Cavisson – NetOcean

Cavisson NetOcean is a powerful back-end application simulator that removes dependencies on back-end applications and third-party systems to enable faster quality & performance testing and accelerated time-to-market. Enterprises rely on Cavisson NetOcean to stay focused on system under test, reduce overall cost of ownership for application testing, and reduce time-to-market their software applications.

NetOcean is used for testing various protocols like http, https, JMS, pop3. It has bundles of static resources of different sizes i.e. 1k, 10k, 1mb (responses). It does service virtualization for:

  • To remove dependencies on external systems and applications during performance testing.For example, an e-commerce application has to integrate with a third-party payment gateway. Hence testing of the checkout functionality of this application has dependency on the payment gateway.
  • To remove dependency of development and testing teams to back-end or production systems, so they can deliver software faster.

These simulations are dynamic and can be easily setup to have behavior and performance of the real back-end services.

This section offers following education and training resources on how NetOcean can be used within a customer’s environment:

User Manual (use the left menu bar to browse through the topics),

Demo Video, and

White Paper