One Agent Installer for All Cavisson Agents

This page provides pre-requisites and SOPs for installing Cavisson agents (machine agent, Java agent, and PHP agent) for PHP & Java programming framework using One Agent Installer.


  1. Need to run by the root user.
  2. Installation of PHP 5.4 or later and any Server (Apache/Nginx) on the machine.
  3. Storage requirement – 1 GB.

Supported Platforms

It can run on below Linux environments:

  • Ubuntu
  • Fedora
  • OpenSuse
  • Redhat Enterprise
  • Suse Enterprise
  • CentOS
  • CoreOS
  • Amazon Linux
  • Alpine Linux
  • Oracle Linux

Installation Steps

  1. Download the CavissonAgent Installer from the Build Hub.

Sample Installer file name:

  1. Store the file on your machine.
  2. Execute the installer file.


./ –param-basedir=”<base directory>” –param-user=<user name> –param-controller=”<ndcHost:ndcPort>” –param-tier=”<tier name>” –param-server=”<server name>” –param-protocol=”<protocol>” –param-php=”<php version>” –param-proxy-ip=”<proxy IP>” –param-proxy-port=”<proxy port>”


./ –param-basedir=”/opt” –param-user=cavisson –param-controller=”x.x.x.x:xxxx” –param-tier=”Cavisson.QA-Monitor-NS_East” –param-server=”CC-NCMON”  –param-protocol=”TCP” –param-php=”7.0″ –param-proxy-ip=”x.x.x.x” –param-proxy-port=”xxxx” 


To know more about the installer and various parameters, run the command:
./ –help

Verification of Installation

Once you execute the installer, you can see the messages that show that agents are successfully installed.

Directory Structure

For Machine Agent: $Base_DIR/cavisson/monitors
For PHP Agent: $Base_DIR/cavisson/netdiagnostics
For Java Agent: $Base_DIR/cavisson/netdiagnostics

Files to check for PHP Agent

Check that the Proxy Control file and PHP Agent .so file is present at the below-mentioned paths.

Proxy Control File

Path: $Base_DIR/cavisson/netdiagnostics “proxyControl.<release>.<version>”
Example:  /opt/cavisson/netdiagnostics File-

PHP Agent .so File
In Ubuntu: Path – /usr/lib/php/<version>   File- cavPHP<version>Agent.<release>.<version>.so

Example: /usr/lib/php/20131226 File-

In CentOS/RHEL: Path – /usr/lib64/php/ File- cavPHP<version>Agent.<release>.<version>.so

Example: /usr/lib64/php/ File-

Files to check for Java Agent

At ND_home, check for lib directory. Below mentioned files should be present.

To enable Java Agent in any Java-based server, add the below command to the startup shell/Env setup file.


Uninstallation Steps

  • In $Base_DIR/cavisson, file should be present after completion of installation.
  • To uninstall, just run ./
  • It clears all the files and processes, which are initiated and created by the Installer.


Keywords and their Values

Keywords Default Mandatory Machine Agent PHP Agent Java Agent
 –param-basedir opt No Yes Yes Yes
–param-user cavisson No Yes Yes Yes
–param-controller Empty Yes Yes Yes Yes
–param-tier Empty Yes Yes Yes Yes
–param-server Empty Yes Yes Yes Yes
–param-protocol TCP No Yes Yes Yes
–param-php 7.0 Yes (if other than 7.0) No Yes No
–param-proxy-ip No Yes No
 –param-proxy-port 1111 Yes (if other than 1111) No Yes No
proxyConType 0 No No Yes No
proxyMode 1 No (If using proxy) No Yes No

Excluding Agents from Installation

To exclude any agent in the installation process, refer to the below section:

Agent to Exclude Command
Machine Agent –no-machine-agent
NF Agent –no-log-agent
NetDiagnostics Java Agent –no-app-agent
NetDiagnostics PHP Agent –no-php-agent

Example: To exclude the NF Agent from the installation:

./ –param-basedir=”<base directory>” –param-user=<user name> –param-controller=”<ndcHost:ndcPort>” –param-tier=”<tier name>” –param-server=”<server name>” –param-protocol=”<protocol>” –param-php=”<php version>” –param-proxy-ip=”<proxy IP>” –param-proxy-port=”<proxy port>” –no-log-agent