15th April 2018 – R

Bug Fixes

The following issues are fixed in 4.1.11.

Bug IDProductSummary
40661NetCloudWebDashboard | Controller_NC | Scenarios Issue : Not able to start test in NetCloud Mode.
40695NetCloudGetting core dump on generator while running NC test
40717NetCloudNot able to start test in NC mode if PROGRESS_MSECS keyword is used in scenario.
40846NetCloudNot getting any data in req-rep directory on controller
40885NetCloudNetCloud Scenario Issue:Getting core dump while running Test with Page Think with Group Wise in NC Mode.
41214NetCloudGarbage value is attached at the end of RTC file name, due to which RTC is unable to  applied on generators.
42129NetCloudnsu_check_health || .nsu_check_health file is not updated when we are downgarding build on another blades whose path is added in Cron
42414NetCloudUnable to run NC test in 4.1.11 #13
44011NetCloudnia_file_aggregator is not exited after the test is ended
44052NetCloudGetting multiple issues while running NC test with keyword SHOW_SERVER_IP_DATA
44139NetCloudnetcloud_utils is giving incorrect data in 4.1.11
44143NetCloudNot getting any data in nsu_show_generator_data tool in 4.1.11
44177NetCloudGetting core on generators while running NC test with keyword SHOW_GROUP_DATA
44199NetCloudBlocker|| Unable to run NC test due to connection refused with cmon
39154NetDiagnosticsDDR – BTSplitting | Custom Data by BT Splitting window is not opening while traversing through BT >Tier29 >AppServer29 >atg >All Transaction >Request per sec >Drill down >Group By Custom Data >click on Storeid, terminalid.
40489NetDiagnosticsND Config UI – AI | Auto Instrumentation is not getting started as Popup message of  “Could Not Start”  is appearing
40764NetDiagnosticsCore was generated by netstorm in get_actual_no_of_graphs method.
40787NetDiagnosticsAutoCleanUpTopology|Core is generated in NDC while doing “rewrite_instance_conf_file”.
41478NetDiagnosticsDotNetAgent|Auto-Discovery|Connected-Agent is not showing in drop-down option while it is active in agent-info status.
41635NetDiagnosticsNDP| NDP is not able to start in 4.1.11#8 as NDC is trying to invoke ndu_processdata.bin while the name of NDP changed from ndu_processdata.bin to ndp.
41692NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | When user is running the test after attaching a profile at Tier/Server/Instance level then nd.conf file is appearing blank
41739NetDiagnosticsNDP| NDP is not reading its configuration from NDKeyword.conf in case of the nd profile is creating through NDCOnfigUI .
41745NetDiagnosticsNDP| ndp_process_done_v2.txt file is not creating in first partition but in the next partition as soon as the new partition is generated.
41755NetDiagnosticsNDDBU | Core is generated for ndu_db_upload while doing  nslb_get_cut_date_time.
41758NetDiagnosticsNDP|Core is generated in NDP while processing raw_Data file .
41772NetDiagnosticsNDP| Thread name is coming like NDP_NEWTHREAD while scaling instances in run time .
41773NetDiagnosticsNDDBU|Core is generated in NDDBU while doing nslb_get_partition_info.
41812NetDiagnosticsGetting ‘old format for gdf not supported’ error in monitor.log for ND Monitors.
41938NetDiagnosticsND Config UI |User is not able to create the instrumentation profile from UI as Red line gets appear
42029NetDiagnosticsException Source Code Capturing is not working.
42081NetDiagnosticsNDP| NDP is creating two thread for a single instance while scaling it after a partition switch prior to there is no instance present in rawdata in first partiiton.
42116NetDiagnosticsND – ED | Link for sequence diagram is not appearing while traversing from Executive Dashboard > Tier Status > Flowpath Report > Business Transaction > Method Calling Tree.
42150NetDiagnosticsNDP| Core is generated in in NDP while processing message from NDC .
42205NetDiagnosticsDotNetAgent-AutoDiscovery-UI|Content of the Auto Discovered data is not showing appropriate in UI.
42282NetDiagnosticsNDP| NDP is processing same record twice in csv files like a same flowpath is processed twice in NDFlowpath.csv file.
42286NetDiagnosticsNDP | Core is getting generated in ndp_process_data.c for get_memory_in_req_detail_buf.
42294NetDiagnosticsNDP|Message like “Error in Raw Data, App Instance: NodeTier_CAV-QA-30-29_Instance, Raw data file line # 1532; FPI = 4611860248902956147Found invalid method data at character number 99 in sequence blob.” is coming in ndp_trace.log file.
42311NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | Data is not coming in Sequence Diagram report while traversing through Tier status(Tier54) >Drill down >Flowpath By Response Time >BT >Sequence Diagram.
42316NetDiagnosticsNDP | FP With Exit Record | Not able to find correct Method Count in Flowpath Reports and Methods in Method Calling Tree after applying dumpOnlyMethodExitInFP=1, while traversing through ED > Tier > Flowpath By Response Time.
42352NetDiagnosticsNDP | “process_seq_blob_from_bci|Critical|Error in Raw Data” error is coming in ndp logs while ndp is processing rawdata.
42398NetDiagnosticsCore is generated in ndc_agent_comm.c for processing add_fd_in_epoll_for_agent_req
42474NetDiagnosticsNDDBU | FP With Exit Record | Flowpath is not getting uploaded in DB, though it is present in NDFlowPath.csv.
42475NetDiagnosticsDDR-NS|Session summary report is not opening while traversing through Test metrics-> Sessions failures ->All ->Sessions failures/Minute -> Drilldown->Sessions summery.
42490NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | FP With Exit Record | Not able to see correct method sequence in method calling tree while traversing from ED > Flowpath Report > Method Calling Tree.
42562NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | IP stat Report is not opening while traversing through Tier status(NsecomTier) >Drill down >HotSpot >IP Name.
42566NetDiagnosticsAutomation[Failed]|NDP| NDP main thread failed to discover instances in current partition hence csv files are not created in current partition.
42586NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | Flowpath Report is not opening while traversing through Tier status >Transaction scorecard >A icon >Flowpath Count.
42605NetDiagnosticsDDR- ED| Flowpath report data is not clearly visible after applying any filter in Flowpath UI filter while traversing through Tier status >Drill down >Flowpath By Resp Time >UI Filter.
42649NetDiagnosticsNDDBU| Core is generated for DBU while doing nslb_get_partition_info.
42653NetDiagnosticsNeed to enable “enableAutoDetectPlayEntryPoint” keyword every time while agent is loading new classes.
42673NetDiagnosticsFP With Exit Record | Negative values are coming in 44 record in flowpath after applying methodResponseTimeFilter=1%203%201; at run time, also for these flowpath, entries are not present in NDFlowPth.csv.
42682NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | In Flowpath Report, All BT categories are coming while traversing through Tier status(Tier54) >Total counts >Slow count.
42712NetDiagnosticsNDP| NDP is not dumping tier callouts in sqb, henec tier call outs are not showing in transaction flow map.
42725NetDiagnosticsNDP| ndp_process_done_v2.txt file is not creating in first partition and due to this data base is also not uploading data for other partitions  while instances are present in first partition with valid data.
42764NetDiagnostics“NoSuchMethodError” error is coming in tomcat application logs while we are enabling nd in tomcat.
42781NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | In HotSpot Report, JDBC Integration calls are not coming in Integration Point call section but JDBC related class and methods present in stack trace while traversing through Tier status >Drill down >Flowpath By Resp Time >category.
42804NetDiagnosticsGetting ndc core while taking Heap Dump with NodeJS Agent at ndc_async_command.c
42823NetDiagnosticsGetting NDC core in websocket_switching_protocol_rep while taking heap dump with NodeJS Agent.
42884NetDiagnosticsJava Flight Recorder | Getting ndc core in copy_reamining_data_in_partial_buf while starting the recorder .
42917NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | Data is not coming in BT Trends report at Instance level while traversing through Tier status(NsecomTier) >Show Tier info >Instance >Normal BT.
42948NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | Transaction flowPath is not opening while traversing from Tierstatus >Drilldown > flowpath by response time > Callouts
43075NetDiagnosticsFP With Exit Record | Getting wrong Tier Callouts in flowpath record (new format).
43077NetDiagnosticsFP With Exit Record | Getting depth of method ‘0’ & also greater than ‘10000’ in flowpath record (new format).
43127NetDiagnosticsWebsocket | NodeJS | Need keyword  “NDC_SUPPORTED_PROTOCOLS” support from NodeJS agent side.
43156NetDiagnosticsNDP | ndp binary moved to under directory ‘/home/netstorm/work/ndc/bin’ with build 4.1.11#19 as result ndp is not starting.
43405NetDiagnosticsNodeJS | “Error in Dumping metarecord for Backend” is getting in agent logs and not able to take cpu profiling.
43433NetDiagnosticsHeap Dump | Not getting Tier list in Tier dropdown option of Heap Dump Manager.
43501NetDiagnosticsNot able to start test due to “Duplicate vector name(Cavisson>NDAppliance>CMON) in a monitor whose graph definition file (GDF) is cm_ps_data_ex_v2.gdf” error.
43509NetDiagnostics“Exception – ERROR: permission denied for relation flowpath_1440” error is coming while opening reports.
43523NetDiagnosticsNodeJS | Not able to find module ‘websocket-stream’ while stating node with build cav_netjsagnet@4.1.1116.
43556NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | Unable to Import the profile
43567NetDiagnosticsNodeJS | Node is crashing while changing communication protocol from ws to tcp.
43578NetDiagnosticsWebsocket |NodeJS | Control connection is terminating frequently  when node js up with supported protocol ws (NDC_COMM_PROTOCOL=WS) and  ndc supported (NDC_SUPPORTED_PROTOCOLS TCP,WS,wSS )
43708NetDiagnosticsWebsocket | NodeJS | Agent is not able to make connection using wss protocol.
43804NetDiagnostics“Not able to get agent type” error is coming while triggering heap dump through gui.
43810NetDiagnosticsDotNetAgent|Auto-Instrumentation|File dumped before completion of autoInstrSessionDuration and unexpected file dump for the same sceanrio.
43854NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | Facing issue under profile directory that all files are not showing
43892NetDiagnosticsWebsocket | NodeJS | Node is crashing while changing protocol priority in ndc from ws to tcp.
43946NetDiagnosticsDotNetAgent-UI|In instrumentation Profile Maker for dotnetagent ,complete content of instrumentation profile is not appearing.
43978NetDiagnosticsDotNetAgent|Auto-Instrumentation|File is dumping continuously within a time frame of 10 minutes.
44015NetDiagnosticsJava Flight Recorder | Unable to start recording due to exceptions related to ‘permission denied to access ndtier’
44030NetDiagnosticsCore is generating due to “handle_nslb_mon_reg_send_status” function while reading “ndp_stat_mon.c” file
44031NetDiagnosticsCore dump generated in ndp for cm_ndp_instance_monitor_stats
44033NetDiagnosticsCore dump generated in netstorm for update_gdf_data_times
44035NetDiagnosticsCore is generating at ndp_process_data.c for create_sqb_and_append_fp_signature.
44041NetDiagnosticsCore dump generated in ndp for nslb_mon_reg_send
44045NetDiagnosticsBCI is sending serverIp=NA in nd_ctrl_msg_req.
44048NetDiagnosticsCore is generating at ndc_handling_uid.c for dump_uid_data.
44082NetDiagnosticsCleanup/backup Shell is not able to create soft link inside CSV directory.
44097NetDiagnosticsBCI is stuck in continuous loop of creating/breaking connection on TCP port when tcp is kept later in ndc priority configuration and default tcp protocol is set in bci agent configuration.
44107NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | Method Timing Report is not opening while traversing through Tier status >Drill down >Flowpath By Resp Time >Response Time.
44154NetDiagnosticsWebsocket|JAVA | On restarting ndc control connection goes in close wait state in server machine and bci logs also not appending.
44155NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | User cannot change the profile  as ” No Record found” is showing in topology details window
44171NetDiagnosticsBCIAgent| Message like “Class Name: NDDynamicDiagnostics | Method Name: parseDynamicSettings | Message: Exception in parsing keyword for dynamic diagnostics” coming in bci errorlog file
44235NetDiagnosticsWebsocket|JAVA | “Connection has been close for NDC” error is appending very frequently in error logs of agent while restarting ndc.
44295NetDiagnosticsNC_MON | In HotSpot Report, Wrong data is coming in Line no column for run method while traversing through Tier status(Default) >Drill Down >Flowpath By Response Time >Category >click on Merge Stack Trace.
44335NetDiagnosticsCore dump generated in ndcollector for ndc_worker_thread.c
44372NetDiagnosticsNDC | Core is generated in NDC while closing fd’s and monitor connections.
44381NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | Issues in ND enabled Test – Raw_data file is creating empty
44382NetDiagnosticsCore is generating at nslb_db_upload_common.c for dynamicCsvDataLoader.
44407NetDiagnosticsNot able to to take thread dump through ND, due to core dump in “read_message at ndc_manage_ctrl_con.c”
44410NetDiagnosticsGetting core dump in ndcollector for  close_and_open_auto_sensor_hotspot_csv
44412NetDiagnosticsGetting core dump in ndcollector for dump_info_in_csv
44416NetDiagnosticsND | Getting core dump in ndc_main.c for nslb_mon_registration_con.c
44417NetDiagnosticsNDP|NDDBU | NDP process are stuck for previous  testruns and ndu_db_upload process are in defaunt state .
44440NetDiagnosticsBCIAgent| BCIAgent is not able to make connection with NDC again if NDC was resarted due to some unusual condition and message like ” Connection Type = null, connection-subtype =null” is continuously appending in BCI Errorlog file.
44634NetDiagnosticsBCIAgent | Connection between BCI to NDC is showing in ClosedWait state when ndc will restarted .
44643NetDiagnosticsBCIAgent| NDDataDispatcher and ASDataDispatcher connections are not stopped after test stop hence connection between NDC and BCI is still showing in Established state.
44649NetDiagnosticsDDR | Wrong Query count is coming in DB Query report after applying Group By – BT,Tier,Server,Instance,BT Category in DB Group By BT UI filter >click on particular Count.
44660NetDiagnosticsND Config UI – AI | File i.e. .txt and .xml  are not getting created at server side after stoppig the Auto instrumentation process
44661NetDiagnosticsNDP |NDP is not parsing raw data and hence csv files are not created in csv directory.
44704NetDiagnosticsWebSocket | Loop is created in ws and wss enabled agents while restarting ws based agent.
44710NetDiagnosticsWebSocket | If we are provide Tcp,WS protocol in NDC_SUPPORTED_PROTOCOLS keyword then BCI stuck in  continuous loop of creating/breaking connection on WS port .
44712NetDiagnosticsBCI Agent throwing Null Pointer Exception in handleStartInstrumentationCase and stucks in a loop of establishing/closing control connection.
44728NetDiagnosticsWebSocket | Connection get closed while restarting NDC on running test in case of WS communication protocol.
44729NetDiagnosticsDDAI[BCIAgent] | BCI is sending acknowledge_completion_mode=2%2%1%1 while configui has different settings for it in .ddAIDetails.txt i.e “DDAcknowledgemode=2%1%0%0”.
44776NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | Data is not coming in Flowpath Analyzer report while traversing through Tier status >Transaction scorecard >”A” icon.
44822NetDiagnosticsJava Agent | After restarting the test, connection status goes to CLOSE_WAIT from agent side. Though control connection shows ESTABLISHED status from NDC side.
44830NetDiagnosticsND Config UI – JAVA Agent | User is not able to discovered the data from the autodiscover feature as popup message of error is appearing “AutoDiscover method file is empty”
44836NetDiagnosticsNDP | |NDP Started with pid message is continuously coming in ndc trace log file as NDP is started in recovery mode.
44904NetDiagnosticsDDAI[BCIAgent]| DDAI is continuing its process while Config ui has configuration for duration is 120 sec .And DDAI has default value for duration is 600 sec still the process not stopped after 600 sec.
44906NetDiagnosticsDDAI| AI is not happening for the BT provided form configui while the same BT regarding data is appending in raw_data.
44931NetDiagnosticsND – DDR | Error message is coming & no data is appearing in any of drill down reports.
44956NetDiagnosticsWebsocket|NodeJS | Control connection breaks while taking cpu profiling in websocket secure case.
44985NetDiagnosticsND Config UI – NodeJS Agent | Runtime changes is not working
45160NetDiagnosticsND Config UI – DotNetAgent | Not able to start AI as Error message is appearing i.e. AI is supported only for Java
40645NetOceanUnable to start Continuous Monitoring Test in Netocean Due to URL_ENCODING Keyword.
40700NetOceanUnable to get response of Find and Replace parameter.
40705NetOceanNetOcean: Getting core dump in read_request.
40733NetOceanGUI | Unable to create JMS type service with an ACL user.
40795NetOceanGetting core for the JMS log file and no log file is getting created for the JMS Configuration.
40817NetOceanGetting core dump with status code 307 & 308 while changing it from callback function to template level in RTC mode.
41014NetOceanGetting Service level RTC failed due to passing wrong service name.
41029NetOceanGUI | Count of template is showing 1 if more than one template present inside service in RTC Mode.
41477NetOceanUnable to get response of Conditional Logic parameter in response.
41592NetOceanNot getting response of the service in the Normal mode when applied ‘Disabled Mode” rtc on the service.
41839NetOceanGUI | Unable to save Conditional Logic parameter.
42404NetOceanXML parameter is not supported in HTTP2 and so generating core in Netocean.
42568NetOceanGUI | Netocean Services graph is not getting updated in the given time after we test a service.
42669NetOceanGUI | Able to save JSON parameter without giving object path.
42854NetOceanService Time field is not present in the trace file of the cgi url and static url.
42862NetOceanResponse is not coming in Test window of NO in case of redirection
43224NetOceanNetOcean is not able to process the json type request for http2.
43225NetOceanIn the trace file of the json type request-service, the parameter response is in encoded format.
43508NetOceanGUI | Unable to write any data/value in back-end files from GUI.
43510NetOceanUnable to restart HPD from core as well as GUI.
43775NetOceanNetOcean: Not able to start NetOcean server from GUI.
43801NetOceanGUI | Not able to see any template inside any service in GUI.
43803NetOceanGUI | Unable to add template inside any service from GUI.
43809NetOceanGUI | Unable to add any parameter.
43945NetOceanMultiple processes are running of the HPD irrespective of the NUM_PROCESS keyword or by default.
44039NetOceanNetOcean: RTC is not working.
44057NetOceanNetOcean: Unable to fetch any request and response in case of WSDL.
44058NetOceanNetOcean: Unable to fetch any request and response in case of SWAGGER.
44105NetOceanUnable to dump produced message in the JMS_Message.log for JMS_MQ.
44198NetOceanNetOcean: During build up-gradation, core is formed by hpd process.
44240NetOceanNetOcean: Not able to test any service in case of https.
44326NetOceanNetOcean: WSDL | Not able to upload any file using WSDL UI.
44402NetOceanHPD is not running on the port below 1024.
44620NetOceanGUI | Unable to give Start/End Date/Time in Service Virtualization Graph window while select Custom presets.
44986NetOceanUnable to process data for reactive replay and getting error message i.e. “Cannot be accessed through cavisson user.. you should execute the command through root”.
40641NetStormNS || Unable to run test, getting error “Error: Invalid value of UR_ENCODING keyword: Invalid number of arguments”.
40647NetStormMonitors | Core dump is coming while starting of test in version 4.1.11#1.
40648NetStormTime Period Issue:Not able to apply Time period as View By options are showing “0 secs”
40650NetStormGraph Tree Issue:Not able to expand group of group node of “Page Failure , Transaction Failure ,Session failure”
40662NetStormUpdate Data File Issue:Not able to update data file as used scripts are not showing in drop down list of script name in Update data file settings
40823NetStormPage Dump: In Page Dump Error is coming as Page name in url_info.list and flow file is mismatched.
40893NetStormMySql|In MySqlReplication Stats data is coming ‘nan’ for MySQL Slave Sql Running State graph
40896NetStormLogin Issue:Not able to login machine after changing the configurations for support of different Test Run from different DC in case of Multi DC
40944NetStormData coming wrong in GKE_CBP_Accesslog monitor.
41087NetStormExclude graph|Graphs values are getting miss match after excluding ‘times’ type graph
41174NetStormNO Machine: Alert Rules is not opening.404 error is coming.
41207NetStormMulti DC|Favorite Issue:Not able to load favorite ,Error is coming as “Data is not available in selected time period”
41388NetStormDR|Rsync is failing for testrun.gdf and rtgMessage.dat file between primary to backup machine
41449NetStormContinuous monitor test is not running due to failure the compilation of UrlBasedScript.
41614NetStormWebDashboard Angular4 | Reporting Issue : Blank Report is generating when we generate a report using Template.
41656NetStormWebdashboard Angular4|Chart Type Issue: Not able to change chart type to Donut.
41665NetStormWebDashboard Angular4|Pattern Matching Issue: Not able to apply Pattern matching.
41760NetStormScenario GUI |Getting script name selected by default when adding group in scenario.
41777NetStormWebDashboard Angular4|Top Bottom Issue: After Applying Top/Bottom incorrect graph is showing in Dashboard during Run Time.
41818NetStormAlert Overly: Alert Overlay is not working on widget having multiple graph.
41873NetStormAlert Overlays: When we change time period like from Last 10 mins to Whole Scenario then Overlays are getting removed.
41876NetStormAlert Overlay: Error is coming when we apply Alert Overlays for Whole Scenario and View By 10 secs.
41900NetStormAlert Overlays: In online mode when we apply Overlays on multiple widgets.After 4-5 samples all the samples are coming on single line.
41922NetStormWebdashboard Angular 4|Advance Open/Merge Filter Issue:Graphs are getting added in lower pane data of widget on applying widget wise time period after changing panel caption name of widget.
41978NetStormWebDashboard Angular4|Auto Fit Issue: After Loading Favorite with 4*4 Look and Feel is not Proper and X-axis is not showing.
42005NetStormAlert Overlays: Overlays is not saved in favorite.
42208NetStormLeft side of Graphs are getting  blank on coming new sample when applied Merge Graphs in online Test Run.
42285NetStormAlert Overlays:  Previous overlays is getting removed after sample update.
42323NetStormAlert Overlays: In Alert Overlay Details, Overlay is showing for Alert generated ahead time stamp.
42351NetStormAngular4 | Web Dashboard | Template Issue : Not able  to Save template
42353NetStormWebdashboard Angular 4|Template issue:System Templates and Previously saved User Templates are not showing in Template lists. Previous Templates of rtpl format are not converted to json format.
42356NetStormAngular4 | Web Dashboard | Template Issue : After Generation of report using template Graph is not coming in case of Stats report Tabular form.
42393NetStormWeb Dashboard | Angular4 | Template Issue:- Group Metric list option are not coming in case of NDE Mode.
42434NetStormOpen Related Metrics Issue :- Unable to save catalogue in the Open Related Metrics  window.
42456NetStormWeb Dashboard | Angular4 | Report issue:- Report Data is not matching with Dashboard data.
42499NetStormWeb Dashboard| Angular4 | Hierarchical Report issue:- Generation Hierarchical Report with any Metrics option incorrect report is generating in both NS and NDE mode.
42516NetStormOpen Related Metrics Issue:Graph Name is getting reduced after adding graphs in catalogue and again loading the same catalogue.
42691NetStormScenario GUI Issue : SERVER_HOST arguments are changed from core side but the changes are not reflected in GUI.
42703NetStormMachine Login Issue:Not able Login machine Exception is coming as follows “HTTP Status 500 – com.cavisson.ndutils.NDSys.getQueueTimeForTomcat(Ljava/lang/Object;J)V”
42799NetStormServerMapping | Memory is getting corrupted when 19 or more number of groups are used in scenario.
42813NetStormScript Management|Page Dump Issue: While performing Test Script Page Dump is showing Error as Pagedump data was not found. Please wait ……….
42889NetStormWebDashboard Angular4 | Reporting Issue : Graph is coming blank when we generate report with report set name having more than one white space.
42896NetStormAngular4 | Graphical KPI Issue: Zoom out option is not coming in graph.
42900NetStormAngular4 | Graphical KPI: Graphs are not coming proper(Zigzag form) on sample update.
42924NetStormAlert History Issue: Active Alerts is not updating in Alert History.
42930NetStormBaseline Comparison Issue :- NDE mode options are coming on the Compare Setting window for the Product Type NS.
42961NetStormWeb Dashboard | Angular4 | Graphical kpi issue:- Getting exception on adding PKY data.
43092NetStormWebDashboard Angular4 | Product UI Responsive Issue : Login Page is not coming properly in portrait and landscape mode.
43164NetStormLogin Issue : Unable to login to Product UI as Error is coming.
43221NetStormWeb Dashboard | Angular4 | Template issue: Template is not working.
43233NetStormWebDashboard Angular4 | Audit Log Issue : In case of Transaction Details, Time Periods, Compare, Report from Widget and Run Command, user is getting logged out.
43242NetStormScript Management Issue: No Project available for user having Read/Write All Capability.
43247NetStormWebdashboard Angular 4|View By Issue:”Data not available” message is coming after applying open/merge on widget having view by applied.
43248NetStormHeap Dump Issue:Not able to take Heap dump,Error is coming as “Due to Exception take thread dump failed”.
43267NetStormTCP Dump Issue:Not able to apply TCP Dump as drop down list of Tier and server is not showing
43276NetStormWeb Dashboard | Favorite issue:- Not able to add favorite and no old favorite are coming in both NS and NDE mode.
43289NetStormAlert History Issue: Unable to load Alert History.
43290NetStormVirtual User Trace Issue:Not able apply Virtual user Trace ,as group information is not showing in Virtual User Trace Tab
43292NetStormTest Run GUI Issue:Not able Delete,Lock/Unlock,Archive/Unarchive and Export/Import  Test from test run GUI,400 Bad Request is coming in console
43300NetStormBlocker | Core Dump is coming in starting of test in 4.1.11 B20.
43389NetStormImport Access Log Issue:Not able to apply Import access log ,as not able to select Tier
43402NetStormDebug Trace Log Issue:Not able to open Debug trace log
43407NetStormnsu_logging_reader is not running while CM test is running
43414NetStormWebDashboard Angular4| Pattern Matching Issue: Blank catalogue is saving in pattern matching and in back end catalogue file is having permission as cavisson:netstorm.
43499NetStormController Migration Issue: Tomcat is not running at port 80 & 443,getting Error “java.net.BindException: Permission denied (Bind failed) <null>:80”.
43514NetStormPage Dump Issue: Progress Report,Page Dump options are missing in Report selection UI (Only Scheduler option is coming)
43518NetStormWebDashboard Angular4|Pattern Matching Issue: Not able to apply pattern matching with All graphs in NS mode.
43537NetStormWebDashboard Angular4|Pattern Matching Issue:  Pattern Matching is not working with saved Catalogue.
43545NetStormACL|Capability Issue:Not able to add capability from Access Control List
43560NetStormACL|Ldap login issue:Ldap users are not able to login through gui.
43564NetStormCompare Issue:Data is not getting updated after applying Compare
43573NetStormCompare Report Issue:Blank compare report is generating while generating report from Test run GUI with All Transactions and Template option
43605NetStormWebDashboard Angular4|Run Command Issue: Run Command is not working.
43631NetStormWebDashboard Angular4|Manage Controller Issue: Unable to delete controller, while deleting controller 400 Error is coming.
43647NetStormTrend Compare Issue:Metric Name is not coming properly in lower panel after applying Trend Compare
43660NetStormRunLogic Progress: Error is coming as “Unable to get response from server. Please retry”
43669NetStormOn upgrading 4.1.11 #22 build, RDT directory is not getting created inside $NS_WDIR
43701NetStormWebDashboard Angular4|Manage controller Issue: Not able to create Controller.
43707NetStormIP MGMT || Request served form admin/primary IP is getting merged with the requests served from assigned IP Requests Sent/Sec graph.
43719NetStormWeb Dashboard getting hanged on loading favorite  in favTree.
43730NetStormIP MGMT || Test is terminating without any error when we assigned IP’s from a file in unique and shared modes.
43737NetStormIP MGMT || Getting core in “ns_sock_com.c” when we execute test with USE_SRC_IP in unique mode.
43772NetStormAlert Settings Issue: Alert is not getting disabled in alert settings.(Permission Denied)
43778NetStormWebdashboard: Error is coming as client is not identified by the server.
43780NetStormOpen Related Metrics Issue :- Catalogue are not saving on applying Open Related Metrics on the Web Dashboard.
43785NetStormTransaction Details Issue : Data is not coming in Transaction Details.
43840NetStormTrend Compare Issue :- No Templates are coming in the Template drop down list at Report UI on applying side by compare in case of Reporting.
43876NetStormDerived Graph Issue:Data is not coming correct in case of TAVG function
43911NetStormDynamicServerIP | Test is getting stuck when ‘SHOW_SERVER_IP_DATA 1’ keyword is used in scenario.
43961NetStormWebDashboard Angular4|Group at Different Level: Group at Different Level is not working.
43963NetStormIP Settings || In edit mode, saved configuration is not reflecting in Group Based IP Settings.
44002NetStormScheduler is not running after scheduler migration.
44027NetStormCore Dump Issue:Getting core dump on starting test in NS mode.
44037NetStormCheck User Before Build is UnTar. This should be Cavisson User.
44038NetStormImport Access Log Issue:Not able to import access log file as Upload button in not working in File Browse/Folder
44042NetStormRBU-Page Detail Report || Getting status code 400, when we drill down to page detail report from WebDashboard.
44043NetStormRBU-Page Detail Report || Old design of Page detail report is reflecting when we open from Report Management GUI as product key is not getting passed.
44054NetStormRBU-Page Detail Report || Data is not reflecting in Page Detail report from debug trace log.
44115NetStormWeb Dashboard GUI Issue:Web Dashboard GUI is showing blank as view by is showing 0 secs
44117NetStormWeb Dashboard | Angular4 | Graphical KPI issue:- On sample update ‘Actual vs Planned Revenue (Today)’ and ‘Order and Revenue’ Graph is coming zero.
44119NetStormWebdashboard  Angular4 | Graphical KPI issue:Graphs are not coming for Open-API-SAL(CPU),WebStore(CPU) and Open-API-Rest(CPU) in the widgets.
44127NetStormProduct UI Issue : Product UI is not opening after upgrading to 4.1.11 Build 26.
44162NetStormGetting core dump when we test service with continuous monitoring enabled
44193NetStormStart Test Issue:Not able to start test on other controller if work controller is not migrated.
44201NetStormNetStorm: During build up-gradation, core is formed.
44205NetStormNetStorm: Getting core dump with latest build.
44221NetStormRun Command Issue: Run Command is not working for Servers having build of 4.1.11, when we run command output is coming as “command successfully executed”.
44273NetStormScript Management: Request/Response in Debug Trace Log is coming blank.
44275NetStormScript Management: Page Dump option is not coming in Drill Down Reports.
44284NetStormMulti DC Issue : Login page is not opening in Multi DC with IP address( and Login page is opening after giving /ProductUI after IP address.
44312NetStormMobile View Issue : Apply button is not coming after selecting Time Period and View By and favorite list is not showing the name of all the favorites.
44323NetStormCore: Core dump is coming when we start test in case of ENABLE_AUTO_MONITOR_REGISTRATION 1.
44331NetStormDynamicServerIP | Getting core dump when dynamic transaction script used in scenario.
44349NetStormReport is not generating from Scheduler Report,Getting Response from report = {“status”:”117″}.
44356NetStormCore |Memory is getting corrupted and forming core dump with inline checkpoint.
44357NetStormScript Management: When we open view reports from Debug Trace Log,progress bar is coming.
44499NetStormMulti DC|Derived Graph Issue:Not able to add derived graph with DC-All,in Multi DC Env
44516NetStormWeb Dashboard | Angular4 | Graphical KPI issue:-Graphs are not coming in graphical KPI on changing favorite panel.
44584NetStormGetting garbage value in standard deviation time of Overall time
44585NetStormBlocker | Monitor is not adding at runtime through GUI.
44592NetStormNF-NDE Integration : NF Metrics is not showing in Dashboard tree.
44625NetStormPage Dump and Progress Report Issue: User having ReadWriteAll and Read All Permission is not able to see Page Dump and Progress Report of test run by other group user.
44680NetStormCore |Memory is getting corrupted and forming core dump with 30 groups in scenario.
44700NetStormBlocker | Autoscaling is not working with TCP port of NDC.
44701NetStormIssue:Not able to login GUI,Error as “HTTP Status 404” is coming.
44857NetStormGUI| we are unable to Enable  SHOW_SERVER_IP_DATA keyword from scenario GUI.
44861NetStormCore Dump is coming continuously during staring of test in NS.
44869NetStormJsonGUI|All applied check monitors are deleting when try to delete any specific one.
44923NetStormGraphical KPI Issue : Graphs are getting blank other than Order & Revenue in Graphical KPI but graphs are coming in Dashboard favorite.
45012NetStormOpen Related Metrics Issue :- Graph names are not coming in the Graph Names drop down list of the Open Related Metrics Window.
45020NetStormRBU-ClickAndScript || Script is failing on ns_edit_field API, getting error “Cannot read property ‘set’ of undefined”.
45040NetStormIP MGMT || Test is not getting started with Source IP in unique mode, when group name is mentioned as ALL in G_USE_SRC_IP keyword instead of any specific group name.
45293NetStormScript Management: Unable to launch Script Management from Total Scripts.
45295NetStormScenario GUI | Showing group values of previous scenario when try to create new scenario
45304NetStormWeb Dashboard | Lower Pane issue:- On performing any operation on Lower pane it keeps on loading.
40880NetVisionIn NV GUI, 5XX exception is coming after clicking on update task in task scheduler for the added cronstring value in corresponding table.
41005NetVisionReplay window is not opening in build 4.1.11 #5 as uncaught syntax error is coming in console.
41213NetVisionIn NV Core,Getting core dump on hpd path regarding resource domain monitor in latest build 4.1.11 #5.
41946NetVisionIn NV Product UI, null pointer exception is coming while clicking on form analytics.
43465NetVisionData is not dumping in db as core is coming regarding nr_db_upload.
43571NetVisiondue to some permissions issue, config options are not shown after navigating from product ui to nv gui.
43613NetVisionIn NVAPP, Overview window is not opening properly.
43712NetVisionInternal Server Error is coming on form analytics window after applying last time greater than or equal to 1 day.
43875NetVisionIn NV Playback, browser is getting unresponsive after generating click map data.
43967NetVisionIn latest build,some records of csv files(useraction and dynamic)data are not dumping properly in db.
44065NetVisionIn JCS |Caching is not working in NVSPA and NVRCA (except page performance detail) gui.
44130NetVisionHTTP Status 404 is coming while login to NV Product UI.
44375NetVisionIn NV Core, HPD is not running on default ports after upgrading to latest build of 4.1.11.
44500NetVisionIn NV Core | Parsers are not running in latest build of 4.1.11.
44574NetVisionCores are generating while restarting hpd due to nvpageNavigation parser.
44750NetVisionUnable to downgrade build from 4.1.11 to 4.1.10.
44882NetVisionIn NVSPA GUI, Advance Filters are not working in Filter bag .
44887NetVisionSimilar Sessions | Wrong sessions are filtering out while applying page sequence filter from filter bag.
44947NetVisionSimilar Sessions|Wrong sessions are showing while adding useraction to filter bag .
40721Synthetic MonitorSM Webdashboard | Metrics is not showing in webdashboard.
41429Synthetic MonitorRBU- Issue in script recording or getting wrong xpath as we record script from India.
44490Synthetic MonitorDomain Stats || Getting core in SM test when we add RBU_DOMAIN_STAT keyword in scenario, also error “Value of Group vec idx(946) out of range(0:612) for group = Domain Stats and graph = Domain Lookup Time (Sec)” is reflecting on console.
44630Synthetic MonitorNVSM || Error in opening Web-Dashboard.
44933Synthetic MonitorPage Detail Report || On SM test we are not able to view waterfall and clips, observed no har files and clips inside “harp_files and screen_shot” directory as process of untar on controller end is failing.
43512TestSuiteTestSuite GUI | Unable to run Testsuite test from GUI.