Resource Overhead for Cavisson Performance Monitoring SDK for Mobile Apps

Size of SDK (Android / iOS) 

Android SDK Size250 KB
Change in App size after SDK Integration150-200 KB
iOS Framework Size4 MB
Change in App Size after Integration500KB – 1MB

Size of Packet (Min / Max) Send Over for NV Stats Captured from User Devices

OCX Status (Enabled / Disabled)Size of Packet
OCX Disabled1 Http Call (~ 1KB) per page transition
OCX Enabled3 Http Call per page transition – 1 Http Call for Performance data (~ 1KB), 1 Call for Pagedump/Snapshot (~5-20 KB) , 1 Call for Useraction data (~2 KB)

Resource Consumption / Overhead Caused by SDK of Client Devices

ResourceConsumption / Overhead
CPU consumptionNo major change
Number of threads2 Additional thread

(Other threads will be for short time interval)

Memory Consumption1-5 MB Additional memory consumption