9th October 2018 – R

Bug Fixes

The following issues are fixed in 4.1.12B44

Bug IDProductSummary
55245NetCloudDefault services are not present while creating new blades.
55141NetDiagnosticsHigh load average in many NDE caused by NDP, high CPU, and possibly high disk writes
55015NetStormWeight column of all queries in query report is 0.
55534NetStormHealth Check Monitor| When updating the instances name for HTTP health check type, then tier is deleted from .healthcheck file.
55611NetStormCavWMON | Not able to take thread dump from UI if jstack is not available on server.
54406NetStormMultiDC: Weird behavior of graphs on gdf change in case of Dynamic Dashboard ON.
54884NetStormRBU-Request Detail Page || Getting 5xx, as error in parsing “scriptParsed: 0” from har file.
55186NetStormLsof monitor causing high load average on WDC NS machine.
55030NetStormQuery Plan is not drawn sometimes. Needs user session restart to display Query Plan
55019NetStormWait time of some queries is having negative value in Wait time field.
54656NetStormWait time carries negative value for some queries.
55038NetStormSum of cost of different components in query plan is not equal to 100.
54443NetStormMulti DC|Derived Graph Issue: Derived graph is showing incorrect in widget while graph data included NAN samples
55333NetStormAlert Multiconditions: Alert actions are not getting triggered with alert generation in NS Mode.
55061NetStormIn Accesslog monitor, the hierarchy of page name is not coming fine as expected.