11th April 2018 – R

New and Enhanced Features in


  • Use Script from any Project: From 4.1.11 onwards, you can specify scripts present in any project in any scenario. This removes the restriction in previous releases, which required user to specify a script of the same project as that of the scenario.
  • Group based settings: IP management settings can now be specified per group. This will allow users to set different source IP settings and server host mapping settings for different groups.
  • Space Encoding in URL: Users can now encode space and special characters present in URLs. This feature ensures that requests sent by NetStorm (or NetCloud) are similar to the request sent by browsers.
  • Password Encryption: Passwords captured during script recording are now stored in encrypted format. These encrypted passwords are decrypted during the test run, at run-time, before being sent over the network.
  • Enhancements in Replay Access Log: From 4.1.11 onwards, users can parameterize time stamps used in the Replay Access Log feature.
  • HTTP/HTTPS Requests in WebSocket Session: User can now send HTTP / HTTPS data within a WebSocket session.
  • Creating Script using REST API: User can now create script from Rest API. In JSON, we need to provide Project, Sub-Project, Script name, Page name, URLs, and Headers details.
  • RDT Support: This feature provides an environment for testing a webpage from different services, i.e., Android, iOS and desktop. Overall and detailed drilldown statistics are captured for the webpage and displayed.
  • Full Cookie Support in RBU: From 4.1.11 onwards, cookies can be transmitted in HTTP request domain-wise via inline URLs.
  • DOM Content Checkpoint Enhancement: Elements of webpage such as attributes and CSS properties can now be validated while running NetStorm test with RBU/NVSM configuration.
  • Uploading file on an application (server) through RBU/NVSM: User can now upload any data file during a RBU / SM configuration test. The path from where the file is uploaded is captured during script recording.
  • Domain Based Timing Stats: A user can now view statistics for the different domains that are hit during an RBU based test run.


  • Disable Service / Enable Service in RTC: Any HTTP service can be disabled or enabled at run-time in NetOcean without restarting server. This is used to simulate the condition of getting the service up / down at any point of time in application server.
  • RTC in Binary / Regular Expression Search Parameter: Binary / RE search parameter can be added / removed at run-time in any HTTP service in NetOcean without restarting NetOcean.
  • Option to Disable CONNECT method: This contains fixes for events where a 403 response was received when HTTP and HTTPS requests are sent across with the reverse proxy settings disabled through the “CONNECT” method.
  • Mock Response supported from GUI: There is a support added from GUI side for mock response. User can set the status code of any service and corresponding percentage of the request received.
  • Connection Timeout Simulation: This is a new feature introduced in NetOcean. It will simulate the connection time-out for any third party server from application server. In this feature, connection of NetOcean from application server can be timed-out at current time or at any scheduled time in future.
  • HTTP2 Multiplexing Support in NO: In this feature, NetOcean will get the HTTP2 request streams randomly for any stream ID and NetOcean will send the response as soon as it gets the end stream for any stream. 
  • WSDL/Swagger Support: This feature is used for importing all the Services in NetOcean, which are exposed by Client through WSDL / Swagger.


  • Improvements in Test Start Time: Time taken to start a NetCloud test has been significantly reduced in 4.1.11. Several tasks are now performed in parallel culminating in a faster test startup.
  • Different Progress Interval for Different Products: Progress Interval is the interval after which the data is collected from every NVM / child to parent and displayed in progress report and GUI to visualize in graphs.

In previous builds, default progress interval for all the products was 10 seconds. To run test(s) with good statistics, user needed to provide different progress interval manually for different products. Therefore, to overcome this manual effort, different progress interval is set for different products.

NetStorm – 10 seconds

NetCloud – 30 seconds

NetOcean – 60 seconds

NetDiagnostics – 60 seconds

NetVision – 60 seconds

  • Dynamic server IP data: User can now view the rate of requests sent to the edge server by NetCloud load generators. This will help in analyzing root cause of high response time from particular locations.


ND Core
  • Flowpath Message Redesign: This feature is for generating method sequence blob with exit records only. This will improve the performance of the system by reducing the amount of data being transferred.
  • WebSocket Protocol Support: WebSocket protocol support for NDC – Agent communication. Support is provided to make the communication more secure and to communicate on HTTP port 80/443.
Config UI
  • Auto Discover for Dot Net Agent: Auto Discovery feature of the ND Configuration UI loads the agent settings of the respective selected agent for the instrumentation purpose. Support is provided for creation of Instrumentation Profile by the data discovered by the Agent through Auto Discover.Auto Discover feature helps in browsing all the loaded classes in an application for instrumentation purposes. Now support is provided for auto discovery of instrumentation in Dot Net applications also.
  • Enhancements in Instrumentation and RTC: User can now edit an instrumentation profile at run time. For all profiles, which contains edited instrumentation profile, the request for RTC will be sent to each level (Topology, Tier(s), Server(s) and Instance(s)) where the instrumentation profile is attached to the profile. A ‘Detail’ button is introduced to get the details about the instrumentation profile.
  • Custom Data Response Header support: Enhancement in custom data capturing configuration to capture data from HTTP session i.e. based on the Response Header.
  • Response Headers Support in Business Transactions: Business transaction can now be captured based on the multiple request header values. In existing design, there was a limitation that transactions could not be split, based on these values. Although, multiple requests could be mapped in a single transaction with different values. Now this limitation is removed and multiple Business transactions can be configured by changing the header values only.
  • Read Topology from file System: This feature reads the topology from the file system which helps the user to apply configuration in the Auto Scaling environment, where server and instance(s) go up or down.
  • Import/Export of Profile: This feature reduces the user effort to create similar profiles on different machines as now he/she can first export the selected profile and then copying the zip folder on the desired machine and importing the same zip folder.
  • Auto instrumentation support for Dot Net agent: Auto-Instrumentation feature is used for auto-detection by Agent without providing any instrumentation profile. Based on classes / methods coming in stack samples of the application, instrumentation of classes and methods will be done. This feature is very useful for any new environment for exploring new Integration Point calls, thread calls, and making specific instrumentation profile for any environment.
  • Run-time Changes of Monitors on Pre-discovered Servers: Earlier, when we used to add JSON at run-time, then the monitors were applied only on newly discovered servers but not on the existing active servers present in topology. Now, when JSON is added at run-time, it is applied on all active servers present in topology.
  • Disabling Monitor Graphs: This feature allow user to remove graph from a monitor. This will reduce number of graphs to be visible in UI.
  • Framework to Support New ND Monitors without Code Change: A framework is provided to support addition of any new ND monitors without code changes.
Java Agent
  • Asynchronous Web Transactions in Tomcat, Jetty, and WebLogic based on Async Servlet 3.0: This feature is related to servlet 3.0 and is used for complete async transaction. Methods – “complete” and “dispatch” are invoked in one of the child thread spanned from main transaction.

Async transactions in Servlet 3.0 does not require a dedicated container thread with each request to wait for completion of all tasks. Due to this, overall response time capturing in ND needed a special handling for the completion events of Async transaction. Which is generic in design and can be configured according to different-different implementations. Default set of configuration covers all major container implementation of Async servlet 3.0 specification.

  • Generating Method Call Flow using Exit Record Only:
    • Capturing methods taking time in all slow/vslow flow paths
    • Support for method time filter in flow path

This feature supports generation of method sequence blob with exit records only; so that exact sequence of call can be traced without any data is discarded even though method was called.

There were few design limitations like implementing method filters based upon the response time in instrumented and non-instrumented sessions captured by ND. To overcome this limitation, now agent will capture only the method exit records in seq Block. After this, seq block size is reduced in raw_data and below method filters are possible now:

  • Discard methods having very low response time in instrumented sessions.
  • Capture method having high response time even in non-instrumented sessions so that slow, and very slow transactions have good method calling tree to analyze issues.
  • Capturing time taken by container before and after entry point invocation in tomcat and WebLogic (queue time): This addresses a discrepancy in the actual response time and the response time reported by the agent. This applies when the Queue time in the point of actual request received and the point from which the agent starts instrumenting the request times are not equal. Queue time captures the time spend in a container queue before the actual execution starts for a request. In high load, generally Container queue time increases due to unavailability of worker threads.
  • Automatic Detection of Play Framework Entry Point: In case of Play framework, there was the dependency of the route file of the application. We were needed to ask the route file of the application from the client to find NDEntrypoint for Play Framework application. Therefore, to overcome this dependency, with this feature, we can automatically detect entry points of Play framework application. 

Play framework entry points are configured in routes file, which maps entry methods with incoming URL. In older releases, entry point needs to be configured manually from routes file, before monitoring any Play framework based application. Now NDAgent is capable of detecting all entry points automatically. No manual configurations are needed.

  • New Integration Point Support for Google Big Table and Big Query
  • Redis Callouts Filter: This feature is related to filtering method of Redis command. This filter removes unnecessary method which were earlier being instrumented and being marked as integration point call.
  • BT Support Based on HTTP Header Values: In existing design, there was a limitation that transactions could not be splitted based upon the values. Although, multiple requests could be mapped in a single transaction with different values. Now, this limitation is removed and multiple Business transactions can be configured by changing header values only.
Node JS Agent
  • NodeJS 9.x Version Support: This includes support for latest NodeJS version (NodeJS 9.x version) and implementation of NodeJS agent with this version.
  • Support for Heap Dump and CPU Profiling for Node JS is provided with all existing UI options.
  • Heap dumps can now be taken in small to large sizes (7 – 800 MB) and saving the same on the server side, with no impact on the performance of the product.
  • Generating Method Call Flow using Exit Record only:
    • Capturing methods taking time in all slow/vslow flow paths
    • Support for method time filter in flow path

This feature supports generation of method sequence blob with exit records only; so that exact sequence of call can be traced without any data gets discarded even though method was called.

DotNet Agent
  • Enhancements in New Hotspot Design: All threads can be captured in hotspots, which are involved in application’s transaction.
  • Auto Instrumentation of .NET Classes / Methods: Instrumentation process in NDAgent has been automated means it can be auto-detected by Agent without giving any instrumentation profile also. Based on classes / methods coming in stack samples of the application, user can perform instrumentation of classes and methods.

Web Dashboard

  • Audit Log: These security logs capture users’ activity and display details of currently logged in users, such as user name, session Id, IP address from where user has accessed, activity date / time, and activity description. It mainly covers logging of object level Add, modify and delete events. E.g. a new favorite save, update and deletion should be logged. After these changes, only single user is allowed to login using the same username at one point of time. In case the user is already logged in with same username, on login again, he/she will get an option to close the previously running session forcefully and then login. 
  • Catalogue Management: Catalogue is defined as a collection of graphs. This catalogue is saved at a common place, so that it can be used with different modules of Web Dashboard like Favorites, Alert, Template, Pattern Matching, etc. by just attaching the catalogue as per requirement. It will help the user to create a graph catalogue one time and use it across multiple objects. Catalogue management UI allows user to manage (add / edit / delete) graph catalogue objects effectively from a single place. 
  • Open Related Members: Feature to open all related metrics by its hierarchy. If user selects “open related members for server” then it will open all metrics, which has same Tier and same Server of selected entity. 
  • Overlay Support in Widgets (Alert): Overlay Alerts support is provided for displaying stats of the alert generated in the graphs. User will get the alert events from Alert History. Based on its time stamp, user will get annotations on the graph, to show the different types of Alerts (Critical / Major / Minor / Normal) at different point of time. 
  • Auto Fit Option in Widget: This feature fits all widgets in visible area by re-sizing them automatically using “Auto Fit” option. It helps the user to view all the widgets in panel without scrolling. It automatically decreases the size of widgets to fit it in visible area and eliminates scrolling. 
  • Show Prefix and Suffix with Value in Data Widget ($, MB/GB, M/B): User can add Prefix and Suffix from Advance setting in Data Widget. This will help in showing the units of the data shown in data widget prominently. 
  • Edit Label of Y-axis in Dual Graph: Using this feature, user can edit Y-axis of Dual Axis graph from Advance settings of Widget Setting. This enhancement is taken as many a times, the fully qualified graph name is a long name and relevant portion of the name is now visible to the user, but now user can provide the name he/she wants. 
  • Multiple Test Run Web-Dashboard Support on Same NS Engine: User can now start multiple Test Runs from UI. Dashboard will show updated data in all Test Runs. 
  • Conversion of Template in Angular4 and Support for JSON: Template Management screen is now implemented in Angular4 and template will be saved in JSON format, which will allow more template attributes are added without the problem of backward compatibility. 
  • Filters in Template and Report Management UI: In Template and Report Management screen, data level filters like Top, Bottom, >=, <= is implemented. This will allow user to generate reports with only relevant data set. 
  • NF – NDE Integration: NetForest-NDE integration is used to provide an integrated dashboard for showing both ND data as well as NF visualizations at one place only. 
  • Performance Dashboard link in Product UI: A link is provided in Product UI to navigate to Performance Dashboard (PD).
  • Virtual User Trace in Angular4: Using this feature user can trace a random virtual user of each group. User will select a group and will request to trace then system will pick any random virtual user and show its state by block diagram. Block diagram will show block for each page of the script.
  • Product UI – Link to open Release Notes: In Product UI, option to open Release Notes is provided within the release details section.
Test Suite and Jenkins
  • Jenkins Plugin can now display “pass” or “fail” the build based on reports status. Build will display “fail” or “pass” according to the result shown in the HTML report.
  • Jenkins Metric based Threshold Configuration: Support is provided to pass threshold value as a parameter from Jenkins. The threshold is passed as dynamic parameter while running the job.
  • New Monitor UI Configuration: This feature enables a user to configure different monitors in JSON format using a very intuitive UI, which requires minimal configuration and takes less effort. User is able to see all the monitors configured on all the available tiers in a given environment inside a single configuration window. User can apply the monitors at Tier, Server or Instance level. User can also test a monitor configuration and see if there is any issue or configuration is fine.
  • Monitor for Chat Bot Platform (CBP) Logs: Support is provided to monitor logs having request with multiple responses for Chat Bot Platform on Google Cloud Environment.
  • MySQL Replication Monitoring Abilities: Added support of monitoring MySQL traditional replication stats monitoring (Master/Slave) and Group Replication attributes. Traditional replication works on a single Master for write operation and multiple slaves for read operation. While in the Group Replication, multiple servers form a group and each server in the group can execute RW (Read Write) transactions independently after approval from Group.
  • BigTable Monitoring in Big Data Cluster : Google Cloud BigTable provides REST end-points through which monitor makes request to Google Cloud BigTable server for cluster and server related stats. 
  • Prometheus Kubernetes stats monitoring: There are environment where either the components are sending the metric information in Prometheus format or Prometheus is configured to fetch the key metrics, so an integration of Cavisson Monitor with Prometheus is created to fetch the Kubernetes Key health metrics like Kubernetes Container Stats, Kubernetes Overall Summary Stats and Kubernetes Namespace Summary stats.
  • BigQuery Monitoring in Big Data Cluster: Google cloud BigQuery provides a way to analyze all your data by creating a logical data warehouse over managed, columnar storage as well as data from object storage, and spreadsheets. This monitor makes HTTP connection with Google cloud and get stats related to Google cloud dataset and global resource type.
  • Hikari JMX Monitor: Monitoring support is provided for Hikari Connection Pool based Java application through JMX MBean query interface.
  • Apache Active MQ Monitors (Broker, Destination): Provided support of monitoring Apache ActiveMQ through JMX, mainly capturing Broker and Broker Destination stats. Apache ActiveMQ is the most popular and powerful open source messaging server. It is the most light-weighted messaging server compared to other messaging servers like JBossMQ and Tibco EMS.
  • JBoss AS 7 Monitoring (Transaction, Service and Prepared Statement): Provided support for JBoss Application Server 7 monitoring by capturing JDBC Connection Pool stats, JDBC Prepared Statements stats, Transaction stats and Service stats using http based calls. JBoss AS is an open-source implementation of Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) that is used for implementing Java applications and other Web-based applications and software.
  • Azkaban Monitors (executor, coordinator and webserver): Support is provided for Azkaban Application stats (jobExecutor, container, jobCallback, webExecutorManager, webTriggerManager, and coordinator).
  • Oracle ATG DB Stats Monitor to migrate in MySQL: After this enhancement, the monitor will bring ATG DB stats for both Oracle and MySQL DB with specified argument as DB type.
  • Oracle ATG Cart Monitor Migrate in MySQL: After this enhancement, the monitor will bring ATG cart monitor stats for both Oracle and MySQL DB with specified argument as DB type.
  • DB Schema Disk Usage Monitor: This is a generic DB monitor. Here, we are using a predefined query to get DB schema usage and MySQL jdbc driver. 
  • Kafka latency (Producer latency and Consumer latency) for Kafka Servers: Support for metrics related to Kafka broker service stats to provide consumer latency and producer latency using JMX port.
  • GCP Storage Bucket Monitor: Monitoring support is provided for Google cloud storage bucket read and write permission, so user can view whether ‘read’ and ‘write’ permission are available to an specified bucket or not.
  • Local JMX Connection Using PID in Java GC JMX Monitor: After this enhancement, Cavisson monitor can establish JMX connection to the application using Process ID (PID) and there is no need to expose the JMX port when CavMon is running on the local machine. This will remove the security concern raised due to exposure of JMX port. User can also provide search pattern for identification of the process as PID is susceptible to change.
  • Conversion of following DDR reports in Angular4:
    • NS URL Reports: URL report shows the details of all the URLs including main URL and inline URL. It shows details about particular URL, such as how many times it is hit, success, failed etc.
    • NS Session Reports: A Session is functional group of transactions. Each Transaction is a group of URL. URL can be Inline or main URL. NS session report contains details of success, tried, or failed session details.
    • NS Page Reports: Page report shows the details, such as how many times a particular page is hit, tried, success, failed, and response time for a page etc.
    • NS Transaction Reports: Transaction report shows the details of all the Transactions. It shows details about particular Transaction, such as how many times it is hit, success, failed etc.
    • BT Trend Report: Business Transaction report shows all the business transactions for a selected period. A transaction is nothing but a functional group of activities.
    • IP Stats Reports: Integration point health shows all the integration points captured for a selected period.
    • Flowpath Analyser Report: Flowpath Analyzer is useful in case of large number of flowpath to identify the issue where each flowpath having different set of combination of methods.
    • Flowpath Compare Report: This feature is to compare two Flowpath Report based on HotSpot, Exception, Method Calling Tree, Method Timing Report, and DB Request Report.
  • Common Query Manager UI Enhancements: Through Common UI filter, user can now customize the Query in “Exception Report”, “Flowpath Group by Business Transaction”, and “DB Request Group By Business Transaction Report” as per requirements.
  • Dynamic Columns and Download: In Common Query UI, upon selecting “group by” and “order by” in Flowpath, DB Queries, and Exception report, dynamic columns are added and download is handled dynamically.
  • BT IP Summary Report: It is an organized report to find out integration point callout details for a particular business transaction.
  • Phase-2: Support of appearance of thread callout flow paths. Now IPS generated by thread Callout flow paths also will be visible in bottom table and Flowpath counts also included thread Callout flow paths.
  • JFR Download UI: Now onwards there will be a UI for downloading flight recordings similar to other diagnostic tools (thread dump, heap dumps).
  • Split View Report: Now onwards, the integrated Flowpath report will be visible in a new window known as splitted view report with tab wise reports.
  • Phase-2: Hide/show of side bar, sorting of Flowpath, informative icons, transaction flow map as part of it to optimize usability and analysis of Flowpath and its matrices.
  • Method Call Tree Enhancements: Method call tree will now be visible with more enhanced options like adjusting width of columns, showing self-time and queue time for threads, enable/disable showing of self-time and queue-time.
    • Phase-2: Ignore filters, column ordering, lazy loading like advance features to optimize MCT usability.
  • Dynamic Diagnostics Support of DDR: Support of Dynamic Dignostics is provided from various screens of DDR (Flowpath report, BT Trend, MCT).
Executive Dashboard
  • Conversion of modules in Angular4: System stats and graphical KPI is redesigned in Angular4. Now, Executive Dashboard (ED) can be accessed from Web Dashboard too.


  • NV Product UI Support: NetVision’s product UI is now similar to other product’s UI. Earlier, in NetVision, we directly could land on sessions page. But now, we have introduced a Dashboard-type landing page which displays options, such as load average, response time, DDR etc. and from here, we can navigate to other old features. New UI contains some AddOns stats, such as Geo map etc. to present aggregated information in a better way over the period.
  • CSS Selector as element ID support: Selector can now be captured based on ID. Earlier, it was based on XPath.
  • NetTest | Function Test case Execution and Reporting: Support is provided to create and execute functional test cases and reporting the logs / Result (Pass / Fail) of the test cases. 
  • Resource Timing – Domain Activity: Similar to resource timing, now domains can also be visualize as waterfall. It helps in identifying slow domains. 
  • Multi Resource / Domain Trend: Multiple domain trend show all the domains that are selected from the table or shown in line graph with already applied filters. 
  • Page Scatter – Percentile view: It shows percentage graph of all the pages in the scattered view over a period to analyze the page wise performance quickly. 
  • Resource Timing 2: Earlier, we show only resource and domain and now we are showing transfer size of all the resources and how they are served. 
  • Breadcrumb Support: Breadcrumb support in SPA UI is provided to quickly navigate between different views. 
  • Optimization in Dynamic metadata entries (eg. js error, xhr etc.): In this feature, first dynamic entries are stored in csv file then it will move into DB. 
  • Storage Priority in Multi disk: Allows to prioritize disk partitions in multi disk setup. This enhancement is implemented to overcome the limitation of the HPD stops with core dump in case of disk full. 
  • Form Analytics – capturing filters: An enhancement is implemented to apply filters on the forms and its fields that needs to be captured. 
  • JS Error – Beautify JS and highlight the error line: Addition of new JS Editor mode where page details can be viewed for selected source file. Multiple files can be viewed using this mode. A new feature – Beautify Source File, can be used to highlight the error lines in the source file and to quickly open different file references from the JS Editor Tab. 
  • XHR Group Enhancement: Grouping of similar XHR to reduce the data from the database. 
  • NV Extension (Replay) to change User Agent and Cookie: An extension to change the User Agent from the Replay window is provided.
  • Monitor – Event stats by segment: New monitor is introduced to monitor the events on the session having some user segment. 
  • Revenue Analytics: This feature helps in understanding the correlation between application performance (page performance) and revenue. Currently it is using two major page performance metrics – “onLoad” and “domInteractive”. Page wise performance vs revenue gain analysis helps in prioritizing the page performance improvement. It helps in predicting revenue gain by improving page performance by x (Sec). 
  • OCX Data Filtering on Browser: Enhancement to capture interesting sessions (in which an event is occurred) to reduce the overhead on NetVision. 
  • Creation and Execution of Script through NV Session: NetVision has the feature to export the sessions in script. In this, scripts are created from the recorded NV session. Then, user can export the script for the same session or multiple sessions and execute these scripts with the help of NetStorm. When the scripts are executed, sessions are recorded for the same scripts in NV. 
  • Report builder and Reports in Mail: In this feature, Configuration files i.e. JSON files for every client is created based on their requirements. Now, user can change the configurations according to their requirements. Previously, all the changes was on java side for which for every change we need to deploy jar in the env box. This feature will help us to overcome this issue.
  • Navigation Analytics: Navigation analytics helps in understanding the flow of users (traffic) on an application. It is helpful in identifying pages having high exit rate. It helps in identifying most taken path, least taken path etc. It has two main sections:
    • View Flow Report
    • Navigation Flow Report

View Flow Report: It visualizes traffic on an application using Sankey chart. It visualizes the traffic with different – different dimensions as entry point. Supported dimensions are – OS, Browser, Device Type, Location, and Referral. It identifies most taken flow and least taken flow. It also identifies most taken and least Converted Flow. This improves the Exit rate from such flow and increases the conversion rate. It provides multi-level Drilldown to understand the flow in more detail.

Navigation Flow: It visualizes how user is interacting with a particular page. It provides the details, such as how user is coming to that page. (i.e. Entry Page), how user is proceeding further from that page, how many % of users are exiting from that page. User can apply filter to understand the behavior on different-different dimensions (i.e. OS, Browser etc.).

  • Similar Session Search: This feature helps in searching sessions with similarity in term of user activity. User can select sequence of pages, user-action, or event. Pages, User-Action or event can be selected from any exiting session just by clicking filter bag icon. User can also specify the filter manually by Filter Bag toolbar. In addition, it supports other session level filters along with user activity sequence.
  • Page Filter in NVApp: Filtered pages can be visualize on scatter chart. It can be drawn on any page performance metric (eg. onLoad, domInteractive, dns, tcp, etc). It provides Tabular view with side view support, which makes easy to switch pages. It supports all major filters with smart search (including URL and referral). Now, it is to filter by performance metric value (or range).
  • Auto Pattern Identification – URL and Domain: In some web applications, Http URL can contain Random Number or Timestamp, Product/Category/Department Name etc. These kind of URL creates following issues:
    • Too many metadata entries pointing to same kind of URL.
    • Issue in aggregate analysis (as all the URL will be considered so aggregate report cannot help for such URLs)

To handle the above issues, we added feature of auto detection of URL pattern in Http Request (HPD) and Resource Parser.

  • Global filter for Channel & User Segment: Added a global level filter for channel and user segment. It will be applicable across NVApp For example: Session Filter / Page Filter / Page Performance Detail etc.


  • Support to create Input, Filter, and Output file from GUI: User can create Input, Filter, and Output file from GUI and dump into database. This feature is also used to create aliases.
  • Admin UI Enhancements: Support is provided to create user, manage users, and provide accessibility / permissions to charts and dashboards. 
  • Health Dashboard Development: A Health Dashboard is implemented to create charts and dashboards of system usages like – RAM, CPU, installed app, app pool service, dependencies etc. 

Bug Fixes

The following issues are fixed in 4.1.11.

Bug ID Product Summary
40802 NetCloud Webdashboard Angular 4 |Scripting Issue:Not able to open script manager from Page dump/drill down.
42129 NetCloud nsu_check_health || .nsu_check_health file is not updated when we are downgarding build on another blades whose path is added in Cron
20453 NetDiagnostics DDR | Method Stack Trace is not showing for Hotspot Thread detail window.
39943 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent – Exceptions are coming in agent logs file
41947 NetDiagnostics NC_MON | After clicking on Apply button in DB Request Report, report shows different data, while traversing from Req Per Second Graph > DB Request Report.
42481 NetDiagnostics DDR – NS | In Session Timing Details, Proper data is not coming in Session start time and Resp Time while traversing through Test Metrics >Session Failure >ALL >Session Failure/min >Drill down >Summary Instance >Userid >Total Time.
42525 NetDiagnostics DDR – ED | In Compare Exception Report, Complete Exception data is not coming while traversing through  Tier status >Drill down >Flowpath By Response Time >Select two flowpaths >click on Compare flowpath icon >Exception.
42528 NetDiagnostics DDR – ED | In Compare Exception Report, Data is not coming in Line chart section while traversing through ier status >Drill down >Flowpath By Response Time >Select two flowpaths >click on Compare flowpath icon >Exception.
42672 NetDiagnostics DDR – NS | Page Summary Report data is not coming while traversing from Test Metrics > Page Failures > All > Page Failures/Minute > Drill Down > Page Summary Report
42679 NetDiagnostics DDR – ED | Exception Report is not opening while traversing through Tier status(Tier54) >Total count >DB Request Report >Error Count.
42803 NetDiagnostics DDR – ED | Exception report is not opening after clicking on Total Errors while traversing through ED >click on Integration Point Health.
43029 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent|Auto-Instrumenatation|  Files are not dumped if test is stopped forcefully.
43156 NetDiagnostics NDP | ndp binary moved to under directory ‘/home/netstorm/work/ndc/bin’ with build 4.1.11#19 as result ndp is not starting.
43417 NetDiagnostics DDR – ED | “Flowpath Report” is not opening after clicking on Hotspot Duration link from Hotspot Thread Details Report, while traversing from ED > Hotspot > Hotspot Thread Details Report.
43433 NetDiagnostics Heap Dump | Not getting Tier list in Tier dropdown option of Heap Dump Manager.
43523 NetDiagnostics NodeJS | Not able to find module ‘websocket-stream’ while stating node with build cav_netjsagnet@4.1.1116.
43567 NetDiagnostics NodeJS | Node is crashing while changing communication protocol from ws to tcp.
43578 NetDiagnostics Websocket |NodeJS | Control connection is terminating frequently  when node js up with supported protocol ws (NDC_COMM_PROTOCOL=WS) and  ndc supported (NDC_SUPPORTED_PROTOCOLS TCP,WS,wSS )
42669 NetOcean GUI | Able to save JSON parameter without giving object path.
43225 NetOcean In the trace file of the json type request-service, the parameter response is in encoded format.
43434 NetOcean GUI | Special character of Prefix is getting disappear while open any existing search parameter.
43508 NetOcean GUI | Unable to write any data/value in back-end files from GUI.
43510 NetOcean Unable to restart HPD from core as well as GUI.
43476 NetOcean Unable to apply Service time at the Configuration level in the rtc mode.
40264 NetStorm ACL|Run Command: Edit/View option should be there for user having admin capability.
41697 NetStorm Webdashboard Angular 4|Monochromatic Color Issue:Not able to apply monochromatic color from widget.
41789 NetStorm WebDashboard Angular4|Run Command Issue: If widget having merge graph and we hide all graphs except one graph then run command window should be open with that graph Tier and server name from widget.
42068 NetStorm Alert Overlays: Overlays is getting removed when we merge graphs on the widget in which Overlays was added for one graph.
42092 NetStorm Alert Overlays: Monochromatic Color is getting disable on the widget after applying Overlays.
42094 NetStorm Webdashboard Angular 4|Auto Fit issue:After enabling Auto fit open tree or increase lower panel ,when Auto fit gets disabled close dashboard and again open from product UI ,Widget are still showing like Auto Fit mode.
42101 NetStorm Alert Overlays: Option for adding Overlays in derived graph should not come.
42146 NetStorm WebDashboard Angular4 | Widget Settings Issue : When we apply System Health widget type on a widget and again change the widget type to “Graph”, then the size of the Widget type option is not decreasing.
42162 NetStorm nsi_clean_files works only on the work controlller
42174 NetStorm WebDashboard Angular4 | Advance Filters Widget Settings Issue : Widget Settings is getting saved with blank “Selected Value” for Dial/Meter chart types.
42232 NetStorm Monochromatic Color Issue:Graph Color of previous widget is getting changed after merging certain graphs by advance open/merge on another widget having monochromatic color as “off” on previous widget.
42277 NetStorm Alert Overlays: When we apply overlays on Merge All- CPU Utilization then graphs are not visible properly.
42285 NetStorm Alert Overlays:  Previous overlays is getting removed after sample update.
42328 NetStorm WebSocket | Value is not getting searched when ns_web_websocket_search() API is used after the ns_web_url() API.
42359 NetStorm Webdashboard Angular 4|Template issue:Reports generated with Templates  created with Specified Indices is showing incorrect values and graph is blank.
42360 NetStorm Webdashboard Angular 4|Template issue:Template created with graph type “Percentile” and “Slab Count” is not showing graphs in Compare report.
42396 NetStorm Webdashboard Ancgular 4:Blank stats reports are generating when we use filters “Top”and “Bottom” in template.
42418 NetStorm Web Dashboard | Angular4 | Template issue:- Add and delete graph option should have tool tip.
42424 NetStorm Web Dashboard | Angular4 | Template issue:- Metrics Name is not coming word file download.
42436 NetStorm Webdashboard Angular 4|Compare and Hierarchical Reports generated with Formula type other than “avg”,is showing same name as that of formula type “avg”.
42446 NetStorm Web Dashboard| Angular4 | Template issue:- Min and Max is interchanged in case of formula type.
42498 NetStorm Open Related Metrics Issue :- The graphs are not coming in the sequential order when we apply Open Related Metrics having metadata T1>S1>I1>P1 and selected graphs having Business Transactions Graphs.
42596 NetStorm Web Dashboard| Angular 4| Template issue:- Blank report is generating when graph from test metrics is selected in case of NDE mode.
42683 NetStorm Open Related Members Issue:Not able to apply Parameters/Filters on Open Related Members Result
42860 NetStorm Webbdashboard Angular 4|Reporting issue:x-axis elapse time is not starting from 00:00 in compare report graphs.
42881 NetStorm Webdashboard Angular 4|Compare report graph generated with graph type “Slab count” is showing multiple number of “Netstorm” string.
42912 NetStorm Web Dashboard| Angular4 | Report Generated issue: Generated Excel, word and PDF report not showing correct report set name.
42930 NetStorm Baseline Comparison Issue :- NDE mode options are coming on the Compare Setting window for the Product Type NS.
42936 NetStorm Web Dashboard | Angular4 | Template issue:-Blank report is generated in case of percentile and slab count default value in NS and NDE mode.
42942 NetStorm Web dashboard | Angular4| Widget setting Report Generation:- In case of percentile graph pie chart report is generating incorrect.
42969 NetStorm On renaming the group name, all the page urls in it are automatically deleted from gui and also the dialog box for Edit Group is not cancelled or closed.
42981 NetStorm RDT | In Page Average Report | Get Percentile options generates empty excel file
42987 NetStorm Group Name wise sorting NOT working in GUI in Schedule setting
42988 NetStorm RDT | In case of RDT page transaction is coming  as “Success” in Debug Trace when we apply any check point although in UI its showing “CV Fail”.
42989 NetStorm Webdashboard Angular4 |Template Issue:Graphs are not showing on generating compare report with view type “HTML”.
42991 NetStorm Web Dashboard | Angular4 | Graphical KPI:- On sample update graph is automatically  zoom out.
43023 NetStorm WebDashboard Angular4 | Report Filter Issue : Advance Filters is not getting applied for Correlated and Tile chart type.
43030 NetStorm Webdashboard Angular 4|Template issue:Report Sets should get highlighted on selecting from “Template” tree.
43050 NetStorm ERROR dialog box with message  “Netstorm started successfully. “
43063 NetStorm Scenario GUI | Window gets hanged when ‘cancel’ a pop up “Test cannot be started as Tests are already running in online mode. Do you still want to start a test in background ?”.
43164 NetStorm Login Issue : Unable to login to Product UI as Error is coming.
43166 NetStorm Web Dashboard | Angular4 | System Stats issue:- Scroll bar should automatically refresh when changing list option.
43203 NetStorm Web Dashboard | Angular4 | System Stats issue:- Instance name is coming Incorrect in WebTier>DevServer5.
43211 NetStorm WebDashboard Angular4 | Audit Log Issue : The name in the column of the heading does not have space.
43215 NetStorm WebDashboard Angular4 | Audit Log Issue : Hint should come for Start and End Date/Time and the tool tip is showing as “undefined”.
43221 NetStorm Web Dashboard | Angular4 | Template issue: Template is not working.
43233 NetStorm WebDashboard Angular4 | Audit Log Issue : In case of Transaction Details, Time Periods, Compare, Report from Widget and Run Command, user is getting logged out.
43238 NetStorm WebDashboard Angular4|Auto Fit Issue: After Enable Auto fit mode when we load layout(6*6) then Layout not automatically fit into the visible area and scroll bar is coming.
43239 NetStorm Web Dashboard | Angular4 | System Stats issue:- Opening ‘One Entity View’ first time it is not coming proper.
43240 NetStorm Web Dashboard | Angular4 | System Stats issue:- Alert window is not opening when clicking on Alert option present on top panel.
43242 NetStorm Script Management Issue: No Project available for user having Read/Write All Capability.
43247 NetStorm Webdashboard Angular 4|View By Issue:”Data not available” message is coming after applying open/merge on widget having view by applied.
43248 NetStorm Heap Dump Issue:Not able to take Heap dump,Error is coming as “Due to Exception take thread dump failed”.
43250 NetStorm Core: When we login in cavisson user then Enter Controller Name is asking Two Time.
43252 NetStorm Core: Error is coming as “Command ‘nsi_user_login_profile’ cannot be run as ‘cavisson’ user as this user is not a registered user.” when we select any Controller
43254 NetStorm WebDashboard Angular4|Auto Fit Issue: X-Axis of widgets are getting hidden when we apply Auto fit after maximizing widget and then minimize.
43262 NetStorm Multiple Test Run Issue: Unable to stop Test Run from user(User – User1) other than cavisson.(Test Run by User- User1).
43272 NetStorm WebDashboard Angular4|Excel Report Issue: Not able to upload Templates in Excel report.
43274 NetStorm Open Related Metrics Issue :- No Metrics Found based on applied criteria message is coming on applying Open Related Metrics on the Web Dashboard using Transaction Stats  Group.
43276 NetStorm Web Dashboard | Favorite issue:- Not able to add favorite and no old favorite are coming in both NS and NDE mode.
43278 NetStorm nsu_start_test:After Controller migration Test Run should start from last Test run ended but Test Run is starting from TR1011(Last Test Run executed TR2040).
43281 NetStorm WebDashboard Angular4 | Password Change Issue : Password is not getting changed when we change the password from top right corner of Dashboard “Account > Change Password”.
43284 NetStorm Drill Down Issue:Drill Down report is not showing data according to selected transaction,It is showing data for all transaction
43287 NetStorm WebDashboard Angular4 | Audit Log Update Issue : Audit Log is not updating in GUI.
43289 NetStorm Alert History Issue: Unable to load Alert History.
43290 NetStorm Virtual User Trace Issue:Not able apply Virtual user Trace ,as group information is not showing in Virtual User Trace Tab
43324 NetStorm Controller Migration Issue : The path of the NS_WDIR variable is not setting correctly if work is upgraded with latest build of 4.1.11.
43335 NetStorm Critical | Test is not starting when applying ProcessDataEx monitor on different instances and throwing error message.
43337 NetStorm Web Dashboard| Favorite File Manager issue:- Folder is not selecting correct when searching and click on any folder.
43402 NetStorm Debug Trace Log Issue:Not able to open Debug trace log
43458 NetStorm RBU- Browser directory is not deploying on .template path due to migration changes.
43499 NetStorm Controller Migration Issue: Tomcat is not running at port 80 & 443,getting Error “java.net.BindException: Permission denied (Bind failed) <null>:80”.
43505 NetStorm Webdashboard Angular 4|Tier Name Issue:”Tire” name is coming in place of “Tier” in testrun.gdf for ND NSUpload Stats/NS NSUpload Stats.
43520 NetStorm Widget Wise Time Period Issue:Graphs are not getting merged into separate widgets after applying widget wise time period on merging graphs of server by open/merge.
43533 NetStorm WebDashboard Angular4|Catalogue Management Issue: Group Name should be in sorted order in Catalogue Management.
43534 NetStorm WebDashboard Angular4|Catalogue Management Issue: Indices/Metrics should not be add without selecting graphs in Derived Metric Type.
43540 NetStorm Catalogue Update Issue:Graph name is not coming in open related metrics window after updating catalogue and then opening open related metrics window.
43545 NetStorm ACL|Capability Issue:Not able to add capability from Access Control List
43559 NetStorm RBU || After migration of user (netstorm to cavisson) dead link of .chrome and .mozilla is created.
43563 NetStorm Web Dashboard| Angular4| Report issue:- Unable to download any type of summary report.
43574 NetStorm WebDashboard Angular4|Audit Log Issue: Entries are not coming in Audit Log for Adding and updating Favorites.
43590 NetStorm WebDashboard Angular4| Audit Log: When we perform delete operation in Reporting, then operations is not showing in the Audit Log.
43616 NetStorm Webdashboard Angular4 |Audit log:logs should come for doing changes in Configuration settings.
43626 NetStorm WebDashboard Angular4 | Template Issue : If any JSON file is created with some incorrect format, then no templates are shown in the GUI.
43643 NetStorm Web Dashboard | Angular4 | Template issue:- Add graph option is not present in case of derived graph when edited the previous report set.
43440 NetStorm Need Rest API to create script.
43487 NetStorm WebDashboard Angular4 : GUI is getting hang after 2-3 sample updates after applying zoom in merged graph.
41068 NetVision Domain/Resource Trend chart is not showing details for bottom most resources after increasing count in top option of resource timing bottlenecks.
41218 NetVision WebDashboard Angular4|Run Command Issue: Group name, command name are not properly visible in output box of run command.
42022 NetVision In NVSPA GUI, Domain level activity chart is not plotting for some domains.
42071 NetVision In NV Page performance detail window,”No trend data available” is showing while clicking on domain trend icon for domain by duration.
42177 NetVision In NV Overview GUI,Page Performance chart is not getting plotted according to the specified time applied .
42373 NetVision few resources timing are not plotting for a particular domain in domain level activity.
43059 NetVision In NVSPA GUI, Continuous spinner is showing while opening the js editor window from the JS Error Event Stack Trace. and we are unable to beautify the json file.
43139 NetVision In NVSPA GUI, pages are not showing in page window after applying page url filter in smart search.
43245 NetVision In NV Overview GUI,Getting error in console while clicking on done button .
43258 NetVision In NVSPA Page Filter, Data is not showing while applying specified time filter.
43465 NetVision Data is not dumping in db as core is coming regarding nr_db_upload.