25th March 2018 – R

Bug Fixes

The following issues are fixed in 4.1.X.

Bug IDProductSummary
NAND Config UIFixing of “Spring Data REST” vulnerability issue by providing Meltdown and Spectre patch in Cav Kernel.
38048NetDiagnosticsAngular – DDR | Thread Hotspot report is not opening while traversing through Thread Hotspot stats >Tier >Server >Instance >Number of All Hotspot Threads >widget settings >Thread Hotspot Report.
40317NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | In Service Method Timing Report, Sometimes Error is coming while traversing through Tier status(NsecomTier) >Transaction Scorecard >Method Timing >Service Method Timing.
41069NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | All Tier’s data is coming, while traversing from Tier Status > Hotspots > Hotspot Duration > Flowpath and coming back to Hotspot Thread Details.
42004NetDiagnosticsClient PoC | ND not capturing HomePage url
42709NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | HotSpot report is not opening while traversing through Tier status(NsecomTier) >Drill down >HotSpot.
42715NetDiagnosticsDDR | Need Callout Information Summary
42745NetDiagnosticsMultiDC||Drill Down is not working .
42868NetDiagnosticsNO JFR Download option In GUI
43067NetDiagnosticsDotNetAgent -MetaDataRecovry | MetaDataRecovery is not working for Dotnet.
43159NetDiagnosticsHotspot is not showing in Executive Dashboard.
43330NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | Test is running but Toggle icon is not appearing in UI and not able to do any runtime configuration i.e. Run time changes and Auto instrumentation from UI
43363NetDiagnosticsQueue Time column is not coming while we are running query in backend.
43392NetDiagnosticsHeap Dump | Not getting Tier list in Tier dropdown option of Heap Dump Manager.
43585NetDiagnosticsDotNetAgent | Invalid (very Large) is coming in raw data which causes core in ndp.
43602NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | In Instrumentation Profile window, Delete package, class and method option is not working
43757NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | Globally, Validation issue is appearing In Match Value field
43922NetDiagnosticsGetting error in the Executive Dashboard
39360NetOceanNot able to open WebDashboard GUI in NO Box
42766NetOceanGUI | Special character of Prefix is getting disappear while open any existing search parameter.
42964NetOceanEnhancement to record services from WSDL
42651NetStormNot getting data in SJC_Wal_Batch job monitor for preprod01_wal_Schedular on m/c
42743NetStormProblem in metric tree in case of MultiDC
43192NetStormLocal JMX Connection Using PID in Java GC JMX Monitor
43228NetStormData is coming wrong for “cm_gcp_bigdata_stats” monitor.
43271NetStormnsu_show_netstorm is not showing test run started using replay tool (nsi_ns_sim_for_dashboard/nsi_ns_replay_test_for_dashboard)
43309NetStormRBU- Browser directory is not deploying on .template path due to migration changes.
43310NetStormScenario Wizard | Selected think time is getting disabled in Advanced settings.
43320NetStormThread dump GUI|Not able to download the thread dump
43355NetStormcm_gcp_bigdata_stats monitor is not working properly when PROGRESS_MSECS is greater then or equal to 2 min.
43380NetStormNot able to see tests of all controllers through “nsu_show_all_netstorm” command ||
43422NetStormNot able to login in Multi DC Environment.
43440NetStormNeed Rest API to create script.
43733NetStormProper Topology is not coming in ND enabled Test
43773NetStormTooltip issue: In Multiple graphs, tooltip is not showing correct when we do show hide in single panel view
38018NetVisionIn the Firebox browser, Wrong time window is showing in the x-axis of  Performance details graph while applying time filter.
38051NetVisionIn NVRCA GUI, Pie chart is plotted for top 10 domains while filter is showing for top 50 for domains by request count.
38090NetVisionIn NVRCA GUI, Excluded browser and os filters are getting remembered even after deselecting them.
38215NetVisionIn NVRCA GUI, Page performance metrics is not showing in page performance widget while data is present in DB.
43698NetVisionIn NV Core, HPD is getting core dump due to resource domain.
43472TestSuiteTestsuite |Wrong spelling of word Success in NetStorm Performance Report.
43473TestSuiteTestsuite | Trend graph should be clickable.
43474TestSuiteTestsuite | link for Dashboard should be clickable.