27th September 2018 – R

Bug Fixes

The following issues are fixed in 4.1.12B43

Bug IDProductSummary
50611NetCloudTest is not starting in generator due to tibco related header files are missing inside /usr/include.
50003NetCloud[Dl-prj-webstore] Need more Generators for Peak Load Test
50666NetCloudNot able to start test due to Generator issue
50581NetCloudNeed generators for Peak Load Test in stresProj Env
49934NetCloud216.218.163.68 || Need generator for Mobile_Support controller
50516NetCloud216.218.163.68 || Not able to start load test
54203NetDiagnosticsMulti_NDE_Readiness | | Not able to open Hotspot
54920NetDiagnosticsNot able to DDR after OKTA integration from ED, its redirecting to Webdashboard
50995NetDiagnosticsVM’s are visible in ND , even VM got down scale
54863NetDiagnosticsDotNetAgent | Total Self time is higher than the Avg Response time in Method Calling Tree
43937NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | Not able to add method BT incase FQM doesn’t contain any Argument or return Type
53110NetDiagnosticsVM’s are visible in ND, even VM got scale down
54738NetDiagnosticsNot getting Network Delay values in method calling tree for Http callout.
55059NetDiagnosticsMethod Calling Tree | In case of DotNet Agent, selftime, walltime and cputime of Cavisson.BeginRequest() method should be shown as 0
55092NetDiagnosticsMain table analyze issues in NS and ND
55137NetDiagnosticsDotNetAgent | DDR | Wall time of BeginRequest Method is zero while transaction’s total response time is 426629
54722NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | Configurations are getting disabled automatically while saving Configurations in Hotspot screen.
50011NetForest[Dl-prj-webstore] Getting High CPU on Account & CNC UI Vm’s
54864NetStormMulti Condition Alert : If .multiConditionAlert directory is not present in a machine and we migrate Old Alert Rules to New Alert Rules, then .multiConditionAlert directory is not getting created.
55040NetStorm ‘Unknown’ is appending into query plan components.
55082NetStormGetting Partial header in test run & garbage value in console
53883NetStormDifferent names showing in widget name and lower panel for that widget
53889NetStormShowing blank panels in favorite(
54408NetStormMultiDC|Delete Widget Issue: Panel graph is shifting to next panel when we are deleting one panel after performing open merge on a panel and drag graphs in another 2 panels.
54924NetStormCM|CONTINOUS_MON_CHECK_DEMON keyword backward compatibility in new build version
53888NetStormWidgets getting blank after some time in MultiDC (
54819NetStormNeed to link favorites with widgets having separate hierarchy.
54504NetStormMulti DC | Blank Panel Issue : Unable to apply Advance Open/Merge on blank panels.
54845NetStorm[Dl-prj-webstore] Critical || Not able to take thread dump ||
43251NetStormMultiple Test Run Support Issue:If test is started multiple times with cavisson user in NDE Mode then nsu_show_test_run showing multiple Test Runs with Same number.
55021NetStormOkta Integration:while login through okta user,while opening view reports from debug trace log window it is redirecting to login page or home page of product UI.
54551NetStormMulti DC|Favorites Issue :- Specified path for saving favorite is not available at server error message is coming on saving the favorite in Multi DC
54867NetStormWeb Dashboard Issue:Web Dashboard icon is coming different in product UI and Web Dashboard Tab.In product UI icon is showing wrong.
54959NetStormMSSQL | In sqlConfiguration.json file, comma separated values are coming for Hostname and Datasource due to which data is not showing in any monitor of DB Monitoring Screen.
54806NetStormAll Health Widgets are showing with same severity on sample update.
54696NetStormWidget Drill Down Issue:Widget drill down is not working with Vector graph.
53756NetStormWebDashboard Issue: GUI is getting hanged after changing pagination in panel system health widget type.
53952NetStormMultiDC Issue: After changing chart type when we update and load favorite again then changed chart type is not reflecting in panel.
54876NetStormWebdashboard Angular4 |Reporting Issue: Report is coming blank using favorite having blank panel.
45725NetStormNeed to provide milliseconds value in the date parameter.