NetVision Report Template Designer


The Report Template Designer enables you to design the required report templates. It provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface to create reports easily. In the designer, you can perform all common operations, such as Merge row, column, set the background color, change the font, set border, add logo(image), etc.

Using the Report Template Designer, you can combine multiple reports (general and special both) in one excel sheet and download the report. You can also drag and drop an existing report at the desired location in an excel document.

Accessing the Report Template Designer

To open the Report Template Designer, select Reports > Report Template Designer. The Designer window is displayed:

Report Template Designer Window

The Report Template Designer consists of two main sections:

  • Excel sheet editor (Right panel)
  • Report Explorer (Left panel)

Excel Sheet Editor (Right Panel)

In the Editor window, you can drag and drop an existing or new report from the left panel and customize it to create a custom report template. You can also insert the company logo, the title of the report, add graphs (if available) corresponding to a report, etc.

The Editor panel of the Report Template Designer is similar to Google sheet and includes all the common functionalities of a google sheet. For example, in the editor window, you can:

  • Merge cells
  • Change the font setting
  • change background
  • Insert image (Logo)
  • Multiple sheet support with the name of each sheet

Report Explorer (Left panel)

In the Report Template Designer, the left panel Report Explorer consists of the following:

  • Lists all the existing reports.
  • Enables you to select and edit the required reports.
  • Allows you to easily drag and drop the required report in the Excel sheet editor.
  • Use the Search option to find the required report.

Note: Existing templates cannot be edited because of the difference in the format. 

Creating a New Report

To create a new report:

  1. Access the required template in the left panel.
  2. Drag the template and drop it in the excel sheet editor. The Ad hoc report wizard is displayed. You can add multiple reports in one sheet:

3. Format the report as per your requirements.

4. Click the Save button. The Save Template dialog box is displayed.

5. Provide details about the report.

6. Click Save:

7. Click the icon to display the list of reports.

8. Click the Preview icon to download and verify your report:

Deleting a Report

To delete a report:

  1. Click the Delete icon in the left panel.
  2. Remove the current template.
  3. Delete all internal reports associated with this template.

Downloading a Report

To download your report:

  1. Click the Preview icon to download and verify your report.

2. Specify the required settings for generating the report.

3. Click Preview to generate the report and download it as an excel sheet.