20th May 2018 – R

New and Enhanced Features in 4.1.11


  • GIT Versioning in Scenario and Scripts: Now, Script and Scenario versioning is supported using GIT. Earlier it was using local versioning.
  • NetHavoc: NetHavoc is a tool to inject different types of faults into a running server. Faults can be injected randomly in the production and/or the staging environment (during a load test or even in production) and the after effects monitored using the NDE infrastructure (Failure as a Service). NetHavoc will simulate failure at a random point in time interval.

Web Dashboard

  • Bypass Login Screen on Copying Favorite Link: If we use copy link and use that link in another window / tab, then it should not ask for login credentials and load same favorite.
  • Show Discontinued Graph for Percentile: Now, Percentile is supported on discontinued graphs.
  • Performance Dashboard Enhancements: Now Performance Dashboard is implemented in Angular 4 along with Generate Report of all controllers.

Test Suite and Jenkins

  • Dashboard related changes in Jenkins Report: In Jenkins, we have provided one more link with trend to open metric graph. This link will open graph in Dashboard. In addition, link to open Dashboard from common area will open Dashboard with all graphs defined in check profile.
  • NS-ND Integration in Jenkins: Now, NS and ND can be integrated. NS and ND reports can be displayed together. Time period will be displayed automatically as whole test duration of NS.
  • Enhancements in Jenkins Plugin: An option is enabled in Jenkins plugin, so that it can pass the check profiles and SLA of metrics from Jenkins itself to NetStorm.
  • Generate HTML Report from Jenkins Report: Now, user can generate HTML report from Jenkins report.