Synthetic Monitoring (SM)

NetVision SM is an active monitoring approach through simulation of typical user navigation paths using scripts. It monitors availability and various metric of performance for critical web pages. It is based on multi location and supports script recording via multiple channels, such as desktop, mobile, and so on.

  • Active monitoring through simulation of typical user navigation paths using scripts
  • Monitors Availability and various metric of performance for critical web pages
  • Multi-Location, Multi-channel
  • Performance baseline, Manage third Party SLA, Benchmark competition


NetVision SM supports following features:

Monitor multi-channel web site all the time from multi-location

  • Measure entire multi-page workflows simulating a complete customer navigation path including form data submission and user-actions click and record scripting of tests.
  • Benchmark against the competition and baseline the performance for each critical page through scheduled reporting.
  • Real time alerts for any degradation in performance or availability.

Configure service for round the clock availability monitoring

  • Agents located at geographically distributed data centers around US
  • Add/delete locations as per demand for various jobs
  • Use real browsers (Chrome, Firefox) that are used by customers

Analyze Performance issues instantaneously before it impacts customers

  • Drill down to analyze performance issue against baseline/trend and pin-point what has caused degradation in performance.
  • Full resource waterfalls and page performance load times from the browser timing and navigation APIs.

Dig into Back-end issues with integration of SM with NetDiagnostics

  • Seamless tracking of web request from front-end to backend server to get insight on backend issues
  • Tier/service/class/method taking time and identify hot spots