24th October 2018 – R

New and Enhanced Features in


  • Provide milliseconds value in the date parameter: Previously, Date time parameter didn’t include milliseconds and would show time only in HH:MM:SS. With the implementation of this feature, milliseconds is supported. Millisecond format (custom format) is supported when used at the end of all other formats. 
  • Checkpoint on response header: An API is used to register a text string or pattern with one or more pages for content verification. This API is called checkpoint registration API. Registration must be done in capture file in the marked section. If more than one checkpoint registration exists for one page, all checkpoints are checked. For content verification to succeed, all checkpoints must succeed.
  • Support of Multipart data in request body while recording a script for drive.google.com: While recording any domain, NetStorm records all the request messages of the visited page. Request messages include Request Line, Headers and Body. Earlier, NetStorm was not capturing multi-part body. This is an enhancement to capture multi-part body also.


  • Support addition of multiple certificates from the GUI: This release provides support for addition of multiple certificates from GUI. 
  • Custom Headers added by NetOcean to the TIBCO messages: User can now send multiple custom headers in the message produced by NetOcean to the destination Queue/Topic. For this, we’ve introduced an API. When used in callback of a JMS service, it adds a header into the message, which is to be produced.


  • Config UI – Runtime changes support for dynamic diagnostics auto instrumentation (DDAI) in javaagent: After completion of DDAI, instrumentation profile with respect to the provided BT is automatically passed at runtime.
  • ND Config UI – User Configured Settings: With this enhancement, additional configurations can be done from the UI and use them in the profile. Custom configuration are for both Agent settings & NDC settings.
  • DDR – StoreView Phase-1: These are few enhancements from the existing implementation of Store view:
    • Ability to check alerts (Critical/major) directly from Store View
    • Categorizations of stores (good/bad) based on the alert values
    • Pie charts showing number of good and bad stores
    • Drill down options for Top 10 slow performing transaction
  • Data Queue Implementation in NDC: Implementation of data buffering between NDC to NDE main monitor. This ensures minimal loss of data during recovery & or corruption.
  • DDR – Enhancement in Method call detail window: “Show callout expanded form” button is introduced for expanding callouts in Method call detail window. By using this button, user shall be able to see expanded form of method call detail with all callouts. This is disabled by default.
  • Javagent – Generic Mbean monitoring support: Common framework for executing JMX MBean monitors is implemented and is used by Cavisson Application Agent. This framework is responsible for capturing and sending attributes of one or more JMX MBeans as per configuration of monitor. Some commonly used standard MBean monitors bundled along with required configuration are:
    • Garbage Collection
    • JavaHeap
    • JavaMemoryPool
    • Kafka Broker Stats
    • Kafka Broker Topic Stats


  • Stats HTML report using Favorite in Multi DC: Stats HTML report using Favorite is implemented in case of MultiDC.
  • Excel Report support with more than two DCs: User can now generate excel Report for more than two DCs. For this, we have to use keywords with IP and DC name, such as <IP>: <DC Name>
  • Okta Integration: This release supports Okta Integration with MultiDC.
  • RTG Optimization: In order to optimize packet size, new data types have been introduced, such as rate_4B_1000, sample_2B_100, sample_2B_100_count_4B, sample_4B, times_4B_10, times_4B_1000.
  • Summary Report with multiple selection presets: There’s a provision now to generate Summary Report for multiple presets. Example: if user wants to generate Summary Report of all duration phases of Test Run like Duration1, Duration2, and so on, then need to select multiple duration from preset drop down list and generate Report.


  • CSHM PH-2: CSHM is used to monitor NDE system health and generate alert email to clients. 
  • Prometheus Monitoring: This provides an open-source monitoring system with a dimensional data model, flexible query language, efficient time series database and modern alerting approach. 
  • GCP My SQL backup stats: Backups provide a way to restore your Cloud SQL instance to recover lost data or recover from a problem with your instance. You should enable automated backups for any instance that contains data that you need to protect from loss or damage. 
  • MSSQL Monitor UI support: User can apply monitors through monitor UI. User can apply RTC too.
  • TCP keepalive: TCP Keep alive states is used for detection of half-open TCP socket and re-establish connection between NS and CavWMON. Due to this, there is minimal loss of data.
  • Kafka topic replication: Kafka can replicate partitions across a configurable number of Kafka servers, which is used for fault tolerance. Each partition has a leader server and zero or more follower servers. Leaders handle all read and write requests for a partition. 
  • Atg order stats: The status of an order indicates where the order is in the order process. You can view the order’s status in the Commerce Service Center on the Order Details page.
  • Redis shards bdbs stats: Redis is an open source (BSD licensed), in-memory data structure store, used as a database, cache and message broker. Redis has built-in replication, Lua scripting, LRU eviction, transactions and different levels of on-disk persistence, and provides high availability via Redis Sentinel and automatic partitioning with Redis Cluster. 
  • Apache flume monitoring: Apache Flume is a tool for data ingestion in HDFS. It collects, aggregates and transports large amount of streaming data such as log files, events from various sources like network traffic, social media, email messages etc. to HDFS. Flume is a highly reliable & distributed.
  • Gluster FS monitoring: Gluster is a scalable, distributed file system that aggregates disk storage resources from multiple servers into a single global namespace.
  • MSSQL monitoring support in Cavisson machine agent: In this feature MSSQL monitoring is enabled via Cavisson machine agent. By using this agent, we can monitor MSSQL server.
  • Jetty monitor 9.3 v support: Jetty-monitor is a consumer of Jetty JMX integration, allowing it to access MBeans that supply statistical and run-time information about Jetty.

Synthetic Monitoring

  • ACL user support in SM: Earlier Access Control List (ACL) user was not supported in SM, we were using in Linux user. Now ACL is supported in SM also. Admin can manage users from Scenario GUI.
  • Support of chromium browser v68: Supports latest chromium browser in Real Browser User Test i.e. 68. Previously it was 60.
  • Support of Blob URLs and Script Parsing time in waterfall model: Details of Blob URLs and Script Parsing were not captured in the Waterfall. We are now able to show data corresponding to these metrics in Waterfall. This is a keyword-based configuration. User need to check fields of Blob URL and Script Parsing time from Real Browser User Settings.
  • Support of functionality of Session Retry in RBU/SM will work in case of INDEFINITE test mode like in NVSM: In previous design, we were not refreshing session retry count at session level. A single user had limited number of counts. By keeping indefinite test run mode, we now refresh retry count after every session. Value is retained after every session is completed. 


  • Store Control: This feature provides admin control from NV GUI to disable/enable NV data capturing for a particular store. This feature is helpful in case if NV is using more bandwidth. Data capturing from that store can be disabled for all terminals or x% of terminals for some definite time.
  • Bandwidth Graph: User is now able to view bandwidth consumption in graphs.


NFDB Features

  • Pipetemp index: It is a DB feature, which is enabled through UI. After introduction of this feature, we can visualize most of the rex, eval queries. It also support multiple pipe (|) functionality.

How to enable it:

Login–>Go to settings–>Click on advance settings–>Enable pipe_tempindex –>Click on check box

NFUI Feature

  • Report Feature: This feature generates the reports of the saved charts and dashboards. User can download these reports in PDF format. User can schedule these reports and send the same through automated mails.

How to enable it:

Login >> Click on report >> Click on add >> Add charts for which you want to generate >> Click on save >> Click on report schedule >> Schedule report on basis of hourly/monthly/weekly >> Click on schedule after filling the details (i.e. schedule expiry date/report name/report type/description/email/subject) 

Bug Fixes

The following issues are fixed in

Bug ID Product Summary
54218 NetChannel NetChannel | Unable to Login NetChannel Product UI.
42982 NetCloud Test took time to start on one generator due to allocation of shared memory
48366 NetCloud CassandraDB | Getting garbage value when we run test without debug trace in CassandraDB.
50428 NetCloud Getting less number of sessions hit as expected while running group based session scheduling with run per user session in simple scenario
50913 NetCloud Postgres Connection Refused after VM restart
52872 NetCloud Generators for P2GR Test
54163 NetCloud Test stopped on all other generators if one of the generator got killed or discarded
54195 NetCloud ns_trace.log file is being roll over fast as message for removed generator is appending with every sample of each generator
55760 NetCloud We are unable to open NO machine from GUI.
55245 NetCloud Default services are not present while creating new blades
55592 NetCloud Unable to start load test in NC machine
54409 NetCloud User drop in NC machine during load test, due to core dump in processing of Dynatrace response header coming partial.
56540 NetCloud Prod P2HR Test || Generators Required || 23 OCT IST
54989 NetCloud Not able to change Think time in script ||
50666 NetCloud Not able to start test due to Generator issue
50516 NetCloud || Not able to start load test
55416 NetDiagnostics Logo should be netdiagnostic or Executive dashboard when product type is set as ED
56481 NetDiagnostics ND-ED[Store View]|Search by option is not working in ED.
47702 NetDiagnostics Expected Data is not coming with last 1 hr query & also complete flowmap is not coming due to KPI thread died because of out of memory
56259 NetDiagnostics Core is generated on
55976 NetDiagnostics NC_MON | Mbean JMX monitors are commented in standard_monitors.dat after upgrading the build
56052 NetDiagnostics Mosaic | | Getting ndc core with  in fill_ndc_monitor_stat_structure as in gdb showing this happend  in send_ndc_monitor_data_to_ns
55924 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent | Getting wrong data in sequence diagram.
56197 NetDiagnostics ND-ED[Store View]|Flowpath report is getting hanged after opening it from BT Trend report .
56416 NetDiagnostics ND-ED[Store view]|Alert mismatch in store view.
56228 NetDiagnostics DDR | On cicking on apply button of take heap dump pop up ,getting error of ‘machineType of undefined’.
56417 NetDiagnostics DBU| Change in end constraint logic for NS and NDDBU
37111 NetDiagnostics Core dump in NDC for check_tier_name_exists_or_not_in_topology
39224 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI – Java Profile |In Audit log window, Blank row is appearing after removing any configuration from the ndsettings.txt file
44389 NetDiagnostics Callout missing in transaction flow || MLS Management & MLS Replenishment
45148 NetDiagnostics NDConfigUI|NodeJS | Capture Exception under general setting in configuration is not coming for NodeJS agent.
46418 NetDiagnostics NDC is restarting in every 15 min due to /ndc/bin/ndu_check_ndc shell.
46858 NetDiagnostics DDR-ED | BT Trends report is not opening after applying custom time in “Compare for selected Time period with previous” option.
48607 NetDiagnostics Memory Leak in NDP
48673 NetDiagnostics Callout time showing negative value for Cassandra node in case of error
48828 NetDiagnostics ND ConfigUI | Test is not getting started due to NETDIAGNOSTICS ERROR: result=Error: File ‘/home/cavisson/work/ndprof/conf/Build_211_Import_210/NDEntryPointFile.txt’ is not present.
48832 NetDiagnostics Rel4.1.12 : ND Config UI | Some service entry Point and Integration Point entry are not appearing in UI which was supported earlier
48918 NetDiagnostics Rel4.1.12: ND Config UI – Tier Grouping | Not able to Edit the existing tier group in offline mode.
49078 NetDiagnostics Rel4.1.12 : ND Config UI | Data is not appearing at Home screen due to ERROR: relation “config_work.tier_group” does not exist
49232 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | When user is applying RTC from config UI then Keywords of different agent is passing to current agent.
49539 NetDiagnostics NC_MON | Postgresql did not started automatically while upgrading the build
49639 NetDiagnostics Load average is High |Due to which ED is not opening|
50124 NetDiagnostics ND-ED[Store View] | ALL DC Option present in Multi DC of Store View is not showing data for all the data centers configured similarly the tabular view is also populate data for only single DC .
50257 NetDiagnostics DotnetAgent-ConfigUI| parenthesis should not be mandatory while adding entry point from ConfigUI.
50368 NetDiagnostics Rel4.1.12 : ND Config UI | Help Notification should be shown in Instrumentation Profile Maker window.
50403 NetDiagnostics ND-ED|Window is getting hanged for method calling tree while traversing through ATGTier >DDR >flowpath by response time > methods >method call details.
50630 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | Instrumentation profile is not able to load for editing, and a red progress line is appears while loading an instrumentation profile “ATGFullInstr”.
50718 NetDiagnostics Multi – DC slowness (
50737 NetDiagnostics DDR-ED | DB Queries | “Error in getting data due to following error: ERROR: syntax error at or near “LIMIT” LINE 66: LIMIT 345 ^” error message is coming after applying higher pagination in flowpath report.
50872 NetDiagnostics Not able to open NDConfig UI
50912 NetDiagnostics DDR-ED | In Flowpath Analyzer report, Data is not coming in Flowpath Signature table while traversing through AtgTier >Transaction scorecard >FP Analyzer icon.
50979 NetDiagnostics DDR-ED |In Common UI Filter, When selecting multiple Tier, One of the selected tier has been removed from Tier checkbox after traversing to next page in paginator in Flowpath report.
51110 NetDiagnostics Interface Instrumentation| Need to restart agent to apply interface instrumentation.
51152 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | Need to provide support for adding the Business Transaction Method Rule from Auto Discover and Auto Instrumentation.
51158 NetDiagnostics Rel |Thread call method calling tree need to be shown on user click
51250 NetDiagnostics DDR-ED | Incomplete Transaction FlowMap is coming while opening from Exception report >Exception Classes.
51362 NetDiagnostics DDR-ED|Method Call From Stack Trace | Method missing from Method calling Tree.
51482 NetDiagnostics REL4.1.13: NDP Scandir interval should be configurable
51528 NetDiagnostics Not able to take thread dump and heap dump on window OS
51578 NetDiagnostics DDR-ED|Method Call From Stack Trace | Data is not coming for method calling tree.
51601 NetDiagnostics BCIAgent || Mismatch in BT TPS || TVSECOMAPI ||
51718 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | AD | Method BT | Clicking on ‘Method BT’ button shows an error after user instruments & Uninstrument some methods from prediscovered methods.
51901 NetDiagnostics DDR-ED | DB Queries | DB Queries report is not showing the actual number of queries after coming back from another flowpaths in split view.
51948 NetDiagnostics NDC|Cavisson Metrics| NDC should show number of new connections
51955 NetDiagnostics NDC| Cavisson Metrics NDC show if partition between NDC and NS have mismatch
52179 NetDiagnostics NDEStaticScaling | There should be enhancement that user should not be allowed to uncheck Master box for Master NDE Server in a running test.
52203 NetDiagnostics NodeJS | Unknown and true is coming in CavNV value instead of BTCategory and 1.
52228 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | Not able to configure method BT for methods with Void return type in “BT Rule Based on Method Invocation”
52269 NetDiagnostics NC_MON | Getting ndc core frequently after configure lps inside ndc and test is running in outbound mode
52326 NetDiagnostics Username and password is saved as root / abeona in cleartext in topology files
52448 NetDiagnostics Multi dc  dropdown menu is not coming in  All-Selected case.
52513 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | Configurations are getting disabled automatically while saving Configurations in flowpath screen.
52709 NetDiagnostics Mobility | method Calling Tree is not opening.
52848 NetDiagnostics NDC |  ND Backend Call Stats | Core dump in method get_tokens_with_multi_delimiter()
52851 NetDiagnostics Need to add safety check for tablespace creation
52939 NetDiagnostics DDR-ED | Hotspots report | Hotspots report is not opening.
53210 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | User Configured Setting | User with non-admin privilege should be prohibited to add custom keywords from UI.
53214 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | User Configured Setting | Custom configured keywords are getting disappeared while changing any configuration in the imported profile (that was exported with custom created keywords).
53277 NetDiagnostics NDP | Levels not correct in Method Calling Tree
53422 NetDiagnostics NDC – BCI Auto sensor record parsing
53503 NetDiagnostics NC_MON | Not able to open flowpath report while data is present in DB
53515 NetDiagnostics Show Tier Info is coming blank and Response Time is coming NaN on Call Details window.
53571 NetDiagnostics NC_MON | Getting different value in ED for TPS and count
53615 NetDiagnostics Web dashboard | Data is not showing in Average Response time graph and also data is not showing in Transaction scorecard.
53655 NetDiagnostics MultiDC | NDC didn’t send Https(protocol) field in NDE.csv but it is mandatory field for DDR.
53675 NetDiagnostics Not able to apply RTC, in case keyword “threadIdleTimeout” is passing in instrumentation settings.
53681 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent | Method Calling Tree is not justified for KSMSA_LinkToLocation
53790 NetDiagnostics NDC|Data Queue| NDC optimization for record  parsing
53818 NetDiagnostics Show tier info is not showing specific server instances
53828 NetDiagnostics ED | Integration point health report is not opening through ED.
53847 NetDiagnostics ND-ED[Store View] | Active alert window is getting hanged while opening it from Total Alert link in Store view
53886 NetDiagnostics ND-ED[Store View] |In Store view good/bad store count in pie chart is not clickable.
53895 NetDiagnostics ND-ED[Store View] |Mismatch is appearing on clicking good store count link in Business health for individual application
53900 NetDiagnostics NC_MON | Getting no records found in alert history while getting alert frequently.
53938 NetDiagnostics Shows no alert
53955 NetDiagnostics ND-ED[Store View] | In case of MultiDC after selecting All DC in drop down ,instead of showing data for all DC’s it’s showing  duplicate data for Master DC.
53982 NetDiagnostics ND-ED[Store View] | Webdashboard for selected store for slave DC is not opening while opening it in multidc environment from master dc
54057 NetDiagnostics ND-ED[Store View] | Data is not coming in BT trend report for single application while opening it from Total transactions in Business health
54061 NetDiagnostics ND-ED[Store View] | BT trend is opening blank in case of MultiDC environment from webdashboard.
54165 NetDiagnostics BCIAgent|Manual entry should not be supported for Generic JMX MBean monitors in standard_monitors.dat file.
54170 NetDiagnostics BCIAgent|Got more than expected (21) data element is coming in monitor.log for MBeanMemoryPool.
54205 NetDiagnostics DDR-ED| Hotspot | Start time is not coming in filter criteria.
54209 NetDiagnostics DDR-ED | Hotspot | Hotspot entry time in Hotspot summary is more than end time of filter criteria.
54222 NetDiagnostics ND-ED[Store View] | Webdashboard icon should be disabled in good/bad store list window for multidc environment
54229 NetDiagnostics Need correct approach  for cleaning DB data
54241 NetDiagnostics DDR-ED | HotSpot Report | Data is not coming in Integration Point Calls but jdbc methods are present in Stack trace.
54314 NetDiagnostics DDR-ED | “ERROR:  syntax error at or near “LIMIT” LINE 67:  LIMIT 50″ is coming after using “Show All Flowpaths for Selected Flowpath’s session” icon in Flowpath report through DB report.
54316 NetDiagnostics ND-ED[Store View] | Master DC is not showing all application regarding data in Application Stats while Application names are configured for it.
54366 NetDiagnostics Arguments used in formula for cm_mbean_JavaMemoryPool.gdf,cm_mbean_JavaHeap.gdf,cm_mbean_JavaGarbageCollection.gdf is not correct.
54367 NetDiagnostics DDR-ED | Search By | Sometimes “search by” option is getting blank.
54372 NetDiagnostics ND-ED[Store View] | Data is not showing in BT Trend report after changing Time period in BT Trend.
54476 NetDiagnostics NDP| NDP is processing thread call out regarding data in NDCallout.csv file.
54484 NetDiagnostics Store View [ND-ED] |After searching store by applying filter, it’s showing correct result. But when we open the GUI again, it is still showing one store.
54589 NetDiagnostics TierAssignment | Error message is not appearing in log file in case file doesn’t have proper format
54736 NetDiagnostics Kafka’s XMLs | To support Kafka in generic mbean
54760 NetDiagnostics BCIAgent|Got more than expected (10) data elements. Received data 945815552 error is coming for cm_mbean_JavaGarbageCollection.gdf in monitor.log
54775 NetDiagnostics Custom Data is not coming while drill-down from ED on PROD POC CORP||
54840 NetDiagnostics Handling Get and Post request in store view geo map.
54862 NetDiagnostics ND-ED [Store View] |NAN is coming in alert window while opening it from total alert link in business health.
54928 NetDiagnostics data_backlog_pct is showing wrong value in cavisson metrics
54936 NetDiagnostics DDR – Network delay is coming “<1 ms” in transaction flowmap while network delay is not enabled.
54945 NetDiagnostics ND-ED[Store View] | While opening dashboard of slave dc from multidc environment with nodesetup Master DC webdashboard is opening.
54946 NetDiagnostics Rel4.1.12_1: ND-ED[Store View]|While doing DDR from Master DC to Slave DC  it is showing Master DC data.
54964 NetDiagnostics ND-ED[Store View]|Application view of store is not opening after applying custom date.
55264 NetDiagnostics NDC is stopping again and again
55286 NetDiagnostics NC_MON | NDC core got formed after restarted the test with build.
55324 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | “No runtime changes applied” message is showing while applying runtime changes under Advance Settings screen.
55335 NetDiagnostics NC_MON | Getting wrong alert for mandatory process.
55387 NetDiagnostics ND-ED|Store view|Geo map is not loading correctly.
55721 NetDiagnostics Logo should be NetDiagnostics or Executive dashboard when product type is set as ED
55728 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent-DDR | Aggregate Method Calling Tree is not opening while comparing the two flowpath
55751 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent | Network Delay is coming in transaction flowmap (NetworkDelay: -1)
55768 NetDiagnostics Wrong start time and end time is passing in HTTP report splitview through webdashboard.
55769 NetDiagnostics DDR | Data is not coming in IP stats report through web dashboard.
55770 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | ND Controller Settings | Not able to apply configurations in ND Controller Settings screen after applying “Mark instances which goes down” configuration.
55771 NetDiagnostics DDR | Transaction flowmap | Negative value is coming in tool tip of HTTP calls through web dashboard.
55776 NetDiagnostics DDR-ED|Method Timing report|”Gateway Timeout” error is coming after opening Method   Timing after 3-4 min.
55840 NetDiagnostics ND-ED|[Store View]|Response time is showing 0 in app stats for All dc.
55867 NetDiagnostics Not able to drill down while traversing from store view GeoMap.
55876 NetDiagnostics DDR | Transaction flowmap is taking 4-5 mins to open.
55882 NetDiagnostics Web-dashboard|Wrong BT name is passing in filter criteria in service method timing through flowpath group by BT.
55946 NetDiagnostics Web-dashboard|Along with selected BT other BT is also coming in flowpath group by BT.
56016 NetDiagnostics In Flowpath report, Tier-Id is coming wrong ||NA when changing dc while traversing from  store view Geomap >Total Transaction>overall Count.
56048 NetDiagnostics NC_MON | Heap Dump | Not able to take Heap Dump from particular ND graph (ex. Request per sec graph for business transaction > all transaction).
56181 NetDiagnostics | NDP is not forking ndu_db_upload as NDP_MAIN_THREAD is stuck in lock_wait
54203 NetDiagnostics Tx_DotnetAgent | Getting wrong MCT for Tx- MOS_T01_KMHSA_CreateWorkId
53009 NetDiagnostics Multi_NDE_Readiness | | Not able to open Hotspot
55048 NetDiagnostics Tx_DotnetAgent | Tier call out is missing for  SmartRep_MLS_GetAutoBatchRecommendation.
54920 NetDiagnostics POC | Application crash on applying instrumentation profiles carrying more than 10000 methods
52977 NetDiagnostics Not able to DDR after OKTA integration from ED, its redirecting to Webdashboard
51172 NetDiagnostics ITr #5 : AdSetInquiry_KSMSA_PrintBatch
54728 NetDiagnostics Method calling tree and transaction flowmap is not opening ||
50995 NetDiagnostics Tx_DotnetAgent | Http Callout is missing in Method Calling Tree – KOFSA_OCF_T17_01_SearchwithContainerID
54429 NetDiagnostics VM’s are visible in ND , even VM got down scale
54374 NetDiagnostics DDR – ED NodeJS | Wrong data is coming in Hotspot table of thread hotspot window.
54863 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent | Application is getting Crashed while doing RTC with multiple files after AutoDiscover
43937 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent | Total Self time is higher than the Avg Response time in Method Calling Tree
54399 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | Not able to add method BT incase FQM doesnt contain any Argument or return Type
53438 NetDiagnostics DDR-ED | Server and Instance id is not passing in BT IP Summary report via Transaction scorecard at Instance level.
53443 NetDiagnostics POC | Agent sets ’32 bit application’ to false forcefully in all application pools present on server.
53474 NetDiagnostics POC | Exit record for method not present in sequence blob
53917 NetDiagnostics POC | Exception observed in agent logs when instrumenting system.xml.dll methods
54387 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent | Async DB callouts are having << 148ms >> Elapsed Time
55994 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent | Application is getting crashed after applying the Runtime Changes from the flowpath Settings screen from UI
55757 NetDiagnostics Not able to generate Tabular Report to get the data of CPU Utilization (Pct) of last 30 days with View By 15 Mins
53110 NetDiagnostics DDR | Enhancement – showing more Information criteria in thread stack trace table
54625 NetDiagnostics VM’s are visible in ND, even VM got scale down
54738 NetDiagnostics NDP: offset not updating for last chunk in partition if it is meta data
55059 NetDiagnostics Not getting Network Delay values in method calling tree for Http callout.
55092 NetDiagnostics Method Calling Tree | In case of DotNet Agent, selftime, walltime and cputime of Cavisson.BeginRequest() method should be shown as 0
55137 NetDiagnostics main table analyze issues in NS and ND
55141 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent | DDR | Wall time of BeginRequest Method is zero while transaction’s total response time is 426629
54722 NetDiagnostics High load average in many KFS NDE caused by NDP high CPU and possibly high disk writes
50902 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | Configurations are getting disabled automatically while saving Configurations in Hotspot screen.
55122 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent-DDR|NAN is coming in Percentage column of Method calling Tree.
50688 NetDiagnostics ITr #2: FactTags_KSMSA_GetPrintBatchQuantity
51920 NetForest If destination ip having any invalid value then host name become server value.
51932 NetForest jmxconfig directory is not present with cmon_nfagent(including build onwards)
53100 NetForest There is no start_position keyword for journald input plugin(In configuration section of NFUI).
53309 NetForest Reload functionality is not working in spike properly
40082 NetForest After decimal its gives more than 3 values in any field in all type of charts
50011 NetForest Rel4.1.12: (Rel4.1.11:) NFAgent metrics expose through JMX
56073 NetForest Getting High CPU on Account & CNC UI Vm’s
27905 NetOcean NetOcean : Issue with Header Simulation with ‘+’ in it
28164 NetOcean NetOcean: Direct access from parameter(Action) is not working.
32891 NetOcean GUI | The url is not coming in the lower panel text box in case of  url Search Parameter.
36820 NetOcean Getting blank values like “URL”, “templates”, “LastModified” etc for the service.
41137 NetOcean GUI | HPD isn’t reactivated after enabling ‘Parameter value’ in the Dataset Parameter.
44360 NetOcean GUI | Condition of the template is not getting saved with the special characters.
47720 NetOcean GUI | Able to save Start/End time in more than 60 sec in Connection timeout setting window.
47870 NetOcean NetOcean: Changes are not getting reflected on GUI if we edit respective service from NetOcean Manage Services [Normal Mode] GUI.
48157 NetOcean GUI | NetOcean service url is getting changed automatically while edit existing service url.
48313 NetOcean RHEL || Getting error after recording NO services.
48315 NetOcean NetOcean: Getting look and feel issue with following parameters as conditional logic parameter, xml parameter, Cookie parameter.
48759 NetOcean NetOcean: Getting formatting issue with unique number paramter, random parameter, random string and date/time parameter.
49477 NetOcean Netocean: Getting Look and feel issue in help section of xml parameter.
49662 NetOcean NetOcean: Getting wrong UI for index data source.
50504 NetOcean GUI |”LastUpdated By” field is not getting update while editing any service with different different users.
50640 NetOcean Core Dump of HPD is neither creating in core_files path nor in hpd path.
50798 NetOcean RHEL | Compatibility issue is coming while upgrading cavbin on RHEL machine.
51507 NetOcean Redhat Issue | Cavbin failed to install due some inline shell error.
51871 NetOcean GUI | NetOcean GUI is getting hanged and getting message “Page Unresponsive”.
51878 NetOcean TIBCO | Custom Headers should be added by NetOcean to the TIBCO  messages.
51883 NetOcean TIBCO | SSL Server field values gets mismatched with the respective fields.
52124 NetOcean TIBCO | Unable to delete multiple added TIBCO rows.
52306 NetOcean NetOcean: Content length indicator is not working with compression type value.
52323 NetOcean NetOcean: JMS| Wrong header value is coming in response in case of JMS Tibco Message.
53086 NetOcean NetOcean: JMS| JMS Server Ip/Port is not coming in correct format in JMS Message Information GUI.
55147 NetOcean Correct the keyword format of SSLExtraCertificateChainFile(NO)
56224 NetOcean NetOcean: Not able to make any connection in case of ajb https.
55545 NetStorm On Client Application| vulnerabilities are still showing on the nessus scan report.
56023 NetStorm Continuous Test was stopped automatically |
56359 NetStorm Reporting issue | Summary Report : When we generating summary report then other details is coming zero(0) but data is coming in dashboard.
45379 NetStorm Getting wrong data in Log Data monitor.
55522 NetStorm OUTBOUND | NDC is generating coredump while applying access log monitor in OUTBOUND mode
56218 NetStorm Not able to generate excel report and html report in Multi DC(
56349 NetStorm Multi DC | Reporting Issue: Graph links are not coming using favorite having merged graph of same DC.
56183 NetStorm Spelling error in cm_redis_databases_stats.gdf and cm_redis_shard_stats.gdf through which error is coming.
55875 NetStorm Not able to create template from dashboard (
54211 NetStorm RDT | Hide the Browser type column in Reports if the entry of browser type is 4 in database
55969 NetStorm Not able to take Heap Dump
56121 NetStorm Issues in creation of favorites in MultiDC (
55138 NetStorm Time Period window should be movable, so that user can see the graph names behind it.
55741 NetStorm Widget Drill Down Issue:Favorite is not getting updated while updating favorite by Enable “Disable Parameterization” option from widget settings
55992 NetStorm Template issue:- Not able to delete Report set of template from left side list.
56047 NetStorm Multi DC | Reporting Issue : Some Charts are not coming for Percentile/Slab Count graphs in Multi DC.
56190 NetStorm Excel Report Issue: Not able to upload excel template of if same name template already exists
56024 NetStorm Time Period Window Issue : Unable to select time in the Start/End Time fields using mouse while using Custom Time Period.
56078 NetStorm Reporting Issue: While Downloading Excel report for Summary Report in case of ALL presets selected then getting no values in downloaded Excel report
56155 NetStorm Reporting Issue: Summary Report showing value as 0 in Test summary
56157 NetStorm Reporting Issue:While generating summary report then getting blank in case of success and failure column.
55599 NetStorm Reporting Issue : Summary Report is coming in the drop down list of Report Type when Test Metrics is not present.
56057 NetStorm Health Check Monitor| When updating the instances name for HTTP health check type than tier is getting deleted from .healthcheck file.
53976 NetStorm Multi DC | Reporting Issue:- Not able to switch slave DC to master DC in reporting GUI.
54562 NetStorm MultiDC |Lower Pane Issue:- Lower Pane Data of the Web Dashboard is getting blank after coming new sample on applying advance open merge with DC-ALL.
55983 NetStorm Multi DC | When we merge some graphs of Master DC after leaving one blank panel in between and update the favorite, then DC Name is not showing in lower panel for that graphs when loading the favorite.
56340 NetStorm Multi DC| Favorite issue:- Panel is getting blank after saving favorite when applying open merge with new layout and dragging graph in other panel.
54492 NetStorm Alert Issue | Cisco Spark Issue : Vector Name is not coming in the generated Cisco Spark incident.
54947 NetStorm Multi DC|Open Merge :- Issues related to open/merge on selecting Graphs with ALL DC
56032 NetStorm Okta Integration | Favorite Issue : Unable to set User Default favorite for Okta user.
56237 NetStorm Multi DC | Okta Integration : Reporting UI is not opening properly i.e, Session Number is showing as ‘undefined’ and left panel is not showing anything in Multi DC.
56187 NetStorm MultiDC:Advance setting is not working with DC All with “Open with new layout”.
55308 NetStorm Multi DC | Reporting Issue : Error is coming on generating Stats HTML report with favorite having merged graphs.
56435 NetStorm LPS_SERVER keyword entry is not correct in KeywordDefinition.dat file.
56167 NetStorm To show data as NAN when count is zero
55127 NetStorm MultiDC:DC ALL is showing in vector name in Graph summary  even when graph of single DC is present in widget.
54340 NetStorm MultiDc Issue | Chart Type Issue: Dial/Meter chart is not coming properly for Slave DC after reloading favorite.
53440 NetStorm Webdashboard Angular4 | Multi DC Issue: On removing any merged graph widget from favorite, get appears on reloading the same favorite on some other widegt.
55805 NetStorm MultiDC|Compare Group Members Issue:Issues related to change of lower pane data and not able to apply compare group members with multiple graphs on open/merge.
56199 NetStorm MultiDC Issue: Widget is getting blank for Master DC when we apply add new layout after applying merge from advance.
53411 NetStorm Alert Multicondition:Alert Actions of SNMP Traps are not logging in alertAction.csv.
54407 NetStorm Open Merge Issue: In case of store when we apply open merge from advance setting with pattern star (*) then output is coming for only one store.
54413 NetStorm MultiDC| Open merge issue :- On applying Advance Open merge i.e. DC>All —> Tier> All or Tier->Same –> Server>All with advance setting Open with new layout is not working.
36869 NetStorm MultiDc | Merge Graph Issue: Graphs are not getting reflected in panel when we apply Open/Merge by Advance after applying merge with new layout.
37130 NetStorm Webdashboard |Formula type Issue:Formula type like avg,min,max etc are getting added in lower panel of widget after coming of new sample and multiple widgets are coming selected if widget having more than one formula type.
40247 NetStorm Webdashboard Angular 4|Widget Wise Time period:Graph is not coming on widget having pie chart with global custom time period after dragging graph from graph tree.
43487 NetStorm MultiDC|Reporting Issue: After generating report from data center SCS/PKY/IBM not able to change data center from report management GUI.
45042 NetStorm WebDashboard Angular4 : GUI is getting hang after 2-3 sample updates after applying zoom in merged graph.
45351 NetStorm IP MGMT || Remove dependency from root user while assigning IP addresses, IPs should be assigned from cavisson user.
45678 NetStorm Pattern Matching Issue: Pattern matching is not working with catalogue having all indices.
45961 NetStorm MultiDC Issue | Open Merge Zoom Issue: In case of Open merge “Open Metrics >>All >> All DCs” not able to apply zoom after sample update.
46942 NetStorm Rel4.1.12.1: Quarter 2 Release | Need msSql monitors for session, deadlock, locks, IO by file for CavWMon.
47067 NetStorm Rel4.1.12: HTTP2 remote window update frame handling
47280 NetStorm Random strings are coming instead of App pool  name
47573 NetStorm Dashboard is spinning continuously | – Due to large pktsize (20MB) and too many gdf diff (154)
47625 NetStorm NetHavoc | The Status of the Fault remains ‘Running’ after completion also.
47777 NetStorm Getting continuously false alert for System health Monitor on
47945 NetStorm Rel4.1.12.1: Cavisson health monitoring improvements
47985 NetStorm Performance Dashboard Angular UI issue:- Repetition on Test run is coming two times in performance dashboard report.
48001 NetStorm NCMON UAT Reporting issue:- Data is coming incorrect in report.
48237 NetStorm Reporting Issue :- Extra Instances are coming on generating reports from Report Management UI using Favorite.
48339 NetStorm MON_UI | Port field in Redis Monitor UI should not take any negative value or any invalid characters.
48518 NetStorm Web Dashboard| Angular UI | Compare Report issue:- Look and feel of compare Report is not proper in Measurement box.
49291 NetStorm user_test_times.dat file is not made in users directory after test completion
49336 NetStorm FIle Parameter | Special character are not getting encoded with file parameter while passing in HEADER and BODY.
49423 NetStorm Reports to be listed date wise | Performance Dashboard
49569 NetStorm AES Encryption | Data is lost after navigating from Default option to any added group.
49600 NetStorm AES ENCRYPTION | Getting Wrong Encrypted value for AES 128 CBC Mode
49651 NetStorm AES ENCRYPTION | Getting wrong keyword saved when adding for Group.
49680 NetStorm Rel4.1.12.1: MON_UI Enable/disable is not looking proper in all monitor
49764 NetStorm cm_docker_system_stats data is comming wrong while running standalone monitors
49775 NetStorm Proxy host and proxy port support should be present for GCP Permission stats monitor.
49778 NetStorm AES ENCRYPTION | Length Of Buffer to be added Automatically in API ns_aes_encrypt() and ns_aes_decrypt().
49802 NetStorm Rel4.1.12.1: Support for NDE Static Scaling in CMON
49808 NetStorm AES ENCRYPTION |ns_aes_encrypt() C API is not encrypting the given text.
49866 NetStorm NetHavoc | Should be able to apply NetHavoc Fault Type on any running test.
49928 NetStorm Web Dashboard | Custom Report issue :- Data is coming incorrect in Data type widget.
49961 NetStorm Performance Dashboard issue:- On maximizing Ongoing test run should be similar to as minimize test run window.
50328 NetStorm ED | KPI issue:- Incorrect report is generated after applying time period.
50341 NetStorm Alert Angular 4|Baseline Data Issue:Baseline data  is not coming correct in case of Load Index Based Alert having single tier with all servers.
50480 NetStorm MSSQL | DB Monitoring Screen is taking much time to load.
50525 NetStorm Create Script Issue: End Transaction as different name not working
50541 NetStorm Getting false alert
50550 NetStorm Rel 4.1.12| Multi DC| Scaling Issue: After sample update not able to change scaling from scale factor column if zoom is applied.
50646 NetStorm Build Creation | Error occurred in NF module
50742 NetStorm NetHavoc | Unable to apply any fault type when changing Start Date of the Fault.
50762 NetStorm Rel4.1.12.1: Support for NDE Static Scaling in CavWMON
50867 NetStorm Java process optimization consuming High CPU
50940 NetStorm MSSQL | In MSSQL Db Query Stats screen forward button is not there.
50956 NetStorm Scheduler management not working
50974 NetStorm Multi DC|Derived Graph Issue:Data is showing incorrect for derived graph while loading favorite in which Derived graph is saved  excluding Master DC
51027 NetStorm Generate token/LDAP: Authentication Token is not generating with ldap user.
51049 NetStorm MSSQL | In MSSQL Deadlocks screen rewind button and custom time option is not working.
51057 NetStorm MSSQL | In DB monitoring screen of blocking stats, wrong graph is showing for pie representation during real time.
51081 NetStorm Scheduler Management | Not able to Run a test with new scheduler Management UI.
51146 NetStorm MSSQL | Data is not coming for Locks and IObyFile stats in DB monitoring screen.
51225 NetStorm No metrics is displaying when we click on “show graphs in tree”.
51303 NetStorm Need for total data throughput for all monitors in NS health Stats
51393 NetStorm CMON should load all jar which are defined in $CAV_MON_HOME/lib
51395 NetStorm Enhancement: Need to include docker package in Cavbin
51416 NetStorm MSSQL | Data  is not coming for IObyfile Stats and also wrong time is coming, in DB monitoring screen.
51547 NetStorm ENHANCEMENT||Need Overall Server Health Stats GUI.
51645 NetStorm Rel:4.1.12 | cmon rpm got failed while installing in centos machine
51690 NetStorm Alert Multi Condition | Performance issue: Not able to open active alert window.
51726 NetStorm Alert Multi Condition: Previous alert value is showing in Alert mail for normal Alerts.
51745 NetStorm Okta Integration:Okta Integration should also be implemented with MultiDC .
51753 NetStorm Not getting any data in any kind of dynamic stats based graph
51774 NetStorm Rel 4.1.12 | Alert multi Condition: Data of Count is coming wrong in baseline.
51857 NetStorm Rel: | After restarting cmon, cmon starts with two process id and two cmon process runs making parent process its child process
51869 NetStorm Number of users and session rate got changed while saving scenario
51890 NetStorm MON_UI | While applying Apache Flume monitor from Monitor UI,  additional arguments & Values are coming in Configured Monitor table.
51910 NetStorm Issue :  nsu_check_cont_test shell executed when the test was stopped.
51986 NetStorm Open Related Metrics Issue:”No metrics found based on applied criteria” message is coming after applying open related metrics using catalogue with specified option.
52041 NetStorm MON_UI |While adding monitor through UI, if we are giving instance name then the instance is not showing in the graph.
52051 NetStorm Alert Multi Condition/MultiDC:After opening Graph from Active alert and applying zoom on it,Multiple graphs are showing in widget and in lower panel.
52117 NetStorm Scenario Profile | Not able to delete the added scenario profile
52160 NetStorm Alert Multi Condition: Alerts are not sending in other cavisson products using alert sender.
52201 NetStorm MSSQL|Support of MSSQL Monitoring(Phase 1 and Phase 2) in CMON(Java Agent)
52220 NetStorm Flume | In Apache Flume monitor, Host Name should be mandatory while applying through Monitor UI.
52305 NetStorm TCP_KEEPALIVE | Monitors are not working while enabling and then disabling the firewall.
52359 NetStorm Unable to start the test
52402 NetStorm Webdashboard Angular4 |Reporting Issue: Report GUI get blank on switching DC’s in case of individual DC’s.
52466 NetStorm IP-MGMT || nsu_del_ip shell is not working, shell execution is failing.
52593 NetStorm Docker:Need to modify the existing container deployment script
52663 NetStorm Enhancement || Need Support of InstanceAndPortCheck Monitor through Json UI.
52737 NetStorm Multi DC|Derived Graph Issue:Not able to add derived graph by using arithmetic operators
52806 NetStorm Reporting Issue:Blank report is generating in case of Auto Stats Report and Summary report
52814 NetStorm Problem facing while resizing widget
52854 NetStorm Need Cloud machine for POC.
52860 NetStorm Custom Report issue:- When importing file in tabular from file widget file data is only coming of last line present on the file.
52867 NetStorm Alert Multi Condition:when only one condition is satisfied ,indices and alert values of all conditions of the rules are showing in Active alert.
52928 NetStorm Performance issue | Percentile graph favorite:- When loading favorite having percentile graph then taking approx 3 min to load favorite.
52938 NetStorm Support for file having extension “.xls” and “.xlsx” while importing file in tabular from file file widget.
53049 NetStorm Performance issue for ParsedDerivedExpression in Derived Graph.
53070 NetStorm Enhancement || Need support of Username and Password for SpringBooot Actuator Extended monitor
53091 NetStorm RBU || Unable to open Page Detail as it is giving 404 error.
53092 NetStorm Alert Multi Condition:Remediation shell is not executing on server for which alert is generated.
53156 NetStorm MSSQL | In DB monitoring screen, data is not coming in “I/O by file” screen while data is dumped in CSV and postgres DB and also the timestamp for table is wrong.
53176 NetStorm GDF Diff Corruption: Aggregate data is coming wrong for  24-08-2018 for graph AL request/sec-Cavisson>NDAppliance>TOMCAT<ACL (group – Access log extended v6 )
53183 NetStorm MSSQL | While applying rewind button in MSSQL Temp DB screen, graph data is not changing to previous one, also error code is coming for graph panel.
53226 NetStorm Rel4.1.12_1: Alert Multi Condition issue:while we are  selecting capacity alert from bell icon and then switching tab and clicking on behavior alert then active alerts are opening with same capacity alert not with behavior alert.
53335 NetStorm When loading favorite having file import widget type then taking approximate 15 seconds to load favorite.
53444 NetStorm Rel4.1.13: Need monitors for Openshift
53465 NetStorm MSSQL | While applying custom time in MSSQL blocking session screen, forward button is coming.
53527 NetStorm MSSQL | While applying custom time in MSSQL Locks screen, forward button is coming.
53565 NetStorm Webdashboard Angular4|Custom Report Issue: Unable to load favorite with Tabular From File Type widget.
53589 NetStorm MSSQL | CavMonAgent || Data is not dumped in CSV for any MSSQL monitors after restarting of the Database Server Machine.
53590 NetStorm Need to add /SSD in the current docker deployment tool.
53624 NetStorm NC_MON | Aggregate Data Issue : Aggregate Data is not created correctly in NC_MON.
53692 NetStorm Docker: Need to create daemon.json for docker configuration path before the docker package installation
53823 NetStorm Widget Settings|System Health Widget Issue:Threshold value should not mandatory while converting to System health widget
53851 NetStorm Web Dashboard Angular4|Favorite Issue:Favorite is showing blank while opening web dashboard GUI after applying advance open/merge with existing layout in which pagination is included
53929 NetStorm NS/NC test should not continue in multiple group based scenario, if there is name mismatch of flow file from runlogic.c in one of the group.
53945 NetStorm Need Reporting/Template feature for Multi DC setup
54106 NetStorm No records found on default selected Db server in DB monitoring
54159 NetStorm Performance of pagedump query
54164 NetStorm Scaling Issue: Scale factor is coming wrong in lower panel after applying parameters.
54253 NetStorm In CSHM, System Health Data Collector is not running as the CSV file [/home/cavisson/ProductUIData/ApplianceData/productData_20180912.csv] does not exist.
54264 NetStorm IN CSHM, keyword for COREINFO is no not working.
54285 NetStorm IN CSHM, getting wrong  alert mail of check_missing_constraint
54346 NetStorm Rel4.1.13: RTG packet size optimization support in NetStorm- New Data types times_4B_10 in GDF (also needed in
54350 NetStorm Webdashboard Angular4 | Multi DC Issue: On removing any merged graph widget from favorite, get appears on reloading the same favorite on some other widget.
54376 NetStorm MSSQL | In MSSQL Deadlock screen graph data is not showing.
54403 NetStorm Classic Dashboard Issue : When we apply Time Period : Last 1 Hour, the old samples are not getting skipped whenever new samples are coming.
54437 NetStorm NC_MON|system_health_monitor core getting formed in NCMON
54549 NetStorm Layout:After Modifying layout when we apply Add new layout then panels are not organizing in sequence.
54588 NetStorm MultiDC | Health Widget Issue: After updating favorite “Show Graph for all Widget” option is not working for Health Widget.
54630 NetStorm Facing issue while opening dashboard
54668 NetStorm MSSQL monitor GUI We are getting wrong Server list.
54695 NetStorm MultiDC Issue | Layout issue:- After Modifying layout we are not able to apply layout from layout Selection
54717 NetStorm Parameters Issue:Not able to parameterize indices from graph tree and from favorite.
54785 NetStorm MSSQL | While adding MSSQL monitors at runtime from Monitor UI, test is getting stopped.
54828 NetStorm MSSQL | Data is not coming in MSSQL DB Query Stats Screen while data is dumped in postgres DB.
54871 NetStorm MSSQL | Wrong Lock Data is coming in Graph Panels of MSSQL Locks Screen and error code is also coming.
55011 NetStorm wrong data in mail for disk space from cshm
55035 NetStorm Compare Issue:”File Not present” coming while selecting any File after applying Script Difference from Compare Graphs
55044 NetStorm Not able to capture stored procedures using SQL Query monitors.
55183 NetStorm In standard_monitors.dat “cm_check_cmon_count” monitor entry is not present
55314 NetStorm Query executed to monitor query execution stats has been reported  to be running since ~40 minutes continuously.
55334 NetStorm MSSQL|Issue in loading Dashboard
55340 NetStorm Graph Scaling should be enabled By Default
55341 NetStorm NC_MON | Getting two IP in mail subject of generated alert
55502 NetStorm NC_MON|Getting alert for number of connections made by postgresql
55556 NetStorm NC_MON | Getting an alert for PostGres Shared Buffer and Shared Memory Value not Optimal.
55644 NetStorm MSSQL Monitoring | Some columns field data is wrong in mssql query report table.
55646 NetStorm Alert Multicondition:variables of vectors are not passing in snmp trap in NS mode.
55662 NetStorm Issues in MultiDC Favorites(
55667 NetStorm AccessLog is failing to get  data for pattern based URL’s
55682 NetStorm Reporting:- Stats HTML Report using favorite should be supported in multidc Env.
55685 NetStorm MultiDC | Reporting Issue : While opening Reports in Multi DC, continuous progress bar is running and after approx. 2 mins getReportsInfo method is getting failed.
55707 NetStorm Multi DC | Reporting Issue : Values are coming as ‘0’ for all the vectors except the graphs of Cavisson>NDAppliance for work controller in case of DC : ALL.
55727 NetStorm MultiDC | Report Issue: DC name is not coming in generated report.
55734 NetStorm MultiDC | Reporting Issue:- When deleting some widget in favorite and upgrading favorite then generating Stats HTML Type report then deleted widget graph is also coming in HTML Report.
55750 NetStorm Support monitor to check process and take action on basis of threshold
55753 NetStorm Multi DC | Reporting Issue : When we generate Stats Report using Favorite having Derived graphs, then blank report is getting generated.
55784 NetStorm Multi DC | Reporting issue:- All Report present in master DC report GUI is showing in Multi DC report GUI and its vice-versa.
55785 NetStorm Docker: Getting zero values in Dashboard for Docker Container System Stats.
55792 NetStorm NC_MON|Aggregate Data :- The aggregated data of first hour is missing in NC_MON on day change.
55793 NetStorm Multi DC | Stats HTML Report Issue : Charts are not coming except Line and Stacked Bar in the generated Stats HTML Report.
55855 NetStorm Multi DC | Reporting issue:- Graph is not coming in Stats HTML report in case of Override chart for Bar and Stack Bar.
55892 NetStorm Multi DC | Reporting Issue : Blank Report is getting generated if we generate report using favorite having graphs of Slave DC and Percentile/Slab Count Graph Type.
55894 NetStorm Multi DC:Webdashboard is not opening in Multi DC with DC All in #116.
55897 NetStorm Modify Layout: Modify Layout is not working properly.
55901 NetStorm Need information to download “Multiple Duration” at a time in Summary Report
55913 NetStorm Server signature monitor is failing in outbound mode
55918 NetStorm Derived Graph Issue:Not able to add derived graph with pattern ,while “^” is used in formula
55926 NetStorm MSSQL| Wrong data is shown for MSSQL Performance Stats
55948 NetStorm Multi DC | Favorite issue:- On deleting panel and upgrading favorite the deleted panel is coming in pagination.
55956 NetStorm MultiDC issue :Not able to do undo zoom when panel has only salve dc graphs.
55974 NetStorm Multi DC|Stats HTML Report:Graph name is not showing for DC other than master.
55991 NetStorm Multi DC:Graph Reports are showing for Blank widgets with “-Normal_Line” caption.
56001 NetStorm NDC| Core dump in NDC when CMON is running in outbound with WS/WSS protocol
56005 NetStorm Multi DC | Reporting issue: Threshold levels appearing on opening graph links, without enabled.
56006 NetStorm Reporting Issue | Summary Report :  when we are generating summary report with multiple presets then test summary come with first preset expanded.
56008 NetStorm Reporting Issue:While we are generating summary report with more than one preset then it should show presets sequentially in the report.
56011 NetStorm Multi DC | Reporting Issue:- look and feel of Graph summary list is not coming properly in percentile chart type.
56021 NetStorm Reporting Issue: Summary Report is not showing complete Details for Test summary i.e. URL ,PAGE & TRANSACTION
56065 NetStorm Reporting issue | Summary report : When we are generating  summary report without selecting any presets  then blank report is generated. When we does not select any presets then proper error message should come.
56067 NetStorm Reporting Issue:While we are generating report for multiple durations then one transaction record is missing but it is showing in transaction details.
56095 NetStorm MultiDC:Favorite are not getting saved or updated error message “Error in saving favorite layout.” is coming.
56117 NetStorm Multi DC:Stats HTML Reports are not generating only Continuous progress bar is showing.
56145 NetStorm OUTBOUND | AccesslogV6 monitor is failing while enabling  ENABLE_NS_MONITOR
56161 NetStorm In CSHM, Getting incorrect alert mail regarding  FileSystem
53439 NetStorm Tomcat issue:Gui is not opening with tomcat 7.0.59
55015 NetStorm MON_UI | Deletion in Docker Monitor UI is not working properly
55040 NetStorm Alert Multicondition: Alert Actions of SNMP Traps are not logging in alertAction.csv.
53883 NetStorm On Client Application | vulnerabilities are still showing on the nessus scan report.
53889 NetStorm MultiDC: Advance setting is not working with DC All with “Open with new layout”.
55186 NetStorm Cavbin Issue | While generating Nessus scan report after installing cavbin of 4.1.12#38, we are getting vulnerabilities.
54408 NetStorm POC | Weight column of all queries in query report in 0.
55660 NetStorm POC | ‘Unknown’ is appending into query plan components.
55486 NetStorm Different names showing in widget name and lower panel for that widget
55030 NetStorm Showing blank panels in favorite(
55316 NetStorm Lsof monitor causing high load average on WDC NS machine.
54819 NetStorm MultiDC|Delete Widget Issue: Panel graph is shifting to next panel when we are deleting one panel after performing open merge on a panel and drag graphs in another 2 panels.
55514 NetStorm Wrong data for MySQL InnoDB Row Locks Waiting monitor
55082 NetStorm Need Network delay Monitors in between Application nodes || Cstressrel ||
55038 NetStorm POC | Query Plan is not drawn sometimes. Needs user session restart to display Query Plan
54504 NetStorm KFS || Not getting data for mongoDB monitors
55665 NetStorm POC | Need to link favorites with widgets having separate hierarchy.
55877 NetStorm Container is missing from Prometheus Hierarchy
54923 NetStorm Getting Partial header in test run & garbage value in console
51971 NetStorm POC | Sum of cost of different components in query plan is not equal to 100.
55019 NetStorm Multi DC | Blank Panel Issue : Unable to apply Advance Open/Merge on blank panels.
54845 NetStorm No records found in Alert History
54656 NetStorm Need to create Controller ||
53888 NetStorm In ServiceNow Ticket NODE field showing wrong information
43251 NetStorm MultiDC|Show Graph Tree Issue:Not able to see graph by show graph tree option.
55021 NetStorm POC | Wait time of some queries is having negative value in Wait time field.
54864 NetStorm Critical || Not able to take thread dump ||
54551 NetStorm POC | Wait time carries negative value for some queries.
55692 NetStorm Widgets getting blank after some time in MultiDC (
54867 NetStorm Multiple Test Run Support Issue:If test is started multiple times with cavisson user in NDE Mode then nsu_show_test_run showing multiple Test Runs with Same number.
54108 NetStorm Okta Integration:while login through okta user,while opening view reports from debug trace log window it is redirecting to login page or home page of product UI.
54423 NetStorm Multi Condition Alert : If .multiConditionAlert directory is not present in a machine and we migrate Old Alert Rules to New Alert Rules, then .multiConditionAlert directory is not getting created.
54959 NetStorm Multi DC|Favorites Issue :- Specified path for saving favorite is not available at server error message is coming on saving the favorite in Multi DC
55534 NetStorm MultiDC|Parameters/Filters issue:Not able to apply parameter from graph tree/favorite and filter from favorite.
55140 NetStorm Web Dashboard Issue:Web Dashboard icon is coming different in product UI and Web Dashboard Tab.In product UI icon is showing wrong.
55257 NetStorm MultiDc | Time Period Issue: Unable to apply time period after applying merge with new layout from advance settings.
54806 NetStorm MultiDC Issue : After Updating a favorite with DC : ALL, favorite getting saved separately in all DCs
54696 NetStorm MSSQL | In sqlConfiguration.json file, comma separated values are coming for Hostname and Datasource due to which data is not showing in any monitor of DB Monitoring Screen.
54443 NetStorm Getting timeout for all the request if empty header is coming from the server
55611 NetStorm Excel Report Issue: Combined Excel report is  not generating while generating report for current controller(Data center 1) and another controller(Data center 2)
54406 NetStorm All Health Widgets are showing with same severity on sample update.
55333 NetStorm Widget Drill Down Issue:Widget drill down is not working with Vector graph.
54884 NetStorm Multi DC|Derived Graph Issue:Derived graph is showing incorrect in widget while graph data included NAN samples
53756 NetStorm CavWMON | Not able to take thread dump from UI if jstack is not available on server.
55678 NetStorm MultiDC:Weird beheavier of graphs on gdf change in case of Dynamic Dashboard ON.
53952 NetStorm Alert Multiconditions:Alert actions are not getting triggered with alert generation in NS Mode.
54876 NetStorm RBU-Request Detail Page || Getting 5xx, as error in parsing “scriptParsed: 0” from har file.
54924 NetStorm WebDashboard Issue: GUI is getting hanged after changing pagination in panel system health widget type.
53859 NetStorm Multi DC|Derived Graph Issue:Data is showing with blank line in lower panel while loading favorite in which derived graph is saved with indices which have NAN Values
55061 NetStorm MultiDC Issue: After changing chart type when we update and load favorite again then changed chart type is not reflecting in panel.
54897 NetStorm Webdashboard Angular4 |Reporting Issue: Report is coming blank using favorite having blank panel.
56398 NetStorm CM|CONTINOUS_MON_CHECK_DEMON keyword backward compatibility in new build version
56210 NetStorm Data is coming for disabled server in Server Health Stats Extended monitor.
55809 NetStorm In Accesslog monitor the hierarchy of page name is not coming fine as expected.
55063 NetStorm Widget type issue: Panel caption header is coming in system health type widget after applying modify layout.
53350 NetVision In NV Core, HPD progress report conflict is occurring at ATG.
55218 NetVision ocxFilter | Previous sid’s data is not getting removed from IndexedDB in case of session expire.
52066 NetVision Special Report|Template is not getting added.
55115 NetVision In NV Web-dashboard, functionality of Active CartItem and Active CartValue is not working.
14368 NetVision IN Netvison ,The features which are migrated from Old GUI to NVSPA should be disabled/removed from Old GUI .
30601 NetVision NV WEB DASHBOARD |Filter Criteria is getting changed while doing  DDR from dashboard at page level .
46991 NetVision Garbage data is coming in forms after rtc is being applied for total no of forms.
47438 NetVision NVSPA | Wrong Values are showing for ‘Conversion Rate’ & ‘Per Order Value’ in Revenue Widget and ‘Duration’ in Traffic Widget in Overview GUI.
47643 NetVision When we apply Run Time Changes in BP, Data is not shown in Funnel.
48482 NetVision In Web-Dashboard, DDR hierarchy should be implemented for XHR stats group in open panel setting option.
48483 NetVision In pages filter, unable to filter out pages from smart search having some special characters in URL.
48484 NetVision In NV Product UI ,CPU Utilization vs Load average widget value in y axis gets doubled when refresh button is clicked.
48486 NetVision Dot Thick Net | Page count for many sessions are coming 0.
48487 NetVision Rel4.1.12:Netvision for Desktop applications | C# SDK
48977 NetVision Rel4.1.12:Netvision for Desktop applications | Changes in UI to support Desktop Application Session
49100 NetVision Rel4.1.12:Netvision for Desktop applications | Changes in Backend to Support Desktop Application
49257 NetVision Rel4.1.12: POC Task | Secure Client Authentication – Basic
49437 NetVision Rel4.1.12: POC Task | BOT Detection
49473 NetVision Dot Thick Net | Page navigation timing data is not coming for any session.
50313 NetVision IN Product UI, Hyperlink should be enabled on both the Icon and Icon name.
50427 NetVision In Edge Browser, Error in getting data is showing while opening dashboard.
50923 NetVision Unable to generate sessions as some error is coming in cav_nv.js after upgrading latest build.
51047 NetVision Unable to validate data from stand_alone_monitor as core is generating after running this monitor.
51071 NetVision In NV Web Dashboard, DDR option is not coming for HTTP Request By XHR Group .
51098 NetVision Cluster Support|Sometime vectors are coming twice in testrun.gdf for HPD SLAVE FORWARD REQUEST Monitor.
51194 NetVision Method is coming null in the filter criteria of HTTP request aggregate view
51297 NetVision Rel4.1.12.1: NetVision RTC Support in Cluster mode
51386 NetVision Error is coming in console while browsing sessions after copying latest cav_nv.js .
51618 NetVision IN NVSPA, Offset from previous timing is showing garbage data.
52499 NetVision Unable to generate sessions after enabling sca encryption in cav_nv.js.
52991 NetVision In NV GUI, By default the host filter is containing the host value in page data filter .
52995 NetVision IN NV Replay,Heat map is not plotting while data is present in DB.
53014 NetVision In NV core, Hpd binary is not coming at /etc/init.d path while creating new controller from product UI.
53101 NetVision Multiple issues in a client’s POC setup.
53387 NetVision In NV Playback , Getting error in console for Choose selector option .
53620 NetVision NVCache sever is unable to cache css files.
54058 NetVision Sometimes pg_bulkload process fails to dumps auto pattern data in resource metadata table.
54279 NetVision HPD is not running in latest build of 4.1.12.
54427 NetVision Data is not available in PagePerformanceDetail window, while doing page level drilldown from PagePerformanceOverview.
54912 NetVision Unable to see full page in session replay in case of TABLET Device sessions
55028 NetVision Similar Session|Some issues are coming while applying navigation timing filter to filter bag.
55031 NetVision Secure Client Authentication | checksum added for a particular page is coming in puzzle for every page.
55099 NetVision Not getting Event stats and Browser Page Report(DomContentLoad) in special report.
55184 NetVision In NV Web-Dashboard, garbage data is coming in order total and order count graph for session stats metrics.
55284 NetVision NVSPA | Smart Search | Two filter of same type are not getting added
55285 NetVision Duplicate samples are coming in rtg for multiple samples .
55389 NetVision Unable to see transaction column in session details page in new UI
55584 NetVision In NV Filter|Cross icon is not present on page detail window in order to return to the page filter window.
55666 NetVision Issues in Js Error Filter Prod –
55795 NetVision Need Session Id column in Js Error detail
55815 NetVision Cluster Support|Cores are generating for dynamic data in latest build 4.1.12 #112
55820 NetVision AllEventReport is not opening in Klink – NV
55831 NetVision NoRadioBtn event occurred many times in a single session – Production
55905 NetVision ocxFilter | Sometimes domwatcher request is directly going to NV server even if “OCXFiltering Flag” is zero.
55951 NetVision NV Session Replay | Some resource request is executing infinite times in session replay.
55954 NetVision Http Request drill-down options are not coming in web-dashboard in latest build 4.1.12 (build# 115).
55966 NetVision Http request detail is not showing the http detail on performing ddr from HTTP Detail window.
56325 NetVision Need NV hourly event report for POC production
53815 NetVision No Data found in Page Performance Overview in NV – Klink
49935 NetVision Same sessions are coming in session window when we clicked on next pagination number – Production
54038 NetVision In NV Core, Page Performance parser is consuming high memory percentage in top command output in production box.
54097 NetVision HPD is dumping core in case if request has multibyte character in it
54483 NetVision Need to capture various metrics for Klink NV – Production
21572 NetVision Similar Search|No session is coming while applying similar search filter for cookie having large length.
49920 NetVision Similar Sessions|Getting error in console while adding HTTP request to filter bag.
51514 NetVision Similar Search| Navigation timing filter is not working.
51763 NetVision In Auto Pattern, resource parser’s cores are coming for some new resources of  domain.
52703 Synthetic Monitor NVSM | Bottom 5 option should come for Pie chart in dash board and web dashboard.
56213 Synthetic Monitor SM GUI || When user opens Web-Dashboard in ProductUI then spinner in Test Design GUI stopped moving, it looks like test has stopped but test is still in running phase.
46976 Synthetic Monitor SM Waterfall || Need details of URLs coming in network that currently we are not showing in waterfall model.
54644 Synthetic Monitor NVSM || Test is getting stopped on controller but keep running on generators, partition is not getting switched on generator.
46976 TestSuite Automation_TestSuite| when we run Automation testsuite then due to duplicate keyword suite gets aborted.
54644 TestSuite Testsuite gets aborted due to binary data in test_run.report file
56213 TestSuite Not able to run Scenario when we trigger it from Jenkins.