Batch Jobs

Batch Jobs are used to execute some jobs before test, during test is running or after test is over. It uses Check Monitor framework of NetStorm and CMON.

  • Batch Group is used to specify one or more batch jobs
  • Batch jobs may be run on different server machines
  • Batch Jobs run in pre-test run, during test run, and post-test run
  • Batch Jobs which runs during test have the option to repeat

Run Batch Job Event

NetStorm run Batch Jobs before, during and after test run. Following events are supported:


  • Before test is started


  • Start of the test
  • Start of the phase

After Test is over:

  • Completion of test

Before Test Run Starts (Pre Test Jobs)

In this case, batch jobs are started before start phase of the test. These batch jobs run along with other check monitors which are to be started before test. All are run together (parallel, not sequentially). All batch jobs and check monitors must pass for test to continue.

Timeout for batch jobs

NetStorm waits for the reply for batch job for a time defined. This is same as used by Check Monitors:

 Note User can set Timeout for running pre-test Batch Jobs and post-test Batch Jobs from Global Settings > Monitors tab.

Go to the Batch Jobs section under Monitors link on Scenario Setting window, the Batch Jobs section is displayed.

Select the scenario associated batch job group from the list.

Retry on failure

  • Retry count, retry interval of Batch Jobs are only valid if test is running from scheduler.
  • If user is starting test from command line or GUI to run now, then retry cannot be done.
  • Retry count is for all Batch Jobs used in a scenario. It is not per Batch Jobs, it is global.
  • Default Batch Jobs retry count is 0 means no retry.
  • Default Batch Jobs retry interval is 60 seconds.

These are set from Scheduler GUI. For access, click the Scenarios icon, and then click the Schedule Management option.

At Test Run

  • These monitors run while test is running.
  • It can run periodically or run once.
  • At Start of the Phase, batch job runs for specified Phase.

After Test Run is over

In case if after test run is over,

  • It runs only once.
  • NetStorm needs to wait for some time to collect data from Batch Jobs.
  • After that time, kill the monitors which are still running. Timeout is defined using some settings. Default is 600 seconds (10 minutes). For example, POST_TEST_CHECK_TIMEOUT <timeout>

Batch Job Group Management

It has the following options:

  • Batch Group Name
  • Batch Group Description
  • Modified Date
  • Number of Batch Jobs

Adding a Batch Group

  1. Click the Add button.
  2. Enter the Batch Group Name and Batch Group Description.
  3. Click the Save button.

Editing a Batch Group

  1. Click the Batch Group Name. All batch Jobs of the selected batch group is displayed.
  2. User can update the description of the Batch Group and can also add, update, and delete the batch jobs under that Batch Group.

Adding a Batch Job

  1. Click the Add button in the Edit Batch Group window.
  2. Enter the following Batch Job details:
    • Tier name
    • Server name
    • Batch job name
    • Batch program name
    • When to run the batch job
    • Repeat criteria of batch job
    • End event criteria
    • Success criteria mode

  1. Click OK to add the batch job to a batch group.

Input Parameters for a Batch Job

Run Batch Job Phase Name Repeat


Batch Job

Periodicity End Event End


Phase Name

Before Start Of Test NA Never NA NA NA NA
At StartOf Test NA Never NA NA NA NA
-do- NA Run Periodic <HH:MM:SS> Till test is over NA NA
-do- NA -do- -do- Till Specified phase is complete <value> NA
-do- NA -do- -do- Continue specified no of Execution NA <value>
OnStartOfPhase <PhaseNam> Never NA NA NA NA
-do- <PhaseNam> Run Periodic <HH:MM:SS> Till test is over NA NA
-do- <PhaseNam> -do- -do- Till Specified phase is complete <value> NA
-do- <PhaseNam> -do- -do- Continue specified no of Execution NA <value>
At End Of Phase <PhaseNam> Never NA NA NA NA

Table 3: Input Parameters for a Batch Job

Editing a Batch Job

  1. Click the Batch job in the Batch Group window.
  2. Edit the Batch job details and click OK.