcean NetOcean: Need to make a default favorite for NetOcean.
46246 NetOcean NetStorm: HTTP2| Test is getting stuck in case of autofetch with service time add at hpd side.
45210 NetOcean NetOcean: Getting wrong message on screen if we click on add service without selecting any services in case of swagger.
48845 NetOcean Screen Alignment
42423 NetOcean NetOcean: Getting performance issue as panels are loading slowly after opening NetOcean GUI.
47704 NetOcean GUI | Last added service time CGI is showing in all field of the service time setting of CGI window.
48198 NetOcean NetOcean: Scratch arrary parameter should not save with 0 size value.
49160 NetOcean GUI | Getting an error message “trace level status undefined” while adding trace level 0 in template level setting.
50840 NetOcean CAVREPEAT_BLOCK Not working
45509 NetOcean NetOcean: Wrong keyword is adding in case of Client Authentication during handshake.
46133 NetOcean GUI | Getting an error message “trace level status undefined” while adding trace level 0 in template level setting.
47062 NetOcean Getting an error message while restarting hpd after delete the header in template level.
51322 NetStorm Not getting data for Prometheus Kubernetes Container Overall stat monitor
52640 NetStorm KFS || Production || Not getting CPU Load(PCT) data for most of the Windows Servers
50308 NetStorm MON_UI | No need of -J option for log monitors in Monitor UI.
51064 NetStorm Kubernetes IP monitor is not working due to Unexpected JSON in /api/v1/nodes
50059 NetStorm CavWMon is not sending any data after VM/System Reboot and hence constant data
51891 NetStorm Improper data display by CavWmon in Graphs.
49812 NetStorm getting different time in Gui and as well as in backend
50477 NetStorm Not able to access NS [] and ND [] machine
52260 NetStorm Urgent || Data is not coming in Dashboard because testrun.gdf.diff is not created correct.
51159 NetStorm Unable to login my credential |
52013 NetStorm 128 fake alert got kicked for in POC CORP for Disk space low
49821 NetStorm We are getting wrong data in KPI on Blue zone as we have current live traffic on Green Zone on MOSAIC( .
50848 NetStorm Getting Error in transaction’s  90th percentile both from GUI and backend
50430 NetStorm Macys | In 4.1.11#216 we are not able to record script
49992 NetStorm Dashboard not Updating at Runtime
43251 NetStorm Multiple Test Run Support Issue:If test is started multiple times with cavisson user in NDE Mode then nsu_show_test_run showing multiple Test Runs with Same number.
47820 NetStorm Three high Vulnerability Found on Cav4.1.11#51.
48450 NetStorm NetStorm: After creating controller same port is coming for next controller.
50448 NetStorm While running ‘nsi_collect_logs’ shell, it is asking for password while executing jmap command.
52327 NetStorm Observing core dump while running debug test
50422 NetStorm Run Command Issue : Scheduled Run Command is not running and saving on machine when we select “Save Output on Server” checkbox.
46407 NetStorm Performance Dashboard Angular4 issue:- Data is not coming in Release Details, Running project and Upcoming project.
47088 NetStorm Performance Dashboard Angular4 issue:-Single appliance name is multiple times on updating the ongoing test.
49785 NetStorm Alert Maintenance Window Issue : Alert Maintenance using Rest API is getting applied for 2 hours when we give start and end time like 00:00:00 to 01:00:00 and in Alert Maintenance Window, after 1 hour it is getting removed.
50535 NetStorm NC_MON | Alert Multi Condition Issue : Error is coming while adding alert rule.
45342 NetStorm Multi DC|Favorite Issue:Duplicate vectors are showing in widgets and lower panel while loading favorite,in which graph are saved by applying open/merge
45628 NetStorm Open Related Metrics Issue :- Web Dashboard is getting blank on applying Time Period/coming new sample after applying Open Related Metrics .
46420 NetStorm Widget Wise Time Period Issue:”Error in applying in selecting time period in dashboard” message is coming if time period is applied after coming of new sample on open/merge and widgets are also getting blank after applying time period on maximized widget.
49869 NetStorm Time Period Issue:Data is not coming correct after applying time period Last 4 hr with view by 1 hour.
48755 NetStorm Scenario GUI | Getting wrong filter result in TestRun UI .
48744 NetStorm MON_UI | FileStats monitor is coming under ‘GCP’ Group.
48745 NetStorm MON_UI| Vector Prefix (-X) option is not available in Tomcat Monitor UI.
48747 NetStorm MON_UI| No arguments are present for GCP Permission Stats in Monitor Configuration UI
49414 NetStorm MON_UI | For Apache MQ monitor the default value for JMX Connector URL should be JMX_RMI.
49486 NetStorm MON_UI | For ThreadStats and ProcessDataExV2 monitor arguments are not Showing in monitor UI.
42802 NetStorm G_SERVER_HOST : NetStorm is resolving recorded host while that host is mapped to another host using server hosting.
50094 NetStorm Getting SSL connection issue while running  wget  command
45810 NetStorm Advanced Filter Issue : After sample update, some graphs are getting unchecked after applying filter from widget settings and disabling filter.
48196 NetStorm Slab Count Graph Type Issue:Widget is getting blank for merge graph while converting graph type to slab count
45604 NetStorm Web Dashboard | Lower Pane issue:- On performing any operation on Lower pane it keeps on loading.
39999 NetStorm Rel4.1.11: Support for Monitor UI if any changes are needed
46487 NetStorm Blocker | Not able to open Query Plan in MSSql Reports monitor in 4.1.11 B46 CavWMon.
51083 NetStorm Not able to run CST script ||
50613 NetStorm Getting Core while running the script.
49794 NetStorm MON_UI | Getting wrong arguments for AccessLogStatsExtendedV6 monitor.
49820 NetStorm MON_UI |When configuring AccessLogStatsV6 monitor json from Monitor UI, monitor is getting removed by itself.
50058 NetStorm MON_UI | Incorrect gdf name when applying Log Monitor through MOnitor UI.
50117 NetStorm Web Dashboard | Angular UI | Compare Reporting Issue:- HTML type report is getting blank when test metrics is not present.
48195 NetStorm NC_MON | Postgres Health Stats Issue : The Tier and Server name of Postgres Health Stats should come as “Cavisson>NDAppliance”.
46038 NetStorm Multi DC|Derived Graph issue:Data is coming wrong for selected indices while adding derived graph with multiple resultants
43965 NetStorm IP Settings || In multiple group scenario, on adding second group configuration of first group is getting reflected in second and vice versa.
47064 NetStorm Not able to record netstorm application E.g., continue progress bar is coming in Product UI Page after login.
47084 NetStorm Web Dashboard | Script Manager issue: Not able to commit version getting error message on committing version on script manager.
48197 NetStorm Web Socket Script is not running from Test Script due to keyword G_MAX_CON_PER_VUSER ALL 0 1 1 1 1 1.
50574 NetStorm Favorite Issue:System default favorite _RelatedMetrics is getting updated after applying open related metrics on baseline comparison.
50933 NetStorm CavWMON | Graphs are getting break in every 30 min. around in 4.1.11 B217.
41201 NetStorm Multi DC|Webdashboard Angular 4|Open/Merge Issue:Graphs of all dc’s are getting added on single widget,after applying open->all->alltiers on pagination of panel having open/merge applied.
41288 NetStorm Multi DC|Open Merge :- Graphs are getting removed on applying merge operations of the different DC with Data Center “ALL”.
47333 NetStorm Multi DC|Time Period :- Last sample time is not coming correct after coming new sample on applying Advance Open Merge.
48649 NetStorm GIT Versioning Issue : Error message should not come when we click on “GIT Commit” button without changing in the scenario or script file.
50169 NetStorm RBU-Core || With Java type script in RBU Transaction time is 0
39956 NetStorm Rel4.1.11: Password encryption in NS
45457 NetStorm Web Dashboard loading is taking approx 2 Min on loading favorite in favTree.
46225 NetStorm Derived Graph Issue:1st sample of show graph data is showing “Zero” While applying zoom on derived graph which is added with SampleDiff
47383 NetStorm NC_MON | Favorite Issue : Some favorites are not showing in the list but are showing up in the organize favorite list under system favorite directory.
49065 NetStorm Rel4.1.12: Favorite Issue : Extra colon(:) is coming in the link while clicking in Copy Link.
50530 NetStorm Rel4.1.12 | Alert Multi Condition Issue : Error is coming while deleting some alert rules.
47085 NetStorm Web Dashboard| Angular4 | KPI issue: Time period option is not coming in KPI and scs data is not coming.
47250 NetStorm Web Dashboard | Angular4 | System status issue:- Alert getting zero and all request are getting failed when no option is performed on alert option.
49439 NetStorm Jenkins Issue | Not able to run test suite due to link is missing for test_suite_run_id & test_run_id.
48675 NetStorm Webdashboard Angular4 | Reporting Issue:Unable to add Tier for “Graphs Metrics” “Monitor Stats” in specified indices.
48128 NetStorm Not able to start test in -S gui modeRel
48818 NetStorm Rel4.1.12: Run Command|Scheduler Management Issue: Not able to set scheduler time in run command.
50137 NetStorm TCPDump Issue : While Deleting TCPDump from TCPDump list through GUI TCPDump deleting before confirmation of user
46077 NetStorm Performance dashboard Angular4 issue:- Record is missing in release Details panel and close option is not coming proper.
46923 NetStorm Performance Dashboard Angular4 issue:- Performance Dashboard Reports should be sorted in using Report Date in descending order.
47252 NetStorm Performance Dashboard Angular UI issue:- Color is not looking proper in Ongoing test run window.
47350 NetStorm Performance Dashboard Angular UI issue:- Consumption of machine time is coming incorrect on Performance Report generation.
48729 NetStorm Catalogue Management Issue:Catalogue is not saving with Pattern,while saving with different groups in NC_Mon Env
47164 NetStorm Last sample time in GUI is showing default time i.e., 01/01/70
50278 NetStorm Transaction details not opening || NS Machine
47255 NetStorm Performance Dashboard Angular UI issue:- Product name is not coming on downloading Excel report form on going test run window.
49489 NetStorm MON_UI | JsonGUI |All applied monitors are deleting when try to delete any specific one.
49754 NetStorm Getting Error while executing the script using SQL Parameter
50157 NetStorm Error occured while making gui build
50907 NetStorm unable to view option menu when right clicking on any option in toggle tree navigation panel->custom
50936 NetStorm KFS || Core was generated while running the script
50316 NetStorm CavWMon shows constant data in GUI after restarting server
50547 NetStorm Not getting data server health monitor ||
46879 NetStorm Rel4.1.12: Cassandra DB API for load testing
51676 NetStorm Lorain box goes down in Endurance test
45283 NetStorm Open Related|Widget Wise Time Period Issue:Graphs are getting added on widget after applying widget wise time period on panel having open related members applied.
45287 NetStorm Open Related Metrics|Time Period Issue:Time period of webdashboard is getting changed after applying open related metrics on Tier on applying different widget wise time period.
45290 NetStorm Open Related Metrics Issue:Time period of widget is getting changed on changing widget type/graph type/chart type/formula type after applying widget wise time period on open related metrics.
45318 NetStorm MultiDC issue:Test Metrics is showing in bottom position in Tree navigational panel.
48038 NetStorm Alert Multi condition:Alert mail is showing baseline value with Capacity alert.
46220 NetStorm Scaling Issue: Scale factor is showing zero for some metrics after sample update.
47384 NetStorm Tooltip Issue : When we merge a graph with vectors having “Others” group, then in the tool graph name with complete vector name is coming for graph having “Others” group.
45864 NetStorm “ns_auto.mprof” is not generating for keyword “ENABLE_AUTO_MONITOR_REGISTRATION”.
46425 NetStorm Some error message is coming for “cm_win_PhysicalDisk.gdf” in monitor.log.
48352 NetStorm Rel4.1.12: Skipping adding Tier>Server before vector name
44546 NetStorm MON_UI | Not able to apply “Runtime Changes” through GUI for Continues Monitoring Test.
47532 NetStorm RBU-Filmstrips || Clips should be reflected in Test Result GUI only up-to Page Load time window.
49442 NetStorm Mon_UI | When double click on monitor group name then Monitor Configuration UI will be open afterwords going back to Configuration UI then screen is getting hanged.
44622 NetStorm MON_UI | Monitors are not getting deleted at Runtime through Monitor UI.
48124 NetStorm MON_UI | When giving any number in Refresh rate field then -1 is coming for all number & there should be validation.
49859 NetStorm MON_UI | -P option for search pattern is missing in AccessLog Monitor UI.
50040 NetStorm MON_UI | Getting incorrect entry of file name in frontend tool in Log Patern Monitor UI.
46379 NetStorm Template issue:Report list is showing in Template Gui,when we switch tabs from Template and again open template tab
48588 NetStorm Web Dashboard|Angular4|Reproting:-In Scheduler Report Product key is getting undfine in previously added task
47096 NetStorm Baseline Comparison Issue :- Session is getting closed on applying baseline comparison on the Web Dashboard with different test run after applying custom time.
50153 NetStorm View By Issue: After applying zoom when we load layouts then view by should not come with “Auto” in NDE mode.
48593 NetStorm Slab Count|Lower Pane Issue:”Data not available” is coming in lower pane data of widget after converting normal graph into slab count graph.
48718 NetStorm When we merge metrices All with All Tiers then the chart type Dial is not coming properly.
49851 NetStorm Not able to get the details of NetworkDelayWin Monitor.
49964 NetStorm Unable to get data for nginx metrics of egproxy servers on
47065 NetStorm Scripting issue:While recording amazon and flipkart,after selecting size,page is loading.
41208 NetStorm Multi DC|Webdashboard Angular 4|Open/Merge Issue:Merge operation as merge->all->all DCs is getting applied on previous default favorite if merge operation is applied after applying open->all->all DCs.
46319 NetStorm Multi DC|Open/Merge Issue:Lower panel of widget which has graph of different test run number is getting blank after coming new sample
49520 NetStorm Acl:User passwords should not be shown in rtgDebug.log and rtgCmdDebug.log files.
51243 NetStorm Unable to run click&script type script in RBU
50409 NetStorm KIOSK || AccessLog Monitors Required
50102 NetStorm Not able to start the test ||
46435 NetStorm NCMON_UAT_4.1.11|Run Command Issue: Error is coming while taking run command.
47706 NetStorm MultiDC Issue : Unable to update favorite which are saved inside a favorite directory.
48079 NetStorm Rel4.1.12(4.1.11): Favorite Issue :- Favorite of the same name is getting updated when we update any favorite of the same name present in the other folder.
48158 NetStorm NC_MON_UAT_4.1.11|Label Issue: After changing label of Dual axis graph when we update favorite and load then changed label is not reflecting in favorite.
48500 NetStorm Debug Test Issue: In case of debug testrun only one sample is showing with default time period in WebDashboard but when we change View by data is showing.
47385 NetStorm Alert: Download feature is not working in alert module
45310 NetStorm Webdashboard Angular4 |System stats issue:Overlapped string should be properly handled.
45314 NetStorm WebDashboard  Angular4 | System stats issue:Sorting is not working on the headings such as “Alert Value”,Threshold and baseline in main “Alert GUI”.
47747 NetStorm VNC Setup removed after build upgradation
51320 NetStorm not able to access element under canvas tag
46229 NetStorm ACL|Default group “SystemDefaultReadAll” used for user “guest” for multiple session functionality should not have delete option.
48252 NetStorm Open Group Metrics:Pagination is not coming while applying Open Group Metrics
52023 NetVision Priority – P1 || New Events are not being captured in NV sessions – NV-client’s- Production
50009 NetVision In NV Core, config.frequency is not returning set frequency value in the autoFillObserver function of cav_nv.js file.
49126 NetVision NV Core|Data is not dumping in nvresourceaggregatetable in 4.1.12 while migrating from 4.1.11.
50836 NetVision Not able to apply preset in Dashboard.
48317 NetVision Bot Detection | Garbage value is coming in “avg focus not changed” and “avg non trusted event” count.
47371 NetVision Secure Client Authentication|authentication request is being sent on every page of the session.
47374 Synthetic Monitor SM-Core || Getting core-dump in “ns_percentile.c” while allocating memset.
44912 Synthetic Monitor Domain Stats || NetCloud || Observed performance issues in Domain Stats Metrics.
48881 Synthetic Monitor SM-Recording || When we try to record the script using system proxy then browser is failing, getting exception as well.
48887 Synthetic Monitor SM-Waterfall Comparison || Look and feel issue.
49217 Synthetic Monitor SM-WebDashboard || Issues with Monochromatic Color.
45100 Synthetic Monitor RBU-Domain Stats || When we start SM continuous test, RBU Metrics is also reflecting with NetVision SM Metrics. RBU Metrics includes Domain Stats group while NetVision SM Metrics have Page Stats group.
48928 Synthetic Monitor SM-Core || Link is failing as browser is not clearing previous added text in search box, need to clear before adding new text.
50823 TestSuite TestSuite: Not able to run test for NS and ND form Jenkins in case of pipelining.
48261 TestSuite Active & Inactive option in check profile is not working.