25th January 2018 – R

New and Enhanced Features in 4.1.10#23


  • Async call is now displayed explicitly (Async Invocation) in method calling tree.

Web Dashboard

  • Integration with other Products: Source Sever name is provided in Destination Server when alert is sent from Source Server to Destination Server.
  • Shell for data migration: Created a shell to migrate alert history data table according to build version.


  • Resource Timing 2 Support: In resource waterfall, transfer size field is added for all the resources. User would also know whether resources are served from cache from the resource tooltip.

Bug Fixes

The following issues are fixed in 4.1.X.

Bug IDProductSummary
39240NetCloudNC || rpf.csv file is not getting transferred on one of the generator due to which core is formed on rest generators.
39343NetCloudGetting additional count of page_dump on controller side when we compared to page report in progress report.
39918NetCloudGetting error while upgrading build on generators
40022NetCloudFinal sample get ignored from some NVM’s due to early FINISH_REPORT coming from another NVM’s
40394NetCloudAuto Generate Stats,Compare and Summary Report in not getting Generated.
30650NetDiagnosticsND Config UI – Java Profile | Configuration  regarding Custom Data is not getting reflected under captureCustomData.cd file
37889NetDiagnosticsRel4.1.10: Start instrumentation protocol recovery support
38305NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | Drop schema and execution of shell should not be done
38401NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | Sequence Diagram report is not opening in Angular page while traversing through Tier status(prod-blue-snbservice-prod) >Drill down >Integrated Drill Down Reports >BT >Sequence Diagram.
38406NetDiagnosticsDotNetAgent|Error:(Min/Max values is non-numeric for ndHotspotThreadLimit) is coming after applying ndHotspotThreadLimit in NDBCIAgentKeywordDefinition.dat.
38416NetDiagnosticsDotNetAgent|Hotspot are not coming if we enabled the keyword(ndEnableTxHotspot=1;ndHelperDepth=2;ndHotspotThreadLimit=0;) in nd.conf.
38562NetDiagnosticsDotNetAgent|Cav NV-ND|If enabled a custom header  response with name X-CavNV,second field i.e Test Run is coming zero.
38619NetDiagnosticsInconsistency of control connection parent process between ndu_collector and ndu_process_data.
38725NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED – Common Query | Filter Criteria is not getting update while applying Failure Types Request Status in Flowpath UI Filter while traversing through Tier status >Drill down >Flowpath by Response Time >UI Filter in NS mode.
38774NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED – Common Query | Business Transaction drop down option is coming incorrect in Common UI Filter while traversing through Tier status(prod-blue-snbservice-prod) >Drill down >Flowpath By Response Time >UI Filter.
38830NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED – Navigation | Data is not appearing in Standard section in Search Flowpath option while traversing through Tier status >Search By >Standard section.
38846NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED – BTSplitting | StoreId, TerminalId data is not coming in Flowpath report while traversing through BT >Tier29 >AppServer29 >atg >All Transaction >Request per sec >Drill down >Group By Custom Data >click on Storeid, terminalid >Click on Count.
38865NetDiagnosticsJava Flight Recorder | GUI is not displaying any exit status or error message if script execution fails on server end.
38930NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED – Navigation | Mismatch count is coming between Total count in BT Trends report and Count in Flowpath report while traversing through Tier status >Total scorecard >Total count.
39061NetDiagnosticsDotNetAgent | Data stop to come and application is crashing while performing RTC for Instrumentation profile
39082NetDiagnosticsDotNetAgent|Hotspot are not coming in LLE with Dotnetversion 4.1.9(#20) While all configurations are enabled in nd.conf.
39154NetDiagnosticsDDR – BTSplitting | Custom Data by BT Splitting window is not opening while traversing through BT >Tier29 >AppServer29 >atg >All Transaction >Request per sec >Drill down >Group By Custom Data >click on Storeid, terminalid.
39236NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED – Common Query | Text is overlapping on bar chart graph while enabling Method Timing UI Filter.
39310NetDiagnosticsDDR – HeapDump using BCI | ‘All’ instances button gives non-descriptive output in case CMON connection is not present.
39340NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | Test is not getting started with default_Java Profile
39385NetDiagnosticsDDR – NV –  ND | “Flowpath report is not opening while opening through NV report.
39404NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | Facing issue under profile directory that all files are not showing
39420NetDiagnosticsNC_MON | BTSplitting | After applying package only filter, method calling shows nothing. While traversing through Custom Data By BT Splitting > Flowpath.
39479NetDiagnosticsDDR – HeapDump using BCI | Delete button should not be available for heapdumps present on server as deletion of file on Server end is not working.
39555NetDiagnosticsDDR – MultiDC | In IP Health Window, Blank report is opening while traversing through Tier status >Drill down >Flowpath By Response Time >Category >Integration Point Call >IP Name.
39559NetDiagnosticsNC_MON: ndc thread hogging cpu.
39563NetDiagnosticsDDR – MultiDC | Transaction Flowmap is not opening while traversing through Tier status >Drill down >Flowpath By Response Time >CallOuts.
39564NetDiagnosticsDDR – MultiDC | Wrong DC data is coming in Flowpath report while traversing through TierStatus >DC=Nsecom28 >Drill Down >Flowpath By Response Time >BT >Transaction Flowmap >DB Query >Home icon >Flowpath report.
39567NetDiagnosticsNDP is not updating data for some instance in current partition when instance get scaled up in running test.
39602NetDiagnosticsNC_MON,|NodeJS|Connections is terminating when Control message received from ndc:nd_control_req:action=start_jarContent_transfer
39681NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED-Integrated | Clicking on any link, default cursor should point to currently open reports.
39688NetDiagnosticsND Config UI – AI | User is not able to start Auto Instrumentation process again for the same instance as stop icon is appearing
39693NetDiagnosticsND Config UI – Java Profile | Feature is not getting disabled in running test from the configuration window
39696NetDiagnosticsReceiving “Invalid Content found On Control Connection” message in bci_debug.log file.
39703NetDiagnosticsND Config UI – Java Profile | Disable the Exception from Configuration window then “instrExceptions=0” should get passed
39720NetDiagnosticsDDR -ED-Common Query | In Flowpath UI Filter, “URL” filter is not working while traversing through Tier status >Drill down >Flowpath by Response Time >UI Filter.
39733NetDiagnosticsNCMON: Thread Dump: Take Thread dump window appears distorted sometimes.
39734NetDiagnosticsNCMON: Thread Dump: Size of “Take Thread Dump window” should be limited with in screen. We can drag it out of the screen as well.
39781NetDiagnosticsUAT4.1.10: NetDiagnostics ||  While applying filter on favorite, dashboard showing wrong Hierachy in ‘Filter By Favorites’ window
39817NetDiagnosticsDDR -WebDashboard-Common query | “BT Type” removed from filter criteria and data is not coming properly after applying Business Transaction filter in Flowpath UI Filter.
39832NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | By default Transaction Flowmap is not coming while traverse back from DB Query Report to Flowpath while traversing through Tier status >Drill down >Flowpath by Response Time >click on BT >open Transaction Flowmap >DB Queries.
39843NetDiagnosticsHeap Dump | Incorrect error message is appearing when we take another heap dump for same instance while first one is in progress.
39848NetDiagnosticsNC_MON: Unable to start CMT Test throgh cavisson user
39849NetDiagnosticsUAT4.1.10:Download with delete option is not working in download/upload Feature
39856NetDiagnosticsDDR -ED-Navigation | Slow DB Calls By Response Time page is coming blank while traversing through Tier status >Drill down >Slow DB Calls By Response Time.
39861NetDiagnosticsHeap Dump: Heap Dump message is appearing at backend when we take it using All Instances
39881NetDiagnosticsUAT4.1.10: NodeJS || NodeServer monitor  || NA is showing  in place of port in nodeServer vectorName .
39886NetDiagnosticsUAT4.1.10: NodeJS || Runtime change is not working for keyword ASTraceLevel
39896NetDiagnosticsNC_MON, Transaction flowmap unable to show callouts due to Sequence Blob files are generated with  0 size,
39898NetDiagnosticsUAT4.1.10: Not Able to download captured heap dump.
39903NetDiagnosticsND Config UI – Java Profile| In BT pattern window, Error message is coming when user is creating the BT on the basis of different Dynamic HTTP Request properties but with same URL pattern and different BT name
39911NetDiagnosticsDDR – HeapDump using BCI | Heap dump list should display latest taken heap dump on top ( Sorting should be w.r.t time).
39912NetDiagnosticsNC_MON | In Flowpath Report, By default Response time is not coming in descending order while traversing through Tier status(Cavisson) >Drill down >Flowpath By Response Time.
39914NetDiagnosticsNC MON : DDR – HeapDump using BCI Appliance column has ‘-‘ value in Heap Dump Manager window. ( Need migration shell to manage old heapdumps in new build having modified headers).
39920NetDiagnosticsNDP |Getting core dump in nd_process_data.c.
39928NetDiagnosticsND Config UI – Java Profile | Runtime changes is not getting applied from Custom Data window
39931NetDiagnosticsND Config UI – Java Profile | In Session Attribute and Request Header window, Validation message should not get appear incase user is not providing left or right bound values
39940NetDiagnosticsDDR – HeapDump using BCI | Clicking on Delete button of a heapdump with no Appliance value empties the heap dump list table.
39942NetDiagnosticsDDR – HeapDump using BCI | Proper message should be displayed when a heap dump is forcefully terminated by another heapdump request.
39948NetDiagnosticsDDR -Common Query | In DB UI Filter, Error is coming while applying Business Transaction Filter while traversing through BT >Tier(NsecomTier) >Server >Instance >All Transaction >Request per sec >Right click on graph >Drill down >DB Request Group By BT >UI
40014NetDiagnosticsJFR file not generating after running jfr command on server by using Java flight recorder option
40025NetDiagnosticsDDR – Navigation | In Flowpath report, In case of “<1″ response time then sorting is not working properly for Response Time column while traversing through Tier status(NsecomTier) >Transaction scorecard >”C” icon >stoerid,terminalid,orderid >Error Count.
40029NetDiagnosticsNC_MON | Common Query | Window is getting hanged after enabling Instance filter in Method Timing UI filter while traversing through Tier status(Cavisson) >Drill down >Methods By Response Time >UI Filter.
40037NetDiagnosticsCapture wrong “TOPO” and “Flowpath” info in Access log of Weblogic for ND NV NF integration.
40040NetDiagnosticsNC_MON | BT Splitting | In Custom Data By BT Splitting report, Incomplete Pie chart is coming while traversing through BT >Tier(Cavisson) >Overall >Overall >All Transaction >Request per sec >drill down >Group By Custom Data.
40052NetDiagnosticsNC_MON |BTSplitting| In Flowpath Report, “0” is coming in Category column while traversing through BT >Tier(Cavisson) >Overall >Overall >AllTransaction >RequestPerSec >Drilldown >Group By CustomData >Select storeid, terminallid, associateid >Count(Others)
40063NetDiagnosticsUAT4.1.10: Getting instance name conflict issue with ALL and ND options while taking thread dump.
40068NetDiagnosticsNC_MON |BTSplitting| In Flowpath Report, All Category Data is coming while traversing through BT >Tier(Cavisson) >Overall >Overall >AllTransaction >RequestPerSec >Drilldown >Group By CustomData >Select storeid, terminallid, associateid >NormalCount(Other)
40091NetDiagnosticsNC_MON | BTSplitting | In Method Calling Tree, Blank is appearing after applying filter MaxDepth=5,MinWallTime=5,Threshold=1500 in Apply Filter traversing through BT to NormalCount(others) via GroupByCustomData.
40104NetDiagnosticsNodeJS | Control connection is breaking while taking heap dump and cpu profiling in parallel.
40112NetDiagnosticsNC_MON |BTSplitting| In Method Timing Report,End Time=”NaN” is coming in Filter Criteria,traversing through BT to OverallCount(/nsecomm/HttpCallout)>RespTime via Group By Custom Data.
40117NetDiagnosticsND Config UI – AI | Instrumentation Profile is not getting created properly through Auto Instrumentation Window
40120NetDiagnosticschanged enableHSLongStack keyword max value for LongStack
40144NetDiagnosticsHeapDump using CMON | NDC should resolve serverip while taking heap dump rather than sending nsu_server_admin request with Server Name.
40157NetDiagnosticsNC_MON |DBU is taking time to upload data for metadata csv.
40160NetDiagnosticsNC_MON | At Instance Level, All Instance data are coming in HotSpot Report while traversing through Tier status(CavissonNodeJS) >Show Tier info >Instance(node_nsecom) >Drill down >Adv HotSpot.
40161NetDiagnosticsJava Flight Recorder | List of flight recordings should be sorted as per Last Modification Time.
40167NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | In Integration Point Detection window,  Run time changes should applied only after clicking on save option in main screen
40196NetDiagnosticsNo Data is showing for Count in ED
40199NetDiagnosticsBCI Agent is not trying to connect with updated NDC host:port if instance is not recycled.
40202NetDiagnosticsChanges for removing debug log and common function shell
40213NetDiagnosticsNDConfigUI -DotNetAgent | NDEntryPoint file created by NDConfigUI is not in valid format for DOTNETAGENT
40217NetDiagnosticsNDC was not sending correct response to GUI while taking parallel heap dump.
40240NetDiagnosticsND Config UI – AI | When user is not sending the Blacklist file then “blackListForDebugSession=NA” should not get pass
40244NetDiagnosticsNC_MON | In Flowpath report, “Error message null” is coming after clicking on Show All Flowpaths of selected Flowpath’s Session icon at Instance level of Tier(CavissonNodeJS).
40250NetDiagnosticsNC_MON | In Aggregate Method Timing Report, Data is not coming while traversing through TierStatus(Cavisson) >Drill down >Flowpath By Response Time >Select more than 2 Flowpath >click Open Aggregate Flowpaths from Selected Flowpath.
40261NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | When user is importing the Pattern based file BT then it is excluding the BT incase it is getting “0” and viceversa
40287NetDiagnosticsBCI | Flowpath are not capturing for Spring boot application in Build 4.1.10.
40301NetDiagnosticsBCI | NC_MON ,BCI is not encoding \r character in db query
40319NetDiagnosticsNC_MON: Many sqb files are 0 size
40320NetDiagnosticsDDR – HeapDump using BCI | Issues in Downloading heap dump file which is present on server.
40333NetDiagnosticsDDR – HeapDump using BCI | On downloading heap dump file which is present only on NDE Appliance, request for previously downloaded heap dump present on server is sent.
40335NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED|In Method Calling Filter, Negative value should not allowed in Selection drop-down box of “Max Depth/Min Wall Time/Threshold” in Apply Filter ,traversing through TierStatus(NsecomTier)>TransactionScorecard>DB Queries>QueryCount>BT>Apply Filter.
40347NetDiagnosticsND Config UI – Java Profile | When user is importing the btPattern file then all data  is not getting imported
40348NetDiagnosticsND Config UI – Java Profile | btPatter.btr file  is getting added in ndsettings.txt file after pressing the enter in Path field under File Manager window
40356NetDiagnosticsND Config UI – Java Profile | Field i.e. ‘url match mode’ is passing ‘-‘ after edit the BT configuration for the imported BTPattern list
40364NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | Runtime change message is not passing correctly for Instrumentation profile window
40369NetDiagnosticsNDC is continuously sending send_meta_data request for 35 records.
40377NetDiagnosticsQueueTime field is not captured in 2 records for jetty server while using default “NDEntryPointsFile.txt” file.
40378NetDiagnosticsNodeJS | 4 record is not coming for Memcache URL only 2 and 3 record is coming.
40400NetDiagnosticsNC_MON | Color theme for Pie chart title is not proper and also white color text is not readable in DB stats window.
40414NetDiagnosticsNC_MON: Flight recorder error message have “undefined” in the text
40418NetDiagnosticsNodeJS | Runtime changes is not working while we are giving category according to BTName in BTTConfig file.
40429NetDiagnosticsNodeJS | 11 record is coming everytime in rawdata file and in agents log file whenever we are applying runtime changes for BTRuleFile.
40440NetDiagnosticsNC_MON | DB Request drill down from dashboard is not showing any data.
40446NetDiagnosticsNC_MON | MultiDC | Getting DB Queries Data for NC_MON DC in QA_MON DC. While traversing through Tier Status > Slow DB Calls By Response Time.
40447NetDiagnosticsNC_MON |MultiDC| In HotSpot Report, Wrong DC data is coming while traversing through DC(QA_MON) >Tier status >Drill Down >HotSpot.
40451NetDiagnosticsNC_MON | MultiDC | “Method Timing Report” is not opening when traversing from ED > Transaction Scorecard > Method Timing Report Icon.
40455NetDiagnosticsNC_MON |MultiDC| In Flowpath report, “No record found” is appearing while traversing through DC=QA_MON >Tier status >Transaction Scorecard >Total Count.
40465NetDiagnosticsNC_MON |BTSplitting| In Method Calling tree, Argument removed after applying filter Max Depth=1 but by default filter, argument is present in Method Calling tree.
40485NetDiagnosticsND Config UI – Java Profile | Configuration regarding issues appearing in Put Delay in Method  and Generate Exception window
40489NetDiagnosticsND Config UI – Auto Instrumentation is not getting started as Popup message of  “Could Not Start”  is appearing
40496NetDiagnosticsNC_MON: getting gap on all the graphs in CM test.
40514NetDiagnosticsND Alerts are not Coming on SCS
40520NetDiagnosticsHeap Dump and JFR is not showing on /tmp
40559NetDiagnosticsNCMON: DDR – HeapDump using BCI | Getting 500 error on downloading one of the heap dumps as file is downloaded in $NS_WDIR but GUI is finding it in testrun directory.
40567NetDiagnosticsNC_MON | Data is not coming in Method Timing Report while traversing through Tier status(Cavisson) >Transaction scorecard >”c” icon >storeid/terminalid/orderid >Error count >response time.
40588NetDiagnosticsNodeJS | Flowpath record i.e [2,4]record is coming while running test with bciInstrSessionPct=0.
40604NetDiagnosticsNot getting data for FlowPaths in ED ||
40673NetDiagnosticsNodeJS |Naming convention is showing wrong in cm_nd_nodejs_gc.gdf.
40749NetDiagnosticsUAT 4.1.10: Not able to perform any action on thread dump window.
40810NetDiagnosticsNodeJS| Observed  error  in nd_node_error.log regarding clshook with netjsagnet@4.1.1021 build
40840NetDiagnosticsNDC| Default Tier is not added automatically in Tier.csv and database table ndtier in auto scale environment.
40848NetDiagnosticsNot able to see “VendorSuppliedImageImport_hotfolderIncoming” Method on Method calling Tree
40934NetDiagnosticsGeneric Entry Points are not working
40954NetDiagnosticsKFS||Merch||Stress||No table to discover server after enabling cmon
40990NetDiagnosticsDDR- ED | Tier call outs are not showing in Transaction Flowmap.
41042NetDiagnosticsGetting error when we implement server_signature json monitor
41115NetDiagnosticsKFS||Prod||KMA||Difference in time by method in method calling tree and hotspot summary
41124NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | Extra spacing issue appears in btPatternThreshold.btt file while doing editing in threshold value under BT Pattern window
41130NetDiagnosticsNot getting data in ND ||
41165NetDiagnosticsKFS || ND Config UI || Run time changes not applied after saving and applying instrumentation from Config UI
41193NetDiagnosticsNeed help in Perfdashbaord JSON
41202NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | In Global configuration window, Type i.e. Request-URI-Segments-Numbers is not appearing while selecting the Segment-of-URI-with-dynamic-part-of-request
38771NetForestHigh CPU Utilization
39435NetOceanNext applied RTC is also getting fail when previous applied RTC was failed.
39568NetOceanGUI | Response of inactive template comes incase of service created through recording.
39571NetOceanUAT-4.1.10||Feature to Import Cert, validate and point for HPD, Recording and Client Cert
39639NetOceanNetOcean: Getting core dump after applying rtc in case of data set parameter.
39699NetOceanGetting very high response time when used service time of mode 1 at global level.
39818NetOceanNetOcean: Not getting any graph for service virtualization for non-work controller.
39859NetOceanGUI | While adding a service in the rtc mode, it is getting redirected to the Manage UI of the Noramal Mode.
39899NetOceanNetOcean | Continuous Monitoring test is not running as ndeadmin user is not allowed to run the test.
39916NetOceanNetOcean: Getting core dump in look-up.
39917NetOceanNetOcean : Getting core dump in case of virtual hosts.
39978NetOceanUAT4.1.10: Not getting all stats in application metrics.
39980NetOceanUAT4.1.10: Alert tab not working properly|Showing 404 error
40012NetOceanNetOcean: Not able to active and inactive template from gui in case of rtc.
40119NetOceanGUI | Wrong drop down option is showing in LBMATCH Option when opened any existing search parameter in which LBMATCH is used First / Closest.
40188NetOceanGUI | GIT Clone option is not coming in Services option after set all GIT setting in configuration window.
40246NetOceanGUI | Condition of the template gets added with the wrong condition.
40355NetOceanGUI | Two template gets ‘default-active’, without any condition in the service.
40363NetOceanNetOcean: Getting core dump in case of Match entire Request in template.
40365NetOceanGUI | While adding Indexed Dataset parameter, it is getting saved without any file content and also stopping HPD.
40367NetOceanNetOcean: Not Getting blank value in case of index data set parameter if applied condition does not match.
40392NetOceanNCMON||Core is getting formed continuously while running hpd.
41085NetOcean NetOcean appending incorrect log files
37740NetStormBuildomatic | Build upgrade fails on ND Automation machine while upgrading using buildomatic.
37917NetStormNeed Couch Base Monitoring
38303NetStormEmail/SMS Settings Issue: In User Name and SMTP Host of Email/SMS Settings we are able to save negative numbers.
38371NetStormPause Dashboard Update Issue:Show Graph data is getting updated after clicked on Pause dashboard update button but dashboard is not updating
38399NetStormPause Dashboard Update Issue:Lower panel is getting downloaded with updated values after applying Pause Dashboard Update
38483NetStormAlert Integration with Other Products: When we apply force Clear in Secondary Product Alert Count is coming but there is no Alert in the Active Alert Window.
38499NetStormWebDashboard Angular4|Color Issue: If we merge graph of different servers in different widget after that when we merge graph with ALL >> All Tiers then same color of graphs is showing in panel.
38501NetStormPause Dashboard Update Issue:Derived Graph is adding with updated data ,while adding derived graph after applying Pause dashboard Update
38502NetStormPause Dashboard Update Issue:Favorite and Open/Merge members result is loading with latest updated data not with the paused data,after applying pause dashboard update
38616NetStormWebdashboard Angular 4|Monochromatic Color:Previous color of graphs are not coming on widget after disabling monochromatic color from widget having monochromatic color applied globally.
38637NetStormWebDashboard Angular4|Scaling Issue: After Scaling-OFF from Widget When we Scaling-OFF and then Scaling-ON from Configurations Settings then Scaling is not applied on Scaling-OFF widget.
38703NetStormAlert Maintenance: While applying Bad Time for Future Date,whole bucket is not deleted.(1st Hour is of current date and 2nd Hour is of future date)
38714NetStormWebdashboard Angular 4|Monochromatic Color Issue:Graph color of widget is getting changed on changing chart type of widget having category graph after monochromatic color is applied globally.
39101NetStormMonochromatic Color management: when applying monochromatic color it is not apply in all graph.
39181NetStormReport Scheduler is not working,getting Exception for DBSchedulerStat.insertNVReport(DBSchedulerStat.java:486).
39202NetStormCouchbase|Only one vector is coming for CouchbaseNodeStats and CouchbaseBucketStats in OUTBOUND mode
39221NetStormWebdashboard Angular 4|Reporting issue:When we disable include chart option in compare report then view by option should not be visible.
39269NetStormUnable to load graph for Window Process Stats monitor
39401NetStormConsul Monitoring
39509NetStormUAT4.1.10: Not able to test script from script UI – Getting Permission error
39521NetStormCompare Trend Issue:While dragging any graph on widget View By is getting changed to Auto after coming new sample ,when Compare is applied with best View by option
39523NetStormWebdashboard Angular 4|In Compare baseline with Measurements of presets This Month and Last Month X-axis Time value is not correct.
39551NetStormCompare Issue:View By “Auto” is showing on top panel after coming new sample ,while Compare is applied on widgets in case of NDE mode
39668NetStormNC_MON, Test is starting with two bin/netstorm Pid
39716NetStormWebDashboard Angular4 | Top/Bottom Widget Settings Issue : After applying Top/Bottom operation on a widget, when we again change the chart type then the Top/Bottom Value is changing to All but is getting applied with the previous Top/Bottom Value.
39738NetStormACL|Capability Issue:Able to generate report and add template ,while User have assigned No permission for Reportss
39777NetStormNC_MON: Getting core in Netstorm due to this test stopped.
39780NetStormNC_MON: Getting Garbage Data in RTG for CPU Utilization graph (Cavisson>NDAppliance).
39794NetStormUAT4.1.10: NetDiagnostics || Debug Trace Log option should not show under ‘View’ menu
39795NetStormUAT4.1.10: Min value is coming is 0 while it was not zero in previous release
39808NetStormAlert Settings: We are able to Edit Email settings from Alert Settings window with user having No Permission to Email/SMS Settings.
39824NetStormAlert Issue: We are able to Open Alert History with User having “No Permission” from Active Alert Window and we are able to delete records for user having ReadOnly Permission.
39839NetStormACL|Time Period :- No.of sample are are coming higher for the user having having low density on applying time period Last 4 hours.
39842NetStormACL|Compare Trend Issue:User having No permission for Compare ,but able to apply compare from Test run GUI
39855NetStormACL|Test Start Issue:Not able to start test with User having admin capability
39862NetStormUAT4.1.10: Avg Response Time is Zero when Group Based stats are enabled
39875NetStormHTTP2 : Getting core dump while running test with HTTP Caching.
39880NetStormAzkaban | Delete Vector is not working for Azkaban Sub Flow Stats monitor
39883NetStormWebdashboard Angular4 Reporting Issue:On Generating report for Compare, blank report is getting generated without report name, TR number and other Report info
39885NetStormWeb Dashboard|Angular4|Baseline Comparison :- The view by options are not coming correct when we remove baseline Last 1 hour applied on the Baseline Comparison window.
39887NetStormWebDashboard Angular4|ACL: Duplicate user are getting created when we add same user from different controller of a machine.
39927NetStormPinterest icon Used as the Product favicon
39930NetStormAngular4 | Webdashboard Report issue: Unable to generate Stats report in case of custom time period is applied.
39936NetStormUAT4.1.10: After applying open metrics we are not able to merge the metrics on blank widget.
39944NetStormWebdashboard Angular 4|Monochromatic Color Issue:Graph color of widget is getting changed on applying zoom on any widget after disabling monochromatic color from graph settings.
39949NetStormUAT4.1.10: Getting wrong content for Transaction summary by status report from Drill Down Report
39951NetStormNC_MON|Alert Issue: In Alert Action, Alert Mail Subject should take 256 characters(It is supported till 128 characters).
39957NetStormWebdashboard Angular 4|Monochromatic Color Issue:Color of graph is getting changed on merging certain graphs on widget after apply monochromatic color globally.
40007NetStormAlert Issue:Negative(-ve) values are showing in baseline data in case of Load Index Based Alert
40016NetStormUAT 4.1. 10 # 18- Not able to take TCP dump
40101NetStormSub Chart Type does not visible after Selecting chart Type as Geo Map.
40106NetStormWebdahboard Angular 4|Reporting issue:Blank Report Graph is generating with With Custom Preset .
40116NetStormUAT4.1.10:Thread dump on infinite loop
40142NetStormHTTP2 Server Push | Requests of pushed resources is not included in case of server push.
40149NetStormHTTP2 Server Push | NetStorm is consuming high memory, Swapped memory, Disc Blocks, and CPU Utilization with server push.
40175NetStormWebDashboard Angular4|Reporting Issue: Blank compare report is getting generated from widget in NC mode.
40183NetStormUAT4.1.10: Showing Duplicate scenario while filter test run with particular SubProject in Test Run GUI
40186NetStormWeb Dashboard | Alert Issue : Getting error when opening alert window in netocean product.
40194NetStormUAT4.1.10: All SubProject is showing in Script manager  after synchronize to Enduser having privilege of ReadOnly for only one SubProject
40203NetStormWebDashboard Angular4|Reporting Issue:When we uncheck master checkbox of generators in Compare Report Management GUI and then move to any other reports then not able to generate report in NC mode.
40252NetStormKPI Issue:Data is not coming for DC-SJC in case of MFP and IHS Tier
40267NetStormScript Management: Permission error is coming when we perform Test Script from Script Management.
40304NetStormTest Start Issue : Unable to start test and core is generating.
40331NetStormNC_MON: In case of NodeJS tier,  no threads are showing while analyzing taken thread dump
40338NetStormWebdashboard Angular 4|Open/Merge Issue:Lower pane data of widget is not coming and pagination is not working properly after applying open group metrics on blank widget on panel having open/merge applied.
40358NetStormNC_MON: NodeJS heap dump not working… No heap dump made after waiting for more than 30 minutes
40382NetStormLogging Reader Issue:Logging Reader process is not running because of permission issue of CSV file.
40390NetStormWebdashboard Angular 4|Monochromatic Color Issue:Monochromatic color is not reflecting in widget but get reflected in lower pane data of widget after applying open/merge by advance option and merging certain graphs on blank widget.
40395NetStormUAT-4.1.10||Tree not getting synced automatically in script manager
40399NetStormNC_MON: Getting two same Test run running while executing nsu_show_netstorm command
40404NetStormNetOcean:Web Dashboard | Time period issue : Web dashboard is opening with View by of 0 sec.
40435NetStormWebDashboard Angular4|Reporting Issue: Incorrect graph is showing in generated Trend Compare report for generators Using Template in NC mode.
40500NetStormAlert|Thread Dump Issue: Unable to execute Thread Dump Action when Alert is generated because Pattern field is getting updated on GDF Changed in Instance.conf.
40510NetStormRemove overall in ns_nd_monitor to fix more than 100% graph problem
40512NetStormUAT-4.1.10||Not able to start test from Script Manager
40543NetStormWebDashboard | Unable to pause a test from GUI.
40554NetStormAlert Issue: Alert Ribbon is not coming in Product UI Top Panel but Alert is generated.
40577NetStormRTC GUI | In Percentage mode, there is no drop down list in Action column for Increase/Decrease.
40680NetStormWeb Dashboard is not opening in Mozilla Firefox
40719NetStormNC_MON:Gui is getting hanged
40740NetStormNot able to see favorites for field (All) in Multi environment
40804NetStormUnable to get the Mongo Db stats in CMT
40816NetStormKPI Angular4 Issue:Issue in KPI while creating Custom Multi zone
40838NetStormGetting wrong data on some topics of Kafka Replication monitor on debug test
40850NetStormWhen running cm_azkaban_job_stats monitor in outbound mode cmon is getting stopped.
40986NetStormPassword encryption is not working for Couchbase monitors.
40989NetStorm10.206.96.4:8007 || Monitors GUI not able to open
41016NetStormWebDashboard Angular4 | Reporting Issue : Summary Report should be disabled when Test Metrics is not present.
41032NetStormMozilla Firefox|Test Run Gui issue:Column of Test name is not showing in Test Run gui for Mozilla Firefox browser.
41034NetStormPassword encryption is not working for Azkaban monitors.
41111NetStormcm_multiline_accesslog_monitor is not working with -K option in latest build 4.1.10 #23.
41126NetStormUAT4.1.10: Issues with test script functionality of Script manager
41238NetStormKPI Issue:Data is coming wrong for PVS-Last24Hrs/Instance while applying Time period with Last 24Hrs
40564NetVisionIn HPD Cluster Support, Wrong tomcat ip is getting dumped in nvclustertable .
40667NetVisionIn NV-NF Integration, 5xx exception is coming while doing  ddr from NF to NV Replay gui.
39851Synthetic MonitorNVSM || Unable to start SM continuous monitoring test from GUI and backend both.
39811TestSuiteUAT4.1.10: Can’t open Checkprofile Management