10th October 2018 – R

New and Enhanced Features in

Enhancements List

The following enhancements are done in

38341NetDiagnosticsRel4.1.12.1 (4.1.12): BCIAgent| Generic JMX MBean Monitors Support in ND
45148NetDiagnosticsNDConfigUI|NodeJS | Capture Exception under general setting in configuration is not coming for NodeJS agent.
45213NetDiagnosticsRel4.1.11: ND Config UI – DotNetAgent | Required Enhancement for features i.e. “LogLevel one flowpath” and “captureMethodForAllFP” need be supported from UI
51198NetDiagnosticsPostgresql | Change configuration to always log DDL commands
52179NetDiagnosticsNDEStaticScaling | There should be enhancement that user should not be allowed to uncheck Master box for Master NDE Server in a running test.
52851NetDiagnosticsNeed to add safety check for tablespace creation
53483NetDiagnosticsNDC|Support Keepalive  Settings keyword
54222NetDiagnosticsND-ED[Store View] | Webdashboard icon should be diasbled in good/bad store list window for multidc environment
54254NetDiagnosticsDDR-ED | Method calling details | Callouts should not have the package and class field in pop-up window which is open after double click on callouts.
51427NetOceanResponse not showing on Postman if we applied an extra header in template – Core
51871NetOceanTIBCO | Custom Headers should be added by NetOcean to the TIBCO  messages.
40209NetStormEnhancement|KFS||Prod||ESX||Time difference in graph of health stats and dashboard
45042NetStormIP MGMT || Remove dependency from root user while assigning IP addresses, IPs should be assigned from cavisson user.
45772NetStormRel4.1.13: Test Button in Alert Maintenance Window is unavailable
47777NetStormRel4.1.12.1: Cavisson health monitoring improvements
49764NetStormProxy host and proxy port support should be present for GCP Permission stats monitor.
50644NetStormNot able to capture Multipart data in request body while recording a script for drive.google.com
51303NetStormCMON should load all jar which are defined in $CAV_MON_HOME/lib
51393NetStormEnhancement: Need to include docker package in Cavbin
51416NetStormENHANCEMENT||Need Overall Server Health Stats GUI.
51733NetStormpostgress monitoring: sub menu given in db monitoring
52160NetStormMSSQL|Support of MSSQL Monitoring(Phase 1 and Phase 2) in CMON(Java Agent)
52466NetStormDocker:Need to modify the existing container deployment script
52845NetStormNeed Percentage graph for JVM Operating system stats
52928NetStormSupport for file having extension “.xls” and “.xlsx” while importing file in tabular from file file widget.
53049NetStormEnhancement || Need support of Username and Password for SpringBooot Actuator Extended monitor
53335NetStormRel4.1.13: Need monitors for Openshift
53589NetStormNeed to add /SSD in the current docker deployment tool.
53624NetStormDocker: Need to create daemon.json for docker configuration path before the docker package installation
45949NetVisionLocation is showing as “Others” in many of the sessions -> NV-m.com production
49100NetVisionIN Product UI, Hyperlink should be enabled on both the  Icon and Icon name.
51242NetVisionNeed specific optimized UI Url for just CavNVC(Sessionid) value
54491NetVisionEnhancement | need active cart items and active cart values vectors for overall session monitor.
21572Synthetic MonitorNVSM | Bottom 5 option should come for Pie chart in dash board and web dashboard.
23456Synthetic MonitorNeed Drill down option in Maximized widget panel
39677Synthetic MonitorNVSM GUI | There must be check box icon in order to select all monitor names in Location tab of Global settings.
51514Synthetic MonitorSM Waterfall || Need details of URLs coming in network that currently we are not showing in waterfall model.
51769Synthetic MonitorRBU Core || Required support of chromium browser v68.
52135Synthetic MonitorRequired support of ACL user in SM.




Bug Fixes

The following issues are fixed in

Bug IDProductSummary
42982NetCloudTest took time to start on one generator due to allocation of shared memory
50913NetCloudOIC || Postgres Connection Refused after VM restart
51615NetCloudIncase of WLAN, test is not getting started and getting invalid number of arguments in health file
54163NetCloudTest stopped on all other generators if one of the generator got killed or discarded
54195NetCloudns_trace.log file is being roll over fast as message for removed generator is appending with every sample of each generator
37012NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | When user open the add package, class or method dialog box then the field does not get the focus
37111NetDiagnosticsCore dump in NDC for check_tier_name_exists_or_not_in_topology
39062NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | When root node is not open and enable option i.e. “Show server and instance details” then Tier Details should not get appear in Topology table
39224NetDiagnosticsND Config UI – Java Profile |In Audit log window, Blank row is appearing after removing any configuration from the ndsettings.txt file
41897NetDiagnosticsND Config UI – Java Method Custom Data| When user is opening the dropdown list again for changing the selected operation  then dropdown list is not opening
43856NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | Profile should not get exported incase any file is missing from the profile directory
46418NetDiagnosticsNDC is restarting in every 15 min due to /ndc/bin/ndu_check_ndc shell .
47782NetDiagnosticsNC_MON | Extra space is coming below method calling tree after applying “Show All, Package, Class, Method” in Method calls tree filter setting windows.
48828NetDiagnosticsND ConfigUI | Test is not getting started due to NETDIAGNOSTICS ERROR: result=Error: File ‘/home/cavisson/work/ndprof/conf/Build_211_Import_210/NDEntryPointFile.txt’ is not present.
49232NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | When user is applying RTC from config UI then Keywords of different agent is passing to current agent.
49341NetDiagnosticsRel4.1.12: All Records Selection box should not be there in Tier Group List
49539NetDiagnosticsNC_MON | Postgresql did not started automatically while upgrading the build
50124NetDiagnosticsND-ED[Store View] | ALL DC Option present in Multi DC of Store View is not showing data for all the data centers configured similarly the tabular view is also populate data for only single DC .
50257NetDiagnosticsDotnetAgent-ConfigUI| parenthesis should not be mandatory while adding entry point from ConfigUI.
50737NetDiagnosticsDDR-ED | DB Queries | “Error in getting data due to following error: ERROR: syntax error at or near “LIMIT” LINE 66: LIMIT 345 ^” error message is coming after applying higher pagination in flowpath report.
50818NetDiagnosticsDotnetAgent|”Error in run command”  popup is coming while taking thread dump.
50912NetDiagnosticsDDR-ED | In Flowpath Analyzer report, Data is not coming in Flowpath Signature table while traversing through AtgTier >Transaction scorecard >FP Analyzer icon.
50979NetDiagnosticsDDR-ED |In Common UI Filter,When selecting multiple Tier,One of the selected tier has been removed from Tier checkbox after traversing to next page in paginator in Flowpath report.
51162NetDiagnosticsDDR-ED | Flowpath Analyzer | Flowpath signature, Avg column should contain values upto 3 decimal places.
51362NetDiagnosticsDDR-ED|Method Call From Stack Trace | Method missing from Method calling Tree.
51578NetDiagnosticsDDR-ED|Method Call From Stack Trace | Data is not coming for method calling tree.
51604NetDiagnosticsDDR-ED | Wrong Start Time and End Time is passing in Service Method Timing report via Transaction flowmap.
51707NetDiagnosticsDDR-ED | BT IP Summary | Data is not showing in BT IP summary Report when traversing back to home icon in breadcrum after applying UI filter.
51718NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | AD | Method BT | Clicking on ‘Method BT’ button shows an error after user instruments & uninstruments some methods from prediscovered methods.
51770NetDiagnosticsDBU: neu_vallidate_db_data is showing negative value in DIFF field for ndsql table
51893NetDiagnosticsDDR-ED | Flowpath Report | Mismatch is coming in Flowpath count after using Copy Url option through Transaction scorecard.
51901NetDiagnosticsDDR-ED | DB Queries | DB Queries report is not showing the actual number of queries after coming back from another flowpaths in split view.
51930NetDiagnosticsDDR|Web-Dashboard|Start Time and End Time is not coming in mm/dd/yy format for method calling tree after traversing through Hotspot to method calling tree.
51948NetDiagnosticsNDC|Cavisson Metrics| NDC should show number of new connections
51955NetDiagnosticsNDC| Cavisson Metrices NDC show show if partition between NDC and NS have mismatch
52165NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | “Column does not exist” error is coming while upgrading netstorm build to 4.1.12#101.
52166NetDiagnosticsDDR-ED | Flowpath Analyzer | HTTP callout name is coming in encoded format in Top Contributor column.
52228NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | Not able to configure method BT for methods with Void return type in “BT Rule Based on Method Invocation”
52326NetDiagnosticsUsername and password is saved as root / abeona in cleartext in topology files
52448NetDiagnosticsMulti dc  dropdown menu is not coming in  All-Selected case.
52513NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | Configurations are getting disabled automatically while saving Configurations in flowpath screen.
52536NetDiagnosticsFlowpath Report | Mismatch is coming in Flowpath count after using Copy Url option through exception
52848NetDiagnosticsNDC |  ND Backend Call Stats | Core dump in method get_tokens_with_multi_delimiter()
52939NetDiagnosticsDDR-ED | Hotspots report | Hotspots report is not opening.
53210NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | User Configured Setting | User with non-admin privilege should be prohibited to add custom keywords from UI.
53214NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | User Configured Setting | Custom configured keywords are getting disappeared while changing any configuration in the imported profile (that was exported with custom created keywords).
53221NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | User Configured Setting | For creating file based keywords in agent settings, there should be a ‘Default Path’ option, instead of default value, max value and min value.
53277NetDiagnosticsNDP | Levels not correct in Method Calling Tree
53422NetDiagnosticsNDC – BCI Autosensor record parsing
53515NetDiagnosticsShow Tier Info is coming blank and Response Time is coming NaN on Call Details window.
53571NetDiagnosticsNC_MON | Getting different value in ED for TPS and count
53609NetDiagnosticsND-ED[Store View] | Broken images are coming for icons in store view and application view.
53610NetDiagnosticsND-ED[Store View] | Colour for good store should be green in Pie chart in store view window.
53615NetDiagnosticsWeb dashboard | Data is not showing in Average Response time graph and also data is not showing in Transaction scorecard.
53655NetDiagnosticsMultiDC | NDC didn’t send Https(protocol) field in NDE.csv but it is mandatory field for DDR.
53675NetDiagnosticsNot able to apply RTC, in case keyword “threadIdleTimeout” is passing in instrumentation settings.
53736NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | Need Reset to Default button for “Put Delay in Method” & “Generate Exception in Method” Screen in Advanced Settings.
53790NetDiagnosticsNDC|Data Queue| NDC optimization for record  parsing
53818NetDiagnosticsShow tier info is not showing specific server instances
53828NetDiagnosticsED | Integration point health report is not opening through ED.
53839NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | User Configured Settings | Not able to save NDC Keyword from NDC Settings Screen.
53847NetDiagnosticsND-ED[Store View] | Active alert window is getting hanged while opening it from Total Alert link in Store view
53886NetDiagnosticsND-ED[Store View] |In Store view good/bad store count in pie chart is not clickable.
53895NetDiagnosticsND-ED[Store View] |Mismatch is appearing on clicking good store count link in Business health for individual application
53900NetDiagnosticsNC_MON | Getting no records found in alert history while getting alert frequently.
53938NetDiagnosticsshows no alert
53955NetDiagnosticsND-ED[Store View] | In case of MultiDC after selecting All DC in drop down ,instead of showing data for all DC’s it’s showing  duplicate data for Master DC.
53982NetDiagnosticsND-ED[Store View] | Webdashboard for selected store for slave DC is not opening while opening it in multidc environment from master dc
54057NetDiagnosticsND-ED[Store View] | Data is not coming in BT trend report for single application while opening it from Total transactions in Business health
54061NetDiagnosticsND-ED[Store View] | BT trend is opening blank in case of MultiDC environment from webdashboard.
54079NetDiagnosticsND-ED[Store View] | In pie chart window,good/bad store % is not getting updated immediately.
54082NetDiagnosticsND-ED[Store View] | Alerts are not updated in store view automatiaclly.
54085NetDiagnosticsND-ED[Store View] | Stores are not showing in store view while opening store view from active alert graph window.
54165NetDiagnosticsBCIAgent|Manual entry should not be supported for Generic JMX MBean monitors in standard_monitors.dat file.
54170NetDiagnosticsBCIAgent|Got more than expected (21) data element is coming in monitor.log for MBeanMemoryPool.
54205NetDiagnosticsDDR-ED| Hotspot | Start time is not coming in filter criteria.
54209NetDiagnosticsDDR-ED | Hotspot | Hotspot entry time in Hotspot summary is more than end time of filter criteria.
54231NetDiagnosticsND-ED[Store View] | Service method timing window is not opening in correct format.
54241NetDiagnosticsDDR-ED | HotSpot Report | Data is not coming in Integration Point Calls but jdbc methods are present in Stack trace.
54261NetDiagnosticsDDR-ED | Method calling Tree | Hand cursor is not coming while mouse hovering on “Show Callout Expanded form” icon.
54275NetDiagnosticsDDR-ED| Method calling details | Callouts is not coming in red colour after applying highlight method(walltime) greater than original walltime in filter.
54314NetDiagnosticsDDR-ED | “ERROR:  syntax error at or near “LIMIT” LINE 67:  LIMIT 50″ is coming after using “Show All Flowpaths for Selected Flowpath’s session” icon in Flowpath report through DB report.
54316NetDiagnosticsND-ED[Store View] | Master DC is not showing all application regarding data in Application Stats while Application names are configured for it.
54366NetDiagnosticsArguments used in formula for cm_mbean_JavaMemoryPool.gdf,cm_mbean_JavaHeap.gdf,cm_mbean_JavaGarbageCollection.gdf is not correct.
54367NetDiagnosticsDDR-ED | Search By | Sometimes “search by” option is getting blank.
54372NetDiagnosticsND-ED[Store View] | Data is not showing in BT Trend report after changing Time period in BT Trend.
54475NetDiagnosticsND-ED[Store View] | Pagination issue is coming in BT Trend report after opening it from Total Transaction link in Business Health.
54476NetDiagnosticsNDP| NDP is processing thread call out regarding data in NDCallout.csv file.
54484NetDiagnosticsStore View [ND-ED] |After searching store by applying filter, it’s showing correct result. But when we open the GUI again, it is still showing one store.
54487NetDiagnosticsStoreView[ND-ED]|Navigation pages not giving total no of flowpath.
54542NetDiagnosticsND-ED[Store View]|Webdashboard icon is disabled in multidc environment with node configuration.
54547NetDiagnosticsND-ED[Store View] | Store list are not getting updated in good-bad store list after changing DC in multidc environment with node setup
54589NetDiagnosticsTierAssignment | Error message is not appearing in log file incase file doesn’t have proper format
54736NetDiagnosticsKafka’s XMLs | To support Kafka in generic mbean
54760NetDiagnosticsBCIAgent|Got more than expected (10) data elements. Received data 945815552 error is coming for cm_mbean_JavaGarbageCollection.gdf in monitor.log
54840NetDiagnosticsHandling Get and Post request in store view geo map.
54862NetDiagnosticsND-ED [Store View] |NAN is coming in alert window while opening it from total alert link in business health.
54928NetDiagnosticsdata_backlog_pct is showing wrong value in cavisson metrics
54936NetDiagnosticsDDR – Network delay is coming “<1 ms” in transaction flowmap while network delay is not enabled.
54945NetDiagnosticsND-ED[Store View] | While opening dashboard of slave dc from multidc environment with nodesetup Master DC webdashboard is opening.
54946NetDiagnosticsND-ED[Store View]|While doing DDR from Master DC to Slave DC  it is showing Master DC data.
54964NetDiagnosticsND-ED[Store View]|Application view of store is not opening after applying custom date.
55264NetDiagnosticsNDC is stopping again and again
55286NetDiagnosticsNC_MON | NDC core got formed after restarted the test with build.
55324NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | “No runtime changes applied” message is showing while applying runtime changes under Advance Settings screen.
55335NetDiagnosticsNC_MON | Getting wrong alert for mandatory process.
55387NetDiagnosticsND-ED|Store view|Geo map is not loading correctly.
51920NetForestjmxconfig directory is not present with cmon_nfagent(including build onwards)
51932NetForestThere is no start_position keyword for journald input plugin(In configuration section of NFUI).
53309NetForestAfter decimal its gives more than 3 values in any field in all type of charts
36820NetOceanGUI | HPD doesn’t gets reactivated after enabling ‘Parameter value’ in the Dataset Parameter.
48157NetOceanRHEL || Getting error after recording NO services.
50227NetOceanGetting wrong response content type in case of two different response type
50504NetOceanCore Dump of HPD is neither creating in core_files path nor in hpd path.
50640NetOceanRHEL | Compatibility issue is coming while upgrading cavbin on RHEL machine.
50798NetOceanRedhat Issue | Cavbin failed to install due some inline shell error.
51878NetOceanTIBCO | SSL Server field values gets mismatched with the respective fields.
51883NetOceanTIBCO | Unable to delete multiple added TIBCO rows.
52306NetOceanNetOcean: JMS| Wrong header value is coming in response in case of JMS Tibco Message.
52323NetOceanNetOcean: JMS| JMS Server Ip/Port is not coming in correct format in JMS Message Information GUI.
53086NetOceanCorrect the keyword format of SSLExtraCertificateChainFile(NO)
27147NetStormWebDashboard – MSSql | Multiple “Query Plan Popup window” opens if we click two or three times on action icon.
36869NetStormWebdashboard |Formula type Issue:Formula type like avg,min,max etc are getting added in lower panel of widget after coming of new sample and multiple widgets are coming selected if widget having more than one formula type.
37130NetStormWebdashboard Angular 4|Widget Wise Time period:Graph is not coming on widget having pie chart with global custom time period after dragging graph from graph tree.
43487NetStormWebDashboard Angular4 : GUI is getting hang after 2-3 sample updates after applying zoom in merged graph.
45351NetStormPattern Matching Issue: Pattern matching is not working with catalogue having all indices.
47280NetStormDashboard is spinning continuously | – Due to large pktsize (20MB) and too many gdf diff (154)
47754NetStormRel4.1.12.1: MON_UI | NC_MON_UAT | While navigating back from Configuration window,monitor Group window should remember the topology and monitor profile chosen previously.
48205NetStormJM UI| JMX file is not coming in the NS script if same zipped JMX folder is added in a scenario for second time
48237NetStormMON_UI | Port field in Redis Monitor UI should not take any negative value or any invalid characters.
49291NetStormFIle Parameter | Special character are not getting encoded with file parameter while passing in HEADER and BODY.
49680NetStormcm_docker_system_stats data is comming wrong while running standalone monitors
50208NetStormCavWMON | Error logs are appending very frequently around in 100-120 milli-seconds in cmonLog.log file.
50341NetStormMSSQL | DB Monitoring Screen is taking much time to load.
50345NetStormRAL | Error message should stay for some time if there is some error in parsing of log file
50525NetStormGetting false alert in MOSAIC_C
50673NetStormLook and Feel issue: while changing theme in create script wizard look and feel issue is coming.
50762NetStormJava process optimization consuming High CPU
50940NetStormScheduler management not working
51027NetStormMSSQL | In MSSQL Deadlocks screen rewind button and custom time option is not working.
51057NetStormScheduler Management | Not able to Run a test with new scheduler Management UI.
51146NetStormNo metrics is displaying when we click on “show graphs in tree”.
51176NetStormRBU-Waterfall  || Duration in Measure, is showing very less value.
51212NetStormCavbin Issue |Unnecessary messages are showing while upgrading cavbin.
51266NetStormWebdashboard Angular4 | Custom Report Issue: Error message should come on importing any random file which is not present at back end.
51311NetStormWebdashboard Angular4 |Custom Report Issue: GUI not responding on deleting some widgets form favorite layout.
51395NetStormMSSQL | Data  is not coming for IObyfile Stats and also wrong time is coming, in DB monitoring screen.
51397NetStormWebdashboard Angular4 | Custom Report Issue: File Data is not reflecting on manually passing file path in “Tabular from File type” widget while importing.
51402NetStormMSSQL | In I/ObyFile Screen, Locks Graph are coming and in Locks Screen, I/ObyFile graphs are coming.
51547NetStormRel:4.1.12 | cmon rpm got failed while installing in centos machine
51606NetStormRun Command Issue: After removing one output when we again run command then extra header column is coming in output box.
51611NetStormAlert Multi Condition: Included Data Points is coming as zero in Alert mail for normal alerts.
51645NetStormAlert Multi Condition | Performance issue: Not able to open active alert window.
51690NetStormAlert Multi Condition: Previous alert value is showing in Alert mail for normal Alerts.
51745NetStormNot getting any data in any kind of dynamic stats based graph
51753NetStormRel 4.1.12 | Alert multi Condition: Data of Count is coming wrong in baseline.
51774NetStormRel: | After restarting cmon, cmon starts with two process id and two cmon process runs making parent process its child process
51784NetStormSome entries are coming by default in cmon.env file after installing cmon-nd.x64.
51812NetStormCMON Sending Connection Type Request ‘2’ to master NDC
51817NetStormMON_UI | The Group name for Apache Flume monitor is not correct in Monitor UI.
51846NetStormMSSQL | For MSSQL Support Service Screen, the graph representation is not correct during Real Time.
51857NetStormNumber of users and session rate got changed while saving scenario
51897NetStormMON_UI | For JMX based monitors, while adding Host Name IP in text field then <JMX Remote Settings> argument is coming instead of <Host Name> in Configured Monitor table.
51899NetStormScenario UI | Space, alignment and spelling mistakes in Global Settings section.
51918NetStormScenario UI | Space, alignment and spelling mistakes in Group Based Settings section.
51961NetStormMSSQL | The description is not correct in tooltip of Current Write Wait Time for MSSQL I/O by file Screen.
51980NetStormWebdashboard Angular4 | Reporting Issue: Report not generated using favorite from “open with new layout” present on Advance setting option.
51999NetStormRel4.1.12_1: Alert Multi Condition:When Only one and same vector is used in multiple conditions,then in active alert , indices of all condition is shown when even alert is generated for one condition.
52051NetStormScenario Profile | Not able to delete the added scenario profile
52111NetStormMultiDC|Alert:Download files (pdf,word,excel) is not working in any feature of alert in Multi DC.
52117NetStormAlert Multi Condition: Alerts are not sending in other cavisson products using alert sender.
52181NetStormWeb Dashboard | Custom Report issue:- Uploading file second time file is not able to upload.
52183NetStormRel4.1.12_1: Alert Multi Condition:Numeric value “0” and “9” are not getting typed in SMTP port of email/SMS Setting.
52201NetStormFlume | In Apache Flume monitor, Host Name should be mandatory while applying through Monitor UI.
52202NetStormWebdashboard Angualar4 | Custom Report Issue: Not able to upload excel doc using tabular to file widget.
52220NetStormTCP_KEEPALIVE | Monitors are not working while enabling and then disabling the firewall.
52349NetStormMSSQL | The description is not correct in tooltip of Current Wait Time for MSSQL I/O by file Screen.
52402NetStormIP-MGMT || nsu_del_ip shell is not working, shell execution is failing.
52516NetStormThe graph is plotting on zero value when -nan value is coming for that graph in the backend.
52593NetStormEnhancement || Need Support of InstanceAndPortCheck Monitor through Json UI.
52657NetStormDocker:Test got killed with core dump for netstorm & ndc
52697NetStormCustom Report Issue:- When Generating report with blank Image, tabular from file and tabular widget then in generated report it should not be present.
52701NetStormWebdashboard Angular4 |Custom Report issue: On Adding normal widgets after page breaker type widget, widgets are coming disordered.
52708NetStormCustom Report issue:- Tabular from file widget when File having data more then heading of the file is coming full in one page and data of file is coming in another page.
52717NetStormCustom Report issue:- When a file imported in tabular from file widget don’t having data in 2nd line then data is not coming in widget.
52719NetStormMSSQL | Forward button is not hiding while applying Current time button in MSSQL Temp DB Screen.
52737NetStormReporting Issue:Blank report is generating in case of Auto Stats Report and Summary report
52801NetStormMON_UI | when we close cvs diff popup screen it close both the popup screen i.e version log and cvs diff
52806NetStormProblem facing while resizing widget
52854NetStormCustom Report issue:- When importing file in tabular from file widget file data is only coming of last line present on the file.
52860NetStormAlert Multi Condition:when only one condition is satisfied ,indices and alert values of all conditions of the rules are showing in Active alert.
52880NetStormNot able to open flowpaths due to version file error .
52938NetStormPerformance issue for ParsedDerivedExpression in Derived Graph.
53070NetStormRBU || Unable to open Page Detail as it is giving 404 error.
53072NetStormMON_UI | Azkaban || Host Name and Port should be mandatory in Azkaban monitors except for AzkabanFlowStats & AzkabanSubFlowStats.
53091NetStormAlert Multi Condition:Remediation shell is not executing on server for which alert is generated.
53092NetStormMSSQL | In DB monitoring screen, data is not coming in “I/O by file” screen while data is dumped in CSV and postgres DB and also the timestamp for table is wrong.
53145NetStormCreate Script Issue : While Creating Script after clicking on Finish Script is not getting saved
53155NetStormMSSQL | Current time button is not working in MSSQL Blocking Session screen.
53156NetStormMOSAIC_P2HR_08-24-2018 Issue: GDF Diff Corruption: Aggregate data is coming wrong for  24-08-2018 for graph AL request/sec-Cavisson>NDAppliance>TOMCAT<ACL (group – Access log extended v6 )
53176NetStormMSSQL | While applying rewind button in MSSQL Temp DB screen, graph data is not changing to previous one, also error code is coming for graph panel.
53183NetStormRel4.1.12_1: Alert Multi Condition issue:while we are  selecting capacity alert from bell icon and then switching tab and clicking on behavior alert then active alerts are opening with same capacity alert not with behavior alert.
53224NetStormModify Layout issue: Panel caption is coming for data type widgets after applying modify layout.
53226NetStormWhen loading favorite having file import widget type then taking approximate 15 seconds to load favorite.
53361NetStormWebdashboard Angular4| Performance Dashboard Issue: Error message is coming as “environments are not configured” with open new browser tab enabled.
53409NetStormRunlogic Run Progress Issue :- Runlogic Run Progress data is not coming on the Runlogic Run Progress window on running the test in Net Cloud mode .
53444NetStormMSSQL | While applying custom time in MSSQL blocking session screen, forward button is coming.
53460NetStormAgent less monitoring not working.
53465NetStormMSSQL |  While applying custom time in MSSQL Locks screen, forward button is coming.
53509NetStormMSSQL | There is no “Data Source” list in leftmost panel of DB monitoring screen for selecting any Database server intermittently in B#107 & 4.1.13 B#6.
53521NetStormWebdashboard Angular4| Performance Dashboard Issue: Error message is coming as “Please Configure Environment” on inventory sheet GUI with open new browser tab enabled.
53527NetStormWebdashboard Angular4|Custom Report Issue: Unable to load favorite with Tabular From File Type widget.
53565NetStormMSSQL | CavMonAgent || Data is not dumped in CSV for any MSSQL monitors after restarting of the Database Server Machine.
53587NetStormPerformance Dashboard Angular4 issue: Environment’s links from “Runnnig Projects” and upcoming projects should come with some space.
53590NetStormNC_MON | Aggregate Data Issue : Aggregate Data is not created correctly in NC_MON.
53692NetStormWidget Settings|System Health Widget Issue:Threshold value should not mandatory while converting to System health widget
53823NetStormWeb Dashboard Angular4|Favorite Issue:Favorite is showing blank while opening web dashboard GUI after applying advance open/merge with existing layout in which pagination is included
53851NetStormNS/NC test should not continue in multiple group based scenario, if there is name mismatch of flow file from runlogic.c in one of the group.
53882NetStormMSSQL | In MSSQL Support Service Screen, the graph data is not coming in graph panel when timestamp is changed to more than 7 hours.
53945NetStormNo records found on default selected Db server in DB monitoring
54106NetStormPerformance of pagedump query
54149NetStormMON UI | In IBM MQ monitor, Queue Manager field is not taking numeric value.
54159NetStormScaling Issue: Scale factor is coming wrong in lower panel after applying parameters.
54164NetStormIn CSHM, System Health Data Collector is not running as the CSV file [/home/cavisson/ProductUIData/ApplianceData/productData_20180912.csv] does not exist.
54191NetStormwhile installing build in particular controller for CSHM, directory should be controller wise
54253NetStormIN CSHM, keyword for COREINFO is no not working.
54264NetStormIN CSHM, getting wrong  alert mail of check_missing_constraint
54285NetStormRel4.1.13: RTG packet size optimization support in NetStorm- New Data types times_4B_10 in GDF (also needed in
54342NetStormMON_UI | Username and Password should be mandatory for all MSSQL monitors in monitor UI.
54346NetStormMSSQL | In MSSQL Deadlock screen graph data is not showing.
54376NetStormNC_MON|system_health_monitor core getting formed in NCMON
54507NetStormPerformance Dashboard Angular4 issue: Environment’s links from “Release History” pop up should come with some space.
54588NetStormMSSQL monitor GUI We are getting wrong Server list.
54668NetStormParameters Issue:Not able to parameterize indices from graph tree and from favorite.
54695NetStormMSSQL | While adding MSSQL monitors at runtime from Monitor UI, test is getting stopped.
54717NetStormMSSQL | Data is not coming in MSSQL DB Query Stats Screen while data is dumped in postgres DB.
54758NetStormMSSQL | MSSQL monitoring screen is taking too much time to open.
54783NetStormMSSQL | Forward button is not getting hide when applying Current time button in MSSQL Temp DB Screen.
54785NetStormMSSQL | Wrong Lock Data is coming in Graph Panels of MSSQL Locks Screen and error code is also coming.
54803NetStormMSSQL | In MSSQL monitoring screen the Refresh button on dbsource list is not working as expected.
54828NetStormwrong data in mail for disk space from cshm
54831NetStormND-ED| PVS/Instance data is mismatch in nde.cavisson.com
54888NetStormAlert Multi Condition:After switching tabs from alert gui to Productui when we again open alert it always shows selected tab as active alert.
54942NetStormWebdashboard Angular4 | Reporting Issue: On deleting any template from Template GUI multiple confirmation pop ups coming.
55183NetStormMSSQL|Issue in loading Dashboard
55314NetStormGraph Scaling should be enabled By Default
55334NetStormNC_MON | Getting two IP in mail subject of generated alert
55337NetStormRel4.1.12_1: In NV Web Dashboard , Alert Notification icon is not coming properly for MS Edge Browser .
55340NetStormNC_MON|Getting alert for number of connections made by postgresql
55341NetStormNC_MON | Getting an alert for PostGres Shared Buffer and Shared Memory Value not Optimal.
55502NetStormMSSQL Monitoring | Some columns field data is wrong in mssql query report table.
14368NetVisionWhen we apply Run Time Changes in BP, Data is not shown in Funnel.
47643NetVisionDot Thick Net | Page count for many sessions are coming 0.
48482NetVisionRel4.1.12:Netvision for Desktop applications | c# SDK
48483NetVisionRel4.1.12:Netvision for Desktop applications | Changes in UI to support Desktop Application Session
48484NetVisionRel4.1.12:Netvision for Desktop applications | Changes in Backend to Support Desktop Application
48486NetVisionRel4.1.12: Task | Secure Client Authentication – Basic
48487NetVisionRel4.1.12: Task | BOT Detection
48977NetVisionDot Thick Net | Page navigation timing data is not coming for any session.
49257NetVisionIn Edge Browser , Error in getting data is showing while opening dashboard.
49470NetVisionDomain names are not showing in the domain column of the http request view.
49473NetVisionUnable to validate data from stand_alone_monitor as core is generating after running this monitor.
50313NetVisionIn NV Web Dashboard , DDR option is not coming for HTTP Request By XHR Group .
50315NetVisionCluster Support| no configuration is reflecting on the slave while doing RTC
50427NetVisionCluster Support|Sometime vectors are coming twice in testrun.gdf for HPD SLAVE FORWARD REQUEST Monitor.
50985NetVisionIN NVSPA ,Refresh button is not aligned properly for pages in session detail window.
51047NetVisionRel4.1.12.1: Netvision RTC Support in Cluster mode
51297NetVisionIn NV GUI, By default the host filter is containing the host value in page data filter .
51386NetVisionIN NV Replay,Heat map is not plotting while data is present in DB.
51618NetVisionIn NV core, Hpd binary is not coming at /etc/init.d path while creating new controller from product UI.
52898NetVisionIn NVSPA , Cookies are not getting removed from similar session filter bag .
52991NetVisionIn NV Playback , Getting error in console for Choose selector option .
52995NetVisionNVCache sever is unable to cache css files.
53014NetVisionSometimes pg_bulkload process fails to dumps auto pattern data in resource metadata table.
53101NetVisionHPD is not running in latest build of 4.1.12.
54040NetVisionAggregate report drill-down hierarchy is not navigating to new spa gui after adding ‘nv.ddr.new.http = true’ in config.ini.
54058NetVisionSimilar Session|Some issues are coming while applying navigation timing filter to filter bag.
54279NetVisionSecure Client Authentication | checksum added for a particular page is coming in puzzle for every page.
54912NetVisionIn NV Web-Dashboard, garbage data is coming in order total and order count graph for session stats metrics.
55063NetVisionIn NV Web-dashboard, functionality of Active CartItem and Active CartValue is not working.
55389NetVisionCluster Support|Cores are generating for dynamic data in latest build 4.1.12 #112
49920Synthetic MonitorSM GUI || When user opens Web-Dashboard in ProductUI then spinner in Test Design GUI stopped moving, it looks like test has stopped but test is still in running phase.
51763Synthetic MonitorNVSM || Test is getting stopped on controller but keep running on generators, partition is not getting switched on generator.
52703Synthetic MonitorSM-Page Detail Report || Data is not reflecting in Page Detail report when we opened it from debug trace log GUI.
46976TestSuiteAutomation_TestSuite| when we run Automation testsuite then due to duplicate keyword suite gets aborted.
54644TestSuiteTestsuite gets aborted due to binary data in test_run.report file