Test Execution

View Test from Jenkins

Once the build to watch gets completed, the project CD_SmokeTest starts automatically thereby displaying a progress bar of the project.

  1. To view the test progress, click on hyperlink above progress bar.


  1. On the landed page, to view the console output, click on Console Output link on the left.


  1. This is the complete output after the execution of the test. Here, the user will get a link for the NetStorm report which will show the status of the test along with performance metrics. A detailed explanation of the HTML report is provided in the subsequent sections.

The other stats mentioned in the Console Output are the Unique Test Cycle and TestSuite Number which are required if someone wants to login to NS Box for deeper analysis. The Test Cycle Number is useful for identifying the corresponding report generated on Test Suite side.


Note: Using the Jenkins plugin, you can analyze test reports in Jenkins. Based on the test report status, the Jenkins build status is also updated as good, unstable or failed.

Passing the Check Profiles and SLA of Metrics to NetStorm

A user can also apply check profile rules from Jenkins side. The user needs to write the rules in JSON format. The file name should be Jenkins_check_rules_for_NS and the extension should be .json. The user needs to follow the below mentioned steps:

  1. Go to Configure from the Jenkins menu.
  2. Select This Project is Parameterized check box.
  3. Specify the file location (Jenkins_check_rules_for_NS) and click the Add Parameter button.
  4. Browse the file by clicking the Choose File button.
  5. Click the BuildĀ button.
  6. Click the Build with Parameters option on the left menu to execute the check profile rules from Jenkins side.