Cavisson provides a secure and cost-effective solution to back up and restore data in NetStorm. This page provides information about the backup process followed in NetStorm.
You can avoid data loss by taking a back up of your important files, such as scripts and scenarios. In addition, you can reduce the downtime by using the pre-configured backup servers. Thus, instead of ordering a replacement/repaired appliance, the backup NetStorm can be used to run your tests.
NetStorm Backup Process

Backup Modes

To back up data, you need a Primary and Backup NetStorm, which can be used in the following modes:

Active-Active modeActive-Passive mode: The Primary and Backup NetStorm can be used in the Active-Passive mode where all the users continue to work on the Primary NetStorm, while the Backup NetStorm simply acts as a backup server and used in case the Primary NetStorm becomes unavailable.
Active-Active modeActive-Active mode: The Primary and backup NetStorm can be used in the Active-Active mode where half of the users can work on the Primary server, while the rest of the users can work on the Backup NetStorm. The Backup NetStorm acts as the backup of the primary NetStorm and vice versa.

How to Backup Data In NetStorm?

During the backup process, each NetStorm controller consists of a replication on its backup node, as shown in the following figure:
NetStorm Backup Process

Guidelines for Backing up Data

Refer to the following guidelines while backing up data in NetStorm:

  • Commit your work frequently to avoid loss of data in case of loss of the primary controller. You can select Action > Version Control > Commit in the NetStorm Script Manager or Scenario UI to commit the scripts and scenarios, respectively. Test assets are backed up whenever you commit data.
  • Keep your test data files as part of the script folder as only the data files that are part of scripts are backed up.
  • Test runs are not backed up. If you want to save a particular test run, you can take a manual backup of the specific test run on the other server.
  • If the Primary NetStorm becomes unavailable, try to restore it. Call up Cavisson support for any help.
  • If the Primary NetStorm does not become available, use the Backup NetStorm. All test assets would be available in the respective backup controllers in the same place.
  • When the Primary NetStorm is restored, it might not be in sync with the Backup NetStorm because of any updates while it was unavailable. Primary NetStorm is not automatically synched up with the backup.
  • Sync up the Primary NetStorm by running the nsu_drsync command for each controller.

Note: Do not perform automatic sync up to avoid creating a bulk sync up while “heavy duty” tests are getting executed on the Backup NetStorm and cause any measurement impact.