Favorites – Working with Left Menu (NS)


Favorite allows a user to save current view of Real Time Graphs (RTG). User can create a new profile by saving current view of RTG as a profile. To see current view of graphs next time in Web Dashboard, user needs to add graphs in favorite. When user loads saved favorite, then all graphs of favorite are displayed on the graph panel of Web Dashboard.

Adding Favorite

User needs to follow the below mentioned steps for adding favorite in web dashboard.

  1. On the left pane, click the Favorites menu, and then click the Add Favorite menu item.

  1. The Add Favorite dialog box is displayed.

  1. Enter Favorite name and its description. Favorite description is optional. To make this favorite as public, select the Public check box.
  2. To set the favorite path, click the Browse button. A window to set the favorite path is displayed.
  3. Click the Apply button.

Organizing Favorite

User needs to follow the below mentioned steps for organizing favorite in Web dashboard:

  1. Go to Favorites menu and click the Organize Favorites menu item. A list of favorites is displayed.

  1. User can perform following actions on the favorites:

  • Load: When user clicks on Load after selecting favorite, then graphs of selected favorite are loaded in Web dashboard.

  • Edit: This option is used to edit the favorite details, such as favorite name, description and path.

  • Copy: This option copies the favorite. User needs to specify the destination favorite name, favorite description and destination path.

  • Delete: This deletes the favorite from the list.

The user cannot delete a favorite, which is currently loaded.

  • User Default: This option is used to save the favorite as default for that particular user. Suppose, the user saves “AdvanceOpenMergeSysStat” as default favorite by clicking the User Default button.

On opening the Web dashboard, graphs of “AdvanceOpenMergeSysStat” favorite is loaded by default for that user.

  • Project Default: This option is used to save the favorite as project default for all users except those who have set any favorite as user default. An admin user can set this. Suppose, “AdvanceOpenMerge” favorite is saved as Project default by clicking the Project Default button.

On opening the Web dashboard, graphs of “AdvanceOpenMerge” favorite is loaded by default for all users except those who have set any favorite as user default.

  • Select Multiple: A user can select and delete multiple favorites and directories (by using the ‘Select Multiple’ button) at once even if favorites lie in different directories. On the Organize Favorite window, click the Select Multiple button.

This displays a check box preceded to each favorite / directory. The user can select the favorite / directory and click the delete button for deletion.


  • ‘Admin’ user can delete all favorites.
  • Default favorite cannot be deleted.
  • Currently loaded favorite cannot be deleted.

Close: This closes the “organize favorite” window.

Loading a Favorite

To load a favorite from the list of favorites, go to Favorites menu, and click the desired favorite to load. The favorite is loaded and displayed at the top panel. All the related graphs saved in the favorite are displayed on the widget panel.

Save Open/Merge Rule in Favorite

A user can save rule in favorite which is applied to perform open/merge members from metrics tree. For example, on using ‘All’ or “Pattern” in any hierarchical component while doing open/merge, then it is saved in favorite so that user is able find new set of values of that component later or other test.

  • On saving the rule for favorite, result of this rule overrides the graphs available at each widget.
  • This rule is removed if user performs any action which changes graph of any widget i.e. Drag Graph from tree, Merge with selected panel, dual axis line/bar, and line stacked graph form tree etc.
  • There is a global rule or widget wise rule.
  • Global rule is applicable when user do open/merge with new layout option. It is generally used when graphs are displayed on multiple widgets.
  • Widget wise rule is applicable when user do open/merge without new layout. It is generally used while doing merge all.
  • A user cannot keep Global and widget wise rule together. It overwrites each other. If user applies widget wise rule, then global rule is removed.
  • If user have applied multiple time open merge operation, then latest applied rule is saved.

Update / Refresh a Favorite

User can update/refresh favorites on the widgets. On clicking the 5 icon next to the loaded favorite, few options are displayed – Update, Refresh, Parameters, filter, and copy link.

On clicking Update, the current view of the favorite is updated and saved in the favorite. On clicking Refresh, the list of favorite is refreshed.

Organize Favorite

This navigates a user to the Organize Favorite window. Actions a user can perform from this window has already been explained.

Parameterization of Favorite

Using this feature of favorite management, user can parameterize a favorite and can get the results based on the parameterized values provided. For this, user first needs to load a favorite, then click the Parameters option from the 5 icon.

A dialog box is displayed prompting for the parameters to be passed.


Specify the values for parameterization, the parameterized graphs are displayed on the graph panel.


Favorite Filter

This feature is used to filter the graphs that are currently visible on the graph panel. To do this, click the Filter option next to the loaded favorite. A dialog box is displayed.


Specify the filter values and click the OK button. The filtered graphs are displayed on the graph panel.


Copy Link

Using this feature, user can copy link of the favorite and paste it in another window/ new tab to view the filter separately. The link is provided for the current view of the favorite.