Managing Data Source

Data Sources are global data sources which can be used by one or more service. These data source are indexes using key. To use these data source, user needs to do following:

  • Create Data Source
  • Select Data Source in the service

Creation of Data Source

  1. Go to the Data Source menu at the left, select Data Source as Indexed Data Source.

2. NetOcean Indexed Data Source window is displayed. This window contains details of system data source, such as dataset name, key parameter, and parameter name.

3. To add a data source, click the Add button in NetOcean – Indexed data source window.

4. Provide details in following fields to add data source.

Following are the properties of Indexed Dataset parameter:

  • Dataset Name: It should start with a character, next user can use Numbers, and underscore is also allowed. Max length of dataset name should be of 64 characters.
  • Key Parameter: It should start with a character, next user can use Numbers, and underscore is also allowed. Max length of key parameter should be of 64 characters.
  • Parameter Name: It should start with a character, next user can use Numbers, and underscore is also allowed. Max length of parameter name should be of 64 characters. Multiple parameter names can be provided at the same time, separated by a comma.
  • File Name: Its name can be started with number, characters and no limit of max chars to be used for Data file name.
  • File Content: Contents can be any combination of characters, numbers, special characters are also allowed. These contents can be loaded from an existing file from the server by specifying Dataset File name and clicking on View. User can also enter data in this field and upload it using Upload
  • Default Value(s): If anything not found for that parameter then it is parameterized with default value.
  • Header Line: In some situations, consider first few lines as headers. System does not consider these lines as data lines while picking data from file. By default, header line is 0.
  • First Data Line: In some situations, user might want to start reading data from a particular line number. So, user can use this field to indicate which line it should consider as first Data Line. By default, first Data Line is 1.
  • Column Delimiter: This field specifies which character in data file should be considered as column separator. By default, column delimiter is ‘,’. User can use special symbols as column delimiter.
  • Default Value: If no value matches in file regarding the index value comes in request then default value serves for index parameter.
  • Fetch Parameters From Header: It is to get the parameter names from header line of index dataset contents by splitting it by Column Delimiter. Header line is defined in text box by user.
    Example: If header line is Name, AccountNo, CreditCardNo, Balance and column delimiter is “,” then parameters names is Name, AccountNo, CreditCardNo and Balance.
  • Parameter value: In this field, multiple parameter values can be provided. e.g. (Fn=<value> or<filename>). Where n specifies the index number to refer the parameter name, default value for parameter values is value.
  • Persistence Mode: It specifies the operations on data on the occurrence of a change. User can have the following options:
    • Do not persist data on any change
    • Persist data source on every change
    • Persist data source when controller stopped

Example: If indexed dataset contents are

In parameter value, user provides F1=file, F2=value
it means first parameter value comes from file path which is specified in content and second parameter value is itself. (LA/CA/NY)