Integration with other Cavisson Products and System Config

Integration with other products

Just like other Cavisson products, what makes NetForest unique is its ability to integrate with rest of the Cavisson products for extensibility. This also results in achieving end-to-end enterprise monitoring capability.

With NetDiagnostics

  • One click access from NF to corresponding transaction dashboard in NDE,
  • One click access from NDE transaction dashboard to NF logs for the server in any tier.


With NetVision

  • Get transaction real user performance view from NetVision for any log of a transaction,
  • Replay User session to understand impact on user experience for errors in backend.

NF-ND-NV Integration

The server logs, such as access logs and error logs, which are captured in NetForest, can be drilled down further to get additional important information of every request. By doing this, you can have a better understanding of how the application works. You can find the errors and check if the services are running properly.

Integration with ND

To integrate NF and ND, do the following:

  1. Log on to NetForest and go to any log.
  2. Click the Open Transaction by FPI icon next to the log.

This integrates NF and ND, and you are navigated to the FlowPath Report.

Integration with NV

NetVision Page Detail Report: On clicking the Open NetVision Timing FPI  icon , NF is integrated with NV and system navigates you to NetVision’s page detail report.

NetVision Session Replay: On clicking the Open NetVision Replay FPI  icon, NF is integrated with NV and system navigates you to NetVision’s session replay.

System Configuration for NF Server

Following configuration is required for NF server:

  • CPU 32*1200
  • HDD 4*4T
  • RAM 16*16G

Deployment Architecture

The above diagram explains a high-level deployment architecture of NetForest along with NetDiagnostics integration.

In App server, ND Agent hooks in the Log interface in JVM adds integration information such as flow path Id to the logs. At the same time, it also provides lot of other monitoring data to NDE. NF Agent reads the log file and provides the data to NetForest server. NetForest server parses the log data via log index interface and stores the processed data. Cavisson user interacts with NF server via web user interface from where the user can send query to the NetForest server and get the results. For diagnostics, NDE connects to NetForest for diagnostics analysis via integration interface.  NetForest agent communicates to NF server on port number 7899 (configurable). This communication happens over HTTP.