Topology – Overview

Topology is a combination of various elements (such as tier, server, and instance) of an application. User can view five most recent updated topologies only in Home page. To view the complete list of topologies, user needs to click the Topology icon (from the left menu) or click the Show All button.

Note: Earlier, at the time of topology import, UI was dumping all entries of tiers, servers, and instances into the database, which restrict user to apply configuration on the DB entries. Now, UI will read all the topology from the files inside the topology folder and user do not need to import the topology from UI.

In the case of Auto Scaling environment, where entries of servers and instances keep on changing time to time, user was not able to do configuration on the new servers and instances found during the running test run.

View Topology

Topology are listed under the Topology section, but only five most recent updated topologies are visible there. To view the complete list of topology, click the Show All button or the topology icon  on the left pane.

A complete list of topology is displayed in a new window with details, such as topology name and last updated time. User can delete a topology by clicking the Delete icon . To view the topology details, click the topology name. (Topology details section has been explained later).