13th March 2018 – R

Bug Fixes

The following issues are fixed in 4.1.X.

Bug IDProductSummary
41220NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED NodeJS | Wrong data is coming in Hotspot table of thread hotspot window
42044NetDiagnosticsNC_MON | In Transaction Flowmap, Redis callout is not for FlowpathInstance = 5185506118564100354 but callout present in Flowpath report while traversing through Tier status(CavissonNodeJSv8) >Drill down >Flowpath By Response Time >Callout.
42996NetDiagnosticsMethod calling tree window is not getting refreshed after selecting different flowpaths.
43007NetDiagnosticsND Config UI | Deletion of default_Nodejs and dotnet profile should not be allowed from UI
43142NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | BT IP Summary Report | In BT Callout Details data is appearing for 10K flowpaths only, but in BT Callout Summary tables flowpaths are more than 10K while traversing from ED > Tier > BT IP Summary Report.
43152NetDiagnosticsDDR – ED | BT IP Summary Report | Getting “NA” in every column in BT IP Summary report while traversing from ED > Tier > DDR > BT IP Summary Report.
42719NetOceanGetting wrong value in response of cav_cur_date parameter.
42747NetOceanGUI | Template based condition should be in editable mode.
42805NetOceanGUI | User should be able to add template condition without giving any contant value i.e. blank value.
40734NetStormNeed to encrypt Password that show currently while logging to ND GUI and inspect Element
42952NetStormProvide proxy support for Big Query Stats and Big Table Stats.
42977NetStormAdd New Layout:- Limit of number of rows should not be bound to less than or equal to 6
43080NetStormWebdashboard Angular 4|Reporting issue: Drop down list of metric option is taking more time to load (7 sec approx.) If we change Metric option to Favorite before this loading time then dropdown of Favorite shows Template list.
43088NetStormNot able to add column more than 16,there should not be any restriction in rows and column while adding new layout.
43090NetStormWebdashboard Angular 4|Layout Issue:Layout and autofit is not coming proper on loading another favorite after updating changes in favorite.