2nd January 2018 – R

New and Enhanced Features in 4.1.10#18


  • Server Push in HTTP/2: HTTP/2 Server Push allows a web server to send resources to a web browser, before browser requests for them. This helps websites load faster. NetStorm now supports scripting and testing of Server Push in HTTP/2.
  • HTTP Live Media Streaming Support: NetStorm now supports recording of a script using Media Streaming (HLS) protocol. HTTP Media Streaming (HLS) is an HTTP-based media streaming communications protocol, used to deliver the media content by breaking the overall stream into a sequence of small HTTP-based files. As the stream is played, the client may select from a number of different alternate streams containing the same material encoded at a variety of data rates, allowing the streaming session to adapt to the available data rate.
  • License Validation Enhancement in NetStorm: A stricter license validation is enforced. Earlier, a warning was displayed but there was not any restriction on the product usage. Going forward, test/ monitoring will not start without valid license. There can be temporary or permanent licenses issued.


  • Run-time Changes (RTC) enhancements: There’ve been a lot of enhancements done in this feature. Run time changes is supported at global level, service level, and template level. RTC can be:
    • Applied temporarily – this will restore original settings after HPD restart, Or
    • Can be permanent

New services can be added on the fly.

  • JMS MQ Parameterization: This feature enables the following functionalities:
    • NetOcean can parametrize JMS messages consumed from TIBCO server
    • Parameterized message can then be produced to another TIBCO server
  • Find & Replace Parameters: This feature enables the following functionalities:
    • Replace the variable/ parameter name with the provided one


  • Progress Report Enhancement: It was observed that any delays in sending the packet to the parent (for whatsoever reason) would result in drops in graphs on the UI. For example: Generators not in sync may cause packet delay and show as Vuser drop. This enhancement addresses challenges associated with generators getting uncoordinated.
  • Percentile data for Dynamic Transactions: Support is provided for Dynamic Transactions. Dynamic transactions are transactions that are discovered after the test starts.


  • NDC, DBU Re-Design: In the new design, DBU and NDC are no longer dependent on topology. The new design eliminates the inconsistencies occurring due to manual changes.

Java Application Agent
  • Auto-instrumentation: This feature supports auto-instrumentation of all important methods (Application/ Core API/ Third party) taking time in execution. This feature eliminates the need of manually creating the instrumentation profile with packages/ classes/ methods of application. Auto instrumentation can be started on server using configuration UI by invoking a new session called Auto Instrumentation Session.
  • Capture heap dump from Java Agent: The heap dump capture is now part of Java agent. This feature provides following functionalities: 
    • Take heap dump from ND agent
    • Record JFR using ND agent
    • UI support for taking heap dump, viewing previous captured heap dump, and download to user machine for analysis
    • Capturing heap dump also on server where only JRE is installed (Supporting JDK jars for capturing heap dump is not available) 
  • Cloudant Integration Point Support: Cloudant NOSQL DB integration point detection supported.
  • Starts Instrumentation Protocol Enhancements: This feature provides following functionalities:
    • Recovery of start instrumentation protocol failure due to not receiving of any critical file or messages
    • Handling of failure in parsing and validation of important files received or messages
    • Reporting status of start instrumentation message in response
NodeJS Agent
  • NodeJS 8.x version support in Agent: NodeJS 8.x version is supported by NodeJS agent.
  • Hotspot generation for asynchronous calls: This feature provides following functionalities:
    • Monitor the time taken in execution of all NodeJS asynchronous calls
    • Monitor the delay occurred in invocation of callback for NodeJS asynchronous calls
  • NodeJS Asynchronous Event Monitor: NodeJS asynchronous event monitor captures following metrics:
    • Events per sec for each category of event invocation (Ex. TCP connection, TCP read/write, Timer, File system read/write etc.)
    • Event Execution Time
    • Delay in Event Execution
  • Generate long stack trace for Asynchronous Events execution in transactions: NodeJS agent now supports capturing long stack trace for Asynchronous events and callback while making transactions on execution.
  • Monitor Asynchronous Functions and Callbacks: Support for monitoring asynchronous function and registered callback functions:
    • Instrumenting all asynchronous functions and their registered callback function to trace correlation between them
    • Capturing name of the event registered with callback
    • Capturing total delay occurred in invocation of callback function
    • Showing event name and total delay with asynchronous function invoked in method call tree
DotNet Agent
  • Hotspot enhancement to improve server CPU utilization: This feature reduces the overall CPU utilization as the number of threads monitored for sampling are reduced. This is achieved by monitoring only those worker and pool threads, which are executing transaction instead of all threads.
  • Support for profiling DotNet based desktop applications: Earlier, DotNet agent only supported profiling of web-based applications, but now it also supports profiling for desktop and console based DotNet application.
  • Auto discovery of classes and methods of DotNet application for instrumentation: Going forward, the auto discovery of classes and methods for instrumentation is supported by DotNet agent.
    • DotNet agent will detect all classes/ methods loaded in memory of DotNet application and report them to NDE server
    • Configuration UI displays all methods discovered by Agent and allows user to select classes/ methods for instrumentation
  • Agentless Monitoring (SNMP): Several monitors have been added to do network device and network performance monitoring using SNMP. These monitors are:
    • Store / Device Uptime Monitor
    • Network Interface Stats Monitor
    • Network Delay Monitor
    • Network Device Environment Stats Monitor
    • Network Device Health Monitor
    • Fortinet Firewall Monitor
  • Couch Base Monitor: A new monitor for CouchBase cluster to measure the health of couchbase server components, such as HDD, RAM, Bucket, Node, and Cluster.

CouchBase cluster stats: Cluster memory stats, Cluster Disk stats

CouchBase node stats: Node CPU stats, Node Memory stats, Node Disk stats, Node Operations stats

CouchBase bucket stats: Bucket disk stats, Bucket memory stats, Bucket Operation stats

  • Jetty Web Server Monitors: Jetty is a server where applications is deployed and gets matrices from MBeans. MBeans store variable and objects for Jetty webapps. 

Jetty Thread Pool stats: Busy, Idle, Total, Min, Max thread counts, Queue size

 Jetty Session stats: Current sessions, Max sessions and Session rate

  • GCP storage permission monitor: Google Cloud permission stats for read and write.
  • Generic framework for dbQuery monitors: This is enhanced framework for querying the database and returning integer value. 
  • CMON code structure enhancement (as per well-defined package names).
  • Delete vector functionality in some of the pending dynamic monitors.
  • Delete vector support in CavWMon for perfCounter.
  • MPStatLite: A light-weight version of MPStat monitor shows CPU idle graph only.
ND Configuration UI Enhancements
  • Auto Instrumentation support: Auto instrumentation is now available from the ND Configuration UI. The output of this feature is an automated instrumentation profile of classes / methods.
  • User Role specific Authentication: Implementation of access control mechanism in the ND configuration UI, enables roles and access restrictions based on user profile. This feature enables identification, authentication and accountability of entities through login credentials including passwords. Accesses can be applied to capabilities and can be assigned to a group of users.
  • Multiple Agent Profile (Java/ NodeJS/ DotNet): The programming framework support is now available from the ND configuration UI. All different agents are supported and can be configured from the new ND Config UI.
Executive Dashboard
  • KPI tab in Angular: The KPI tab is redone in Angular 4.

Web Dashboard

  • Support of Top/Bottom in widgets (All widgets): Using this feature, user can see Top/Bottom graphs based on average, minimum, and maximum values. Earlier, Top/Bottom feature was supported for Bar and Pie chart only but now the support is extended to all widget types and chart types.
  • Parameterized drilldown support in tabular widget on row selection: Favorite parameterization is now supported for Tabular, Data and Health widget. This can be achieved by selecting a particular row in tabular widget and then using “Page Dashboard” drill down option. For other Data and Health widgets, user can directly select the “Page Dashboard” option under Drilldown menu.
  • Monochromatic Colors: Monochromatic color theme is available and uses different shades of single color for multiple graphs. The monochromatic theme can also be extended to the existing pre-bundled color themes in the web dashboard.
    • User can apply this feature for all widgets or on specific widget
    • There are many color sets available to apply. If user applies this feature then a default color set based on theme gets applied
    • User has an option to have few widgets with multi-color and few with mono colors.
  • Angular UI view for Report: Reporting GUI is redone and upgraded to Angular 4.
  • Alert Summary Report: This report provides a summarized view of total alerts raised during a specified time configured, which can be configured to be grouped by Alert Rule name or Alert Vector (Tier>Server>Instance) name in a tabular format. This report is template driven so that the report format can be changed as per need and also it is schedulable so that alert related information can be send automatically in an email via attachment.
  • Scaling support: This feature is added to reduce the visualization and interpretation complexities arising from having a large as well as small graph values on the same widget. Scaling enables distinct display of very small values compared with very high values on the same widget. Two scaling modes are provided, logarithmic and auto. 
  • Change Viewby Functionality on widget: Going forward, user can apply View by from right click menu of the widget. However, only best view by options are provided, which are producing samples between 20 and 100. 
  • Compare Trend Analysis: Trend compare shows aggregated any specified statics data (Avg/ Min/ Max/ Last/ nth Percentile) value of all measurements and draw a graph of any type. 
  • Pause/ Resume data update: “Pause” option stops updating data in Dashboard even when the test continues. Once user uses “Resume” option, then data update starts working. This feature is useful while a user is doing some analysis or designing the favorite in the Dashboard. 
  • Vector count supported data widget: Use case is to show “Active Stores” or “Active Servers” in Data widget where the count is derived from the count of merged graphs.
  • Access Control (ACL) support in widget wise graph time: ACL supports “View by” based on sample density: High, Medium, and Low. This will ensure that not all the users will be able to apply high-density samples criteria like looking at the 24 hours data with view by one minutes where the sample count will become 1440, which can result into performance issues.
    • Low Density: Allows showing the view by options, which are not producing more than 100 samples for the applied time period.
    • Medium Density: Allows showing the view by options, which are not producing more than 300 samples for the applied time period.
    • High Density: No restriction, show all options.
  • Controller UI upgrade to Angular4 and user details removed from controller UI: The domain admin controller UI is upgraded to Angular 4 along with product UI and it is now ACL controlled.
  • Forward alerts to a central dashboard: This feature enables forwarding of alerts from one Cavisson product to other Cavisson product, so that all the alerts are visible at one central dashboard. This is useful in the scenarios where user wants to see multiple products’ alerts in a single dashboard. For example: In one environment there are multiple Cavisson products configured, let’s say NetVision (NV) and NetDiagnostics (NDE) and there is a requirement of sending all NV alerts automatically to NDE so that all the alerts generated from both the products are visible at one place. This feature enables:
    • Alert integration added for sending alerts to other Cavisson product(s).
    • Sending alerts from multiple products to a single Dashboard (many to one).
  • Alert Settings window upgrade to Angular 4 and refactoring of the features in separate windows: The alert settings configuration controls the generation of alerts at global level along with following options:
    • Enable/ disable Alert
    • Enable/ disable policy
    • Enable/ disable Maintenance window
    • Enable/ disable External Alert
    • At admin level – Debug Level and Baseline viewer format
  • Email/ SMS configuration window upgrade to Angular 4: Email/ SMS configuration window is redone in Angular 4 and is available at global level. User can get this option from the User Settings menu and Alert Settings window.
  • Maintenance window upgrade to Angular 4: The alert maintenance window is redone and upgraded to Angular 4 with some additional functionalities to show upcoming schedules and to see past maintenance window rules.
Drill Down Reports (DDR)
  • DDR: The Drill Down Reports feature is completely redone and upgraded to Angular 4 with lots of enhancements, and is available in following products / components:
    • Executive Dashboard
    • Web Dashboard
    • NetVision
    • NetForest
    • NetStorm reports (page, session, url, transaction details to Web DDR)
    • Har reports
    • BT Trend report
    • IP Stats report 
  • Common Filter UI: An advanced filter UI or Common Query Manager UI, which supports to apply filters and get data dynamically for any of the following aggregate reports. In addition, it supports user to create custom queries and fetch data accordingly from database.
    • Flowpath report
    • Method timing report
    • DB Queries report
    • Hotspots report 
  • Heap Dumps through application agent and collector with back up as machine agent: Heap-dumps can now be captured and downloaded through both application agent and machine agent. 
  • Java Flight Recording through application agent and collector with back up as machine agent:  Flight recordings can now be started, stopped, and removed through both application agent and machine agent. 
  • MultiDC support for Angular Flowpath report: The Web DDR supports Multi-DC layer on the topology, along with the individual or aggregated data for multiple data centers.
  • Transaction Flow Map: Transaction Flow Map in new Angular based DDR enables users to view exceptions, besides providing support to:
    • Download flow map
    • Categorize and visualized Flowpath types on the basis of state / color (Normal – blue, Exception – red)
    • To navigate to Net Forest for current node or All node logs 
  • Conversion of BTSplitting by Custom data screen in Angular: ‘Custom Data by BT Splitting’ is the overall customization data for business transactions be it captured from HTTP session/method execution data/header or request Parameter. This report is helpful for observing readiness of a custom data configured by the user.


  • Page performance detail UI: This feature enables easy and faster debugging of page performance without too many navigation. This feature produces detailed information of a particular page and we can gradually navigate to the session details from the graphical overview.
    • Real User Monitoring (RUM) Analytics in Single Page Application (SPA): RUM analytics in SPA includes page performance overview and page performance details, which further include numerous parameters. 

  • W3C specific naming conventions for Timing information: All timing information is defined as per w3c standard and is common in GUI dashboard and reporting.
  • NV Monitors – Remember Vectors: This feature saves all the vectors of a monitor when HPD is stopped.
  • Compression of UserAction: Compress user action data to reduce the packet size as well as overall size. 
  • Auto Enable ND Instrumentation on Struggling Event: This feature smartly instructs instrumentation of NetDiagnostics sessions, including transactions with category slow, very slow, error etc., upon retry(s) from a struggling user in an event of some problems or issues faced. For example – Add Item Error Event – Error message or Item not added in cart etc. In such cases, ND may not be able to instrument the session depending upon instrumentation % configuration. But it is highly likely that the user will retry for the same flow. In such a re-try the session will be instrumented by NetDiagnostics.
  • Efficient use of sendBeacon in NV Agent: As opposed to sending the useraction, xhrdata, and el module at a fixed time interval, NetVision now flushes all the data at an interval of 10 seconds, which sends request for small fraction of data too.


  • REX and Eval in NFDB front-end plugin: REX feature is used to support regular expressions and Eval is used to support multiple functions, such as Stat, Text, and Mathematical operations.
  • Multiple Environment Support: This feature enables a user to select an environment from GUI. NF UI can query multiple nodes of NFdb now, based on the selected environment on UI.
  • ADMIN UI User creation and Permission to saved object: This functionality is used to handle admin activities (such as create/ delete/ update) and assigning permission to Dashboard, Charts, and Users. 
  • yml configuartion from DB: This functionality directly use the yml file from DB and instead of the file.
  • Retry on failure: This functionality sets the particular retry interval (2 times of the previous one for each iteration) until the timeout value achieved. For example, 300 seconds.
  • Gauge plugin development: It is a type of chart that works on threshold values, such as critical/ major/ minor and color-coding is done accordingly.
  • Access Log without Grok Parser: This functionality works as a plugin for handling access log. Writing Grok parser for the access log is not needed anymore.

Bug Fixes

The following issues are fixed in 4.1.X.

Bug IDProductSummary
24985NetCloudInvalid error message if some space is present in the generator file.
35845NetCloudnsu_logging_reader & db_upload keeps running even after the test killed forcefully
36023NetCloudFP RTC Core | Test got stop and core formed while applying RTC in file parameter in NC test
36326NetCloudResponse Code is 401 however url/page/transaction/ status is success
36344NetCloudShowing the load generation on all the generators instead of the generators present in the scenario.
36419NetCloudVUsers was dropped from one location during Performance test.
36856NetCloudUnable to delete Test runs from NetCloud machine
37240NetCloudTest is triggered on last generator with same generator name if controller blades are different.
37320NetCloudTest killed automatically in Controller (Webstore).
26502NetDiagnosticsNDC|NDC is not providing any proper message and test stops if there is any problem arises in file format.
29582NetDiagnosticsAuto Scale CleanUp | Flowpath Stats metrics keep showing 0 values after instance is disconnected.
30384NetDiagnosticsUnable to capture “TOPO” and “Flowpath” info in Access log of tomcat for ND NV NF integration.
32605NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | Script is not getting updated at the time of build upgrade for which UI is not working properly
34249NetDiagnosticsGetting Error While Starting CMT Test
35073NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | “Others” is coming in Category and “-” is coming in status for a flowpath  in flowpath report window while traversing through Tier Status>>DrillDown>>Flowpath By Response Time.
35154NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | Wrong selection of filters is appearing in Method Calling Tree > Apply Filter window. If user selects 2nd Item, it shows first item in the field and for 1st nothing is happening.
35307NetDiagnostics“No methods were found for this flowPathInstance” is showing in Method Calling Tree in Flowpath Details window while traversing through Tier Status>>DrillDown>>Hotspot>>Flowpath>>Flowpath Details.
35476NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | Red line is appearing in Instrumentation Profiler Maker
35548NetDiagnosticsAngular – DDR | In Flowpath Report, “0” is coming in Status code.
35945NetDiagnosticsAngular – Thread Dump | In Thread Dump Analyzer Report, All Thread dump file is getting selected while selecting two thread dump file and click on Compare icon.
35966NetDiagnosticsDBU – Auto scaling issues and code optimization
36051NetDiagnosticsAngular – DDR | Session is not being cleared on applying filters in flowpath report.
36098NetDiagnosticsAngular – DDR | Error is coming while downloading the Hotspot Report, traversing through Thread Hotspot stats >Tier >Server >Instance >Number of All Hotspot >Thread Hotspot.
36478NetDiagnosticsnetjsagent@0.3.43 | 74 record carrying “Nan” vector id for a random instance causing data loss.
36554NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | Url in filter criteria and Argument of service method in method calling tree of flowpath details is showing wrong.
36926NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | Layout is not appearing properly in Topology details window
37176NetDiagnosticsAuto Instrumentation | Getting java.lang.VerifyError for some classes on passing enableDebugSession=0 using runtime changes.
37206NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | At instance level, Sorting is not working in compare flowpath window
37223NetDiagnosticsCores are generating in ndu_db_upload .
37236NetDiagnosticsCore dump in ndu_db_upload for save_message
37305NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | Service method timing report is not opening while traversing through Tier status >Drill down >Adv Top DB Calls by Count >BT >click on service method in Method Summary section.
37470NetDiagnosticsDotNetAgent|Cav NV-ND|If all three modes(entry,exit,response commit) are disabled then session cookie will not be set in response object ,but in this case cookie is set in reponse header.
37482NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | When user creates the instrumentation profile from instrumentation profiler maker window then given method are not appearing in xml file and UI is not showing the proper xml file
37517NetDiagnosticsAngular – DDR | “Custom Depth” option is not working properly in Thread Hotspot Detail window while traversing through Thread Hotspot >Tier >Server >Instance >Number of All Hotspot >Thread Hotspot >Group By >Compare Depth.
37555NetDiagnosticsND_DBU | Core is coming in nd_db_upload regarding enableInstance.
37628NetDiagnosticsND_DBU | Core is coming in ndu_db_upload every time while starting the test.
37696NetDiagnosticsDotNetAgnet|Cav NV-ND|ND sessionID is coming even when we remove enableNDsession keyword from nd.conf
37709NetDiagnosticsAngular – DDR | “-” is coming in Argument column in method calling tree while traversing through BT >Tier >Server >Instance >All Transaction >Request per sec >Drill down >Flowpath report >BT.
37726NetDiagnosticsNDAutoInstrumentation | Control connection is getting closed while running the test with instrumentation profile created with auto-instrumentation feature
37808NetDiagnosticsND_DB | ndu_db_upload is waiting only for 2 sec and move for next partition as result data is not uploading in DB.
38038NetDiagnostics10.206.96.2 || Unable to login gui
38099NetDiagnosticsAngular – Thread Dump | Not able to take thread dump through ND graph while traversing through BT >Tier >Server >Instance >All Transaction >request per sec >widget settings >Diagnostics >Take thread dump >Count=1.
38236NetDiagnosticsAgent Info | Header field text is not appearing for Application and Machine Agent Status panel
38534NetDiagnosticsDotNetAgent: | Re_route feature should be supported in dotnet agent.
38620NetDiagnosticsDotNetAgent:-BT Name is passing “-” while traversing through Flow path window.
38990NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | Script is not getting updated at the time of build upgrade for which UI is not working properly
38541NetForestGetting “timeout” and “unable to load config from nfdb” when reading yml from nfdb with single node
38663NetForestnfagent is retrying(making connection) to each nodes in cluster for fetching config/yml
35889NetOceanGUI | Unable to navigate after moving to Configuration UI.
37632NetOceanLast applied RTC persists even after we restart and refresh the GUI.
37742NetOceanGUI | Table of Header contains opposite fields in the Data Processor UI.
37821NetOceanGUI | Not getting Regular Expression help information in edit service window.
38176NetOceanGUI | HPD is getting restarting automatically after click on Create service button in Recording window.
29422NetStormDynamic graph changes Issue:Graphs are not getting removed from widget after applying undozoom while deleting all indices of a group but lower panel is getting blank after coming of new sample.
31035NetStormProduct UI Angular 4 issue:data of alert widget is also visible in widget below it.
32675NetStormNeed to configure weblogic monitor for GIV and OMS servers
33195NetStormDR|CavMonAgent|control connection is still alive when DR_state is zero and backup is not configured in com.env
33226NetStormHTTP2 Auto mode : Test and request initiation got stuck after 5 minutes in case of AutoFetch.
33870NetStormReport Issue: Page dump is not showing in reports even after applying tracing keyword.
34030NetStormDynTx:Percentile value of transaction time graph is coming zero in dashboard with dynamic transaction in case of NetCloud.
34078NetStormA core should be generated before a generator is killed
34795NetStormScript Manager | SQL_Parameter|Not able to compile script when we are providing filename.
34868NetStormUnable to apply User/session RTC in time mode
36473NetStormACL|Favorite issue:Favorite (private) created by user1 is getting replaced by user2 if he creates the duplicate favorite .
36773NetStormWebsocket: Test is getting stucked.
36779NetStormWebdashboard Angular 4|Baseline Comparison Issue:Baselines are getting added of same duration in case of event day and custom time period.
36783NetStormNC_MON: Monitors are not working in case of OutBound connection Mode.
36837NetStormWebsocket: Not making request and response if we are hitting any other server instead of websocket.
36870NetStormACL|Reporting Issue:Time Period(Low,Medium)density capability is not working in case of Reporting
37171NetStormWeb Dashboard Angular4 Issue:Dashboard GUI is getting blank while switching other tab to Web dashboard GUI tab
37174NetStormWebdashboard Angular 4|Baseline Comparison Issue:Baseline is getting added of same color after disabling compare and add new baseline in baseline comparison window.
37177NetStormWebdashboard Angular 4|Baseline Comparison Issue:Custom baseline time is coming wrong in baseline comparison window after applying widget wise time period on disable compare.
37178NetStormWebdashboard Angular 4|Widget Wise Time period Issue:Graph are getting disordered after coming of new sample on applying widget wise time period after disabling baseline comparison.
37179NetStormWebdashboard Angular 4|Baseline Comparison Issue:Not able to apply zoom on baseline other than current test run baseline in webdashboard after applying baseline comparison.
37233NetStormWebDashboard Angular4 | Transaction Details Issue : After applying compare from the compare settings, when we expand compare settings then options like Download as, Pause, Refresh and Close are hiding.
37238NetStormWebDashboard Angular4 | Transaction Details Issue : After applying compare in Transaction Details, when we apply time period then a Confirmation message appears and after clicking “No” the Confirmation message still appears in every sample interval.
37239NetStormWeb Dashboard|Angular4|Time Period :- Last sample time is not coming correct when we apply time period yesterday on the web dashboard.
37258NetStormWeb Dashboard Angular4|Favorite Issue:Organize favorite window is not showing all favorites list,while “/home/netstorm/work/webapps/sys/webdashboard/favorites” contains .csv and .rtpl files
37266NetStormGraph Data Issue: Data not available is coming on widget while selecting on graph from the lower pane and applying zoom on the widget.
37278NetStormWeb Dashboard Angular4|Thread Dump GUI Issue:Drop down list of Instance is not showing,while Tier and server are selected through Master check box
37312NetStormScript Management: Error Message should come proper when we open script management from user which does not have read/write capability.
37386NetStormWebdashboard Angular 4|Widget Wise Time period Issue:Graph are getting disordered after coming of new sample on applying widget wise time period .
37406NetStormPercentile Issue: Number of PDF is coming wrong in testrun.pdf when new testrun.pdf version is created once pctMessage.dat is being increased more than 2 GB.
37410NetStormRun Command Issue:System time is showing instead of Server time in Schedule task window
37412NetStormWeb Dashboard Angular4|Dashboard GUI Issue:Widgets are getting blank while applying time period after applying Merge metrics with multiple graphs
37420NetStormRun Command Issue:New Group of User Defined Command is adding while editing the group name of already exist User Defined Command from list
37442NetStormWebDashboard Angular4 | Run Command Issue : Unable to delete User Defined Command.
37501NetStormWebdashboard Angular 4|Widget Wise Time Period:Widget wise time period window is not getting removed after apply widget wise time period on any particular widget.
37509NetStormRun Command: Filter Option ‘Show Bottom’ is not working and header is not coming after applying filter.
37511NetStormWebDashboard Angular4|Run Command Issue: Not able to edit User Define Command.
37558NetStormScript Management: Files used in File Parameter API is created with root user in script.
37577NetStormDrill Down: Drill Down option should come on right click if panel has only one graph.
37615NetStormLower Pane pagination Issue: After applying hide pagination, pagination is again coming while applying zoom on the widget.
37620NetStormWebdashboard Angular 4|Widget setting issue:With Merge all in Chart type Dual axis area line ,Area graph do not update with sample update.
37621NetStormWeb Dashboard Angular4|Color Management Issue:Rule is not adding automatically in color management GUI after applying Open/Merge with Auto Suggest Metric Color
37622NetStormWeb Dashboard Angular4|Color Management Issue:Color management result is not reflecting on web dashboard,widgets showing single sample after applying color management
37623NetStormTransaction Details Pie Chart Issue: Transaction name is not coming on Pie Chart and Donut Chart.
37634NetStormTransaction Detail Time Period Issue: Popup message is coming while changing custom time period manually.
37700NetStormWebdashboard Angular 4|Widget Wise Time Period Issue:Graphs are getting disordered after coming of new sample if formula type of graph is ‘sumcount’.
37731NetStormWeb Dashboard|Angular4|Widget Settings :- The properties of the chart type are not removing when we convert Graph type Percentile graph and chart type line from Dial chart.
37839NetStormNo Test Stopped Notification on Dashboard
37881NetStormScenario GUI | selected file is automatically removed in IP Settings and the GUI is not responsive.
37950NetStormWebdashboard Angular 4|Widget Wise Time period Issue:Graphs are getting disordered for specified time after applying widget wise time period.
37951NetStormWebdashboard Angular 4|widget wise time Issue:Data is coming wrong for merging metrices of zero data on another widget after applying widget wise time period on merged zero members.
37952NetStormWebdashboard Angular 4|Widget Wise Time period Issue:Graphs are getting added in lower pane data of widget after applying widget wise time period on open/merge by advance settings and filter option.
38036NetStormGraphs ar not updating on STress CPT 96.6 box
38105NetStormWeb Dashboard|Angular4|Time Period :- Last sample time and date is not coming correct , when we start a new test in NS mode.
38155NetStormNot Getting Tier for Mysql
38287NetStormWeb Dashboard Angular4(Derived Graph) Issue: Last sample of derived graph is getting zero while using “()”.
38344NetStormWebdashboard Angular 4|Open/Merge|Widget Wise Time period Issue:Some graphs in lower pane data of widget are getting removed after applying widget wise time period on open/merge by advance settings and filter option.
38489NetStormGetting Error while increasing the Load
38543NetStormUnable to upgrade the Netstorm Build 4.1.9#36 due to Postgresql Datatbase in Starting mode with Fatal Error
38547NetStormRBU-Chorme | Firefox browser name reflect instead of chromium-browser when running test using selenium.
38707NetStormHTTP2 : Getting core dump with “G_AVG_SSL_REUSE ALL 0”.
38828NetStormNot showing correct sample time in widget for specific widget
38854NetStormHTTP2 : We are getting 0 data in “NetCacheable Request/Sec” with http2 while we are getting data with http/1.1 .
38949NetStormGetting Core on m/c
38955NetStorm10.206.96.4 || Not able to Increase no of sessions through RTC
39119NetStormACL|When More than 30 Native users are present,then we are not able Attach Native users to the Groups.
39123NetStormHTTP2 Autofetch : TPS is getting down with http2 while 150 TPS is achieved successfully with http/1.1.
39352NetStormConstant Value coming for Kafka Metrics in GUI
39535NetStormNC_MON: Cmon is hogging cpu upto 100%
39629NetStormTest is getting stuck in rampdown state affecting the pagedump and page hit.
36217NetVisionIn some sessions, events are not showing on session window, while it is showing in the page list of the same sessions.
37112NetVisionIn NV GUI, no data is showing in event aggregate report window while doing DDR from Web Dashboard.
37196NetVisionIn NVSPA and NV Old GUI, System time of both GUI is showing different at the same time.
37448NetVisionIn Pages filter, manually entered store id is not accepted by store id filter.
37453NetVisionIn store name filter, drop-down list of terminal id is not showing for any store id.
37635NetVisionIn NVSPA GUI, store related options are not getting searched in smart search feature.
37645NetVisionIn NV Page Performance GUI, Wrong Timing is coming in page performance trend table.
37647NetVisionIn NV Page Performance GUI,Done button is not working while deselecting the channel after navigating back from page performance window.
37849NetVisionIn case of multi-disk, Indexes are still forming in main partition for all tables including aggregate tables.
37972NetVisionIn NVRCA GUI, Same criteria should not be applied in general filters and advanced filters.
37973NetVisionIn NVRCA, data in domain trend pop-up is coming different from domain trend metrics.
37983NetVisionIn Page Performance Overview,Exclude filter is not working while applying both device and OS Filter together in general filter.
37990NetVisionIn NVRCA GUI, Counts and duration axis are coming wrong in resource trend pop up.
38142NetVisionIn page performance overview, data is not coming after applying os with version filter.
38252NetVisionIn NVRCA, data in scattered chart is not coming according to the applied os and browser filter.
39499NetVisionPage views count is coming wrong in Performance Details graph.
37429Synthetic MonitorRBU-Core | Change HTTP version from 1.1 to 2.0 when StatusText is “PUSH”.