TIER Group

NDE topology has Tier Name on top of hierarchy. As the number of Tier grows, it is difficult for NDE user to manage configuration on Tier basis. To allow a user having same configuration on multiple tiers, user can create a tier group and specify the configurations that will be applied on all the tiers of the tier group.

In the subsequent sections, we are describing how to create a tier group.

Working with Tier Group

To access the tier group page, follow the below mentioned steps:

  1. On the Home page, go to Monitors menu and click the Tier Group menu item.

This displays the Tier Group page. The tier groups are displayed after selecting the topology from the list.

This section lists all the created groups within the selected topology and provides following information about those groups:

  • Group Name: Name of the Tier group.
  • Group Define For: The module for which the group is defined. It could be – NDConfig, Monitors, or both.
  • Type: It is the method used to identify the tier groups. It could be ‘list’ or ‘pattern’.
  • Definition: It is the list of tiers (separated by comma), which are part of tier group.
  • User Name: Logged in user name.
  • Last Modified: Date and time when the group was created or last modified.

Creating a Tier Group

To create a tier group, follow the below mentioned steps:

  1. On the tier group window, click the Add Tier Group icon . This displays the Add Tier Group window.

2. Specify the name of the group.

3. Specify whether the group is defined for NDConfig, Monitors, or both.

4. Select the type either list or pattern. In case of ‘list’, user needs to select the tier(s) from the list. In case of pattern, user needs to define a pattern of regular expression. Upon clicking the Test button, this displays all the matching tiers in the list and applies as part of tier group.

5. Click the Save button, this adds the tier group in the list.

  • Once a tier group is created, user can modify it using the Edit icon . To delete a tier group, select the tier group from the list and click the Delete icon .
  • Only admin user is authorized to add/edit and delete Tier groups.
  • ND Config UI and Monitor UI uses tier groups.
  • If any tier is grouped for a module either NDConfig or Monitors, that particular tier cannot be included in another tier group for same module. However, it will be available for other module.