4th April 2018 – R

New and Enhanced Features in


  • Additional field in MSSQL Reports: An additional field in MSSQL reports monitor is provided to identify what data belongs to which DB server.


  • JFR Download UI: Now onwards there will be a UI for downloading flight recordings similar to other diagnostic tools (thread dump, heap dumps).
  • BT IP Summary Report: It is an organized report to find out integration point callout details for a particular business transaction.


  • WSDL / Swagger Support: This feature is used for importing all the Services in NetOcean, which are exposed by Client through WSDL / Swagger.
  • Support for IP Table rule for dropping incoming SYN Packets.
  • Support for display of ports in drop-down list instead of comma-separated list.


  • Support for DataProc monitoring.

Bug Fixes

The following issues are fixed in 4.1.X.40

Bug ID Product Summary
44131 NetCloud nia_file_aggregator is not exited after the test is ended
38048 NetDiagnostics Angular – DDR | Thread Hotspot report is not opening while traversing through Thread Hotspot stats >Tier >Server >Instance >Number of All Hotspot Threads >widget settings >Thread Hotspot Report.
38903 NetDiagnostics DDR – ED – Navigation | In Integration Point calls, “Unknown” is coming in Query column while traversing through Tier status >Drill down >Hotspot.
39472 NetDiagnostics DDR – HeapDump using BCI and thread dump | GUI sends multiple requests to each instance in case multiple graphs of same BT are merged together or multiple BTs are merged together.
39823 NetDiagnostics NDC| Getting Flowpath Record  is coming in error logs of ndc
40317 NetDiagnostics DDR – ED | In Service Method Timing Report, Sometimes Error is coming while traversing through Tier status(NsecomTier) >Transaction Scorecard >Method Timing >Service Method Timing.
40347 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI – Java Profile | When user is importing the btPattern file then all data  is not getting imported
40350 NetDiagnostics DR |2800 processes  is running  for process  “kill_nsu_dr_health_check”
40551 NetDiagnostics NC_MON | NodeJS | By Default Method Calling Tree is showing more than 5 methods. While traversing from Tier Status > Flowpath By Response Time > Method Calling Tree.
41069 NetDiagnostics DDR – ED | All Tier’s data is coming, while traversing from Tier Status > Hotspots > Hotspot Duration > Flowpath and coming back to Hotspot Thread Details.
41469 NetDiagnostics NC_MON | Common Query | Sometimes Not able to select second BT after selecting “others” BT in DB Query UI Filter while traversing through Tier status>Drill down >Top DB Calls By CallOut Errors.
41479 NetDiagnostics DR Phase2| Not able to DR testing with config gui.
41576 NetDiagnostics NC_MON | In HotSpot Report, Wrong data is coming in Line no column for run method while traversing through Tier status(Default) >Drill Down >Flowpath By Response Time >Category >click on Merge Stack Trace.
42004 NetDiagnostics Client PoC | ND not capturing HomePage url
42553 NetDiagnostics Getting lots of processes related to cm_nd_integration_point_status monitor even after the test is stopped
42709 NetDiagnostics DDR – ED | HotSpot report is not opening while traversing through Tier status(NsecomTier) >Drill down >HotSpot.
42745 NetDiagnostics MultiDC||Drill Down is not working .
42877 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent | LLE | Showing wrong value of DB Callout (Keyword “mergedMethodCallTree” not working).
42880 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent | LLE | Observing extra callout in ND
42882 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent | LLE | Observed that for few sample method callout is shown 0.
42909 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent | LLE | Observed that for one transaction no callout is captured.
43067 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent -MetaDataRecovry | MetaDataRecovery is not working for Dotnet.
43159 NetDiagnostics Hotspot is not showing in Executive Dashboard.
43189 NetDiagnostics NC_MON | In Current Flowpath, “URL” name is not coming at Instance level while traversing through Tier status(Default) >Show Tier info >instance1 >Drill down >Flowpath By Resp Time >URL.
43330 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | Test is running but Toggle icon is not appearing in UI and not able to do any runtime configuration i.e. Run time changes and Auto instrumentation from UI
43360 NetDiagnostics NC_MON | Window is responding slowly after applying Max Depth = 21,Min wall time=0,threshold 1500ms in Method Calling tree while traversing through BT(Default) >Tier >Server >Instance >All Transaction >Request per sec >DDR >Flowpath >Methods.
43392 NetDiagnostics Heap Dump | Not getting Tier list in Tier dropdown option of Heap Dump Manager.
43449 NetDiagnostics Heap Dump | After taking heap dump, not able to see the heap dump list, it is showing ‘No records found’.
43457 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent | LLE | Not able to stretch the headers in “Method Calling Tree” Block
43500 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent | LLE | Not Getting DB Query for AdSetInquiry_KSMSA_GetSignsByUpcs .
43503 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent | LLE | Not Getting detail in  method timing
43585 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent | Invalid (very Large) is coming in raw data which causes core in ndp.
43599 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent -NDP | Blank method calling tree is opening for some flowpaths.
43602 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | In Instrumentation Profile window, Delete package, class and method option is not working
43672 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent -NDP | NDP is dumping wrong data in csv.
43703 NetDiagnostics DDR – ED | Sometimes Method calling Apply filter is not working after applying Show Methods(max depth)=500, Show Methods (walltime in ms) >=0, Highlight Methods(walltime in ms) >1500 in Method calling tree.
43705 NetDiagnostics DDR – ED | In Method Calling Tree, Method Arguments is not showing correct argument for a particular “URLEncode” method after applying method URLEncode in method filter.
43716 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | Handling of spring vulnerability issue.
43717 NetDiagnostics DDR – ED | In HotSpot Report, JDBC Integration calls are not coming in Integration Point call section but JDBC related class and methods present in stack trace while traversing through Tier status >Drill down >Flowpath By Resp Time >category.
43738 NetDiagnostics NC_MON | Data is not coming in Flowpath Analyzer report for BT=ACLUser, CheckMonitorStatus, GetDrillDownMenu while traversing through Tier status(Default) >transaction scorecard >”A” icon.
43757 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | Globally, Validation issue is appearing In Match Value field
43800 NetDiagnostics DDR – ED | BT IP Summary Report | Integration Point name is not decoded properly in BT Callout Detail table after clicking on Total callout link in BT Callout Summary table. While traversing from Tier > DDR > BT IP Summary.
43818 NetDiagnostics Observing slowness for machine
43824 NetDiagnostics ND Config UI | When user applied runtime change from Flowpath Header window then “No RunTime Applied” message is appearing in UI and in backend Timeout Error is appearing
43825 NetDiagnostics DDR – ED | BT IP Summary Report | Scrollbar is not appearing in BT IP Summary report While traversing from Tier > DDR > BT IP Summary.
43886 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent|GUI – Enhancement -Changes required in Method Calling Tree
43888 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent|GUI – Start Time is showing double of Flow Path response time in Method Calling Tree
43922 NetDiagnostics Getting error in the Executive Dashboard
43932 NetDiagnostics Heap dump file made with .gz.gz extension instead of .gz extension due to which we are unable to gunzip file.
43991 NetDiagnostics Not able to open sequence diagram in SCS
44001 NetDiagnostics Alerts are not coming/showing in SCS DC
44021 NetDiagnostics DotNetAgent -DDR | HotSpot Thread By state area in coming blank in HotSpot Thread details windows.
44174 NetDiagnostics Dashboard and StackDriver BigTable monitor data is mismatching for Node Count.
44233 NetDiagnostics BIGDATA || Dashboard and StackDriver BigQuery monitor data is mismatching for 95th Percentile Query Execution Time
44262 NetDiagnostics Alert issue
44341 NetDiagnostics Methods are missing from ED
44343 NetDiagnostics Not able to justify DB callout in Executive DashBoard
44344 NetDiagnostics Not Able to Justify some transaction in ED
44345 NetDiagnostics DB callouts being shown but records not shown in the GUI
44348 NetDiagnostics Sum of total time in % is greater then 100% in flowpath
44366 NetDiagnostics Showing Callout value as 0 in Flowpaths for FactTags_KSMSA_PrintBatch
44394 NetDiagnostics Not getting Client’s Methods that has already been instrumented in Method Calling Tree
44438 NetDiagnostics BIGDATA || Not able to get for JavaGC monitor.
44473 NetDiagnostics Not able to get error details for Database Query
44587 NetDiagnostics Facing issue in Flowpath stats monitor in ND
44668 NetDiagnostics Not able to open Graphical KPI in Executive Dashboard
44675 NetDiagnostics Not able to open System status KPI in PKY and SCS DC
44697 NetDiagnostics KPI Dashboard is continuosly loading, and shows no records found.
44780 NetDiagnostics ED is responding very slowly after applying filter
44808 NetDiagnostics GUI is not responding
44831 NetDiagnostics Not able to find the method “System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection.Open” in method calling tree.
44932 NetDiagnostics Not getting correct response time sample in ND for AdSetInquiry_KSMSA_GetTasks
44954 NetDiagnostics Not able to observe business transactions in Executive Dashboard
45084 NetDiagnostics Getting Unknown Package and Unknown Method for Smart Replenishment API in 9934E
42766 NetOcean GUI | Special character of Prefix is getting disappear while open any existing search parameter.
NA ND Config UI Fixing of “Spring Data REST” vulnerability issue by providing Meltdown and Spectre patch in Cav Kernel.
42770 NetOcean GUI | CallBack function is not getting disappear while uncheck the checkbox of callback method.
43448 NetOcean CM test is not started when HPD is running on multiple ports.
43452 NetOcean CM test doesn’t gets restarted on the changed HPD port untill we upgrade the build.
43880 NetOcean GUI | Drop down list of Select Service is not getting clear/dissapear after successfully processed one url.
43890 NetOcean GUI | Past Date & time is getting add in Connection Timeout Information window.
43912 NetOcean NetOcean: Connection Time Out | All button should come disable expect Add with by default on NetOcean Connection Timeout Settings GUI.
43913 NetOcean NetOcean: Connection Time Out | Not able to update port no from NetOcean Connection Timeout Settings GUI.
44234 NetOcean NetOcean: WSDL & SWAGGER | Window should not switch if we are adding service through swagger and wsdl GUI.
44242 NetOcean NetOcean: Not able to select or unselect Hpd Error and Memory allocation and free debug log from UI.
44252 NetOcean NetOcean: Connection Time Out| End Date/Time should be equal or greater than start Start Date/Time.
44253 NetOcean NetOcean: Connection Time Out| Not getting any alert message if we click on apply button without selecting any row.
44255 NetOcean NetOcean : Connection Time Out | No message is coming after click on refresh button.
39713 NetStorm while running a test with netstorm ,only the first page got hit out of two pages in the script .
40825 NetStorm Thread dump GUI|Heap Dump GUI|JFR GUI||Tier and server is showing blank due to space in Tier.conf
41110 NetStorm NC_MON||nsu_logging_reader is not running while CM test is running
41410 NetStorm HTTP2 Server Push | Getting core dump with http type scheme while server is pushing some resources and server push is disabled at NS side.
41702 NetStorm Webdashboard Angular 4|Monochromatic Color Issue:Multi Color of graphs are coming on widgets having monochromatic color “on” after merging certain graphs by open/merge.
42612 NetStorm Scenario GUI | Saved radio button in User/Session distribution (%) in global setting is automatically removed.
42651 NetStorm Not getting data in SJC_Wal_Batch job monitor for preprod01_wal_Schedular on m/c
42743 NetStorm Problem in metric tree in case of MultiDC
43228 NetStorm Data is coming wrong for “cm_gcp_bigdata_stats” monitor.
43271 NetStorm nsu_show_netstorm is not showing test run started using replay tool (nsi_ns_sim_for_dashboard/nsi_ns_replay_test_for_dashboard)
43309 NetStorm RBU- Browser directory is not deploying on .template path due to migration changes.
43310 NetStorm Scenario Wizard | Selected think time is getting disabled in Advanced settings.
43320 NetStorm Thread dump GUI|Not able to download the thread dump
43344 NetStorm Webdashboard Angular 4|Layout Widget Wise Time Period Issue:Not able to load favorite when favorite is created with widget wise time period with new layout.
43350 NetStorm Not able to see running TR in GUI while running test from back-end
43355 NetStorm cm_gcp_bigdata_stats monitor is not working properly when PROGRESS_MSECS is greater then or equal to 2 min.
43369 NetStorm WebSocket | Getting confail if any transaction FAIL before ns_web_url() API.
43370 NetStorm Web Dashboard|Angular4|Layout Issue :- Number of panels are getting doubled when we apply new layout on the Web Dashboard after applying compare.
43380 NetStorm Not able to see tests of all controllers through “nsu_show_all_netstorm” command ||
43422 NetStorm Not able to login in Multi DC Environment.
43440 NetStorm Need Rest API to create script.
43484 NetStorm Not Getting data for MS SQL QUERY Monitor (DB Monitor)
43601 NetStorm Not getting instances for all the Process for  Windows Process Stats and other .Net based monitors in Windows Server with build 4.1.10 #32
43652 NetStorm Not able to get stacktrace for Thread Hotspot Stats
43733 NetStorm TOPOLOGY related issue|Proper Topology is not coming in ND enabled Test
43773 NetStorm Tooltip issue: In Multiple graphs, tooltip is not showing correct when we do show hide in single panel view
43954 NetStorm Getting wrong Elapsed time while we are going to sort DB Query
44060 NetStorm HTTP2 | Server macys.com redirecting the request multiple times for same host and URI.
44116 NetStorm NCMON|Not getting alert’s list in CM test when multiple tests are running on same controller.
44470 NetStorm AzkabanJMX|Mistakes in cm_azkaban_executor_job_callback_stats.gdf
44696 NetStorm Not able to access GUI
32978 NetVision In NV Mode, netstorm build upgradation stuck while checking the mode for rsync.
38018 NetVision In the Firebox browser, Wrong time window is showing in the x-axis of  Performance details graph while applying time filter.
38051 NetVision In NVRCA GUI, Pie chart is plotted for top 10 domains while filter is showing for top 50 for domains by request count.
38090 NetVision In NVRCA GUI, Excluded browser and os filters are getting remembered even after deselecting them.
38215 NetVision In NVRCA GUI, Page performance metrics is not showing in page performance widget while data is present in DB.
41066 NetVision ImageIcon is not showing for PageTemporaryUnavailable -event in sessions for NV Production
43479 NetVision In NV WebDashboard,Updated favorite is not showing after reloading the same favorite.
43698 NetVision In NV Core, HPD is getting core dump due to resource domain.
43472 TestSuite Testsuite |Wrong spelling of word Success in NetStorm Performance Report.
43473 TestSuite Testsuite | Trend graph should be clickable.
43474 TestSuite Testsuite | link for Dashboard should be clickable.