Domain Administration

Domain admin is used for management of controllers. Once login to Domain Admin UI, user can see list of available controllers as displayed below:

Adding a Controller

Steps for adding a controller

  1. Click the Add button. The Add Controller window is displayed as displayed below:

  1. Select or enter the following fields:
  • Controller Name: Enter any unique controller name.
  • Appliance Name: Select appliance name where this controller is to be added.
  • Owner Name: Enter login name of the user who is the owner of this controller.
  • Passwords: Enter password of the user.
  • Controller UI IP: Select the IP address for the controller UI.
  • Controller UI Port: Select the port for the controller UI.
  • Service Endpoint IP: Select the IP address for the service endpoint.
  • Service Ports: Use the ports as selected or select the port for different protocols.
  1. Click OK button to add the controller. It takes few minutes to add controller. After the controller is added, it is displayed in the list of available controllers.

Deleting a Controller

Steps for deleting a controller

  1. Select the controller to be deleted and click Delete.
  2. User gets a confirmation for the delete.
  3. Controller is deleted and removed from the list of available controllers.

NetOcean Home Page

Login to NetOcean to view the NetOcean Home page. By default, NetOcean services page is displayed.


NetOcean Menu Bar

The NetOcean Menu Bar is used to:

  • Manage Services
  • Manage Data Sources
  • View Request Trace
  • Manage Configuration
  • Reactive Replay

In NetOcean Service GUI, the controller name, IP, Port & Activation date is displayed.