User Group

Groups enable easy organization and management of individual users of the NetStorm.

A Group, in essence, is a self-contained entity that can perform all of its work without affecting the work of another User Group. Each group has a Group Admin, responsible for creating and managing individual users within the group. The Group Admin can perform the same work as any regular user with an additional ability to manage users within its group as well.

This chapter describes the following tasks:

  • Creating a user group
  • Deleting a user group

Creating a User Group

User has Linux group (may be Engineers or Observers). Engineer has all permissions and so can perform operation, such as read, write and execute. Observer can only view the group and cannot perform other operations like an engineer user.

Admin user needs to follow the below mentioned steps for creating a user group:

  1. Login to NetStorm as an admin user and click the Groups option under the Admin menu on the tool bar. The NetStorm-Group Administration window is displayed with a list of user’s groups.


  1. Enter the Group Name, Group Type and Group Description and click the Add button. The group is created and added at the last of the list.
 1.1Group name must start with an Alphabet. Allowed characters are alphabet, numeric and special characters’ underscore and dash. Group name should not be more than 24 characters

Group description must start with an Alphabet. Allowed characters are alphabet, numeric, space and special characters’ dash and underscore. Group description length must be lie between 1 to 128 characters.

Deleting a User Group

Admin user needs to follow the below mentioned steps for deleting a user group:

  1. Select the group that needs to be deleted, and click the Delete button. The system displays a conformation message for deletion.


  1. Click the OK. Another confirmation message is displayed.


  1. Select the check box to prevent additional dialog box to be displayed and click OK. The user group is deleted.
 1.1If the group contains users, first admin user needs to delete the users then only the group can be deleted.

The Admin group cannot be deleted.

NetStorm group cannot be deleted. Checkbox(disable)

Once a Group is deleted it cannot be recovered.